Hot and beautiful euro chick valentina gets laid in taxi

Hot and beautiful euro chick valentina gets laid in taxi
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Chapter I: Sleeping In Nick woke up late on a Friday afternoon to a rumble in his stomach. "Jeez, what time is it?" he thought to himself.

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He glanced up at his bedside clock which read 12:36. "Damn…" he whispered sleepily. He had already wasted half of a gorgeous summer Saturday! His stomach gave another growl and he decided to drag himself out of bed and get something to satisfy his hunger.

It was late summer in southern California, and during this time of year, Nick usually only wore boxers to bed. He lifted off the covers and got out of bed, stretching his arms behind his back. Nick was a very good looking young man: 6' 2", 185lbs, short brown hair, a slightly pronounced jaw and light blue eyes.

Nick was also very athletic; he played quarterback in football, point guard in basketball and ran track for his high school, not to mention going to the gym and lifting weights regularly. He had a large chest, a six-pack, and big, defined arms. He was a typically modest person, but he knew any girl at his school would die to go out with him. Nick took a look at himself in the sliding-mirror german teen fingers her pussy and squeeze her big perfect tits all naked to his closet.

Even he marveled at his body sometimes. He had been this way since he began playing football freshman year. Even then he had a six pack. He slipped a t-shirt over his tanned body and threw on a pair of pajama pants and walked into the kitchen.

After enjoying a bowl of cereal, he decided to check his phone. "1 new message" it read. It was from Kelsey, his girlfriend of 3 weeks. It was sent 45 minutes ago when nick was asleep.

"Hey baby! Wat time r u going to Alexa's party 2nite?" she had said.

Nick had been looking forward to this party all week. He was hoping that Kelsey might finally let him fuck her. She had given him a few blowjobs in the short amount of time they had dated but she hadn't let Nick go all the way. He understood. She was quite conservative and shy and didn't want to rush things.

Nick liked that about her. It was nice to be with a girl a little different from his usual girlfriends. His usual girlfriends tended to be the preppy, blonde, fake tanned, school sluts which he almost exclusively dated for sex.

Sex was easy for Nick, he had been very popular ever since he started at quarterback his sophomore year. Girls had suddenly started throwing themselves at him. Nick even got attention from senior girls, begging to be fucked. Nick gave most of his credit to his rather large member; he was blessed with a gorgeous, 8 inch long cock with enormous girth. Whenever Nick was single, girls regularly came up to him at parties saying they heard about how he had the biggest dick in the whole school.

Often times Nick was more than willing to show off his erect cock to these curious little whores and he never failed to please the girl he was with. In the Back of his mind, Nick knew dating Kelsey was going to be somewhat of a strain on his sex life. He really blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock her and was willing to wait until she was ready. To Nick's surprise, she told him she was a virgin and was waiting until she met someone special.

Nick knew she liked him a lot and throughout the week, she was giving small hints that maybe tonight she would let him take her virginity. Nick replied to Kelsey's message saying "Idk babe mike n them rnt going until 8.

Do u want me 2 pick u up?" A few minutes later she responded, "no thanks hun me n the girls r gonna get ready b4 the party at my house then we r driving together so is it okay if I meet u there at 8?" "No problem baby ill call u when I leave k?" "Ok sounds good.

Ttyl love u!" "Love u too" As Nick set his phone down he started to think about the party and the potential of the night. Thinking about fucking Kelsey drove Nick insane and always gave him a boner whenever he thought about making love to her. "Damn hormones!" he thought to himself.

"This is going to be a crazy night…" Little did he know, this night was going to be crazier than he ever expected. Chapter 2: The Party At 7:45, Nick began getting ready for Alexa's party that night. His head was filled with emotions: excitement, anxiousness, nervousness, ebony babe moriah mills gets impaled and creamed a little fear that she would decline his offer to finally take her virginity.

It had been a very long three weeks without sex. When he was single, Nick got at learning how to lick pussy in college a blowjob every weekend at some function he attended.

Sure, the occasional blowjobs and handjobs Kelsey gave were great, but Nick had built up quite a resistance to them and it took a long time for him to cum. He needed pussy. Preferably without a condom, but he knew Kelsey wasn't on the pill and she would make him wear one.

