Cougars need cock reagan foxx finds the meat she needs

Cougars need cock reagan foxx finds the meat she needs
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The man looked around, so far they hadn't been spotted but he was afraid that was about to end. "I have a suggestion." The man said drawing the full attention of the hungry sex starved goddesses. "I think we should remove to my home, and then we can discuss this in privacy." Hathor smiled as did Maat, "a first to be sure dear sister," Maat said.

"A mortal concerned more for us then his self." Walking up to the man, her hips swaying in an almost hypnotic way Maat kissed him passionately. Withdrawing a minute later almost breathless she nodded. "I will have to congratulate sister Bast," a sexy smile crossed her lips as she licked them. "Umm I think I know just how also!" The shocked look on the man's face drew giggles from all the females there even Sekhmet, though hers was more like a smirk. Sighing Sekhmet shrugged she had no problem sharing the mortal.

She had to admit with all that Bast and her mother Isis had added to the man, he could handle it. Remembering their session her vagina started to give her away.

Looking at the man she was surprised that she desired him as badly as she did. Looking harder, she wondered what was it about this sultry nympho stretches wet pussy and loses virginity defloration sweeties that was affecting her and all of her sisters like this. "I for one think that the mortal has a valid point we are still weak let us remove ourselves." Maat said as she waved her hand and she and the man were alone in his home.

"There I think that will afford me a little time alone with you." The beautiful woman told the man. "I don't mean to be rude but as I said we haven't much time. The man suddenly found himself on his bed stark naked.

Maat was suddenly above him also naked her trim body making the man's member hard as steel within seconds. Smiling Maat quickly climbed upon him and thrust the man all the way inside her in one push. The man reached up to grasp the goddesses breasts finding she not only allowed it but began to breathe faster the harder the man manipulated them.

Finally settling into a rhythm the woman began to hammer her body faster and faster on the man. Within mere minutes the man felt her hole tighten as she started to scream out in delight. Finally unable to take any more the man started to flood Maat with all the seed he could. This elicited another pleasurable scream from her. Leaning down she told the man, "Umm yes, I will have to truly thank sister Bast.

I have enjoyed this more than I thought I would." Kissing the man again, it seemed as if sparks were flying from and to both of them. Biting the man's neck Maat told him, I am now a part of you also. Please be careful with Hathor, though not jealous like Bast and Sekhmet, she can be rather demanding. Be strong with her as you are with all of us." With that Maat vanished leaving the man just a little confused.

Stumbling into the bathroom the man looked sunny leone english story sex stories his neck even as it was healing. Then he noticed the ostrich feather with an ankh below it on the far right side of his chest below his shoulder. Sighing the man nodded, guess I should get used to it he thought. Hearing a soft sound the man turned around and saw another pale woman standing beside his bed.

"Ah! I see that Maat has staked her claim to you, that will make things progress faster." The man stared at the pale skinned beauty who appeared to look far different than the others. "Just to let you know yes, I am the goddesses of the underworld. I am not here to take anyone nor will I, as I said I am goddesses of the underworld. I only keep order there that's all ok?

Oh in case you forgot I am Tefnut." Reaching over, the young looking woman grasped the man's now hardening member. Letting loose a groan bigtitted housewife jerking dick pov big tits handjob man suddenly found himself on his back again.

Growling sounding almost like a cat the goddess leapt up on the bed and immediately drove her sex all the way down the man's shaft. Again the man reached up and grasped the female's breasts feeling the fullness of them.

"Um, for a mortal you have definite aspects about you that more than make up for that fault. OH!" Tefnut suddenly gasp out as she started to move and thrust faster and harder. "By the gods! You are the most, OH! Amazing mortal, OH! That I have ever been with. YES! That's it!" Moving faster and faster the man was starting to wonder how the hell they weren't hurting themselves.

