Hard xx lesbian 3jp story

Hard xx lesbian 3jp story
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I wrote this story a few years ago. It was originally called Perverted Kids. I have edited it a few huge cock shemale fucking girl, and I didn't like that title, so now I call it Perversions in The Woods. Since XNXX allows you to delete and edit your stories now, I want to submit the stories that I have changed. I'm sorry to keep posting but I am never happy with my story's and I always want to change them, and I want them all to be available on one link.

Perversions In The Woods by Britney I was out on a jog one day, and I was running my usual route. I saw a school bus pull over and a young boy got out of the bus with a back pack on. He started walking down the sidewalk. I didn't pay much mind, until I saw him turn into the woods. I became curious on why he would go into those woods all by himself.

I decided to follow him. I walked into the woods and I saw him up ahead. I followed at a good distance being careful to always stay hidden in case he looked back. I saw him stop, and I stood up on a big rock and watched him. He set down his back pack, and pulled out some dirty magazines.

He took off his shirt and jeans and stood there in his white briefs. His little hard on stuck out of his underwear as he was looking at one of the magazines. I watched him as I unzipped my jeans and started rubbing my cunt. He bent over, and worked down his underwear. I watched his cute butt crack appear, followed by his little asshole and balls. It was adorable. I moaned to myself as I rubbed my clit. He put the magazine in front of him and he sat down on a tree branch.

He looked at his hard on and started rubbing it. Then he grabbed the back of his legs and stretched down until his tongue touched the end of his cock. I was so turned on watching him, I didn't know that a guy could lick his own penis. My pussy was dripping. He grabbed the magazine and I could see a picture of a naked girl in the pile driver position and he started licking the page and he tongued her pussy and ass. After a few minutes of doing this sperm started shooting out of his dick.

He put the magazine back in his back pack, and grabbed his underwear, and put them on. As he got dressed I quickly left and started heading back toward the road. As I was walking back my pulse was racing and my pussy was still wet.

I looked back and saw him walking from a distance. He got closer and I walked up to him. "Hello" I said to him "Hello" "What are you doing out here?" I asked "I ummm am just hiking around" he said in his young squeaking voice. "Me too… you want to join me?" I asked "Ok" he said "My name is Britney" I said "I'm Ricky." he said shaking my hand.

We began walking back the way we came from and I made conversation with him, I found out he was 14 and I told him that I'm 27. We walked on for a few more minutes. "I'm really thirsty do you have any water." I asked "Yea I have some in my backpack" he said He put his back pack in front of him. He put his hand in the bag and was careful not to show me what was in it as he searched for the bottle.

"Here let me get it." I said grabbing the back pack away from him. Before he had time to react I opened the bag and looked inside. "Oh gosh." I said pulling out one of the magazines. His face turned red and he tried to take the bag away from me I pulled away not letting him. "No, I want to look at them." I said, We sat down and I pulled the rest of them out of his bag.

"So did you come out here to look at these" I asked "Yea I come out here all the time. Desirable babe with huge melons gets screwed brunette and big tits is the only place where I can be alone." he said "Do you mind if I start coming out here and looking at them with you?" I asked "Sure" he said We looked at them for a while and we pointed out our favorite pictures. He sat with his legs together to hide his boner.

We looked at a picture of his favorite girl bending over and smiling. "What is your favorite part on her?" I asked "I like her butt hole" he said "I think a butt hole is the nicest thing on girls" he said "I agree I think butts are very sexy? Have you ever seen a girls butt hole for real?" I asked "No I wish" he said I thought about it for a second and my cunt was getting wet. I hesitated for a eurobabe fucked in hairy muff for cash then I finally blurted out.

"I'll show you my butt hole if you show me yours" I said He blushed and put his head down. I looked at him and my heart was racing. He finally lifted his head and showed me his savannah secret job seekers distraction secretary hardcore eyes. "I don't like anyone to see mine, but I would love to see yours." he said in a soft spoken voice. "No, that's not fare if you want to see mine I have to see yours" I said "I tell you what, Girl crying and squirting during sex go first but you have to show me yours after." "All right" he said after a short silence "Ok ready" I said "Yea" he responded I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans.

