Casada infiel amante meteu story na net portugal

Casada infiel amante meteu story na net portugal
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I walk into the powerful and successful lawyer's office. Hell bent on getting a job at the best firm l knew, Lillian Fairbanks & co. With an outstanding resume and a vivacious charisma about me, I thought I would score big time on this job.

It was a simple interview with one of the associates. I thought it would be easy. Until of course the sweet older lady at the front desk told me that Ms. Fairbanks was doing the interviews herself. Naturally wanting the best of the best at her firm. I turn as pale as a ghost and ask where the restroom is and quickly making my way there. After looking at myself in the long across the wall mirror. I looked professional in a button up blouse and blazer with a tight but sensible skirt. My brown curly hair flowing around my shoulders and my brown eyes accented by my eye make up.

I quickly start to give myself a pep talk, not bothering to check if there was anyone inside the restroom. "Okay, Ally. You have one shot at this. Your a great lawyer. They should be begging to have you here. You can do this. Your Allison Tanner. You aced The Bar, you can ace this interview. You'll-" A flush of a toilet signals that I'm in fact not as alone as I thought in huge restroom. I stop dead in my tracks.

I should've known. I hear a door to one of the stalls open. I watch in the mirror with intent on finding out who had heard my little pep talk. I gasp as I recognize the person immediately as they turn the corner to the sinks. Lillian Fairbanks, the one and only. My soft brown eyes meet her fierce green ones and my eyes unconsciously move down her body.

Taking in her bountiful bust in a tight silk blouse and toned arms and legs in a tight skirt. Damn. An immediate fire igniting between my legs. I swallow as my eyes move back up to meet hers as she walks to the sink next to mine. Her soft blonde hair pulled back into a bun. Still looking at me in the mirror with a calm and professional look she speaks to me as she washes her hands.

"We should be begging to have you here, should we?" She says with a slightly icy tone. I blush and finally tear my eyes away from her hole burning gaze. When I look back up into the mirror she has turned around and walked to a paper towel dispenser. Pulling out at least 4 sheets of paper towels as I let my eyes wander down to her trim ass and legs. For a woman at the age of 37 she could pass off as 25. I notice her starting to turn around and my eyes flick up to hers, my staring doesn't go unnoticed and I blush slightly harder.

She raises her eyebrows to her earlier question, swiftly shrugging off my staring thankfully. I straighten my back and take a few steps forward and put my hand out for her to shake. She doesn't even glance at my hand as I introduce myself. "Hi. I'm Allison Tanner. I'm here to interview for the opening. It's an honor to meet you Ms. Fairbanks." My voice slightly shaking. This woman was intimidating and she was making me more unsure of myself by the second.

She surprisingly smirks at me and throws away the wet paper towels. "I heard your name when you were talking to yourself. Introductions are kind of irrelevant at this point Ms.

Tanner. Have Julia send you into my office in 5 minutes." I blush and nod my head slightly. With that she turns and walks to the door and walks out of the restroom. I take a deep breath and let my hand drop to my side. She seems to have an affect on me that only a few people actually have. She makes me who I'm not. An intimidated woman with no courage, and I simply can't say no to her or turn my back on her. I turn back to the mirror and see the deep red painted across my cheeks from the encounter.

I sigh and walk out of the restroom. I walk over to the sweet older lady and tell her that Ms. Fairbanks wants to see me in 5 minutes. She gives me a small knowing smile.

"You met her I take it?" My fading blush comes back with a rush and my cheeks are red yet again. I look down briefly then back to the woman tight ass ebony babes swapping some cum a small nod. She chuckles and swivels her chair around and points down a hallway. "If she said 5 minutes then your already late. Around here we're always 5 minutes early. Go down this hall, take a left and her office is at the end of that hall.

Got it sweetheart?" She asks. I give her a thankful smile and nod my head. "Yes. Thank you." She smiles back and turns back to answer the office phone with a "Lillian Fairbanks & co. This is Julia speaking, how may I help you?". I start to walk down the hall and take a left.

There are multiple cubicles on my left but big executive offices on my right. I continue walking, my eyes set on the door at the end of the hall. I finally reach it and take a deep breath before I knock. I hear an answer from inside. "Come in." I open the door. I see Lillian sitting behind a big mahogany desk writing something down on papers. I take a quick glance around the room. It was full of all the traditional lawyer books and more. Though, no picture frames or personal items to connect anything to her social life.

My eyes go back to her. "Your late. Sit." She says while continuing to write. I close the door behind me and move to one of the two seats in front of her desk. "Sorry Ms.-" She cuts me off and finally looks up at me. Her green eyes enough to make me gasp but I hold it back. "How old are you Sunny leone xxx sex janwar. Tanner?" I cross my legs and I think I see her flick her eyes to my legs for a mere second. No, she was to professional for that.

Get a grip, Ally. "I am 28." She purses her full red lips and nods her head. She scoots her chair back an inch and pulls out a drawer. "Good. Your not to old, or too young." Check one. I see her pull out a file folder labeled busty amateur cate in tight blue spandex and opens it up.

She grabs the top paper and slides the folder back into the drawer and closes it again. My eyes watching every move of the toned woman's body. She scoots back into her desk and rests her elbows on the hard wood as she props her chin up with her hands.

"Do you always talk to yourself in restrooms Ms. Tanner ?" I blush at the question. She looks up at me with her green eyes for a serious answer.

I clear my throat nervously and shake my head. "Umm, no. Not very often." I see the corner of her mouth twitch up into a smirk until she takes on the role of professionalism again. She looks down to my resume then picks it up and sets it to the side.

She looks up at me again. "Your resume." She draws out. I wait for a negative comment. "It's outstanding.I'm slightly impressed and I'm not very easily impressed Ms.

Tanner." Check two. I preen at her subtle praise and sit up straighter in my chair with a small smile. She stares at me for a while, looking me up and down. She gives a soft hum of approval and stands up.

I watch her strong form walk in front of her desk. She crosses her amazing legs and leans back against the desk with her hands on the side to steady herself.

Her eyes feel like they were trying to search my soul. But I don't back down from her stare, I uncross and cross my legs. She does it again. Her eyes flicker to my ivory skin and I know I've seen it this time. So the boss has a thing for the ladies, huh?

Interesting. I've heard rumors but never believed them. As an active member of the lady lovers club, I didn't want to get my hopes up about my blonde, long legged, hardcore sunny leoue new sex stories xxxx story 2019 being a womanizing dyke.

A shiver runs down my spine at the thought of her possibly wanting me. Of course, I don't think she would really want me. She was professional, not the type of woman who sleeps with her employees.wouldn't hurt to see if she might though. She finally speaks again. "I believe that I've found the right candidate for the job but you must consider what this job entails Ms.

Tanner." I try to hide my excitement the best I can and shoot her a small smile. "I'm up for any task that you give me Ms. Fairbanks." She gives me a hard stare and my smile fades. "You will be working ungodly hours with me and the other associates. You will have less and less of a social life until your first year is up. Your friends? You won't see them. The people here are your friends now. You will most likely become sleep deprived in the first week, maybe the second if your lucky.

You'll be eating take-out for most likely the rest of your time at the firm. We work hard, we work dirty and we have rules. If I think you are not working hard, your gone. If I think you can't get the dirt we need, your gone. If you break a rule, your gone. If I say jump, you ask how high. I don't like to be disappointed by the people I hire.

Do you understand this, Ms. Tanner?" I look at her and think, I like a challenge. This woman will definitely give me a challenge. I nod my head firmly. "I understand clearly Ms. Fairbanks. I'm ready." She finally cracks a small smile and stands up straight. I stand up with her and she finally shakes my hand. Her grip is firm yet soft. "Welcome to Lillian Fairbanks & co. Ms. Tanner." I smile doxy with boobs enjoys sex to max naturaltits and hardcore. She lets go of my hand and moves to the door.

She opens it and calls out to I assume her Secretary. "Kelly?" A small woman with a thin frame and red hair moves her roller chair out of her cubicle enough to see her boss. "Can you give Allison here the usual run down? Maybe a tour also. She'll be in Jeremy's old janine lindemulder and dyanna lauren woman named Kelly smiles at her boss.

"Sure thing, boss." The powerful woman turns back to me. "Kelly is my personal assistant. She will show you your office and give you a quick tour. You have half an hour to be done with that. I have to be in court in 40 minutes, I expect you to be in the front lobby ready to go.

This is your first day Ms. Tanner. Don't make me regret my decision." I smile excitedly and nod my head. "I promise you won't Ms. Fairbanks." She nods her head back and I walk out the door to Kelly.

She stands up and smiles at me. She holds out her hand and I shake it firmly. "Kelly Hanson. As Lillian told you, I'm her PA." She takes the lead and turns right down another hallway and continues to talk. I follow behind her and take out a pad and pen just in case if something important is spoken.

"I get her coffee and anything else she needs. I am the only one here she lets call her Lillian. Calling her Lillian is against rule one." I write down rule one as we take a left.

"Rule number two. She is always right.

Always. If you think she is not, she wants to hear about it but only when you and her are alone. If you turn out wrong, your off the case." I write down the second rule as we reach my new office.

We sucking an extremely huge penis hardcore and blowjob walk in though. We stop at the closed door. "Rule number three. If you are late without an explanation, you get a punishment.

Don't worry, the punishment is paper work. It's not fun. It's not easy. So don't be late." She turns the knob of the door and pushes open the door. My head snaps up after I finish writing. I smile as I see a smaller but similar mahogany desk in the middle of the room. The two walls on the right and left are full of book cases. You can't even see the wall behind them they take up the whole wall. I large window behind busty babe can handle two cocks telsev desk with a view of the other part of the building we just walked from and the city below.

Kelly leans against the doorway as I take in my office. After a few more seconds I turn around as she tells me rule number four. "Rule number four. Respect everyone who works here. Janitors up to Lillian. If you don't, we don't have respect for you and you are out of the firm." I quickly write it down and she smiles and jerks her head the other way. "Come on. We got 15 minutes to give you the tour." We walk out of my office and close the door behind us.

She starts to walk back the way we came. "You'll meet the other associates tonight when we have our New Comer meeting." I fast walk to keep up with her. For such a small woman she was fast.

"New Comer meeting?" She smiles and turns left. "A meeting all about you sweetheart. Trust me, it's not as scary as it sounds. This is." I space out and think for a second. A New Comer meeting.all about me.what was there to talk about? Fingers snapping in my face brings me back to earth.

I see an annoyed Kelly staring back at me. "Stay with me dreamer girl. This room is called 'The Closet'. It has every record of every case we've ever won, lost or got a neutral verdict on.

You'll be spending multiple nights in here on your first year. Now, let's go to the break room." I follow her down another long hallway.

Our tour continues to the break room, associates hallway, helping hands and ends at the lobby. Once we get there I have two pages of my notepad full and Ms. Fairbanks is talking to the woman I met earlier, Julia. Ms. Fairbanks sees me and Kelly and says a goodbye to Julia. She starts to walk to the elevator. "Do you like your office Ms. Tanner?" She calls over her shoulder as she reaches the elevator. I walk up next to her and smile.

"Very much Ms. Fairbanks. It has a beautiful view." She smiles and let's out a small chuckle as the doors open and she steps into the elevator. I follow right behind her. "I often get more comments about the desks then the view. Kelly, I would like my usual coffee when I get back from court." Kelly smiles and I bite my lip. Should I not like the view? "You got it boss." The doors close and I finally realize I'm in an elevator with The Lillian Fairbanks.

I become nervous and shift on my feet. What was wrong with me? I'm never like this! She sees this and clears her throat. "Ms. Tanner?" I turn my head to her. "Yes?" She lets amusement cross her eyes as she turns her head and looks at me. "If I wanted a nervous lawyer to come with me to court I would've brought someone else. Understood?" I blush and nod my head yes. She chuckles and turns her eyes back ahead as the doors open.

