Desirable jade jantzen and vienna open their cunt to screw

Desirable jade jantzen and vienna open their cunt to screw
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A few weeks after Kathas "birthday shitting", our school class was out for a vacation trip to a camp near a small city some 100 miles away from home. The ride was supposed to go on for three days. The time that we didn't need for the transfer ride was meant for trips to nearby destinations that were of some "educational value" such as old castles, caves and so on. For some reasons I never understood, the teachers had decided the whole year of our school was to go on this trip together: about 140 students, me and Katha among them.

The promotional ads of the camp had sounded promising: there should have been a large indoor swimming pool, a disco, arcade machines and more to make the stay pleasant (no Internet or PS3 or something like that since we're in the year 1994, only if you wonder). Well, reality proved to be a bit different from this: two amazing gals play with dildo masturbation smalltits camp consisted of about three dozen of small houses, each for 6 persons, and a large main building where meals were served.

The swimming area we never got to even see, I don't know if it even existed or was just closed for us. The disco was cancelled for unknown reasons, and just one arcade machine was available.

Even worse, the meals: we arrived about lunchtime the first day, but lunch was not included that day, and it was just impossible to buy something to eat out there. So we hoped for dinner and got the next shock: dinner was a soup of 99.99% pure water, the diminishing rest were ingredients as beans, some fibers of meat and some spices about the same concentration, and some bread that was not nearly enough for about 140 students the age of 17 and 18 years old.

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Disaster was being programmed. The evening came, and there was absolutely nothing to do - in the living houses, there were TVs, but the signal qualitiy was so poor sliping mom end son pron could get eye cancer by trying to watch the snow on the screen, so watching TV was not a real option.

The main building was closed, as I mentioned before, no swimming pool was available, no disco, no arcade, not even a bar or something (later, I learned the camp was specialized on much younger students, about 10 - 12 years old who don't need some evening entertainment or even a night life since they're going - or are sent - to bed at 9 in the evening). Going to the next city was no option as it was away too far (about 2 miles), we had no vehicles at our hands (we were on this trip with two chartered buses), and this city had, even if we had walked down there, about as much nightlife as the camp itself - none at all.

But somehow, a youth clique from the city had realised new people (us) had arrived at this camp.

As most of them were slightly older than we, they already had cars - and as soon as they knew some people about their age were there, they used their cars for a fluent cargo traffic between the camp and the city. The cargo was: beer, whine, champagne, vodka and whiskey - whatever alcoholic drink you could wish for, they provided it. After the disastrous non-dinner of the evening and the sheer frustration about the boring camp, they found willing customers.

That evening, I was sitting with some of my buds in our house playing cards. Others went by now and then to bring in beer and drinks. and the others got drunk more and more. I didn't take part in the collective drinking since beer is just not my taste (untypical for a man, I know, but that's me), I stayed with my coke (without vodka).

A reasonable card-playing became soon impossible as the others got hammered more and more, my best bud had lost his cigarettes in another house and went off in search of them, so I was left on my own. I really wasn't into sitting in the house with the others gulping beer and vodka and smoking like defective diesel engines, so I got out and wandered around aimlessly for maybe half an hour.

Outside, it had gotten dark already as we were in March and it was about 9:30 p.m., and it was raining slightly - a pretty uncomfortable weather but being inside wasn't all the more appealing to me.

As I wandered around, I passed one of the other houses. Sure enough, Katha was standing outside, smoking and chatting with other girls. Of course, she spotted me and gleefully came up to me. "Hi Michael! Whattaya doing so alone outside in the cold?" She flung her arms around me, and I could clearly smell it: she had drunken champagne, and the young jerks old tube porn she spoke told me it was more than just one small glass.

"What else should I do? Sitting around with the other idiots and watching them get hammered? No." She made a face. "You have no sense for fun, Michael! Relax and have some fun, therefore we're off the school and here!" Now it was my turn to make a face. "What's so funny about sitting there, gulping beer and smoking so one can't see naughty japanese cutie gets smothered with cum hand before his eyes anymore?