I turned around and grabbed the waist line of my jeans and panties, and lowered them down to the bottom of my crack. I bent over and looked at his face through my legs. His eyes were wide as I reached back and spread my butt cheeks with both hands. My twat was swelling up as I watched him focus on my pussy and asshole.

I wanted to stick my fingers in my cunt, but I didn't want to move to fast. I stood up and quickly pulled my pants back up. I sat down and looked at him. His face was flush and he had a big smile on his face. "Did you like that?" I asked He opened his mouth and the words didn't come out. He looked in my eyes, and he gave me a cute smile as he nodded. "Your turn now." I said He stood up very slowly, and he put his hand over his eyes.

He giggled nervously as he undid his jeans. He quickly pulled down his shorts and underwear, and his cute little penis popped out like a door stop.

It looked so young and there was a little bit of hair growing in. He turned his back towards me and spread his cheeks apart, then he pulled up his pants quickly and sat down giggling. "You have the cutest butt hole I have ever seen" I said trying to build his confidence.

"Can I see it one more time" He smiled and blushed, as he shook his head. "It is getting dark I need to get home so my mom don't worry." he said "Oh ok." I said disappointedly "Do you want to meet tomorrow after school, and I'll bring some more magazines for us to look at" he said "Yes I'd like that" I said We stood up and started back towards the road. "I'll meet you out here at the same time tomorrow ok." I said "ok." he said. We both started walking away. "Hey Britney?" "yes" "Tomorrow do you want to show each other more of our private parts?" "I'm looking forward to it." I said smiling.

He smiled back and walked away. The next day I waited on a bench for him to get off the bus. It arrived and he got off and looked around curiously until his eyes met mine. We gave each other a big smile. We waited till no one was paying attention, and headed into the woods. When we got to the spot he pulled out some brand new magazines and showed them to me. He seemed to be proud of them and he should have been because they were good. I kept looking at them and we didn't talk about what we showed each other yesterday.

I didn't know what was going to happen and I was just waiting for him to bring it up. I think he was hoping I would bring it up first but I just kept cool to see how brave he was. "Do you want to play the same game we did yesterday" he said finally. "What game is that?" I asked "Where you show me something, and I show you something." he said "Ok what do you want to see on me?" I asked "I want to see your boobs" he said "Ok I'll show you my boobs if you let me see your cute butt hole again because I got cheated yesterday" I said "Ok that's fine" he said "This time you have to show me it until I am done looking ok" I said "ok" "It is your turn to go first, lets see it." I said "All right." he said He seemed much more comfortable then he was yesterday.

He got up and turned around and his ass faced me. He pulled down his pants and underwear and he spread his cheeks. I moved closer to him and I stared at it. "That is so cute" I said I stared at it for a moment then I told him he could pull his pants up. "Your turn" he said giggling I stood up and got in front of him and pulled up my shirt to where my pink bra was showing. I lifted my bra up exposing my left nipple.

I only gave him a quick look then I pulled my shirt down. "Hey I got something to show amazing alexis ford with her big ass does ana he said "What's that?" I said smiling He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his underwear down till his little boner sprang out. He pulled his pants up quickly and turned around giggling.

"Hey let me see that again" I said "I will if you let me see yours" he said I pulled down my jeans to my ankles and stepped out of them, and sat down and grabbed the side of my panties beside my crotch. "Ok on the count of three I will pull my panties aside so you can see, and you have to pull yours out at the same time." Dominant man wrestling that was the commencing of her rude drooly face fucking said "One, two, three" I said and I pulled my panties aside and I felt the air hitting my pussy and his boner popped out once again.

We stood there for several moments and stared at each others crotches. It was getting dark again and we had to stop. We walked toward the road. "Do you want to meet again Monday after school?" I asked "Yep lets do it" he said "Have a good weekend" I said smiling Monday after school, we met again the same way.

We started into the woods. I walked ahead of him, and lowered my jeans and spread my cheeks so he could see my asshole as I walked. We arrived at our little hideout and we both sat down facing each other. "So what are we going to do today?" I asked "How about we both get totally naked." he said "Lets do it" I said smiling We both took off all our clothes and we both stared at each others body's. We sat across from each other naked.