"And if I wanted a blushing school girl I would brought my 'head over heels for the idea of love' little sister with me." She walks out of the elevator and leaves me dumbfounded and blushing harder then before. I quickly walk after her. She told me she has a sister. Grant it it was because she was making fun of me but maybe, just maybe she was starting to warm up to me. I watch her stride across the marble floor. Interrogating the suspect on the stand.

She calculates every move she makes, every word, every fact. Within an hour she finally closes the one week long trial with a win. I smile and along teen harlot little candy has all her holes drilled multiple others stand up and clap for her and her client.

Ms. Fairbanks smiles and looks back at me. She shoots me a smile and a heart throbbing wink. I sit back down as she starts talking to her client. A few minutes pass and a new case starts to trickle into the court. She walks back to me with a smile on her face and I stand up and smile back. "Congratulations Ms. Fairbanks. You were absolutely amazing." She smiles brighter and we start to walk out of the court building. "What made you so interested in becoming a lawyer Ms. Tanner?" I smile and we slide into her red Chevy.

She starts the car and drives in the direction of her law firm. "You did." She gives me a confused and curious look, a small smile spreading across her lips. She was beautiful when she smiled and wasn't just scowling the whole time.

"Okay, I'm intrigued. What do you mean 'I did'?" I smile and turn towards her a little more, my skirt riding up my legs just a tiny bit. It doesn't go unnoticed by her and her eyes flick to my legs, which doesn't go unnoticed by me. I smirk a little but decide to let her by with it. "I mean ever since I followed the King case in 2004 I've never had a doubt that I wanted to be a lawyer and come work for you." She smiles after remembering the case.

"That was a pretty challenging case. I'm glad it put your mind on the right career path." I didn't know what I was saying until after Two luscious lassies have some lesbian fun said it. "Well your also the reason that made me want to come work for you." I quickly look away from her and blush.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't think I said that out loud." I gulp and she chuckles quietly. "Its okay. I want you to be able to speak your mind. Just remember that you need to think before you speak." We pull into the parking garage and it was a quiet walk back up to the office. Once were in the elevator I remember the New Comer meeting. "So what exactly does the New Comer meeting entail ?" She smiles and the doors open and we walk out. "Honestly, it gives everyone to get to know you and get comfortable with you,'s also a chance for them to bet on your answers to the questions they ask." We reach her office and she walks inside.

Great, they were going to bet on my answers. I stand in the door way. "Do you know when it's going to be?" She looks up and smiles at something behind me. I turn and see a group of men and woman making their way to the conference room. "It looks like it's starting now. Let's go New Girl." I get ushered into the hallway and down to the conference room. When I walk in the whole room turns quite. All eyes are on me and I see Kelly motion for me to move to the front of the room.

I swallow my nervousness and walk to the front of the room. I smile weakly at all of the people in the seats.

"Hi. I'm Allison Tanner. You can all call me Ally though." Everyone smiles back. "Alright people. Time to start betting. How old is she?" A young man with a 5 o'clock shadow yells. Everyone starts throwing money in the middle of the table and yelling out numbers. Some harsh and some very flattering. After a minute a middle aged man stands up and quiets everyone down. He stands up and gives me a nice smile.

"Hey Ally', I'm Frank. I'm in the records department. Tell us how old you are, darlin'." I smile back at him. "Nice to meet you Frank. I'm 28." Few people grunt in disappointment as two others split the money in the middle. I look at Kelly, being one of the loser but she smiles anyway and mouths for me to take a seat. I move out the chair at the end of the table and take a seat. They calm down and someone yells out another question. They fight over the answers and money until I finally give them an answer.

By the time we only have one more question left I have learned 8 names, onto my 9th as a hot woman with short blonde hair and soft blue eyes stands up. She gives me a smoldering look and I immediately give her a sultry smile. Knowing exactly how to work the ladies, even if they weren't my type. "I'm Emma. One of the associates. My question is.straight or gay?" She sits back down. Everyone pauses for a few seconds then Kelly slams down 10 bucks on the table. "Gay." She says confidently.

I try to hide the tell-tale smile from my face and Emma pushes a 20 into the pile, giving me a sly smile from across the table. Five people bet that I was straight and four people bet that I was gay. Which is reasonable considering I look like a fem. Emma stands up again and smiles smugly. "So, which one is it Ally?" I big shaved cock drills carolina sweets pussy to my left, James, gives me a creepy smile.

"I bet she's straight." He winks at me and I smile. "Fortunately, I'm gay." His face drops in disappointment along with the other 4 people who just lost their money.

My eyes glance to the door to see my new boss, a smirk painted on her face. I take a chance and wink at her. She smiles and moves out of the doorway. I look back to my fellow co-workers and see them stashing away the money they've won. Kelly catches my eye and she smiles and walks over to me. "That wasn't to bad, was it?" I smile back and let out a small chuckle. "Not bad at all.

I actually had fun watching the betting and answering questions." She smiles. "Great. Now, follow me." She starts walking out the door and takes the path to Ms. Fairbanks office. "She wanted me to bring to her office after the meeting. Have fun." She gives me a wink and walks to her sex xnxx bazaar nfull sex stories. I swallow. Oh god. The wink was to much. But she smiled, it shouldn't be a problem right? I knock on her door and a second later she tells me to come in.

I walk in to see her standing next to a bookshelf. Teen gets her st hardcore ride blowjob amateur smile at her and she smiles back.

"Take a seat." I sit down and bite my lip nervously. This woman made me more nervous then a virgin on her wedding night. " I in huge titted teen and stepmom anal some Ms.

Fairbanks?" She shakes her head and moves in front of her desk. She looks down at me and I see something in her eyes I can't recognize. "Your gay and our firm couldn't careless; however, if Emma's little action of bringing that to light causes a ruckus between co-workers.we might have to address the situation." Oh, so we were talking about this. Having had to come out more times then I could count to the people at my jobs, I quickly gain confidence.

I smile and look at her curiously. "Address it how, boss?" She tries to get more comfortable and ends up spreading her legs a little more. My eyes move to the apex of her legs and my panties get wetter. She sees me staring and clears her throat with a smirk. Shit. My eyes snap back up to hers. "We would address it by sitting down the people that have a problem with it." I purse my lips and nod my head, letting her know that I agree.

I look her up and down. This was my shot. I stand up and a.sexual tension falls across the room. I walk closer to her and she pulls her shoulders back to stand tall. Why? I don't know, she was already a half an inch taller than me when slouching, let alone standing tall when she was an inch taller. My heart beats faster and I raise my hand up to her chest. I use a finger to lift the gold necklace from her chest, feigning interest in the pendant, and look into her eyes.

"What about you? Do you have a problem with it, boss?" Her breathing gets faster and stares back at me. The back of my hand ghosts over the soft skin of her chest. My hand runs down filthy family sex junkies home for the weekend sexjunkies visit valley in between her chest until I reach the soft silk of her blouse.

She suddenly looks down to the floor in between us, breaking the eye contact. "Call me Lillian in private and no. I would be a hypocrite if I did." I smirk and lick my lips. Her eyes flick up to my lips but she quickly looks away.

"Why would you be a hypocrite Lillian?" She looks up into my eyes again and I step closer. She tenses and tries to back up but she had nowhere to sex xxx school girl com m with her desk behind her. Her eyes move down my body and for the first time she doesn't try and hide it. "I think you know why, Ms. Tanner." I smile and raise my hand yet again to her rising and falling chest and trace imaginary circles on the top of one of her gorgeous breasts.

She lets out a soft gasp. "Allison." She whispers my name and I know I should stop but the softness of her skin was addicting. But I pull my hand away and lean in towards her ear. I see her eyes close as I whisper to her. "Yes Lil?" I ask, using a shortened and informal version of her name. My lips dangerously close to the shell of her ear. I see her shiver slightly.

It was just barely noticeable but it was so sexy to see her react that way. "Stop." This surprises me. I thought I had this whole unplanned seduction scene in the bag. I quickly step back and clear my throat. We avoid each others eyes and I speak first. "I am.I'm going to go set up my office." Ms. Fairbanks nod her head and walks back around her desk and sits down in her chair.

I turn around and walk to the door. I stop just before I turn the knob and debate turning around and telling her I'm sorry or ask if she's okay but I decide against it and walk out the door. I quickly walk the path to my office and shut the door once I'm inside. I walk to my window behind my desk and look out over the city.

I sigh and feel myself relax. A nice view always helps me relax. I turn my attention to the other part of the building. A knock on the door gets my attention. I turn around just in time to see Kelly peek her head in. "Hey dreamer girl, Lillian wants you back in her office." She says the nickname only she uses. I blush slightly and give her a curious look. "Did she say what for?" Kelly shrugs her shoulders. "Something about a new case I think." I perk up at this and she laughs.

"You new lawyers and your cases." She rolls her eyes and I stand up. I walk to the door with a smile. "It's exhilarating." I give her a wink and she blushes. We walk down the hall and she suddenly starts to talk again. " weren't lieing about the gay thing just to get James off your back, right?" I give her a sly smile as we round the corner. "Not at all." She smiles back and I bite my lip. My game and confidence coming back to me. "Ever played for my team Ms. Hanson?" She blushes harder as I whisper in her ear.

"O-Only once.I've never done it again." She stumbles over her words and I let out a small chuckle. We reach Ms. Fairbanks office and I knock on the door. I immediately get a response. I look at Kelly with a confident smirk. "I think I can myveryfirsttime pornstar alice march does her first anal scene your mind about that sweet cheeks." I wink at her yet again and turn the door handle and walk into the office.

But not before I see her bite her lip and excitement cross her eyes. I turn to Ms. Fairbanks and give her my best smile. Believe it or not, I've wore that smile before. She smiles back and I see a quick look of want in her eyes.

"Ally. Come sit down. I want to talk about a case that I have. It's in an hour and I'd like a new set of eyes before I go to court." I take a seat across from her desk after she hands me a folder.

I immediately start reading the case. Once I'm finished I ask her a few questions that she answers confidently. I think about it for 10 minutes straight, complete silence in the room as she waits for me to say something. I pitch an idea that she gives a few seconds of thought to then lights up. She smiles at me then stands up. Her green eyes looking at me excitedly.

"You, Ms. Ally Tanner, have just won our year long case." My jaw drops and I look at her incredibly. "I what?" She laughs and shakes her head. "Your pitch makes everything make more sense. Come on, I'm bringing you with me to the trial. We have 20 minutes till we have to get there but I want to be early." She says all of this while grabbing her bag and walking to the door.

I was still in shock and I stumble out the door after her. She walks down the hallway on her way to the lobby. "Umm, Ms.Fairbanks. Did you just say I solved your year long case?" Kelly jumps in line behind us.

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"Oh my god. You mean the Plains case? How did you manage to do that dreamer girl?" She giggles behind me and I turn around to give her a playful glare. She shoots me a wink as Ms. Fairbanks answers her. "She read the case for 20 minutes, asked me questions for 5 minutes, thought for 10 minutes then she gave me a pitch that made sense.

It was very impressive." Kelly walks faster to catch up to me. She gives me a beautiful smile. "Wow. Everyone is going to hate you when they find out." I frown. "Why?" She smiles and walks faster to catch up to Ms. Fairbanks. She calls to me over her shoulder. "Because she's asked every single associate their opinion on the case. Of course, they couldn't come up with anything.

Your the one and only dreamer girl." I sigh. Shit. They really will hate me. We reach the elevators and Kelly and Ms. Fairbanks talk for a few minutes. When the elevator reaches our floor me and Ms. Fairbanks step onto it. Kelly gives me a thumbs up as the doors close. We stand in slightly awkward silence for a few seconds until Ms. Fairbanks talks again. "Can I ask why Kelly calls you 'dreamer girl'?" I smile and laugh.

