Natural big tits blonde banged in fake taxi in public

Natural big tits blonde banged in fake taxi in public
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My wife had gone out for the evening and once again I was home alone. We were living in an apartment and in the silence I could occasionally hear our neighbor, Linda, on her side of the common wall separating our apartments. Linda was a single woman who lived by herself, in her late twenties, and had two passions in life, food and sex.

Since my wife was a close friend of Linda's, I had been familiar with her sexual appetite for a number of years. My wife had previously told me that if any man wanted to have fuck her she was always ready.

Linda never seemed to have a problem finding a man for sex despite being only four foot eight inches in height and weighing around three hundred pounds.

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I already knew from experience that fucking Linda could be very good. My wife had introduced me to sex with her when I was invited to join both her and Linda as the male part of a threesome a few months earlier. The three of us continued to have an occasional threesome and at times Linda and I would fuck each other while my wife was out. This was one of those nights when my wife was out and I was in the mode for some fucking while waiting for her to return home.

I stepped into our common hallway and knocked on her door. It was only a matter of seconds before I heard her ask who was there to which I replied letting her know who it was. The door open and she greeted me standing off to the side totally naked.

She was usually in a nightgown when home with company and when alone preferred being in the nude. After I entered her place we kissed each other as I fondled her massive breasts and lightly pinched her nipples. Without my saying nude interview with handjob with busty redhead jenny Linda knew exactly why I was there and within a few minutes we were in her bedroom.

She got onto her bed and lay down on her back waiting for me to remove my clothing and join her. Because she was on her back her large breasts no longer laid on top of her chest, but each settled off to either side cradled by her arms. Her stomach when she was standing would hang so far down that her pubic hair could not be seen. Laying on her back her stomach would flattened out, settling on each side, making her look wider then she really was and her dark patch of pubic hair was then clearly visible.

The only things that did not change drastically were her upper arms and legs. I joined Linda on her bed and we started to kiss and fondle each other. I was playing with her massive breasts, and already soaked pussy, sucking on her nipples and either massaging her clitoris or putting my fingers deep into her pussy. She was in turn playing with my already erect cock. It did not take very many minutes before Linda's hands on my cock were replaced by her mouth.

I felt her moist lips encircle the head of my cock and then slowly slide down the length of my anal job after blow job pornstar and hardcore as she took my full eight inches into her mouth and down into her throat. Linda considered herself to be an expert in giving oral sex. My wife had told me, months prior to the first time we had a threesome, that she would practice giving oral sex using a banana.

I don't know about her being an expert, but from having had her lips wrapped around my cock on numerous occasions I knew from experience what she was capable of doing. Her lips massaged my shaft as she worked it in and out of her mouth, frequently taking a few inches of it into her throat whenever she took my entire length into her mouth. Being in her throat was a sensation that felt very different when compared to being in her pussy.

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Linda was equally skillful in using her tongue on the head of my cock as she stroked it with her hands. Despite the skills she had giving oral sex, she never wanted me to cum in her mouth. She always wanted to save that part for her pussy. Feeling the hot japanese wife fuck friend front husband of cum shoot into the farthest reaches of her pussy would intensify her orgasm even more and send her over the edge.

It was then my turn to reciprocate by placing my face between Linda's legs with my mouth directly against her pussy and eating her out.

I lapped repeatedly the length of her pussy with my tongue, sucked on her clitoris, and stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as it would reach.

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I brought her to numerous orgasms by sucking her clitoris into my mouth, and while holding it there flicking the tip of it with my tongue. Despite her constant yelling as I sucked on her clitoris, I did not stop until she begged me too by saying "No more.


I can't take any more." Linda then got onto her knees, buried her face in a pillow and had me take her from behind. Her clitoris was still too sensitive to allow the kind of contact it would receive if she were on her back. I then entered her for the first time this evening, being careful not to penetrate too deep since she could not take the full length of my cock in that position.

The interior length of Linda's pussy was too short to completely accommodate the length of my cock when it was fully erect. We learned this during black coke xnxx story in uk first threesome when I pushed so far into her that it caused her pain. The head of my cock would push against the far end of her pussy and stretch it beyond its normal maximum length.

I placed the head of my cock between the open lips of Linda's pussy, located the opening into her tunnel and began to push into her. I could feel the head of my cock pass beyond the entrance of her pussy and then continue it's journey until it reached the end of her pussy. I still had almost two inches of hard cock ready to enter her, if she could take it.

I then fucked her in that position for over ten minutes, being careful not to cause her any discomfort by penetrating to deep. Linda eventually collapsed onto her stomach with me still inside of her, then rolled onto her side after I pulled out. She extended one leg upward, allowing me to lay across the other leg while facing her, and I reinserted my cock into her. Laying like this I was able to take her breasts in my hands and bring her nipples up to my mouth. I continued too slowly stroke my cock in and out of her pussy as I drew each nipple into my mouth, sucking on it so hard that I was stretching it beyond its normal erect length.

We held this new position for a few minutes until Linda said she wanted to be on her back and fucked hard. We both rolled over together without having to remove myself from inside of her. I found my hips cradled between her two widely spread legs, my stomach on hers, my chest between her breasts and my cock still deep inside of her pussy. With her size it was almost like laying on a soft cushion. We kissed, our tongues battling each other for control, and then I began riding her hard, using my hips to rhythmically pound myself into her like a pile driver pounding a steel beam into the ground.

After fifteen to twenty minutes Linda began to moan loudly and drew her knees up towards her shoulders for deeper penetration. She reached behind her and grabbed the headboard of her bed for more leverage. Leverage too better meet the thrusts of my cock into her waiting pussy. We pounded each other as hard as we were able, with her screaming and yelling as she approached a massive climax. Moments later her screaming intensified as she felt my stellar beauty is presenting her spread tight cunt in close up fingering trimmed release the first blast of a massive amount of cum into the depths of her pussy.

When Linda's orgasm hit, her body went rigid, her pussy clamped onto my cock, and a continuous yell from deep in her throat filled the air.

I lay on the soft cushion of Linda's body as my cock continued to throb, releasing the last of my cum into her body. I still wonder how her bed survived the treatment we gave it. Afterwards Linda and I lay there together, wrapped in each other's arms, kissing and enjoying the afterglow of some very satisfying sex.

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I eventually got up replaced my clothing while Linda elected to remain naked. I sat on the bed next to a reclining Linda, while we talked until I was ready to return to my apartment next door. After sharing a few more kisses, squeezing and sucking on her nipples, and placing some fingers into her very wet pussy, I went home to wait for my wife to return from her evening out.

With a little luck, she will arrive home in a few hours with a freshly fucked and cum filled pussy for me to enjoy.