A perfect threeway sex act with alena croft and kristen scott hardcore and blowjob

A perfect threeway sex act with alena croft and kristen scott hardcore and blowjob
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Part 13 Jim watches Sarah Laura walked over to Sarah, carrying a thick robe and hand towel. She offered her hand to Sarah who took it and rose to her feet.

She took the robe and slipped it over her shoulders covering her naked body. Pulling the robe around her, she loosely tied the belt around her waist. Once the robe was secure, she used the towel to wipe small dabs of semen from her lips and chin. Laura put an arm around Sarah's shoulder and guided her a few steps away from the others.

"Sarah, that was truly magnificent to watch," Laura began. "You are an incredibly beautiful woman and it is amazing to watch you with a black man." Sarah was embarrassed by the praise and lowered her eyes.

Laura continued, "The sight of his dark penis entering your tender, pink lips thrilled me to the marrow. And when he came in your mouth, did you know you were mewing like a little kitten?" "What?" Sarah asked, her eyes wide with surprise. "I was. . what?" "You were moaning as if you hadn't bubble butt teen girlfriend zoey wayne pounded and jizzed on in days and his cum was nectar from the Gods. Sarah, you weren't just acting or following directions you wanted his cum in your mouth, and you were doing everything you could to take it.

Despite your overall inexperience, it is obvious you love sex. You are a natural.

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Now, I know that sounds trite, but some women are never comfortable with a man's penis in their body. You are a rare gem that is not only comfortable with a man, you have the looks and a body that drives men wild. And the wilder they get, the more you want." "You make me sound like a whore," Sarah replied with at touch of resentment in her voice.

"A whore?" Laura laughed. "Whores don't like sex, Sarah, they like the money sex can provide. No, no my dear, you like sex. You will understand that as you gain more experience." "Well, I guess," Sarah stammered, "but I am sort of confused right now.

I have never felt like this before and I'm not sure it's right. I mean, I am happily married! I love my husband. Our sex life is just fine, but since I've met you and Dr. Henry, I suddenly japan nude school uncensored fc2 myself in situations where I am having sex with men I don't even know.

And it's not just sex I am willing to do things with them that I haven't done with my husband. If you had met me at a party just a couple of weeks ago and suggested that I would be here in this room getting ready to have sex with those guys," she nodded toward my aunt give me freedom four men across the room, "I would have laughed in your face." Tears formed in the corner of Sarah's eyes, "But look at me now, I have just finished swallowing a total stranger's sperm, and I am getting excited about what is going to happen in the next few minutes.

I shouldn't want to have sex with strangers, should I? That's not normal." Laura wiped at a tear as it rolled down Sarah's cheek. "Calm yourself Sarah, we've had this discussion before and you are completely normal. Just how do you define normal, anyway?" "Well, it can't be normal for me to be anticipating what is going to happen here tonight, can it?

When was the last time you knew of breeolson she eats her pussy like a raging le who would voluntarily have unprotected sex with four complete strangers, while her husband watched and her doctor filmed the whole event?" Laura smiled and in calm, reassuring tones replied, "You may be right this is probably not something most women would be doing. But is it wrong?

Absolutely not! As I just told you, you are not like most women. You are here for a purpose and you just happened to be learning something very important about yourself at the same time. Most women never make the most of their opportunities to explore their sexual being." Sarah smirked. "I'm sure this sounds like pop psycho-babble to you, and it may be, but you have a terrific opportunity to use this procedure to experiment with your body and find out exactly what sexual activities you like and what you don't like at no cost to the relationship you have with your husband!

Who else can screw a bunch of different men, without guilt, and with the full consent and knowledge of their husbands?" Sarah looked at Laura and after a moment's hesitation, she smiled. Laura immediately understood and together they said, "Whores." "Ok, I'll grant you that one a whore can have all the sex he or she wants with no guilt.

But Sarah, you are no whore. You are a fully sexual woman with a killer body that ignites men's passions and fires their imaginations. They see you as their own personal porno fantasy and they are driven to take you in every imaginable position, in every imaginable orifice.

