Mature and girl xxx 5 minute hardcore

Mature and girl xxx 5 minute hardcore
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My Crazy Mom and Aunt My name is James, and I am a 17 year old in highschool. Im into sports like baseball, football, but most of all, varsity hockey for my school. I have a very athletic build and great stamina. Im 6?1, and I weigh 210 lbs. I was raised in a fun and outgoing family. My mom and dad split when I was about 7 years old, because fell in love with his big titted secretary.

This brod that my dad cheated on my mom with was in no way more attractive than she was. My mom is a beautiful woman.

She is about 5?8 and of very athletic build. As long as I can remember she has gone to the gym every morning. She has tone legs and an amazingly firm and full ass. Her tits are amazing as well. She has 34DD perfectly perky breast. He face by far is he best feature though. For some reason she is just drop dead gorgeous and drives my friends crazy, shit, she drives all the guys that look at her crazy. After my dad left us, my aunt started coming around a lot to help out my mom. They were really close siblings.

They were always there for each other, and she helped my mom in whatever way she could. When I was about 15, mom and my aunt went out to party for the first time. It was very funny to watch them come home, haha! I remember the first night, they had been gone till about 2 in the morning, while I stayed home and played my ps3 all night.

When I heard the car door slam shut following loud laughter that could be heard all down the street, I took a break from my game to go see if everything was ok.

As I walked into the living room, mom and sherry, my aunt, were stumbling into the house giggling, laughing, and smiling ear to ear when they saw me. ?oh high sweety! What are you still doing up?? giggle my mother. But before I could answer, ?yeah, isn?t it past your bed time little guy?? my aunt threw in. Mom and Aunt Sherry looked very good together, they were deffinately head turners. Aunt Sherry looks a lot like my mom, just not as pretty in the face!

Mom was wearing a black mini skirt with a deep red belt, some stockings, very tall high heeled boots that went up just below sunny leon sex storys downlod knee. And a very sexy blouse that is hard to describe. Its like a school girls shirt. A white button down blouse. With a red bra, and a small black jacket over her shoulders that barely went down under her boobs.

Aunt Sherry was wearing tight white pants, and a white muscle shirt with a small black leather jacket hanging open in the front to expose her amazing cleavage and her red bra as well. Aunt Sherry turned around to set her purse on the floor and as she bent over, I could see her sexy red bikini style underwear on underneath her tight white pants. Took keep my mom, or my aunt from seeing my interest. I yelled, "No! Im not a little kid anymore, im almost 16! Mom lets me stay up as long as I want!" "OK!

OK! Looks like I made your little baby upset Vicky!" Sherry laughed "Oh he?ll be ok, hes mommas little angle!" she babied me. "Whatever mom! Im going to go to bed.

Is there anything you guys need before I mom mature mom tries some inter racial sex for the night?" I asked.

Mom and sherry just started smiling and shook there heads no, then starting laughing loudly, "no sweetie go a head a go to sleep! Ill see you in the morning!? she said. Still smiling and giggling. Sherry just burst out with laughter.

"well at least someone has shown an interest in us tonight ehh Vicky?" she cried. "It appears so!" she giggled covering her mouth slightly turning away, but her and sherry kept their eyes on me the whole time.

"Whats so freaking funny?" I cried out. Mad that they were laughing, but I had no idea why. "Honey, maybe you should go to bed." Mom said finally after laughing. "Fine, but I wish I knew what was so god damn funny!?

As I started to walk away Sherry said. "You like how me and your mom look tonight?" "Sure aunt sherry I guess so.

You guys look fine. I mean for my mom and aunt of course." I said slightly turning back but never stopped walking. "You sure? Im guessing about 8 inches say otherwise? she laughed, "about 8 inches says we look pretty damn good, what you say Victoria?" I stopped dead in my tracks, horrified, and I looked down, my sweatpants were sticking up like a god damn tent pole!

I could feel my face burn with redness, and started sweating. "Yeah you could say that!" Mom said seductively. I just looked back and looked down, and they started laughing. I turned and ran down the hall way, brazilian playgirl loves hot fucking hardcore and blowjob the stairs, and into my room.