"She caught me day dreaming on the tour. She is now calling me dreamer girl every chance she gets." I smile at Ms. Fairbanks but she keeps a straight face. I move to look into her eyes and I put my hand on her elbow. She looks into my eyes and I see that teen sub fucked hardcore pornstars and fetish is trying to hide her jealousy. I open my mouth to say something but the doors behind me open and she moves around me and walks out.

She leaves me there dumbfounded yet again. I walk out of the elevator and follow her to the car. Once I'm in the car we take off towards the court house. Half-way there I finally decide to apologize for earlier, when I tried to make a move on her. "I'm sorry.for making a move on you. I know it is probably against an un-spoken rule and I know I shouldn't have done it but you can't blame me for trying because you are one of the most amazing women I've ever met and you are incredibly hot-" She stops me.

"Allison. We can't and you know that now. Don't let it happen again." She says harshly. I clench my jaw.

I'm pretty sure she didn't stop me until after I was less than an inch away from her and whispering in her ear. "Yes ma'am." She takes a deep breath and I look out the window. This woman really does make me crazy. She moves across the marble floor for the second time today.

If It were earlier today I would've watched her long legs strut across the floor, her toned arms as she picked up files and handed hot ass teen babe brittany shae gets drilled by her stepdad hardcore brunette up to the judge.

But now, I was angry. She checked me out, she flirted back with me and she didn't stop me when I made my move until the last minute. Yet She comes for money and gets a cock was being scolded. Even after figuring out her big case.

With a for sure win, the trial ends and we have to come back tomorrow for the final hearing. We walk back to the car without a word until she starts driving.

"You did good today." I give her a forced smile and turn my head to look out the window. She sighs. It's quiet until we are in the elevator. Right when we step in I tell her the thing I've wanted to tell her since we were at the court house.

"You wanted me to." She looks at me confused. "Excuse me?" I look at her and take a breath. "You wanted me to kiss you. I could feel it. I know you did.

I wouldn't have made a move like that if I didn't think so." I look into her green eyes. She opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out. The doors open. "It wasn't just me Lillian. You lead me on." I look to the floor and walk out of the elevator. On my way to my office Kelly walks up next to me. "What are you doing tonight dreamer girl?" I turn on my charm and we reach my office.

Ms. Fairbanks may have hurt me but I wasn't going to let her rejection keep me from getting in between another girls legs. I give her a sexy smile and lean against the door frame. "Well this crazy idea of showing a redhead how hot sexy teen dildo party xparty us tube porn fun it is to be on my team popped into my head a few or more times." She blushes.

I scoot closer to her and whisper into her ear. "We could go into my office you sex stories prond com xxc story I could practice my ideas on you." I smile as she pushes me away playfully. "Oh shut up. Are you free or not?" I laugh and nod my head.

"Yes, I'm free sweetheart." She smiles and bites her lip. "Why don't you come to the pub around the corner with me and the associates. Everyone usually gets out of work around 10.

It'll be fun. I promise." I smile and nod my head. "Sure, sounds good." She smiles then leans forward and whispers in my ear. "And maybe.if your lucky.I'll let you come home with me." She pulls away from me and gives me a wink as she backs up. I smile. "That maybe a problem for you honey, I'm always lucky." She laughs and shakes her head as she turns around. I open my office door as she disappears around the corner.

I step inside and shut the door behind me. I walk to my desk and sit down. I sigh heavily. I'm so stupid. I made a move on my boss and now we were in a fight about it.

But I couldn't help intensive and raw cowgirl riding hardcore blowjob I was very quickly falling for this woman.

On my first day. Wonderful. "Ally?" I turn around at the sound of Ms. Fairbanks voice. She watch your wife riding a male pornstar femdom humiliation humiliation pov standing in her doorway as I was on my way to the little pub around the corner of the building.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" I look at the floor then back up to her. "Umm, sure." I walk over to her and she stands to the side to let me into her office.

I decide to stand to show her I won't be staying long. She walks in front of her desk and stands in front of me. My heart races a little faster.

"You were right.I wanted you to kiss me. I shouldn't have even thought of that but I did. I lead you on.I'm sorry." As surprised as I was by her admittance I scoff and shake my head.

"Great. So what? You wanted to bring me into your office to reject me for a second time. Because the first time wasn't enough right?" I turn around and walk to the door. She stops me and grabs my wrist. "I don't want to reject you anymore Ally." What? She moves in behind me and I tense up.

"Your gong to hurt me. I can feel it." I say quietly but she hears me anyway. She whispers to me. "You feel a lot of things, don't you?" God damn it. She didn't want this this morning but now this is all she wanted. How could I not feel that she was going to hurt me? "Lil." I breathe out. She steps closer behind me and I feel her warm breath washing over my neck. I close my eyes as a shiver runs down my spine. I step forward and shake my head. "Lillian.I can't think straight when you do that." She steps forward right behind me, her body so close to mine I wish I could just reach behind me and touch her.

"How do you think I feel?" I shiver as her words reach my ears. I need to leave or she's going to make me fall for her. I reach for the door and open it. But she closes it by putting a hand on the door and shutting it. "Can we just talk at least?" I sigh and concede. "Just talking." She backs away and I turn around. My eyes meet hers and all I want to do is pounce on her and kiss her but I hold myself back. She starts talking. "Your still comfortable working for me, right?" I nod my head silently.

She bites her lip. Mmm, god. She's so sexy. "You like Emma don't you?" My brow furrows in confusion. "Emma? What are you talking about?" She elaborates.

"Yes, Emma. She practically undressed you with her eyes at the conference before you left, I think I saw you doing the same." I stifle a laugh.

"You think I like Emma?" I raise my eyebrows and she feebly nods her head. Now not so sure of her accusation. This time I let out a small chuckle.

"Emma is more dom and butch. I'm a dom and sub but more dom, we wouldn't be very good together. And honestly, I'd cut my hair short but it's naturally curl and I think it'd look weird. She's not my type Lil, your my type." The last sentence slips out and I blush as she smirks at me. "I am?" There's no way to turn back now.

I roll my eyes and nod my head. "Yes Lil, you are. Sorry, that slipped out." I trail off as she distracts me by walking forward until my back presses against the door. I gulp as her hands move to either side of my head. She steps in close and my heart skips a beat. "I don't care if I'm your type. I care that you think your a dom." I smile and stand up straight against the door confidently.

"Who says I'm not?" She smirks, a smirk that says 'challenge accepted'. She leans just barely forward, not enough for our lips to touch. I try to back up into the door but there was no give. "Have you ever begged to feel someone's lips on your own?" God Damn it.

I hold back a whimper. I wasn't giving in that easily. Her lips ghost across my cheek as they make their way to my ear. "What about begging to touch someone?" At the mention of touching 'someone', my palms felt like they were on fire.

Itching to touch her but I press my palms firmly against the door. She smiles as she sees this and lowers her lips to my neck. "Begging to be touched?" Her hands move down and rest on either side of my hips on the door. She lowers her mouth to the top of my breast.

By now my body felt electric and I need something to calm me down. Anything. A simple touch would go a long way. But she doesn't touch me. She just hovers her hot lips over my skin and blows lightly, goosebumps erupting across my skin.

My nipples standing painfully erect through my thin bra and blouse. "Begging for your nipples to be wrapped up in a hot, wet tongue." A sudden flush of wetness coats the inside of my panties. I hold back a moan and my nails dig into the wood.

She surprisingly kneels down in front of me, her mouth inches from my skirt covered cunt. I instinctively spread my legs for her and I feel her hot breath on my thigh. "Begging for a tongue on your clit, fingers deep inside your cunt thrusting and licking you to a mind blowing orgasm." I gasp and moan as I arch my back against the door.

She has no idea how much I want that right now. She suddenly stands up and kisses the spot just behind my ear, making me shiver. "But we're just talking." She smiles and pulls away and I finally open my eyes to look up at her.

I catch myself staring to long and look away and clear my throat. I straighten myself up a little bit and try to chase away the growing blush on my face. "Right. Of course. Just talking." She stands there with a smug look on her face as I squirm under her stare. This woman was going to make me do things I've never even thought of doing. Oddly.I was excited. She shrugs her shoulders. "Well Ms. Tanner.shouldn't you be heading to the pub?" I nod my head and take a deep breath.

I give her a small smile. "Uh, yes. Goodnight Ms. Fairbanks." I don't wait for an answer and I turn around to open the door but she stops me. She grips my hips and pulls my ass tight against her core. If it weren't for her hands holding onto my hips my knees would've buckled right then.

"Goodnight, Allison." She husks into my ear. A small moan tumbles from my lips and I shudder in her arms. I'm sure that if I reached between my legs and pressed down on my clit even the slightest bit I would cum with in a few seconds. She reaches in front of me and opens the door.

She pushes me forward, smacking my ass in the process. I gasp and stumble out of her office. I hear her chuckle but by the time I turn around she had closed her door. I turn back and make my way to the elevator, giving a quick smile to Julia. She gives me a knowing smile and I blush. I guess she doesn't talk to Kelly about her sexual conquests.

I make my way down to the pub. Maybe I could find a hot drunk girl willing to go home with me? I needed to get off. BAD. "Ally! Get your ass over here dreamer girl!" I smile as Kelly motions me towards the bar, clearly already intoxicated with what looks like vodka. I walk over to her and I'm instantly greeted with a big hug. She pulls away just enough to look at me. "Dance with me. No one else will dance with me." She wines.

She starts to pull me onto the dance floor but I pull her back. "Hold on there hot stuff. I need a few drinks before I dance. You go ahead though. I'll dance with you later." She pouts for a second then finally turns around and gets pulled into the masses. I turn to the bar and order a shot of vodka and a Sex on the Beach. I sit on one of the bar stools as the bartender puts my drinks on the bar.

I smile as I see Kelly wiggling her ass and dancing to the beat. I take a drink of my Sex on the Beach. She's a drunk girl. I can definitely take her home. She's a co-workers which makes it a little messy but I can handle it. Might as well test the waters there.

I start to get up when a voice son caught sniffing mom panties to me. "She's hot, isn't she?" I turn to see Emma sitting behind me. I smile. "Yeah, I'd say so." She smiles back and her eyes flick behind me to Kelly. I turn back around to see Kelly unconsciously grinding on a tall scruffy man with bulging muscles and frankly, a bulge in his pants.

He was grabbing her hips and gently pulling her back into his crotch. Kelly simply seems oblivious to his grabby hands. I hear a growl behind me. I turn back to Emma and I'm surprised when I see jealousy and protectiveness cross her eyes. Emma likes Kelly. I smile. I lean in to her to whisper considering the music got louder. "Go dance with her." Emma's eyes snap to mine and for the first time I see a blush cover her cheeks. I smile knowingly and jerk my head to the dance floor.

"Go get that guy's hands off of your girls hips before I do, and I'll do it. Trust me." She seems to have an internal battle with herself until she grabs my vodka and slings her head back to take the alcohol into her throat. She slams the shot glass upside down on the counter and gets up from her seat.

I turn to watch her stalk onto the dance floor and grab Kelly from the mans wondering hands. At first he puts up a fight until Emma gives him a glare. And if looks could kill this guy would be dead in a second. He backs up with his hands raised in surrender. Kelly looks behind her and smiles at her blonde co-worker.

Emma whispers something into the redhead's ear that makes her blush and start to dance again. They grind together in a perfect rhythm and heat starts to form in between my legs. I groan in jealousy and look around to find another victim. I spot a drunk blonde with amazing legs and a stunning view of her cleavage near my new co-workers that had just finished grinding breasty lovely bitch kira queen fucks outdoors hardcore and blowjob a girl who had to leave.

I smile and make my way over to the girl. I wink at Emma as I pass her and Kelly who had turned around to grind into each other's legs. Emma mouths 'thank you' to me and I smile. I slide in behind the blonde I had set my eyes on and start to dance with her. She glances over her shoulder and moans.

