Ebony babe moriah mills gets impaled and creamed

Ebony babe moriah mills gets impaled and creamed
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Sailing Part 2. Here is a quick recap for "Sailing" part 1. I had a one-time tryst with my daughter's best friend before we learned that she was moving out of town. After Sara left, my family went sailing a few more times before fall set upon us and forced me to take the boat out of the water for the winter.

The sailing was still enjoyable, but I will admit I missed it being just the 3 of us for our special sailing times. My wife was always delighted to be on the water with us and tried to cheer April up. She wasn't quite the same on the boat.

Winter set upon us and April found out that Sara was going to be in town to spend the holidays with her Dad. There was a part of me that was hoping to have a little alone time with Sara as well, but that wasn't to be. When Sara was in town, she and April spent several days hanging out. Most of that time was at the mall or over at Sara's house. I thought she might be avoiding me or something.

After the holiday break, April seemed to be closer to her old self again. The school year seemed to fly bye and before I knew it was time to but the boat back in the water again. I asked April if she would like to help me get it ready nacho vidal fucks carol vega chanel preston natalia zeta susi gala take her to the dock.

She readily agreed and we made plans with the yard to put the boat in the following weekend. It was a pretty chilly morning in April when we got there. We busied ourselves with last minute touchups of bottom paint and moving some of the items we took off over the winter back in to the boat.

By the time they came to get the boat out of the cradle, we had the cushions in place and the beds made. I couldn't help but take a minute of picturing Sara and I on the V-berth.

Of course, that brought a twinge of excitement to my loins. April and I had also managed to get the sails rigged and ready for another season of sailing. All-in-all, the only thing left to do was to put her in the water and sail over to her berth. It took them about an hour to haul the boat over and put her in the water.

After that, we started up the engine and prepared to head out. I asked April if she wanted to steer and she agreed. Though I guess I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm. As we motored out toward the lake to go around the breakwater, I asked April if she wanted to take a little sail before we put her away for the day. Seeing how it was about 62 degrees on the water with cool breeze, I wasn't sure if she wanted to or not. April said that would be fun and I went about the business of preparing the sails.

Once past the breakwater we raised our sails and April expertly set our course and killed the engine. We sailed on for about 5 minutes in silence before I finally figured I should say something. "Is everything ok, hun?" "I'm OK dad", she started.

"It's just not quite the same without Sara here." I agreed with her, for my own reasons. "You could ask your friend Christine, if you wanted?" I posed. "Christine get motion sickness just sitting in a car, I don't think that would be a good idea." She laughed.

I was happy to see her smiling. "Well, I am sure we'll have a fun season either way." I assured her. April agreed and we continued to sail around for about another hour talking about school and what college she might like to attend.

She quickly reminded me she still had another year to make that decision. We spent a few more weekends doing the family sailing thing. We only did day sails since the weather was still chilly. School soon ended on shortly after April's 17th birthday. We had made a deal with April to go sailing around Aruba if she aced her report card.

Much to our delight, she handed over her card with all A's. We spent a glorious week sailing around the islands. I enjoyed the sailing, blue waters, teen babes tight pussy is drilled by big young cock weather and the sites of two ladies in bikinis.

It had been a year and I swore my daughter and grown even more in to a young lady. The other part was every time I would walk up on April sunning herself on the deck, my mind instantly flashed back to seeing her naked form.

It took me a second to realize she was actually wearing her bikini. As wonderful as it was to sail and snorkel and explore the islands, I must admit I was happy to get home to my own boat. Not to mention, while we were gone, the weather had turned from cool to hot! Since my wife had taken the time off for our vacation, the next few weekends were booked with work. Saturday arrived and April bopped downstairs in her usual shorts, t-shirt with bikini underneath.

"I guess you want to go sailing?" I asked. "Well, it is sunny and Saturday." With that we backed ourselves a lunch, kissed the wife and headed up to the marina. It was a wonderful day for sailing, but there was a little still a little sadness in my heart that Sara wasn't going to be joining us.

We quickly readied the boat and headed off for our sail. Again I let April man, err woman the helm as I set the sails. Once set and he engine off, April set the course for open water. "Going someplace special?" I mused. "Well, I spent our vacation getting tan lines, so I thought I would start undoing them today, if it's OK with you?" she queried. I wasn't going to object. I gave her my normal shoulder shrug and "Whatever you wish" expression.

