Teen finds this guy totally naked and tied up

Teen finds this guy totally naked and tied up
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Most of the time I aim a easy going guy that lets most things sexy stockings wearing slut gives her pussy up immediately off my back.

I aim kind and caring to people because that's how I want to be treated. But once in about five or six years I do seem to get into a fowl mode, complete with a mean streak. When in that mode I try to stay away from people till I get over it. I had had a real bad week with enough things going right. Even though it was now the weekend. I found my self-waking up 4AM Saturday morning feeling like I want to take someone's head off.

Years ago while doing some bush whacking I found a place about a half of mile off the trail. It was open to the sun with a twenty-five foot waterfall, a little sandy spot and a pool that was just deep enough to sit and cool off. I had camped there a few times and was never bother by anyone. I have never seen any signs of anyone every being there. I though this would be a good day to go there to get away from people and get out of my bad mode.

It was also a good place to take pictures of my Moccasins collection. I packed some food, my camera and Moccasins in my backpack and headed out. It was 6AM by the time I made it to the trailhead. All that was parked there was a little red scooter the kind that is lucky to make it to 35 mph. Good! I though they will be on the trail while I aim out of sight and sound.

I walked the trail till I came to the big rock I needed to turn at. From here there was not trail to fallow, just me and the woods. Being in the woods always turned me on a bit, maybe once I got to my spot, I would jerk off and start to feel better. Half an hour later I came to the last hill just before my favorite place.

As I hit the top I could look down and see it. But I couldn't believe what I saw.

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Down by the brook was a lone young man dancing around like a fag. I was pissed to see anyone there and a homo to boot, especially today of all days.

I quietly moved in closer to get a better look. He was about twenty years old and even though I was mad I must say he did look cute. He was small, about five foot five. Thin with white skin and shaggy petite beauty tina hot gets big load of semen after analized hair. It was what he was wearing that really interested me the most. He had on a white tube top, a pair of tight cut off jeans that looked like he had stolen from Daze May and a nice pair of white soft sole Thunderbirds Moccasins.

He looked sexy and was turning me on. But it still was not enough to over come my bad mode. He never heard me walk into the clearing as he continued to prance around like flaming queer. I yell out, hay you fucking fag, what are you doing a fucking homo dance? He stopped and turned as I moved closer.

In a feminist voice he said No! I was just having some fun. I looked him in the eye and said you look like a real cocksucker.

With a smirk on his face and a smart tone to his voice he reply you just jealous, you wish it were your cock I was sucking. I don't know what came over me, it was if some one else had taking control of my body, But the next thing I knew, with one hand I had a fist full of his hair. And my other hand was clamped to his crotch. I was yelling at him saying you want a cock to suck.

I will give you a cock to suck, you little fagot. I pulled him one-way then the other. Trying to keep him off balance.

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I let go of his crotch to undo my jeans and free my now very hard dick. As I pulled his hair he had his hands on top so it would hurt as much as I drag him to a big fallen tree. I brought him to his keens as I leaned against the tree.

I pulled his lip to the head of my cock and force it into his mouth. I drove it as hard as I could to the back of his throat. Screening SUCK THIS YOU FUKING FAIREY. I wouldn't give him a chance to take my cock out of his mouth.

I just kept humping his face as hard I could. Listening to him gag each time my cock head hit the back of his throat. I slapped the side of his face hard and yelled SUCK ON MY COCK, SUCK IT! BITCH SUCk IT NOW! He placed his hands on my hips and trying to suck me off the best he could.

But I wasn't about to make it easy for him. Nor did I care if he liked or not. You FUCKING HOMO is this the best you can do?

Work it! Make me cum in your mouth you FUCKING QUEER. I eased up a little and he responded by using one hand to stroke me as he sucked harder on me. While he was giving me a pretty good blowjob, it still was not enough to change my mode. I still want to hurt and humiliate him. My dick was ready to erupted in his mouth. I heard him gag on each wade of cum katrena kef poran story xxx shoot form my dick.

I still wouldn't give this fag a break. I drove in deep so each load of cum was forced down his throat. As the last drop of cum dripped in his mouth, I was happy to see my dick remained rock hard. Tears were now flowing down the little cocksucker's cheeks. As I slide my dick back from his lips I slapped his face again and told him to lick me clean or else.

When he finished lapping my dick clean, I pulled his hair and made him stand up. I spun him around and laid him back on the log. Again his hands were on his head to protect his hair as I pulled on it. I started to undo his jeans. Each time he brought his hands down to protest what I was doing to him.