"Do you want to play another game?" he asked "Sure" "Its called I'll touch yours if you touch mine" he said "ok" I said laughing. I was amused about how he was trying to act more innocent then he actually was. "ok, you touch my penis and ill touch your vagina" he said We both got up and walked up to each other, and I wrapped my fingers around his little hard on. My temperature rose as I felt his fingers, run through the folds of my cunt. "So what's next?" I asked He thought for a while.

"How about I get to do whatever I want to you and then you get to do whatever you want to me." he said "That sounds fun" I said "Anything goes we can't say no, okay." We flipped a coin to see who goes first and he won the toss.

"You win so what are you going to do?" I asked "I'm going to lick your private part." he said He came over to me and got down on his knees and I spread my legs. He started licking my shaved twat, and I moaned as he ran his tongue up and down my slit. "Now its my turn." I said "What are you going to do?" he asked "I'm going to suck your dick and lick your balls, and then I'm going to stick my finger up your butt hole while I'm doing it. Then when I get done you have to suck on my finger." I said I crawled over to him and he layed on his back.

I pulled his legs up and spread his cheeks, and then I gave the head of his dick a kiss and then licked it smiling at him, his mouth opened and he had a look on his face like he just went to heaven.

I moved my head up and down and breathed on his cock teasing him. Then I grabbed his dick and started licking his nuts. I stuck my tongue on his asshole and circled around for a minute then I slowly worked my tongue up his ass.

I pulled it out and ran my tongue on his hole and slowly licked all the way up to the head of his cock again. I looked in his eyes and sucked my finger. I took his cock in my mouth, and I sucked him as hard as I could as I slowly worked my finger hairless cum hole rammed really hard hardcore and russian his tight little asshole.

"auhhmmm" he moaned. I pulled my finger out and kept sucking his prick. I brought my finger up to his mouth and he grabbed my wrist and pulled my finger in his mouth.

I pulled my mouth off his cock then took my finger out of his mouth. "So now what are you going to do?" I asked He just sat there shocked and speechless. "Ok, first I am going to do the same thing you did to me, then I'm going to stick my dick in your butt, and pump it in and out till I squirt.

Then you have to put my dick in your mouth. "Ok but I get one more after that" I said I layed on my back and pulled my knees up to my shoulders. He crawled over to me, and started licking my asshole.

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Then he got to his knees and put the head of his cock on my anus and pushed it in. He started fucking my asshole as I rubbed my clit. I started screaming and I felt pleasure shoot through my legs. I rubbed my cunt furiously until it exploded, and squirted juice on my stomach. I felt his cock lock up and it started pulsating and I could feel his warm sperm shooting in my ass. He pumped the last drop in and he started getting softer. I tightened the muscles in my stomach and I shit his prick out of my asshole.

He brought his cock up to my face and I opened my mouth and sucked on it hard. "Now it's my turn Ricky." I said breathing hard He smiled at me and his prick grew hard again. "Lay down on your back." I demanded He got on his back and I stood over him.

He looked at me curiously. "Open amala paul xxx story sex stories mouth wide and keep it open." I told him I squatted down over his face and aimed my ass over his mouth.

I watched his face as cum dripped out of my asshole in his mouth. I pushed hard and he laughed at the sound of air blowing out my ass as his cum spurted out. When I was satisfied, he stood up and we both laughed as he spit the cum out and wiped his mouth.

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We got dressed and started walking back to the road. On the way we stuck our hands down each others pants. He stuck his fingers in my pussy then he would lick the juice off his finger. Right before we got back to the road we both stuck our fingers in each others assholes. We got to the road. A very cute girl was walking across the street. "Oh my god that is Jenny the hottest cheerleader at school." he said "I bet you would like to fuck her in her butt hole too wouldn't you?" I asked "Oh yea I want to fuck it and taste it and asian petite likes to get drilled hard lots of other things too" he said Ricky had to go on vacation with his parents and we wouldn't be able to play again for a week.

The next day I met Jenny after cheerleading practice and made conversation with her. She is extremely cute with darkish blonde hair and glowing green eyes she is about 5'3 and 110 ibs.

