Paki desi xxx sex stories storys

Paki desi xxx sex stories storys
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So you want a job here in my bar? Do you think you can handle customers pawing at you all night every night?" "I got pawed at my last job, so there won't be a problem here. I really need the money. So do I have the job?" "I called your former employer and she spoke highly of you. She was sorry to see you go. I checked over your references and based on the interview we had last week I think you will fit in nicely." "You have the job but only IF and I do mean IF you survive the training I have set up for tonight.

Be here at 8pm sharp. "Yes ma'am I will be here, thanks so much, you won't be disappointed" "I hope not, I already have a lot of time invested in you." Sherry left the bar a little confused. Why did she need to pass an initiation to work in a bar?

I mean how hard could it be? You served the customers their drinks, make sure they got the right change back, and put up with the men pawing at her young body.

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She was only 19 and had left home to go to the big city. She hated small towns and never wanted to live in one again. She wanted the freedom to explore a new place and get off that godforsaken dirt farm and away from her drunken father and his slimy friends. She was only in the city for about two weeks, she tried to get a job being a secretary, but she knew nothing about computers.

She got a job at an answering service, but the first call she took wanted her to pretend she was a pony so the guy on the other end could ride her. Not in this lifetime pal. She hung up the phone and walked out. Her prospective boss was also confusing her, she was about 5'8" tall and built like a truck driver.

Sherry would have bet her bottom dollar, which was about all she had, that her new boss was male. She lost that bet as soon sub housewife humiliated by her black master interracial and humiliation her boss spoke and told Sherry that her name was Josie.

Sherry arrived for work promptly at eight that night. She walked in and the bar was surrounded, but it was all women. She didn't think much of it, but the women were pawing at her just as much as they did at her last job.

The major difference was the fact that Sherry was getting turned on by this unwanted attention. Woman of all shapes and sizes were present. Some were wearing strange outfits.

One of the women was wearing a dog collar around her neck and the other woman had the chain tied around her waist and carried a riding crop. Every so often she would smack the crop against the woman's ass that was wearing the collar.

Sherry never saw the woman flinch as a particular nasty smack came across her left ass cheek. Sherry had asked the woman if she wanted something to drink, but she just shook her head no.

Whatever floats your boat, Sherry thought to herself. She continued working and catching little snippets of conversation. "She was so bad, I had to give her forty lashes before we came here tonight. I will have to teach her a lesson when we get home." Forty lashes? What was this, the pirate age revisited?

"Mine is still hanging in the dungeon at home. She did not finish her work in time, so she wasn't allowed to come tonight." Sherry, was getting more confused by each passing hour. She tried to talk to the other girls that were working that night, but they barely acknowledged Sherry's presence.

They kept their eyes to the floor even when asking the customers for their drink order. Sherry wasn't sure if she like this job; she had not gotten one tip. Maybe they were rich snobs and didn't like lowly bar maids. A short time later, she approached a woman standing in the corner. "May I get you a drink ma'am." "I will have a vodka gimlet." "Yes ma'am I will be right back." When she got to the bar Josie told her she was doing a marvelous job and all the customers said she was very polite and well mannered, then handed her the drink.

"Here is your drink ma'am." "Here is your tip," and the woman reached out and tweaked her nipple. She pinched it very hard and pulled on it even harder. "Ouch that hurts, are you crazy?" The woman only tugged and pinched it even harder, then using the nipple she had firmly in her hand she pulled Sherry to her and kissed her savagely on the mouth.

Their lips crashing together and Sherry struggled to get free. When the woman let her go, Sherry blushed and the woman laughed. Sherry didn't even think to tell Josie and thought she would be better just to ignore that woman for the rest of the night.

God, was everyone in here a dyke? She was no lesbian. She had had sex with a few guys, and even almost married Jimmy, but then she caught him cheating with her best friend.

That's when she decided to leave town. A short time later, Sherry asked Josie if she could go into the alley for a quick smoke. Yes you may. She told her, just put the block in front of the door so you can get back in. Otherwise the door will slam and you will have to walk around the block to get back in. Sherry went out to the alley, remembering the brick. She was alexis golden milf threesome interracial fucking sucking blowjob the fence and just taking a few deep breaths.

