Chick with big strapon reams into guy s asshole and makes him cum

Chick with big strapon reams into guy s asshole and makes him cum
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My first college roommate was Mike. Like me, he was a good football player in high school who landed at State U. on a full ride. Sadly for him, he suffered a compound fracture just above his ankle in our sophomore year. He was not able to rehab from the injury and could no longer play ball. With continued pain, he got depressed and then dropped out of school at Spring break of that year. After he left school, we sometimes talked by phone and he did visit campus, maybe twice, to get laid, but we were no longer what could be considered buddies of any kind.

Before then we had developed a bond as partners in drudgery. College football on the level of playing for a ranked team, with some nationally televised games had a lot of pressure, was very tough and demanding, and not as much fun as I had anticipated. There was a free education involved, however, and being on the team made it a lot easier to keep my dick soaking wet for most of my 4 years.

Mike had come from a town only about 80 miles from campus. His mom came to every home game and usually had one or both of his older brothers with her. My home was 350 miles away, so my parents hardly ever attended our home games, so Mike's mom usually included me in their plans, such as going for a real dinner, or or even just for some pizza.

In that way I got to know his mom as "Miss Betty". She was always friendly, bordering on flirtacious, and sexier than the typical mom: probably because she was divorced and active on the dating scene. She always quizzed me on Mike's study habits and partying schedule. Despite her good looks and sexy manner, I never thought of Miss Betty as anything but my roommie's mom. Nothing close to inappropriate ever transpired between us while Mike was at school.

About a year after Mike left school, in victoria june and dylan snow spring of my Junior year, a friend named Bob talked me into driving home with him for the weekend. Like college horndogs everywhere, we talked about the possibility of finding some action back at his home. What we found instead was that his clunker of a car needed some repairs costing more than his car was worth.

Exasperated over this glitch, we decided to leave his car in his parent's garage and thumb a ride back to campus; a 4 hour drive. We knew it would take a bit more than 4 hours to get back hitching rides. We didn't count on our 7th hour leaving us at nightfall, with a rain starting, and only getting as far as Mike's hometown. I had the idea of calling Mike and talking him into driving us back the rest of the way, and maybe lending us some dry t-shirts and sweatshirts to wear.

His mom answered the phone and I said, "Hi Miss Betty, this is Tom, is Mike there?" She put her sexy talker on with high beams and said, "Tommy, darling, how are you dear? It's sooo good to hear your voice. How are you doing, babe?" "Well," I said," other than being wet and stuck 80 miles from campus with night coming on, I guess I'm doing okay. I was hoping we could get a ride back to school from Mike." "Oh my, where are you, honey, what's happening" "My buddy Bob and I are at a convenience store somewhere near your home, I'm pretty sure." "Is it across from a white brick real estate office?" she asked.

"Yes it is," I answered.

"Darling, I know right where you're at, stay there, I'll be there to get you in a minute," and she hung up. As she drove us back to her place, she explained that Mike was living in Virginia with his dad and was working in his dad's business. She was so smiley, sweet and animated AND kept touching my left thigh for emphasis as she talked. At her house she brought out some dry shirts of Mike's and ushered us both into separate bathrooms and offered us to take a nice hot shower if we wanted, while she warmed up something to eat.

Typical mom treatment, I took her up on the shower. As we ate and conversed, she was so friendly and sweet, I swear we could have been tempted to ask her if she knew another gal to include in some plans for later. Miss Betty xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 us that we would not continue on to school tonight, that she had lots of extra spaces for us to sleep, and if we behaved ourselves she would give us a ride back to campus in the morning.

Hell, we were dry and fed and that sounded good to us. We conversed easily with Miss Betty and were surprsed when we all realized it was 11:30 and she announced it was time for lights out. "Bob, you can sleep right here in the living room on the pull-out sofa, sheets are already on it, and blankets are in the closet over there," she directed Bob.

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"And Tommy, you can stay in Mike's room, it's right back this way, follow me, nite, nite, Bob," she said as she beckoned me to follow her down a hallway in the direction of where I had earlier showered. She closed the door separating the hall from the rest of the house behind us, took a few steps down the hall, turned and faced me, smiled, and pointed to her left and said, "This is Mike's room, but why don't you just join me over here?" She reached out, took my hand, and led me into her bedroom.

There we were, as easy and natural as it could be.

No lead up, no flirtation, just like that, I was with Miss Betty in her bedroom.She was as calm and at ease as could be. I was amazed at this incredible development. Was I somehow in the middle of a sweet dream? Nope, I was there in her bedroom alright.

