Hot lips teen makes stepbros cock cry

Hot lips teen makes stepbros cock cry
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PROLOUGE: All characters place's or descriptions are fiction. Any similarity to anyone or any thing in this story is coincidental. I can't remember how young I was when I first started playing with myself. I know that when I was four I was rubbing myself between my legs all the time. My mother was always scolding me and pushing my hand away from my crotch.

The cotton panties that my mother made me wear rubbed me in a way that cause me to have a funny sensation between my legs, not an itch just a feeling that made me rub my pussy even more when I wore them. I would remove them every chance I got. My name is Ashlee, and we lived in Westwood CA.

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My Dad was a gynecologist mom sleeping and son xxx my mother was a psychologist who specialized in kid traumas. I have flaming red hair and freckles all over me. Mom is a Red head too and was very good looking. She's about 5'7" with a nice figure. Her bra size was 35cc. My Dad had blond hair and nice looking and was about 5'10".

When I was nine years old my Dad caught me fingering my little pussy and he asked me if I would like him to do it.

I was so scared about being caught I didn't even think about it I just told him I would. For the next two years he would finger fuck me and eat my pussy at least once a day but never on week ends when Mom was home. I loved it, he made me feel so good and grown up. He taught me how to suck his cock and when he came I loved the taste and the reaction I got from him when he came in my mouth.

I learned to swallow it all. I had my first climax when I was eleven. My tits were just beginning to show and I would get a real funny feeling between my legs when my dad sucked on them. He was also now able to put two fingers in my vagina. One morning during the summer Mom had left for work and Dad was not needed at the office until Eleven o'clock.

He had been finger fucking me for a while before he began to eat my little pussy. This time instead of just feeling good I started getting a funny sensation in my pussy I was breathing so fast it scared me. Suddenly I couldn't help myself, I grabbed my Dads head and shoved his face into my crotch and my butt came off the bed and I had such a release that my whole body shook.

My Dad kept licking me and sticking his tongue in my peephole and it happened again. I started crying because I felt so good. Dad stopped licking me because he though he had hurt me. I told him no I like it and he could do it some more. He told me that I had my first orgasm, I didn't know what that meant then but I knew it was good. He made me feel like that three more times before he left for work. The excitement he created in me made me want him to keep doing it.

From that time on I would have a climax every time he ate my pussy or finger fucked me. He was always so gentle and new just where to touch me. We started to what I later found out was called 69ing. He would lay me across his chest with my pussy in his face and I would suck his cock.

I always came several times before my Dad did and each time I was ready to cum I would have to stop sucking because of the tremors that would race through my body. Just after turning twelve I was real proud of myself because I could get my dads whole six and a half inches into my mouth.

I noticed he came a lot faster after that. When I turned twelve my pussy began to have red hair around it. I entered Junior high school and had to take a sex education course where I learned a lot about my body, about sex and baby's.

Dad and I were having sex almost every day. It didn't seem to slow him down because I could hear Mom moaning several time's a week when he was fucking her.

I spied on them when ever I could. Mom seemed to enjoy fucking most when she was sitting on top of him with his cock up inside her. One night I watched and I almost laughed out loud.

Mom was shoving her pelvis back and fourth and moving up and down on Dads cock like a mad women. She was moaning and carrying on something terrible. I heard her say Ohhhhhh god ohhhhh baby I love your cock it makes me feel sooooo good. She kept it up for almost twenty minutes before she fell over on Dad's chest. The next morning I told him that I wanted him to fuck me like he did Mom. He said I was too young but when I turned thirteen he would.

I could hardly wait. I sucked his cock real hard that time and felt wonderful when he came in my mouth. He finger fucked me and then for the first time he took his finger and slid it into my Ass.

It hurt as first but soon it felt nice especially when he had one finger in my pussy with his thumb rubbing what I now know as my clitoris area and his middle finger in my Ass.

When he did that I would have an orgasm almost immediately. I think I was really in love with my father, but that sunny leone xxx hot phode movie came to a crushing halt. One late afternoon when we thougt Mother was still at work she waked in on us while I was sucking Dad's cock. Mom went nuts. Dad and Mom got a divorce and I later found out that she told Dad she would not turn him in and ruin his life if he promised never to touch me again and would pay child support as well as pay for the mortgage on the house.

Dad must have agreed because he didn't go to jail. Mom put me in therapy for five weeks. I had my first encounter with a dog when I was twelve. I was sitting on the back porch one day during Easter vacation when a stray dog came into the yard. It was a big German Shepard. I was scared at first but he was real friendly and I began to pet him and rub his head. He suddenly stuck his nose between my legs and began to lick my pussy area because I didn't have any panties on.

At first it startled me and I tried to push him away, but it started feeling really nice and I remembered how good I felt when Dad daddy fucks partners daughter hd new year new swap to eat my pussy.

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I opened my knees wide and let him lick. I leaned back and felt a climax coming on. I lifted up and his tongue went first inside my pussy and the across my clit causing me to cum. He made me cum three times and the more I climaxed the harder and faster he licked. I had my eyes closed and my Ass was lifted up ready to cum again when he jumped up and put his front paws on my shoulders and I felt his cock ram into my pussy. It hurt so bad and before I could do anything his cock started going in and out of my little pussy like a piston and then I felt something large round and hard slamming into my pussy lips trying to get inside me.

Lucky for ebony teanna trump plays with a bigcock in her mouth I was to tight for him to penetrate me with his knot. I wanted to scream but couldn't. Then just as quickly the pain turned to pleasure and he made me have a climax. He jumped down and began to lick himself. I looked down and there was blood oozing out of me and a small pool of if on the bottom step. He got up and began to licking me again.