"Hey there sexy lady." I smile and grab her hips to pull her in tighter to me. She sexily grinds into my growing heated core. "What's your name baby?" I whisper into her ear.

She bends her knees, my hands running up her side's and cutie kristy black has her pussy licked and plowed to her hands, grinding her way all the way down to a squatting position only to come back up, shaking her ass very arousingly on my core. I groan and move my hips forward to press into her ass.

She moans and leans back into me. "Tara. What's yours?" It's my turn to bend my knees until I'm in a squatting position, running my hands down her legs then up to her ass. Standing back up I squeeze her juicy ass and tell her my name. "Ally. I'm sure you'll be saying it enough tonight, gorgeous." I say, using one of my signature line.

She smiles and bites her lip. "I'm sure you'll be making me say your name." I smile and turn her around. Her hazel eyes meet mine and I pull her into me again. She wraps her arms around my neck. My skirt rides up to accommodate her leg as she grinds hungrily into my hip. She moans into my ear. "Mmm, Ally." I shiver and smile. Damn, this girl knew how to turn someone on.

And put on a show, I'm not dumb. I knew that moan wasn't real. I reach down to grab her ass and pull her in harder. This time she lets out a real moan and her nails dig into my neck. I do it again, eliciting the same moan. She continues force sex girl 15 yr grind on me.

"We're going back to my place. We're going to have a one night stand. And it is going to be amazing because I can tell already that your an amazing lay. So, take me to my place and fuck me until I can't take anymore." She whispers into my ear. I growl and pull away from her. She's exactly what I needed, a girl who just wanted to get off for one night.

I lean forward and press my lips to hers. She moans and let's me slip my tongue in her mouth. The taste of vodka and another fruity drink on her tongue. Her tongue battles with mine, seeking dominance but I quickly top her by digging my fingers into her hot ass.

She lets out a whimper and I know I have her where I want her. She pulls away. "Take me home already, damn it." She growls.

I smile and grab her hand. With a wave goodbye to Kelly and Emma who were now talking to each other at the bar and getting a wave back, I pay for my drinks and pull the blonde into my car.

She gives me directions to her place and I immediately start to drive accordingly. I drive fast and I guess she notices before me because she reaches over to put a hand on my thigh. "In a hurry are we?" I smile and bite my lip as her fingers barely slip underneath my skirt.

"Fuck yes I am." I round the corner to the street of her apartment and pull up to the building. She chuckles and gets out of my car. She starts to sway from the alcohol and I quickly run to catch her. I put a hand on her hip and the other in her hand. She grips my hand tightly and smiles drunkenly.

"Thank you." I smile back and we start to walk inside. She stumbles twice before we reach the elevator. I look into her eyes as we wait for the elevator to reach the first floor.

"You doing okay there, honey? You seem a little out of it." She glares at me and pulls me into a rough, hard kiss. The elevator dings on its arrival and I'm ready to back away from the blonde but she grabs my blouse in two hands and slides her tongue in my mouth. I moan and let her kiss me as I feel two people walk out of the elevator behind me. She finally breaks the kiss and pulls me into the elevator. "I think we'd both agree that I'm doing just fine." She pushes me back against the wall as the doors close.

She kisses me softly this time and moves her hand to the back of my neck. I moan and she wraps one leg around my waist and pulls me closer. I run my hand down her bare thigh to stop and squeeze her ass. She moans and parts her lips just enough for me to slip my tongue into her mouth. She moans and I move her foot down.

I flip us so she is pressed against the wall and dip my head down to kiss and lick her neck. She moans softly and arches her back against the wall.

The ding of the elevator echoes through the box and I pull away. She groans at the loss but quickly pulls me out of the elevator and down the hall to a door labeled 5D. I smile as she jumbles her keys and can't put it in the key hole. After a few more seconds she successfully opens the door. I follow her in and take a quick look around. She suddenly rushes past me down the hall and into another room. "Oh god." She gets out before I hear a retching sound. I groan. Great, my one night stand is throwing up.

I quickly walk down the hall and look into the bathroom as she pukes into the toilet again. She sits back against the wall and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. I search her cabinet for a wash cloth and run it under cold water and ring it out before giving it to her.

She takes it wordlessly and wipes her mouth and forehead. "Thhhhanksss." She slurs out. I take her hands in mine and help her up. "Lets get you to bed." She leans into me as I shuffle her down the hall to her bedroom. I sit her down and unzip her dress. I slide it off of her and move her under the covers.

She immediately falls asleep and I sigh. This is not how I thought my night would end when I started to grind on the hot blonde. I walk into her kitchen and grab a bottle of water.

I walk back into her bedroom and set it on her dresser. I grab a trash can and set it next to her bed. I turn to leave but she grabs my hand. I turn back and she has a dreamy smile on her face. "Mmm. Don't go. The party just started baby." I smile and put her hand on her stomach. "The party is over sweetheart. Go to sleep and drink your water in the morning. It was nice meeting you Tara." She gives me a sleepy goodbye and I walk to the front room.

I decide to take a bottle of water for myself and make my way downstairs. I go out to my car and drive to two saucy bimbos and one stiff cock apartment, deciding not to go back to the pub. I walk inside and get ready for bed. I soon slide into bed and sigh.

I walk to the elevator and lean against the wall. I decided to stop by my office before I went to court. "Hold the doors please!" I make myself move my hand to hold open the doors and Emma slips through just in time. I smirk as I see her sporting a bright smile.

I clear my throat as I press our floor number. "So, was she good?" Emma smiles at the floor. "She was.I can't even describe it. How about you? I saw you take off with that hot blonde. Was she good?" We reach our floor and say a quick good morning to Julia. I sigh as we start to walk to my office. "I wouldn't know. Threw up and passed out before we got to the bedroom." She chuckles and I push her playfully.

She raises her hands in fake surrender. "Hey, it's not my fault you can't get laid." I gape at her. "I can get laid! I just can't get laid with extremely drunk girls. That's all." She laughs again. We round the corner as Kelly walks towards us. She blushes as she see Emma and I smile. "Hey Em. Hey Ally." She passes us and Emma turns around and not so discreetly checks out her ass.

"Hey sweet thing." Emma bites her lip as Kelly blushes and walks around the corner. I chuckle and open my office as she walks to hers two doors down on the right. "You going to the Plains Trial?" I look over to her and nod my head. She smiles. "Good work on it." I smile. "Thanks Emma." She walks into her office and I walk into mine. I start to set up my office and before I know it I'm done and someone is knocking on my door.

"Come in." Kelly peeks her head in and smiles. "The Boss wants ya." I smile and nod my head. I grab my bag and walk out with her. "So, you were pretty fond of Emma last night." She blushes and bites her lip.

"Uh, yeah. Sorry for kind of leading you on like that Ally." I laugh and shake my head. "Hey, no problem. I'm glad you guys hit it off. She really likes you Kelly." She smiles and looks up at me with excitement in her eyes. "She does?" I nod my head affirmatively and she smiles at the ground.

"Yeah. I like her, anyway. Did you have old man fucks teen girl introducing dukke last night?

Em said you took off with some drunk girl?" I sigh and groan. "I did but she involuntarily cut it short. Threw up and passed out before we got to the bedroom- and before you say it, yes I can get laid but not with extremely drunk girls." She laughs as we reach Lillian's office.

I knock as Kelly walks back to her desk. A soft 'come in' comes from inside and I walk in. She is sitting at her desk as usual. She smiles at me as she walks in, her hair down and flowing today. I stop myself from staring to long and close the door behind me. "Your here early." I smile. "Yeah. I wanted to finish setting up my office. Uh, when are you heading to the court house?" She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not to sure. Maybe 20 minutes before it starts." I nod my head and an awkward silence falls in between us.

"Did you need something else?" I ask. She hesitates. "Oh yeah. Umm. I have a case for you. It's simple, just a woman who filed a break in and she's getting her lawyers straight just in case the person gets caught. You and I will go over to talk to her when or if they find the person." I was slightly disappointed because it wasn't a big case but I take it anyways. "Awesome.

Anything else?" She shakes her head no and I turn to walk out the door. "Umm, well.I have a question." I turn back around and raise my eyebrows. She fidgets in her seat. "Umm, Kelly seems oddly perky this morning and I know you guys went down to the pub last night.did something." I sit down and smirk at her.

"Yesterday it was Emma and today it's Kelly. Your going to have to decide on which one you think I like Ms. Fairbanks." She blushes slightly. "I'm just asking" I shake my head and sigh. "If you must know, I did go home with someone but that someone was not Kelly.

Kelly went home with an other someone whose name just so happens to be Emma." Her eyes go wide at this and her jaw drops. "Emma and Kelly?

Woah, wait. Wait. Wait. If you didn't go home with Kelly who did you go home with?" She asks completely confused with a hint of jealousy in her voice. I smile. "I went home with a drunk girl. Blonde. She was really hot." Her grip tightens on the pen she's holding and her jaw clenches. I smirk. ".but don't be so jealous Lil.

I didn't sleep with her. She just so happened to pass out before anything happened." She blushes noticeably and scoffs. "Me? Ha. I'm-I'm not jealous. I'm not." I smirk and stand up. Her eyes flick down my body quickly. I roll my eyes. I walk around her desk and she turns to meet me with a curious look on my face. "What are you." I put my hands on her armrest and lean down until I'm just a little bit above her face.

She looks up at me, her breathing getting heavier. "Your jealous." Not a question. It was a statement. She was obviously jealous. She nods her head in agreement as her eyes move down and stops at my cleavage, which from my loose blouse I had on, she had a great view of my breasts encased in my blue lace bra. "Kiss me." Those weren't my words. They were hers. She looks into my eyes and I look into hers.

Her usually bright green eyes were dark. She says it again. "Kiss me." This time more demanding. I lean down and she meets me halfway. We both moan as our lips meet. She slides her hands into my hair and kisses me harder. I moan and tease my tongue across her full lips. She parts her lips and meets my wondering tongue with her own. She groans and stands up slowly. She moves her hands down ebony teen lap dance and group one guy lust in translation my hips and pulls me into her.

A moan escapes my lips and she moves me against her desk. I move my arms around her neck and kiss her deeper. Her hands start to move down to my ass when there's a knock at the door. We jump apart just as Emma walks in. I quickly wipe the moisture from my lips. With Emma's mouth halfway open she stumbles for words. "I.Umm.I can.I'm." I step away from Lillian and walk to the door.

"I'll see you in court Ms. Fairbanks." I slide past Emma. I hear her say 'I'll be right back'. Emma runs to catch up to me. "Hey. I didn't see what I just thought I saw, did I?" I gulp and walk faster. "Ally." She grabs my arm and spins me around. "Tell me I didn't just see you making out with our boss." She says in a harsh whisper. She glares at me, the kind of glare she gave the handsy guy last night. I shake her off. "No. YOU didn't see anything." She glares me down again.

"Your lying. I have to talk to her about a case. We're not done with this." I roll my eyes and turn the other way and start walking to my office. She sighs and walks back to Lillian's office.

Great, I lied to one of my two only shaved cock girl miho gets screwed in the backyard here. This wasn't go very well. I sit in my office for what seems like an hour but was really twenty minutes.

I grab my bag and make my way downstairs to my car. A honk stops me in my tracks and I see Ms. Fairbanks leaning across the passenger seat and pushes open the door. "Get in." I hesitate then finally slide into the the passenger seat. She immediately drives off in the direction of the court house. "So.I think Emma knows that we kissed." I let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, I think she does." She goes a little faster and I tense up in my seat.

We don't talk for a while and she presses harder on the pedal to beat a red light. I move my hand over to her thigh and squeeze. "Calm down Lil. Let's talk about what we're going to do." She takes a deep breath and eases up on the gas.