But, nick assumed, at least he could last longer with a condom. Nick picked up his cell and called Kelsey. After a few rings she picked up. "Hey!" she exclaimed. "Hey babe, I'm leaving right now, are you guys almost ready?" he asked. There was a lot of noise in the background. Her girlfriends were obviously excited about the party as well. "Yeah we are gonna leave in a few minutes. We're all taking Katie's car" "Ok I'll see you there then" "Ok bye!

Love you!" "Love you too". After throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he was out the door and on his way to the party.

The street was already lined with cars. The party had officially started at 7:30 but he decided that he wanted to meet his friends, Mike and Jake there at 8. Nick parked fairly far away but he could still hear the music in the garage of Alexa's house. Her parents were out of town on business trips and she had managed to get tons of beer and other various types of alcohol.

Nick figured he would try to stay sober tonight so he could drive home. He didn't like drinking very much anyway. He walked through the front door and was immediately greeted with a drunken girl screaming "HEY EVERYONE! NICKS HERE!

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WOO!" which was followed by a few other "WOOOS!" Nick greeted people he knew, hugging girls and fist-pounding guys while looking for Mike and Jake. He found them in the garage playing beer pong. Typical Mike and Jake. They looked as though they had just started a game. "Heyyy it's my boy Nick! You gonna drink for me buddy?" Mike asked as Nick entered the garage.

"Sorry dude you're on your own tonight" Nick replied dangling his keys in the air showing that he needed to drive home.

"Whatever dude, I'm about to get fucked up tonight!" Mike stated, as he tossed a ping-pong ball into a cup on the other side of the table. "Oh yeah, nothin' but beer!" Nick then got a text from his girlfriend asking where he was and he left the garage busty blondie comes for enjoyment hardcore massage find her.

She was standing in the family room talking to her friends. Kelsey was looking as hot as ever, wearing and black, very short summer dress. The kind that was loose around her stomach and hips but tight around her legs just under her ass.

She was showing off a good amount of cleavage but her legs were what nick was admiring. They were long, looked freshly shaved and tan, along with the rest of her body. She was fairly tall, 5' 8" and slender weighing about 115lbs. she had naturally straight, dirty blonde hair that was a little past shoulder length which she was wearing down tonight, brown eyes and a very cute smile. She was a dancer and therefore, had a tight, round ass that was not too small.

She also had nice breasts for her age, 36C and they were fairly firm as well. Nick came up slutwife newly wed hottie jasmine tame learns to swallow cum pornstar and blonde her and she greeted him with a big hug and a peck on the lips. "Do you and your girls want some drinks?" he asked. "Yeah of course!" she answered. "We were talking and we want to precious sex with sweet sweethearts pornstar and hardcore shots".

Nick, Kelsey and her friends all went over to the bar Alexa had near the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka and a bottle of orange juice and sat down. Nick watched as his girlfriend and her friends downed shots of vodka and OJ. Kelsey was a fairly experienced drinker but because of her size, she got faded fairly easy. Nick hoped she wouldn't get too drunk. He had had experiences with girls that were completely plastered and it sometimes ended but with a lap full of puke.

After her and her friends had enough of the shots, they decided to go into the garage. It was a huge, 5 car garage which was set up with beer-pong in one space and people dancing to loud hip-hop music in the empty space "Hey, let's dance!" Kelsey said into Nick's ear. She grabbed his hand pulling him into the crowd of people. She was very outgoing when she was drunk.

Another quality Nick liked about her. She turned around and they started grinding on each other front to back. Her ass moving to the beat of the music against his pelvis was turning him on.

He started getting a hard-on almost instantly. The fact the he was wearing jeans would not hide his erection either. As it grew it became more uncomfortable in his jeans. He slyly moved his hands down his pants positioning his growing cock in between his boxer's waistband so that it faced upward. Now he moved back up against her, positioning himself so his cock was in between her ass cheeks.

She obviously felt it because she started moving her ass all around, stimulating Nick's concealed cock. There was definite sexual tension. They were both feeling it. Nick made the next move, moving one of his hands from her waist to her legs.

He was right. She must have shaved that day or the night before because she was soft as silk. He then moved both hands to her bare legs just below where her dress ended. As he started to rub gently she put her hands over his, egging him on.

Nick then put his head over her shoulder. She turned her head towards him and they started kissing deeply. They snaked their tongues into each other's mouths and massaged each other's tongue sensually. Nick could taste her sweet lip gloss when he ran his tongue over her lips. While still making out, she moved his hand over the part of her dress covering her pussy. The material was fairly thin and he could feel her thong underneath. He started gently rubbing as he had on her legs.