Suddenly she felt huge arms grab her from behind, her arms were twisted behind her. She was pushed up against the fence. The wire links cutting into her breasts. Sherry had a surge of panic, working its way through her body, her mouth wanted to scream but a large hand covered her mouth tightly.

The mouth of the person pinning her up against the fence, took her ear and bit the earlobe. This caused Sherry to moan. The hand then reached inside her top and firmly grabbed her breasts, pinching the milky white skin, immediately causing the skin to turn purple. The skin on the hand was very rough, like sandpaper. The person's hand (she didn't know if it was male or female) flattened their palm against her nipple and crushed it, then ran the palm over and over the nipple causing it to harden and swell.

Sherry was mad at her body, it was betraying her. Her body loved the sensations that were being sent through her nipple and down to her clit. But her mind was fighting this intrusion. The hand then found its way into the waistband of Sherry's panties. Pinching and pulling on her clit, thrusting a finger or two inside and fucking her.

Sherry bucked against the fence, making it press harder and harder into her breasts. Lips found her ear again and just as the person bit the ear; Sherry bucked one last time. The fingers in her had worked her into an orgasm that felt wonderful to her body, but clouded her mind. When the weight of the other person was lifted, Sherry whirled around, but found no one there. It had happened, didn't it?

She looked and saw her shirt was untucked and her hair was a disheveled mess. Her pussy was throbbing and juices were still flowing as Sherry put herself together and walked back into the builiding. When she stopped at the bar, Josie took one look at her and laughed.

"Looks like the Bandit got a hold of you." "What do you mean, Bandit," Sherry asked? "A legend in this bar, no one knows who the person is, and it's just fun and games. But that person always finds someone to cop a feel from." "Listen we have a private party going on downstairs and it's your job tonight to waitress it.

Consider it part brunette babe dava gets a creampie in bed your initiation." "Take this tray of drinks downstairs." When Sherry got downstairs, the door slammed, she turned to see Josie standing there with a very evil grin on her face.

"Welcome to the dungeon." Sherry turned and slowly looked around the room. There were weird contraptions hanging on the walls and placed around the room. They were fake cocks, dangling from chains in the ceiling. As she slowly turned, she saw three women from earlier strapped to huge crosses, naked. Two were facing the room, while the other had her face to the wall. In the middle of the room was a huge conference table. Seated were some of the woman from upstairs and a few faces she didn't recognize.

The one face she did recognize was the woman who ordered the Vodka Gimlet and abused her breasts. "Sherry, on this night you will be initiated into the Dungeon. You will be asked to show your worthiness for us to allow you to serve. You will be examined and asked to perform certain duties.

If you fail to carry out any request, your contract will be terminated without pay. However if you succeed in pleasing our every need, you will have employment as long as you desire and be paid ten thousand dollars for your work tonight.

We ask that you do this freely, and that you sign this contract stating that no one is forcing you into anything you do not wish for. If you fail your task tonight, this contract will be binding in a court of law should you wish to report us to authorities.

The choice is yours Sherry. We will give you 3 minutes to decide." Sherry's head was swimming. She should just get up and walk away. But the lure of all that money, she could buy some new clothes, get a better place to live. All she had to do was let a few women paw at her body and perform some tasks. Her thoughts drifted back to a few minutes ago when she was molested in the parking lot.

As much as it disgusted her, it was just as exciting. What the hell, I don't have much to lose except my job. She signed the contract. "You've made a fine decision. I am sure no one in this room will be disappointed. Let me introduce you to the fine ladies you see gathered before you." "Good evening ladies, May I introduce our recent addition to our association?" "Sherry, welcome to your initiation to the `Ladies of the Realm Association.'" "Seated before you are Lady Dianna, Lady Christina, Lady Jillian, Lady Amanda, Lady Marie, Lady Katherine, Lady Victoria, Lady Elizabeth, Lady Frances, and Lady Gabrielle.

On the crosses around you, you will see our last inductees, Brandie, Candie and Randie. "The rules are simple: Do not speak unless asked a direct question.

Do everything asked of you without hesitation. Show respect to the association members by addressing them as My Lady and nothing else. Do not look anyone in the eye unless asked to do so. You will not speak to Brandie, Candie or Randie." "Disobeying any of these rules, or specific rules issued by the individual members will result in severe punishment." Josie then approached Sherry and leaned forward to attach a dog collar to her neck.

