Sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch

Sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch
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My wife Joan has been traveling with me on business trips. While I work Joan scouts for possible sexual adventures. The next business trip was to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a wonderland of adult fun: Casinos, Showgirls, famous performers and wonderful hotels and resorts. The hotel we were staying at was the Cosmopolitan. We had a Lanai suite. It was a two level suite with a private plunge pool and direct access to the hotel's Bamboo pool. Joan had bought some new clothes for the trip.

She bought elegant evening dresses and a new micro bikini. Work always consumed me during the day. Joan would meet me for dinner and we would talk about our day. The first night we had drinks at the Vesper bar. It was very elegant. I told Joan about my day work, work. Joan told me she had done some shopping and spent some time at the pool. She wore her new micro bikini. The bikini bottom was a patch in the front with a zipper down the middle. It was attached by two thin strings around her waist and one string between her buttocks.

The top was two tiny patches that showed her areolas peeking over the top. I asked, "How low did bright orgasms delivered to a luscious babe hardcore and blowjob pull the zipper?" She blushed and said, "Low enough so you could see the top of my slit." She told me she had rented a Cabana by the pool.

Every time the Cabana boy came by to see if she wanted refreshment, she would toy with the zipper. He would blush and stammer.

We had a great dinner at the hotel's Tapas restaurant. When we got back to our suite I asked her to model the bikini for me. She put it on and twirled around to show it off. The patch in front with the zipper didn't cover her mound.

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The zipper was half way down exposing her labia. The top stopped just below her nipples. I was stunned by how beautiful and erotic she looked. She was visibly excited about exposing herself. I pulled her to me and started finger fucking her. She was wet. I walked her to the bed and sat her on the edge. I knelt in front of her and pulled the zipper further down. She was sopping and pungent. She smelled and tasted like the wanton woman she is.

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I slobbered over her cunt. I licked and sucked like a man possessed. I reached up and untied her top and caressed her breasts. She groaned. I stuck my tongue deep into her ass. I stood up and put my prick in her warm cunt, just above the zipper. The zipper was like a sex toy, in that every time I thrust into her it would rub against my balls. We were both so excited I knew this wasn't going to last long. Joan started babbling, "Cabana boy look at my cunt, look at meee, Ahhh, fuck meeee" She came with a shudder.

My prick exploded shooting my cum into her. When we regained our senses, we smiled and cuddled and drifted off to sleep. The next night we went back to the Vesper bar. We had a plan for our adventure. Joan went in alone. She sat on a barstool. She was wearing one of her new evening dresses. It was long and clung to her like a second skin.

It had long slits in the front and back and a plunging neckline. I came in and got a table where I had a great but inconspicuous view of Joan. The bartender came up to Joan and put a martini down. He gestured to a man a few feet away and said he had bought it for her. Joan turned on the barstool and the slit in the front teasingly opened. She smiled at the gentleman and raised the martini glass in a salute. He had a partial view of her mound. She patted the barstool next to her and he got up and moved to it.

He introduced himself, Dave, and they shook hands with their fingers lingering in each others palms. They started talking, Joan sitting facing him with a hint of her mound showing. When she bent down to get her purse, her bare breasts were on display. It was a blatant display of her body. A small trio started playing soft lounge music. He held out his hand to her and they got up to dance. Joan put her ebony latina gives head and rides long white boner around his shoulders and pressed her body to him.

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I could see them whispering in each others ears. After the dance they went back to the bar. Joan looked flushed with excitement. He looked like the cat that caught the canary. He put his hand on Joan's thigh and she put her hand on top of his and moved it up. Her slit opened enough so that he could see her shaved mound. They continued to talk and flirt and whisper to each other. Joan got up to use the Ladies room.

When she walked by me she winked and flipped the slit in her dress at me. I could see moisture winking in her labia. Now was the time to put the plan into action. When she sat back down, she lusty mature looker tera gets banged hard into him and started whispering. They got up to dance.

Joan put her head on his shoulder and nibbled at his neck. As they danced Joan reached down and pulled the front slit in her dress open.

She pressed her naked mound on his leg and began humping him. She left a tell tale damp spot on his slacks. He was caressing her back and fondling her ass. They looked like they were having sex on the dance floor. They sat back down and she glanced at me. She whispered in his ear and gestured towards me.

He looked over at me and I raised my drink in salute.

I got up and walked over to them. I introduced myself to him. Joan beamed and said, "I told him what we want and he said yes." I said, "Let's take this to our room." We walked out with both our arms around Joan. We got an elevator in the lobby. Once we were in it Joan gave him a passionate open mouth kiss and put his hand in her cleavage.

I got behind her and pressed into her ass. I flipped the back slit and caressed her bare ass. We got to the room. Joan and Dave sat on the couch and started making out. I sat in a chair and hungrily watched them. Joan reached up and pulled the top of her dress down, then raised her self and pulled the dress completely off. Joan stood in front of Dave, naked, beautiful and aroused. She started fingering herself.

She said to Dave, "Take your clothes off. We're going to have wild sex." She turned to me and said, "Take your clothes off. You're going to love this." Joan looked like a live sex goddess. Her breasts were flush with arousal, her nipples like hard stones. Her labia were wet and her ass tight and firm. She spread her legs as she stood there. She wanted sex. Dave stood up and walked over to her. He skimmed his hands over her body and started fingering her.

She put her hand around his prick and started stroking him. She got some lubrication from her cunt and stuck a finger up his ass. She groaned and clung to him, rubbing his dripping prick on her cunt.

Dave fell to his knees and buried his face in her cunt. Joan held his face to her and started humping his face. The aroma of wet sex filled the room. I sat watching, stroking my cock. Joan led Dave to the bed by his cock. She sat him on the edge and knelt in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around his sensitive head. She bobbed up and down, each time taking him deeper and deeper. She licked his cock from top to bottom. She moaned with a mouthful of cock.

Her hand was pumping him while she sucked him. Dave moaned and started thrusting his cock into her mouth. Joan stopped sucking and put Dave on his back. She resumed sucking him and put her cunt over his face. I could see her cunt lips pouting with arousal and glistening with her juices.

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Joan looked up and said, "Dick, please fuck me." I got on the bed behind her. I caressed her ass, then put my prick into her warm welcoming cunt. Dave was just below my prick and kept licking Joan and he would run his tongue the length of my thrusting cock. We kept at this for a long time, everyone on the verge, but wanting it to never end.

I stuck a finger in Joan's ass. This was sexual bliss. Dave started thrusting up into Joan's mouth. He was getting frantic. Joan kept sucking him and she stuck a finger in his ass. He exploded in Joan's mouth. After she sucked him dry she turned to me and gave me a hot open mouth kiss, sharing his cum. That set me off. I pumped and pumped until I was filling her with my cum. Joan started her dirty talk. "Umphh, God, Fuck, me, cummmm, meeee." She came and came. Dave and I held her while she quivered and shook with her orgasm.

We all were still and enjoying the sexual afterglow. After a while Dave got up and dressed. He said "WoW" and left.