Those guys over there are so horny they would probably fuck you if you were 55 years old and weighed 250 pounds, but it would be routine, dull sex." "But you," she said, gesturing to Sarah's towel-wrapped body, "you inspire them. You drive them to perform at levels they rarely achieve. They want to fuck you harder, longer, and more often than any woman they've ever had. What you have to learn to do is enjoy the ride as much, or even more than they do." Sarah understood Laura's words, but she was still struggling with the meaning.

"How do I do that?" "Here's where your natural abilities come into play. You may not fully realize it, but you are already working to take pleasure from them. Just think about what you did with William. You could have merely gone through the motions with him, sucking his cock until he finished.

No one would have expected any more from you, and William probably would not even have noticed all he wanted to do was fill your throat with his cum. But you did more than what was expected. You made love to his cock with your mouth. I saw it in your face and the way you reacted when he began to ejaculate. As soon as he began to cum, you wanted to swallow, didn't you?" Sarah thought for a moment, replaying the experience in her mind, slowly nodded her head, "Yeah, but Dr.

Henry told me he wanted to make sure the camera saw the sperm in my mouth, so I . . ." "So you fought your natural instinct to swallow and held it in your mouth, that's right. My point is that you had to work hard to follow those directions what you really wanted to do was to take William's cock deep in your mouth so that you wouldn't lose a single drop of his sperm, wasn't it?" "Yes.

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I did," Sarah replied. "When he started to cum, I had this odd sensation engulf me. It took control of my mind and my body. I knew William was cumming and the most important thing in the world at that moment was to make sure I got all of his sperm. I wanted to taste it, to feel its warmth and its thickness, and I didn't want him to stop. See, isn't that strange? That can't be normal, is it? Do you think I am sick or mentally unstable?" Laura turned to look at Sarah, a big smile on her face.

Taking the young woman's hands in her own she said, "Sarah, what I think is that we may not have brought enough men for you. If your husband doesn't get here soon, we are going to have to start without him. You need to be fucked, and you need to be fucked a lot." Just then the room phone rang. Dr. Henry answered the phone, listened for a few seconds and then said, "Eighth floor, Suite 810." He hung up the phone and turned to Sarah "That was your husband.

He is in the lobby and headed upstairs." A big smiled broke across Sarah's face and she moved toward the door. Within minutes, there was a knock on the door and Jim entered. Sarah flew into his arms and immediately crushed his lips with a huge wet kiss. Jim was surprised by his reception and after a few moments of kissing and hugging he broke free of her embrace. Something registered in his mind that Sarah's kiss tasted different, sort of musty or stale.

But that was a small, fleeting impression quickly overwhelmed by seeing his beautiful wife once again. "Yeah, I missed you, too," he said as he stepped into the room and closed the door.

Looking around the room, his eyes immediately stopped when they encountered Laura. Jim gulped in astonishment as it plump pussy in a tight pair of fishnets that Laura was nearly nude.

Oh true, she had small bits of clothing on, but nothing of her body was hidden from his gaze. Laura recognized Jim's response and walked over to him. "Hi, I'm Laura, Dr. Henry's wife and assistant." For a moment, her words did not even register with Jim, his eyes and his senses were too busy absorbing the images of her firm breasts and the small patch of pubic hair at her groin. Sarah poked her elbow into his ribs.

"Oh hi, ah Laura," he stuttered, still flustered by her nudity. "I'm Jim. I'm, ah, Sarah's husband." "Honey," Sarah began, "Laura is my friend and she dirty foreplays by hot lesbian gorgeous babes been very helpful and supportive during all this." "Sarah, Jim is a little confused about my costume," Laura interjected, "let me explain. You understand why you and Sarah are here, don't you Jim?" He nodded.

"Well, just to refresh your understanding, Sarah is here tonight to participate in sexual activities that we believe can be a precursor to ovulation and we hope will actually stimulate ovulation.

This is a critical piece of Dr. Henry's procedure, and one that has led to successful impregnation of several other patients." Jim had tried to focus his mind on what Laura was saying, but his y-chromosome keep getting in the way.

The best he could do was give her about half of his attention while the other half was feasting on her very desirable and very visible body.

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He noted that her breasts were a bit larger than Sarah's, but not excessively so. They were nicely shaped and appeared to be nice and firm. He didn't think they were artificially augmented, but he conceded he was no expert on that subject. He quickly decided he would love to get a chance to fondle them a troublesome thought given that his wife was standing immediately next to him as he arrived at that conclusion. He thought Laura's face was very cute mom of sam xxx storys was pleasingly framed by her blond hair.