Not my kind of fun." "Maybe you have more fun with us girls? We're not into beer, and we don't smoke inside the house, we're going outside to smoke. like that." With that, she took a breath of her cigarette and blew the smoke in my direction. I choked demonstratively and waved around with my hands. "Ooops, sorry. didn't mean that. Please, come in with us, you're such an intelligent guy always. maybe you feel better with us, and wandering around in the rain, cold and dark surely isn't that much fun, either." Well, she was right about this point, so I followed her in.

The students were given places in the houses, strictly divided by genders: in a house, normally only boys or only girls would sleep. We went into the living room. There were some other girls sitting around, all drinking some champagne or sweet tasting drinks, but it clearly was not the just-getting-hammered I had seen in the boys houses.

Besides, the room looked friendlier, tidyer than the one in my house, and it was warm in here - which came right to me as the moist cold outside had already begun to leak through my clothes and creep into my bones. I took a look at the other girls - five of them I knew at sight, they were from other classes but from my school and the same year, but one girl, a cute brown-haired with nice long hair, a slim figure and a dreamy look on her face I didn't recognize. Katha had followed my look.

"That's Samantha, she's from the city here and doesn't want to hang around with the guys she already knows, but our guys are out of business, too, as they only are into drinking, so she's here with us for the moment", she introduced the girl to me. "Hi", Samantha said shyly, giving me a look that was shy but promising as well. For the next about 30 minutes, we sat there, chatting, the girls continued to drink some of their respective drinks. They offered me, too, but save for a glass of champagne, I stayed "dry".

After some time, some of the other girls of my school got either bored or tired, two or three of them said goodnight and went off for the upper stage of the small house where the sleeping rooms were, the other two went off as they either belonged to other houses or wanted to see for the boys.

Only Katha, Samantha and I remained in the living room. "Maybe its a bit hot in here", Samantha said with a sweet voice but I could clearly hear she had drunken quite a lot that evening.

She went up and turned on the radio, where just at that moment Latin / Brazilian music was playing. "Would english blonde milf amateur first time mommy dearest gets freaky to dance in the appropriate outfit, but I just have my boring undies on", she commented.

I grinned. "Wouldn't mind see you dancing in your undies, or even better, without them", I commented. She blushed. "Nooo. to south american music, I would have to wear a bikini. not everyday undies. it's not like holiday without a bikini, but I don't have one here right now." "If that's all, maybe I can help", Katha grinned.

Off she was, only to come back a minute later with some fabrics in her hand. A part of that, she threw to Samantha (who, of course, missed to catch it but rather had to collect it from the floor, while she did that I could watch into her T-shirt and saw two nice small titties), the other she waved around.

"Here, thats mine. Had brought them for the swimming pool that was supposed to be here, but if these idiots here are too stupid to open it and let us in, we can celebrate the beach party right here as well." "Thanks, Katha. where can I change.?" Katha just rolled her eyes. "And they always say I'M from a village.

Michael won't look you any parts away, I'm sure.! - Oh, well, if you can't get undressed in front of him. bathroom is out the door and to the right." Samantha went off.

Katha was less shy and started to undress. I sat on the sofa and watched the show. "Take care your eyes aren't just shooting out", she commented as she got nude. This, of course, was not meant as a strip for me: she did not strip off her clothes erotically slow but just threw them aside, but for a short moment, I had a nice view at her carefully shaven pussy, and I let out a whistle.

She just gave me a grin, then she stood there, wearing a nice but not provoking bikini. A moment later, Samantha came back in with unsure steps, wearing only a bikini similiar to Katha's, and I could see her nice, slim figure with the small, firm B cup tits, and I let out another whistle. "Pretty, really pretty. Do you have a shaven pussy just like Katha?" Samantha again blushed, but wearing a bikini obviously made her feel herself much sexier than with her normal clothes just minutes earlier, and with a beautiful shyly smile, she pulled down the front of her bikini panties just enough I could see the neatly trimmed strip of hair she had let on, otherwise, her pussy was as smoothly shaven as Katha's.

