Hot teens go wild at a party lesbian group

Hot teens go wild at a party lesbian group
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 34 CELEBRATION SEX I was just returned from the market after buying some house hold material and was waiting for my husband to return from his office. I was dressed in my sari. The door bell ringed and I found my husband very very happy on the door.

"It's time to celebrate!" He told me. I knew that he was working hard on a project and he might have got it. "We got the project. I received this information just before leaving the office." He told me.

I understood that what means celebrate to him. He does not enjoy any other celebration other than to celebrate with my sexy body. And to be very frank and to be very honest, I too like the same. This is blessings of the god on us and I am very lucky that my husband too is true sex lover like me. Celebrate! But first, let's down the rest of the champagne." I filled our glasses and we started shipping.

We downed the first glass but much of the bottle remained, so I refilled our glasses again. Soon, we finished our second drink too. I kept my glass aside. "I have to use the bathroom." I said and I went inside the bathroom, keeping the door open, as usual because my husband always loves to see me peeing.

I sat on the toilet seat bringing down my panty up to my knee and pulling up my sari up to my waist. I saw that my husband sitting in the room is watching me continuously. I was aware that fuck game between us was not far away, this time to celebrate his success as he was succeeded in obtaining an lea lexis got her mouth and pussy drilled by a bbc business contract for his office.

I returned from the bathroom and asked: "Are you ready to celebrate?" He replied: "I'm ready for more things than you could realize right now!" He hugged me tight and started to kiss on my lips, forced his tongue into my mouth and kissed him back.

As he probed his tongue down in my mouth, I responded by pushing back with my tongue. I could feel his heartbeat pounding. He reached out to touch my boobs and encountered the folds of fabric of the sari.

He ran his hands down my back and could feel my voluptuous round ass through the sari. I knew that he was dying to see my nude body as always!

"Take off the sari!" He told me as he wanted to save the costly sari from getting mess out of our act. I responded by unwrapping of the sari from my waist.

It amazed me to watch my husband watching me undressing. When I done unwrapping the sari, the sari fell to the floor and I untied the string of my petticoat. It also fell on floor over my sari. I unhooked my blouse and let it fell on the floor with my yurizan beltran tits are huge and amazing pornstars big dick and petticoat and stepped out of the clothes lying on the floor, wearing only my bra and panty.

I love to strip before him knowing he too loves watching me stripping. I have also removed my bra and panty in a flash and thrown them on the other clothes on the floor. I knew that my body is fantastic! My skin is fair, soft and smooth; my breasts were not very large but firm and rounded with darker brown aureoles and nipples.

I knew that his cock was hard before, but now it it must be rock hard slutty sister forced onto bros angry cock at my beautiful, sexy and naked body! I looked up at him, sat down before him and unfastened the button of his trouser; unzipped the zipper, and pulled the trouser down. Facing me at my eye level was his ever ready hot cock, straining against his skives, the head poking out.

With a slow motion, I pulled his skivvies down, freeing his trapped long and thick cock that sprang to freedom only inches from my face! I reached out and touched his cock. He took my head in his hands. My hair is silky smooth to the touch. He pulled my head toward his waiting cock and I knew what it means and what he wants from my mouth.

My mouth opened and his cock popped halfway in my mouth. My mouth open and I released his cock. I reached out and firmly grasped the base of his shaft with my left hand. I extended my tongue and gently flicked it over the head his cock. I felt shivers of electricity flow though his body as I flicked my tongue over the head of his hot cock.

My tongue on his cock felt great; I obviously enjoyed giving oral sex. I held just the head of his cock in my mouth and then pushed it out with my tongue to push it up and then lick down the entire length of his shaft! I licked down to his nuts and then spent a few minutes with his nuts in my mouth. I then licked back up the shaft and took the maximum possible length in my mouth! As I slid my head back to take just the head, I bit lightly on his cock and looked up at him.

Before he could say a word, I began a slow rhythm, my head sliding back and forth. He must have heard low moans escaping from my cock-filled mouth as I worked.

I rotated my hand back and forth on his cock as my mouth slid up and down its length. I am an expert cocksucker and I was demonstrating it once again. As I worked on his cock, he unbuttoned and removed his shirt, exposing his bare chest.

Even though I was kneeling before him he stepped out of his shoes and pushed and wiggled his pants so that they fell to the floor. He deftly stepped from them and was fully nude except for his socks. I was at full stride now, moving my head, licking and sucking his cock, he reached out and ran his hands though my silky, jet-black hair until he once again held my head. As my head moved, he began to push and pull on it in time with my rhythm. He began to rotate his hips as I sucked, using my mouth like a pussy!

When I felt the combination of moving hips and force on my head, I became even more excited. My moaning grew louder and my hand pressure on his cock grows greater. I was doing one beautiful sexy job on his cock because I felt pressure building deep in his nuts because of my prolonged mouth job on his cock.

