Veronica and stephanie like to masturbate together

Veronica and stephanie like to masturbate together
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11-25-2008, 03:11 PM #39 *'s IVY Newcumer Join Date: Oct 2008 Posts: 5 A long story, but worth it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very few people know I'm bi.

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I didn't realize it myself til 2yrs ago. Being raised by a strict church going parents I was raised to think sex was dirty. And why wouldn't believe it since seemed like from the age 3 and on every time an older male got around me, he would cop a feel of my chest or my pussy. Then there was an incident when me and a girl cousin licked each other once and that was it, 3 secs and it was over. I was molested 1 time when I was 10.

Though I felt dirty it was around fantastic five busty blonde sucks down hot loads time that I started masturbating, and could bring myself to some outrageous orgasms, let me tell you.

At age 15 I was dared to have sex for the first time and dummy me took him up on it. The asshole got me naked in the front seat of his pickup at the local park, and just rammed it in my virgin pussy. I screamed all kinds of curse words at him and literally threw him off of me. After that I became a slut. I screwed any guy that would get me out of the house. Now I've been married and divorced twiced, my first marriage lasted 3 yrs and went right into my second that lasted 14yrs.

My second husband is 17yrs older and when we first met it was a turn on for me to have a 40yr old man lusting after my 23yr old body.

I settled into that marriage and had 2 beautiful girls, but after our 4th yr things changed. I wanted more babies, he didn't, so he made me get my tubes tied refusing to have himself cut. {Ironic that later he got prostate cancer}. But anyway I went into a deep depression for the next 10yrs. I know longer wanted anything to do with him.

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For that 10yrs I maybe let him touch once a yr. He had started really sarcastic toward me after our 3rd yr together and that along with my depression just made me hate him more. We would go to church and I would pray for help with my feelings or get me out of this misery.

It was during this time that I met my friend Dana, in 1997. She quickly became my best friend and confidante. She would try her best to advise me but me trying the church thing couldn't let myself listen. She had told early in our friendship that she was bi but her family didn't know. This in the back of my head nowwould always wonder what it would be like to be with her.

Every time I masturbated It would be to me thinking about her. Finally in 2003 I finally realized my answer to my marriage. I kicked him out. Within a week I was back to fucking every guy that came along. I did this for 2yrs until one day Dana called and asked me to come over to watch movies and drink margaritas. So I did. We snuggled on the couch, and watched some movie that I can't even remember because all I could think about is how good it felt to be holding each other.

After the movie she asked if I minded if she checked plastic surgeon tricks innocent teen into fucking him email. So we go to the pc and the first one was of these 2girls eating each other out.

We giggled as we clicked on a link to lesbian porn. I was getting so hot, and what with the drinking I got the nerve to tell her all my thoughts about her. She didn't say anything, so I thought I had messed up big naughty party with a gorgeous naked chick when she said she needed to go to bed cause of work the next day.She suggested I sleep with her cause her couch was too little, so I nervously said ok.

After laying there for a few minutes on my back I sighed and rolled over not facing her. Just as I did that, she rolled the same way so that she was snuggled up against my back. She had her arm thrown over my waist and was holding my hand. When I felt her breathing against my neck my panties immediately became wet. I had no idea what to do. Thank goodness she did.

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She then let go of my hand and started caressing my whole body, I thought I was going to explode right then and there. After she felt me relax, she put her hand between my legs and started rubbing my clit.

It took all of one minute for me to cum. She whispered in my ear for me to roll over and look at her.

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She then told me me that she loved me and had been waiting all these years for even a hint from me that I could possibly feel the same way. I told her that I loved her too. We shared our first passionate kiss and she asked me if I was sure.

As I was telling her yes, she was stroking and kissing me all over my body til she got to my pussy.

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Let me tell you, if you have never been eaten out by a woman then you are missing heaven on earth. I had the most earth shattering orgasm I ever had and have had since then.

When it came to it being my turn to please her, it cartoon fuck xnxxx in marathi just came natural. Me being a woman and knowing what pleases me, I did the same to her. Later after we were both spent, she told me that noone had ever gave her an orgasm like that before. She had told me earlier that the only way she had ever cummed was when she masturbated.

That was 3yrs ago and she has since gotten married and had a baby. I have had different men off and on since then, but I know that I won't be truly happy with one. That night with Dana was my one and only lesbian experience. We still love each other and talk everyday, but lead separate lives. Maybe one day. IVY *'s IVY View Public Profile Send a private message to *'s IVY Find More Posts by *'s IVY Add *'s IVY to Your Contacts