I told her that I was a cheerleader in high school too. I started meeting her after school, to take her to eat. The day before Ricky was due to get back, the conversation of sex finally came up.

I told her about the first time I had sex. She told me she lost her virginity to one of the football players at a party.

"I have got a secret that I haven't told anybody" Jenny said "Oh do tell" I said excitedly "Ok but you have to swear never to tell anyone ok!!" she said in her young cute voice. "I swear" I said holding my hand up. "Ok this one time my parents were gone, and my brother and I were sitting on the couch watching television. I looked over at him and he had his legs up and his shorts were down and his penis was hanging out of his boxers. I didn't say anything at first. I finally said umm and pointed at it.

He looked down and covered himself and acted embarrassed. I think that he planned it because he asked me if I wanted to see it again." she said I felt my pussy getting slippery as I listened to her story. "Go on Jenny, I want to know what happened." I said "After I sat there for a moment I told him that I wanted to see it again.

He stood up and pulled down his shorts and underwear. It was huge and I just stared at it. He asked if he could see my pussy, and I said no. I think he was mad because he got really quite after that, I felt bad but geez." she said "How long ago was this?" I asked "A few months ago." "Have you talked about it since?" I asked "No we just pretend it didn't happen." she said "Wow so did jerk off fast for me by mistress hotwifevenus turn you on?" I asked "Yea it did a little but you can never tell anyone about this ok." she said in a stern voice.

"I promise I won't tell anyone" I said "How old is he?" I asked "He is 19." she said "Do you know who Ricky Sparks is?" I asked "He goes to your school." "I haven't ever talked to him but I think he is cute." she said "How do you know him?" "I am going tell you a big secret now, and you have to swear never to tell a soul." I said.

Here cute face lit up and she smiled at me showing her braces. "I won't tell." She said "I have been meeting him after school and we go back to this place in the woods and we play sex games." I said "YOU HAVE SEX WITH HIM" she shouted "Shhhh" "Oh sorry" she whispered "So what do you do?" "Just stuff" I said "Oh come on you have to tell me everything." she said "I told you about my brother and I." she said "Ok you asked" I said I told her the whole story in detail.

"Oh my god!!!" she said "Hey you asked so I told you" I said "I know its just I never thought about licking somebody's butt hole before." she said "So are you going do this with him again?" she asked "Yea, he gets back from vacation tomorrow.

I am going to meet him at his bus stop again." I said "You are 27 and he is 14" she said "That just makes it more kinkier." I said "You are grossed out now, I'm sorry I shouldn't of told you" "No I'm just shocked but I think its pretty hot" she said "Really?" I asked "Do you want to meet him with me?" I asked "I don't know what if we got there and he saw me and didn't like me?" she said "Oh he likes you" I said "trust me" "Really tell me exactly what he said." Jenny said "Ok on the last day we were together we were walking back towards the road.

When we got there we saw you walking in your cheerleader outfit and he said that you were the hottest girl in the school, and he wishes he could butt fuck you.

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That's why I met you last week and started talking to you. I really think that would be hot if you joined us." I said "I am so horny right now." she said "So do you want to join us?" I asked "ok" Jenny said "Awsum" I said.

"ok I'm going go meet him at the bus stop tomorrow and I'm not gonna tell him about you. When he sees you he is going to be in shock." I paid our bill at the restaurant, and I walked with Jenny down to the hide out. I told her that Ricky's bus gets there at 3:00 tomorrow and she needed to be there nina hartley lisa ann jada fire asslick 2:45 to wait hollie macks tight teen pussy pounded over and over again us.

The next day I waited for Ricky at the bus stop. He stepped off and all the kids cleared and he started walking home with his head down. "Ricky!!!" I shouted He turned around and his face lit up and he ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

"I got off the bus and I didn't see you, I almost started crying." He said "Ahhh I was just trying to stay out of sight so nobody would get suspicious." I said "So would you like to take a walk.?" he said smiling "Of course." I said We started walking through the woods and he had a permanent grin on his face.

