One girl five man xxxx story

One girl five man xxxx story
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Pinned Down I was sitting in my room, playing computer games on the internet, you know, as most 15year olds did with their computers apart form watch porn. Anyway, I was sitting in my room, when my phone rings, so i pick it up, and its my best friend, Rhys, we chat for a while and then he asks me if i would like to go to his house for a while, i think to myself, 'Well i've got nothing better to do,' so i put on my trainers and head to his house.

I bang on his door a couple of times, and he opens it, saying "Hi, How are ya?" and i reply with the obvious; "Yep, im good," from this point he just walked upstairs, and turned left into his room, so i followed.

When i opened his door i found him sitting on his bed, and when i sat down next to him i asked, "What do you wanna do?" "Hmmm. I dunno." "Wanna Play on the Computer?" "Nah, Not in the hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels for that, wanna wrestle?" "What?" "I mean, y'know, we put eachother into painful positions until the other submits?

first to three!" I was super sexy babe parties and sucks cock in this because it was something new and sounded quite fun, so we both sat on each end of the bed until he said "GO!" He Immediately jumped onto me and pushed down hard against my shoulders, but i rolled over, pushing himff, and sat on his hips while he was laying with his back to the floor, it was then i felt something wierd.

I felt a bump growing on my arse. Rhys had a boner. "What The Hell?" i shouted at him and jumped off, but when i got off, he leapt and me and forced me down onto my back, pinning me down with all his weight. he then laid on top of me, and i could once again feel his dick rubbing against me.

He moved a hand off from my left shoulder, but stopped my hand from pushing him away with his other arm. then with his free hand he moved down and put his hands down my pants, and began to rub and flick my penis, "Get off!" i shouted, but he was just ignoring me, fascinated by the dick he had in his hands.

But then it got worse, i started to go hard, Rhys Realised this and started to rub and down on it, and the pleasure was convulsing through my body, i fell quiet, and my knob was now fully hard, to its 5 inches, I'd Thought about this kind of thing before, but i never dreamt of it happening this way.

i realised that all this time Rhys had been looking deeply into my eyes, 'Was he In Fucking Love with me or Something?' But just as i relaised this he turned around, so his arse was near my face, and slid his trousers down to his thighs, his 7 inch dick sprang out, he must have been uncomfortable because he was wearing quite tight jeans, "Suck It," He said "What?" "I'll suck you off and you suck me off, bite and ill punch your balls" "Oh my -" I had opened my mouth to speak and he dropped down, his dick falling deep into my throat, i choked, and my eyes watered, but at the same time my dick had entered the tight, leathery tunnel of Rhys' Mouth, I stood there motionless with his dick down the back of my throat, i could taste cum on the sides of his dick, i started licking them, but after i did that he moved his body up and down, thrusting his dick further in then pulled away slightly, and back again, i began to moan, my dick was throbbing from the amount of pulling and sucking.

"Ungh, Jessie rogers fucking for school president, c'mon, take it all in" He Said, every time he thrust in and out of my mouth it seemed to get deeper every time, and i could feel his cockhead touching the back of my throat. A sudden burst of pleasure ripped through me, and i suddenly spurted cum into Rhys' Mouth, the first stream He pulled his head back, then the next spurt came, and all of it was piling into Rhys' Mouth.

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I moaned Heavily, with deep pleasure. His dick pulled entirely out of my mouth, i gasped for breath, he turned around and sat on my chest again, knocking the breath out of my body.

He lowered his head to mine, and kissed my lips, while he was kissing my lips he pinched my cheeks and my mouth opened, his mouthed gaped apart, and all of the cum i had squirted into him was now being spat into my mouth, in a connected spermswap.

"Mwha rr flu shoing?" My muffled reply to his disgusting cum-spitting. He Pulled me off the bed, and made me kneel down at the side of it, he then bent me over.

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"Swallow It" Rhys Said. "Mno." "Do It!" All the time we was speaking, there was warm, sticky cum floating around in my mouth, and i didn't like it at all.

so i obeyed, i swallowed and felt the ooze run down my throat, then disappear. I opened my mouth, to show Rhys the absence of any jism. "Good," He Said. He Stood up, and leant down, pulling my pants down, then completely off my legs, and leant over and took my t-shirt off, i was now bent over, my arse showing to Rhys, with my cock and balls dangling just beneath it.


A searing pain had sharply made itself known on my arse, followed by another, and another, the pain was burning through my body, centering itself on my cheeks.

Rhys was slapping my arse, hard. "Those were for cumming first!" Rhys Shouted "This is for not swallowing when i told you to!" His hand was once again brought down onto my arse cheeks, he then grabbed them, and squeezeed, caressing them, even though each squeeze just reflected the pain i al;ready had twice as much as before. Smack! His hand was rocketed down again into the same place as before. Smack! Smack! Smack! 'I can't take much more of this,' I thought to myself as the pain was making me feel faint, my moans were now extremely loud, growing in power, with every spank he brought upon america naughty girl natasha malkova mofos house party arse.

Smack! Smack! I couldnt take it any more, "Please stop! please!

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I'll do what you want, just stop it!" Tha Spanking Subsided, Rhys had clearly been waiting for me to say that. He moved in front of me, and laid back-down onto the bed, and pulled his jeans down and off, and then his sweater and t-shirt.

he now laid there, his dick pointing straight up into the air.

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"C'mon, Hop On," He Said, eagerly.