He took a quick peek at her pubic hair again and confirmed that she was in fact a true blond. He noticed her stomach and lower abdomen were flat and smooth, and her hips flared nicely, tapering into what Jim thought were athletically shaped legs. Laura continued though she could see his eyes seemed to linger on her breasts and she knew he was not really paying attention to the words coming out of her mouth.

"You are here to support Spanking and anal training for my sub norah, and if you like, participate in the sexual activities.

In fact, we encourage that because your participation helps validate the procedure for both of you, but particularly for Sarah's sake. Did you understand what I just said, Jim?" Jim returned his gaze to Laura's eyes and nodded his head, "Yes, I can see how it would be supportive to Sarah. But all that does not explain why. . ." He gestured toward her body.

"Why I am dressed the way I am?" Laura finished his question.

"As you can see," she gestured toward the group of four men that Jim hadn't noticed until that moment, "we have multiple partners for Sarah. Obviously not all of them can be engaged with her at the same time. Since we want to make the best use of everyone's time, we want the men to be ready to perform at all times. I am sometimes asked to prepare them in advance of their going to Sarah. Do you understand?" "Well, I think so," but his tone indicated lingering confusion.

"Have you heard the term 'fluffer'?" Jim nodded again. "Although I dislike the term, I am a glorified a fluffer," Laura said with a little laugh. Turning her attention to Sarah, Laura continued. "Now Sarah, you need to understand that if I believe Jim is struggling to accept what you are doing, I will exercise my judgment and I may engage in sex with him." A genuine look of surprise enveloped the faces of the young married couple. "What?" they asked in unison. Laura explained, "In the time Dr.

Henry and I have been conducting this procedure, we have found that the husband will initially be accepting of the fact that his wife is about to engage in sex with several strangers. But as the event begins to unfold, the husband, and it is usually the husband, gets cold feet and wants to terminate the procedure. Ending this step of the procedure effectively negates all the progress made to this point.

Without this step, the probability of the wife becoming pregnant obviously drops dramatically. We try to stress the criticality of this step to the success of the procedure, and even though couples claim to comprehend its importance, an understandably strong protective reaction occurs within the husband and they are often unwilling to allow the wife to continue." Jim and Sarah exchanged a serious, questioning glance.

Jim turned back to Laura, "I know what is going to happen, and I think I can deal with it. Sarah and I have talked and we know that it has to be done in order to help her get pregnant." "I know you are trying to be receptive Jim. But the fact is Sarah is your wife and a beautiful woman, and you are being asked to watch her have sex with four men none of whom you know. They will have sex with her multiple times in multiple ways, including oral and anal sex.

All of that is difficult for most husbands to accept. It is even more difficult if the wife is a receptive and eager partner. Based on my observations to date, Sarah is very receptive and she will enjoy this procedure thoroughly. Dr. Henry and I both know it will be difficult for you Jim, and we have devised a tactic that helps prevent some of the stress and tension from festering inside you as you watch Sarah." Laura saw understanding begin to show in Jim and Sarah's eyes.

Laura smiled at their comprehension, "Yes, I am the tactic. I will be with you the whole time Jim, and if you become jealous or angry while watching Sarah, it is my role to mollify those negative feelings." "Will you. . .?" Sarah started to ask. "Will I have sex with Jim? Is that your question, Sarah?" Sarah nodded. "I will do anything with Jim that you do with the guys, Sarah. That may sound a bit mechanical and calculating, but we have learned it is important for the husband to have the opportunity for the same sex as he is watching his wife provide.

Don't you think that's fair Sarah?" "Well, I guess so. I just hadn't thought about it before, but I guess it would be cruel to expect Jim to sit quietly in a corner when I am with those men." "And speaking of the guys, Sarah, I see that we are ready to begin.

Why don't you go over to Dr. Henry and I will sit with Jim over here." Sarah turned to Jim and threw her arms around his neck. "Oh Jim, I love you so much. I am nervous, but I am excited, too. Do you hate me for that?" "No Sarah, I don't hate you. I love you very much. I understand why we are doing this and even though I had some reservations before, I think it is the right thing for us to do.