She got a big grin on her face and turned the wheel over to me.

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I watched as April removed her tank and shorts, grabbed her towel and headed for the foredeck. "Not until we are clear of other boaters" I hollered. I got the typical hand wave that told me she heard me as she picked out her usual spot on the deck.

Once we were clear of other boaters, I adjusted our course and sails to give her as much sun as possible. She must have sensed the change and looked back at me.

As was our routine, I gave her the go ahead nod and sat up and she removed her bikini. As much as I missed Sara's naked form on my deck, I couldn't help but admire my daughter's body.

She had filled out even more over the past winter. Her puffy breasts from last year had filled in to fuller perky breasts. She had lost what little baby weight she had and put on muscle tone from soccer and swimming. A ruffling snap from the sails brought me out of my trance and readjusted our course to school teacher and sir xxxx the sails again.

I then became aware of my semi-rigid condition. It was about a half hour later I went forward to give April a bottle of water. Luckily April was tanning on her stomach when I arrived.

I couldn't help but notice how her tan lines accentuated her firm rear end. April reached up and took the bottle from me and took a drink which gave me a wonderful view of her young breasts. I guess I must have stood there a little too long as April looked at me and asked, "Anything else dad?" "Oh, sorry," I stammered. "I am just amazed at what a beautiful young woman you are becoming." April almost seemed to blush and lay back down to her tanning.

Shortly after I returned to the cockpit, I saw April turn back over to her back. I must admit I was feeling a little guilty ogling my daughter's naked form, but it was hard not to stop and stare at a beautiful naked body while scanning for other boaters. It was during one of these stops that I noticed something different and almost didn't believe what I saw. My eyes scanned across from port toward starboard and rested on April's body for a moment when I realized that one of her hands wasn't at its normal position along side of her body.

Her right luscious teenie becomes lewd during sex hardcore massage was lifted and softly caressing her stomach. I didn't think much of it at first.

I quickly looked over to starboard for other boaters then back to April. Her hand was now sliding up between her breasts. Then I watch as her hand came down and rubbed along her left breast. First her finger circled it and then her hand came down and gave it a squeeze. That image created a squeezing in my suit as well. I thought I should look away or be doing something else, but my eyes wouldn't listen to me. I watched as she rubbed her breast some more and pinched her nipple between her index finger and thumb.

Then I watched as her hand slid down over her flattened stomach toward the tuft of hair between her legs. She almost seemed to run herself. But I was sure that wasn't what happened until. I watched as she brought her knees up, creating a beautiful V as they were slightly spread apart. I was mesmerized as she returned her hand between her thighs.

I watched the movements of her hand as it rubbed her magic spot. Her left hand came up from its position and started to rub on her right breast as well. "Oh my God," shot through my head, "I was watching my daughter masturbate!" Once again, I tried to think of what to do to distract me from what she was doing.

And once again, my mind failed me. I watched as she rubbed and squeezed. Her hips rocked up and her hand manipulated her clit. I also became sexy milf threesome sex with a couple in the bathroom that my hand was softly squeezing the erection in my bathing suit. It didn't take long before I watched my daughter's body twitch a couple of time and she removed her hand from between her legs.

I thought I even saw her bring her fingers to her mouth. I started to feel a buildup in my balls as well when I saw my daughter reach for her bathing suit and start to put it on. That could only mean one thing. I quickly removed my hand from my erection and tried my best to conjure images that would help dissipate my condition.

I watched as she got up and headed back to the cockpit. It didn't feel like my erection had subsided much by the time she got there. Now I only hoped that she didn't notice. April dropped her towel on the settee gave me a slightly embarrassed grin and went below deck and went to the head.

After she was finished in there she came out and brought up our usual lunchtime fare. I hadn't even realized it was lunchtime. As we started to eat, I noticed April avoiding eye contact with me. I was happy that my erection had finally subsided, though the full feeling in my balls was very present. As we talked I noticed that April seemed a little distracted again. "Anything else on your mind" I asked?

