Fingering my as while fucking on camspicycom

Fingering my as while fucking on camspicycom
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I was so happy that it was friend emily would be coming over that night, and she and I were best friends. She was encredibly hot, with D breasts, a nice ass and short brown hair. I got home, showered and shaved, threw on a pair of cargo shorts and a collard shirt and then heard the doorbell ring. When I opened it she was standng their looking gorgeous. She had on the shortest skirt I had ever seen and a small white tshirt.

The skirt was a hot pink, and it was the wavy kind that flies up every time she would walk.

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I invited her inside and took the pizza out of the oven and we chowed down. She had been to my house alot and bc my dad wasnt going to be home utnil after midnight she broke out the beer and we chilled.

After dinner we went up to my room to watch some tv. It was her idea so she lead me up the stairs, and i did not complain bc i could see her thong every stair we went up.

It was a dark black, the really sexy kind wiht lace. The best show was not the thong but the actuall ass cheeks i got to see. We started watching tv and she laid down on my shoulder.

The movie ended and we just turned down the volume and started talking. We talked about everything, life, freinds, school and sex.

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She said that she hated how her old boyfriend kept trying to get her to have sex, pressuring by every means but rape. She had not had a meaningful relationship for over a year after that, and I kept thinking about fucking her while she talked to me.

She told me how she had not hooked up for 6 months and after that we were both silent. I was looking down, blatantly at her tits, i looked up and our eyes met. Fuck, she had seen me. Slender amazing bitch rides a cock hiddencam and hardcore stared abck at her and she gave me a devilish little smile, reached behind her shirt and unhooked her bra.

She pulled it out from under her tshirt and threw it on my bed. "I wont be needing that anymore," she chuckeld. Can you stop staring and just take off my shrit aready Emily said. I quickly did as i was told, and when i pulled it over her head i almost came right then. SHe saw my initial reaction and quickly covered them up with her arms before i had a good look at them. "We need him to stay strong," she said, patting the erection i already had.

"Why dont you earn your peak." And with that she spread her legs and lifted up her skirt, lied back and pulled her panties away from her already wet pussy. I did what i was told, and stuck 2 fingers straight into her wet slit.

She started to moan, and though i kept looking up, she still covered her tits with her arms. She was teasing me and i loved every second of it.

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She started to moan faster and faster and I knew she was gunna cum soon. She said "here, look at my tits, now make me cum!!" Her breasts were the best pair ii had ever seen.

She had very small nipples, but not too small and they were already hard.

Her boobs themselves were perfect sized, not to big to be gross but literallly perfect. I could also tell she had been tanning topless, for her boobs were not paler than her nice golden brown skin tone. While i was staring i was moving my fingers in and out faster and faster and all of a sudden she grabbed my arms and i felt my fingers grow warm. She collapesed into me, purposely brushing her hand across my cock and said, "ahhhhh." "That felt amazing," she said, "but now for you." And with that she slid down my body, again purposely brushing my cock, but this time with her bare tits.

She unzipped my fly, and pulled it out adn giggled when she saw it. Immediately, she put her mouth around it and tried to go all the way down to my puebs.

She got halfway and gagged and came back up for air. "Im sorry," she said, "im pretty new at this." I personally dont mind the gag soudns and would have told her if i was not in sucha euphoric state that i couldnt speak. She took my reaction as a sign of her failure, and now tried harder to get all teh way to my puebs.

She did on her thrid try and grinned as she pulled her head off my cock. Knowing that her throat was now warmed up, I layed her down on my bed on her back, so only her head hung upside down off only krina kpur xxx xix vidyo bed.

She had no idea what i was doing but she was eager to try it out. I walked up and put my dick on her face, adn she knew what to do. She openeed her mouth as wide as she could, and i thrusted my cock slowly down her throat. The feeling was amazing. her throat literally tried to swallow my dick, and therefore it was being massaged not only by her tongue but also by her throat muscles.

She knew how good this felt and started to moan herself when i rubber her nipples, and the vibrations from her moan reverberated off my cock vibrating it to heighten the pleasure.

"O my god im going to cum," i said, and she quickly got up, and jacked me off until i came all over her tits. Instead of licking the rest of the cum off, she siad, "were both so dirty, lets shower off." We chose my dads walk in shower because it was the biggest and we turned the water on. The room quickly became steamy, and holding my hand she lead me into the shower. She looked so hot naked, but when she was all wet she looked phenominal. The beads of water ran down her body and she let me stare at her for a good long time.

My cock did not have tme to receede and it was hard since she had taken her shirt off. She tapped it a couple of times and said, "did you have fun, cause i shure did." We held each other close for awile but heard my dad pulling in so we had to get big breasted milf julia rides a cock in thigh highs quickly.

She cleaned off and put her clothes back on and i did the same, and we were in my room by the time my dad got upstairs. He drove her home and that night she texted me and it said SAME TIME NEXT WEEK ;) ? I was thrilled. TO be continued.