This made her break off the kiss and let out a quiet sigh. Now, Nick started kissing her neck passionately which, coupled with the rubbing of her cunt through her dress and thong, made her emit a groan which was inaudible to anyone except themselves due to the music.

Nick had a feeling people were watching but he did not care. He was getting very aroused by pleasing Kelsey. He was well on his way to achieving his goal of the night. Feeling his confidence rising, Nick moved his hand that was still on Kelsey's waist up to her right breast and cupped it.

This made her giggle with pleasure. She then moved both her hands over his hand that was rubbing her pussy. She obviously wanted him to rub harder.

He obeyed. She suddenly moaned loudly and gripped his much larger hand hard with hers. She was loving this. If they kept going Nick knew she was going to have an orgasm in front of all their friends. He stopped kissing her and took his trading compeers daughters camping sneaky father problems off her breast but she had his other hand trapped on her snatch.

He looked at her and she turned her head towards blonde college girl liz black swallows a stiff cock again and they locked eyes.

She had a look that Nick knew well. She was horny as fuck. The lust in her eyes was undeniable and she was obviously short of breath. He toying japanese babes wild cunt hardcore blowjob his head towards hers and they started making out intensely again.

But this time, Nick broke the kiss off and whispered in her ear. "Do you want to go upstairs?" he blonde babe sofi goldfinger blows hung fake agent. She responded by looking into Nicks eyes, smiling and giving a nod.

She then took Nick by the hand mom shower and caught son peeping had on her pussy and pulled him through the crowd and to the door to the house. She fumbled drunkenly to the stairs and up them. The first door they came to was locked but the second door was cracked open. Kelsey flipped on the light switch revealing a well kept guest bedroom.

"Is this okay?" Kelsey asked as she turned to Nick. "This is perfect baby." Nick said as he took both her hands. Then he gave her another passionate kiss. "Nick I really, really like you" she said with a sweet tone in her voice. "I know I said I wanna take it slow, but I uh…I think I'm ready to go all the way with you". Nick's cock nearly jumped out of his pants. "Are you sure?" Nick asked to be nice.

He really did not care if she was valentina nappi henessy club pink velvet the beginning or not.

"I'm positive Nick. I've been thinking about you being my first all week!" "Are you sure you're ready baby? It's kind of a big…" Before he could finish his sentence she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss, moving her tongue inside his mouth. But she abruptly pulled away and whispered in his ear. "Yes baby, I'm ready. Now please fuck me Nick" Hearing his sweet, innocent girlfriend tell him to fuck her, instantly got him hard.

She never said the "f" word; at least he had never heard her say it. They started kissing each other once more and Nick felt Kelsey's hands starting to undo the button of his jeans. Nick stopped kissing her in favor of sliding her dress straps off her shoulders and undoing her bra.

While he was doing this, Kelsey unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. Nicks enormous cock was fully erect making a huge tent with his boxers. After sliding Nick's pants down, Kelsey focused on removing her own attire. She slid her arms out of the dress straps and the straps of a black, lacey Victoria Secret bra, revealing her wonderful tits. She had tiny, nickel sized areolas and small, rock hard nipples.

Nick assumed she tanned nude or possibly in a tanning bed because she had no tan lines on her breasts. He watched in awe as his girlfriend slid the dress down her slim torso and over her hips, eventually letting the dress fall in a pile around her ankles. She was now standing before him completely nude except for a matching, lacey black g-string.

"You are gorgeous, Kelsey" Nick said in amazement. She blushed a little and chuckled. "Thanks. Here, let me help you with your shirt". She moved closer to him, grabbed his t-shirt from the bottom and pulled it up over his head revealing Nick's rock hard abs. She took her turn marveling at Nick as he had done with her a moment earlier. When she was done admiring her boyfriend's athletic body, she kneeled before Nick and slowly started pulling his boxers down.

When she got the waistband over his cock she quickly slid them all the way down his legs until they joined his pants around his ankles. Nick's throbbing cock was now pointing straight at Kelsey. "Let me warm you up first before you fuck me" she said seductively. Nick loved the fact that his girlfriend had become so dirty when she was usually so innocent.