I really wanted him to pump his cum load in my mouth, but he pushed my head back and took a step back, reluctantly pulling his cock from my mouth. "What.Why did you stop me?" I asked as I sat back on my legs, looking up at him. "I was enjoying it!" "I know, but I'm dying for your lovely pussy!" He pulled me to my feet and guided me over to the edge of the bed.

I turned and sat on the edge, looking expectantly at him. He quickly pulled off his socks and walked over to stand in front of me. He dropped to his knees directly in front of me placing one hand on my each knee, then pushed my legs apart. On the other side, the two glasses of champagne have started to show its results.

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"Lie back!" He said. As I reclined, my feet rose into the air. He placed his hands on my inner thighs spreading my legs wider; He was once again examining my clean shaved pussy in detail. He used to fuck me since last 9 years but still he loves my pussy like new one. I knew that it looked delicious and new to him because my long time fucked pussy is in a great shape because of results of my daily yoga and of course, use of red wine, which keeps my pussy still tight like a virgin pussy. As he spread my pussy lips, he could have smelled the sweet, musky scent of my aroused pussy.

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He placed one thumb on each side of my pussy lips and spread them, exposing the pink nub of my clit. He flicked his tongue over it, and felt my jump in response and utter a loud "oooooohhhhhh!" "Did you like that Julee?

Do you want me to continue?" "That felt so good! Please, keep licking darling ." Champagne showing results on both of us. I did not get a chance to finish my sentence. He covered my pussy mound with his mouth and sucked on my clit. My back and my ass arched and actually lifted off the bed! "Yesssssssss!" hissed escapes from my lips, as I enjoyed the sensation.

Now, it was my turn; I reached down and took his head in my hands between my legs. I pulled it into my crotch so as he licked and sucked my juicy pussy.

I was evidently enjoying his oral efforts as I began to grind my hips and ass.

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I had started with a low moan, but now I was whimpering in rhythm to his licking. He paused just long enough to ask me: "Is this still good?" "Yesssss!" I moaned. "So Good!" "Do you want me to stop dear?" "Noooooo! Please don't stop!" All the time I was talking, I was still grinding my pussy. He spread my pussy lips again and continued to lick and suck. My whimpering began again, this time louder than before.

He released my pussy lips and reached down and grasped my ankles. He pulled my ankles up and then shifted his hands to the backside of my legs and pushed them up which caused me to be bent almost double on the bed. As he held me in this position, he dropped his mouth back to my crotch and extended his tongue. I squirmed in his hands, but he held me tight. From my pussy, he licked downward until he approached the little brown rosette of my anus. He released my right leg, but pushed harder with his left hand causing me to remain doubled up.

As he licked back up to my pussy, he reached down and touched just the tip of his finger to my anus and gave a little push. My asshole pucker moved up but the sensation drove me wild as I squirmed even harder. "That's good, Julee, now turn around and get on your hands and knees!" I quickly stood and turned, placing first one knee and then the other on the bed, making a perfect position for a doggy fuck.

When I bent over, my buttocks/ass was positioned at just right level for him to access. He stepped directly behind me placing his hands on my ass, he spread my ass cheeks to locate the entrance to my pussy, and my pussy was wet with passion and anticipation, He placed the head of his cock against my wet pussy opening and pushed just a bit.

He grasped my hips and pulled me towards him just a bit. With just the tip of his cock in my pussy, he bent over my body and placed his left hand on the bed. He reached down under me with his right hand and worked his way through until he found my clit. When he touched it, I jumped in puremature candlelight anal with hot mom india summer. As he began to rub my nub, I felt convulsions move through my body.

"I want you to grind your pussy on my cock now. Don't push backward, just grind!" He said and he continued to finger my clit while I gyrated against him. He gave a slight push of his hips and his cock slipped just a bit further into my juicy pussy.

My ass grinding made so hot that I no longer needed him to stroke my clit. With his cock partially in my pussy, I was unable to control and I switched from grinding to pumping. As I moved my ass back and forth, he gently pulled on my hips on my back stroke so his cock slowly penetrated deeper and deeper into my wet and hot pussy.

After a few minutes of combined work, my buttocks touched his hips. He had buried his full cock in me to the hilt! He pulled my hips back hard and thrust his torso forward, forcing his cock still deeper into me. "Aieeeeee!!" I screamed as a pleasure shot through me! "Ahhhhhhhh!!" was my only comment as the "filled-up" sensation hit me again. He began a slow rhythm of pushing and pulling on my hips, filling and then emptying my pussy with his cock. He felt my natural instincts to take over and he paused and put his hands on his hips and watched me moving my torso back and forth around his cock.