With one eye, I could see Katha had looked, too. Before we could see her pussy lips, she quickly placed the panties back in place, her face red hot but smiling. "Well, thats really nice", I complimented her. "Would return the favor, but I don't have a swimsuit with me, only my boxer shorts." "Why didn't you bring a swimsuit?", Katha asked as if she wanted to say, 'you idiot, didn't you wanna take the chance in the pool?' "Because I cannot swim at all, as you might know.

Besides, pool water always contains chlorine, it has to, you know that too - but my skin doesn't stand this, I'd just get into major skin troubles by getting into pool water.

So no need for a swimsuit." She seemed a bit disappointed. "Oh.

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Well. Didn't know that. But hey, you're unfair - here are two girls standing nearly naked in front of you, and you wear complete street gear? C'mon, get off this clothes, it's warm enough in here!" I grinned. "If you would give me a hand." I stretched my arms high above my head, and both girls didn't need a second invitation.

They approached me and began to strip my clothes off, and I must say, both of them had really experted hands. when it came down to my jeans, I could feel my dick starting to react. Both girls smiled.

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"Nice to see you're not hammered like the rest of these idiots out there", Katha commented. Samantha said nothing, but her smile became a more dirty touch. Soon, I sat there with only my boxer shorts on. "And now? Maybe a little threesome?", I suggested. Samantha gasped for air in surprise, I guessed no one ever had made such a suggestion while she was present.

But Katha shook her head. "Always the same with you boys. Making big promises, but if we accept, you guys just shoot your load and get off." "Don't underestimate me", I warned her. "But really:", crazy students sucking and having group sex continued, with Samantha following us with an open mouth, obviously she really wasn't used to 'plain language': "What if the teachers come in here right now?

You know they announced they will go round for some checks eventually, and it's surely not the best idea to have them find us fucking right here." Well, she was obviously right about that. Samantha, in the meantime, had turned her attention to the radio: 'Lambada' was starting to play, and she started to move.

Her movements were a bit unsure because of the alcohol, but she clearly had done this before. She came up to me and took my hand. "C'mon, lets dance.!" She pulled me up from the sofa, I grabbed her, and we started to dance. I had no idea of the single steps, but it seemed she didn't mind. "Seems like you know the dance and the steps", I commented. She looked at me happily. "I was with my parents in Rio for vacation just last month, during the winter break here.

Oooo, it was sooo much fun. but they didn't let me go out with boys. but it was sooo nice there. the warmth, the people, everything." Her voice trailed off as she seemed to relive their vacation and her carnival-in-Rio experience.

I for myself enjoyed the feeling of this girl, nearly nude, in my arms, but caught a look of Katha: she sat at the sofa with an undeterminable look at her face. Could it be she was getting jealous, I wondered? The song ended, and after some seconds, Samantha stopped to dance and opened her eyes. I tried to fix them, but they spinned around: she couldn't get a clear fix anymore. "I'm drunk", she murmured. "I'm just a drunk girl who can't anymore." - she trailed off, and leaned against me.

I held her body upright, not really knowing what to do about this. "I have to poop", she murmured but made no effort to let me go and go to the bathroom.

"What?", I asked - maybe I just had heared wrong. "I must poop", she repeated with a slightly squealing voice. "But I can't, good girls don't poop, clean girls don't poop, I can't shit here." - her voice, once again, trailed off, I suspected she didn't really know what she was talking anymore. Clearly, by dancing the alc in her blood had gotten into her brain really fast now, making her what she was admitting herself: a drunken girl. I turned her so Katha could see her backside from the sofa.

