First fuck after baby was born

First fuck after baby was born
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The story of how Shante met "Billy the kid" My name is Shante Jackson. I'm a 38-year-old black woman from Mobile Alabama. I'm 5" 8' 160 pounds of chocolate goodness. After graduating Law school, I moved to Los Angeles California. Where I work 70 hours a week. Which leaves me hardly any time for an active social life or a love life. I try to keep in shape. But no matter how long and hard I workout at the gym, my 40DD boobs and my 50-inch booty remain soft and firm.

Most men would describe my body type as a big boobed Cherokee D'ass (Pornstar) With my huge boobs and big booty, it was fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff to move up in my field.

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But through hard work and stepping on a few toes along the way. I'm now a partner at JJ&M law firm. I've developed quite the reputation for being a bitch.

Because I'm a very strong black woman, who was taught to take shit from no one. But all of that changed the day I met "Billy the kid" Billy is a skinny 13-year-old threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore boy I met last Friday night after the front tire on my black BMW 745i caught a flat.

Not only was it cold and rainy outside, but I had no clue of how to change a flat tire. Let alone, doing it in the rain. So, when 13-year-old Billy offered to change my tire if I bought him a pack of smokes.

I gladly accepted. After about 10 minutes. Billy knocked on my window to let me know that he had changed my tire. I was so happy that I reached into my purse and gave him a crisp $50.00 bill and told him to hop in so that we could get him a pack of smokes. I noticed that he was completely drenched in water. So I told him to grab a couple of blankets from my trunk and put them on the seats so that my seats wouldn't get wet. As soon as he was climbing into the front seat of my car, I noticed him glaring at my big tits.

I'm used to it, so I ignored it. Once we arrived at the store, I asked what brand he smoked, then went inside and bought him 2 packs of Newports. I handed him his cigarettes and asked him if he needed a lift home.

He said that he was headed to a friends house, who didn't live too far from me. I really needed to pee. So, I asked him if he didn't mind going to my place, for a quick bite to eat. He said sure, then he asked if I could dry his clothes for him. I told him yes and proceeded to drive home. As I was driving I caught him glancing at my boobs again and starting to squirm in his seat a little. I thought it was cute how this little white boy was checking a sista out.

When we arrived at my home, I asked him to wait in the kitchen, while I went and peed really quick.

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I noticed that he was now starting to shiver, from wearing those wet clothes. So, I had him follow me into my laundry room. Once inside, I realized that he would have nothing to wear, after I through his clothes into the dryer.

I told him not to worry because I had a t-shirt and gym shorts he could wear. When I came back into the laundry room, with a t-shirt and shorts for him. He was already half kompoz eu slapping mon and som. I asked if he wanted for me to leave or turn around. He looked at me and said "No, you don't have to leave" So, there I stood, watching this 13-year-old white boy, slip off his shoes and socks. Next were latina cock sucker lilith shayton fucks in the pawnshop pants.

The only thing left was his boxers. I'm not sure why, but I was getting turned on by watching this kid get undressed. The anticipation of seeing his young white cock, had my black pussy throbbing. As he slides down his white boxers. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. As he reached down and pulled out one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen in my life. All I could say was "Damn" With my mouth hanging wide opened and my pussy now dripping.

I looked back up to Billy, who had an evil grin on his face. He looks me in the eyes and says "Come here, Shante" I don't know what came over me, but I walked over to him. He then begins to stroke his big cock. Which was only semi-hard, but it's already 7 or 8 inches long, about 3 inches wide, and dripping a ton of pre-cum from it's fat mushroom head.

I've seen plenty of brothas with big black dicks. But nothing like what "Billy the kid" was working with. Hell, this kid probably hasn't even finished puberty yet. So you can imagine how big a 10+ inch cock, must look on a scrawny 5' 5" 110 pounds white boy. But there I was in my laundry room, looking at a 13-year-old, Billy's, big white cock. He looked at me again and asked if I liked his big white cock.

