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Tight teen ass banged by big black cocks on the couch
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Hello readers: I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation to those who read this and give feedback or at least make a comment. To the trolls who open this just to click thumbs down, seriously are you that pitiful? If you make it to the end of this chapter, get your ass to the comments section and give me feedback. Remember, this is a learn as I go hobby. I have no fuckin' idea what I'm doing. Read and enjoy, that's why I do this. Potential by Bistander Chapter 21 Envy or Jealousy What's the difference?

Envy occurs when we lack a desired attribute enjoyed by another. Jealousy occurs when something we already possess (usually a special relationship) is threatened by a third person, and so envy is a two-person situation whereas jealousy is a three-person situation.

Envy is a reaction to lacking something. Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something (usually someone). Unlike the previous day when Deana woke up next to Gloria, today, she knew whose body was touching hers.

She lifted her head and opened her eyes to a room warm and bright with the morning sunlight. The sheet and blanket had been thrown off the bed during the night. One of her legs was straight, the other was over Rebecca's hip, and groin angled down between her girlfriend's legs.

One of Rebecca's legs was bent ninety degrees at the hip and knee; her thigh was stuffed in Deana's crotch. She smiled, thinking about the night of lovemaking, dropped her head back into the pillow and stared at the ceiling.

Some of it was lovemaking; the rest was wild sex; or, as Rebecca put it, "Fucking your brains out." That must have happened her brain because Deana couldn't remember how many best orgasms of her life she had or falling asleep. Now, she was exhausted and planned to close her eyes for a few more hours, but before that happened, Deana remembered something. It hadn't been a dream. She needed to wake Rebecca and prepare her before she saw her mother.

The tumbler's flat stomach, small breasts, and cone-shaped areolas made Deana's heart thump. How long had they been in love? For years, they had walked the edge, footjob is about to end up with jizz by their confused feelings and how their bodies reacted when they got close to each other.

They played games, wrestled, teased and tested the limits. They kissed under the pretense of practice, so they'd be prepared for a boyfriend.

When Deana was eleven and Rebecca would pin her to the floor, demanding she cry uncle, Deana always refused for as long as possible. The press of Rebecca's body on her groin would make her tremble. The sensation was as close to an orgasm as it could get. One time, Deana had wrapped her legs around Rebecca's back and humped her crotch upward, acting like she was trying to free herself. That night she cried and blamed her confused sexual desires on her father.

It doesn't matter, Deana thought. It was still terrifying, but their love was undeniable. She ran her fingernail from Rebecca's bellybutton to her throat. Brown, pea-sized buds mounted atop each reddish-brown cones. Twisting or sucking one would rouse her friend, but Deana thought Rebecca deserved a more intimate and loving wake-up call, so she put her face close to Rebecca's. The faint shadow of freckles below her eyes made Deana teary. "You're so fuckin' cute.

I love you," she whispered and touched her nose to Rebecca's, then slid it up and down. She kissed each eyebrow. Rebecca's eyes fluttered. "Mm." "Sorry," Deana said, "I couldn't resist." "Don't be. I thought I died and was waking up in heaven." Deana thought, unlikely, but said, "Good." A lifetime of dogma would be hard to overcome.

She placed her lips on the tumbler's little button-nose and looked into her eyes. Her emotions were too strong to express with words, so she kept her mouth jade jantzen forced blowjob sideways big boner and kissed Rebecca's cheeks, chin and lips, then she kissed Rebecca's ear and let a wisp of breath escape. "Ah, Dee, if you're trying to make me love you more than humanly possible, too late for that." "I don't know what I'm doing, but I don't ever want to stop.

I love you so much it hurts, it fuckin' hurts." A salty droplet fell on Rebecca's cheek. She dabbed it and touched it to Rebecca's plump black haired young chick gets licked by old teacher. Rebecca said, "Taste like a happy tear." "I don't think happy is a good enough word to express what is happening inside me right now.

Forgive me if I explode and splatter all over your room." "I wouldn't forgive you because I'd have to live without you." "Are you as scared as I am?" "Probably, but we'll figure it out. Now kiss me already?" Deana got on top of Rebecca, between her legs, then held her arms down. "First, say uncle." Rebecca's naked inner thighs flew up and clamped around Deana's butt. "If that's the way you want it." The tumbler easily freed her arms, bucked upward and flipped their bodies over, then she held Deana down, and forced herself between her legs.

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"Mm, now that feels right," she said and brought her feet up to Rebecca's hips. Her clit ground across the stiffness of Rebecca's pubic bone, then her crotch settled under the warm mound of flesh.

She rotated her legs, crossed her ankles behind Rebecca's back and locked herself to her lover. Rebecca's strip of curly hair teased her pussy lips. The submitted position didn't terrify her anymore, and she wasn't going to make any pretense of resistance.

The reoccurring dreams all ended the same, and they all jolted Evan out of his sleep. It was frustrating, but he'd quickly dive back into the dream, hoping for a different outcome. In the last dream, he had been holding the younger version of the woman sultry secretary giving head to her boss became his mother.

Her hair was damp, and the smell of her shampoo was pungent. She had his cock in her hand, and he expected her to guide him into the most beautiful pussy his brain could create. They confessed they had always loved each other and wanted each other, but his father had kept them apart. Their time had finally come. The deep groove of her labia encased his cock head.

One thrust and—Damn it, he woke up again. The sunlight was shining in the window. Evan sighed, closed his eyes and turned teen sucks white cock tall lanky hoes are a no his side, putting the morning light at his back.

He inhaled, imagining the smell of Candy's wet hair. The fragrance was strong, too strong to be in his mind. Could his mother be standing by his bed after taking a shower? Rebecca broke up the make-out session and said, "Before we get too far into what I hope we're gonna do, I gotta pee." "Wait.

I have to tell you something first." "How much you love me?" "I could do that, but something else, too. Remember how you said it was cool that my mom caught us and didn't freak?" "Ah, yeah." "Well, last night your mother opened the door, and we were sorta naked and not under the covers.

Maybe even in a position that suggested we had been doing something." "Oh," Rebecca said without much concern. "I mean we were obviously touching inappropriately. Don't you think—" "Dee, there's something I've never told you." "You tell me hidden camera is womanc wc Deana said.

"We don't keep secrets." At least she didn't think Rebecca kept secrets from her. "I'm sorry, I did keep one thing from you." "Why?" Deana asked, feeling less than justified. "I guess it's embarrassing." "More embarrassing than thinking you could get pregnant because James came in your butt?" "You're never gonna forget that, are you?" "Is it possible to forget something like that?" "No," Rebecca said and sat in front of her with her legs folded up in what looked to be a painful position.

"You can never repeat this." She gave Rebecca her, are you serious expression. "I know you won't. Sorry," Rebecca said. "Have you ever wondered why my mother has a strap-on?" "Ah, I guess a little." "I caught my mom once with Mrs. Stone." Deana knew she should look shocked and say something, but she was holding back a smile. "Kimmy's mom!" Rebecca's parents were the standard that she judged her father and stepmother against.

Mrs. Stevens was her role-model-mother and like a mother to her. Not that Candy wasn't, but Rebecca's mother was old enough to have given birth to her, Candy wasn't. It was a huge relief to know Rebecca and Kimmy didn't have perfect parents. "Yes," Rebecca said, "yes, and I don't think Kimmy knows." "Shit, is she, um, ya know, gay?" Please say yes.

"Not sure, but probably not. My parents aren't like your parents. They go to these parties, and they do stuff." Deana's mouth opened but no words came out, so Rebecca continued. "That's why I didn't tell you. My mother gets it on with my friend's mother. I'm sure your mother doesn't do that, and I bet your dad doesn't do weird stuff, either. All my friends have regular parents, and I have, um, I have swingers." Deana restrained her relief because she knew how difficult this was for her friend.

"I'm sure lots of parents do things their kids don't know about." She wanted to curl up with Rebecca and admit she had a secret, too, but instead, she cupped Rebecca's cheeks and kissed her. "I think your parents are awesome. Sometimes I feel like your mom is more like a mother to me than Candy." "Really?" "Yeah, I guess because Candy is so young. She was still the babysitter after we were too old to need a babysitter, but we needed her after our mother—Candy feels more like a big sister, especially lately." "I can see that, but I don't imagine Candy with another woman, especially not one of your friend's mothers." "Reb, I'm not sure what to expect anymore," Deana said and sighed heavily.

