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Sex swellow my com com
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As he drew closer offering his self to her again, she quickly pulled away clamping her legs closed. He smirked. "Closed legs can't get fed," He said "Open ones don't get loved.

I'm not going to keep being your whore.

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I need more than sex, I want to know that you care," She replied. He stared down at her silently for a moment. He leaned down to kiss her. Her head turned quickly away from his.

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With both hands he grabbed her face towards him before forcing his mouth on hers. She clenched her mouth shut trying not to let him in, she was trying to stay strong but his hands began to roam her body. She couldn't do much to fight him off, she never could.

She loved him. His hands started to pry open her thighs so his body could rest between them, she tried again to push teenagesex story village government school hands away.

It was too late he had already opened her thighs enough to get his hand into her panties and a finger quickly guiding her to the edge of the world. He finally took his mouth from hers and whispered the words she loved to hear him say. "Please kiss me," he said. Excitement was filling her and taking over her body and making its way into her mind, almost pushing away the rest of her resolve. She had to make herself stay strong blonde teen best friends sucking dick in a threesome keep saying no.

He kissed her neck and chest, and finally her breasts. She wanted to taste him and feel him. She knew that she had to move quickly otherwise he would get what he wanted. She had to save herself from him at any cost, she knew nothing was going to come from fucking him again. She would get him in her mouth, she would get the satisfaction of having him under her control even if only for a short time.

She shoved and pushed him from off of her, briefly losing her balance and tumbling down onto his chest. He was stunned that his little mouse gained control. She laid on his chest looking into his eyes, slowly moving her hand down his smooth chest.

When her hand met the top of his pants she hesitated, she hated undoing a man's pants and belt. He knew this as he smiled sweetly at her. She looked away from him down to his belt. She slipped the belt loose from the metal clip and then unfastened the button on the top of his pants.

She reached further down to touch the zipper, she could feel how hard and big his cock had become. She ran her finger along the zipper for a second, making him suffer as he had frequently done to her.

Everything about him turned her on but his moan instantly made her pussy wet. His hand was moving from the bed. He couldn't regain control so she quickly unzipped the pants and lowered herself off the bed, pulling down his pants and boxers as soon as she hit the floor. He promptly pushed himself up on his elbows and looked down at her as she took his cock into her hands. She wanted him so bad but knew what she had to do. She leaned forward and brought him to her lips.

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She started with a kiss and then a small lick and suck of the tip. She heard him let go of a breath. Relief and disappointment filled her. She wanted to feel him deep inside her, filling her pussy with his cock. But he wasn't the one for her, she had to move on. She would give him part of what he wanted so she can get away and never be caught like this again. She licked the length of him before putting him fully into her mouth. She tried to work fast and hard, twirling her tongue and taking him deep into her mouth.

He started sitting up, she felt his hands on her neck and shoulders, rubbing and caressing her. Then his hand was on the back of her head, pushing her down so that he was so far in her throat, his cock was completely in her. Tears filled her eyes but she wasn't going to stop until he came.

His hands started wandering again, down to her open legs. She swatted him away but he had touched her and felt the wetness dripping from her. He brought his fingers to his mouth. "Let me fuck you," he said. She ignored him and started sucking faster. He pulled it from her mouth and said amateur milf rough so is she willing to give him what he wants me fuck you." "NO," she said "I don't want you to," and she pushed her mouth back over him and felt that it was harder than before, he was at the brink of exploding.

He went to reach for her opening again. She moved his hands before they could get a hold. He tried to pull himself away again but she held tight with both hands and sucked as hard as she could.

She tried to keep his cock deep in her mouth, ready for him to pop his load down her throat. She wasn't going to waste a drop. The sexiest moan she ever heard came from his mouth mixed with the words. "I need to fuck you." She was so wet and close to coming, she wanted to give in but she couldn't let go, she wouldn't. His hand shot out and he grabbed her right nipple between two of his fingers. She gasped letting him slip from her grasp just enough for him to escape.

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He knew each of her weaknesses and didn't let her go, he kept squeezing and pulling, making her even wetter. It hurt but it felt so good, she was lost for a moment. She became his puppet and was forced to do as he wanted, he pulled her upwards and she followed. He pushed her onto her back on the bed. He brought his face to her pussy and tried to open her legs again. She pushed him back, bringing up her knees.

"You don't want me to fuck you," he said. Roughly he pulled her legs apart and started to move to her opening. She caught his cock in her hand and held him out of her. She gripped him slightly squeezing her hand around him.

He loomed over her, gradually pushing himself towards her slender teenage looker has her asshole drilled. She slowly and gently moved his cock to the lips of her opening, letting him briefly feel how wet she had become.

She kept her grip firm and as she continued her tease. She moaned and licked her lips. He leaned in close to her and attempted to push his way into her. "Let me just go in a little, please.

I need to feel you wrapped around me," he said and repeated it over and over again. Each time he said it it became lower and lower and he was gradually getting further and further inside of her. Soon the head was in. She felt her body tighten, she was going to cum soon without having fully felt his cock. She loved the feeling of restricting him, and the feeling of being in control.

His begging became more urgent. "Let me go, let me fuck you." He regained his hold on her nipple and it tightened almost slinging her over the edge. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away, and he buried himself inside of her. She had failed and he had control again. She tried again to fight him and push him off, he caught both of her hands and pinned them above her head. He took no mercy on her. He crashed into her hard and fast, punishing her for her resistance, for her attempt at freedom, for her want of love and true affection.

She was so close to coming that when his mouth came to hers again she took it greedily. Taking his tongue, gently biting the tip of it before holding it in her mouth. He had what he wanted, her submission.

Her arms were free and her hands flung to his body, rubbing over his back and ass, feeling him taking her closer to what she needed and farther away from herself.

With one final brutal thrust she felt him shooting his hot cum deep into her and her own body shook and clenched as her orgasm took her. As he lay on top of her unmoving, she knew she would never be able to get rid of him.