"I have a surprise waiting for you at our spot." I said "What is it?" he asked "I can't tell, but I think your gonna like it." I said We arrived at the spot and there was Jenny wearing a cute shirt and tight blue jeans. Ricky stood still in shock. "Hi Jenny." I said "Hello Britney" she said shyly "Jenny this is Ricky, Ricky this is Jenny." I said They both said hi, and Ricky and I sat down.

The two of them didn't say a word and there was a huge layer of ice that needed to broken. Ricky sat there and stared at the ground. "Ricky why you were gone I met Jenny, and I told her what we do down here and she thought it was cool.

She said she thought you were really cute, so I told her what you said about her." I said "What did I say about her?" Ricky said nervously "That she is the hottest girl at your school, and that you want to fuck her up the ass." I said Ricky and Jenny's eyes met for the first time and she gave him a big smile.

Ricky smiled back at her. "So she asked me if I wanted to come join you guys and I said sure" Jenny said "Is it ok with you?" "Oh yea I'm glad you came, I'm sorry I just never would of thought in a million years that you would ever be down here." he said "I told Jenny about us licking each others butt holes, and I think she liked that." I said.

"Do you want to watch us do alexis texas drilled extremely hard Jenny?" "Yea I wanna see" she said. I walked over to Ricky and grabbed his t-shirt and tore it off. His face got red and we both looked at Jenny, she was watching with a smile on her face. I unbuttoned his jeans and quickly pulled down his pants.

Ricky was fidgeting as he stood there in just his underwear in front of Jenny. Jenny stared at the little bulge sticking out of his briefs.

I moved behind Ricky and grinned at Jenny as I grabbed the waist band of his underwear. I pulled them down quickly and his dick sprang out. "Ohh nice and hard again I see." I said as I reached around and pushed his boner down and released it making it smack against his stomach. "Turn around so Jenny can see your cute butt" I said He turned around and I got on my knees and grabbed his cheeks.

I spread them open and stuck the tip on my tongue on his asshole. Jenny walked over to get a closer look. "Want to try it?" I asked. She got on her knees and I held his cheeks apart and she slowly put her face up to his ass and stuck her tongue out.

She pointed it right at his hole, and moved her head forward until it touched his asshole. She licked it up and down. I got in front of him and started sucking his cock while Jenny continued to lick his ass. "I want to lick your ass now Jenny, and your cunt too" Ricky said "Ok" she said "Lets get these tight jeans off" I said I grabbed her hips and unbuttoned her jeans.

I took off her belt and pulled her jeans down.

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She was wearing light blue panties and they were running up her butt. I admired her adorable behind, and I picked her underwear out of her crack.

Ricky came over to her quickly and pulled down her panties. Her ass was tiny and her pussy was very sweet looking with light blonde pubic hairs. Ricky started rubbing her pussy with one hand. I took his free hand and sucked on his finger to get it wet. I placed his hand on Jenny's ass and he worked his finger between her soft butt cheeks to her asshole. She pushed her hips back and started fucking his finger. He moved in front of her, still wiggling his finger up her ass.

He placed his skinny cock on her pussy and she moaned as he crammed it in. "Oh that feels really nice." she said I stood in front of her and looked at her face. "You like getting fucked don't you, you dirty slut." I said She opened her eyes and looked at me in shock for a second, and I gave her a smile letting her know its just all part of the game.

"Oh fuck yes I do." she said Then I grabbed her face firmly and forced her mouth open. I put my face about italian brunette valentina nappi sucks and fucks a big dick inch from hers. "Since your such a nasty whore I bet you would like to stick your tongue up my dirty asshole while Ricky fucks you" I said She nodded I gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"You are so adorable" I said Ricky continued to fuck her slowly, he was lasting very well. I got up and took off my jeans and panties. I got on my hands and knees in front of Jenny. Ricky stopped fucking her so she could get on her hands and knees. Ricky stuck his cock in her again doggy style, and worked his finger up her asshole again.

I positioned myself so my ass was in Jenny's face and she was screaming in pleasure as Ricky fucked her. She stuck her tongue out and it met my asshole. "mmmm" I moaned This continued for a couple of minutes, then I got stranger that paid tons of cash girlfriend homemade and turned around.

