Sexxy girls sex in gym

Sexxy girls sex in gym
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The Tease Gets Punished It was just another school year at Chestnut High for me, Chad Calloway. I'm 5'10, 185, and would like to think that I am pretty well built. Now this year is different than past years because I am a senior. Already being accepted into a local college, I had a pretty easy year ahead of me.

The first day of school was like any other, you find out your schedule, see who's in your classes, and find out who andhra hairy puku sex storys are going to sit with at lunch.

Everything was going fine until I had my last class of the day, gym. Now I'm a pretty athletic guy, and gym had always been my favorite class. But this year, it was even better, and I have only one special individual who I can thank for this. As we always did, we started the year playing volleyball.

I was looking around to see who was in my gym class when I saw her. Her name was Heather Winters. She was a freshman, and she had a perfect figure.

Standing at around 5'6, she was wearing these short shorts which showed off her tan legs. These shorts also showed off her unbelievable ass that wasn't too big and wasn't too small, it was the perfect shape.

As great as her legs and her ass were, they weren't close to being on the same level as her tits. They had to be at least D size, possibly DD, and they stood upright. With Heather wearing a small tank top that was well past the edge on being appropriate for school, I had to do all I could to contain my excitement as we were in gym class and there would be no way for me to hide it.

The next day came, and everything was normal. Even gym was normal as I had recovered from the shock of seeing such a site, but there was one problem. This problem was one that I had been thinking about all day, and forced me to zone out in all of my classes.

The problem was a very simple one that was going to take a lot of time because I had to come up with a plan that would work perfectly, or I would be in some serious trouble. My problem was that I had to have Heather, and there was only one way I would be able to do it. She and I were too far apart in age so there was no way I would be able to start a relationship with her.

I had already started on some of the details in my plan when I saw Heather in the hallways during school. I thought she was being a tease in gym class with what she wears, but that lovely rino asuka in high heels toying a cock in undies nothing compared to what I saw her wearing this time. She had on a pink shirt that was very low-cut which showed off almost everything except her nipples.

I think she had a bra on, but I wasn't exactly focusing on whether or not she was wearing one. That's not all; she was also wearing a very short black skirt that showed off those perfect legs.

If she were to bend over at all, you would be able to see that fine ass of hers and any thong or g-string she was wearing.

You might think this made me excited, it did. However, this also made me very mad. I thought she was better than this. I didn't know she was such a slut and tease. Its gym class, it's not like you are going to wear sweat pants and long sleeves. I thought she just wore that because it looked good on her and it was easy to exercise in, not because she was trying to show off her body. I made a mental note of what I saw as Heather would be punished for this later.

Today is September 28, tomorrow, September 29, is the day that my plan finally goes into action. The day that Heather Winters get punished for being the slut she is. During the past couple of weeks I had learned that on Thursdays she stays after school and goes to all of her classes to get some extra help.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday her parents don't get home until 7. On Tuesday and Thursday her parents don't get home until 8. She usually gets off the bus at 2:30 and is home by 2:45. Tomorrow is a Tuesday, which provides me with an extra hour of "Heather" time. Today is the day that I have been looking forward towards for a long time.

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There was no way I could possibly concentrate on school knowing the fun I was going to have in several hours. The day dragged on, but eventually I was in my last period class. I had gotten use to the fact that she was in my gym class, even though every time I see her I think I'm looking at angel that has come down from heaven.

Its 2:41 and I'm hiding behind a bush that's right next to the door of her house. She should be walking up the street any minute now. There she is, looking fine as always. Today she is wearing a low cut top and a short pink skirt. I have realized that it is really going to take a lot of self-control to last for a decent amount of time. If I don't, it will only be a couple of minutes before I explode.

As she gets to the door, I get myself in position to where I can jump on her when the door opens. She puts the key in, the door starts to open, and BAM, she falls to the floor as I did my Ray Lewis impression on her. I close the door as quickly as I can while maintaining my hold on Heather.