"Are things supposed to go whacky at this age? Is it some kinda initiation into real life to see how we respond to crazy shit? Prepare us for motherhood?" Rebecca leaned forward and rested her forehead on Deana's. "Let's not go so deep, not now. We still have some stupid teenager years to enjoy, so let's take one wild step at a time. Deal?" "Deal," Deana said. "What is our next step?" "Can you act like nothing happened last night when you see my mother?

I'll do all the talking." "Nobody acts better than me." "Great. Next step, me going to the bathroom, after, a shower. Wanna come with me?" Deana acted as if it were a difficult question to answer, then said, "Hell, yeah!" Evan squinted one eye and got a blurry image. Candy wasn't standing there in her bathrobe. Both of his eyes opened to identified the body next to his. The ear, the eyebrow and the contour of her cheekbone were familiar. He blinked several times to clear his vision, thinking, it's nobody's fault but mine; I brought her with me last night.

Although, something felt different than all the other times he'd found Gloria in his bed. He didn't have to worry about his father, but that didn't mean he shouldn't be concerned. He'd woken up with Busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob on top of him, rubbing her pubic bone on his erection.

There was that time he found her inner thigh glued to his groin with the evidence of his wet dream. He'd fondled her bare ass while she pretended to be asleep. She'd kissed him with intense passion, twice. She'd expressed a desire to do what she thought sex stories pics of new syles romance fucking done to her best friend, Jayda.

He had fucked Jayda, and ever since, he wanted to see Gloria's naked body. Then he got to see her blonde bush of curly hair above the meaty pussy that was splayed over his stiff morning boner. Of course, Evan should have found his position unsettling, but he didn't, and that was what was most troubling. The sheet bridged the gap between their bodies.

Evan lifted the edge and peered into the hazy tunnel. What he saw would have alarmed him yesterday morning. His sister had lost whatever clothes she'd been wearing when he decided to bring her upstairs. The pale orbs of her bare ass were within inches of his groin. His dick was going to get hard, and he wouldn't be able to blame it on morning wood. The day after Evan kissed Candy outside the bathroom door, he went to Gloria's room. She was on top of him asking for a kiss.

He'd stared at her face, searching for all the features she shared with her mother. What he found was a living replica of his teenage babysitter. Now, he knew that babysitter had been forcefully molded into his stepmother. Was that why he chose to bring Gloria with him because he couldn't have Candy?

If he had, it hadn't been a conscious thought at the time, but now that he was getting hard while spooning his sister, Evan thought maybe he had. It would be wrong to allow himself to transfer his love for Candy to her daughter and act on it. He moved anyway. The silky cushions of Gloria's cheeks were against his groin. Evan knew what her naked ass felt like in his hands. He could imagine how his cock would feel sandwiched between those smooth, fleshy globes.

He put his hand between zrazzers milf office full storys hip and her ribs, then moved it around to her stomach, knowing her tits were only inches away.

How many times had he stared at them through her T-shirt, wondering what they felt like? Ever since he was old enough to get a hardon, he'd done the same thing with Candy.

Gloria's tits would be like her ass, a smaller version of Candy's. Maybe he could have his Candy without losing his mother. Gloria murmured and shrugged, then her shallow breathing continued. Her stomach moved in and out under his hand.

She got naked in your bed, Evan reasoned, but his hand didn't move. Regardless of the position Gloria put herself in; his sister didn't deserve to be fondled while she was sleeping.

She'd have to wake up and ask him to feel her up. He circled his fingertip around her bellybutton then poked it, but Gloria didn't respond. Her hair tickled his nose. Why had she used her mother's shampoo? Evan told himself the erection bursting from his shorts was a physiological response, nothing else, and he decided to let his sister sleep while he enjoyed being close to someone he loved.

Getting laid was awesome, but this was better. He tucked his elbow in at her stomach and slowly moved his forearm up. The warm puffs from Gloria's nose blew on his fingers. He eased them into the gap between the pillow and her shoulder, under her neck. Gloria's body shifted, and the weight of her left tit settled on his forearm. It was heavier than he expected and softer than he could have imagined.

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He lifted his head to see if asian teeny blowing and doggy fucking shaft on the floor sister's eyes were open. They weren't, but he kept staring at her profile. The ear sticking out through her golden hair reminded him of all the times he'd stood behind Candy, massaging her shoulders, afraid he was going to kiss her neck.

He touched his lips to the rim of Gloria's ear. "Why are you in my bed?" he whispered. Nothing happened, so he nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck.

"You're not supposed to get in my bed anymore." "I didn't," Gloria said. "How did I get here?" "I brought you here, but you were wearing pajamas, then.

Why did you take them off?" "I must have been hot." She rolled back against him. "Do that again, please." Evan said, "No," and kissed the sensitive skin between her ear and hairline, anyway. "Being naked in bed with me is bad." "It doesn't feel bad," she said. "It feels good." "Okay, it's dangerous then." He nibbled her ear. "Why?" she asked. "I'm not scared." "You should be." "You could never scare me," Gloria said and turned towards him. He backed up and watched her fall onto her back.

Under the sheet, her breasts swelled, swung his way, then returned to the center of her chest. Their size and firmness were evident. The nipples he had seen stiffen under her shirt for years, pushed up under the sheet. He forced himself not to reach for them or pull the covers down. "You owe me a kiss," Gloria said. "I don't think I do," he said with a sigh of resignation and bent his knee.

The warm, soft front of Gloria's legs greeted his thigh. His sister moved her leg towards him. His leg fell into the void, and her thick, curly bush greeted his inner thigh. His sister had the softest pubic hair he'd ever touched. Gloria's leg pressed into his crotch. She put her other leg over his, looped it under and locked it in place with her ankle and foot around his calf. The heat resonating from her pussy moistened his flesh. "Kiss me anyway," she said.

The maturity and desire in Gloria's voice should have given Evan pause, but he closed his eyes and placed his lips on hers. His sister opened her mouth for his tongue, and he realized Gloria kissed like Deana. She went all in, using her lips, tongue, and teeth. She nibbled and grabbed his lip and sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. In less than a minute they were making out like two lovers that hadn't seen each other for months. When Evan's hand fell in the hollow created by Gloria's empty stomach, the muscles in his arm were rigid, but his touch was light.

He thought he should take his hand away, or he might change their relationship forever, but that would be like calling the Suicide Hotline after stepping off the side of the building. They were already making out, and Gloria's leg had forced half of his dick out of his boxers. He was rubbing it on her. Gloria's smooth skin ended, and her pubic hair made Evan pause.

If he opened his eyes and saw Gloria as his sister, he could make himself stop. Gloria's mound filled his palm like a baseball. Her body curled, lifting her groin. He grabbed her crotch. Hair and flesh molded around his fingers. His sister's body jerked forcefully, and his middle finger sliced between the pudgy swells.

He tightened his grip and the tip of his finger poked into the mouth of her pussy. Gloria sucked in, pulling his breath into her mouth. The narrow opening received the tip of his bulky finger. His body hunched and thrust his cock head into her leg. He wanted Gloria so bad it frightened him. He pulled his face and hand away with the same urgency. They stared at each other without making a sound. His sister's expression was a mix of desire, fear, and disappointment. He rolled on his back.

His sister reached across his body and grabbed i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading shoulder. Her fingertips dug in. She pulled herself over on him, then sat up. Evan knew they were big; he'd been watching them grow for years, but he still hadn't expected them to swing together, bump and be drawn apart by their weight. The smooth, light-brown rings were like tit beanies with reddish-brown M&M sized lumps in the center.

They were perfect tits. Now he would have to live in the same house with them, knowing they were right there under his sister's shirt. Evan wished he could un-see them. Gloria's face was set as if she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. He reached for her and pulled her to him. Her chest was hot against his body, and her nipples stiffened. She pushed her stomach out against his erection, and Evan knew he shouldn't let her stay in that position, but he still took a minute to think about it.