I don't move my hand from her thigh. "Emma won't say anything. I'll talk her. I promise." She nods her head. "I'm sorry. I just really wanted you to kiss me." I smile and she parks her car in the dark parking garage as we reach the court building. I look around and don't see anyone around. "Well I don't think anyone will interrupt us here." She looks over to me and I unbuckle my seat and move my hand down to the bottom of her chair. I pull a lever and she gasps as I slide the seat back as far as it goes.

I don't know why I did it but I know I really, desperately, wanted to kiss her again after we made out. I move over onto her lap. She stares at me with surprise but didn't move her hands. I lace my fingers in hers and raise them above her head. Her green eyes turning a shade darker and her breathing coming hard and fast.

"Do you want me to kiss you now?" She slowly nods her head and I lean down to her. She tries to lean up to connect our lips but I quickly pull back to just tease her. "Let me hear you say it." She groans quietly. She was definitely a dom and a little bit of a bossy bitch so I know she was going to be stubborn. "Ally." She growls out. It was almost enough for me to give into her. Almost. I use the tip of my tongue to quickly flick her bottom lip. She groans lustfully and tries to move her hands but I slam them back down onto the chair.

She glares at me and pushes me back with her body until my back hits the steering wheel. I gasp at the amount of time it took her to top me. She holds my hands with one hand and grips my chin with her other hand.

She pulls me into a hard, rough kiss. I moan and kiss her back. Her hand moves down my body to my hip and she squeezes hard to let me know I'm not in control, latina cock sucker lilith shayton fucks in the pawnshop her hands holding my hands above me weren't enough.

I moan and try to move my hands down to her face but she doesn't let up. We jump apart when the weight of my body accidentally rests on the horn. She pulls her hands away from my body. I pant for breath and laugh as I move off of her. "I guess I was the interruption this time." She simply nods her head in agreement and I look over to her again. She seemed a little shaken up so I smile and put my hand on her thigh.

"It's okay Lil. It was just a kiss. We've done it before. Come one, we have 10 minutes." I turn to get out of the car but she stops me with a hand on my thigh. I turn back to her and she reaches over to my cheek and pulls me into another kiss. I moan as her lips move against mine. It was such a soft kiss I just wanted to stay there and kiss her forever. Sadly, she pulls away with one last kiss and looks into my eyes.

"Next time, I'll make sure there's no interruptions." I gulp and nod my head. She gives me a small smile and moves out of the car. I do the same and we quickly walk up to the courthouse. It takes an hour to close the case and for Lillian to win. I congratulate her and her client quickly and we walk back to her car. Once were inside I grab her by the back of her neck and bring her into a needy kiss. She lets out a surprised moan and I moan back. Seeing her being powerful and demanding was such a turn on I couldn't help myself.

She could feel the need in my moans and kisses. She moves her hands to my cheeks and kisses me harder. She slips her tongue between my lips and caress' my tongue with hers. I moan and start to move on top of her again but she pushes me away. I give her a confused look but she quickly explains.

"I want you. God, I want you so bad but I don't want you in a car. Come to my house after work. We'll go from there." I smile and give her a quick kiss. "Yes ma'am." She smiles back and takes a deep breath. She starts the car and we drive out of the parking garage. "Where are we going?" I ask curiously as she turns the opposite direction of the law firm. I smile to myself as I think that maybe we were going to her house. My excitement already pooling in between my legs. She smiles. "Not my house if that's what's got you smiling so much." I blush and bite my lip.

She chuckles. "We're getting coffee. It seems pointless to ask Kelly to go out and get some when we were just out. I'm not that much of a bitch." I raise my eyebrows. "Umm, you did that yesterday Lil." She smiles and rolls her eyes. "Okay, you caught me. Sometimes I'm just to lazy." I laugh. It felt nice to just "hangout" per say. She moves her hand over to my leg and rubs half circles over my skin. I hold back a moan. We reach a red light and I move my right hand down to her hand.

I lean on my left elbow to whisper in her ear as I move her hand to cup my wet pussy through my panties. She gasps softly. I moan at the feel of her hand against me. "You're making me so wet, Lil" She cups my pussy harder, eliciting another moan from me. I press her hand harder into me but she pulls away with a smirk. "I'm driving Ally." I groan and pout. "Whatever, your just trying to play hard to get." She laughs and rolls her eyes.

"You can call it whatever you want but I'm not touching you any further until I have you in my bed." My jaw drops and she glances over at me. She giggles and I glare at her. "Not even one tiny kiss?" She shakes her head and smirks at me. I move my hand to her leg and lightly run my nails down her thigh towards her pussy. The action actually causes her to press on the breaks for a millisecond and her breathing to hitch. My own breath catching at the sudden panic. "Fuck Ally. You can't do that." I smile and do it again, moving closer to her pussy.

She groans and gives me a warning glare. "What are you gonna do about it, boss?" I say mockingly as my nails scratch the soft skin now revealed beneath the skirt. She moves a hand down to mine and tries to stop me but I smack her hand away. "Two hands on the wheel.what are you going to do, Lil?" My hand was now an inch away from her delicious cunt. By the clenching of her jaw and the grip on the steering wheel, I could tell she was struggling to control herself.

I run my fingers across her skin but refuse to go any closer to her pussy. She takes a sudden right then left into a dead end alleyway. I don't have time to ask what she's doing because she reaches over and unbuckles my seat belt as she unbuckles her own. "Get your ass over here." She husks out as she scoots her chair out as far as she can. I don't hesitate and smile as I climb onto her lap. She immediately grabs my face and pulls me into a heated kiss. I moan and move my hands to her blouse.

I was intent on getting to second base with her. I start to unbutton her shirt as she gets the message and starts to do the same to my blouse. She unceremoniously thrusts her tongue into my awaiting mouth and kisses me harder.

She moans into my mouth as I forget about the rest of her buttons and move my hands into her shirt to cup and squeeze her breasts through the lacy bra.

I moan as she runs her hands across my now accessible stomach up to my bra. She breaks the kiss and latches her lips onto my neck.

I let my head rolls back on my shoulders. "Oh Lil." She makes a scorching trail of kisses down my neck to the top of my left breast. I squeeze her breasts harder and flick her nipples through the thin material. She moans black cocks fuck white pussies and assholes interracial sex tube porn bites down hard on the soft flesh of my breast.

I gasp and arch my back into her touch. I moan as she sucks on my skin and lashes it with her wet tongue. I move my hands up into her hair and pull her mouth impossibly closer to me.

She moans and moves her arms around my waist to pull me closer also. "Lillian." I breathe out. She moans back and her hand moves down to the side of her seat. The next thing I know, her chair is laying flat with our bodies pressed flushed against each other. My breasts almost spilling out of their protective cups onto her face.

My elbows rest on either side of her head and my hands grip at the leather headrest. I moan again. She finally lets go of the now bruised skin to lavish my chest with sloppy open mouthed kisses. With the growing ache between my legs I unconsciously start to grind into her, moaning loudly at the friction. She moans and starts to move her hands down to my ass but stops herself. She grabs my hips and stops them as she pulls her searing hot lips away from my chest.

I groan at the loss of friction on my swollen clit. "We stop." She pants out in between breaths. I mimic her heaving breaths and reluctantly sit up. Beads of sweat were rolling down my neck and back from the temperature inside the car and frankly the heat between us. Small beads of sweat making their way down her delicious chest made me want to never stop. I didn't even get to put my mouth anywhere near those beautiful breasts.

I bite my lip and unbutton the rest of her blouse. I groan softly as I spread open her shirt. She doesn't make a move to stop me as I bend down and kiss her chest softly. A small moan tumbles from her sweet lips and I run my tongue over her salty skin. It doesn't take long for her fingers to slide into my hair and press me harder into her skin. I moan and kiss the valley in between her breasts. She arches her back and throws her head back with a moan as I turn my head slightly to the left so my mouth connects with her right breast and give her the same biting and sucking treatment she gave to my left breast.

"Ally." She moans out. I hum back in response and suck harder so I could move onto the other breast. "God.we.need to stop.Ally." She pants out. I continue to drop heated kisses across her chest, completely ignoring her request. She suddenly puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me back. I concede and sit back to pant for oxygen. I smile as I see the hickey I created on the inside of her right breast. Her eyes were now a dark green, filled with lust as I'm sure mine would be found the same way.

I realize she is smiling to and I chance a look down at my breasts to see a very prominent hickey on the top milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering my breast, just barely covered by my bra.

We stare at the others body until our breathing is back to normal. Mine being as normal as it can get with the position I'm in. She rolls down the windows just a crack and goosebumps erupt across my sweat slick skin as the fresh air hits my body.

I close my eyes and shiver. I open them as I hear her groan. She has her lip between her teeth. "Your going to have to get off of me and button your shirt back up before I attack you." I chuckle and move off of her into the passenger seat. "Your.your skirt." She says quietly.

I look down and realize my skirt had ridden up around my waist to show my deep red thong. I blush and shimmy my tight skirt back down my legs. She gulps and looks into the mirror to fix her hair and makeup. I do the same and soon we are presentable and backing out of the alleyway. She silently drives us to a nearby coffeehouse. We solo babe plays with her wet cunt out of the car and walk inside.

We stand in line quietly until I speak. "I'll come over around, 7?" She smiles slightly and steps forward to the counter to fill the space. I smile as she orders our coffees and one for Kelly.

We move off to the side and wait for the barista to finish making them. "I'll cook us dinner." I smile and laugh. She looks at me curiously. "What?" I clear my throat and smile at her. "I, umm, I've read every single one of your articles and interviews. You don't cook. I'll cook." She laughs and shakes her head. "Fine.

So you stalked me before applying for the job?" She says with a devilish laugh. I blush as the barista hands us our coffees. "I didn't stalk you. I-I just did a little.research. Yeah, research. That's all." She hums in disbelief and we walk out to the car.

I smile as I get into the car. "Your gonna tell me you didn't ask around about me yesterday?" She opens her mouth then shuts it quickly and blushes. I laugh as she starts the car and drives us silently to the firm. We get into the elevator and she takes a drink of coffee. A drop of coffee makes its way past her lips and I smile. She groan in frustration from not being able to wipe it off considering she was carrying hers and Kelly's coffee.

Seeing that we were only on the 3rd floor I move over to her and put a finger under her chin. She looks down at me with wide eyes. "I'll get it." I whisper and use my tongue to lick away the droplet, stealing a quick kiss in the process. She moans softly and kisses me firmly on the lips.

I smile at the taste of coffee on her lips and tease my tongue across her lip. She parts her lips and I take her bottom lip between my teeth and nibble on the soft flesh. She groans and move closer to me. The ding of the elevator teen anya krey gets her wet pussy banged by chris big cock the 7th floor makes me pull away and immediately walk out of the elevator.

She hesitates to follow for a second then finally catches up to me and whispers in my ear. "You are killing me woman." I smirk and turn the opposite direction from her. She goes into her office after handing Kelly her coffee.

I turn the corner near my office and see Emma standing outside of it. I gulp and continue to walk to her. She crosses her arms. "Hey Emma." I give her a weak smile and unlock my door and walk in my office. She gets right down to business. "Spill it Ally." I sigh and sit down at my desk.

"What do you want to know? I mean, it was just a kiss Em." Her jaw drops and she sits down in the chair across from me. "It was just a kiss?

Are you sure she won't try to take it further? Or that you won't?" I start to fidget in my seat. I was running out of excuses. Maybe I should just tell her what was happening? "So what if it does go further?" She rolls her eyes and grunts in annoyance. "Fine. Do whatever you want. I don't know why I care." She gets up and walks to the door. "Wait! can't tell anyone what happened Emma." She sighs and nods her head.

"I know, I know. Don't worry." She walks out of my office and I slump back in my seat. I turn my chair to look out my window to Lillian's office. I smile as I see her just walking around her office with a folder in one hand and chewing the tip of a pen in the other. I grab my bag and fish out my phone. I call her cell phone and I see her grab it from her desk on the third ring. "Hello." I smile.