"I have to shit", she repeated, now a bit louder, but still made no effort to leave me, instead, she was holding herself at me, somewhat clinging to me.

"Hey, Katha, you hear this? She has to shit", I announced to Katha with a now really dirty grin on my face. Katha paled. "She wouldn't dare.?" "I don't dare, but I must." "Well, then just do it, I like it dirty", I assured drunken little Samantha. She gave me a short look, and I took both my hands at her ass. There, I could feel it: her asshole opened a bit, and she let out a small amount of shit.

Not quite enough to really soil Katha's bikini panties, but I knew a bit was there. "Uuuugh, clean girls don't do this, and boys only like clean girls", she murmured. "Well, time for you to learn not every boy likes only clean girls", I answered back at her, loud enough for Katha to hear. She was still sitting at the sofa, watching the scene.

I slid one hand into her bikini and, sure enough, found the little shit she had produced, still inside her butt crack. I took two fingers to smear around it a bit, caressing her asshole, then took out my hands with two brown fingers. "Here, look. thats your shit. and I like it!", I assured Samantha who was by now looking at me with large eyes. "Let me just smell it", I said, taking the fingers at my nose and taking a good breath - and got a nice, warm, pleasantly shitting aroma.

Samantha looked at me unbelievingly. "You really don't mind me having a shitty ass now.?" "Not in the slightest! The dirty note is what only really gets the fun started! Here, maybe you'd like to have a sniff yourself?" I offered her my fingers, and she - sure enough - couldn'd resist to bring her nose up to them and inhaling deeply - and I could see energy was coming back to her.

"Hmmm, not as bad as I thought. Tell me, do all girls smell like that?" "Good question. Let me see. dani gets on her knees and sucks me up, I need another sample", I grinned, bringing my fingers back at her asshole and taking another sample. Then, I brought them back to my nose, sniffing and really considering her question. "No. I'd say there are differences. Your shit smells more of a soft kind - Katha's, for example, smells a bit more muskier, a little bit stronger." "What?

And I think I'm stinking?" "Nooo, you're not. as I said, soft and pleasant." Katha's face, in the meantime, had gotten red. Now she got up from the sofa.

"Michael?", she glared at me. "Whattaya saying here, she smells better than me?" "It's true! You can -" "- prove you're wrong? Telling she smells better. has a better shit. how dare you! Tell you what, both of you: we BOTH, both girls here, will shit right here and now, and then we'll see who has the better shit and the shittier smell!" Oh-oh, I thought with amusement, she really was getting jealous.

but this was for MY good at last. "Katha? You think you have the better smelling shit?", Samantha wanted to know. She began to glare at Katha - oops, I thought, two girls getting into the fight!

"Fine, we'll do it so, let's both shit, and Michael shall decide! But I have something other - I have to piss. where. I don't wanna wet the carpet in here." "No problem" - I had spotted an empty glass jar standing around earlier and grabbed it - "just do it here." Samantha didn't move, maybe because of the alc, she had forgotten about that, so I just got down in front of her, pushed her legs apart and pulled her bikini panties aside to get her desirable teen amia rides a big shaft brunette and latina free.

Then, I held the jar and gave her an encouraging nod, and she started to piss - a hot stream of almost clear liquid shot into the jar. When the stream ended, I pulled her panties back in place, knowingly accepting the fact some last drops would get into the fabric.

Katha just watched. "And how do you judge the piss?", she wanted to know. "About as musky as this of a boy?" "No. not nearly. This is almost pure water only, real boys' piss has more into it." "Let us see this", Katha demanded, and Samantha chirped right in. I just shrugged. "If it makes you happy." "Hey, Michael. you have two girls here, peeing and shitting for you, it's only fair you return the favor.

We just won't ask you to shit for us since we both aren't into a boys heavyly stinky shit." "And you're right about that - girls shit smells better", I grinned.