"This was a great idea," Deana said. Rebecca turned off the hot water and laid back between Deana's legs, against her body. "I know. A bubble bath for two is always better than a shower." "I didn't think we'd fit." She reached in front of Rebecca and cupped her tits.

"You think any of our friends take baths together?" "Probably not, except maybe Darlene." "Darlene?" Rebecca said and rolled over under the mountain of white bubbles. "Why would you think that? We're not exactly friends with her." Deana smiled at the girl between her legs. Rebecca was super cute with her faint trails of freckles, but she was pretty, too, and sexy in a unique way. "I've been in classes with her, gym class twice. Sometimes she's really friendly.

I get this vibe from her like she wants to be friends but won't let herself get too close. It's weird." "Have you seen her in the shower?" "It would be hard not to. Her body, well, she could compete with Rhina for tits and ass of the year." Rebecca sat up, put her legs over Deana's and around her back. "I think Darlene wins with her body. She reminds me of your mother." She used her heels against Deana's butt to forced their groins together.

"Should I be jealous?" Deana could feel her prickly hairs smashed against Rebecca's body. "Not a chance." They touch their lips together, and the tips of their tongues met. Deana licked Rebecca's top lip, and Rebecca licked her bottom lip. "I don't think I can kiss you without wanting you. We better not ever kiss in public," Rebecca said. "Before we kill each other again and have to spend the afternoon sleeping, would you do something for me?" Deana asked.

"What?" "Shave me." "You really trust me." "With all my heart." "I promise to be careful with that, but as far as this goes," Rebecca manhandled her crotch, "no promises." "None expected. Let's soak for a while. This is nice." Evan grabbed Gloria's ass and pulled her up until he could look her in the eyes.

Gloria smiled and started kissing him. They kept their eyes open and he wasn't confused. It was Gloria, not Candy. He cupped the bubbles of her butt, and his insides warmed. His sister's ass muscles started working. He closed his eyes and continued massaging her rump. Gloria's body tightened, her middle rose, and her knees pulled up, then her groin slapped down on his. She was in a frog-like position, with her pubic bone dug into his shaft. Her ass cheeks parted, and his fingers went into the gap.

She stiffened when he touched the smooth ring of her anus; then she continued hunching. Most of his cock was out of his shorts. Gloria was grinding her wet slit on it. He had stopped her last time she tried this, but now her rhythmic movement went unchecked.

As long as he didn't let her go too far, it would be okay. The sound of their panting breaths was louder than the squeaking boxspring. Evan's body hunched instinctively in time with his sister's, while his arms and hands helped her natural tits chick get spanking hard more videos on xxxnips com tube porn her clit on his erection. He was afraid his sister might make him cum before she did, and he had no intention of blowing a load on her stomach, so he increased the length and power of his thrusts.

Gloria's gasps quickened, and her pelvis worked like a machine. Gloria's knees clampdown on his body, then her legs shot straight out, and she flopped on him. He felt her climax roll through her quivering belly and flow down into her shaking legs. He held her ass tight, pressing her against him. He had just made his sister cum. What next? When Gloria got her breath, she lifted her head.

Her cheeks were red, and her eyes glistened. She seemed older and more beautiful. "I'm sorry," he said. "Why?" "I shouldn't have bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd that." Gloria rose until her breasts hung free like pendulums between them. "Don't you love me?" "Of course, I love you." Gloria started, "Then—" She rotated her hips forward.

The bulb of his cock head sank into the deepest part of her pussy groove. His sister was soaking wet and on fire. "Let's do it." All it would take to make it happen was one push, and Evan wanted to, but he grabbed her hips.

"No, not that. We can't-do that." "Why not?" Gloria asked. "I want to. Don't you?" "You have no idea how much I want to, but that doesn't matter." "It does," Gloria said. "You love me, and I love you, and we want to. Why shouldn't we?" Did he love Gloria and Candy or did he love Gloria because of Candy? It didn't matter. His sister had a crush on him as he had on Candy and Deana.

Somebody's heart would get broken sooner or later, but if he made love to Gloria, wouldn't it break her heart more when they realized it couldn't work? "Because we can't," he said as firmly as possible. Gloria rolled off and put her back to him. He turned on his side next to her. His sister fit perfectly in the contour of his body. "Gloria, sometimes love gets mixed up." "What?" "You know, like if you love a camp counselor or a teacher; they may want to, but they can't love you that way.

It's the same for a brother and sister." "Like Teen small tits creampie ive looked up to president oaks my entire life i truly believe, how you feel about Mom?" "No, no I don't, but yeah, that's what I'm sayin'. If I loved Mom that way, I don't, she couldn't love me that way back. We couldn't do anything about it because she's, Mom." "I think you do," Gloria said. He tried to kiss her neck, but she shrugged him away.

"You mad at me?" She huffed. "Yes." "Because you think I love Mom?" "No, that doesn't bother me," Gloria said and scooted over. "But you could still, um, you know." She got off the bed. Evan wanted to defend his position, but when he saw his sister standing there without anything on, he knew he didn't have a position. Gloria picked up one of his T-shirts and pulled it over her head. He gulped. The only way she could have been sexier would be if it were a man's button down dress shirt that barely covered her ass.

"I want to, but—" They both turned towards the door. "See, it's a good thing," he said. "Somebody is coming." His sister smiled as if he'd said it just wasn't the right time, yet.

"It's Mom," Gloria said. There was a soft tap, then the doorknob turned. "There you are," Candy said. "I should have figured you came up here last night." Gloria tugged at the end of the shirt and said, "Evan brought me," then she gave him a suggestive smirk.

He made a mean face, but it only made his sister smile. "Isn't that sweet," Candy said and looked his way. Before he could say anything, his mother turned back to Gloria.

"You have ball. Miss Tonya will be here to pick you up in thirty minutes." "Oh, Mom." "We agreed you'd finish the season. We'll talk about it after." Gloria groaned.

"You're getting good, and your team needs you, so go get ready." "I'm going," Gloria said. While they had been talking, Evan never looked at them. Maybe if he didn't see his mother, she wouldn't notice him trying to get his shirt on before he stood up. When the door clicked shut, he got out of the bed facing away from Candy, looked down, and exhaled, "Phew." He was relieved the shirt was long enough.

His mother must have known he slept in boxers even when Gloria turned up in his bed, but she didn't need to know he had a boner. Evan started towards the dresser, hoping to get a pair of sweats, but he stopped when he saw his mother would intercept him before he got there. She had been wearing a bathrobe when she entered his room, but he remembered it being tightly wrapped around her body. Now, it was loosely fastened. Right, left, right, her thighs cut through the flaps of material and threatened to open them all the way up to her groin.

Her breasts flowed freely, ballooning into the large gap. He should have been thrilled, but it was intimidating. Had they ever been alone in his room with the door closed? No, not like this. "Did you two have a good night's sleep?" Candy asked and looped her arms around his waist. She leaned back and looked up at him. It seemed like a romantic movie scene.

"Yeah, I mean yes." "Good, I'm glad she didn't keep you up," Candy said. "I know sometimes she gets rough." "I, ah, I thought because Deana wasn't home and—" "It okay, Evan, you don't have to explain," Candy said.

What was appropriate now? Evan didn't know, so he rested his straight arms on top of her shoulders and waited for a sign. His mother glanced around. He looked down. Her robe was open all the way to the belt.

Her cleavage was deep and wide; her tits didn't touch together. He saw the outer edges of brown rings and her stomach. His body did one of those shiver-jerk things that he couldn't control. Candy had come to his room with a bathrobe scantly tossed over her naked body. He stepped forward. His growing excitement pushed against her warm body.

Now all Evan had to do was flip the switch in his mind that turned off all his memories, then he could completely forget she was the woman he was supposed to call, Mom. "You going to the races tonight?" "Ah, I'm, you know, grounded." "Don't worry about that," Candy said. "I know it's important to you. I don't think you should miss out on this opportunity." What the fuck just happened? His mother told him to disobey his father. "Okay." Evan placed his hands on his mother's lower back and started massaging her.

She rested her head on his shoulder. His cock lurched, fighting the elastic waistband. This was it; he was finally going to have his Candy or get rejected by his mother. His heart pounded in his chest and his brain flooded with chemicals. He held his breath, waiting for her response to the erection jammed into her stomach. Candy looked up at him with an expression he had seen before. "Honey, I know things have been a little crazy." The same disappointment Evan had felt when she broke off the kiss outside the bathroom door ripped through him.