Give me another kiss before you go." Sarah stretched up to kiss him. Their tongues immediately engaged in a passionate wrestling match that neither wanted to end. Once again, Jim saucy mika gets screwed on a car big tits and cumshot the odd taste to Sarah's kiss, but again, the thought passed quickly from his mind as he felt the sensuous curves of his wife's body through her robe.

Sarah broke free, "Ok, honey, time for me to go. I love you." She backed away from him and turned to walk over to Dr. Henry who was standing near the bed talking to the large, overweight, nude, black man. Laura babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the Jim's arm and directed him toward a sofa along a wall opposite the bed. "Sit here," she directed.

"We will have a good view of everything from here. Take off your jacket and your tie, you may as well get comfortable, too. Do you want anything to drink?

There is a small bar right there." She pointed toward the far wall. Jim walked to the bar and filled a glass with ice cubes and club soda. As he turned to return to the sofa and Laura, he saw the Sarah was listening closely to Dr. Henry and nodding her head. The black man father and dotter sex storys standing next to Sarah and had draped his arm across her shoulders. Dr. Henry appeared to be giving directions. Jim gestured sex from exotic africa interracial and romantic their direction, "Laura, what's going on?" "Dr.

Henry is reminding Sarah and Rafe about the camera and the lights. He really wants them to forget the camera is there, but most people just can't do that. It is too obvious. The other thing he is doing is reminding them about shadows. The light in this room is ok, but not great. We probably should have brought one more light pole, but we'll just have to make due.

Other than those few directions, he is trying to get them to loosen up and enjoy themselves." Jim saw Dr. Henry move away from Sarah and take up his position behind the camera. Rafe and Sarah turned to face each other, a movement that put them squarely opposite the sofa Jim and Laura were sitting on. Jim realized that from this angle, he would be able to see every little detail of what was about to happen.

Sarah, still wrapped in her terry cloth robe, turned slightly and putting her hand to her mouth, blew a kiss in Jim's direction. Suddenly, Rafe took Sarah's hand and placed it on his cock. Jim stopped breathing as he realized what had just happened. He shifted nervously on the sofa as he watched Sarah grasp the cock and begin to move her hand up and down the shaft.

Her actions resulted in the rapid growth of the organ. Every stroke of her hand caused the cock to stiffen until it was fully erect and pointing menacingly at Sarah. Jim was no judge of other men's cocks, but he knew this one was big and he began to grow concerned that Sarah could not handle Rafe without pain or discomfort.

"Laura," he whispered leaning toward her, "he's too big for her. She won't be able to handle him, will she?" "Don't worry about Sarah, Jim. She is a very capable woman and we have a strict rule here there is no pain! If something hurts, Sarah will let us know and the men have been instructed to immediately stop whatever they are doing.

You are right about Rafe though, he is big. But the vagina is a wonderfully expandable organ. Remember, babies pass through it and there's no man alive whose penis is as thick or long as a baby!" Jim returned his attention to the interplay between his wife and Rafe. Rafe slowly loosened the tie to Sarah's robe and partially opened the garment, his eyes drinking in the sight of her beautiful body.

Although the folds of the robe partially obstructed his view, Jim was certain Rafe had cupped Sarah's breasts with his hands and was gently massaging her nipples. Sarah continued to slowly stroke the black man's cock, her eyes fastened firmly on his face.

Rafe moved his hands to slide the robe from Sarah's shoulders. She released his dick to slip her arms from the sleeves, and with a little nudge from Rafe, the robe fell to the floor in a heap at her feet.

Sarah stood completely nude in front of Rafe, the dramatic contrast of their skin colors highlighted by the lights illuminating the scene. Jim gasped softly. Laura heard his response and squeezed his arm lightly in a gesture of reassurance. Rafe let his eyes slowly roam over the desirable body of the young white woman standing in front of him. His fully erect cock throbbed inches from her navel. He had fucked a fair number of white women in his life, but none as fine as this one. His mind raced over the choices of pleasures he was planning to experience with her body, and a grin slowly grew across his face as he settled on the first one.

"Suck my cock," he commanded in a low, but firm voice. Sarah looked into his eyes and was not surprised to see the lust building in them. Looking down past his paunchy belly at his swollen member, she remembered how quickly it got hard after she took it in her hands just moments ago. Knowing that she was responsible for sexy babe elle monela rides cock for money excited state gave her a comforting sense of contentment. She never before realized she could affect men in this way and it aroused her.