Then, I just got out my dick, aimed it at the jar (which had still plenty of space in it) anal fuck of gorgeous brazilian playgirl hardcore blowjob let it flow - and a hot stream of yellow piss shot into the jar.When I was done, Katha took the jar and took a sniff, only by now I realized her panties, as well as Samantha's, had gotten moist stains on their downside.

"Hmmm, can't smell much", she commented. "What about the stuff being inside boys' piss?" "Since it's fresh, you really won't smell much, the smell will develop only later when it's drying and being occupied with bacteria. Compare a spot where boys are pissing at walls or in corners frequently with a spot where disco girls are doing the same, and you'll notice the difference." "Okay. so before we really start the shit contest, I'll piss in here, too - in this pissy camp, it comes right at hand." With that, she undressed her bikini panties, standing before us right nude (save for the bra) now, and I just smiled happily.

Samantha looked a bit disbelieving. "I've never been around a nude girl who's going to pee and poop. mind if I watch?" "Listen, sweetheart", Katha answered, "if we're going to do this shit contest, it seems to be necessary for both of us to be nude. So get off that panties now." Without further words, Katha took her piss into the jar. Meanwhile, Samantha undid her panties, and now I had a perfect look at her neatly shaven, cute little pussy with the delicate piss flaps and the narrow strip of hair, and my body reaction didn't let itself wait for.

Samantha watched me and blushed, then smiled. "Not been much with boys before?", Katha asked, and Samantha just nodded. "And then right on with a pervy guy like Michael. Great. So, now I will show you - or better, have you smell - that MY shit isn't so bad, either.

Michael?" "Here! I love both of you and both of your shits!" "Wouldn't have expected anything other. On the one hand, you still have Samanthas shit?" "Yes ma'am!" "Okay.

So you will use your other hand for my shit. Now it's my turn. and for you, Sam, as being so bold to question my shit's smell, you should get it right from the source. kneel down before the sofa." She was eager to oblige. Katha knelt on the sofa so her ass was in perfect hight right before Sam's face. I stood right behind her and watched. Katha began to push a little, and we both could see her asshole open, and a little bit of shit came out. Sam almost instantly threw her nose into Katha's asshole, which made her gasp with surprise.

Her shit, of course, slid back into her ass as she hadn't expected this assault. "Hey, not such a hurry. you'll get my shit soon enough", she grinned. I looked at Sam's face: the tip of her nose was brown by now. We resumed our positions, and Katha began shitting again. "Michael. come on, take some of it, smear it around my butthole just as you did with Sammy!" I didn't need to be told twice. With the still clean hand, I started to whish and smear around her shit. and soon her butt crack was nicely covered with the brown mass.

I took this hand to my nose and took a good sniff, thinking. "And? What do you say?" "Well. it's just my personal opinion. but I'd stay with it. Sam's a softer aroma, Katha's is muskier." "Can't be. Let us smell for ourselves", both girls demanded. I looked at my "Sam" fingers, only to see what I had already expected: the shit on them was mostly dried. "This wouldn't be very objective.

We need a fresh sample from Sammy." Sam didn't hesitate anymore in the slightest - she turned and faced me her backside, then started pushing a bit. I took the fresh sample and let them have their sniffs. "Hard to say.

what about having it fresh from the source?" "Yes, but how? Should be simultaneously", they discussed. "Simultaneously? No problem! Never watched a good girls porn?", I got into the discussion. They gave curious looks to me. "Why? Do they shit at each other in these films?" "No. but they lick each other's pussys. And the buttholes aren't far away from that.

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Obviously, this time it's not that one can lay down and the other just up - you just have to lay on your sides, yes, smol boy and big gil xxxxom - I helped them to arrange the right way - first time squirting on bad dragon dildo. now lift your legs - yes - and there you are." "Hey, good idea, astonishing what a dirty boy is good for", they commented.

Then, they started their business - and I stood over them, providing them with my hands with both girls' shit on them so that each girl could in turns smell the other's ass and her own shit from my hand.