I didn't answer him. I started to turn and walk away. But when he caught me looking down at the warm pre-cum dripping from his now fully erect cock onto my hand, I froze.

So, he asked me again. This time in a more stern voice. "Do you like my big white cock?" I'm a strong black woman. So there was no way I was about to let this little white boy think that he was in control of me.

So I said "I wanna see you stroke it until you cum" Billy then say's "Say you like my big white cock or else" I reply "Or else what?" He say's "If you haven't said it by the time I count to 5, you'll be punished" He then looks me up and down and begins to count 1 I stand there with my arms crossed 2 Still no reaction from me 3 After he finished his countdown.

He then grabs my arm and bends me over my washing machine, and lifts my skirt and removed my g string panties. I was so fucking aroused, that I didn't bother putting up any resistance. Once he had my panties around my ankles, he began rubbing my caramel colored, 50-inch black booty.

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Then out of nowhere WHAP! He spanked my big black ass WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He must have spanked my ass for over a minute. It wasn't until I began to cry, that he stopped. He then turn me around and said "Say it, NOW! I had no choice but to surrender.

"Yes, Billy, I love your big cock" Billy just looks at me and say's "On your knees" As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I got down to my knees and looked up at Billy, who was now stroking his cock again. He told me to take off my blouse and bra and to throw them into the corner.

Which I did. He then looks down at me and say's "I figured a good spanking would get your black ass in line, and it did." By this time, I was fuming on the inside. How dare this fucking kid talk teen forced rough dp cry me like that?" I said "Hold up, you li.

Then. WHAP! He slapped me right across the face. I started to speak again. But when he raised his hand again, I decided not to. I began to plead.

"Okay Billy, please don't hit me again" He say's "Come here, Shante" So, I crawl over to him on my knees. Now I'm face-to-face with what looks like an 11-inch white cock, with a huge mushroom helmet at the tip. Billy now leaning back against the dryer say's "Are you ready to be a good girl Shante?" "Yes, Billy.

I'll do whatever you want" Billy, now knowing he's succeeded in breaking me says "Good, now close your eyes and stick out your tongue" I take a deep breath, close my eyes and stuck out my tongue. Within seconds, I could feel the head of Billy's big white cock on my tongue. He continues to rub the head of his cock over my tongue, leaving thick amounts of precum on my tongue, and all over my face.

I can't believe how sweet his precum tastes. I began to suck his cock in hopes of tasting his delicious load. But Billy say's "No, not yet. Do as you're told. Don't make me punish you again.

Now, lick!" As I proceeded to lick the tip of his cock. Billy reaches down and begins to twist and pinch my sensitive nipples. I begin to gasp for air and moan from the pleasure of licking Billy's huge dick while tasting his sweet precum, and the pain from having my nipples twisted in such a sensual manner.

As Billy's cock slide across my tongue. I could feel his cock start to pulsate.

I was on the verge of having my own orgasm when Billy said: "I bet you've never swallowed cum before, have you?" I say "No Billy, I haven't" Billy then say's "I want you to swallow my load, Shante" I look up at Billy and say "Okay, Billy" Billy begins to rock back and forth, sending the head of his cock sliding across my tongue, while twisting my right nipple, and gently flicking my left nipple, sending me into a frenzy.

There was so much sexual electricity in my body that, when my orgasm hit, I had tears in my eyes, as my body began to tremble. And at that moment I felt Billy's cock twitch and waited for my treat. With my orgasm driving Billy over the edge. He still managed to continue to twist and flick my nipples, while shooting 12 thick ropes of cum down my throat, on my face, and even in my hair.

I swallowed every drop of Billy's massive load. I was still trembling when Billy looked down at me and said "I own your black ass now" At that point, I swallowed my black pride and said "Yes Billy, you own me" Billy looked at me again and said "I own your black ass now" I knew what he wanted to hear, so I said "Yes Billy, you own my black ass now" To be continued.