"Do we need to talk more about what happened?" She opened a gap between their bodies and crossed her arms over her chest.

Evan didn't need to check; he knew his dick was bulging. He didn't care. "Mom." "I know, honey, I know," she said. "I'm sorry. Things will work out." "They will," he said, not sure if he was agreeing or asking a question, then he added, in a pleading voice, "I love you." "I love you, too," Candy said. "I'm sorry, Evan, I better go." "But—" "We'll talk later. I have to go." Evan couldn't speak because he was screaming inside. Candy walked to the door, opened it, looked back, then walked out, closing the door behind her.

Unless time could be reversed and a different set of events transpired, things would never work out. The damage had been done. Evan felt busty pornstar chicks fucked by a doctors huge bbc throwing himself on the floor and flailing his arms and legs like a child who didn't get the candy they wanted at the check-out counter.

Deana looked down between her spread legs. Rebecca, who was sitting on the bathroom floor, smiled and said, "Lift your legs higher and leaned back more." "I'm leaning as far as I can." The cute little gymnast batted her eyes and said, "Then moved that sexy ass of yours closer to the edge." She moved her butt forward on the toilet and rested her right foot on the sink.

"There, now hurry, this isn't comfortable." "I'm almost done," Rebecca said and smeared some shaving gel on her butt hole. "Ahhh, I know I don't need to be shaved there." Rebecca giggled. "I know, but I couldn't resist." The steel slicing across her skin and Rebecca's fingers manipulating her labia sent her right back to where she had been for ten minutes, on the brink of a massive orgasm.

It was more than the physical touch, though. It was a combination of the care and tenderness of Rebecca's movements, the loving expression on her face, and the anticipation of what was coming. All that made it one of the most beautifully erotic things that had ever happened to her.

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"Voilà," Rebecca said and started wiping her groin and crotch with a warm cloth. She purred, "Mmmm, easy." The tumbler rested her chin on Deana's mound and flapped her eyelids. "It's perfect. It always was, but now it's perfectly bald. It looks like you're ten again and never had any pubes. You gonna tell him I was the one who shaved it?" "I think I had peach fuzz already at ten, and I don't think that will come up.

Sorry." "Next time I see you, you won't be a virgin anymore." "You sound sad." "No, I'm happy, disappointed I won't be there, but excited for you." "I'm not gone yet, and technically, you were my first." "Yeah, you were my first, too," Rebecca said. "Best, too." Rebecca pulled Deana to her feet and hugged her so hard her ribs made crunching sounds.

"Reb, you good?" "No, yeah, but no. You're rubbing off on me; I'm already wishing you weren't going home." Whatever happens inside a person when something feels so wonderful there aren't words to express it, happened inside Deana, and it made her shiver. "Good," she said. "I'm not leaving yet, so you think you could finish getting me off?" "I would love to, but anywhere except in here." "Is there a room in your house that we haven't fooled around in yet?" "Only one, but I think we'd wake my parents up if we do it in there." "Would you do it in your parent's room?" "What do you think?" "I think I can't wait until they're not home, again." Rebecca opened the bathroom door and dragged her out.

She said, "We're naked!" Rebecca stopped in the middle of the hallway. "I know that." She started kissing Deana. It terrified Deana, but she made no effort to stop her girlfriend from grinding her thigh on her pussy.

Her skin was hypersensitive, and Rebecca's muscle bulged in just the right place, opening her bald pussy lips. "You're a terrible influence on me." "Look who's talking," Rebecca said. The two girls laughed and went into Rebecca's room.

Once the endorphins stopped surging through Evan's bloodstream, and his cock stopped throbbing, he sat at his desk to think or look at porn, so he didn't have to think. A mental image of his mother's face kept him from turning on his computer. The expression hadn't been the one he'd seen outside the bathroom door; it was the look Gloria had on her face when his cock only needed one thrust shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry enter her.

His sister could have easily done it herself at that moment, but she hadn't. She wanted him to do it. Evan finally got it. It should have been obvious if he considered how his friend's parents interacted, compared to his. The woman he had been calling, Mom, didn't have to revert to the babysitter; she had never become anything else.

Gloria anal fetish threesome first time raylin ann is a sexy molten towheaded who is so becoming Candy, either. Candy and Gloria were the same. They had both come to his room looking for a man, and he had acted like a boy who needed his mommy to tell him what to do. At the ballpark, Jayda and Gloria pulled their bat bags out of the trunk and walked around to the driver's side of the car.

Jayda said, "See ya later, Mom." Gloria closed the back door with her butt and said, "Thanks, Miss Tonya." The two girls shouldered their bags and started walking high school gharl sar xxx Field A. Gloria said, "We're early." "Good," Jayda said and pulled Gloria, turning her toward the concession stand.

"It's not open yet," Gloria said. "I know." They went around the back of the white cinder-block building and into the girl's room. Jayda's bag hit the concrete floor with a thud, and she looked in the three stalls. "Tell me what happened." Gloria let the shoulder straps slide down her arm. "What makes you think something happened?" "That look on your face. You haven't stopped smiling since we picked you up." Gloria looked in the mirror. "I don't see anything." "Tell me!" "You know I can't do that," Gloria said with a grin.

"We don't keep secrets in the girl's club, and you know it'll stay between us," Jayda said. "Did you do it?" "Jayda, you know I'd never do that." "Oh, my, God." Jayda grabbed Gloria. "Was it good? Did it hurt? How was it?" "Unbelievable!" Gloria said. "It was unbelievable. I've never felt so good." "I told you. It's great, and it only hurts at first. Tell me more." "You can never tell anybody; nobody can ever know." Jayda shook her head.

"Girl, you know all my secrets, and everything about my mother, too." "I know." "Your head is in the clouds. You'll be like that for a few days. I swear, I wish I had a brother like Evan," Jayda said. "No, you don't. It complicates things. You have no idea how complicated my life is now." "If I had a brother like Evan, mm, I'd take my chances. Just don't get caught and everything will be fine." Gloria sighed, and her grin faded for the first time since she left Evan's room.

"I wish it was that simple. Come on, let's go, it smells in here. We can talk later." "You still staying over?" "Of course," Gloria said.

"Alex?" "Yup, she'll be there." Gloria's grin returned. "Did you find it?" "Yup, I got it." Gloria licked her lips. "Can't wait." "Come on," Jayda said.

"If we keep talking I'm gonna drag you behind the dirt pile instead of going to practice." When Candy reached her room, she was envious of her daughter, and that was embarrassing. Gloria was the same age she had been when her youth ended. The girl was smart, fun, beautiful and sexy as hell, and Gloria had a life filled with potential in front of her. Gloria would get to go to college where she'd meet interesting people from various places.

The only people Candy ever got to meet were her husband's friends and uppity softball moms. Of course, that didn't include Tonya. Candy touched her stomach where Evan's dick had been. Last night, he could have taken her to bed if he tried, but by morning she had come to her right mind. That's why she went to his room, to talk to him and make sure he understood. Then her daughter bounced across the room, her cheeks glowing. Gloria loved Evan and probably had dreams of a future together.

Hadn't Candy once skinny teen bondage punish my nineteen yearold arse and mouth dreams? It was the camera's fault. She wouldn't be in this situation if she didn't get it. Her clear understanding of the way things had to be got murky when she watched Evan stroke his cock. The past intertwined with mom and son fuckin in the kitchen naughty america present and she allowed herself to imagine things had taken a different path.

Sandra, Candy's mentor, had been wise, giving and strong. She never took any shit from John, even when he got tough with her. The woman had tried so hard to help Candy, teaching her, preparing her for motherhood, but Candy wasn't a laurita gonzalez se escapa de la escuela student.

"You precocious little devil," Sandra would say with that broad, loving smile. One day Sandra teased, "If I didn't know better, I'd say Evan was that baby's father." Then she tenderly circled Candy's huge belly with both hands, kissed her forehead and added, "He'll never stop loving you." The woman had spoken prophetically.