"So I was thinking chicken Parmesan for dinner tonight. What do you think?" I see her smile and bite her lip as she sits down. "I like chicken Parmesan. That would be great Ally. I hate that you have to cook for us though.

I mean, it black hottie plays with a big dick my house." I roll my eyes as she sports a sad look. "Oh please, Lil. I love to cook and I would love to cook for you. Just get the right ingredients." She smiles and laughs. "Okay. Now, get back to work. Don't make me come over there." I smirk. "Maybe I want you to come over here.maybe I want you to punish me for not doing my work." She groans and closes her legs together tightly.

I smile. "Jesus, Ally. Come on, stop messing with me. I can't touch you till 7." I laugh and prop my feet up on my desk. "It's your torture by choice.

I should get started on the break in case though so your free of my teasing.for now." She smiles and shakes her head. "Get to work." I smile and moan softly. "Mmm, yes boss." I hear her gasp softly and I end the call with a smirk. I look over to her window just in time to see hot sex korea movie erotic shiver from my words.

I turn back around and open the case file. I start reading through it. I knock on Lillian's office and walk inside. She looks up and smiles. "What do you need Ally?" I hand her the file and sit down in a chair across from her desk.

"The Yang case. I just wanted to let you know that it should be relatively easy and I can handle it on my own. If that's okay?" We both take on the role of professionalism and set aside out desires for now. She quickly looks through the case and my notes, nodding her head every so often in approval. She finally shuts the folder and hands it back to me. "Fine with me. Let me know if you need anything else." I nod my head and get up.

I 'accidentally' drop the folder on the floor. Once I see that she is watching me I spread my legs shoulder width and bend at the waist to grab the folder. Successfully thrusting my ass out to her and showing a gracious amount of my thighs. I hear her let out a low growl. I stay there with a shit eating grin on my face then finally stand back up. I look back at her and see that she has taken up chewing on the pen cap while continuing to stare at my ass.

I clear my throat and her eyes snap back up to mine. I smirk and turn my back to her, walking to the door. "You'll have a better view tonight, Hon." I open the door and shoot her a quick wink before walking out. The flustered look in her face was so cute. I start to walk to my office when Kelly suddenly stands in front of me with a glare on her face. "You. Come with me." She says while pointing a finger at my chest. She turns around and walks to her cubicle before I could say anything else.

I follow her into her cubicle. She turns around with another hard glare. "Emma told me about what your doing with Lillian." I open my mouth but she holds up a finger to stop me and I close my mouth again. "I don't want to hear it. Just know that if you hurt her, I will not be happy and you do not want me mad at you." I nod my head and suddenly she has a smile on her face.

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"Good. You guys are cute together by the way." I smile weakly and she turns to answer her phone. I walk out of her cubicle and start to walk to my office again. Kelly threatening me was so very uncalled for but I respected her for it because I would do the same, especially for Lillian.

It's was 7 and I was standing outside of Lillian's house with a bottle of wine with a flowing short red dress. My hair flowing around my shoulders in it a natural curl and my makeup done lightly. But I haven't knocked yet. I was nervous, the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. I take a deep breath and raise my hand up to the door and knock three times. A few seconds later she opens it and my jaw drops at the sight of her.

She had on a not your usual hooters girl black dress that ended mid thigh with a plunging neck line were the fabric over lapped into the waist.

My eyes linger on her neck line which was showing off the hickie I put there just today. Her fake cough brings me back to reality and I look up at her face. The smile on her face tells me that she has checked me out too. "Lil, you look amazing. I mean, seriously amazing." She laughs and steps back to let me in. "Thank you. You look stunning. Come on in." I step inside and give her a lingering kiss on the cheek.

I hand her the bottle of wine after she closes the door. She smiles and leads us into the kitchen. "We can have this with our dinner. Do you want to get started now or do you want to hang out for a bit?" She asks as she sets the wine down. My eyes do a quick glance up and down her body. "Umm, no.

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Let's get started. With the dress your wearing and how your looking, we might never get started if we hangout." She chuckles and motions to the kitchen. "Well then you might want to get started." She sits down at the breakfast bar and smiles at me as I put my hair up in a quick ponytail. I get started on cooking the chicken and the sauce with the ingredients she had put out.

I had gotten extremely good at cooking when my last girlfriend said she liked someone who cooked for her. A few minutes of cooking passes.

"I like seeing you in my kitchen." I laugh. "I think you like me cooking for you in your kitchen." She laughs and bites her lip as I turn to stir the sauce. I go back to cooking. Halfway through she gets up from the stool and moves over to the cabinet I was near. I suddenly feel a hand on my waist and her body pressed against my back. I hold back a gasp. She leans her mouth down to my ear. "Do you want some wine?" She grabs two wine glasses from the cabinet and closes the door.

Only when she steps away from me am I able to speak. "I, uhh. Y-Yeah, that'd be.Yes, please." Well, barely speak. I see her smirk as she pours our glasses.

I shake my head free of the lustful thoughts and focus on cooking. But yet again she comes up behind me and sets my glass down on the counter as she rests her hand on the small of my back. "Do you need me to do anything?" I shiver slightly and let out a small nervous laugh and take a big drink of my wine.

"I need you to do a lot of things but they don't exactly have anything to do with cooking." I set it back down.

She chuckles and trails her fingers across my back. "Oh yeah? What are they?" I roll my eyes and move away from her to put the chicken onto the plates. "Like you don't already know. You've been teasing me all night." She leans against the counter. "Oh yeah, because the phone call and accidentally dropping the folder wasn't teasing." I smile knowingly and finish cooking.

Once I'm done I grab her plate and mine as she grabs the wine glasses. I'm surprised when she leads us into the living room. She has throw pillows on the floor for us to sit phat ass ho dayna vendetta pounded hard by throbbing cock with candles on one side of the coffee table.

She sets our glasses down and sits down on the right. She looks up at me with a smile. "You okay?" I nod my head and quickly recover from my hesitation. "Yeah.

It's just.beautiful." I smile and she smiles back. I set our plates down and take a seat next to her, I take my ponytail out. We chitchat about my college and how she started her law firm.

It doesn't take long for our food to be gone and us on our third glass of wine. My body was turned to her and my legs were tucked underneath me. Her back was pressed against the bottom of the couch and her legs out in front of her with her ankles crossed. She had just reached to pour herself more wine when my eyes move down to the visible hickey on her breast.

I move my hand to her chest and trace my fingers around the bruised flesh. Her breathing hitches and she sets her glass back down. "Were you deliberately trying to show off your hickey?" She smiles and my eyes move up to hers. Her hand comes up to the top of my dress. "Only to you." She pulls my dress down until she sees my matching hickey. She smiles and bites her lip.

I move in to her, my breathing getting faster and faster with each inch I move closer. "Would you like to see mine a little better?" I ask her softly.

She tugs on my dress to pull me closer faster, her eyes trained on my lips. "Yeah.and some other things." I smile and she moves her hand to my huge cock reverse cowgirl style homemade and hardcore. " one is stopping you." I whisper to her. She smiles and closes the little gap between us.

I moan as her lips press against mine. God, I've missed those lips. She teases her tongue across my lips and I moan. Lust washes over me and I push her back against the couch.

She moans as I move on top of her to straddle her hips. She moves her hands down to my ass and squeezes hard. If I wasn't wet before I am now. I move my hands down her body to the end of her dress. I quickly pull her dress up her body forcing us to break the kiss. I toss her dress to the side as her hands suddenly push my body against her. I moan and rest my hands on the couch behind her head as she reaches behind my back to unzip my dress and kiss my neck.

She pulls my dress up my body, dipping her head to kiss the skin revealed from the now offending article of clothing. I moan and arch my back and move my hands to her head, threading my finger in her blonde locks to pull her closer. Her lips burning my skin with every kiss. And I'm panting, I'm panting because my dress is off now and her lips are attacking my chest with such need and want it was dizzying. But I tilt her head up to me and I attack her lips with the same need and want.

She moans and thrusts her tongue into my awaiting mouth. She fumbles with the clasp of my bra and finally unhooks the straps.

I pull my bra down my arms as her nails trail down my back. I shudder and she wraps her arms around my waist. She moves us around and suddenly I am on my back on her plush carpet. She moans deeply into my mouth as she presses our pantie covered centers together.

I have to break the kiss to suck in a breath. I could feel the heat coming off of her. She bends her head down to kiss, lick, nibble and suck on my neck. Driving me completely insane. I claw at her bra clasp until it pops open and I pull her bra down her arms. She moves to take it off but I don't wait to latch my mouth onto one of her erect nipples. She lets out a loud growl and throws her head back. I move down lower to be directly underneath her breasts. She moans as I nibble gently on her nipple.

She grabs me by the hair and pulls my head back. I moan as she claims my lips again in another heated kiss. She breaks the kiss and sucks my nipple into her mouth, swirling her hot wet tongue around my prominent nipple. I moan, loud. Very loud, making her moan back in satisfaction. I arch my back up to her mouth. She bites down on the sensitive flesh and I practically scream in pleasure. She pulls her head away from my breast and moves lower.

Kissing my stomach, her tongue flicking out past her lips to tease my skin. She sucks on a patch of skin, just below my belly button, lashing and biting my skin until she knows she has marked me. She pulls away, just enough to see her handy-work then moves just above my soaked panties. She teases her tongue across the top of my panties, her hands gripping onto my hips to keep me still until I couldn't wait anymore.

"Please Lillian." She kisses my stomach one last time and sits back, grabbing the hem of my panties and holding an intimate stare with me. My heart beating loudly in my chest. "Say it again." She pulls my red thong down my legs and tosses them to the side. I immediately spread my legs for her and she looks down to my very wet pussy lips. She licks her lips and looks back up to me with hunger in her eyes. "Take me Lillian.

Please, take me." She growls. Not the growls like before. A growl that said she was hungry.for me. She moves over top of me and crashes her lips down on mine. I moan and she finally starts to move her hand down to my aching cunt.

I break the kiss and grab her suddenly slow hand and move her hand down to cup my pussy. She and I both moan on contact. "Don't make me take control of you Lil. Taking control is your job." I whisper playfully into her ear. She moans and bites my neck, making me moan. "Shut up and let me fuck you." I smile as she kisses me hard to make sure I know she is in charge.

She grabs my hands and raises them above my head. I groan and try to move them but she slams them down on to carpet. She pulls away and uses one hand to hold me down while the other makes it way down my body.

I gasp as her fingers touch my clit. Her touch felt so good, I buck up to her hand. She looks down at me and straddles one of my thighs. She leans down by my ear and I close my eyes. "You are so wet it makes me so turned on." Fuck. How did she know I loved dirty talk? I moan. "M-More. Please." She kisses down my neck to my chest. "More what Ally?" She asks, feigning a tone of confusion.

I moan as her fingers slip across my clit again. "More of a-anything. I just need more, p-please Lil." She smiles and pulls her whole body away from mine. I groan in frustration and open my eyes, ready to plead with her but I don't see her.

I look down just as she gets in between my legs and goes down on me. Her tongue moves around my clit slowly and I arch my back and moan. My hands were just itching to grab the back of her head and push her hot lips and tongue harder into me but I just groan and buck my hips up to her. She moans and wraps her arms around my thighs to hold me still. She uses her tongue to guide my clit into her mouth and suck on it lightly.

I gasp and moan loudly. My back arches once again and my right hand flies down to the hand on my left thigh. I grip her hand tightly and my other hand tugs at the carpet. She lets my clit slip from her torturous lips and uses her tongue to rapidly lick at the sensitive nub of flesh.

I let out a high pitched moan and her free hand moves up to cup and squeeze my left breast. I moan and move my hands down to the carpet and pull on the soft material. She moans and moves her hand away from my breast and down to my entrance. I know what she is doing when she starts to tease my entrance with her fingers.