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God damn I thought, how could I be some dumb and bigtitted housewife jerking dick pov big tits handjob that happen?

I cant believe I got a boner from my mom and aunt sherry! I started thinking about my mom and her coming home and stubbing through the door, in what they were wearing and how my aunt bent over to set her purse down, my moms sexy legs and both of their tits barely contained by their blouses. This got me instantly hard! And thoughts started forming in my head. I wondered what they were doing now.

So I slowly built up some courage and open my bedroom door. I started to make my way to the top of the stair case, walking very slowly, listening for any sounds. But there was nothing, I feared that they may have left again to go party or something, and I felt sad, disappointed with myself, but the I heard a splashing sound and I made my way to my moms master bedroom to go out onto her deck, and look down at the pool. I slowly opened her sliding door, and stepped out side.Nobody was in the pool, but our party lights were on in the back yard.

I couldn?t see anyone, and I was getting mad now. then I heard the splashing sounds again. And I hit me! The Hot tub! I made my way to the side of the deck and slowly peered over the railing. There they were, sitting in the hot tub drinking a mikes hard lemonade. They jets were on full blast and it was filled with bubbles. "Sherry, how bout you go and grab us another mikes?"my mom asked. "yeah no problemo."She giggled. She climbed out and ill never for get what I saw.

She was naked! I just stared in amazement and my aunts beautiful big tits, and her clean shaven pussy. She climbed out and her legs spread when she lifted her self out of the hot tub and over the edge. "Thank god you and I got these amazing bodies from mom !" my mom laughed.

"No shit!" I said quietly but I guess not quietly enough. And both mom and her looked up at the balcony. I instantly ducked down. Shit! Did they see me!

God I hope not! It was quiet, too quiet! Then I heard something that I will most deffinatly changed my life. MOANING! I slowly moved to a different spot and gazed over. My aunt was sitting on the side of the hot tub with her legs spread, and my mom was in between her legs eating her out! OMG!

I thought this is amazing. Theres no way they saw me or else they wouldn?t be doing this. I just watched for a while. Then I got pushed over the edge when my mom got up and leaned over the side of the tub, and wiggled her ass at my aunt. She got down in the water and came up behind her and and stuffed her face into my mothers fat ass and started going crazy.

Loud moans echoed throughout the back yard. I had too, I couldn?t hold it any longer, My 8 inch fat pulsating cock had taken control. I unzipped my pants and took them off and drapped them over the balcony as quietly as I could, and unbuttoned the my boxer zipper. Unleashing my one-eyed beast. I watched my aunt eat my mothers ass and her cunt while I beat the shit out of my prick.

That?s when it happened, that?s when I thought my life was over. I placed my hand on the balcony and it wiggled, causing my pants to fall off of the edge and down onto the pool deck! Mom and Sherry stopped right away, as I stepped back. I almost ran inside and hid under my covers to pretend I was asleep, but I couldn?t! Witch cock in hand, I edged back up to the side, but there was nobody there.

FUCK! I turned to the sliding door leading sexy lesbians fill up their huge bums with whipped cream and splash it out spreading threeway my moms bedroom and slid it open and swiftly crossed through moms room, I opened her door and snuck out of her room, but as I did, my mom and sherry were at the top of the stare case.

"What you doing in my room sweetie?" mom asked me, looking me up and down. "Uhh, nothing mom was just looking for a movie to watch while I layed down for bed is all." I lied, fuck! Im in deep shit now. "What? The show you got from the balcony was enough for you guy?" sherry said as she looked down at the steel rod propping my boxers up like a tent pole.

Mom just looked down and smiled tilting her head slightly. I was caught, and I was scared. "its ok honey, its perfectly natural to be curious you know?" mom said lovingly.

I just looked down at the ground. Ashamed. I could see mom and sherry look at teen gets her st hardcore ride blowjob amateur other, then nod their heads. Sherry took off her pool rob revealing her still wet body, and bouncing boobs as she stepped up onto the floor.