Candy had faked that silly giggle and said, "Good." It was a ridiculous and embarrassing fairy tale that Candy would never speak of again, not even in jest, but she had spoken the truth from her heart. She never discouraged that boy's crush. She fostered it and looked starry-eyed into the future. It won't be that long before he's old enough, she'd think. How could Candy have foreseen with such profound accuracy the man that Evan would become?

Too bad her crystal ball hadn't foretold of what would happen next. What a wicked, double-edged sword it had been. "Two dead, one uninjured in a late night crash," the headline read. Three people in one car, the two Candy had needed the most, her father and Sandra died; the one she was growing to hate walked away.

Candy crossed her arms under her breast and hugged herself. She had broken Evan's heart with one word, "Okay." She had agreed to marriage in the same fucked up way John had presented the offer. Evan had suffered through the repeated, stabbing blows of separation, but never stopped loving her. She'd watched it and suffered with him in the same hopeless, powerless position. He had no choice, and and i’m the tease tube porn were like the one she'd have if she were hanging from a cliff by one hand and John was the only person who reached out.

Now, her choices were the same. She could love Evan the way he wanted her to love him, then break his heart when John came home, or she could break it now and never experience his complete love. They had been a few seconds away from making love when Candy pulled away from him. The only reason she changed her mind and left Evan's room was that she saw the look on his face.

He had been confused, floundering between what he wanted and what he thought he needed. She was supposed to be the mother who made sacrifices and made everything right. That's what grown-ups did, wasn't it? Despite what Darlene said, she rarely had dreams that she remembered, but that morning when she woke up, she remembered dreaming about Evan, a lot. That aggravated her because sleep was supposed to be the erase button for the previous day's concerns.

Each day was a new beginning and started without any of yesterday's pain. That was the way Darlene had learned to survive her life. Now what? If Darlene had had one of those long balloons, she would have crammed it in her cunt and used a pump to inflate it until it exploded. Unfortunately, she didn't have a pump nor a balloon, so she was going to have to find something else to make her feel right.

Darlene had a crazy idea that would satisfy her and fuck with Evan, but it wouldn't be easy to make it happen. She'd need help and a little luck. Jason was rubbing his morning erection when he heard his doorknob click.

His mother would knock first, so it had to be his sister. He laid the sheet over his stomach and his boner, then pretended to be asleep. What was Becky up to? The bed moved under the added weight of his sister, but Jason remained still. Becky straddled his thighs. He felt her fingers trace the outline of his cock. She wrapped her hand around the base and squeezed. A swell moved up his dick and forced the top of his knob to emerge from its sheath.

He peeked and watched Becky move the sheet and lift his cock. She got her crotch over it and swung her body, rubbing her pudgy pussy lips across his dick head.

It shined with her juices. More blood rushed into his shaft. Becky's candy-corn nipples bulged from the small hills of tits. It was clear now what his sister was up to, so Jason said, "Becky, you can't come in my room anytime you want and molest me while I'm sleeping." Of course she could.

Becky sighed and sat down on his thighs. "You're awake now." "Today isn't Mom's Saturday to work. She's home." Becky's enthralled face never got old or less arousing. "You were already hard, or I would have woken you up first. I'm horny." She pressed his cock against her belly. The humid-heat from her crotch rested above his balls. His dick looked huge with her tiny body as a backdrop. It still amazed him that he fit inside her.

She was truly a unique freak. "You're always horny," he said. "What if Mom walks in?" "She won't." Both of Becky's hands kneaded deep down into his meat and pumped blood upward. "Don't move," she said and backed up, then leaned over. "What are you—" The sight silenced him. His sister was sliding her stiff nipple through the wetness oozing from his dick slit.

His cock jerked. She tightened her grip below the head and poked his slit. Her tit changed shapes, pushing more nipple out. She jammed it into his piss hole and pumped it.

"Oh, shit," he groaned. His sister was fucking his dick tube with her nipple. "You're a freak." "Oh, yeah, I know," Becky said. "It's like a tiny mouth sucking me." It was the strangest thing he could imagine at the time, but it didn't hurt, and it was getting Becky excited, so he continued watching.

Becky shivered violently. "Mmm, that was amazing." "Did you just get off?" "I did, but it was just a little one. Now I'm ready." Becky moved up and fell forward on him.

He grabbed her ass and shifted her, so her groin was centered above his engorged cock, then he shoved into the cushion of her fat pussy.

She opened her legs. "Go slow. I'm sensitive today." They both gasped when the dome popped through her sphincter. Then it took a considerable thrust to burrow deeper into Becky's defiantly tight pussy tube. He hunched, and Becky pushed back, settling onto his cock.

She whimpered,"Mmmm, there goes another little O." "How many times do you get off?" Jason asked and started pumping into her before she answered. Becky twerked her butt and worked her pelvis, riding the top half of his dick. "Ten, maybe, I don't know, just fuck me." He was fine with that and found a rhythm that worked with his sister's wild gyrations.

Becky's eyes rolled, and her nipples stretched even further away from her body. She sat up, and he sank deep ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars her.

She paused for a few seconds, then started riding him again. His eyes rolled back this time, and his balls pulsed. He thrust two more times before yanking his sister down and up. His cock popped out and blasted Becky's ass and crotch with cum. She reached back and smeared the hot, slimy load into her ass crack and fingered her butt hole. "Oh, yeah, I love how that feels. One of these days I'm gonna let you fuck my ass." "It'll never fit." Jason believed his words, but if she were crazy enough to let him try, he wouldn't argue.

"I swear, I just woke up, and now I need a nap." "Me cute beautiful babe touches pussy hardcore blowjob Becky said and slid off to his side. "Thank you, that was great." She put her leg over his groin, covering his waning erection. "I came in here to talk to you about something." "Sure," he said. "No, really, but your dick distracted me." "What is it, did Darlene have another dream?" "She did call this morning, and she did have a dream, but we'll talk about her later," Becky said.

"You jealous?" Jason asked. "No! Not of you anyway. It's like I don't mind sharing her with you, but I still haven't been to Miss Style's house, and you have, twice. I haven't seen her in like forever, and now this new thing she—Never mind. Here's what I was thinking." Jason shook his head in disagreement while Becky told him what she thought would be a good idea. His sister had a devil inside, and she was rubbing off on him.

Evan found his mother's door ajar, so he opened it while knocking. "Mah—" Candy was standing at the foot of the king-sized bed, staring as if she had been expecting him. He closed the door. His heart rate doubled before he reached her. Everything was different now, and it was never going back to the way it used to be. Candy started, "Honey—" but his lips cut her off.

Their passion was instantaneous and beyond what he had experienced last time they kissed. She had hugged him so hard. He could feel her body trembling. She loved him the way he loved her. He rubbed his cock against her body because he wanted her to know how excited he was, and think he wasn't afraid.

Candy forced her mouth away from his. Her face was red. "Evan, we can't." He squeezed her shoulders. "We can." She put her hands against his stomach. Evan expected to be pushed away, but she pulled the string and untied the bow holding up his sweatpants. He did the same to her bathrobe, then lifted his arms, and she removed his shirt. As he reached for her neck, the emotions got so powerful that tears burned his eyes.

He gently massaged the tops of her shoulders, moving outward. Candy's robe fell to the carpet. He stared at the breasts he'd been fantasizing about for years. She pushed his pants and boxers down.

His erection sprang up and stood between them. He didn't feel any shame or embarrassment. Once Evan wiggled his feet free from the cloth shackles and kicked them aside, Candy took his hands in hers and sat on the bed.

Her smile was dreamy. They never broke eye contact while she backed up. He followed her on his knees. Candy held him by his neck and pulled him down. Her legs spread for him.

The head of his dick landed on the strawberry patch of soft curly hair. His mother's legs bent and slid up the sides of his body. Her crotch lifted, then, myhotgloryhole com interracial cock gloryhole sucking video 14 tube porn thought or effort, his throbbing bulb speared into the womanly folds of hot, wet flesh. He shuddered and hunched.

Candy's fingers clenched his ass. "Make love to me, Evan," she said. Evan thrust his hips and plunged into his mother's body.

She bit her lip, and her fingernails spiked his skin. He arched his back and pushed until his groin hit her pubic bone. Candy's eyes rolled.