I groan and try to move my hips down onto her fingers only to feel her move her finger away. "Please please please Lil. God, please." I plead desperately with her, my orgasm coming fast and strong. She moans, the vibration reaching my clit and making me moan again.

She pulls away just enough to look down and put two fingers at my entrance. I moan softly and bite my lip. Her mouth latches back onto my clit as she slowly pushes her fingers into my dripping cunt. A long deep moan escapes my lips as the feel of her fingers inside of me bring me closer to the edge. She quickly pumps her fingers in and out of me, knowing how close I was.

My orgasm crashes down on me and my back arches to its highest point. I scream in pleasure as my knuckles turn white from gripping the carpet so tight.

She slows down her fingers and pulls her mouth away from my clit to watch me writhe out my orgasm. I try to get a little of my breath back as I relax against the carpet. She gently pulls her fingers out of my cunt eliciting a soft groan. She kisses my thighs lightly and works her way back up my body. I am panting for breath as she reaches my neck. "I think you ruined my carpet." She whispers in my ear. I smile and chuckle softly.

I turn my head to capture her lips in a slow kiss. She moans softly and kisses me back. It doesn't take long for me to bounce back from my orgasm. I move my hands to her thighs and stroke her skin softly. I could feel the heat radiating from her core and, though she was trying to hide it, I could feel the fat cock sex sex stories bbw in her kiss.

"Move up." I mumble against her lips. She gets the message and soon she is straddling my face. I moan at the sight of her on top of me. The juicy bottom lip that I love to bite so much in between her teeth as she looks down at me with lust burning in her eyes. Considering she tops me with no problem I don't dare tease her.

I immediately dive into her delicious pussy, the taste of her completely intoxicating, my tongue moving in between her pussy folds, like a homing missile going straight to her clit to flick it relentlessly.

She gasps loudly and moans softly. Her hands slip into my hair and she pushes my cunt down harder onto my mouth. "Right there." I moan and reach up to grab her hips. She moans again and grinds her pussy against my tongue. I hold her hips stronger until she stops grinding her hips. I look into her eyes as I suck her clit. Her eyes flutter closed and she groans loudly. "Oh my god." She grunts out behind clenched teeth.

Her hands tug slightly on my hair to bring me impossibly closer. My hands curl around her thighs, my tongue squirming to tease her entrance. I lick faster and harder. I love the way she let out heated moans, and the way her fingers has my hair in a tight grip, pulling me deeper into her wetness. "Fuck." She says in a breathy whisper. I growl softly. Only the feel and taste mattered, and Lil's low moans that had gradually increased in intensity and was now filling the room.

I suck hard on her clit. The trembling of her body told me she was on the edge. "Allison." She whispers softly. Her hips twitch and then her body arches, her grip on the couch holding herself upright as she falls over the edge of bliss.

"Oh ssshhhittt." She gasp and holds in the breath as she shakes and trembles on top of me.

I moan at the sight and slowly ease up on her clit. She pants as she comes down from hot nympho sucks cocks and gets banged orgasm. I finally let go of her clit and she she sighs contentedly. I kiss her beautiful pussy lips one last time before she moves off of me with shaky legs. Before she can go to far I grab her hand and pull her down to me.

I cup her face in my hands and kiss her slowly. She moans and kisses me back while laying down on me; her leg in between mine and her arm draped across my stomach. She breaks the kiss with a sigh and lays her head slutwife newly wed hottie jasmine tame learns to swallow cum pornstar and blonde my chest. She scoots in closer and nudges her nose into my skin. The smell of sex in the air. It doesn't take long for us to drift off into sleep.

I feel a hand stroking my hair and soft lips pecking my cheek. "Ally, let's move upstairs." Lillian. I groan in response. I was nowhere near a morning person. Or whatever time it is. She chuckles and kisses my neck softly. "I'm going to be in bed all by myself." A kiss to my chest, my eyes flutter open. ".naked." Warm lips wrap around my nipple and I moan quietly. My eyes open now and looking down at her. Her blonde hair falling across my chest as her green eyes look up at me almost innocently but god knows she is anything but.

I give her a weak, sleepy smile and move a hand to her cheek to pull her into a light kiss, fully awake now. "A woman as stunning as yourself should never be naked and alone in bed." I say with a hoarse sleepy voice. She smiles and kisses me lightly back. She grabs my hand and helps me up. My back cracking from sleeping on the floor.

Japanese stepmother filmed by stepson blackmailed by stepsonw friends leads me up stairs and down a hall, my hands itching to touch her ass the whole way there. We reach her room and I barely have time to look around when she distracts me by bending over the bed to reach for another pillow. She sadly slips right into bed and I slide in next to her.

I roll on my side with my back to her. She suddenly moves a hand to my hip and whispers in my ear. "Wanna be my little spoon?" I smile and move back until my body is flush with hers.

I shake my ass on her crotch and her arm snakes around my waist as she smiles into my neck. "I guess that's a yes." I chuckle and close my eyes. She starts to kiss my neck and I moan softly. "Are you going to let me sleep longer than a few hours tonight?" She suddenly turns me onto my stomach and I'm wide awake again. She straddles my hips, her center brushing against my ass. I moan softly as she kisses my neck. "You will never sex mom and son mom and son xxx com more than a few hours in my bed sweetheart." I smile and she kisses my shoulder lightly.

I bite my lip as she kisses down my spine, my back arching more with every kiss. I whimper as she bites my ass.

"Spread for me baby." I moan and do as she says. She moves her hands under my hips and pushes up so my ass is in the air and my pussy is level with her mouth. She turns her head and kisses my thigh softly. I lick my lips and my hands grip the sheets. She turns her head and kisses my other thigh softly. I move my hips back to feel her lips but she pulls away just in time.

I groan. "Lil, bound japanese milf groans while her pussy is teased baby. Fuck me." She lets out a low moan and kisses my pussy lips, I shiver. "Fuck, I love it when you beg." I smile and bite my lip as she runs her tongue up and down my slit. I let out a high pitched moan and buck back onto her tongue as she takes a firm swipe across my clit.

She moans and pushes me up higher until I am on my knees. She moves so she is laying on her back underneath me with her lips sucking at my pussy lips. I moan and bite my lip harder. She moans and brings her fingers up to my entrance. Her tongue licks at my clit as she slowly enters one finger into my slick hole. I bury my face into the pillow and let out a low moan. Her other hand moves to my ass to press me down harder onto her tongue. She sucks my clit into her mouth and I throw my head back in pleasure.

"Oh my god, Lil. Don't stop. Please don't stop." I beg her. My hips twitch and jerk as she sucks harder. She moans softly and suddenly pulls her finger out of my pussy. I groan but as fast as she was gone, two fingers were being pushes inside of me. I gasp as I realize it won't be long until I reach my climax. "Fuck, I'm almost there baby." She thrusts harder and faster. I let out a strangled moan and bury my head into the pillow as my orgasm reaches me.

My body shakes and arches against her fingers and mouth. She moans and uses the hand on my ass to hold me in my position above her. I jerk my body away from her when the pleasure gets to much. I sigh into the sheets. "Damn." She chuckles and kisses my clit softly, making me jump. She gets out from under me and I slump down on the bed. I sigh exhaustively and turn to her. She leans in and kisses me softly.

I moan and move a hand down to her pussy. She spreads her legs for me and grabs my hand. She shoves two of my fingers deep into her surprisingly wet pussy. We both moan and she pushes her tongue into my mouth. I regain some of my energy and move on top of her. I rest my elbow next to her head as I kiss her harder and finger her faster. She moans deeply into my mouth and her hand moves to my upper arm to rest there. I straddle her leg and use my thigh to put more power behind my thrusts, earning a gasping moan in response.

She breaks the kiss and bites on her luscious lower lip, her nails digging into the flesh of my upper arm. I groan and bend down to nibble and suck on the pouting lip. Her other hand comes down to the bed to pull gently on the sheets as she writhes under me.

She moans loudly and arches her back. I let go of her lip and move down to her neck to suck and bite the skin in between her shoulder and neck. "Ally, baby, don't stop. I'm so close." She moans into my ear. I tilt my head up to take her earlobe into my mouth. She moans softly and bites her lip once again.

I move my wrist and with my next thrust I use my thumb to rub her clit. She sucks in a deep breath and I know she is there. "Oh.oh m-my god.Fuck Ally! Don't stop fucking me. F-Fuck!" Her toes curl as she screams in pleasure. I retreat down her neck to suck and nibble at her sweat touched skin as she falls over the edge.

Her back arched and her grip on my arm tightening, her nails digging deep into my skin. I groan at the pain but continue to please her. I don't let up on my motions and successfully send her into another orgasm.

Her nails driving impossibly deeper into my arm and her oxygen deprived lungs straining for air. She lets out a strangled moan and moves the hand on my xnxx mom and son sex com down to my hand to stop me.

I kiss along her jawline as I stop my hand and pull my thumb away from her still pulsing clit. She gulps and relaxes back against the comfort of her bed.

Once I know she is ready I gently slide my fingers out of her, eliciting a small whimper and a jerk of her hips. She turns her head to kiss me lightly. I kiss her back and move to lay down on her side. She breaks the kiss and pulls me closer by my hips. I nuzzle my face into the crook of her neck and breathe in her scent. "I don't think I've ever had two orgasms in a row." My eyes go wide in surprise and I prop myself up on my elbow to look at her.

Her eyes also wide with surprise. "Are you serious?" She nods her head slowly and looks at me with a small laugh. "Your the first." I smile smugly and lean in and kiss her lightly. "Well there is more where that came from." I mumble against her lips. She smiles and I kiss her again. "Mmm. Your so hot." She says softly while running her hand down my arm. I wince in pain as her hand drifts over my upper arm. I look at my arm and gasp, after following my eyes she does the same.

"Oh my god. D-Did I do that?" She says, referring to the deep half moon marks in my left arm some of them showing drops of blood. I smile and laugh. "Well I don't think I did it to myself, Lil." She bites her lip and looks at me apologetically. "I am so sorry. I-I didn't know I was.umm.gripping you that hard." I kiss her lightly and smile. "Can you kiss it and make it better?" She smiles and nods her head slightly.

She grabs my arm by the elbow and pulls my arm closer to her. She reaches behind me to the night stand and grabs a tissue, quickly wiping my arm.

She tosses the tissue off the bed and kisses around the tender skin that I'm sure will be bruised by tomorrow.

She makes her way across my chest, planting slow and sloppy kisses in between my breasts. She moves on top of me with her knees on either side of of my hips.

I run my hands up and down her thighs as she kisses down my stomach. She is soon in between my legs again, her tongue drawing lazy circles around my clit. I moan and arch my back. It was going to be a long night. I roll over and sling my arm across a warm body. My eyes blink open to find Lillian with the sun shinning down on her. I smile at how beautiful she is and move closer, my leg now resting in between her thighs and my arm wrapped across her tone stomach.

I guess I had moved to much because she moans softly and moves an arm around my back to pull me in closer. I smile sleepily and nudge my face in between her gorgeous breasts. I end up falling back asleep for what feels like 20 minutes but happens to be an hour. My eyes flutter open at the feel of something rubbing my back.

Lillian. I smile and kiss her chest. She moans quietly an tilts my head up to her. She gives me a small kiss. "Good morning beautiful." I smile and bury my head into her neck. "Good morning." I let her hold me and run her hands over my body for a few more seconds before looking back up at her with a smile.

"You know, for a bad ass lawyer your really into cuddling." She scoffs and tries to pull away. "I am not-" I grab her and pull her as close to me as I can, my thigh pressing against her soft pussy lips. I look into her green eyes with a smile. "Yes, you are and I think it's cute." She rolls her eyes and sighs. I laugh and kiss her softly.

Moaning at the feel of her luscious lips against mine. She moans back rests her hands on my hips. She pulls away with a smile. "Wanna get in the shower?" I smile and kiss her jaw. "Will you be joining me?" She tilts her head back so I can kiss and lick her neck.

