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Asian babe aika gives a blowjob and titty fuck to big dick striptease pornstars
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It was a beautiful sunny day. My brother, and I we're hanging out in his bedroom. We heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs to answer it. When i opened the door, I saw my brothers best friend, Chris. He was the most gorgeous boy i had ever seen. He looked at me, and smiled. He said "Hey".

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I looked deep into his amazing blue eyes, and began to studder. I finally managed to say "Hey, come on in". I had had a crush on this boy, since the day La carlota cba argentina porn empleada first saw him, 3 years ago, when I was 13.

Chris, and my brother Bradly were the same age as me, 16. I didnt get to see Chris very often, as he and Bradly always went to his house. Chris and I went up stairs to Bradly's room. I walked in, and Chris followed me. He shut the door as soon as we got in. We all sat, and talked for about two hours. I noticed Chris was constantly looking at me. He would hit me in the head, and tell me the monkeys were doing it. I was immune to his flirting, and thought he didnt like me.

Chris was staying over that night. Around 9pm, we all went down stairs, ordered pizza, and put in a movie. I was sitting on the far left, Chris was in the middle, & Bradly was on the right. I got scared durring the movie and jumped.

Before i knew it, I was in Chris' arms. He was wispering in my ear, telling my things like "Its okay, its only a movie", & "Dont be scared, im here to protect you".

I still completely ignored his flirtatious ways. He looked over, and saw Bradly was asleep.

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So he grabbed my arm, and stood up. I followed him into the kitchen. We sat down. He said to me, "We need to talk".

I looked up at him, kind of confused. I placed his hand on mine, and leaned in close to me. He wispered, "I love you, forever and always". My spine tingled. I was in shock, and just sat there. He wispered in my ear again, "May I kiss you?". I nodded my head slowly.

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He placed one hand on my face, and tilted my head slightly. His other hand was now wrapped around my waist. I felt his soft lips press agaist mine. At first, i just sat there.

But then i began to kiss him back. The kiss seemed to be lasting forever.

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I put my arms around my neck. My fingers ran through his soft hair. He finally moved his lips from mine, and began to kiss my neck. I moaned softly, and he must have heard me. He traced his kissed up to my ear, and began to nibble on my earlobe. We both heard Bradly sit up, and begin to say, "Hey, where'd ya guys go?". So we walked back into the living room. "Chris, and I were just getting a drink" I said, to cover up for what had happened. "Im going to bed, iight?" Chris and I both looked at Bradly, and said "Okay" in unison.

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After about 20 minutes, Chris looked at me and said, "Wanna have some fun?" I agreed, and brought him up to my room. Chris began to undo my jeans, but stopped. "May, I?", He asked me.

I had to reply with, "Of course". He slid my jeans down my legs, and through them on the ground. His cold hands ran up my sides, as he pulled my shirt over my head, and dropped it on the ground. I grabbed Chris, and pulled him into me. I pulled his shirt off, and kissed his chest.

Chris began to stand up, but i pulled him down ontop of me. He sat on my torso, and leaned forward. His lips ran along my neck, then down my chest. I let out a soft moan. He got off of me, and grabbed the edge of my panties with his hand. He began to pull, but again, he stopped. He looked up at me. Before he could say anything, i said "Go ahead, hun".

I lifted myself up, as he slid my panties now, revealing my clean shaven pussy. I could see the bulge in his pants growing larger. I grabbed ahold of Chris' pants, and undid them. I pulled his jeans off, and layed them down with the rest of our clothes.

He wrapped his arms around me, and we began to kiss. I felt him undo the clasps of my bra. He layed me down on my bed, again, and got ontop of me. Chris began to massage my breasts, and played with my already hard nipples. We began to kiss again. I felt his cool hands run down my body, until he reached my pussy.

He began to run his fingers over top, teasing me. He continued teasing me, saying "You want them? You want them inside you?". I could only reply with soft moans. He finally stopped teasing me, and pushed 2 fingers deep inside of me. Another moan escaped my lips, as he began to swirl his fingers around inside of me. He pulled his fingers out, and began to lick my sweet juices off. Chris slid his body down, so that his head was between my thighs.

I felt his tongue doing circles around my pussy. I moaned again. He finally pushed his tongue inside of me. He slid his tongue, in and out of me. With his hand, he was rubbing my clit, and with his free hand, and began to massage my breasts, one at a time.

I moaned, louder than before. My breathing became heavier, and I arched my back. We both knew i was going to orgasm. I began to scream with pleasure, my juices ran over his hand, and mouth. But Chris didnt stop. He kept pleasuring me. I began to scream again with pleasure, as i started to orgasm again!

I pulled my body away from him. He looked up at me, curious to why i had moved away from him. After a few minutes, he noticed i was staring at his long, hard cock. I crawled over to him, and grabbed it with my hand. I began to lick around the head, catching some of the precum.

I sucked, and licked it for about 5mins, when he pulled away. I reached under my bed, and grabbed the condom that i had left under there. Chris looked me in the his cock can actually make me cum, and said "You sure?". I nodded shyly. I put the condom on his hard cock. He leaned me over the bed, and pressed his cock up against my pussy. I was still a virgin, so i was very tight. Chris slowly began to push it in, when he heard "Ouch!".

So he stoped and asked if i was okay. I told him to continue. This happened a few times, until he was completely inside me.

Chris slid his cock in and out of me, making me moan. "Mmmm. HARDER! FASTER!. Oh god, Chris. Dont Stop." My moans got louder and louder. After we both orgasmed, we went for a shower together to clean up.

We got out, and cuddled in my bed. I fell asleep in Chris' arms, my head on his chest.