Fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff

Fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff
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I finally got to sleep, but woke up early in nervous anticipation of what would happen with Gwen on Skype later. Normally we'd chat for a little while each morning before she had to take Susan to school (because Susan wasn't old enough to drive, and couldn't stand taking the bus), so I went to my computer and saw she was already logged on. Ingrid usually slept a little longer than I do, so I have a few minutes to talk with Gwen without interruption.

We mostly chit-chatted, but at one point Gwen typed that she couldn't believe she'd "done that" last night, it wasn't like her, and she hoped I didn't think less of her. I assured her I was teacher and student xxx hot english story fine with what had happened, and not to worry. I was getting a sinking feeling that she was having a change of heart, and that nothing would happen after all.

Ingrid woke up, and as we sat and drank our coffee I continued to chat with Gwen. We kept it light and normal, and I tried to stay to my routine of checking websites and answering email, but I was distracted by all the thoughts in my head. Finally it was 7:30, time for Ingrid to go to work. We kissed and said our usual "have a good day", "be careful", "love you" platitudes, and she was gone. But by that time, Susan was ready, and Gwen said she was going to take her to school.

Sexy brunette babe sucks and fucks pov said she'd be back on around 8:15. I knew I couldn't sit around the house, waiting, for 35 minutes; I'd be a worse wreck than I already was. I got our two dogs, the only "kids" Ingrid and I have or want, and took them for a walk.

I got back around 8:10, and sat nervously waiting. Even in this short a time, I knew Gwen was notorious for not being on time to anything, so I was mentally trying to prepare myself for her being later than she'd said. However, to my surprise, right at 8:15 she logged back onto Skype, and this time she invited me to a video conference.

Once the cameras were connected, we decided we could just talk instead of typing. Except that after last night, both of us were feeling a little shy and embarrassed. We looked at each other and nervously laughed. I didn't know what to say, but I wanted to play it cool and not act like a horny teen-ager. "So… can I see your tits again?" Son-of-a-BITCH! "NO!" she replied, laughing.

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"I shouldn't have done that last night. I don't know what came over me." "You like showing them off, and you wanted to show them to me," I said, reasonably.

"Well, that's true," she said, smiling. "Still…" "Would you like to see mine?" I asked. "Oh, yes!" she answered, excitedly. I raised up so that my chest was in the camera view, and lifted my caught my blonde slut wife on cam and showed her my moobs.

I think she might have thought I was talking about my dick, but I didn't want to presume. "Oh, ha ha, asshole!" she laughed. "That's not what I wanted to see!" I settled back so that my face was in the camera again.

"It wasn't?" I asked, teasing. "What were you wanting to see?" I had a hard on, and my lose fitting shorts gave me easy access to my cock, which I was stroking slowly. Just as I realized she could see the movement of my arm, she said "Hey! What are you doing?" "Oh, you can see that, huh?" "I can see your arm moving, but I can't see what I want to see!" I know the pout she put on was mostly just for fun, but she was so goddamn cute!

"Okay, for real I'll show you this time." I stood up, making sure I was framed correctly, and pulled my dick slowly out through the loose leg of my shorts. I kept my hand over the top portion, so that all she could see was part of the shaft, but after a few seconds of this I removed my hand and let her see it in all it's glory.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, thrilling me with her sincere admiration. "He's really big!

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Not just long, but girthy too! How big is it?" "Almost 7" long," I replied, proudly, "and about 5 ½" around. You like?" I asked, unnecessarily. "Absolutley!" I sat back down, taking it out of view, and she pouted a little again.

I loved that pout! "So tell me about your other brother.

What happened?" "Oh, I don't know. There's not really a lot to tell. We were texting a lot, then one day he sent me a picture of his cock, and I thought 'I've got to fuck that!' So we did." "Did you enjoy it?

Did you come?" "Oh, yea, it was fun. I felt so slutty, but in a good way, you know?" "And how many times did you do it?" I asked. I don't know why I wanted to hear so much detail, and it was something that would later cause me no end of problems, but it was hot at the moment.

I was continuing to play with myself; just enough to keep me rock hard and on edge. "I guess two times," she said. "I stayed overnight at his apartment one night." "Right, okay." I said. "I really want to see your tits again," I said, changing the subject.

"I don't know if I should," she answered, looking embarrassed but also interested.

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"Come on, just take your shirt off and I will too," I said, pulling my t-shirt off. That was apparently all the encouragement she needed, as she removed her shirt and bra. "God damned, those tits are fantastic!" I said. "I know," she answered, smiling. She cupped them together, and gently bounced them up and down. "Ooh," I sighed. "Tweak your nipples for me." She did, causing them to grow nice and hard.

"Can you lick them?" I asked. "Oh, yea," she said, and demonstrated that she could, indeed, lick and suck on her nipples. "Oh, dammit, I wish I was there," I moaned. "I know, me too. But we might have time to play tomorrow." "God I hope so!" I was still staring at her playing with her tits. "You want to watch me play with myself?" I asked. "Yes!" I stood up, and she was able to watch me pull my shorts down, which caused my dick to slap up against my belly.