She grabbed his cock at the base with her tiny hand that barely fit all the way around his girth. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and gave the head of Nick's penis a few licks.

Nick felt his cock instinctively twitch in her hand. She then released her grip on Nick's cock and, while looking up into his eyes slowly licked the bottom of his penis at the base all the way to the tip then closed her eyes and pushed the head passed her lips and into her hot, steamy mouth. "Oh god that's it Kelsey!" Nick exclaimed in ecstasy.

He rolled his head back as she started bobbing up and down on the head of his penis which barely fit in her mouth. She became bolder and started taking more and more of him into her mouth with every stroke. Every few second she would pause with his cock still inside her mouth and massage the sensitive underside of Nick's cock with her tongue. She really knew how to please a man with that tongue of hers. Nick watched as his girlfriend continuously bobbed up and down on his rock hard dick, occasionally releasing in order to catch her breath.

After a few minutes of just taking in 1 or 2 inches, she started trying to deep throat his luscious rod. She had tried before but she always ended up trying too hard and choking and coughing. She bravely took him into her tiny mouth, that she had to open all the way in order for Nick's thick cock to fit, and kept going until it hit the back of her throat.

Nick's eyes rolled into the back of his head as his cock disappeared into Kelsey's mouth. She kept pushing the cock deeper down her throat until her eyes started to water and quickly removed it before she started choking.

She repeated this several times, each time pushing Nick closer and closer to the edge. At the first sign of his balls tensing up, Nick wisely told Kelsey that she was doing a wonderful job but that it was her turn now. He picked her up and set her down on the edge of the bed while he knelt down in front of her. "Time to get these out of the way" he said, looking at the black g-string thong. He quickly pulled them down over her long, smooth legs and threw it aside.

And there it was. Kelsey's steamy pussy. To Nick's pleasant surprise she had shaved here too. Her aroma already filled the room, but as Nick lowered his face towards her mound, the scent grew exponentially stronger.

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It was intoxicating. He ran his middle finger and index finger along both pussy lips. She was already fairly wet. Nick wanted to make her soaking wet before he fucked her.

He used one hand to spread her pussy apart and the middle finger of his other hand to push at her vaginal opening. The moment his finger entered her opening Kelsey's body jerked and she gave a small "ohhh" in pleasure. Nick had fingered her before but he had never put more banging a nasty and wild angel hardcore cumshot three fingers in at a time and he always worked up.

Nick slowly sank his finger into her pussy. Kelsey emitted a loud sigh as he pushed further and further. Her cunt was tight, even around his one finger. Putting his dick in here was going to be insane. He started slowly pumping his finger into her.

As he got faster Kelsey started to moan and her breathing got shorter and faster. She started grinding her hips against Nick's finger, forcing it into her pussy. He then decided to insert another finger.

Her reaction was another jerk but a louder "ohhh". Nick started shoving his two fingers up inside her cunt. "Oh yeahhhh…mmmmm yes Nick…" After he was all the way in he picked up the pace.

"Mmmm…oh yeah…that feels so good&hellip." A few more pumps and he had reached full speed. "Oh my god…OHHH!" she said in a louder voice. "Do you want me to make you cum?" Nick asked in his deep, seductive voice. "Yes Nick…please make me cum" He now inserted three fingers which made her jerk once again. "Oh my god…finger fuck me Nick!" she yelled, nearly at the top of her lungs. He started off relatively slow but now he bent his head down, opened his mouth, and flicked her clit with his tongue.

"UHH!" Kelsey exclaimed as her body jerked. Nick then started a slow circular massage with his tongue on her clit. "ohhh&" Kelsey shuddered.

"That feels soooo good'. She rested her hand on top of Nicks head and ran her fingers through his hair. While still massaging her clit, Asian wet crack shaving and wild anal picked up the pace with his fingers, going all the way in and almost all the way out steadily getting faster.

Kelsey was now bucking her hips to the rhythm of Nick's fingers. "ohh…shit Nick…oh fuck!" She was getting excited. "OH FUCK! YES! OHH! OH MY GOD" she screamed in delight. His girlfriend's profanity was really turning Nick on. He wanted to push her to more of my ex sexy mex b h g she love doggy or perra bbw fat bbbw sb tube porn edge.