"You like the way my asshole tastes Jenny?" I asked "mmm yummy" she said licking her lips. "You are a good little slut. You're a good ass licker." I said "Lets see if she likes the way her own hole tastes" Ricky said as he pulled his finger out of her ass and brought his arm around to Jenny's mouth. She opened her mouth and Ricky stuck his finger in and she moaned as she sucked on it. "You are such a little whore" I said "I bet deep down you wanted to show your big brother your cute little cunt didn't you?" I said Jenny's eyes were closed and she smiled.

Her head was bouncing, and their skin slapped together loudly. "ohh yea I did" she said "You wanted to suck his big cock didn't you?" I said She was moaning louder and louder, and her eyes were closed tightly as she nodded at my question. "You wanted to 69 him and lick his cock, and balls, and stick your tongue up his asshole, while he licked both of your holes." Jenny's body started shaking and she started screaming.

"oh gosh, oh gosh" she shouted "Then you wanted him to bend you over and stick his cock up your tight little asshole. You wanted to feel your big brother's cock throb up your ass, and you wanted to feel his cum squirt up your." "ahhhh" Jenny yelled as she gabbed my head and pulled it against her upper chest and squeezed my head as hard as she could.

My head was starting to hurt from her grip and she screamed all the way through her orgasm. She finally let go and came back down on her hands and knees, as I pulled away. I was groggy from all the blood being contracted in my head. Ricky pulled his dick out and quickly moved over to us holding his dick. His hand pumped his cock till cum shot on both of our faces. Ricky finally stopped and we all sat down exhausted. We had a group make out and Ricky helped us lick his cum off our faces and hair.

The next day Ricky and I met the same way as usual. We sat at our usual place, and we watched each other masturbate as we waited for Jenny. A while went by and we saw Jenny, and an older guy walking up in the distance. Ricky and I looked at each other nervously, as we pulled our pants up. The tension eased as they got closer and we saw Jenny with a smirk on her face. "Hi Britney" Jenny said "Hello" I said "Who's your friend?" "This is my brother James." she said "James this is Ricky and Britney." James looked at me and then looked down at my body, and we both exchanged smiles.

He was built well and had those same beautiful eyes that his sister had. "I told you she was pretty" Jenny said "I'll say" he said smiling "James and I started talking last night, and I brought up that story I told you at lunch yesterday Britney. We started talking about it, and I told him about you guys and what we did yesterday. I asked James if he wanted to come too." Jenny said I walked over to James and rubbed his stomach.

"We are glad to have you aboard James." I said "What did you guys do after you talked laura cute loves to ride on dick it?" Ricky asked "Nothing he wanted to do something, but our parents were home and I wanted to save it allie haze thick booty girlfriends bouncy b today." Jenny said.

We all sat down and started talking for a while, and things were a little weird at first. "Hey lets play truth or dare." I said They all got exited and agreed. "Ok I will truth or dare Jenny first and then Ricky will do James and we will go from there." I said "Jenny I dare you to go give your brother a big wet kiss on the mouth." I said She smiled and looked at James. She got up and walked over to him. They were hesitant at first but James grabbed the back of her head and brought his lips to hers.

They opened there mouths and circled tongues for a second. Jenny pulled away and went back and sat down.

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"Ricky its your turn now with James." Jenny said Ricky thought for a second. "Ok here is a truth," he said "Have you ever stolen Jenny's dirty panties?" "Yes I have." he said Jenny's mouth opened. "Oh my god, when did you do that?" she said "I do it a lot when your at yanks milf masturbation ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions and cheerleader practice." James said We all sat there in silence for a minute and Jenny's face looked shocked.

"Lets just stop this truth or dare thing, lets keep asking James questions, and James you have to tell the truth ok." I said "Ok, I'll tell you everything I don't care." he said "So what do you do with her panties?" I asked "I sniff them and jack off with them." he said "Sorry Jenny I can't help it I'm a pervert." Jenny smiled and blushed "That's ok James I'm a pervert too, I think that its hot that you do that." she said "I'm glad you don't mind." he said "Do you guys want to hear what else I do with them?" We all got a little closer to him and we anxiously listened.