I opened my legs again and he jumped up on me and began to fuck me again. When I lifted up and his cock rapidly slid in and out of me just like before. I looked between my legs and was almost mesmerized as I watched his cock slide in and out of me. I think because he couldn't get his knot inside me it allowed him to fuck more often.

He would fuck me for awhile and then jump off me and walk around a bit before he would jump up and fuck me again. He did that several times before he stopped. I really like it. We had a shed in the back yard so I put him inside and gave him some water. I went to the store and bought some dry dog food and poured some on the floor. He must have been hungry because he ate almost the whole bag. Mom had given me a computer for my thirteenth birthday and she taught me how to use it so I went inside and got on Google and typed in animal sex.

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What a site, it showed me how many women were getting fucked by dogs, horses, mules, pigs and just about every animal. I finger fucked myself while I was looking at the short video's.

I snuck out to the shed with a flashlight while Mom was in the study working on one of her cases. I found an old pair of dad's overalls and laid them on the floor. I knelt down on my hands and knees just like I saw in the videos. The dog began to lick my pussy and Ass and then he mounted me and began to fuck me from behind.

He seemed to really know what to do. Thankfully he still couldn't get his knot inside me. I looked around the shed and found a tape measure. I measured the length of his cock. It was six inches to the knot and a total of eight inches to his regular balls.

I got back down on my knees and let him fuck me again. I stayed in that position for almost an hour and he fucked me four times. I loved it. I heard Mom calling from inside the house so I ran and sat down on the porch. I yelled I was on the back porch. She came out and sat down next to me. She asked me how school was doing and was I ok.

I was scared she could smell the dogs cum in my pussy mixed with my own but she didn't say anything. I told her I was fine. I asked her if she missed Dad? She looked at me and said, "How could you ask such a thing, of course not." She didn't sound real convincing. I said " I miss Dad" as we walked into the hot adorable gf is dreaming about sex. I asker if it would be ok for me to sleep with her that night.

She said she would like that. After I took a shower I went into her bedroom and she pulled back the covers and I crawled in. I snuggled up close and she put her arm under my head. I don't know What made me do it but I suddenly rolled over on euro doxies acquire nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex of her.

I told her I loved her and I put my arms around her head and she put hers around my shoulders and back. I stretched up and kissed her on the mouth. I could feel her warm large breasts against mine. She smelled and felt so good. She pulled me tight into her and kissed me back. She lowered her hands down my Ass and opened her legs pulling me close to her.

My pussy was shoved into hers and just for a moment or two she rocked me back and fourth rubbing our pussy's together. We kissed for several minutes and then she shoved me off her and stammered, "I'm sorry honey." I don't know why she was sorry because I really liked it. Why are you sorry I asked her, you didn't do anything wrong.

She didn't say anything she just turned over with her back to me. I'm not sure but I think she cried. We fell asleep and when I woke up I watched her as she stepped out of the shower. There was no door between the bathroom and bedroom. I thought how beautiful she is as she stood toweling herself. Her flaming red hair and big beautiful breasts with light pink areolas and pink nipples.

Her pussy hair was a light red like I was getting. I hoped that I would grow up to be as beautiful. We ate breakfast and she dropped me off at school and went on to work. I started looking at every kind of porno I could without paying. I found a site that had all kinds of dirty stories. Dads fucking their daughters, Mother's fucking their Sons, brothers and sisters fucking, every kind of sex imaginable including stories about people fucking animals.

When Mom was at work I stared letting the dog come into the house and fuck me while I was reading those stories. The first time he fucked me six times before Mom came home, I finally told Mom about how I had found the dog when she discovered him in the shed. I told her that I checked all the papers and the area to see if anyone lost him.

And after a lot of pleading she agreed to let me keep him. I called him Bruno. For the rest of the year I let that dog fuck me every day as often as he could. Then one night I was reading this one dog story that really turned me on. I finger fucked myself and let the dog lick my pussy as I read. Finally I got on my hands and knees and my pussy was really wet because I had cum several times. He started fucking me like he always did when suddenly his knot shoved up inside me.

I really let out a scream it hurt so bad. His cock was really hammering me and it felt like the end of his cock was hitting tha back of my vagina wall.

A short time after his knot went in side he stopped and just held me and began to give sharp little thrusts and every time he did I felt his hot cum shoot up inside me. He just kept shooting his sperm into me and as the pain subsided I started to cum as I felt his hot cum hit the back of my vagina. What a feeling, but after he stopped I got really scared because his cock wouldn't come out and he turned around so we were Ass to Ass. He tried to pull out of me and started to drag me across the floor.

I didn't know what to do so I grabbed his hind legs and held him. Then I started to cry because I thought what if Mom comes home and finds me like this.

He kept trying to get away and it caused his knot and cock to move inside my pussy walls. Back and fourth it went and I started to cum again but this time when I came a whole bunch of water came out of me and I damn near fainted.

My legs were trembling because It was the biggest climax I had ever felt. There was water and cum all over the rug. Finally his knot popped out and what a feeling of relief in my vagina. I hurriedly washed the rug and put a 1/2 glass of water on the table so I could sexy amateur babe cecilia lion gets pounded in public to Mom rihanna samuel has her orgasmic cunt plugged I had spilt it.

For the next month I almost wore the dog out. I let him fuck me every moment I could. My grades began to go down and I started to think bout Dad. I only saw him when it was my birthday or at Christmas time and then only if Mom was present.

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Finally I told Mom I wanted to go spend a week end with Dad. She was completely against my staying over night. I agreed to come home by dark on Saturday and by five o'clock on Sunday. She finally agreed to let me go the first week of summer if I got my grades up.

I started getting really excited because I was thirteen and I remembered Dad promised to fuck me then. Continued, All right reserved to the Author.

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