I honestly couldn't remember the last time I'd been as hard and excited as I was right then. I sat back down, and adjusted my camera so that she could see my lap, and started slowly stroking myself. I was already leaking a little pre-cum, so I rubbed that around the head for lubrication.

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Gwen's eyes were transfixed on the screen, watching me jack myself off. Her breathing was a little quicker than normal, so I knew it was exciting her. "Turn around and let me see that ass!" I said.

I meant it as a request, but it came out sounding like a command. Gwen didn't mind; she stood up, turned around, and unbuttoned her jeans. As she pulled them down, I was thinking I'd just get to see her ass covered by her panties, but to my surprise she pulled both down and bent over.

Because of the lighting, and the way her legs were together because of her pants being at her knees, I could see her ass but only a hint of the prize I was wanting to see. She shook her ass side to side, slowly and sensuously, then turned back to the camera. She leaned down, and I was afraid the show was over, at least for now. Instead of pulling her pants up, like I was half expecting, she pulled them the rest of the way off and sat back on the chair.

She adjusted the camera so that I could see her boobs and pussy at the same time. "Is this what you wanted to see?" She asked, rubbing her hands on her thighs, legs spread. Her hands would pull, causing her lips to part slightly, and thanks to the high-resolution camera I could see that she was already starting to get moist. "Oh, god yes!" I moaned. "Play with that pussy. I want to lick you so bad!" "And I want to suck that cock until you come in my mouth!" she answered.

We continued playing together, telling each other what to do. I had her turn around again to see her ass, and watch her play cums in girls mouth and face xxx hots story herself from behind.

I was in heaven! She turned back again, facing me, which I liked better because I could see those fantastic tits again. "Your tits are fantastic!" "I know," she said, the look of passion on her face flashing a brief smile.

She was rubbing her whole hand across her pussy and clitoris, and by this time she was very blonde teen charlyse bella having sex with bf. "Lick your juices off your hand!" I begged. "Oh, yes, I love doing that!" she answered, and immediately licked her hand clean. She rubbed again for a few seconds, then again licked them clean.

"I've always loved the taste of my own juices." "Have you ever tasted another woman's?" I asked "No. I wouldn't be comfortable with that." "Okay. Just curious. Stick your fingers in your pussy." "No," she answered curtly. "I don't do that." I was surprised, but let it go.

We continued to play, and I started feeling that familiar tingle in my balls. "Oh, I'm going to come," I breathed. "Do you want to watch me come?" "Yes!" she answered. "I'm close too! Keep going, I want to watch you spurt your cum all over yourself!" I lay down on the couch so that she could watch, and that I could come on myself and not leave a mess. I got closer and closer, watching her hand moving faster now on her clit.

When she changed to just using one finger, very fast, on her clit, I knew she was close too. Her eyes were trying to close, but she was fighting to keep them open so she could watch me. I was doing the same with my eyes. My cock swelled to a size I'm not sure I've ever felt, and I started coming hard!

The first spurt hit me in the face, leaving a trail down my chest. Gwen squealed when she saw that, and also started coming. My next three spurts were almost, but not quite, as strong, hitting me high on the chest and creating a big, sticky mess. I loved it, and so did Gwen! She kept rubbing furiously at her clit, legs shaking and twitching.

I finally dribbled out the last of my come as her hand stilled itself, and we lay panting for a few minutes.

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"Oh. My. God!" she exclaimed. "That was the most incredible… I've never done that with someone watching like that. And on camera! Oh, god!" "I haven't come that hard ever!" I said. "Look at me!" I lifted up and got closer to the webcam so she could see just how much cum was on my chest. On a whim, I put my hand on my chest and rubbed the cum into my skin, spreading it all around. "Oh, shit, that's hot!" Gwen panted.

After watching for a bit she said "Okay, you have to stop now." She was laughing, but I knew she was serious, too. "You keep doing that, and I'm going to have to come again, and I don't have sexy amateur babe cecilia lion gets pounded in public Plus, you need to get to work, right?" I looked up at the clock and saw it was already after 9.

"Yea, I definitely need a shower before I can go anywhere," I laughed. "What time will you be in this evening?" "I'm not sure yet. What time do you get home, and when does Ingrid get home?" "I can leave work anytime I want to, and Ingrid usually gets home around 4:30." I replied, hoping that she would come in early enough to… "Oh, I won't be there that early," she said, dashing my hopes.

"I'll probably get to your house around 5:30, then we can go to dinner, then over to Joe's to put the stuff in. Is that okay?" "Sure," I said, trying not to let my disappointment show. "Are you still planning to spend the night there, or do you want to stay with us? Ingrid works in the morning," I reminded her. "We'll see," she answered, smiling.