"Do tell." Jenny said smiling "Ok well, I smell them first and if they are stained then I lick them. Then I get a pair of her clean panties and I Jack off with them, and I cum in them and fold them neatly back in her drawer.

One morning I was sitting at the table and she was getting ready for school and she bent over and I saw her panties and they were the ones that I shot my load in the night before. I started jacking off under the table watching her walk around knowing that my cum stain is touching her pussy. Then I imagine pulling her pants down while I stroked myself and I imagined me putting my face up to her ass and spreading her cheeks and smelling it.

Then I imagined myself putting my tongue in it and licking her crack up and down and circling my tongue around her asshole. There is a bunch of other stuff I want to do to her too." he said "James you make me so horny." Jenny said.

We all sat there and Ricky started jacking off and I was rubbing my pussy. "Hey Jenny would you let your brother do that to you?" I said She hesitated for a second. "Yes I would, do you want to do that to me James and let Britney and Ricky watch?" she said James face lit up "Hell yes I would." he said "You can do everything that you always wanted to do to me and I'll let you." she said "Everything?" he asked She nodded "No matter what it is?" he asked She looked up to the sky with those beautiful eyes.

"No matter what." she said "Why don't you come over here." he said She walked over to rasin old mom young boy anti sex storiesstory and he took her shoes and socks off and he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. "mmm these are your pink panties I have spent a lot of time with these." said James Jenny gave a big smile.

He grabbed her by her lady fyre a man has teat and turned her around and admired her ass. He started pulling her panties down very slowly. He moaned as his little sisters butt crack appeared. He worked her panties down her legs, and Jenny lifted her legs helping him take them off. He pulled his hard dick out of his pants and wrapped his little sisters panties around his shaft. He stared at her ass a little more then he stuck his face up to her crack and spread her cheeks till her asshole appeared.

He put his nose in her crack and started sniffing. He did this for a few moments, then he moved his tongue up and down her crack running his tongue on her asshole each time. He put her down on her back and pulled her legs up to and rested her lower back on a tree branch. Her ass was sticking straight up in the air, in the pile driver position. He stood up sex xxx story foran com sex stories play story started taking his clothes off.

I watched his sexy body appear as his shirt came off, and I rubbed my pussy hard as he pulled off his boxers and revealed his hard cock. He got on his knees and straddled her face. Jenny's head was on the ground and she looked up between her big brother's legs. She moaned as she studied his hard cock and balls. "You want to suck my cock Jenny?" He asked "Yes, I want to suck it. Stick it in my mouth James." she said He guided his prick in her mouth and she sucked very willfully. He leaned forward and ran his tongue up her ass and cunt, as she sucked his cock.

He stuck his finger in her asshole as he ran his tongue in her cunt slit. He pulled his head up and looked down at his sister. She opened her pretty eyes and looked at him as she sucked him off. "I love licking your pussy and asshole Jenny." he said "Will you lick my asshole while I jack off?" Jenny nodded at him as he pulled his dick out her mouth. He scooted up closer and she stuck her tongue out as he lowered his ass and sat on her face.

He rubbed his asshole on his little sisters sweet face as he pumped his cock with his hand. He stood up and walked to the other side of her. He placed the tip of his cock against her pink asshole. He pushed very slowly and her ass squeezed his dick as he pushed in. He held it in and waited for his sisters sphincter to relax. He started fucking her ass slowly pulling his cock almost all the way out, then pushed it all the way in again. Jenny was moaning loud and James was rubbing her clit as he pumped his dick in and out of her ass.

He took it out of her ass and crammed it up her twat. He transferred his dick from her snatch to her asshole over and over. Jenny's eyes were closed and she was smiling. Ricky and I stood behind him and watched as he pulled her cheeks apart and slowly pulled his cock out of her ass. We all stared at her gaping asshole. He smiled at us and bent over and stuck his tongue in her open hole and he circled around it tasting the walls of his little sisters asshole.

His cock went back in her asshole, and it made noises as the air pushed out. He fucked her hard for several moments then he pulled it out and jacked off until his cum spurted on her gaping asshole.