When his fingers started fucking her little, pink pussy faster, Nick switched from gently massaging her clit, to flicking it with his tongue, sucking on it and biting it with his lips. "AHH…AHHHH!" she squealed in a high pitched voice. "Uhhhh OH MY GOD! YES! YES!" she was nearing her orgasm. Her hips were bucking wildly and her hand was pushing Nick's head into her pussy. He finger fucked her cunt furiously and sucked on her clit hard trying to make her cum.

"OHHH!.AHHH!!" she squealed again. "OH SHIT…OHHHH SHIT. IM GONNA CUM! OH MY GOD! UHHHHH! OHHH FUUUCK IM CUMMING! OHHHH FUUUUUCK!" her body quaked with the orgasm. She was screaming at the top of her lungs in her high pitched voice. Her juice began flowing from her twat like a waterfall and was soaking his hand, his chin and the bed.

Her free hand clenched the bed spread while her other pushed on the back of Nick's head with all her force.

Her cum was splashing around because of Nick's furious fingering during her orgasm. When her orgasm finally subsided Kelsey laid back and let out a deep sigh. "Oh my god" she said. Nick pulled his fingers out of her and tasted them. It was a musky taste but slightly sweet. It tasted just as good as it smelled. He eventually got up and climbed on top of Kelsey and propped himself up with his powerful arms.

"Did you like that?" Nick asked, looking deep into her eyes" "Yes. I've never had an orgasm that good!" she replied. "I'm glad I made you happy" "You made me very happy" she said with a smile.

"Now, I want to make you happy" "And how are you going to do that sweetheart?" Nick asked playfully. Kelsey smiled and moved out from under him, up the bed and laid her head on the pillows at the top of the bed. She then two ebony amazing huge and fat asses off her flexibility, spreading her legs as wide as they went and gave Nick a "come here" motion with her finger. Nick obeyed and she wrapped one hand behind his neck and pulled his head close to hers and looked straight into his eyes.

"I want you to take my virginity Nick. Now please, fuck me." Nick's cock instantly started growing again. He got off the bed and found his the wallet in his pants. He grabbed the condom and quickly tore off the foil and rolled it over his cock. It was the pre-lubed kind but Nick knew Kelsey's pussy was beyond wet enough already. He back on the bed and positioned himself doggy-style over Kelsey.

He looked down into her eyes but she was staring at his penis. "Do you think it's gonna fit? She asked with apprehension. "Only one way interracial fucked pretty young things collection moka mora jaye summers sophia leone quinn wilde le find out" He answered. "Are you sure you want to do this?" She nodded "Yes but be gentle with me ok?" Her tender voice melted Nick's heart.

"Of course baby". Then he leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. Nick moved one of his hands and grabbed his dick, aiming it toward her pussy. He gently rubbed the tip of it against her clit, which made her smile and shiver.

He slowly moved his thick cock down, looking for her opening. When he found it he froze and looked into Kelsey's beautiful brown eyes again. "This might hurt a little babe" he warned.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, ready to be deflowered. He quickly pushed the immensely thick head into her pussy, breaking her cherry. "OUCH!" she squealed in a high pitched voice. Her hymen had been broken before, through fingering, but Nicks cock was the thickest thing she had ever had inside of her. "Its okay baby, the pain will go away in a few minutes" "Okay" she said painfully. "Keep going" He started pushing a little harder into her. Her cunt was like a vice grip around Nick's cock.

It would be impossible to fuck her if she wasn't soaking wet, Nick thought. He pushed a little more until about 2 inches was inside of her. Kelsey had closed her eyes and tightened her grip on his neck. He pulled out slowly. "Just relax babe, I wont hurt you" Nick said comfortingly. She nodded, keeping her eyes closed. Nick began massaging her clit with his head again and this loosened her up again. Nick then slowly inched his cock into her pussy much easier than before.

When he was about halfway inside of her Kelsey responded with a sigh. He pushed a little further. "Mmm" she groaned. He kept going until he hit her cervix. At this point Kelsey's breathing had gotten a little faster. He then pulled almost all the way out and went back in a little faster, almost as far as he had before, being careful not to hit her cervix again.

"Uhh" she grunted. "Yes…that feels good" He pulled it out almost all the way again, making sure she felt every inch of his big, fat cock. Her pussy was squeezing his dick the whole way in and the whole way out and he could feel the warmth and wetness through the condom. He thrust himself back inside with more force, making Kelsey sigh. "Oh yes Nick" she said tilting her head back.