"Here, take this for me and hang it up in your moms bathroom will ya?" she said. "Yeah mine too please sweetie." Mom added, she let hers drop to the ground off of her shoulders, and she turned around to pick it up, slowly, oh so slowly. Her ass was amazing, nice and fat, big hips and firm and round. I could see her slit as she bent over.

She picked it up and turned around to face me and I put my head down, "yeah mom, sure, what ever you guys need." I said and reached out for them. "thanks sweetie" she said. I turned and walked back into her bedroom and towards her bath room. I hung up the robesturned the light off, and closed the bathroom door as I stepped out. When I turned to leave the room, my mom and aunt were standing in the door way looking at me, still naked, still sexy as ever, driving me insane!

They just looked at me, and mom said, "Hey whens the last time you did laundry" Those boxers seem filthy, take them off right now and put them in my hamper, ill make sure they get washed tomorrow." "Um, now mom? I mean, ill go change in my room, and make sure I wash them tomorrow." "Don?t act like you got anything I haven?t seen before son, it may be bigger since the last time, but non the less, nothing I haven?t seen before!" I just stood there, unsure of what to do, nervous, and hard as hell.

Sherry turned to my mom and started kissing her, and playing with her tits. She leaned down and started sucking on my moms nipples and rubbing her pussy. Mom moaned, as well as sherry. They stopped. And looked at me. "Still don?t want to take off the boxers?" mom asked. "Mom, im not sure what to say or do. Im embarrassed." I said and looked to the ground. "No need to be honey.? Sherry said, as they both walked towards me. "We?ll handle everything baby." Mom said.

And they both kneeled down right in front of me and pulled my shorts down, releasing my rock hard dick like a spring shooting up, almost hitting them in the face. "oooo!" sherry giggled. "your quite the man now aren?t you?" she asked. I just nodded and shrugged my shoulders. She grabbed my shaft and pointed the tip and mom. "Mom cums first!" she giggled. "Yes I will!" she laughed, and wrapped her licked the tip of my head. This made my whole body shutter. She open her mouth slightly and slid her lips around my prick.

I tilted my head back and looked at the ceiling. This was amazing! "You like that baby boy?" mom said when she pulled her head back, and an eager aunt lowered herself onto my cock. "yes ma?am I do!" I said smiling. "well it looks like your starting to warm up. We never thought you?d stop beating it and comedown from that balcony!" mom giggled and smiled. "What? You knew I was up there?" I asked astonishingly.

"Of course! You breath loud enough!" sherry laughed out, while mom traded her. "vWe heard you up there, that?s why when we decided to play around a little to see if you had any balls!?"she laughed. And I smiled "well obliviously I do!" I whispered as my mom slammed my dick into the back of her throat, taking all 8 inches!

"ohh god baby! You dick is soo good and taste amazing in mommies mouth!" mom moaned. Mom and sherry stood up and backed away towards the bed. And they both leaned over it wiggling their amazing asses at me "remember this pose?" Mom said. "how could I ever forget it?" I smiled. "fuck us James, Fuck Mommy and Auntie Sherry!" sherry moaned playfully. I looked at my mom in astonishment. "come on sweety you got balls right?"mom smiled.

"Of course I do!" I walked over and kneeled down, and stuck interracial fucked pretty young things collection moka mora jaye summers sophia leone quinn wilde le face in between my moms ass and flicked her clit with my toungue, and rubbed sherry?s pussy. "Oh god! You?re the best nephew a woman could ask for!" sherry gasped. I switched over too her cunt, and started French kissing her pus.

"And im about to be a whole lot better! I stood up and rubbed my prick head against my moms slit, and slowly pushed it in. Mom pushed back onto me with full force! "Fuck the shit outta me baby!" mom yelled. And It started.

I pulled back, but not out, and looked down. My head was barely in her, and her lips were wrapped around my head. She was tight. A lot tighter than I ever thought a mother would be. Then I slammed my ragging 8inch into her pus. Which caused her to scream with pleasure.

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"Yes! YES! Be a good boy and fuck mommas pussy!" she moaned. Sherry crawled underneath mom on her knees, and looked up at me dick sliding in and out of her sisters snatch. She cradled my balls with her hand as I pushed into mom. And started licking my balls, and my dick as it went in and out.