"Just thinking about Sara, that's all." she admitted. "It was fun to have someone to talk with when laying up there." "Well sorry Hun, but someone has to say hear the cockpit." I said, trying my best to be amusing. April just smiled at me and took another bite.

After lunch we turned the boat around. As with sailing, one thing you can't control is the wind. Our wind had positioned itself so our trip back would have very little sun on the deck as it would be blocked by your mainsail. I suppose we could have taken a longer course to get back if I had thought about it.

As our boat headed back toward shore April surveyed her tanning area, now covered in a shadow. I saw a little frump come across her face, as if to say "Now where do I tan?" Of course the only area with the sun now was the cockpit and areas aft of the mast.

"What's the matter?" I asked. "Just trying to figure what to do now. My tanning spot is blocked." she replied. I saw her look down at the cockpit settee and back to the foredeck. "You could tan here if you wish." I offered. There was a part of me what wanted her to say no and a perverted part of me that wanted her to say yes, yes, yes.

"Are you sure dad? I mean, I don't want you to be uncomfortable or anything." "I'll be fine. After all, I saw you naked a lot last year." I stated. Then I felt a rush of guilt and embarrassment hit me.

Had I really just told my daughter I was watching her naked? In a very nonchalant way, April replied, "That's true." And with that she laid out her towel and sat down and started to remove her bikini. I watched as she untied her top and let it fall. Her fuller pert 34b breasts standing proudly.

As she started to remove her bottoms she looked up at me and I quickly diverted my stare. Yes, I had been staring at my own daughter. I continued to watch out babe rayna rose flash tits for cash pornstars and hardcore the corner of my eye as she removed her bottoms and laid down on the cushion. As I tried my best not to stare but still take in her naked form, I noticed something different.

The year before April always had a nice wide bikini trim that went to the edges of her bottoms. Now she had a noticeably smaller "V" mom shower and caught son peeping trimmed. I always have loved that shape; it's like saying "This way to heaven!" And I thought that soon, some boy (if they hadn't already) was going to be enjoying that special part of her. Looking over my daughter's body, there surely was a lot of heaven to go around.

From her firm breasts, small eraser sized nipples, down to her flat stomach and toned legs and of course, the entrance to pleasure between her legs.

I was once again brought back to reality by movement from my daughters arm. She had moved her hand to put her glasses on. With my glasses on, I took a little solace that she couldn't see my eyes, but I could see that hers were closed.

Now I couldn't tell if she was watching me or not. That is when I became aware that I my erection had returned and it might be slightly visible. I did my best to move a little to hide my excitement and tried to busy my mind with sailing and other thoughts. Though, every time I scanned the horizon my eyes always tracked on to the naked form of my daughter. Then something happened that threw me over the edge. My daughter sat up a little to get a drink from her water bottle and as she pulled it away some of it spilled down her front.

I watched as she used her hand to wipe the liquid from her breast, and swore she squeezed it a little. But I'm sure my mind filled that in. Then she wiped it from her tanned stomach and seemed to need to wipe it from between her thighs.

"Lucky water", I thought to myself. After that she laid back down placed one leg over the back of the settee and rested her hand on her pelvis, very close to her pubic mound. I swear I saw her run her finger along her little patch as she laid there with a slight grin on her face. I asked her to keep a look out as I needed to hit the head. April sat up a little so she could survey the surrounding area.

I quickly went in the head and pulled down my shorts to german teen gets fucked hardcore and blowjob my throbbing erection. As much as I knew it was wrong I quickly stroked myself with visions of my daughter in my head. My mind replayed the scene of her masturbating on deck and it didn't take me long before I shot my cum along the bulkhead wall, counter and sink to a muffled grunt.

I gave myself a minute to recompose myself. Then I grabbed some toilet paper and started to clean up. I jumped as I hear a knock on the door. "You about done in there, I need to go." "Just a minute" I stammered and quickly pulled up my shorts, flushed the paper down the head. I opened the door and there was my daughter standing naked before me. I couldn't help but stop and take in the site from her feet to hear face.

Her face of course was look at me with the, "Do I get a turn?" expression. "Sorry" I said as I moved out of the way. Being on a boat, there isn't a lot of room and doors are small. As we moved past each other she seemed to lean in to me a little closer than needed and I felt her nipples brush across my chest.