A sense of joy filled him and forced a tear to fall onto her cheek. She smiled, and the salty droplet vanished into her hair. "Oh, Baby, finally, we're finally." He wanted that feeling to last forever, so he humped slow and steady, savoring the experience while staring into her starry eyes.

She started rocking her body. Her pussy tube held onto his dick when he pulled back and squeezed rhythmically when he slid into her. His body took charge of the pace and Candy sounded pleased. She clung to him full movie bdsm halle von is in town on vacation with her boycrony her arms and shoved her pelvis up against his pounding groin.

Other than Miss Tonya, Evan had never had sex with anyone on birth control, so the alarm his balls sent to his brain made his eyes expand. He was instinctively ready to pull out, but it would be so much better to pump, and pump, and pump his whole orgasm inside his lover.

His mother must have read his face and answered his question by wrapping her legs around his waist. He made one final thrust and drove into her as deep as he could go, then his hips jerked spasmodically. Candy bit his shoulder and shook while his cum poured into her. Love wasn't blind or insane, it was wonderful; it made it possible for him to forget everything else, for now. Gloria was in the outfield with four other girls, fielding the balls that their coach was hitting.

In Gloria's case, though, she was trying to catch the balls. Her mind wasn't in it. Hopefully, she wouldn't get hit on the head again.

Why had she told Jayda? It was the same reason that she had told Jayda about Evan in the first place; she had been jealous because Evan rubbed oil on Jayda. Gloria envied Jayda, too, for being allowed to tan naked and she suspected that's exactly how Jayda had been that day. Jayda would have let Evan fuck her if he tried, then she would have bragged about it. Gloria wasn't looking for bragging rights, but she had been in love with Evan a long time; long before Jayda got the hots for him.

Now, Gloria needed to lose her virginity to Evan before her stepfather came back from China. She had always been afraid of what John would do if he found out. She didn't care anymore. That asshole had scared her mother and threatened to send them back to the trailer park, one time too many. Deana said she would go with them, but Gloria hadn't told Deana everything John said that night. Her big sister couldn't do anything about it, so there was no reason for her to know he said, "First, I'll.then you'll be just like that slut mother of yours." What her stepfather deserved was to find out he wasn't man enough for her mother, so she started fucking his son.

Gloria had been watching them, and she heard and saw enough while pretending to be asleep to know, Evan and her mother could end up together. It would make her jealous, but her mother deserve to have someone who was crazy about her, and if John found out, that would be it, they would have to leave. That was another reason Gloria envied Jayda; Miss Tonya had the guts to leave her husband and live the life she wanted.

Why did her mother have to stay with John? When Evan's dick finally slid out of Candy's pussy, he laid on his side next to her with his leg across her groin. Ironically, it was the position he'd been in with Gloria earlier, but he didn't realize it.

Older lady desires younger cock to fill her eager pussy

He looked at the door he had burst through that night and the place where his mother had been pinned to the wall by her neck. He felt vindicated.

Candy didn't say a word, but her fingers moved up and down his arm with a tenderness that spoke volumes. He put his face on her pillow and inhaled. The smell of her hair would forever remind him of the first time they made love. It was like an alternate ending on a DVD movie about his life. If his father hadn't fucked everything up, wouldn't it have come to this anyway? Candy said, "I need a shower," as she sat up. Evan responded but had no idea what he said because he was watching his mother stand up.

Her tits were perfect melons, swelling past the sides of her body. He panted, desperate for air. "Ah, ah, you're incredible." His mouth watered for her nipples and the pussy bulging between her thighs. "Thank you," she said and started toward the bathroom.

He followed her with his eyes, knowing, once again, his imagination had been lacking. Her ass was incredibly firm. It rose and fell while her glutes crested up the center of each cheek. It was one of those butts that called you and made you stare, and Candy was walking like she knew it. When she reached the bathroom, she glanced over her shoulder suggestively, then left the door open.

Evan was on his feet in a second and entered the bathroom in time to see her bend over, reaching for the shower faucet. Her pussy presented itself in that ready and waiting position between her legs. An audible gasp escaped his gaping mouth. His mother shaved her lips, but not her mound. In the shower, the water beat against Evan's back, shielding Candy's soapy chest. He turned her around and stirred the liquid soap on her shoulder blades into a lather, and watched the white, foamy bubbles slide down.

Their progress was slowed by her protruding rump. He used his hands to help the slippery fluid reach the globes of her ass. They flexed and escaped his grasp. He slid his hand through the valley of ass cheeks. They tightened and squeezed his fingers.

"I've wanted to feel you touch me like that for a long time," Candy said and sucked in a long breath. "Your hands are gentle, sensual and knowing. You make me melt.you always have." He reached around her sides, across her stomach and up. Her breasts were heavy and couldn't be contained, but that didn't stop Evan from trying. He grabbed a nipple between his fingers. It squirted away from his pinch. His mother laced her fingers with his and guided his hand down, down, down.

It crossed her neatly trimmed hair and curved around her pubic bone. He closed his hand, and the smooth flesh squeezed out around his fingers. His middle finger sliced into her groove. The woman's pussy meat was vast in comparison to any of the girls he knew, except maybe Darlene, but Candy's clit was easy to find.

He wanted to see it and suck it, but for now, he vigorously fired his finger across it. Her body tightened. "Oh, god, yes, oh yes, that's so good. Ah, so good, baby, so good." When Candy stopped Evan's thrashing hand, he palmed the mound of strawberry-blonde hair and pulled her back against his erection.

Just as he had always imagined, the deep trench that divided the two halves of a perfect whole, encased his cock.

Candy leaned forward and put her hands on the wall, bracing herself. He dipped down, pressed her cheeks together and drove his cock through her ass cleavage. His balls squeezed between the cushions at the bottom, and his head popped out at the top. He started humping, and Candy bounced her ass.

He was ready to shove it in her. His mother straightened up and turned him around. Her tits smashed against his back, and her hands moved to his stomach. He watched them reach for his cock. Her soapy hand squeezed it while her other hand scooped up his balls and rolled them. It was strange watching her slippery fist pump up and down his shaft.

He should have been jerking himself off, but Candy was good at it, slamming up and down his rod with determination. An orgasm was swelling in his balls, building each time her delicate hands snapped over the bulb of his cock head. "Ah, ah." He awkwardly searched for a place to put his hands and wondered whose name he would cry out when he shot his load. Candy stopped abruptly and faced him.

"I want it in me. I want to feel you inside me, again." The moment a girl demands to have you inside her body is always memorable, but hearing his mother say it was epic. She rested her back on the tile and first fuck after baby was born a leg to his hip. His fingers dug into her ass cheek. She reached under her raised thigh and made sure he hit a home run with his first thrust.

His cock coursed through her pussy tube and a wave of pleasure shook him. She was tight, and the walls of her tunnel seemed to squeeze, release, squeeze and release like a fist grabbing. He looped his arm under her leg and lifted it higher, forcing her to turn more sideways and lean harder on the wall. Her whole body rose and fell with each upward thrust.

"Cum, cum inside me." Candy panted. "Ah, I wanna feel you squirting deep inside me." Evan pumped even faster, then shuddered and jerked, squirting into his mother. Jeez, he hadn't lasted any longer than the first time.

"Oh, Evan, nobody has ever made me feel so good." Evan's chest heaved. He was exhausted. After the shower, Candy dried Evan's body. His legs were still shaky. "In all my fantasies, wow." "Have you been fantasizing about me for long?" Candy asked. "Always." She smiled and kissed him. He already wanted her again. How was he going to live in the same house with her? "Don't tell your sister about this. It'll break her heart." "Deana?" "Glor—Both, neither, don't tell anybody." "I know, I won't." "Good," Candy said.

"You know we lost our heads. It can't happen again, right?" Oh, yes it can, Evan thought. jock beats any dildo girlfriend and hardcore know." "You should go, hot latin teen dances and masturbates thewildcamcom case thick booty blonde gets anal fucked hardcore and big dick sister comes home," Candy said.

"Take your clothes with you and put them in the hamper." She smirked. "I'm wearing this towel to my room," he mocked and started walking away. "Evan." He stopped and turned around. Candy, his mother, had her hands on her waist, elbows out, and shoulders back. Her tits were high on her chest. She planted her feet in a wide stance. The muscles in her legs tightened. He wanted to fall to his knees and worship her. "What?" "Did I tell you not to mention my sister?" Evan didn't know, and even if he did, he wouldn't have been able to say so.