She tries to break away and screams, but I have my hand on her mouth and my knees are in her back. I make a fist and tell her, "If you try to escape or scream, you will be punished severely," With that, she stopped moving and wasn't making a noise. I rip off her blouse and pull off her skirt. All I can say is WOW, in a black bra and matching black thong, she was looking ridiculously hot. She stammers, "What are you going to do, please, please stop." I told her in a commanding voice, "If you ever speak without first being spoken to again, I will make sure I hurt you so bad that you will never forget it." I tear off her bra and take off her thong as I notice that she has a shaved pussy, to my liking.

She starts to cry, and I slap her. If she cries, I won't be able to enjoy this at all. I start kissing her as I slowly move down her body to where I can finally get mia malkova sex stories porn sexy beautiful hardcore storys taste of those D size tits. I tried not to spend too much time there because this was much more about my pleasure than hers.

I get to her pussy, and I can smell her juices. That bitch! She was actually enjoying this. Her asshole would pay later. I licked her a little just to taste her. That would be the last time I paid any attention to her needs. I shoved my shorts to the ground as my semi-hard dick appeared. Now my dick is about 7 inches long, and I would like to think that is above average. Heather marveled at it for a second before I slapped and told her to start working on my cock.

She hesitated, but she knew if she didn't do it, I would hit her. I don't know how much this cunt has sucked cock, but she was damn good at it.

The way she used her tongue on my dick, it was amazing. I started mouth fucking her because I didn't want to cum to fast. It was actually quite amusing watching her gag on my cock. She could barely take it in her mouth.

I said, "Enough with this, get on your back." She was on her back with my dick rock hard and ready to enter her. I was just about to start fucking her when she screamed out, "No, no, you can't, I'm, I'm a virgin." I couldn't believe my ears.

This little prick was a virgin! I was going to be the first one to claim that pussy of hers! Her cherry pussy was mine. I rammed my cock into her tight pussy.

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"Aaaaahhhhhhhh, Owwwwwwwww, it hurts so much." I could feel the blood from the cherry that I just split open. My dick only went in a couple of inches at first. But I continued hot teen gets fucked hard by modeling agent deepthroat fingering ram my cock into the tightest pussy I have ever seen. I started to make progress as I eventually got all 7 inches in. At this point she was yelling her head off. I put my hand over her mouth to muffle the screams.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would for her to start enjoying this and get an orgasm. After the first minute, I could tell she was beginning to feel a bit aroused because she was moaning under her breath. I went in and out of her faster and faster until I felt a squirt of cum. As soon as I felt this, I went down on her and licked off her juices.

She started moaning, but I stopped before she could make it. It was time for me to claim the real prize. I wanted to destroy her asshole. I told her to get up and move her ass towards my dick. Is pit on her ass crack, and at this moment she realized exactly what I had in mind for her. She screamed, "No, anything but that! Please, don't do this!" It was too late. I reared back and slammed my dick into her ass. It barely went in, but she was shrieking.

"Oooooooowwwwwwwww, it hurts so much." She was withering around in pain. Nevertheless, I started getting into a rhythm, in and out, in and out.

By this time, I was fully in her.

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I could tell her ass was numb as she wasn't yelling anymore, but still was enjoying this. Knowing she was in so much pain, I got excited. It was only a matter of time now, until I shot my load. I pulled out of her ass and put my dick to her face.

I started mouthfucking her until I was about to unload, and pulled out of her mouth. I came all over her hair and face.

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Now this was a real facial. However, I wasn't done with her. Yes, my dick was done, but I wasn't done degrading her.

She was collapsed on the floor, still recovering from the pounding. I quickly got dressed and grabbed her by the arm. I opened the door and started walking towards my car. She was of course, still naked. She finally realized that she didn't have any clothes on and was trying to escape from my grasp. I was ready for this and held on to her tightly.

"Where are we going, please stop, what do you want from me," she asked. All I told her was that we were going for "a ride". I was driving her back to school. According to my watch, the football team was just about done practicing. I forced her into the football locker room. I heard footsteps approaching the door as they were coming in from practice. I was actually friends with team captain, Derrick.

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He was always the first one to get into the locker room. "Hey Derrick, I got a little present for you and your teammates."………………