Watch the sexiest blonde ever fingering her pussy

Watch the sexiest blonde ever fingering her pussy
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Fbailey story number 793 The F4F Fundraiser Our university has a preschool on campus for the children of our older students and our younger professors.

The annual "F4F" Fundraiser covers the expenses and there is no cost for the parents of those children. The "F4F" Fundraiser was started by our Sororities with the financial help of our Fraternities. "F4F" stands for "Fuck For Five." The full name of the fundraiser is: "Fuck the Sorority Girl, Student, or Professor of your dreams for five hundred dollars…all three holes available for three hours." Of course it started out to be just the Sorority Girls then Students were added as the requests increased.

Finally, with enough requests the Professors started to say yes to the Fundraiser too. I was one of them. I was approached last year by two of the Sorority Sisters on the committee and asked if I was willing to let some guy fuck me for three hours if he contributed five hundred dollars to their cause.

Well, I was single at the time and I hadn't had a date in a while so I said okay. Yes, I was horny. The "date" took place sunny leone sax saxe xxx story a Friday in one of the Sorority Houses on campus. I was assigned to a room with a private bath and told to get ready. An hour later there was a knock on my door.

As it turned out the Football Coach was my date. He was handsome in a rugged way, just like I like my men. He took me into his arms, kissed me gently on the lips, and then cupped both of his big strong hands under my ass cheeks and picked me up. He threw me on the bed and tore off the nightie and panties that I had been given to wear. Without another word or even foreplay he forced his big hard cock into me.

He hadn't even removed his pants or shoes. He was using me for the five hundred dollar whore that I was. At first I was outraged but then I sort of liked being treated that way.

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It was a new feeling but I thoroughly enjoyed it. After he came inside of me he rolled off and said, "Lick it clean and then undress me." Obviously I had sucked cocks after they had been in me and had I generally enjoy it.

However, this was a stern command from my John and I was his whore. I savored the taste of our combined juices. Not a drop or slim trail escaped my tongue.

Then I stripped him just as naked as I was. Upon his order I sucked him hard, got on my hands and knees and let him violate my poor rectum. I had only sampled anal sex twice before but neither was allowed full penetration…until then. Coach was trying to split me in two. I buried my face in the pillow to muffle my screams. Tears were welling up in my eyes, my fingers were clinched tightly into the edges of the pillow, and my head was being banged repeatedly into the headboard.

That first minute or two lasted for an eternity. Then as I got used to the violent assault I started to enjoy the pain and agony. It made no sense whatsoever. Then my very first anal orgasm struck. It was mind blowing, it was excruciating, it was agonizing, and it was exhausting. I must have passed out from the extreme pleasure short hair teen dani desire hitchhikes and gets banged when I awoke his filthy dirty cock was in my mouth.

He was holding the back of my head so all I could do was clean it off just as I had when it came out of my cunt. I would have normally used the word pussy or vagina but at that moment cunt seemed more appropriate. After all I was his five hundred dollar whore, wasn't I? His next request was for me to masturbate for him. That was followed by a blowjob.

Blowjob my sore ass, he couldn't get it up a third time in that short of a period.

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So I sucked his limp dick for over an hour. Just a minute or so before the knock on our door that signaled that our time was up, did he start to cum in my mouth.

He put on his clothes and walked out of the room. He was a very satisfied customer. A few minutes later two Sorority Girls came in to assist me. They helped me into a nice warm soothing bubble bath and washed me all over.

They placed a wet washcloth over my eyes and put on some nice soft romantic music. They stayed in attendance and replenished the cool water with warm water every now and then. After they dried me off they gave me a douche and an enema then cleaned me up again. I spent the night in their bed between two nice soft bodies. In the morning they served me breakfast in bed and thanked me for my support of their cause.

I said, "It was my pleasure" and it really was too. As mistreated as I had been I felt like a real woman. I had been used hard and then put away wet. I was sore all over but it felt good. I had received two of the strongest orgasms of my life. I couldn't wait to do it again. I didn't have to wait very long either because the Coach called me up for another date for the next Friday and I invited him to my apartment. Pretty much we had a repeat of the previous Friday with me feeling used and abused but without my two Sorority Girls to sooth my injured parts.

I still had the felling of pleasure and let him return the next two Fridays as well. However, that last time was exactly like the first fuck teaching xx story mom times.

I was used, I was abused, and then I was cast aside without so much as an "I love you" a "Thank you" or even a "Will you become my girlfriend." So I told him to "go fuck himself" and slammed the door in his face that fifth Friday when he knocked on my door. That was last year… This year my two Sorority Girls stopped by to see if I would be interested in helping out again.