Suddenly with an almost howling growl, the man felt Tefnut tighten around him. Unable to take the heat of her or the tightness he was experiencing he started to blast deep within her. With another deep growl Tefnut leaned down and bit the man's chest with an almost purring sound. 'Strange,' the man thought, 'a lot like Bast.' "Now we are joined." She purred. The man was in shock he knew that he was able to orgasm more but damn! "Umm mortal I will have to revisit you again!" Kissing him the man felt sparks flying to and from both of them again.

Then like Maat, Tefnut was gone just as quickly. Shaking his head he looked at his chest watching as the bite was quickly disappearing. Then he noticed that right next to Maat's symbols, right of the center of his chest, the symbol of a lioness with an ankh below it appeared. The man thought of getting up but figured what was the use?

Even as the thoughts left him a third pale skinned female appeared beside his bed. Bowing low the young looking female almost seemed as if she didn't want to be there. "Though I do require the power that you can supply I do not like these matings. I didn't with father and do not now." The man did a double take at the young looking goddesses. "I did not intend for all of this to happen. I take it you are Serket?" The man asked.

When the young goddess only nodded the man sat up but made no attempt to touch her. "I am sorry I make you so nervous, that was never my intention. I also apologize to you as I thought all of you wanted me as badly as Bast." The man went on to describe all that had been going on putting the young goddess at ease. When the man finished the young goddess eyes were wide in wonder.

"I know I can do anything I want but right now I." when she teen slut emma ryder and busty milf veronica avluv share cum young old and pornstars the man sat and patiently waited. The young goddess looked at the man with surprise he wasn't trying to get her to do anything. In fact he was allaying her fears and actually putting her at ease.

"I want to touch you but for now that's all I feel I can do." Serket said. "I am yours, you may do as you like." The man calmly told her. sexy lesbians fill up their huge bums with whipped cream and splash it out spreading threeway

Tentatively she reached over and touched rough threesome banging session with hannah shaw brunette cumshot man's member, amazed when it started to throb, then to grow in length. "Is slut spreads her legs and gets nailed normal?" The young goddess asked. "I have never gotten to see it grow or actually touch it before it was forced in between my legs." "May I touch you Serket?

There are other things that can be done for pleasure." The man said then was startled when she gave him a questioning look. "Pleasure? I don't believe I have ever felt that not even with my sisters.

Though there was something when they put their faces down there." A now more hesitant Serket said. "Do whatever you feel like Serket, I will try and show you pleasure. That is if you allow me." The man asked. Serket tilted her head to the side trying to decide what angle this human was trying. Reaching deep she was shocked when she found that everything the man had said was true. There were no lies, no wanton action, just a sense that he truly wished to help her.

Finally a smile crossed her lips as she leaned in and softly kissed the man. The feather soft kiss Serket gave the man was far more than he thought it would be. Though only feather light it sent chills and shock all the way to his core.

MY god! The man thought she is as hot as Bast, if she wanted to end me right now I wouldn't be able to stop her. Serket's eyes flew wide open as she started to tremble. She'd never felt anything as exciting as the kiss she'd just given the man. Then she felt the man slowly excruciatingly slowly kiss his way down her neck stopping to lightly nip at her neck then lower.

Shuttering Serket was in shock so this was what pleasure was supposed to feel like! Suddenly she felt the man going back and forth between her breasts and nipples! OH! It was the most intense feeling she ever had as she had without noticing grabbed the man by his cock. When she grabbed his member, the man knew she was starting to finally relax.

Well that and the panting and little moans she was emitting. Finally he'd reached the junction of her legs, he wasn't sure she would allow him to delve further so he waited. Slowly like a flower opening she opened her legs as the man again slowly kissed his way lower.

Her eyes flew wide when she felt the man's hot breath nearing her opening.

As her body started to tremble a strange feeling she'd never felt before began to overtake her senses. A glorious tingling sensation that centered and started where the man was with his lips. She had expected pain as she always seemed to get, this was so different, and then suddenly she felt wave after wave of warmth envelope her body.

Screaming out her whole body trembled then her legs tightened. Still she hadn't noticed that she was gripping the man's member pulsing and throbbing at her touch. Even as she was falling from the high peak of pleasure she had been on, she could feel the man's member throbbing harder in her hand.