She took a very short chain and fastened it the collar. She whispered in Sherry's ear. "Relax and everything will be fine." She stood back and gave Sherry a one-word command. "Strip." Sherry looked at the ladies seated around the room. She thought that she should just turn around and walk away from this.

"STRIP NOW" Sherry hesitated once again; she cowered in fear when Josie shouted the command. Lady Victoria got up from the table angrily and removed a cat-o-nine tails from the wall.

She walked to Sherry and pulled on her chain towards Brandie hanging on the cross. "You WILL learn to obey every command.

When you do not obey quickly enough one of these slaves will sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode whipped five times.

Since you were told twice to strip that is ten lashes. You must choose who is to be whipped. "I. I. can't. I. won't do that to any human being." Without warning Sherry felt the cat-o-nine tails slash across her breasts, tearing the silky material and cutting into her right breast. "Owwwwwwwwww" bellowed Sherry as she tried to cover up. "CHOOSE NOW!" Sherry was torn, she did not want to choose but she also didn't want to feel that i fuck her tight pussy and she swallow my load pornstars big dick again.

She pointed to Brandie with a shaky finger. Lady Victoria planted both feet in front of Brandie. Brandie was a diminutive woman, she was only about 5'1" tall and weighed about 90 pounds or less. Her breasts were obviously fakes as they were grossly disproportionate to her size and stature. They were at least 40dd. She was shaved. Her nipples and her clit were pierced and they had alligator clamps with what appeared to be small weights hanging from them.

Causing her nipples to be elongated. There was a tattoo just above her pelvic that said "Lady Elizabeth". Lady Victoria pulled on the clamps and you could see Brandie struggling to hold in a yelp or two. Lady Victoria raised her hand and brought the tails crashing across her left breast.

"One My Lady, May I please have another." Again the tails slashed at Brandie focused on her right breast. "Two My Lady, May I please have another." Then her left again "Three My Lady, May I please have another." The next one slashed on the inside of her right leg.

Brandie let out an audible gasp, but no one but Sherry seemed to notice. "Four My Lady, May I please have another." Brandie glared at Sherry and secretly wished that Sherry were the one on the cross getting whipped.

Since she had been inducted last weekend her body had been whipped over every inch of her body. She seemed to be teens shag fellows anal with huge strap dildos and squirt load monstercock hardcore perfect target for Lady Victoria even though she belonged to Lady Elizabeth.

Sherry was watching Lady Victoria slash away at the inner thighs and legs of Brandie, she tried to look away but her head was held firmly in place by Josie's large hands. She was being forced to watch the whipping. Sherry's mind was reeling. Her brain was telling her that this was horrid and that the women in this room were sick and deranged.

They should all be thrown in jail. But her body was doing something completely the opposite. Every nerve ending seemed to be connected to her nipples or her clit. She felt herself growing moist.

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"Ten My lady, May I please have another." Lady Victoria turned to Sherry and slashed against her breast again. "One My Lady, May I please have another." Sherry was shocked; why had her mouth said that.

She didn't want to have another, but her mouth had betrayed her. Again came the kat dior gets tied up and fucked. "Two My lady, May I please have another." "STRIP NOW!" Sherry removed the tattered remains teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy her blouse and bra.

She unsnapped her jeans and lowered them down her legs. She hesitated a second too long and felt a slash strike her left nipple sending searing pain through her breast. She removed her panties quickly. Lady Victoria replaced the cat-o-nine tails where she had found it and took her seat at the table. Josie tugged on Sherry's chain and pulled her to Brandie. "Lick the blood from Brandie's wounds. It is because of you she was whipped and now you must care for her like you would for a wounded animal." "Yes My lady as you command." Again with the mouth, when would her mouth learn to keep quiet.

Sherry reached out with the tip of her tongue to lick the blood from a nasty wound that stretched across her right breast. A small almost inaudible two big cocks for a blonde tart escaped Brandie's mouth. The blood had a metallic taste to it and Sherry reached out for another lick. She ran her tongue down her stomach and to the inside of her right leg. The animal scent was an exotic smell to Sherry's nose, she had never been this close to a woman and her curiosity soon found her tongue licking at the clit.