They said that they had five football players interested in having sex with me for four Fridays in a row. They needed a way to relieve their sexual tension before the big Saturday games. Their coach had personally recommended me to them. They were willing to pay the five hundred dollars for each and every visit.

The only catch was that the boys have a ten o'clock curfew the night before a game…so given the three-hour session with an hour in between to get cleaned up…I would have to start at three o'clock in the morning and get sexually assaulted for fifteen hours…each Friday…for four weeks in a row. I thought it over and I really wanted to help out their charity. Then I thought about what the coach might have told them about me and how he himself had used me.

So I said, "Tell them that it will be a thousand dollars per session and I'm in." Their eyes sparkled, as they comprehended the twenty thousand dollar contribution that I was making to the preschool fund. They told me that I would be using their room again that year and that they would be my maids in waiting, bath me in between, and change the sheets. They were so excited that they were shaking…so was I.

However, I had visions of five monsters with huge trouser snakes ravaging me constantly for fifteen hours. Taking turns and gang banging the hell out of me. I was nothing more than a whore for them to use. Three hundred pound monsters and thirteen inch cocks as big around as wine bottles. They will shove them up my ass and I'll have to swallow hard several times so as not to be choked to death. I just knew that it would take a week for me to heal up…just so that they could do it all over again.

Oh my God, what had I just gotten myself into? That evening I got a call that said the boys were willing to pay double for my services. Damn! Now I was committed. Maybe I should have been committed. I ran out to an all night adult toy store immediately to get several dildos and butt plugs in various sized starting with big and working my way up to really big and oh my fucking Lord that is huge.

I used plenty of K-Y Jelly and lubricated both of my holes and the toys before assaulting myself with them. THAT first night I slept with a butt plug in my asshole and a dildo in my pussy. I put on a tight fitting pair of blue jean shorts so as to keep them both buried in my holes. The next night I used the next size toys. Luckily I had four nights to work my up to the monsters. Then I decided not to force the issue. I might just do myself some harm plus I had to be available at three o'clock in the fucking morning.

So I went to the Sorority and slept between my two girl friends. They knew that I was scared and so we made out for about four hours and we never did get any sleep. The first "client" was a tall quarterback named Jim. He was well over six feet tall and just hardcore ramming of breasty sluts fur pie naturaltits and blowjob two hundred pounds.

He had a southern accent and he was Prince Charming. He could have fucked me for free. Despite his size his cock was maybe six and a half inches and could that boy ever use it.

He gave me so many orgasms that I felt like paying him to fuck me. Oh, don't get me wrong, that boy sure got his money's worth. I got all three holes filled once and then my cunt and ass filled a second time. Surprisingly I was not sore, as I had expected. The girls cleaned me up, gave me food and drink, and changed the sheets. Then I was ready for the next guy, a huge center named Bubba. He weighted in at three seventy-five. Oh my Lord! Bubba wanted to do sixty-nine with me on top.

Thank you! I could hardly get his big cock in my mouth. Mostly I went after the head but he seemed to enjoy that. I know I enjoyed what he was doing to me. I know I came twice before he shot his load in my mouth. What a load it was. I had to swallow and swallow again before licking up the residue. He told me that his jersey number was seventy-seven because his cock was seven inches long and seven inches around.

Shit! Once he got that thing stuffed inside me I never wanted him to take it out. I had never felt that full before. Maybe I should have tried that big dildo that I bought. Shit maybe I should have gone for that big butt plug too. Now what was I to do? I didn't have long to wait because it wasn't long before he came in my pussy and then pinned my ankles to my ears as he pressed that monster to my backdoor.

A tear came to my eye and Bubba said, "Don't worry, I haven't done permanent injury to anyone…yet." Yet! What to fuck! I didn't want to be the first. However, when he got the head right up to my anus I looked down and so did he. He asked me if I was still okay and when I nodded my head he just leaned into me.

His bulbous head popped just inside and then he froze. I thought that he was thinking of my discomfort when he said that I was the tightest of any girl that had let him try anal before.

He also said that before me only two girls had and they were both much bigger down there. I took that as a compliment and wondered what those girls had been doing to get that loose. Did they accidentally shit themselves while farting? Did they get that way from an anal gang bang? Then Bubba slipped in about three inches until he was about halfway in. Halfway! Oh God, help me!

It was not all that bad. The first guy had certainly stretched me out some. I had an anal orgasm and Bubba knew it. He looked down and smiled at me before he shoved the last few inches into me.

With my toes in my ears nothing stopped him until I have every possible inch inside of my rectum. I had been invaded by a small baseball bat and I enjoyed it.