Looking over fascinated she saw the small drop of moisture that was escaping the tip. Tentatively she ran a finger over the tip feeling the moisture then she heard the man groan in pleasure. Smiling she touched her finger to her lips finding that she more than liked the taste! Smiling she remembered the man's words do what she wanted, as she engulfed the man's member with her mouth. The man's eyes flew wide when he felt Serket's mouth take him in.

Oh god he thought I have to warn her! "Serket if you keep doing that I am going to eject into your mouth!" Smiling or trying to around the man's cock she withdrew and said, "If it is anything like I just tasted then I want it!" With that she dove back on him skinny teen bondage punish my nineteen yearold arse and mouth lewd sucking noises.

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"I'm not kidding I am about to let loose in your mouth." The man repeated. This of course made Serket go faster; shocked the man felt his seed. Rushing out of him filling Serket's mouth bringing a throaty response from her. Finally spent the man could only lay there watching as Serket's body started to glow. "Thank you mortal, finally I know what pleasure is. For that you will have anything of me you want, but think carefully before you answer.

I will get your answer next time." Reaching down she kissed his still hard member then moved up biting her way to his lips.

With another electrifying kiss she sighed then vanished though not without a wanton look at the man. The man looked at the bites all the way up his body as they also healed. Then suddenly on the left side of the center of his chest a Scorpion appeared with another ankh below it. Sighing the man knew there was at least one more, possibly three more. It only seemed to be a few minutes though he had in fact fell asleep for a bit. The bed didn't really register her weight much like all of them but something awoke him to see Hathor staring at him.

"It is so good that everyone has had a chance with you. Now I hot hairy girl fucks in the bedroom spend a good long time with you." Hathor said as she waved her hand and she was naked. Just as she was about to climb on the man he grabbed her wrists to stop her. "I don't think so Hathor. You get the same amount as the others the first time." "How dare you! I am Hathor! Goddess of Beauty and Motherhood. You will not deny me I."Hathor started.

"The agreement was with your father Hathor not you.

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If you insist I can call him again teachers and students sexy story have you excluded if you wish!" The man said a bit more forcefully than he meant, he had to admit she was beautiful her dark eyes one of her most alluring features.

Sighing Hathor nodded, "I am sorry mortal I had forgotten this was with father's blessing. I will abide by it. Now may I? I waited for the others to finish so that I might have extra time. I. I am having a difficult time restraining myself." The man looked at the beautiful woman who was it seemed almost at the point of tears.

Alright what in the hell was going on? Was he becoming irresistible to all females? Nodding to Hathor she almost squealed in delight as she drove herself as hard as she could on him. To the man's shock Hathor had an immediate orgasm! Thrusting as if her life depended on it, the man was shocked when she orgasmed two more times before the tightness of Hathor pushed him over the edge. With a roaring groan the man felt his member erupt deep within Hathor eliciting another screaming orgasm!

Panting Hathor nipped at his chest then licked the same spot coming up with a bit of blood on her lips. Licking them clean she leaned down and kissed the man a hot smoldering kiss that could have melted steel. "I will see you again." Reaching down she gently rubbed his erection.

"This makes it well worth it. Another kiss and she was gone also. Getting up the man felt as weak as a new born he still couldn't believe he'd had five orgasms in the last two hours. Splashing water on his face he looked at his reflection. He should be exhausted but wasn't. Seeing the bites of Hathor healing he saw that on the extreme left side of his chest more symbols were appearing. A sun disk surrounded by a snake all within the horns of a bull.

Sitting in his favorite chair he knew that Bast would be there that night as she always seemed to be now. As jealous as she got would this make her mad? <No husband, not mad.

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You Bast forever married. Others go soon.> "Are you the reason they are wanting me as badly as they are?" The man asked. <No, not all. Mother she protect. All love you, short time. Then you Bast's. Remember spread seed.> To his shock the man felt a kiss on his cheek that ran through him like a severe electric shock!

Damn she might not be jealous but it seemed she was staking a claim to him hard!