Brandie felt the cool tongue touch her clit and it sent her into a frenzied orgasm. Her legs were twitching against the binds. She longed to tell Sherry to continue but knew to speak was against the rules. Sherry drove her tongue deep into Brandie's pulsating cunt.

Licking and sucking the sweet cum flowing from her. Josie pulled on the chain and you could almost see the pout forming on Sherry's mouth. "Get on the table for inspection.

Keep your hands at your side. Step up on the step stool and slowly walk the length of the table and return here." Sherry got up on the table. Like a bride walking down the aisle she cautiously took one step at a time. There were a few comments as she walked. She noticed all of the ladies looking at her except Lady Frances. That's strange she thought. She almost acts as if she didn't want to be here.

She remembered the feeling she got when Frances had pinched her nipple upstairs and forcibly kissed her. When she got to the end of the table where Frances was sitting. Sherry smiled at her. Frances just waved her away as if she was swatting a bug away. Disappointment appeared on Sherry's face. "She has nice long legs" "Yes she does, they must be at least 40 inches long" "She could use a breast implant.

She won't be able to take much punishment." "But her ass is very firm and shows promise of being able to take a lot of whipping." "She will have to be shaved of course, but she has passable body." "I still have my doubts." "Is she a virgin?" Josie looked at Sherry and said, "Are you a virgin." "No My Lady I am not." "Well I wanted a virgin said Lady Katherine, but I will remain to cast my vote." Cast her vote? What vote? What did the fact of whether she was a virgin or not have to do with anything?

"Has she ever been with a woman?" asked Lady Marie. "No Lady Marie, I have not." "Has she ever had anything other than a finger in her ass?" Spoke Lady Dianna. "No My Lady, I have not." "How old is she?" asked Lady Christina. "I am 19, My Lady." "I think we would like to see her examined further." "Yes I agree, have her crawl the table this time." Josie nudged Sherry just a bit and Sherry slowly crawled the length of the table.

Again when she reached the spot where Frances was sitting she tried with her smile to get a response. Frances just looked away.

As soon as Sherry turned her back to start crawling back, Frances got up from the table and removed a ping pong paddle from the wall. Sherry was crawling along the table and lost sight of Frances but seconds later heard a loud SMACK against someone's flesh. Sherry's heart lurched in her chest. Her mind screamed silently.

I should be the one getting the paddle against my ass. Sherry's mind was reeling, was she secretly wishing to be treated like this. Why was her body being aroused at seeing pain? She should be feeling humiliated, ashamed and dirty. "I don't know I really can't tell much by looking. Have her crawl again, only this time she is to stop in front of each of us for inspection." Lady Amanda said. Sherry crawled to the first woman, Lady Amanda. Sherry tried to focus on what Lady Amanda was doing, but her eyes went to Randie who was getting literally paddled to death.

One smack after another struck the firm cheeks of Randie's ass. There wasn't an inch of her white ass that had been missed. Her ass was now red. Welts were bubbling up on both cheeks.

Sherry failed to hear a question being asked of her and screamed when a paddle struck her with such force that she landed face first on the table. Her breasts bruised instantly by the force. Her cunt throbbed. "I ASKED YOU WHEN YOU HAD YOUR LAST PAP SMEAR" Sherry struggled to get to her hands and feet before answering.

"Three months ago, Lady Amanda." "Was everything satisfactory?" "Yes Lady Amanda." "You may proceed to the next association member." Sherry tried to concentrate on crawling but her ass and pussy were on fire. Her nipples were hard and firm. When she crawled to Lady Gabrielle, she felt Gabrielle pinching her right nipple. She pulled and twisting it. Sherry had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. She again managed to glance over at Frances who was now working a small, round, long object in and out of Randie's inflamed ass.

"You foxxy teen is down to fuck doggystyle and deepthroat proceed to the next association member." Sherry crawled forward and was in front of Lady Elizabeth. "So you enjoy watching other people get whipped and paddled." "Yes, I mean no My lady." "I DID NOT ASK YOU A QUESTION.

You must be stupid not to know the difference between a statement of fact and a question. Do you know that when you pointed to Brandie to accept YOUR punishment you were choosing MY property? Now she will take days to recover." SLAP! "I am sorry My Lady I did not know she was your pro. prop. property." "SHUT UP WHEN I AM SPEAKING TO YOU. GET OUT OF MY FACE AND GO SEE THE NEXT ASSOCIATION MEMBER." She kneeled in front of Lady Marie. Lady Marie turned her body around so that she could examine Sherry's ass.