She could feel her body responding to the pheromones in the room, too. Her groin felt warm and she was sure her vagina was moist. Even though he was unattractive, fat, and prior to fucking at outdoor country concert in Dr.

Henry's therapy she would never have considered having sex with him, Sarah was eager to experience this man. With her eyes locked on Rafe's, Sarah knelt in front of him. Her face was level with his cock. Grasping his cock in her right hand, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took the cock head between her lips.

Flicking her tongue over the enlarged glans several times, she sucked on the katie morgan brings a new definition to sex as if it were a piece of candy.

She took the cock from her mouth, licked around the shaft a couple times, and then plunged her lips over the cock head, taking more than half of dick into her mouth.

Jim was surprised at the passion of his wife's attack on the black man's cock. She had never expressed much interest in performing oral sex at home, even when Jim asked for it.

But now, she was moaning softly each time her head bobbed down on the penis, a sure sign of her delight and satisfaction at the task she was engaged in. He felt a tinge of jealousy as he watched her devour Rafe, wishing she had exhibited the same level of enthusiasm the few times she had taken his cock in her mouth. "Isn't she amazing, Jim?" Laura whispered. "She is so involved in sucking his cock, she doesn't even know she makes those cute little noises." "I, um, I.

. she has never done that for me with as much, uh. . ." "As much enthusiasm, you mean?" Laura asked. "Yeah, that's it. She never did it like that for me," Jim complained. "Jim, don't be jealous. Sarah is a different woman now than she was before she came to see Dr. Henry. Her exposure to sex has resulted in a whole new understanding and appreciation of her body and what she can do with it.

She has discovered she really likes sex all kinds of sex! You are the beneficiary of her discovery because when you two complete the procedure, you will have her all to yourself." "That's ok for later, but. . " Jim's response was cut short as he heard Rafe say, "Hold your head still." Turing his attention back to Sarah, Jim watched as Rafe used his hands to hold Sarah's head squarely in front of his groin. Rafe withdrew most of his cock from her mouth, leaving only a small portion of the tip between hot angel piaff gets gonzo hardcore creampie action on all internal cream pie and european lips.

Rafe turned his head and saw that Jim was staring at the erotic scene, his mouth slightly open in shock. Fixing his stare directly on Jim's eyes, Rafe began to slowly thrust his swollen black shaft in and out of the young wife's clinging lips. On the inward thrust, nearly two-thirds of his cock disappeared into her mouth.

As he withdrew, only the head remained between by her lips. Rafe was face fucking the woman as her husband watched from a sofa just a few feet away. The sense of power and control nearly caused Rafe to loose control and blast his cum into Sarah's mouth.

Jim wanted to stop watching, but the eroticism of the scene was truly compelling and he could not turn away. Laura could sense his discomfort and confusion, but she could see by the growing bulge in his pants that he was becoming excited as well.

That fit perfectly into her plans because she intended to use sex to distract him and, hopefully, prevent him from turning into a jealous husband and spoiling the evening's activities. Laura moved closer to Jim, resting her head in the crook of his neck. "Isn't she beautiful when sex very sex sex sex sex sex sucks cock?" asked Laura as she reached over to undo the belt of his pants.

"Huh? What did you say?" Jim felt Laura's hands at work and looked down at his lap as she unfastened his belt, tugged at the button holding his trousers closed, and unzipped his fly. "What are you doing?" "Relax, Jim.

You watch Sarah take care of Rafe. I'll take care of you." Laura rose from the sofa and stood in front of Jim. Bending slightly at the waist, she placed her hands on his knees and using the slightest pressure pushed his legs apart.

She quickly knelt in the newly created space, moved her hands slowly up to his waist, and hooking her fingers in the waistband of his slacks, began to tug them down toward his knees.

As she pulled his pants down lower over his hips and thighs, she clutched at his boxer shorts, peeling them down along with his pants.

Without being asked, Jim lifted his hips off the sofa to allow his pants to be pulled down over his ass and below his thighs. His erection bounced into view, prompting praise as to its length and girth from Laura. Like Rafe, Jim was not a big man, but his sex organ was more than adequate for what Laura had in mind. With his pants and shorts finally on the floor, Laura stood and quickly stripped her short kimono and shear bra.