He just stared. "It would be better if you didn't," she said, "For now, anyway." "How come?" "It's too soon. Can't be sure how things will go, so it's better not to get anybody's hopes up." "Okay, I'll keep it a secret." "Thank you, Evan, thank you." Candy stayed naked for a long time after Evan left. She felt schizophrenic, swapping from one personality to the other. She was on the edge of the bed, basking in the glow of her many orgasms, imagining her fingers flexing with Evan's rigid dick pulsing in her grip.

His veins bulged, and the top flared cougar alessandra miller gets doggystyled and creamed a cobra's head when she jerked him. She rubbed her abdomen, feeling that long, fat prick expanding and pumping his life into her.

Butterface latina with nice ass and tits wasn't that nobody had made love to her like that for a long time, it was that nobody had ever made love to her like that.

Evan wasn't her little man anymore. He was more of a man than John ever had been or could be. Candy switched to her adult persona and started pacing with her arms tightly hugging her chest. What have I done, she asked herself. She hadn't made the sacrifice and denied her needs. It was as if all the years she'd lived as the adult, giving everything up for her daughter, had depleted her. She didn't have any more sacrifices in the bank. Had Evan's love, admiration, attention, and blissful passion made a deposit that would give her strength, or had he fucked her right back to where her nightmare started?

Later in the afternoon, Deana was a bit disappointed when she didn't see her brother's car in the driveway. When she got Evan's text message, she was very disappointed and annoyed.

Now, Deana was sitting at her desk, staring at nothing. It babe is nailed from the behind after performing rodeo on ramrod like every time she made up her mind, had the courage and planned to do it, her brother disappeared.

Was that a sign? Spontaneity would have made it easier. Waiting, brought on anticipation, expectation, contemplation, and worst of all, apprehension. Deana wasn't afraid of getting caught while he was in China, but now that she had time to think, she started rehashing all of her worries. What if she found out she wasn't gay?

Rebecca would get hurt, and that would hurt her. What if she hated it? That would confirm what she already knew; then there would be something serious to contemplate. Her life would be easier if she weren't a lesbian, wouldn't it? But Deana knew the way Rebecca made her feel was beyond anything she had experienced or could imagine. She loved Rebecca with all of her heart and soul. What about her father? She didn't give a shit what he thought, but she was afraid of what he would do to her.

Well, at least I won't be a virgin. Evan gave Deana the most anxiety. She loved him as much as he loved her, but eventually, they would have to accept reality. No matter how much they loved each other, even if she liked dick and wanted it all the time, they couldn't be in love like that, not for long. Besides being illegal, it had no future. They couldn't hold hands in public, go on dates, get married or have children. Not that she wanted any. Deana had spent enough time analyzing plans A, B, C, and D to know it would only be a one-time thing.

If her brother didn't feel that way, then it would be painful. She would have Rebecca to fall back on, but Evan didn't have anybody. Would it break his heart? When the door swung open, Deana spun on her chair, expected Gloria, but the woman who walked in was only dressed like Gloria. Her mother was wearing faded blue jeans with the knees worn through, and a tight T-shirt that made her tits look more amazing.

It was more brutal redhead babes xxx left behind at a building soiree in a bad neighborhood her clothes, though.

Before Deana could consider her thought, she asked, "What happened to you?" "A better question is, what happened to this room?" Candy looked around. "You could at least put your underwear in the hamper." "Sorry, Mom, you know, Summer vacation." "Summer doesn't mean you can live like a pig," Candy said.

"Oink, oink." Deana giggled. "I'll clean it up later. Now, you, you look wonderful." Candy appeared younger, too. "I dug these old jeans out of my closet and put less makeup on, and you think I look good," Candy said and sat on the end of the bed, facing Deana. "Thanks, I'm going to stop trying so hard to keep up with you." Less makeup, Deana thought, she's glowing like a teenager with a crush.

"Mom, you could throw a potato sack over that body and mess your hair up, and you'd still be hot." Dad doesn't deserve you. "What have you been up to?" "Thanks, honey. Same as always, cooking and cleaning," Candy said, "but tonight, I have something to do. I might be late getting home, and I'm worried about leaving you by yourself." "Where's Gloria?" "Jayda's." "Evan will be home." "No, he's staying at Jason's after the races.

I can cancel and do it another time." "No, you never get to go out. I'll stay at Reb's house. She didn't want me to leave anyway. Where are you going, clubbing?" "Funny. I'm doing the boring stuff softball moms do with, ah, with Tonya," Candy said. "What about Rebecca's parents, aren't they sick of you?" "With a daughter like Rebecca, they're always happy to have me around.

I'm a good influence on her." Deana giggled, knowing the tumbler was rubbing off on her. "Okay, but call her and make sure." "Can you drop me off?" Candy got up. "Of course. If you want we can get a pizza for you to take with you. Check with Rebecca and see what she wants on her half." Deana said, "We like the same stuff," and wondered if her mother noticed her smirk. "I'm not surprised," Candy said.

Obviously, she had. Deana stared at her mother until she was out of the room. The woman didn't even walk the same. No wonder Evan is always staring at her, Deana thought, and immediately questioned her thought. Could she possibly be envious of her mother's body or maybe even jealous because of the crazy thought that propertysex hot property manager fucks pissed off tenant her mind? There had to be another explanation.

Earlier that afternoon, the softball sisters arrived at Jayda's house. Their first order of business had been to consume large bowls of Bluebell's Turtle Tracks ice cream. Then they took turns taking their after softball showers, ate what Miss Tonya called the real food, then they prepared themselves for tanning.

Gloria's skimpiest bathing suit might as well have been a one piece compared to Jayda and Alex's bikinis. She tried wearing one of Jayda's, but Miss Tonya's would have been a closer match for her body, so Gloria had to settle for rolling her shorts down and pulling them up into her crotch.

Jayda and Alex made a top for her by tying bandannas together and wrapping her tit's up in them. That was funny. The three girls went out in the backyard and waited for Miss Tonya to go wherever she was going with Gloria's mother. Gloria might have questioned the unusual happening more if there hadn't been so much on her mind.

That morning, she had almost done it with Evan. Huge black boobs babe kayla interracial hardcore, she had gotten off on his dick. The orgasm had her wet and ready. She thought that was supposed to make her brother slide in when she pushed down on him.

His cock head jammed against her opening and made her stop. She still wanted it, but that had been her limit. Evan had to be the one to push through her tolerance for pain. Alex and Jayda rubbed oil on each other, but it wasn't for tanning. It was a prelude for what was coming later.

Gloria was looking forward to that. She enjoyed watching them and was excited about Miss Tonya's new toy. Although, that made her nervous, too. Technically, she hadn't lied to Jayda, but it would become a lie if Jayda found out, so Gloria had to make sure that new dildo didn't end up inside her pussy. At Rebecca's house, as soon as Deana put the pizza box on Rebecca's kitchen table, her friend hugged her and asked, "Are you upset?" She raised her brows.

"Ah, no." "Aren't you disappointed?" "Aren't you glad I'm back?" "Hell yeah, especially with this loaded pizza," Rebecca said. "You were expecting something, so I thought your frown might be related. You having second thoughts, again?" "I never stopped having those or at least thinking about all the ways it could blow up. I'm fine." Deana pulled out a chair and plopped down. "I didn't think he would spend the night at Jason's.

I'm a little disappointed." Rebecca saddled up Deana's lap, cowgirl style, divided Deana's hair and held it like reigns. "Giddy up." She finally cracked a smile. "Thanks. Hey, did you notice anything about my mom?" Rebecca shrugged. "I only waved at her from the porch. Why what's up?" "She was dressed like, um, more like you, I guess." "She must have really been sexy, then." "I know you say things about my mother, sometimes, but are you ever serious?

I mean, seriously checking her out?" "You check Darlene out.when she's naked." "I didn't ask because it bothers me." Rebecca pouted. "You're not jealous because I think your mom is hot?" She shook her head, realizing more than ever, they acted like a couple. "How did we get like this? One kiss that scared the shit out of us, and we're acting like we've been dating forever." "I wasn't that scared, and maybe had been hoping it would happen," Rebecca said.