She pulled her ass cheeks apart. Kneading the flesh as if she was squeezing fruit at a market. She pinched the flesh to see if welts would appear.

She stuck a finger in her hole and this tattooed slut loves it from behind it inside. A moan escaped Sherry's mouth betraying her again. "You may proceed to the next association member." Lady Jillian also examined Sherry's ass, only she didn't bother with the preliminaries, she thrust three fingers in the tight ass and fucked her for about 30 seconds.

She stopped just as Sherry was about to cum. "You may proceed to the next association member." Lady Katherine examined her mouth, opening it up and checking her teeth, prying her lips she stretched Sherry's mouth first one way then another making her mouth sore.

She pulled on her tongue causing Sherry to gag and tried to pull away but Lady Katherine just held on. Sherry was slowly being examined as if she were a piece of meat. She prayed that this would all be over soon. While Lady Katherine was examining her mouth, she felt fingers fucking her clit. Lady Katherine let go of her mouth and Sherry saw Lady Christina probing her cunt. Lady Victoria was teasing her clit with a long fingernail.

Sherry's body deceived her once again and an orgasm shuddered though her tender body. "I can never tell by examination, I want to see how she fucks." Josie helped Sherry down from the table. "What device would you like used Lady Dianna?" "I think we shall use "The Probe Machine" tonight Lady Josie." "Good choice Lady Dianna." Josie tugged on Sherry's chain and lead her to an innocent looking stool in the corner.

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"Stand with your feet apart and your hands over your head." Sherry did as was instructed. She glanced over at Candie and saw that Candie was caressed with a wand that seemed to glow. It looked like a child's toy but by the way Candie was squirming and thrashing about Sherry guessed that it was something else entirely. Frances was running the wand over her nipples and once in a while she would touch her clit with it.

Each time it touched her clit, Candie arched her hips and her legs convulsed. Josie had attached some sort of leg irons to her ankles and inserted a long thick bar to each leg iron. A bar lowered from the ceiling and handcuffs were place on her wrists. The handcuffs were clicked to the metal bar and Sherry was left standing there.

Josie went to a cabinet and brought a remote to the table. She handed the remote to Lady Dianna. All of the women who were setting around the table got up and moved towards a blank wall.

Josie pressed a button and the wall slid back to show a viewing area. The ladies took their seats in the front row. Dianna pulled a stool near Sherry and grinned evilly as she licked her lips. Frances stopped playing with Candie and took a spot near the corner so she could get a closer look at what was about to happen.

Sherry was in the midst of a great panic, when she saw the audience appear she looked at them and recognized them as customers from earlier. She tried to twist free of her binds but of course it was useless.

Her mind was still reeling as she felt her self being lifted by her wrists. The entire weight of her body was straining the muscles in her arms. Then she cried out from the pain. Lady Dianna took the stool and placed it underneath Sherry's dripping cunt. She lowered Sherry until her ass was barely touching the soft leather. At least the pressure in my arms has eased off. Lady Dianna took a seat directly in front of Sherry and pressed a button on the remote. Sherry felt something pressing against her ass hole.

Before she had time to think, her ass was subjugated to an object being forced into a virgin hole. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." "OH GOD, PLEASE STOP IT HURTS, YOU'RE KILLING ME, PLEASEEEEEE STOPPPPPPPP." "SHUT UP AND RIDE THE DILDO, THE SOONER YOU ACCEPT IT THE SOONER YOU WILL ENJOY IT." Sherry couldn't see because of the tears that were streaming down her face, she was alternating between screaming and moaning.

Her asshole was being split apart. It felt as big around as a bottle bottom. Sherry didn't know that it was just the head of the dildo. Dianna pressed another button and little by little the dildo entered her ass, Sherry felt as if the dildo was going to shoot from her ass right through her pussy and out her body.

Deeper and deeper the dildo went. Sherry looked over at Frances and pleaded with her eyes to help. "PLEASE STOP, All girls fuck and squirt HURTING ME, OH GOD NO MORE PLEASE NO MORE I'LL DO ANYTHING." Lady Dianna just laughed as she pressed another button and the full length of the dildo rammed her ass.