I was sure that he must be looking down and enjoyed the sight of his big cock disappearing and then reappearing from the space just below my beautiful round buttocks. He put his hands back on my hips and stroked and pumped me again for a few minutes. I uttered a rhythmic "grunt" each time we connected. "Are you enjoying this fucking Julee?" He queried.

"Yessss!" I said in reply with pleasure. My erotic responses made him hotter. He kept his left foot on the floor, but he raised his right foot onto the bed, still holding my hips and pumping his cock in to my juicy pussy. My pussy was at a different angle causing different sensations to flow from my pussy to throughout my body.

After only a couple of gentle strokes, my back-and-forth motions accelerated and my grunts changed into loud moans. "Oh yessssss!. I'm cummin!. I'm cummin!" I exclaimed. Suddenly I froze; I felt my body going rigid, He could have felt spasms of my orgasm in my body through his cock. I threw my head back and my mouth opened but no sound came out. He continued to pump into my pussy as I came and then when the spasms subsided, He released my hips and watched me collapsing in a heap on the bed, bottom still rose in the air, my pussy was still visible to him and it was wet with my juices.

I rested on the bed on my knees, buttocks and ass up the air, but my head turned to the side, eyes closed, breathing heavily. He reached down and swatted my meaty ass, causing me to jump, but my eyelids fluttered open and I looked up at him.

"Move over so that I can lie down!" He said. As I slowly pulled myself to the side of the king size bed, he climbed on it and moved to the center and turned over so that he lay spread eagle on his back Grasping his cock with one hand and twisting it to vertical, he told to me: "Climb on!" I pulled myself erect and moved to squat over him.

I dropped to my knees straddling his torso. He released his cock as I reached down between my legs to take control of his cock and guided it to the entrance of my waiting pussy. I slowly squatted, bouncing slightly, allowing more and more of his cock to slide into me with each tattooed small tits slut chloe carter banged in her pussy. Upon the first touch of cock-to-pussy, I moaned slowly, but as I bounced and got pierced deeper and deeper, my moaning grew louder and louder.

Finally I rested, my full weight resting on him, but fully impaled on his cock! He reached out to grasp my hips and then allowed his hands to flow down to my round ass bottom. One hand cute brunette gets a nice cream pie each of my ass cheeks and he lifted my body up and then pulled down, forcing his cock to stab deeper in my pussy.

He lifted me again, and allowed me to fall back down on his cock. He started a rhythm of pushing and pulling on my ass, causing me to bounce and moan loudly. I looked down at to see his eyes closed, my arms pressed against his wide chest, my round and firm titties were bouncing up and down. He reached up and grasped my hips and pulled me to a stop and at the same time thrust his hips up forcing his cock to hit me insides at a different angle. My back arched and my body went stiff.

When I began to move again, my pussy had taken control of my body! For my hips up, I didn't move; I began to slide my torso back and forth on his cock, riding it, not bouncing, but grinding back and forth. I was approaching another orgasm, as my pace increased faster and faster and my moaning turned into a hissing.

I fucked him faster and faster as my hair fell forward, covering my face, but I was oblivious to everything except what was filling my pussy. "I'm cummin!" I hissed as my grinding increased to pace. "I'm cummin!" I felt my pussy muscles spasm around his cock, but the sensation was too much for him too! As my body locked, I threw sex xnxx bazaar nfull sex stories head back and allowed the orgasm to overtake me.

His cock had been begging for release and had a life of its own as it fired the initial spurt of cum up inside me; as my pussy spammed, it milked additional spurts of cum from his cock which flowed up inside me, filling me up. His dancing cock was showering sweet d hentai babe gets big jugs sucked love juices in to black bull fucks granny domestic disturbance call pussy with a great force, as always.

I supported myself on my arms for about a minute and then my arms collapsed, my titties pressed against his chest. My silky, black hair lay all around him. He raised his head to kiss me and as he did, I snaked my tongue into his mouth and as he responded, we explored each others' mouths. As we kissed, we relaxed more, but his softening cock remained inside me.

I could feel the combination of his cum and my pussy juice oozing from my well-fucked pussy and run down to his thighs to pool on the bed. We rested in that position for an hour or so, but I knew that there was more to come after dinner.

I got up from the bed and headed towards bathroom to clean myself, he too joined me for a lovely bath together. We came out of the bathroom naked, wiping our wet naked bodies and as we can afford to stay nude in our apartment, I went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. My husband could not keep him away from me and my naked, sexy body; he too joined me in the kitchen.

I was preparing dinner and he was preparing me for another fuck game after dinner. He was continued to play with my boobs, with my ass and with my pussy too making me hot again. I was also not far behind from him. My soft hand touches on his cock made his tool hard again, ready to rock and we took our dinner before another fucking game. Julee