"I might need to go back in there", I mused to myself. As I returned to amazing brunette fills herself with big toys cockpit, I started to wonder if I had got all of my cum cleaned up? That might be a little hard to explain. A minute later April emerged back in to the cockpit with a bit grin on her face. She looked around and realized that we were getting closer to shore and other boats.

She quickly put back on her bikini (much to my sadness) and pulled on her shorts. April then pulled a diary out of her bag and sat about writing something. I tried to ask what she was writing about. She responded that she just liked to keep a diary of fun days like sailing today. What I wouldn't give to be able to see what she did write about today. By the time she finished writing we were entering the marina. We quickly docked and covered the sails. Then we headed home.

I was still really turned on by the events of the day and as I climbed in to bed, I tried to kiss and nuzzle my wife's neck. "Stop please; I'm tired" was the response. I was almost used to it. I had some very erotic dreams that night, to no surprise my daughter was in them. The next weekend we were able to go sailing as a family.

We even spent the night anchored out. Even though I enjoy sailing as a family and being able to spend that kind of uninterrupted time with my wife and daughter, I couldn't help but feel cheated. I love having my wife with us, but I really wanted more time watching my naked daughter lounging about.

On the weekend of the 4th of July, we made plans for our overnighter.

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The township north of us does a nice fireworks show with big ground show as well that is visible from the bay. They have it lined up sexy maya loves having her hot ass filled with dick meat a bluff that overlooks the bay and shoreline and bay are filled with boats. About 4 years ago, we arrived just before the fireworks started and had a hard time finding a spot that looked safe to anchor for the show.

We decided to head a little further North to see if there was anything better. To our enjoyment we came across a small cove behind the bluff. Since you couldn't see any of the ground display it was virtually empty. We opted to anchor and see what happened anyway. We were overly pleased with our choice during the sky portion of the fireworks. It almost seemed as though they shot directly over our heads. From then on, we stayed in our little cove every 4th.

As luck would have it, my wife told me she had to work the overnight shift this 4th. She was going to covering for the lady that covered for her over our vacation.

So, there wasn't much she could do. She was disappointed in not being able to go, but insisted that our daughter and I go anyway. As normal, I loaded the boat with food, water and our things before emptying the septic tank on Friday evening. It would take several hours to sail up the coast, so I didn't want exquisite pussy loving pounding hardcore and blowjob spend lots of time prepping Saturday morning.

Saturday morning went pretty normal. We had to leave for the marina by 1 to be able to get up to our cove by 6ish. We tried to be there in time to eat dinner without the balancing act having the boat heeled over. That also allowed a little time to clean up before the fireworks at 8ish.

We spent the morning as a family, took in the parade and had lunch together. Then we kissed the wife goodbye and headed up to the boat.

I tried to get a feel for where April was on the way up, but she was slightly distracted by her phone, as normal. Before long we were at the marina and had slipped the dock lines.

It was another beautiful day as we set sails and headed north. The only real down side I saw was sailing the coast meant other boaters around and my daughter in her bikini on the foredeck.

Yes, I admit I was a little let down. We sailed along for an hour taking in the sites along the shoreline. There were a lot of people playing in the sand and water on the warm day. April was also enjoying a little sun on the foredeck as well. It was then that April returned to the cockpit for something to drink. When she returned from the galley she asked if it would be alright if she tanned here in the cockpit.

Since she would be below the deck level she wouldn't be as visible to most boaters and if one came by she could always cover up. My heart raced at the idea and I wanted to shout "Hell Yes!" while doing a happy dance. "As long as you cover up when I tell you to." was my actual response. With that I watched again as my beautiful daughter removed her bikini and laid back on the settee.

I took in my daughter form again and felt the familiar stirring in my groin. I did my best to try to subside the growth and hide my semi hardness. Luckily my mind was slightly distracted by the other boaters around. Several times I had to have April cover up as a boat would pass near enough for onlookers to view. We had a wonderful, but uneventful sail up the coast. Still I delighted in viewing my daughter's naked form along the way and looked forward to crawling in to my berth tonight to release my built up tension.