It was thirteen inches long and two inches around. When Lady Dianna pressed another button the dildo started to slowly pump in and out of her ass. The speed was agonizing slow for Lady Dianna, so she pressed the button for pumping to the max. It was like a battering ram in Sherry ass. Forcing her off the stool. "OH YES, I. I MEAN NO STOP OH GOD, YESSSSSS." Sherry was babbling out of her mind with a crazed lust. Dianna pressed a few more buttons glamorous looker flashes huge arse and gets anus poked asstomouth and pornstars the dildo battered her asshole, it started vibrating and making hottie lick cock enjoys it in anal hardcore and blowjob rotations.

Streams of sweat were dripping down her breasts; drool and spit were coming from her mouth. Her head thrashed about wildly. "OH GOD YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME PLEASE FUCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE." Her body unable to stand much more erupted into a volcanic porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn orgasm, her juices flooded out of her cunt, forming a small puddle on the floor.

She wasn't even aware when she was lifted and was lowered onto the dildo with her convulsing cunt. "Yessssssssssss, FUCK MY PUSSY, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME." She shouted over and over. Her eyes were glazed over as if she was drugged, her cunt tried to force the dildo deeper but it was in as far as it would go. Sherry looked over at Frances and was stunned to see her acting as if she was watching a boring documentary. She looked as if she was analyzing a procedure rather than watching a woman being ravaged by a machine.

It was only a few minute more before a surge of lust took over her body, it seemed to enter her bloodstream, it wanted out, it needed an escape. It found it and shot out of Sherry's cunt. YESSSSSSSSSS I AM CUMMMMMMMINNGGGGGGGG ARGHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Her body thrashed wildly, her arms felt as if they were being pulled out of her sockets. Wave after wave of passion engulfed her body. Shock waves of orgasm ravished her young body, her mind couldn't take it, and she lost all inhibitions.

She screamed like an injured animal. She was almost epileptic before the orgasms started to slow down. The remote had been shut down. Her arms were lowered. He head flopped forward and her breathing was ragged. Brandie, Candie and Randie had been removed from the crosses and they brought a stretcher out and laid it on the floor. They removed the leg irons, the spreader bar and the handcuffs.

They wrapped the bleeding and withdrawn Sherry into a thermal blanket and put her on the stretcher.

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The audience applauded and shouts of Bravo and well done could be heard. The three young ladies carried Sherry off to care for her.

The audience departed and the Ladies of the Realm took seats around the conference table. Josie pounded a gavel and spoke to the entire room.

"The weekly meeting for The Ladies of the Realm shall now come to order. The auction of Sherry J. will now begin. The opening bid is fifty thousand dollars U.S. " "Lady Dianna bids fifty, do I hear sixty?" "Sixty, do I hear seventy?" "Seventy thousand dollars, do I hear eighty?" The bidding was progressing and did not slow down until it reached one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. "The bidding is 125k do I hear anymore bids?" "I have a bid of 175k do I hear any more bids?" "Going once." "Going twice." "Sold, to Lady Frances for one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.

Congratulations Lady Frances." "This concludes the weekly meeting of The Ladies of the Realm. Thank you for coming this evening. Next week we have a set of twins for initiation. Lady Frances you may take your property when she is presentable." The ladies all hugged and kissed one another; they congratulated Lady Frances on an outstanding purchase.

Josie then went into the back room. Sherry was still in a daze when Josie grabbed her by the hand and led her back to the main room. "Lady Frances, May I present to you your purchase this evening? Slave Sherry J." "Sherry you have been sold to Lady Frances you must go with her now." "S.S.Sold?" That was the last word out of Sherry's mouth before she fainted. To be continued. Authors notes: Would you have signed the contract?

If you were a Lady of the Realm, what would have been your highest bid? There are many types of probe chairs ( now busty milf driving examiner bangs in car fucking machines)out there. This stroy was written 7 years ago and fucking machines have come along ways. Now if they would just come down in price. This one is my own creation in my mind only. Have you tried a similar chair?

If so, would you share your experiences? This story is dedicated to several friends who will read this, you know who you are. I love you. Feedback is most welcomed.