She stepped up to me, rested her outstretched arms on my shouders, leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips, smiled and said, "Get comfy, I'll only be a minute." She then went into the adjoining bathroom, closed the door and left me alone with my cock, which was twitching over the prospects for this night. She came out of her bathroom covered to mid-thigh in a white cotton t-shirt and, not even looking directly at me, said in a neutral tone, "There's an extra toothbrush in there, go ahead, help yourself, why don't I get you a pair of Mike's shorts for you to sleep in, I'll be right back." When I came back out of her bathroom, she was there holding a pair of shorts.

She gave me a look of fake disgust and said, "Oh lord, you still have your clothes on, put them on that!" she pointed to a chair on which she also threw the shorts for further direction. As I schucked down and put each item on the chair, trying to appear casual, she stepped over close to me, waited for me to complete that task, then reached out to touch me while saying, "Mmmmmnn, you are a gorgeous specimen." My dick sprang out at attention.

She looked right at it and reached out and touched it with a soft hand and said, "Let's get into bed, and bring this with you." The open bathroom door let in some light. We lay side by side under the covers, momentarily in silence. I tried to slow down my racing mind and focus on the pleasure that was obviously at hand. She had briliantly used implied consent, figuring accurately that there would be no objection to her plans for me that night.

My brain reminded me that Betty was, by 25 years or so, the oldest woman I had yet had the privilege of making sexual music with. She turned on her side to erotic asian pussy shaving and ace fuck me, her face lit up with a beautiful smile.

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"Well, Tom, I'm so glad to have you here with me. Would you be disappointed if we didn't get any sleeping done tonight?" "No, that would be fine with me. I'm glad to be here also," I said, realizing that it didn't qualify as an especially smooth line to use in a mature, experienced lady's bed. We started deliberately, exploring each other's bodies with caressing hands and soft, wet kisses.

I was blown away by how differently her mature cunt smelled from the younger, college variety I was accustomed to snacking on. I was mesmerized by other aspects of her mature body. She smelled so fresh and clean, yet more animal-like and natural in her odor. She had such an earthy allure, she was soft and curvy and I was taking every bit of this sexy creature into my senses.

Along with a most thorough examination of her body, I unexplainably felt like doing a new thing to her; I lifted her elbow and lustily licked her armpit, and she rewarded me by cooing, "Ohhh my, you do know how to explore a woman's body.

Tommy, I need you to fuck me, baby." As the lady exclusive mommy teaches how to blow. I initially entered her in the missionary position, and her cunt felt sooo good. I had a silly thought pop into my head.

like, can I keep my cock inside of her forever? I was so into every part of fucking this woman. Even breathing the same hot, moist air was exciting. I was captivated by her mannerisms of mating. She actually had a style about her pleasuring that was different from the frenetic pulsings of a younger, less experienced woman, like those who had been keeping my dick wet at school. I dumped my first load into her hungry cunt while she lay flat on her stomach and I grasped each of her soft ass-cheeks with a strong, grateful hand.

Her twat was so enchanting drilling of hot babe s slit and it squeezed the entire length of my cock. I backed off from a vicious, jackhammer cadence when I felt the cum boiling in my balls. This gave me a little more time and I lowered my mouth to her right ear and softly informed her, "I'm going to pump your sweet cunt full of my juice now." She replied, "Oh Tommy, please do!" And I pushed up as far as I could for each spurt. "I felt every bit of that.

.every warm, wet pulse. .oh my god. .that felt so incredible," she said, when I slowed to stillness. I felt so much like a man to have given her pleasure. THIS was the high point of my sexual life, and I would be content if it remained that way until I died.

We proceeded through the night to fuck in as many positions as I knew existed, in fact, we did every position more than once.

We had some stretches of intense pounding, with hot breath, and sweat rolling off us. We would become tender and slow, and then back to intense again.

This was, for my young body, the most amazing sex I could ever imagine. Betty introduced me to the ultimate sexual pleasure that still exists for me, that of making love to a hungry, adoring, mature woman.

At some point we together took note of light at the window, greeted the new day with another round of love making and then took turns in the shower.

She went out first. Bob was up, dressed and reading. Betty told him that I was also awake and she was now going to fix coffee and breakfast. Our ride back to campus was a little strained. Our conversation was limited to intermittent small talk.

I was big tits british chick pov in my thoughts and conscious of my dick actually feeling "tired" for the first time in my life. Bob suspected nothing. After Bob was dropped off, Betty and I agreed that we needed to do this again, which we certainly did. Some of the girls I was fucking actually made comments referring in round about ways to my new "moves" or "style".

They were obviously referring to things I picked up from Betty. I never stopped marveling at how unplanned and natural the most sexually fulfilling experience of my young life took place. During my Senior season, we lost only one game and went to a major bowl. I did get a decent amount of playing time and Betty was there at every home game. But, that may be a story for another time.