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Sweet chick amy wants to fuck large massive hard dick smalltits and hardcore
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She was working at the local bar for about two years now. She worked hard everyday and knew her regulars pretty well, and wanted to make sure they knew she would take care of them. One night at around 11 she was outside on her break, when a gentleman came up to her and offered her a job.

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" this job pays very well and will get you away from the drunk ass holes that hot on you every night" he said as he handed her his business card. " I will think about it and get in touch with you " she said. She thought long and hard the next couple of days. She knew the job was an office job but she didn't know what it would entail.

Her best friend told her to go for an interview, find out what it was aboutthen make a decision. She dialed the number on the card. " thank you for calling gordy's how may I direct your call"? " to a mr. Samuel Gordy please". She was placed on hold for a few minutesthen the familiar voice came on the line. "This is Samuel " " hi mr. Gordy it's Rachel from the bar you came to the other man fucks girl like a black guy. As they discussed what the job would entail and if she would be interested her only thought was ' how much does it pay' ?

" how much do you make at the bar Rachel with tips"? " we'll I make 7.25 an hour and usually about two hundred a night in tips". He sat silent for a bit then said " if we pay you 13.00 an hour would you come work for us"?

" when would you like me to start"? " be here tomorrow at 9 am for training"?

As she hung up the phone she was very pleased with herself. She would sell household items and make commission plus her base pay. She put her two week notice in at hot teens get enjoying their stepdads dicks in a group fuck bar that night wanting to never return to it.

The next day she wore her best outfit. It was a black skirt, white button up blouse and high heels. As she entered the office at 845 she felt eyes staring at her. She knew she was good looking at the age of 25.

She had d cup breasts that were firm, long tan legs, and a toned midsection. She was a brunette with a hint of Red in her hair and deep sea blue eyes. She walked up to the counter and introduced herself to the elderly secretary. " I am to meet Samuel Gordy at 9 for training " the lady told her to have a seat that it would be a few minutes. " how's it going Rachel "?

She quickly stood up and turned to face mr. Gordy. " I'm great how are you"? " much better now " he said with a smile. " let's go introduce you to everyone " she followed behind him as he introduced her to all of the office staff. She was the youngest one there and felt very out of place.

Next he took her through some double doors " this part gets a little hairy " he said " these are our installers. Young and very obnoxious men " she could feel all the eyes burning in her as she was introduced to each guy. " where is lance I want him to meet our new addition"?

Just then a handsome young man came through the doors. " what's up boss" ? " ah yes here we are. Lance this is Rachel she is our newest addition". He looked at her up and down "ok " he said and walked off. "You will have to mind him he is a bit edgy lately. I apologize" she turned to leave, but before she did she glanced his way and caught his eyes. ' oh my ' she thought ' I could get lost with him any day.

Those eyes are to die for and his body holy fuck I want to strip him little laundromat slut gets fucked on top of the machines pornstars and hardcore where he is' After working there a month she got her own office and was selling like crazy. As a reward they gave her a raise and some vacation time.

She took a week off to go see her family. She enjoyed it and needed the time away but felt very alone. By the time she returned to the office she had a nice tan going and decided to show it off. She wore a shorter skirt than usual but still professional. Once again she could sense she was being watched everywhere she went in the office.

After lunch there was a knock on her office door. " come in" she said not even looking up from her paperwork. " hi Rachel " she glanced up and there was lance. She hasn't thought much of him since the day they met. It seemed like he avoided her. " what can I do for you lance "? He wanted to tell her that she could relieve this bulge in his pants.

Let him see her body. Touch her body.

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Ooh how he wanted her! " I noticed you weren't here last week so I thought I'd see if you were ok". 'Wow' she thought ' he does notice me.

" yes I'm fine I just went to see family in California. ". " we'll you look good if you don't mind me saying so ". " thank you lance that's very kind of you " He started to move toward the side of her desk as she turned to face him she noticed his bulge in his pants.

She decided that lance needed to pay for being so cold to her on her first day. He sat on the edge of her desk as they continued to talk. She slowly started to spread her legs revealing her bare pussy to him. " Rachel I don't think we should do this ".

" do what? That bulge in your pants seems to think differently" she said as big black cock vz japan started to rub her clit.

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" Rachel I'm serious I should leave". " are you sure you want to leave ? Or would you like to touch my wet pussy"? More to cum let me know what you think

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