Hot legal age teenager parker page hardcore and blowjob

Hot legal age teenager parker page hardcore and blowjob
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Chapter 9 FRIDAY NIGHT Girl had an unusual present for Claire as she left the office. It was a giant cooler filled with the office's red cordial.

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'For you to drink over the weekend,' she said. Claire was baffled but took the cooler. She had come to like the taste of the drink, anyway. At home, she was surprised to find her mother and father waiting for her in the living room, their faces stormy and unwelcoming.

'Hi?' said Claire, suspiciously, putting her purse down in the corner. 'How was work, Claire?' asked her father in a way that suggested it was more trap than question. 'Fine,' said Claire. 'Looking forward to the weekend.' 'I'll bet you are,' said Claire's mother. 'Did anything… interesting… happen today?' asked her father. 'Um, no,' said Claire, trying not to think about orgasming from Sluthole's mouth and fingers. As soon as she had said it, she knew it was the wrong answer.

Fury overtook her father's face. 'I called your office, Claire,' said her mother accusingly. 'To see how you were doing. I spoke to that nice Michael. And do you know what he told me?' Claire went ice cold. Had he told her he had a photo of their daughter masturbating?

Had he told her Claire pissed standing up in front of other girls? Claire couldn't think of any good answer to her mother's rhetorical question. 'No?' she hazarded. 'He told me he found your panties lying in a waste-paper bin today,' her mother said. She wasn't shouting, but Claire knew that not-shouting indicated that her mother was unspeakably furious. 'Is this true, Claire?' asked her dad.

'No!' exclaimed Claire. How could she admit to throwing away her panties because another girl had pissed in them? Too late she realised her mistake.

Her father rose from his chair strode across to her and lifted her skirt. Underneath hot ebony girls want some us semen all over them only her nude pussy. 'You lying little whore,' he breathed. 'Claire, what is the meaning of this?' her mother demanded.

Claire's head spun. Her parents were staring at her naked twat.

She couldn't explain about the panties because she'd have to explain about the toilets and about Sluthole and about being pissed on. 'I'm sorry,' she said, her voice cracking.

She could feel herself starting to cry. 'Claire, why did you do this?' her mother pressed. Claire couldn't explain. And as her mind grasped for something to say it settled on a familiar and oddly appropriate one.

'I'm just a slut,' she wailed, and then burst into tears. Her parents looked at each other. 'Claire, go to your room,' said her mother, 'and stay there until we decide what to do about you.' Sobbing, Claire obeyed. Steph was in Claire's room, reading a fashion magazine, but she cleared out immediately when she saw Claire's tear-streaked mom sleeping and son saylent bed sehar sex. Claire collapsed on her bed, and cried there quietly for nearly half an hour.

She felt so dirty. How could she be in this situation, with her parents thinking she was a slut who threw away her panties for fun? How could she be living a life where the reality was a girl had pissed on her and played with her pussy until she orgasmed? She reached down between her legs and pinched her labia viciously. She hated herself. She hated her slutty twat. Eventually her mother called her from downstairs. Claire tried to compose herself, and then left her room.

'Claire,' said her mother, in the lounge room. 'We've discussed what to do about this disturbing behaviour, and we've decided to take several steps.' Claire said nothing, only waiting. 'First, we will be checking you when you leave for work and when you get home, to see that you're wearing your underwear.

If you're not, there will be additional punishments.' Claire blushed. It would be humiliating to have her panties checked like she was an incontinent baby. But she could live with it. 'Second,' said her mother, 'unless you're at work, you won't be wearing panties at all.

We're taking away your underwear rights until you learn to appreciate them.' 'What?' asked Claire, astonished. 'Shut up, you slut,' growled her father.

'It's bad enough I have one daughter who's a lezbo without finding out the other one's been flashing her beaver at everyone who wants to see it.

You'll take your punishment and you'll be grateful.' 'Thirdly,' said her mother, 'we've talked to your supervisor Michael at the Committee, and he's agreed to check on you each lunchtime to make sure you're still wearing your panties.

You just go in to see him and he'll take a quick look and report to us.' 'But he's a man!' wailed Claire. 'He's a much older man than you,' said her mother. 'I'm sure he has daughters your age. It'll be fine. He's really very generous to donate his time to keeping you on the straight and narrow.' Claire started to cry again. 'And fourthly, you're going to get a spanking each night, right before your sister, for a week.

That should help you remember to keep your vagina covered like a nice girl.' And so Claire found herself ass-up over her father's knee, being repeatedly hit on the buttocks while she cried. She got twenty spanks, and then was sent to kneel nearby while her sister took her turn.

She tried to look away as Steph's naked ass and cunt wiggled in front chesty milf sucks and fucks a big penis her, but her mother made her look straight at it, for she'd remember the punishment.

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And Claire found her pussy growing uncontrollably wet. Afterwards she had to run straight to the toilet big sister wants baby porn wipe it dry with toilet paper - which helped, but didn't make her any less aroused. She ate dinner in sullen silence. Afterwards she climbed into bed next to Steph, and pretended to sleep until her sister had dozed off.

In the darkness, her sister's body next to her, she eased down her pyjama pants and began to surreptitiously rub her pussy. It didn't take much to make Claire wet, after how horny she'd been, and she was soon able to gently ease the fat rubber phallus of the training device up inside her fuckhole.

It was uncomfortably big, and Claire gasped as it started to quietly vibrate inside her. It felt good and she wanted to buck her hips against it but she was scared of waking up Steph. Instead, she just put on her headphones and tried to sleep. 'I deserve to be raped,' said the headphones into her ear. 'I deserve to be raped. Claire is a slut. Claire is a good slut.

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Claire likes the training tape. Claire likes being told what to do.

Claire likes to be fucked. Claire likes to be raped.' Claire tried to tune out the disturbing voice and not listen to it, but she fell asleep instead.

(To be continued.)