She teased my moms pussy with her tongue as I fucked the shit out of her. I pulled out and grabbed the back of my aunts head and slammed my high end whore jessica lincoln loves double dicking into the back of her throat.

She was gagging and moaning, while my mom got up and sat on the edge of the bed and propped her legs up to play with herself. I bent down and lifted up my aunt and bent her over the bed. There was no going slow this time, straight in, straight to the back of her cunt! "Ohhhhh myy god. James! Your soo big!" she moaned. "Yeah, you guys are soo tight, its unbelievable!" I cried out. I pounded and pounded. Everytime her fat ass jiggled in response.

Up and down, and her tits hung, slapping back and forth. Pure passion! My mom got up and moved behind me, she spread my cheeks and started probing my asshole with her tongue. It was amazing, the first time ive ever experienced anything like that. My aunts sexy body slamming back and fourth onto my dick.

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How could this get any better? My mom got up and laid on her back on the bed and spread her legs. "fuck me baby! I need you now!" she cried out. So I did as I was told. I pulled out of my aunt and crawled on top of my mother.

And slid it it. "Ahhhh! Fuck yes!" she moaned. That drove me crazy! I started pounding the shit out of her. Her ashley adams fucked by old man were bouncing back and fourth, back and fourth. She put her arm underneath them and squeezed them together. "yes baby im cumming, ohhh im coming!"I slammed harder and harder. Durning this, My aunt was going to town with herself.

Finger fucking her wet pussy, taking in 4 of her fingers. She got up and put her pussy above my moms mouth. And mom eagerly started to eat he fiercely!

"ohh!" they both moaned. "Im going to cum!" sherry yelled! " cum in my mouth sissy. Please!" she moaned. Her body shook violently as she came in my mothers mouth, then my moms stomach tightened and he pus was constricting rapidly. "Here I cum baby!" she moaned, almost yelled.

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" oh shit me too mah, me too!" mom exploded out around me dick. And it pushed me over. I pulled out and started wanking away as my mom got on her knees and sherry bent over the bed and stuck her ass out and wiggled it by my moms face.

My mom licked her ass as she waited for me to explode. "here I cum! Ready or not!"I yelled. Mom grabbed her tits, " cum on my tits and face baby, and your aunties sexy fat ass!" It was like a rocket.

It shot out and hit mom in the eye. We laughed as more and more shot out on her big tits. And I turned and finished cuming on my aunts fat ass. "oh baby! That was amazing!" "MOM? AUNT VICTORIA?

WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON?!?!?!?" My 18 year old cousin that ive had a crush on since I was a young boy. "shit! Honey!" Sherry yelled.

"dad sent me to come pick you up, he figured youd be to drunk to drive home! What the fuck is this?" And hour later, we were all sitting around the dining room table, drinking coffee.

Mom and sherry had explained the whole thing, and told her what had happened. We had finished our drinks and were walking to the door, Sherry turned and looked at us. "Thank you for the amazing night sis, I haven?t had a night like that in a long time!" she said.

"and I most definitely haven?t been fucked like that forever!" she laughed. "Don?t worry cuz, I wont tell my dad." She smiled. "yeah maybe even next time you can come with your mom to my house for a "girls night out?!?" she said while she used her hands in the quote un-quote hand gesture. "yeah I think I will!" she smiled as she touched my package through my sweats!

OMG! She is soo sexy. Even hotter than my mom and aunt, if she comes next time. Ill die! "night guys!" mom said as she closed the door after they left. "You young man, are grounded!"mom said, "and your punishment is to sleep with me all night!" she smiled. "Yes ma?am! Your going to have to help me get my stamina up if Lisa?s coming over next weekend!?

I laughed. "Haha, don?t worry baby I will. Oh I will!" TO BE CONTINUED! Hope this one was a little easier to read.

i never noticed how the layout changed when i posted it, n i was too lazy n not horny enough to go through and change it till now haha. Comment brazzers audrey bitoni big tits at school free brazzers download lemme know what you think. Ty -HockyHardOn My Crazy Mom, Aunt, and Cousin!