Sexy slim babe cindy gets fucked hard

Sexy slim babe cindy gets fucked hard
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I'm not ashamed of showing off my body. One day I was over at my uncle's house and I was hot and bothered and I love my uncle so much that I take his advances to heart.

As I entered his house, he couldn't stop noticing that I wore a very low cut blouse without any bra. I kissed him and I lifted up my blouse and say "You like and want to touch them" I then left to go the bathroom, intentionally leaving the bathroom door wide open and stripped. As I was showering I could see him in the bathroom and sniffing my clothes.

I finished showering and as I opened the shower door our eyes met, I was soaking and wet and he was standing there naked. Boy, he was hot, mmmm, especially his meat.

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He said "you are going to take another one, this time with me. You are one sexy hot niece, especially with those big tits." I stood there as he joined me in the shower and lathered me up with soap.

I said to him, "uncle, you have been one of my favorite uncles, and I love you very much I would not mind making love to me." He smile and kissed me. He rinsed me and said "show me as you lather me up that I'm your favorite uncle." I did just that and when I got to his big cock, I knelt down before him and gave him a blow job. He asked me if I was still a virgin, and I replied, no. When we were finished showering, we went to bed and I was his playground. He was like a kid in the candy store and he played rough.

You are so sexy with those big 46 D tits and big dark brown nipples and your pussy is so hot that I want to just fuck you, but first you gotta finish that blow job you started in the shower. I'm about to explode and I want to shoot it in your mouth blonde pig tails and beach car make that money I want you to swallow every bit of my cum, then I want to fuck those 46D tits and load your cunt with my seed, obviously he had the house all to himself.

When I am done with you, and I take you home, not a word to your aunt and your cousins.

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We take a break for dinner and he says to me, you're my dessert afterwards. After dinner, we didn't go into the bedroom we went into the family room where he pushed me into the sofa and spread my legs and devoured my cunt, and made me cum, and he said good girl, be as loud as you want, it is a huge turn on.

He stood me up and cupped my 46D breasts and fucked me from behind and cum inside me. I said, "thank you uncle, I enjoyed our time, can we do it again?" He replied, "Plan on it, honey. Get ready and I'll take you home before everyone gets home, but I'm keeping your panties." I did what he wanted. As for family events, our love affair and meetings were discrete and brief, but they were great. I managed to flash him from time to time.

One time his son caught me gorgeous desi indian paki lesbian feet being worshipped my uncle.

He followed me into the house and into the bathroom. Normally I pee in the nude and while I was peeing, he walked right in and he was turned on watching me pee. While I was peeing I felt his hands on my tits. He said he needed to pee too. I got up and he pulled his cock out of his pants. It was a bit smaller than his father's. His father is 8 inches long and 3 inches around and his is 6 inches long and 3 inches around.

Both circumcised beautifully. Before going to his room, he pinned me to the wall and sucked on my tits and felt my cunt. "Mmmmmm, you are hot and I want a piece you." He took me to his bedroom.

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He locked his door and pushed me onto his bed. "I caught you flashing my dad. You are one hot cousin and I bet you are banging my dad. Don't worry; I'm not going to tell. Show me how you suck my dad's dick and you are going to tell me how to eat your pussy." After wards, we got dressed and went back to the family affair. He kept my panties and bra as a souvenir.

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His dad gave me a wink and pretended to fix his pants. Then he showed thumbs up to his son. Several days later, I came by the house to use the computer. Uncle was home alone so it was just the both of us. I went downstairs and I was alone down there. He quietly come downstairs and came behind me. I was too involved in what I was doing and realized I was topless. He needed to get an excellent view of my 46D tits and wanted to devour them from groping, caressing, and petting. He told me to get up and go to the next room with him.

As I was getting up, he graba escondida asu amiga lesbiana3 off my pants off and leaving panties on. You are going to get a full body massage.

He told me to get on the table on my tummy. He poured baby oil on me and had something covered under a towel. Shhhh, as he placed a blindfold over my eyes. He got me so relaxed that I didn't care. When he got to my ass he took his time there.

He loved my g-string and had great pleasures playing with my it. He flipped me over and took more time with my 46D tits. He poured flavored oil on one and sucked one nipple while massaging the other.

More oil got poured on my belly and he smoothed the oil. Skillfully he removed the g-string and placed shaving cream on my cunt as he inserted a vibrator into my cunt. He shaved my cunt bare and said "uncle wants upskirt mini skirt in london street tube porn fuck a hairless cunt." He finished the shaving and then fucked me as he fingered me.

He told me you are hot one niece, mmmmmmm.