Beautiful gorgeous blowjob noise complaints make messy hoe cops like me raw for phat

Beautiful gorgeous blowjob noise complaints make messy hoe cops like me raw for phat
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This is 100% true and genuine. This is my first time writing so please excuse errors. No one knows about this until now, and I think it is time to share about my story. I hope you all will leave feedback on my writing, as I would be very appreciative of it.

The names in this story have been changed to preserve the identities of those in it. --------------- I am 16 years old.

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I weight about 210 pounds, have a very muscular build (thanks to the gym), and am 6'2" tall. I do not have any fat on my body, all muscle (except for the slight love handles), 6 pack showing.

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I grew up in a fairly large suburb and was raised in the Christian faith. I had grown to know around the age of 13 I had feelings about people of my own gender, but was ignorant of them and did not express them in the slightest publicly or privately. until I met James. James is 6'1", 195 pounds, and does not have an ounce of fat on his body. I mean he is ripped head to toe, 6 pack (almost an 8 pack :)), toned as hell muscles, and a hot hot hot butt.

James and I have played football together since we were kids, and boy have I fantasized about him for years, and hid it well may I say. We played football and baseball all the way through our childhood years together, and were best friends all along the way. James always had the hottest girlfriend through gradeschool, while I was more private and did not have as many. He was very nice and considerate to all people, which I loved about him.

He was genuinely a sweetheart. As time has it, I began to have feelings for James, deep feelings. Hentai rape tagalog version vid he was sad, I was sad.

When he was happy, I was happy, and I loved that. James was not a homophobe, but he openly expressed his feelings about how people became gay and would sort of make fun of homosexuals in general, and so would I just to hide the fact and be ignorant about my feelings. One day, in the 9th grade James and I had to run sprints after practice for acting up and talking in a class we had together. By the end when we got inside the locker room, everyone was gone, even the coaches.

They had left straight after japan friend long time sex story sprints. We were both physically exhausted and had to shower before we left. As we both stripped I had to fight so hard from having my member become hard for James' rocking hot body. He was absolutely stunning naked.

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Like unbereablely sexy. I had fantasized about him for years, and would often get hard just thinking about it.

Well we stripped and I kept my raging thoughts subsibed and we showered as normal, but one thing was pecuilar. As I tried to not look at James, it seemed as if he could not stop looking at me.

I confronted him about this and he was like nah I'm just tired, but I brave young beauty screwed by old rod not think so. I think he was checking me out, because his member had grown in size to about 6" still soft, but definitely hung.

I thought nothing of it and we finished showering as usual. When I got home that night I could not stop thinking about it. What had happened. I was absolutely shocked he had been checking me out, because he is not like that. Maybe he had seen me checking him out before? Maybe he had feelings for me but was scared of them? I had no idea, and my mind was racing. I needed to deal with this, but how? As I laid down for bed my phone buzzed as I had gotten a text. I saw it and it was James.

It read "Bro just so you know about today in the showers, I wasn't checking you out, swear to God", blonde olivia kassidy fucked in the bathroom pornstars hardcore I replied "No worries, we good." In the next coming weeks nothing became of it.

Usual routine kicked in. Well one night as I lie in bed trying to sleep my phone buzzes. It's James. Weird. Why would he be texting me this late? Well, the text read, "I'm confused, I don't know what to do, I need to talk to you in the morning privately or I might do something stupid". I had no idea what he was talking about so I reply with a broad ok man ya sure whatever you want. He never replied. The morning came and James and I went to the woods (which is right next to my school), like 100 feet away.

He told me about his feelings for other guys, and that he doesn't know what they are or what they came from. How they started or where they are leading. He started talking about how he has been fantasizing about other men, some of which include me, and I was SHOCKED.

How could my partly homo phobic best friend be having these feelings and I never even had the clue they were there. I mean I bust victoria fucked by two big cocks he was checking me out in the showers, but I had thought that nothing would become of it.

well something did. I openly expressed the same feelings as I was having, and he light up. He was very confident. He started to walk closer, and I took a step back. He did it again and I did the same thing.

He said what, do you not want me to do stuff with you? And I replied with take it slow James, don't move to fast. And he stepped forward again, and this time the feelings all came rushing into reality.

It was just like I had fantasized about and I was pushing them away. I told him that we would talk after school and he said we would. After school I lied down after football practice and he texts me saying parents aren't home for a few hours come over so we can talk.

So I obviously go over to his house and as I walk in he is butt ass naked with a raging boner. 9" inches long, maybe ten with huge girth. I was going to say what the fuck are you doing, no I'm going home, but who was I to resist. I took a step forward and so did he. We interlock in a passionate kiss. We are making out, my boner is raging. All of a sudden James rips my pants off and every other article of clothing. We move to his parents bedroom.

We are both butt naked making out on his parents bed. Both of our pelvis' thrusting into each other's members hotly raging. James then stops suddenly and says to lay down on my back.

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He starts rubbing me down, licking my body head to toe, and it felt amazing. James has the most amazing lips may I add. DSL for sure.

Better than any girl's lips I've ever seen or recieved a blow from. And all of a sudden, those hot and wet lips plunge onto my penis. Shoveling all the length into James' throat, him gagging, me having the most euphoric feeling ever courtney cameo minor part major star twistys it doesn't stop until my hot juicy cum rolls down his throat like a volcano.

I quickly return the favor for him gagging all the way down. Then James rolls me over and starts rubbing his wet dick onto my hardening ass hole. He rubs it up and down, then grabs a bottle of lube from his parent's dresser and lubes me up.

He plunges his massive member into my small cute ass hole and drives it in home, and doesn't stop until we are both exhausted from it all. That's it for right now as I have been up for a very long time and have school to attend to. Comment your feedback :).