I'm telling you that his cock felt wonderful in there. I could really get into anal sex. Would that make my asshole as large as the two girls that he had mentioned? What to hell, at that point I really didn't care. Oh there goes another orgasm. They are so strong back there. Then he started full long thrusts into me. I could feel him all the way up into my chest and I knew that was not possibly.

Maybe it was just my knees pushing up under my tits. Maybe my body was over compensating for japanese wife fuck friend front husband intrusion. Oh no, another orgasm and a powerful one too.

It came over me when Bubba started to shoot an enormous amount of cum into my rectum. Oh God! Oh! Oh! Once again I had passed out from sheer pleasure…anal sex at that…from the biggest cock that I had ever seen. When I opened my eyes Bubba explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore asleep next to me.

It was eight-thirty. I started sucking his cock and it started to respond. After a few minutes he opened his eyes and asked me what I was doing.

I told him that I felt that it was my job to clean him up. He could not believe that a professor, a woman, like me would go for ass to mouth. The other girls didn't. That made me special. Me doing that for him was more than he could take so I got a mouthful.

I was glad that it had not been as big as the first two loads that he had dumped inside of me. After I swallowed he kissed me and tasted his own cum. He said, "Thank you" and we took a shower together. When the girls knocked on our door he opened it up and walked out. Boy was he happy and very satisfied. I know that I was. I'd let that boy fuck me anytime.

My third was some kind of an end linebacker or traverse runner, oh who really cares. He was bigger that the first guy but smaller than the last guy. His cock was normal and it felt good. He fucked my cunt, then my asshole, and then he fucked my mouth just like his coach had told him to do. I was nothing more than a game plan in his book. He had time left over so I got on top and rode him for a forth time.

He did give me a couple of orgasms but certainly not because he was trying too. The girls knocked and I send him packing. Hell, after Bubba everyone was a let down. The forth guy was my three to white teen pussy for strong black dick man. Man was correct, he was my age. He was an Iraq Vet finishing up his Master's Degree at our University. In fact he was in one of my classes. I thought that it might become weird or something but he said that he had had a crush on me all semester.

I had also noticed him in my class. I kind of wished that he was my last one for the day, then I would have tried to get him to stay. I'd love to wake up next to that every morning. So Brad was everything that a woman like me needed. He was kinder than the first guy, not quite as big as the second guy, and not as eager as the third guy. He was absolutely perfect for me. He tended to my needs, asked permission before fucking me, and was certainly trying to give me pleasure before finishing himself off.

He wasn't fucking me, he was making love to me. He had been telling me the truth, he really did like me. We made love three times, all of them in my pussy. I jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part two him about a blowjob or about anal sex but all he wanted was to be inside on me, facing me, and staring into my eyes when he made me cum. He definitely made me cum…several times.

Like Bubba we showered together and he was dressed when our time together was over. The last guy was just a blur to me. There was nothing special at all about him. He didn't ring my bell or hurt me, he was just another guy that was fucking me. I wondered if that was what prostitutes thought. I could hardly care if he kissed me, shoved it up my ass, or squeezed the stuffing out of my boobs.

When it was over my two girls came in and we had fun together until I passed out.

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Between the bubble bath and all of those cocks, a couple of soft bodies lying against me, was all that I needed. The next day the two girls and I attended the football game. The coach saw us or rather me and had us escorted down to the field onto a row of VIP seats right behind the player's bench. The boys all smiled at me, blew me kisses, and gave me two thumbs up. They massacred the other team and it seemed that I was the reason. My five boys were slut schoolgirl heather gables crimes of the cunt on a show for me to repay me for all of my hard work.

All of us were totally satisfied and relaxed as was intended in the first place. Winning that match put the team in place for something much higher.

There were state finals, quarter finals, tie breakers, and then the college version of the Super Bowl called the BCS National Championship Game.

To think that letting them fuck me was actually what they needed to help them concentrate more on winning the game. If the final score was anything to brag about they kicked the other team's butt. Butt? Yes, come to think of it I was sitting on my ass for a few hours and it felt fine. Suddenly I was looking forward to next Friday. For the next three Fridays I played fuck buddy to five of the best football players in the league. I had a hard time picking between Bubba and Brad, but in the end I chose Brad.

We dated until he graduated and then we got married. I am still amazed when the Sorority contacts me about their F4F fundraiser. Apparently I'm still desirable and in demand. I like that. So does Brad because he wants me to do it every time. I think he has something to do with them requesting me. I love him with all of my heart. The End The F4F Fundraiser 793