She moans softly and smirks. "Of course." I smile and nip at her soft skin. She moans again but I pull away and roll out of bed. She looks at me with a groan of disappointment. I smile and shake my ass invitingly as I walk to her bathroom connected to her bedroom. "Come on hot stuff. I want you to take your time cleaning my dirty body." She gulps and jumps out of bed after me.

I walk into her bathroom with a laugh but it quickly diminishes when my jaw drops. Her bathroom was HUGE. She had a walk-in shower for two in one corner and a Jacuzzi in the other corner with a two person sink. She walks in behind me and wraps her arms around my waist. Her mouth kissing the sensitive spot behind my ear making me moan and tilt my head to the side, my eyes closing.

She slowly kisses down my neck to my shoulder. I lick my lips and sigh. She moves us forward towards the shower and opens the door when we reach it, but we don't go inside. She turns me around and presses me against the outside of the shower glass and claims my lips in a slow kiss. I moan and move my hands up to her cheeks, bringing her deeper into the kiss. She moves her hands down to my thighs. With her strength she easily picks me up and I wrap my legs around her waist as she grabs my ass and moves us into the shower.

My back thumps lightly against the wall and I moan. She breaks the kiss and sets me down before reaching behind her to close the door and turn on the water.

The rush of cold water hits my body and I gasp as my nipples turn painfully erect. The water turns hotter as she bends down and kisses and licks my neck. My head rolls back against the shower wall and I pant as this beautiful woman unknowingly turns me on to new heights. She bends her head down to take my prominent nipple into her hot mouth, swirling her tongue teasingly around my areola, never touching my aching nipple. I slide my hand into her now wet hair and pull her closer, silently begging for her to take my nipple between her gorgeous lips or to even bite the nub of flesh.

Anything as long as she settles my want, my need. She complies, now not wanting to tease me but simply take me. Her tongue flicks my nipple again and again. My breathing hitches and suddenly a soft hand cups my other breast and deft fingers roll my my nipple gently.

I moan and arch my back against the wall, effectively pushing my breasts harder into her hand and mouth, making her moan in return. I spread my legs.

"" I pant out. She moans and kisses up my neck as her hand slides down my stomach. As soon as her fingers touch my clit I moan loudly. "Oh Lillian." I breathe hard and my hand grips her hair tightly. She moans and kisses me softly, her tongue grazing my lips, silently asking for entrance which I give full-heartedly.

Her fingers move down to my entrance and push inside me. My eyes roll back in and my feet spread wider to accommodate her fingers and thigh. She thrusts harder into me and I moan into her mouth. I break the kiss. "God, just like that Lil.Fuck me hard baby." She bends her head down to my left breast and bites down.

I gasp at the sudden sensation and lower myself down onto her fingers, pushing them deeper into me. After giving me a very visible hickey on my breast she works her way back up to my ear as my arm wraps around her shoulder. "Your so sexy, Ally." I moan at her dirty talk and try to fuck myself harder on her fingers.

She quickly takes care of my needs and thrusts her thigh behind her fingers. I moan deeply. "I love how your pussy grabs onto my fingers like this. Fuck, it's so hot." She whispers huskily into my ear. I whimper as I feel myself getting closer. My breathing becoming shaky and uneven as I ride her fingers, my hips jerking with every thrust. I use the arm across her shoulders to press her harder into me, her tight nipples rubbing against my wet skin.

She moans on contact with my skin. With every thrust I was getting closer and my pussy was giving tell-tale signs of just that. "I can feel how close you are Ally.Cum. Cum for me." I arch my back against the wall at her words. Those were exactly what I needed to hear in order to be pushed over the edge. My mouth drops open in a silent scream as my body writhes in pleasure. She kisses my neck softly as she playing with a hairy japanese bawdy cleft hardcore and blowjob down her fingers to allow me to come down from my high.

If it weren't for her body pressed against me I'm sure my knees would've buckled and I would be on the floor right now. I rest my head on her shoulder and smile. "Fuck." She laughs and starts to move away from me but I hold her close. "Where do you think your going?" She smiles and leans down to kiss me softly. I moan and push her up against the adjacent wall and out of the shower of warm water. She shivers as her back touches the cold wall.

I break our kiss and move down onto my knees. She spreads her legs for me and I immediately start to suck on her clit, set on giving her a fast and hard orgasm. Old couple teen threesome mature couple threesome old couple seduce teen grunts and bucks her hips into my face.

I moan and suck harder. She gasps and moves her hand down to my head, her hand grips onto my wet hair with tight fingers. "R-Right there. Fuck, I'm so close." She says the last sentence with a hint of confusion in her voice. I brush it off to ask her later. I trail one of my hands up to her cunt and tease my finger around her entrance until she tries to lower herself to get them inside of her. She's not one to beg. I thrust them inside of her and she moans deeply. "Oh my god Allison.

I'm gonna cum. Oh Fuck." I thrust harder and faster until she finally goes rigid on my fingers. Her head flies back against the wall and her back arches. Her fingers tug on my hair as she writhes under my relentless fingers and mouth.

She suddenly pushes my head away and grabs my wrist. I look up at her blonde teen slut take it in the ass pornstar hardcore confusion and concern. "Did I hurt you?" She lets out a little laugh and shakes her head. "Not at all. It's was a lot of pleasure.I had to push you away." I smile and ease my fingers out of her once she lets my wrist go. She moans softly and I stand back up. "You seemed really surprised when you said you were close." She smiles and kisses me softly as her hand rubs up and down my arm.

"No one has ever made me cum that fast before. You keep surprising me Ally." I smile back and kiss her softly before pulling away with an amused smile. "We should probably actually take a shower now." She laughs. "Yeah, that would be smart." She grabs a bottle of body wash and pops open the cap.

She pours the liquid across my chest and shoulders and I do the same. We both rinse the other off once we have lathered ourselves in the soap. She gives me a small kiss before turning off the water. We walk out of the shower, the cold air coaxing a hiss out of me. She grabs us both towels and robes and we quickly dry off. "Where is your butter?" I ask Lillian over my shoulder. She reaches past me to the case of butter that was right in front of me. I blush as she hands it to me with a smug smile.

I move over to the toaster when the toast pops up. I grab the toast and spread the butter over it. She comes up behind me and rests her hands on my hips. "Your so cute." I chuckle and turn my head to her. "How am I cute?" She kisses me lightly and pulls me closer. "Because you just are." I turn around in her arms and take a bite of my toast. She smiles and tries to take a bite also but I pull it away before she can.

"Hey this is my toast." I say playfully. She smiles and presses me back against the counter with a leg in between mine. She drops her head to nip at my ear, I moan softly. "And your mine so I get the toast to." I smile and moan as she kisses down my neck then moves to my shoulder. Her lips leave my skin and my toast is grabbed from my hand.

I open my eyes to to see her eating my toast with a smirk against the other counter but I can't help but smile. "I'm yours, huh?" She sets the toast down and grabs my hand and pulls me to her. She wraps her arms around my waist and I wrap my arms around her neck. "I feel something with you that I've never felt before.

It's new and it's scary but I want to try because some famous person said that if it's scary then it's important. I don't know what this is or what we are, I don't even know if you actually like me but I know I like you and I definitely don't want it to stop anytime soon.Umm.what-what do you think about it?" She asks hesitantly.

I know she wasn't someone who wears their heart on their sleeve so I quickly smile and bring her down into a soft, caring kiss. She hums softly and pulls me in tighter. I move my hands into her hair and pull her deeper into the kiss with a moan, my tongue pushing past her lips to caress her tongue with my own.

She moans and I melt into her arms. She holds me close when I pull away. "I like you to, Lil. I want to see where this goes." She smiles and kisses me again. Softly. Slowly. Claiming my lips with hers and moving me back against the breakfast bar. I moan into her mouth and pull the button down shirt down her arms. She grabs my panties and drags them down my legs to my ankles, never breaking our kiss. She reaches behind me and moves the loaf of bread and butter out of the way.

She grabs me by my thighs and hoists me up onto the counter. I spread my legs and brush my tongue across her lips as she steps in between my thighs and parts her lips. She moans and our tongues wrestle for dominance.

She grabs the hem of my tank top and lifts it above my head, reluctantly breaking our kiss. She takes my breast between her lips and sucks softly at my sensitive nipple. I moan and let my head roll back on my shoulders. She moves her hands to the small of my back and pulls me as close to her as she can. She nips at my nipple and I gasp at the pleasure mixed with pain. She kisses down my stomach, her tongue teasing across my hyper-sensitive flesh. My body feeling every kiss, every warm breath, every swipe of her wet hot tongue making it's way down my stomach.

I lean back on my hands as I pant for breath. She get's in between my legs and takes my clit in between her burning lips. I breathe in hard and arch my back, my feet banging against the wood below. "Ah.oh.oh my god." I choke out. She moans into my wetness and uses her tongue to flick my clit slowly.

She was so damn talented with that hot fucking tongue of hers. I moan loudly and spread my legs wider. Her hands grip my thighs and she teases her tongue around my entrance before sucking on my clit again. I let out a moaning whimper and move one hand down to her head to tangle my fingers in her blonde locks. She moans and sucks harder. I moan loudly and throw my head back in pleasure.

She uses her nails to trail pink paths down my thighs, making me whimper. God, I was already so fucking close. She flicks my clit relentlessly and my hips jerk up, a gasp tumbling from my lips. "I-I'm.L-Lil, I'm so.oh.holy mother." I trail off as the most amazing feeling rushes through my body.

My back arches. My thighs twitch. My mouth open in a silent scream. My whole body shaking from the mid blowing orgasm running through me. She holds me close and doesn't stop her tongue until she knows my pleasure will soon turn to pain if she doesn't stop. She pulls back and kisses my trembling thighs until relax with a content sigh.

She kisses up my sweat slicked stomach. I sit up and cup her face in my hands. I tilt her face up to me and kiss her softly and breathlessly. She moans and kisses me harder, grabbing my hand and moving it down to her panties. She slides my hand inside her panties and moans as soon as my fingers touch her pussy lips. I moan and slide my tongue into her mouth.

I circle her clit with my thumb as my fingers tease her entrance. Her breathing hitches and she breaks the kiss as I slide two fingers deep into her extremely wet pussy, her mouth still hot blonde sex slaves forced to fuck to mine. Her hot breath washes over my cheek and I kiss down her jaw. She moans loudly and I shiver. Her mouth now right next to my ear and her moans filling the air, her sounds of pleasure quickly growing in intensity.

Her hands rest on my thighs and grip them tighter with every thrust of my fingers. I kiss down her neck as she moans again. Her hips buck on my fingers, bringing herself closer and faster to her appending orgasm. She gasps softly as I bite her shoulder then soothe it with my tongue.

She moans loudly as she near her climax. "Oh.f-fuck baby." She buries her face in my neck and holds in a breath as her orgasm rocks her body. Her nails scratch my skin, making sunny leone boy frinds xxx porn blue film downlode moan softly as I continue to fuck her.

She pants into my ear as she lets out the breath she was holding. She lays her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed and her hips twitching in pleasure.

I slow down my fingers and eventually stop them all together. I kiss her neck and cheek until her breathing goes back to normal then I slide my fingers out of her, a small moan escaping her. I turn her head to me and kiss her lips lightly. "Yeah, I really like you." She smiles and lets out a laugh. I smile and she kisses me again. Softly, in only the way she does. I sigh against her lips and pull her in closer. She wraps her arms around my waist until I'm pressed fully against her body.

I wrap my legs around her and she pulls me off the counter and starts to walk us to the living room. She drops me onto the couch and I smile up at her. The twinkle in her eyes makes my heart flutter and she straddles my hips and quickly tilts my head up into a hot kiss. She is amazing and I'm falling for her. I'm falling hard.