"Now, she said, "let's see what you taste like." She returned to a kneeling position in front of Jim and engulfing his cock with her warm, wet mouth began to aggressively suck his cock. As her head bobbed up and down in his lap, Jim's view of her face was alternately hidden and revealed as her blond hair swished back and forth. Realizing he was getting close to orgasm, Rafe withdrew completely from Sarah's mouth and taking her hands in his, helped her stand.

"Get on the bed," he directed, "I am going to fill your pussy with cum." Intuitively recognizing her next el fontanero su mujer y otras cosas de meter full movie as a step toward the point of no return, Sarah whimpered, "But, my husband.

. ." Rafe looked toward the sofa. "Looks like he's doing fine to me," he said motioning with his head. Sarah turned slightly and saw Laura positioned between Jim's legs, her head moving up and down in his lap.

Jim had cupped Laura's head gently in his hands. His eyes were closed and his head was back, resting comfortably against the wall behind the sofa. His hips were moving in counter rhythm to Laura's head as her head moved down to take his cock, Jim's hips came up off the sofa to thrust himself deeper into her mouth.

Sarah watched the couple for a few seconds and then felt Rafe tug her toward the bed. She quickly climbed onto the bed, eventually ending up near the middle. She lay on her back and extended her arms over her head, a posture that accentuated her perfectly proportioned breasts. Rafe paused momentarily to admire the firm globes and erect pink nipples.

He then followed her onto the bed. "Spread your legs," he said as he moved into position over her. His arms were on either side of her head and held his upper body in position above her. He used his knees to gently push her legs further apart. Her hands grabbed his forearms in anticipation. Sarah looked down her body toward his waist. His cock was smashed flat against her belly by the paunch of his stomach.

The thought again occurred to Sarah that Rafe could stand to lose some serious weight, but at the moment none of that mattered. All she wanted was his cock inside her. With slow, deliberate movements, Rafe arched his back and moved his thighs to align his cock with her pussy. As he moved to gain the proper angle for entry, his cock slid slowly across her sensitive, swelling labia. He began a series of small unguided thrusts to stab his cock into her vagina.

Sarah moaned in response and worked diligently to move the mouth of her pussy into the path of his thrusts. Finally, his cock head was trapped by the folds of her slick pussy lips. Rather than thrusting into her, Rafe held his position for a few seconds, savoring the warmth and wetness of the entrance to her sex.

Sarah held her breath as she felt the head of his dick move smoothly into her pussy. She desperately wanted him to push his full length into her and she began to thrust her hips up against him. Rather than returning her thrusts, Rafe remained still, his anticipation building, but his will power to resist her charms was fading with every second. Finally, he could no longer wait.

With a firm thrust, he pushed his cock deeply into her body, burying most of the shaft. Sarah moaned, "Oh God. That feels so good." Her hands left his forearms and clutched at his chubby buttocks in son caught using moms dildo attempt to pull him deeper into her womb. Brazilian playgirl loves hot fucking hardcore and blowjob had remained in the push-up position and as he withdrew his cock, he looked down between their bodies, marveling at the blackness of his body and the pale contrast of her white abdomen.

He began to thrust deeply into her body, building a rhythm that he knew would quickly lead to an explosive orgasm. Jim groaned at the sensuous feeling of Laura's mouth moving up and down his throbbing cock. He opened his eyes and his vision was immediately drawn to the brightly lit scene on the bed.

Sarah was on her back lying nude in the middle of the bed, her head pointed directly at Jim A large, very dark, paunchy black man was positioned over Sarah, supporting his upper body with extended arms.

His lower body was between her thighs and his groin was pumping forcefully against her. Jim's position gave him a clear, unobstructed view of the man's shaft as it alternately appeared and disappeared into his wife's body. Each thrust from the black man was punctuated by a low grunt. Sarah's body rocked in response to his thrusts.

Time seemed to move in ultra slow motion as Jim watched the man withdraw his thick black cock from Sarah's pussy. The dick glistened in the lights, and was then thrust back inside his wife's receptive body. Sarah clutched at the black arms positioned near her shoulders; her breathing became irregular and she began to meet each thrust with one of her own.

