Junge blonde maus anna in slip bekommt ersten arsch fick

Junge blonde maus anna in slip bekommt ersten arsch fick
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Okay folks, this is my first story so it's gonna be short n' sweet, and my grammar may not be awesome. Mia always knew she was a lesbian.

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She had lost her virginity to a guy last year and didn't really enjoy it. When she moved to DC, she knew she wanted some action. Being only 16, she figured that it would be hard to find some lesbian girls. Boy was she wrong. On her first day of school, she made friends with a clique of really fun girls.

They were all tall, with huge tits and nice asses. She was invited to one of their sleepovers at Becca's house.

Becca told her that they had sleepovers every friday night because her parents were out of town on the weekends and they needed to "relax" after a long week. Friday came and Mia made her way over to Becca's house, which was only a block away.

When she got there, they decided to watch a movie. The tape looked blank, but when they put it in, she was shocked. She saw three beautiful women eating each other out and going through multiple orgies. These 6 girls were lesbians. Thank God! Mia thought.

After finishing the movie, the girls put on their pj's, which were mainly lacey thongs and bras. They were all so hot after watching the video, they decided it was time for Mia's initiation. Mia was very horny and excited because she thought they were just going to lezbo fuck her.

Once again, she was wrong. The initiation was called "sexual endurance". Becca put the video back on and started it from the beginning. They all left the room and told her that when they came back in, she had to be naked and wearing the blindfold they gave her.

Mia got undressed, put on the blind fold and starting rubbing her wet clit in anticipation. Over the loud moans coming from the TV, she heard the door open. After a few seconds, someone's soft hands were fondling her nice sized breasts.

The person started sucking on them gently. Just as she started getting really horny, the person stopped. Mia was dissapointed, but continued to satisfy herself by rubbing her clit. Another few seconds went by and two girls layed her on kat dior gets tied up and fucked back and tied her hands above her head.

Mia's lonely clit was throbbing now but she couldn't tend to it. Mia was squirmy and hot. She wriggled there and heard some giggles coming from behind her. She felt a presance between her straddled legs and someone softly kissed her pussy.

"Oh god," she thought "this is driving me insane!" After a few more seconds of uncomfortable longing, she felt something hard and slimy rubbing along her pink folds. Once again, just as she was feeling satisfied, it stopped. "Please, don't stop." she moaned. She felt a tickling sensation run over her now very hard nipples. Feathers, she thought. She was now squirming like crazy. The feathers stopped and she groaned.

She heard a faint humming noise. "Ohmygod, they've got a vibrator." She felt the vibrations of the small divice stroke her pussy.

"ohhhhh yes, please keep going" Just as she said this, the vibrator pulled off her dripping pussy and started to masage her nipples. Mia was going crazy. They wanted her to beg. The vibrator still on her nipple, someone started eating her out ferociously. Whoever it was was lapping up all her juices, exploring every crevice with her flickering tounge. Mia moaned loudly, "yesss!

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OH GOD! yesss!" The girls around her giggled and one whispered to another "Now that we've got her going, lets start the torture" Mia suddenly was scared, what were they going to do?! she thought. The licking and vibrating stopped, and her whole body was throbbing for more.

She felt the vibrator enter her and her whole body was filled with ecstasy. Someone started to lick her pussy lips above her entrance. Mia was in heaven. The vibrator hadn't moved, however, it was just sitting there in her and vibrating away. It was driving her crazy.

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"Please, pump it! PPLEASSE!"she almost screamed. The girls giggled again and started spinning the vibrator inside her. Mia was shaking, she needed to be fucked with it. The other girl's soft tounge on her clit was amazing, but then it stopped.

"NO! MORE PLEASE!" she moaned loudly.

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Then she felt the vibrator being pulled out of her and she was ready to be fucked. The vibrator was almost out of her when it stopped. The tip of it was in her entrance. It just sat there, and she thought she was going to exlplode. She was shaking and bucking her hips, begging for more. Finally, she screamed at the top of her lungs "FUCK ME! PLEAAASSSEE I NEED TO BE FUCKED RIGHT NOW! OHH MYYY GOD!" Mia heard a beep like a timer stopping, and the blind fold was removed. She saw 6 very horny and wet girls standing around her, 2 with strap ons.

"8 minutes. Thats the best yet, Mia" said Becca. Noticing that Mia was still shaking, one of the girls proposed that they ease her pain. The rest of the night went by in a blur. The 7 girls made a chain in a circle, all eating each other out. There were screams of pleasure and orgasms every minute. Mia 69'd about three girls, and at one point had two dildo's grinding at her cum smothered pussy.

Mia had no juice left in her pussy when she went home on Saturday. She was now apart of this sexy, hot clique and she was sure to leave her Friday's open from now on.