As we passed by the bay where the fireworks were going to be we noticed a large number of boats already occupying the space, as well as a lot of blankets on the adjacent hillside. We continued a little ways beyond the bay and slipped in to our little cove. The tree cover along the shoreline made it poor viewing for the general public and we soon felt like we had a world of our own. It was 6:45pm, right on time. April has since put back on her bikini, tank top and cotton shorts since the sun was heading down.

With our anchors set, (I put out two so we are facing the fireworks) April started on dinner. Before I knew it we were sitting down to a wonderful meal. Conversation was light and I knew April had something on her mind, but she wasn't volunteering the information. We did talk about how Mom would have enjoyed the sail and being here in the bay. How she wished Sara could have been here this summer as well.

I tried to see if anything else was going on and she said she just had things on her mind. I left it at that and went on about enjoying my dinner.

I figured she would tell me when she was ready. After dinner, we cleaned up the dishes and I tuned the radio in to the station for the fireworks show. It was still around 80 degrees as the sun went down and we had about a half hour before things began. I sat back in the cockpit getting my vantage point ready for the festivities and enjoyed a cold beer. April was taking a few minutes to write in her diary at the galley table and said she'd be up in a few.

As I finished my beer, my lovely daughter came up from below, as if on cue with another cold one for her dad. I thanked her as usual and watched as she sat down opposite me. The sun had not quite gone down all the way and the last rays were illuminating her face. I then noticed her outfit.

She had on her tank top and shorts, but her bikini top was missing. I could see in the fleeting light her breasts bare under her shirt. I could make out the fabric giving way to her hardened nipples. "Dad", April started, which brought me out of my trance. "Do you miss Sara sailing with us?" she asked. "Well, she was a joy to have on board, that's for sure. And I was happy you had someone to enjoy the time with." I responded.

"She's really beautiful" my daughter commented. "Yes, she was attractive" I confirmed, not sure of where this was going. "Much more than me, huh?" she asked. "Not really", I reassured her. "You are a very beautiful young woman also.

I am sure I'm going to have to beat the boys off with a bat." "You're just saying that because you're my dad" she retorted. "No, from a male perspective, you are a very beautiful and sexy young woman." I assured again.

"Really?" April mused. "Do you really think I'm as sexy as Sara?" I could see she her face light up a little with the prospect. "Yes," I replied. "I even think you might be sexier than Sara." Even though I was being honest, I was hoping she would see it as me trying to boost her confidence in herself.

I saw her get nice smile on her face as she lifted one of her legs up and put her foot on the seat and rested her face on it. From her position I surveyed my beautiful daughter. I could still make out the outline of her breast under her shirt and the nipple pressing the fabric. My eyes travelled down her slender leg and I felt a pulse in my pants as I reached her shorts.

In the position she was sitting in, accidently or not, with her leg up, it pulled open the fabric around her crotch and with barely any light left I could still make out that she wasn't wearing anything underneath her shorts as well. I could slightly make out a bit of her pubic hair and a little of her slit. There sat my daughter with such an angelic smile on her face sitting across from me, exposed. I started to say something when April spoke. "Did you enjoy being Sara's first?" she asked.

I was floored. How do you respond to that? I sat there dumbfounded for a minute trying to think of a way to deny it. "It's OK; Sara told me everything over Christmas." April continued.

"She said it was one of the best experiences she's had." As much as my head was in a fog, that last statement filled my ego with pride. I struggled to figure out an answer for my daughter as the sun finally sat. I felt a little better as the darkness would help to hide my erection that had sprung from seeing my daughter and the images of having Asian cheating cheating wife with huge natural breasts in foreplay action. April must have seen I was struggling with being caught.

"Don't worry dad, I'm not going to tell mom. I haven't told her so far." she responded. "I know you two don't have much of a sex life." OK, a new topic I could respond to. "How do you know that?" I asked. "Well, you told me a while ago, mom didn't like to do it much. Mom also talked with me about the whole sex thing a couple of years ago and admitted she didn't want to do it much." April continued.

"That's why I wasn't surprised when Sara told me about your sailing trip." "Well since you already know," I began, "yes, I did enjoy it. It was a wonderful experience I was able to share." "I admit that it was wrong to cheat on your mother, but sometimes we make mistakes." I replied.

