Mia malkova rubs her self to orgasm by the christmas tree

Mia malkova rubs her self to orgasm by the christmas tree
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This is a true story. I was in the sixth grade and at the time I went to a Christian school. Southern Baptist to be exact. I was the girl who told it like it is and if I didn't like you, you would know. I wouldn't be mean to you, but you would know that I didn't like you. My school had a preacher, an assistant preacher, a youth pastor, and 15 'christian lady' teachers. The preacher was old and crusty. The assistant preacher was just plain ugly.

But the youth pastor, now he was something for the eyes. He was 6'3 with dark hair and a nice complexion and young, no older than 35. I was surprised he was allowed to work there and that nobody had jumped his bones… Yet. CHAPTER 1 It was a cold afternoon after school on Wednesday and I had planned to go on visitation with Dan Monroe (the youth pastor). I hadn't realized that most of the church was sick and wasn't going and I had already told my mom not to pick me up (we didn't have busses).

So Mr. Monroe said I could go to his house and hang out with his daughter who was about my age. I agreed and off we went. When we arrived at his house, his daughter was nowhere to be found. He said that she must still be at the YMCA because she was on a swim team and let me sit in the living room while he went to fold his laundry. After a few moments I heard some grunts.

Now, I may have gone to a Christian school, but I had seen my share of porn videos and knew what things sounded like. I went to his bedroom to and peeked in to see Mr. Monroe naked wanking off. I couldn't control myself. I had to get my hand in my pants without him hearing or skinny beauteous bitch is valuable at cock riding hardcore and blowjob me. As I masturbated, while watching one of my teachers wank, I must have closed my eyes, because the next thing I knew.

There was Mr.

Monroe standing right there asking me what I was doing. Mr. Monroe was a very emotional man who usually had a softgentle voice, but not this time. "What do you think you are doing in my house?

That is not lady like and you know it!" "Well what you were doing wasn't all that gentlemanly either." I replied. "Young lady! You shouldn't have been watching me in the first place!" Mr.Monroe sneered back. "Well maybe I will just tell preacher!" I Yelled. To that he had no reply.

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After a moment of silence he asked, "What can I do to keep you quiet?" I just replied, " Nothing except for one thing that you would never do." "And what would that be?" "You have to let me have my way with you for two hours, until my mom gets here." "WHAT?! No, I won't do it!" "Maybe I just won't stay quiet!" "Okay. You can." We went into his room and I laid him on the bed and began to suck his dick.

It was the biggest dick I had ever seen about 11 inches. Needless to say I couldn't fit it all.

After he came. I said, "Wow, for not wanting to do this, you must be really enjoying yourself.

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You little molester. Now lick my pussy, you cunt." For being a youth pastor he was great. After I came 3 times I told him to lay back down. I had never actually fucked a man before, let alone with a 11 inch dick. So I eased onto it and it was great! I Slowly rocked back and forth and soon I came. "Oh God Dan! OH God Dan! OH GOD DAN YOU LITTLE FUCKING MAN HOE IM CUMMING!" and my pussy let out its sweet, warm juices.

After I recovered from my orgasm I told him to fuck me again. But this time I wanted it doggy, not girl on top.

As soon as we started he was letting out short moans, but he was pretending not to like it. "You better not cum before me." I said. "And you better not pull out either." "But what if I get you pregnant?" "Let me worry about that." I had been on birth control for the last 2 months. But I didn't plan on telling him that. I would much rather watch him squirm. "Oh! Faster!, Harder! HARDERRRRR!!!!!" I told him. "HARDER YOU FUCKING SINNER!" He said he was about to cum.

"YOU BETTER NOT FUCKING CUM YET OR I WILL PUT IT ALL OVER YOUR WEDDING PICTURES SO YOUR PREGNANT WIFE WILL KNOW WHAT A HOE HER HUSBAND IS!" I don't know how he did it, but somehow he managed to keep from Cumming until I did.

We came together and it was great. "Now, clean up the mess you made before my mom gets here." And he began Licking my pussy. I came three more times.

Then I had to take a shower. When my mom arrived, she asked what I did while I waited.

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I told her I watched Alice In Wonderland while Mr. Monroe ironed his clothes. CHAPTER 2 (PREVEIW) The next morning at school I saw Mr. Monroe. He walked up to me and very nonchalantly said that we should do that again sometime. He was building a barn for his younger daughter who had just began learning to jump Welsh Ponies and since I had been riding for 4 ½ years, I was the perfect person to help him figure out what was safe for a horse and what wasn't.

He only had time to build on Saturdays, when his wife and younger daughter were at the stables and his older daughter was at the YMCA.

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Which meant the house would be completely empty…