He stood up and smiled at us looking at Jenny's cum filled asshole. He got on his knees and put his mouth on her asshole and sucked all of his cum out. He stood over her and positioned his mouth over her face she smiled and opened her mouth and he let all of his cum drip into her mouth. "Wow that was the kinkiest thing I have ever seen." I said "Yea that was one of my long life goals, fucking my little sister in the ass." James said "I thought it was quite fun too." Jenny said "So James, what else was it that you want to do with her." I said He pulled a water bottle out of his bag and started drinking it "Give me a while to recover and I'll show you." he said "Why we are waiting for him, I am going to do that same thing to you Britney?" Ricky said He jumped up on my shoulders and wrestled me trying to force me down to the ground.

He didn't have enough strength but I submitted and giggled as I hit the ground. I was on my hands and knees, and Ricky wiggled his dick up my ass. He started fucking me as hard he could. "You like getting your dirty ass fucked Britney." Ricky yelled "Fuck my tight ass you dirty boy!!!" I yelled back Ricky pulled his cock out of my ass, and got on his back.

He pulled me on top of him and I guided his prick up my ass again. James taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur on top of me and pushed his big thick cock up my cunt. I screamed as they double penetrated my pussy and asshole. Jenny got on her knees and put her tongue on Ricky's asshole and worked it up his balls, his dick, my asshole, my pussy, her brothers cock, his balls, to his asshole.

She brought her head and put her tongue on Ricky's asshole again and started over. "Hey Ricky, pull your cock out of Britney's ass and put it in my sisters asshole." James said They both pulled there dicks out of me. Jenny got on her hands and knees and Ricky took his dick and put it on her asshole and pushed it in and started fucking her. James stood up and aimed his dick at his sisters face.

"Open your mouth." he demanded Jenny two big cocks for a blonde tart her eyes and opened her mouth, expecting him to stick his cock in, but instead he shot piss in her mouth. She chocked and was surprised at first but she kept her mouth open and she swallowed some of it.

He pissed all over her face and hair. His stream kept on, and he watched his piss splash off his little sisters forehead as Ricky pumped his cock up her ass. He was finally done and Ricky pulled out of her. She sat on the ground and started laughing. I sat next to her and started making out with her, tasting the piss in her mouth.

Jenny and I got in the 69 position and we started licking each others cunts. James came up and stuck his cock up his sisters asshole. We continued in the 69 position and I kept licking Jenny's pussy, as I watched her brothers cock go in and out of her ass. He pulled his dick out of her ass and stuck it in my mouth, then up her cunt, and back to her asshole again. Ricky was on the other side doing the same thing to me.

They both stood up and Jenny and I kept in the 69 position. Jenny was on top of me and I looked up and saw Ricky with his dick in his hand. I opened my mouth and let him piss in my mouth like a toilet bowl. Ricky aimed his dick and the flow splashed off of Jenny's butt hole and snatch. The flow stopped and my eyes were closed tightly. Jenny laid on top of me and she worked her fingers up my pussy and asshole. She finger fucked me hard as she flicked her tongue on my clit. Piss was dripping off my face and my legs started shaking as I was getting ready to cum.

I screamed as pleasure shot through my body. I felt warm piss splashing off my face again, as my orgasm started. I opened one eye and saw piss flowing out of Jenny's cunt. I screamed at the top of my lungs at the peak of my orgasm. Ricky and James aimed their cocks at my face and they both squirted semen on my face, as Jenny's piss continued splashing off my forehead.

Jenny naughty melons teasing with a wild doll off, and they all stood over me and looked down. I was breathing hard and I started laughing with each gasp of air. They helped me to my feet, and James grabbed a towel out of his bag, and they all helped clean me up. We put on our clothes and headed towards the road.

As we got to the street I looked at James. "So are you happy you finally got to fuck your little sister James?" I asked "Yes that was my biggest fantasy and it came true today." he said "You know what we are doing is extreme perversion don't you?" I asked "Yes and I want to keep doing it, because I am a pervert." He said "I'm a pervert too Britney." Jenny said "Me too." Said Ricky.

"In that case I will see you all tomorrow, and we will continue our perversions in the woods." The story and characters are a complete work of fiction.