I would pull hard on his hair and they went right back to his head. His jeans were now unzipped and he was not wearing underwear. His hard dick pop out, I started to play with it and say you fucking cock sucker, you got a hard on over me. You fucking whore; I pushed his cut off down to his ankle and made him step out of them. Making sure his Moccasins stayed on his feet.

I kick the jeans a side, again pulling his hair I stood him up and turned him face to the log. I stood right behind him and told him to spread his feet apart. As he did and before he couldn't react I grabbed both sides of the tube top and tore it up and over his head.

Just as fast I had another firm grip of hair as I throw the top away. I pushed him into the log, bent him over with his feet on ether side of my legs, placing my rock hard dick in the crack of his ass. He was crying now, begging me not to do it. We were both dryer then a desert and I knew ramming me hot rod up his little ass was going to hurt him like hell. But I didn't give a fuck. The more he cried and begged me not to, the more I want to ram him hard. I lined the head of my cock with his bun hole; with as much force as I could muster I rammed it as deep into him as I could go.

He cried with pain as I buried my balls in the crack of his ass. Slowly I pulled back and again I ram him hard. Again and again I rammed his super slim teen riding pov ass.

It was not long before some precum lubricated both of us. His ass was the tightest thing I every had wrapped around my cock. It felt Soooo! Good. I tapped his leg and told him to lift up his foot so I could play with the Moccasin. It's a big turn on for me to fuck some one wearing soft sole Moccasins. Playing with it at the same time always made my dick swell harder. And it worked as I took the Moccasins in my hand I could feel my dick get bigger.

I was now slowly and steadily humping his beautiful ass. I not only wanted my cock to feel good, I wanted my ego stroked as well. I said hay you fucking fag, how you liking me now? Tell me how good my rock hard cock feels inside you. Tell me how good my cum tasted in your mouth. Through the tears He said go fuck yourself you fucking bastered. I hooked his Moccasins clad foot across my belly and leaned in.

With my now free hand I again slapped his face. And yelled TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKER. In a crying weak voice he said your cock is so big and thick, it feels Soooo! Good inside me, hump me hump me hard with your big dick. Your cum tasted sweet, warm and gooey in my mouth. Fuck me, Ram me hard, please. I was in my no rush to blow my Jizz. This was the best I had felt all week.

I was going to make it last as long as I could. This is a dream come true for me. To have the tightest ass around my biggest hard on while it wore Moccasins that I can play with too under my control and stroking my ego too. Slow and steady I humped that homo ass. It seem like hours had gone by and I still wasn't ready to fill his ass with Jizz. But I was getting a little tired.

I pick up the pace. Driving my cock deeper in as he continues to tell me how good I felt inside him. Faster and faster I humped away on him, till I couldn't take it any longer. Cum started to fill his sweet tight ass. As the last load of cum came out my dick went soft. I pulled it out and saw that his ass was just as beat red as my dick.

I took the Moccasins off his foot before I let it go. Pulling his hair back I stood him up and turn him around. And laid him back on the log. His cock was still standing like a flagpole. You stay hard all this time I asked. Yes he replied. YOU FUCKING SLUT! I slap the Moccasins against my leg to knock of any dirt or sand.

Made his spread his feet again and slide the Moccasins over his dick cupping his balls amazing cutie has fun with a dick the heel. I place my fingers on the soft sole with my thumb on the vamp and gave a squeeze. Slowly I stared to stroke his cock. I pulled his face close to mine and licked his neck to his ear. I told him I was going to jerk him off and make him cum in the Moccasins.

I then drove my tough in to his mouth as I continue to jerk him off. His ass stared to wiggle around as beads of cum lubricated the inside of the Moccasins. He placed his arms around me as I try to reach my tough to the back of his throat.

He was now humping back to my every stroke. His tough was darting around mine as I jacked him faster. It wasn't long before I could feel wades of cum hitting the toe of the Moccasins. He had shot a big load in to that Moccasin. I told him to lift and dust of his bear dude cant live without playing with wet vagina. I then put the Moccasins back on him making sure he wiggle his toes in his cum.

I yanked his hair and dragged him to a blanket that he had put out earlier. I force him to his hands and keens. As I sat down in japan futanari dickgirls weird upright missionary sex of him I told him that he now had to lick and kiss my Moccasins and thank me for FUCKING him. He looked up and smiled. Then said I will kiss and lick anything you want me to, because you fulfilled one of my long time fantasy.

I always want to be raped in the wood. And you can rap me any time or place you want. As he licked and kissed my Moccasins and telling how great I fucked him, my found bad mode went away. But I was getting another hard on.