"Go faster" He complied, pulling almost all the way out but thrusting half of his cock into her faster than before then repeating with a steady motion. "uhhhh…oh fuuuck" she said quietly.

"You like my big cock inside you baby?" Nick said dirtily. "Yes!" she said excitedly. "It…ohhh… it feels so good!" Nick started sinking his thick, juicy cock deeper into Kelsey's tight virgin cunt. He could feel every square inch of her pussy as it squeezed around his cock. His eyes were on her face and her expressions but then he looked at his cock being swallowed up by her pussy.

The image was too much for him to handle. Nick released his hand from his cock and put it back where it was before, propping him up. He then closed his eyes and started fucking Kelsey with short, quick strokes.

"OHHHH SHIT!" Kelsey screamed in surprise of the quickening of pace. She started moving her hips in a motion against his, forcing Nick's penis further into her. "Oh shit Kelsey, your pussy feels so good!" She released her hands from the back of his neck and moved them over her breasts and started rubbing her nipples.

"Oh…uhh…please don't stop Nick" He could sense she was close to another orgasm. Her hips were moving violently like they were before. He decided to take her all the way. He started fucking her faster and deeper, slamming his pelvis against hers, not caring about hitting her cervix. "UHH!" she screamed in that high pitched voice of ecstasy she had. "UHHH OH YES! YES NICK! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEE!" "ohhhh" Nick groaned. Her moaning, screaming, and dirty talk was getting him excited.

"Just a little bit longer and she will cum" he thought. "She's so close". He was fucking her as hard as her tight pussy would allow now.

"UHHH! OH FUCK!" she screamed as she jerked her head back again. "uhhh…oh…OH! OH FUCK! DON'T STOP NICK!" She quickly removed her hands from her tits and grabbed Nick's sides. "OHHH SHIIIIT! OH FUCK! UHHHHHHHHH IM CUMMING!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Her nails dug into Nick's sides and her back arched as she started having the biggest orgasm of her life.

Her orgasm was pushing Nick to the edge as he struggled to maintain control. Nick kept fucking away through the whole orgasm, holding back his own orgasm. She was shaking wildly and her cum was spewing out of her pussy all over his cock and balls. Soon, both of their pelvises and the area underneath them were soaked with Kelsey's sweet pussy juice. When the orgasm ended, Kelsey collapsed onto the bed, completely out of breath.

Nick pulled out and bent over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Holy shit Nick!" she exclaimed when she caught her breath. "That was the best feeling I've ever had!" I'm glad you liked it" Nick replied. "But we aren't done yet" "You haven't came yet?" "Not yet, I came really close though" She laughed. "Well that's good.

Do you think you can make me cum again?" Nick couldn't remember ever giving a girl three orgasms without himself having one himself, but he was up for the challenge. "I'll do my best babe" He grabbed her by her waist and guided her into a doggy-style position. He got right behind her and put both of his palms on her ass, squeezing lightly. He then moved one of his hands in between her pussy lips, feeling her wetness.

She turned her head and looked back at Nick. "Am I still wet?" she asked "Oh yeah. Very wet." Nick then moved his hand to his cock and guided blonde teen slut take it in the ass pornstar hardcore toward her sopping cunt.

He rubbed his head across her lips sideways then up in between them up to her clit. This made her sighed in pleasure. Then he stuck the head into her pussy and released his hand putting it back on her ass. He started going in slowly, making Kelsey gasp, going deeper and deeper. Once again her tight pussy was squeezing the life out of his cock the whole way through. When he hit her cervix, she gave a quick squeal and giggle in pleasure. He pulled back a few inches and started going to town on her cunt.

He gave a few super-fast thrusts then slowed down then repeated. "ohh, OHHH!" Kelsey exclaimed as Nick started pounding her twat from behind. "Uhhhh fuuuck" Nick varied the amount of time he fucked her slow. He pumped gave slow pumps then suddenly went as fast as he could. Each time he went fast Kelsey would squeal the way she did and moan.

"Mmm&hellip.OH! UHHH!

YES! AHHH YES!" Kelsey started moving her hips towards him during every slow stroke, forcing his massive penis further inside her.

"Mmmmm yes fuck me…I want your cock all the way inside me!" she pleaded. Nick suddenly pulled further out so just his head was in and gave a powerful thrust, pushing his cock inside Kelsey's tight pussy until her ass slammed against his hips.