"I think I, um, maybe I been checking girls out for longer than I thought. I've wanted to jump your bones for years." "I hate that we wasted all that time." She started kissing Rebecca. Everything felt better. "Mm, me too," Rebecca said. "What's up with your mother, anyway?" "The way she was dressed and she was kinda shesnew ariana grands audition sex video tube porn like, spent time in the sun or like she got laid?" Deana sighed.

"Reb, that couldn't have happened." "Where was she going tonight? Your alexis adams well toasted pussy never goes anywhere." She shrugged. "Going to hang out with Miss Tonya." Rebecca bounced on Deana's legs. "OMG, Dee, imagine Candy and Miss Tonya. Fuck, that would be hot!" She couldn't or wouldn't let her mind go there.

"No, that couldn't be. That's Gloria's friend's mother." Rebecca rolled her eyes and said, "Um, Kimmy's mom." Deana didn't know if she felt relieved that there was another possibility or disappointed.

Rebecca's crazy idea was exciting, though. Candy being into women, too, what a relief that would be. "You have a devious mind," she said with a wide grin. "Let's eat some of that pizza." "Then I'm going to take you into my parent's room and do things to you that will scar you for life," Rebecca said and squeezed her tits.

"In a good way, of course." At Sally's house, a few hours passed quickly with conversation before and after dinner and wine, more wine than Candy was accustom to drinking. The two women had filled in some of the gaps missing from the resumes of their lives. Sally had never married or even been close, although, in her words, "There had been plenty of men in her life." She had moved around a lot at first, then spent many years in Los Angeles, before moving to Dallas, then back home.

The timeline was sketchy to Candy, and she wanted to know what, "Doing this and that," meant, but she wasn't pushy. There would be plenty of time to find out what Sally had been doing.

It had obviously been profitable, and she seemed to be happy and satisfied with her life. Candy slapped at a mosquito and Sally said, "We better go in before you get ate up.

You're too sweet for them to resist." It was a pleasant night, and she was enjoying sitting by the pool, but Sally was right, so Candy agreed and followed her sister to the living room. She sat on the leather sofa and watched Sally pour two more glasses of wine. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" "Do you want me to?" Evan had spent the day walking on sunshine, reveling in his conquest, planning what he would do next time. It would have to be the next ten times, though, considering how many ideas he had.

Now, Dale's race was over, he won, and Evan needed to be alone for a few minutes, so he ditched Jason, Billy Joe and ticket girl by telling them he had to go work with Dale's crew. Jason flipped him the bird, but Evan didn't care. He went and sat in the back of Cindy's car hauler, where she got in the zone before a race so that he could think. Six months passed from the time Evan saw Stacey as a potential girlfriend to the day he was sliding his cock inside her, thinking he was in love.

They had fucked for almost a year, and he never thought, I don't think I should do it with her today. If she hadn't moved away, he would probably still be having sex with her. Why, after less than twelve hours, was he thinking, I better not have sex with Mom again?

For as long as Evan could remember, he had loved Candy. He had spent the last six years pretending he didn't have inappropriate thoughts and desires.

That afternoon his dreams had been fulfilled. They made love and confessed their love to each other. That should be like winning his first NASCAR race and getting signed by Hendrick Motorsports, not like crashing Dale's car and wondering if his father would find out and kill him. That mother fucker was ruining what should have been the best day of his life, from the other side of the world! "What's wrong with you?" Evan jerked and looked up from the red sand on the metal floor.

Cindy was standing in the doorway. "Oh, nothing," he said. Cindy closed the door and said, "You know you can't lie to me." "No, I was thinking, thinking about Dale's race. I'm nervous. That's all." "So you left that little hottie to sit here by yourself and think?" Cindy bent her arm behind her back, under her T-shirt, and after a few motions, somehow, her hand came back with a bra.

"Jeez," was all Evan said at the site of Cindy's dark brown nipples showing through the white fabric. That's what Deana's tits are going to look like. "If you're hard-up enough to get excited about your cousin removing her bra, I suggest—" "I'm not excited!" he said, thinking, Cindy could make a dead man excited.

"I was amazed that you could do that without taking off your shirt. How do you do that?" Cindy started to lift her shirt and said, "You rather I do it without my shirt on?" Evan stood up. "Why are you fucking with me?" Cindy lowered the shirt.

"Because you won't tell me what's on your mind." "You're as bad as Dee, always acting like you know what I'm thinking." "Well, Deana and I have a lot in common, more than you know, but it's you. Your face gives everything away. I always know what mood you're single mom gang banged in porno theater gangbang and brunette when I look at you." "That's what she says," he said.

"Dale won the race, starting from fifteenth." "So you think that's what you're supposed to do?" She pushed her shorts down, picked them up, folded them neatly, and stood there in her panties, looking at him. Fuck it, he thought and took a good look. His cousin was exactly like his sister, fuckin' gorgeous. "Not win, um, but do good. His car always does good. Wins money so he can afford to buy gas and tires." Suddenly he missed Deana.

Cindy stepped into her fire protection pants, pulled them up to her waist and let the rest hang, so she looked like a half-peeled red banana. Then she squeezed his upper arms. "Evan, the only thing you should ever compare yourself to is your potential. Not me, not Dale or mad dog, or anyone. You do your best when you race. That's all Dale expects. You're good." Evan looked at the red finger marks on his arms and said, "That's what all the girls say." "Mm, I'm sure they do," Cindy said and pushed her arms into the race suit.

"My potential, that's good. I will. Lusty food sex with women lesbian and college you," he said. "I read it in a book, so don't be too impressed." "I'm still impressed," he said.

"Why are you, um, in, why aren't you—" "Wearing my bra and panties under my suit?" "Yeah." "Sometimes when I'm nervous about a big race, I like a distraction. Hard not to be distracted knowing if you're in a crash and the paramedics remove your suit they're gonna see you in your panties." "It's not that big of a race." "Tonight, I just wanted to distract you." "Cuz, you're amazing.

I'm going to find Jason. Good luck with your race." Evan took his hot cam girl fist make her pussy wet new, not trying very hard to find Jason.

There would be plenty of time later for Jason to tell him about Billy Joe and how much he wanted to fuck her. It would be his fault that Jason hadn't hooked up with BJ because he wouldn't do something with KK. If Jason would realize Billy Joe was Becky's doppelganger, and fuck his sister, that would solve the BJ, KK problem. What the fuck did the K stand for anyway? If crazy, cock-hungry, and control-freak started with a K, then she'd be KKK. He laughed at his brain's silly thought, then went back to his serious contemplation.

Cindy might have been trying to distract horny wife fucks husband and takes huge cumshot to her pregnant belly with her lack of modesty, but that's not what happened.

Seeing his cousin in her panties only reminded him how much she and Deana were alike. It made him wish Deana was there or he was wherever she was. His sister was the one person who understood him. She could make him feel better, but he couldn't tell Deana about Candy. Deana might not get jealous, but she would definitely be angry. Telling her about the fight would be bad enough. If she found out about Candy—Jeez! Deana would see it for what it was; he'd fucked their mother. Not only that, he put Candy in a dangerous situation.

Evan pulled his phone from his pocket and thought about typing, Dee, I wish you were here. I miss you. That seemed too much like a message he'd send to a girlfriend, so he typed: Dee, Cindy said you should have come tonight. We miss you. It took a few minutes, but a new message made Evan's phone ding and lite up. There was an attachment. He smiled and opened the message. Deana missed you too, a lot, but I'm keeping her company.

Don't tell Cindy, but she did come, and come and come. Giggle. XXXOOO. Evan opened the attachment and his body had a physical reaction. Deana was asleep on a large, plush mattress. It wasn't a bed he recognized. A black mess of silky hair was strewn over the white pillow that her head sank into, and she was naked except for the narrow band of silk sheet that lay across her crotch, stomach, and chest. Deana's long, dark legs went in opposing directions and made his heart race.

He stepmom kate linn likes to help gina valentina the picture and deleted the message. Deana looked happy and satisfied. That diminished the guilt Evan hadn't known he was feeling, but it also made him sad, empty and angry. Actually, it was envy and jealousy he felt.