"Do you think it was a mistake?" she asked. "No, err yes. What I mean was the cheating on your mother was wrong." I tried my best to get out of this situation. "Do you ever think of me like that?" April asked. "Like what honey?" I tried to play stupid. "Sexually?" "Well, umm." was all I got out. April stood up and positioned herself before me.

"I mean, I know you masturbated the other day when we went sailing" she admitted. "I found some semen on the mature vixen sydney hail gets her pussy beaten up in the bathroom." I was busted.

Now how do I get out of it? My mind was buzzing, not sure what to do. Then April straddled my lap and put her hands on my shoulders. Instinctively I put my hands on her hips. "It's OK dad," she continued. "I'm' sure you watched me masturbate as well, and I'm alright with that, since I was thinking of you at the time." I was in disbelief.

I wasn't hearing right. I had been busted cheating on my wife, masturbating to my daughter and now she's telling me she was doing the same thing? I looked up at my daughter wanting to say something. April leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. It was electrifying!

My hands gripped her hips. Her fingers ran through my hair. I could feel her hips moving slightly and realized she was grinding in to my erection. When out kiss broke she looked at me.

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Without saying a word she removed her top. There staring at me were these two beautiful mounds. Her hands went back behind my head and guided them to her. I softly kissed and licked and suckled on her breasts and nipples. I felt her chest heaving and light moans. I ran my fingers along her back and down along her ass. I let my fingers slip under the fabric felt her dampness. She let out a gasp as she pulled me tighter. With that she let me go and stood up. I watched dumbfounded as she removed her shorts, standing there now naked before me.

I reached up and brought her down across my lap. I kissed her again. "I want you to be my first too." she whispered. I let my body run on autopilot, throwing out my moral compass. I placed April down on the cushion and kissed her again. Then I let myself kiss and lick my way down along her breasts again. I enjoyed the feeling of her fingers in my hair. I continued my kissing and licking as I lowered my head along her stomach, down along her pelvis.

I delighted as my tongue took in her nectar. My heart raced as her nails dug in to my head as my tongue slid along her slit. My tongue slipped along her folds, opening her, teasing her. I listened to her breath quicken and the moans escape.

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I continued my oral artistry as I let a finger slip into the fabric of her being. First time sister sleep brsex cock hardened as I felt the contractions around my finger. Before long I felt her moaning increase and her body tightening, fingers gripping as her body shuttered in pleasure.

I continued to give small pats with my tongue as her twitches subsided. April pulled me up and kissed my lips. When we parted lips April looked at me with a glow about her. "I want to take care of you now." she huffed. As I started to sit up, April grabbed the bottom of my shirt and helped me remove it.

Then she got up as I sat down on the seat. She quickly helped me remove my shorts, releasing my erection to the cooling night air. Her eyes widened with a slight uneasiness.

Then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly began father reap daughter fuk story stroke. I let out a slight moan with the feeling of someone else stroking me. Then she let her tongue lick my shaft from bottom to top. A little pre-cum had formed on top and I watched as her tongue slid across, taking it in.

With that I watched as her head lowered and she took my cock in to her mouth. My gasp was louder and I moaned "Yes." I could tell it was awkward for my daughter, but she was trying her best to pleasure me. And she was doing a great job. I found out later that Sara had given several boys blowjobs before me, but I was Aprils first. As I reveled in the pleasure April was giving me, I started to feel a growing eruption.

I didn't want my first time to be in April's mouth. I reached down and put my hands under her arms and lifted her up. At first she looked at me as if she had done something wrong. But as I pulled her on to my lap and positioned her over my erection she understood.

I watched the confusion turn to a smile as my cock made contact with her opening. April slowly lowered herself on to me. She was tight, and we worked the head of my cock inside of her. Just a little at a time. Slowly moving up and down, allowing her moisture to lubricate us. I heard the soft moans with each slide and it stirred me on. At last I felt the restriction inside of her.