"OH!" she yelled Nick started fucking her fast. He was going almost as fast as he could, slamming his hips against her tight, round ass. He took his hands off her hips and firmly grasped her ass cheeks with his large hands. "OHHH GOD! OH FUCK! UHHHHH! YES NICK YES!" she screamed. Nick decided to talk dirty. "You like getting fucked from behind don't you?" "Yes! Ohhhhh…UHH!" she squealed. "I love getting fucked!" "You like having your pussy stuffed with this big cock?" he yelled at her.

Nick had never really talked to a girl like this and he was surprised by his assertiveness. He started to feel very powerful. "Yes…uhhhh UH! YES! I LOVE YOUR COCK NICK! OHHH FUUUCK DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T STOP! GIVE IT TO ME!!!" Nick shortened the length of his strokes and quickened his pace to full boar. He was fucking her like an animal.

"OHHH YES! FUCK IM GONNA…I'M GONNA&hellip.OH SHIT! FUCK MEEE!" "You gonna cum for me?" Nick asked. He gave her ass a light smack.

"Oh yes baby…OH…MMMM… MMMM YES! OH GOD! OH FUUUUUUUUCK…OH FUCK! UHHHHHH IM GONNA.I'M…UHHHHHH FUUUCK I'M CUMMING!!!" Her pussy tightened around Nick's shaft.

Kelsey's body shook fiercely and the cum leaked out onto the bed. It dripped down Nick's cock and down her legs. When her orgasm started, Nick felt the cum rising through his cock. He grabbed Kelsey's hips and moved her ass against him and against his strokes so is cock would go deep into her pussy.

As soon as he felt her taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur twat tighten around his dick like a vice grip, he released his load of hot jizz into the latex condom.

"OHHH FUUUUCK!" Nick exclaimed as he dumped his load inside of Kelsey's tight pussy. He kept fucking her until she stopped shaking and he was certain every drop of cum was out of his throbbing dick. When it was over he pulled out and fell onto his back on the bed.

"Jesus Christ!" Nick said in amazement of what had just happened. Nacho vidal fucks carol vega chanel preston natalia zeta susi gala had just had the best orgasm since his first time having sex he thought.

Chapter 3: I forgot My Wallet "Oh my god that was incredible, Nick" Kelsey said as she laid down next to Nick. He had forgotten all about giving her that last orgasm. "I love you so much baby" said Nick. He leaned over and gave her a small kiss on the lips.

"I can't believe I've waited so long to do this! It's so much fun!" she explained excitedly. "We should do this more often." They both laughed. "I totally agree babe". He took her by the hand and helped her off the bed.

When they were off they both took a moment to notice the mess Kelsey had made. "Wow, you have a lot of cum" "We should probably get rid of it" said Kelsey. "Let's get dressed and clean up first". They both got all their clothes back on and went into the bathroom down the hall to freshen up. They returned to the bedroom and Nick started to take the bead spread and all the other sheets off the bed. "Hey, I'll take this to the laundry room" Nick offered. "You can go hang out with your friends.

I'll meet you in a sec". "Are you sure?" Kelsey asked "Yeah, I'll catch up with you soon go tell your girls how it was!" She laughed. "Good idea! They are gonna be so jealous!" They turned off the lights and walked down the stairs together then went their separate ways with a swift kiss.

Nick ran into Mike who was going back into the garage. "Hey, what's with all the sheets dude?" he said with a slur. He was obviously drunk as hell. "Someone threw up in the bedroom upstairs" Nick said trying to play off the obvious smell of pussy juice.

Mike was too drunk to tell the difference though. "Oh okay man. Hey do you got that 5 bucks I loaned you?" Why Mike was asking this now, Nick didn't have the slightest clue.

He must have been doing his fair share of drinking that night. "Uh yeah hold on" Nick said as he felt the back of his jeans for his wallet. When it wasn't there he remembered taking it out to get the condom and he threw it on the floor in the room. It must still be up there. "Damn I must have left it upstairs. Be back in a second". Nick dropped the sheets and blanket off in the laundry room and ran back upstairs. The door was still cracked but there was a light on.

Good old fashioned and swallow riding the old wood

Kelsey must have forgotten something he thought. He opened the door and walked in. The girl standing in front of him was not Kelsey. To be continued.