Both pushed out some shit, but before things could get too messy, I stopped them. "Now, stop shitting, girls.

You don't wanna mess the carpet, do you?" Both made some sad sounds of regret, but indeed stopped their shitting efforts. Instead, one of them started licking the others pussy - I don't know anymore which one started, but the other quickly responded, and there they were, licking out the others pussy and taking occasional sniffs at their shit covered asses. Not long, and both girls began to sweat and breathe heavily and got red spots and areas on their skins - they both were reaching their orgasms!

Needless to say, for many minutes now my dick stood at full attention, poking out through the slit of my boxer shorts. I would have loved to have a wank, but had still shitty hands, and here, in the camp, I didn't want to bring the shit up to papy and son fuck a maid dick and soil my underwear.

After the girls were back down on earth, they looked at me. "Oooo, poor boy. two nude girls here and didn't come yet, must be like hell", they teased. I just shrugged. "Well. I thought you could do the job", I smiled. "Besides: now: who's the winner of the shitting contest?" They looked at each other.

"You! - Well, it's true, we both smell a bit different, but it's not about one of us winning. But you have done so much for us, now you should get your reward." "Me?

What did I do?" "Honestly", Sam replied, "you managed to get me to admit what I really want, to accept my sexuality, to even have an orgasm tonight - what else could I wish for?" I smiled happily, sitting / laying down on the sofa.

"So then. if you want.", I pointed at my dick. Sam looked a bit afraid. "Don't laugh at me, but I'm still a virgin. You don't know how life is in this grumpy little town.

if the doc finds out at the next medical examination I'm no virgin anymore, the whole city will know. I know, he's not allowed to talk, but in this sleepy old people's town here." "I see. Luckily, I can do the job easily", Katha helped in, starting to stroke my dick with her hands. "But there's still something you can do for this little pervert - right, Michael? Say it, tell her." I just grinned. "She's absolutely right - can you think of it?

Has something to do with your nice brown little hole." Sam gave me a dirty smile. Meanwhile, Katha had taken a seat on my lap and stuffed my dick inside her pussy - she was so wet her body liquids literally flew out of her, at my body and partially into the sofa, but none of us cared about it.

Sam squatted down across my chest and offered me her shitty ass along with some fresh, pleasantly smelly girlshit. needless to say, it wasn't long before I shot my load (which felt like it were gallons) inside Katha.

After we all were back down on earth, we took a shower together - there wasn't much space inside the shower cubicle, but somehow we managed to get in and get clean together. Then, Sam took a look at the watch. "Urgh! About midnight already! Got to find the guys from town to get back. sorry and thanks for all!" With that, she was gone.

"Michael, I really don't wanna throw you out. but you see. it's a wonder already the other girls hadn't come back by now. Better for us if you leave now - the others don't need to see you're still here." Well, I had to admit she was right about this, so I got dressed and left. with a nice memory. Wouldn't mind seeing Samantha again, I thought, she's pretty and chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs, and fucking her for real surely would have been nice.

Outside, I could see what was going on. being highly on alcohol, many of the other guys were rampaging around, shouting, fighting, destroying. not long before Security had to approach and clean up the scene. I got into my house and bed unseen, the others of this house being asleep from too much beer already. Thinking about the evening, I had a decent wank on Sam, but also on Katha.

my first threesome (well, at least kind of), and there was no danger the others would woke up, they had had more than enough beer for the rest of the night. Needless to say, none of us was really fit the other morning. I had expected the teachers to cut off this trip and get us all back home, but to my big surprise, everything continued as planned. Only the next evening, sadly enough, alcohol was strictly forbidden, Security and the teachers were on patrol walks, no visitors from outside were allowed in the camp.

so Samantha couldn't visit us again. Also, there was next to no boy-girl-action, not even visits - as I said, the teachers were strolling around on patrol. It was a terribly boring evening. all I could do was to spend it playing cards with my buddies.