She put her forehead against mine and in a whisper she said, "Please." I made a couple of short stroked as my ears picked up a new sound. "Thump, thump." As I pulled her down in one final thrust, I tore through her barrier as fireworks exploded overhead. April buried her face in my shoulder as her hands gripped my back. I felt my cock bury deep inside of her and let her sit to adjust to what had just happened. "Are you OK" I asked in to her ear. I could feel her nodding in my shoulder.

Then I felt her hips start to move and I resumed my thrusting. I could faintly sexy zoey gets covered in sticky sperm pornstars and creampie out her moans over the sounds of the fireworks in the air.

Then the sky went dark. I moved April and laid her back on the settee again. Then, I climbed on top of her and entered her. April wrapped her legs and arms around me. I held her in my arms as I made love to my beautiful daughter. As I thrusted I heard more fireworks in the air. I continued my course as I listened to her moans and breaths. I knew I would be cumming soon. I continued, feeling my little girls arms wrapped around me.

I felt my eruption growing. I would not be stopping it this time. I let my own grunts out and put my lips on hers. I felt the fluids flow as my cock swelled. Maybe April sensed what was about to happen. I felt her fingers grip me tighter. Fireworks exploded in the air as the finally ensued. I felt my own body shake as the pleasure erupted through me. My cock exploded over and over. I could hear April's muffled whimpers in my ear. Then all was silent, all but the sounds of our panting. I collapsed on to April.

She hugged me tight. "I love you daddy" she huffed. "I love you to sweetheart." We laid there for a few more minute, regaining ourselves. Finally, I lifted myself up and removed myself from my daughter. My cock glistened in the moonlight with the evidence of our act. April sat up and felt the wetness between her legs.

"Good thing you got fixed, huh?" she mused. I couldn't help but chuckle. I hadn't even thought about the prospect of getting her pregnant. Even in the cool air, I was sweaty up a storm.

I walked over to the stern of the boat and lowered myself down the ladder in to the cool water. "What are you doing?" April asked. "Just cooling off and cleaning off." I replied. With that, April descended the ladder also and wrapped her arm around my neck. We kissed again. "Thank you for being my first. I couldn't think of anyone I would rather give that to." she told me.

I sat there and smiled back at her. "No, thank you for making me feel that special." I replied. With that she climbed prisoner of war interrogation torture up the ladder and went below deck to dry off. I followed down as well. "Can I sleep next to you tonight?" she asked. I turned on the anchor light and turned off the lights to the rest of the boat.

Then I led her to the forward berth and pulled her up next to me. She fell asleep on my chest quickly. I dozed off shortly thereafter. Around 3am I woke up having to go to the bathroom. My daughter was still snuggled on me. I gently removed hentai doll gets pussy ravished hardcore cumshot and went to the head. After I came back, I slid next to her. April must have noticed as she put her head back on my chest, and then wrapped an arm and leg across me.

I quickly fell back asleep. Sometime around 6am I was stirred from my sleep. In my groggy state I became aware of movement then intense pleasure.

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For a moment I had forgotten where I was. Then the realization hit me. I looked down through squinty eyes to see my daughter wonderfully sucking on my now fully erect member. As I was lying there, I wondered if she was going to mount me again. I put my hand upon her head, as a way of saying I am awake.

She paused for a moment and looked up at me. We exchanged smiles before she went back to her mission. I felt her hand and lips sucking me while her other hand fondled my balls. I soon started to feel that building pressure inside of me. I started letting out soft moans of pleasure to encourage her to continue.

And continue she did. As I felt my own orgasm approaching, I grunted louder and let out an "I'm gonna. I'm gonna." April only stroked faster.

I felt my cock expand and my cum rush through my member. April instinctively stopped bobbing her head but continued to stroke me, sending wave after wave or pleasure through me and spurt after spurt of cum in to her mouth. As my cock started to deflate, and April was sure nothing more was to be had, she let me slip from her mouth.

Then she moved up and kissed me softly on the lips. "Morning." she growled. "Morning to you too!" I enjoyed being inside of April once more that morning before we headed home. Our secret tryst carried over to a few more sail outing and even a mother id like to fuck gets large dick to play with nights over the winter. I wasn't sure what would be happening the following summer with college and all.

Then we got a note in the mail from Sara. It seems that she was going to going to college near us and was looking forward to hanging out with April and doing a little sailing. But that's another story.