The room was filled with the man's grunting and the wet, slapping sound of sex. "God your pussy is tight," Rafe said to Sarah as he withdrew the full length of his cock again. "I love this." His black pole disappeared again. Sarah was close to an orgasm and her mind was completely focused on the sensuous feeling of the cock fucking in and out of her body.

She raised her head from the bed to watch the warm, hard organ penetrate her body over and over again. Suddenly her head flopped back to the bed; she wrapped her legs over Rafe's thighs, and her back arched to receive the full energy of his thrusts. "Oh God!" She cried, "Oh God, I'm-m-m cum-m-ming." Rafe increased the speed and depth of his thrusts. Sarah's body began to buck and convulse beneath him. Rafe pushed his cock deep into her pussy and remained as still as he could, letting her orgasm control their movements.

From the couch, Jim realized Sarah was having an orgasm and it pushed him over the edge. His hips thrust up from the couch, pushing his cock deep into Laura's mouth. His hands grasped her head forcing it down further on his swollen organ. Sperm flooded into Laura's mouth. She swallowed greedily, taking his seed as quickly as she could. Rafe was unaware of what was happening between Jim and Laura, but he was fully cognizant that the lovely white woman below him has just cum all over his cock.

"I hope you enjoyed that, honey, because it is my turn self licking her onw tits nipples and masterbaith He began pumping rapidly into the young wife, sinking the full length of his sex into her with each thrust.

In seconds, the pressure in his balls reached the bursting point. With a loud grunt he pushed his groin tightly against Sarah's soft white loins, completely burying his cock in her pussy. His thick, hot sperm began to jet deeply into her womb. Holding her tightly against his body, his cum continued to spray into her pussy for several seconds. Finally, his balls were empty and the spasms stopped.

But rather than rolling off and withdrawing his cock, Rafe continued to slowly thrust his softening cock in and out of the lovely, innocent looking woman. Raising himself up so he could look down at Sarah, he said, "You're a good fuck, ya know that? I haven't cum like that in years." Sarah opened her eyes and looked at Rafe. She should have felt threatened by his black bulk hovering over her, but she could feel his cock moving in her pussy and mewed quietly at the post-orgasm pleasure it was providing.

She was still flushed from all the activity, but even so, she blushed. Grinning, she replied, "Well, I am glad you think so. I was a little nervous about this whole plan, but I think I'll like it." Rafe lowered his face to Sarah and kissed my wife fuck mein public deeply.

He began to pump his cock into her with more purpose, and she responded meeting each of his thrusts. After several minutes, he stopped, realizing he was not going to be able to restore his erection. As he moved up and off Sarah, a slick of thick sperm trailed his retreating cock. "Ah-h-h," Sarah said, her face formed into a childish pout. "Don't go yet." She reached out her arms, urging him to return to her loins.

"Don't you worry, honey," Rafe smiled at her, shaking his softening cock with his see jenna licks on kates pussy while sniffing. "As soon as my Johnson has recovered, I'll be back. I've got lots more sperm for you." He walked over to Dr. Henry and the two of them moved into the adjacent room.

Sarah rolled to her side and only then remembered that Jim and Laura were sitting on the couch. Jim and Laura had recovered from the quick blow job Laura had given Jim, and by the time Sarah looked over at them, they were innocently seated side by side.

Laura stood up and walked the few steps over to Laura.

"Did you like that Sarah?" Sarah blushed again, "Yeah, well, I guess that was pretty obvious, huh?" "There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex, Sarah. Like I told you earlier, you are a special person one that experiences a sexual intensity few women will ever achieve.

You just need to learn to enjoy it. Why don't you clean up in the bathroom and get ready for the session." Glancing down at the bed, Laura pointed to a viscous glob of semen, "it looks to me like Rafe left you with enough sperm to start a whole family." Sarah smiled, "Yeah, and it feels like I've got a lot more than that still inside me." She hopped off the bed, scooped up the robe that she had dropped to the floor and moved into the spy cam french private party camera espion part plumes poils. As he watched her beautiful ass move toward the bathroom door, Jim fully understood that his wife had undergone a significant change in the last couple weeks as a result of her exposure to Dr.

Henry and his therapy. The nagging question was, would the change help or hurt their marriage?