New amazing xxx full story

New amazing xxx full story
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White Slavery or is it really Part 3 This is a continuing story of a young white girl after returning to the states due to the death of her father, quickly becomes an oversexed young teenager, and incurs one incredible sexual experience after another.

She comes of age as an attractive young woman in this new most enticing area around the big city of New York.

Adanna on the other hand being young and naive started to protest, this was met with this older black female security agent calling in, two male guards who held her arms, while this big black woman undid the bow and unceremoniously pulled her dress down to her ankles this was quickly followed by her literally ripping Adanna;s leather briefs off! She was then standing their trembling, totally naked in front of all these strangers with her arms held helplessly out to each side. Samanya, was then told to bend over the table and to spread her legs.

She did so immediately, then this matronly black woman with a sadistic smile on her face licked several of her long black fingers, and then proceeded to stick one, and then the other quite deeply into Samanya's anus. Samanya groaned as this woman with out any type of lube latex glove or compassion, probed around in there and after several minutes concluded that she was hiding nothing in there!. Ananna had been standing there naked watching all this with these two men holding her, and although being scared to death, nude and forcefully held.

Felt herself becoming strangely wet, with anticipation and a desirable and very stimulating sexual feeling starting to emerge from her step mom care first time be a dick to get the pussy. Samanya was then told to get on the table, and spread her legs as wide as she could, and place her hands behind her head. This old gal now smiled with anticipation wetting all four of her fingers and plunging them into Samanya's pussy, one at a time until all but her thumb were in there!.

This was followed by her thumb pressing quite hard against Samanya's clit as she worked her hand around probing, grabbing, squeezing, until all of her hand except for her thumb was deep in Samanya's sweet tight, black little cunt!

She now became more gentle almost loving as her eyes glazed over for a moment and with a very sensual touch. At first Samanya was stretched quite painfully but after the initial pain her vagina relaxed and felt quite comfortable resulting in a slow and very enjoyable orgasm from this older woman's expert touch.

She at first had thought about protesting, but quickly realized that that this woman only wanted to sexually amuse herself, pleasure her, and had the power to do so. After this Revelation she just relaxed, enjoying herself and letting this woman have her way, pushing back just enough and only making approving noises as this woman pleasured her each time.

The old gal slowly pulled her fingers out. Telling Samanya to get off the table get dressed and to wait outside until they were done with Adanna. Adanna although not knowing exactly why, but feeling very wet and aroused was still naively protesting, although very meekly.

This action on her part had been received with swift and brutal treatment. This older black woman then told these guards to bend her over the table, and hold her down tight! As the woman pulled off her wide leather belt, and proceeded to amazing gal gives blow previous to sex Adanna a dozen or so very hard stinging whacks on her bare bottom, along with a few well placed ones right on her virgin white little cunt!.

Adanna, had never had anyone spank her, not even her parents, But to be whipped with a belt was almost more than she could handle! She was now crying and begging this woman to stop, and saying OMG please.stop! and.that she would do anything, this woman wanted.

if only. she would stop! The woman not quite believing her, had these two guards hold her in the identical position that Samanya had been in. This extra forcefulness coupled with her already wet pussy and erotic feelings allowed her to have an uncontrolled shuddering orgasm as this woman plunged her long finger down into Adanna's tight little pink sphincter muscle, as these men held her!.

She was then unceremoniously lifted up onto the table, and this woman did to Adanna, exactly what she had done to Samanya with the exception that she at first went down on Adanna's sweet pink wet folds, followed by really sucking on her clitoris!

Something that Adanna had experienced only briefly before, with Samanya just prior to being abducted. The results were even more noticeably rewarding, as to be held down by force, was the key to the numerous trembling orgasms she was having. This older woman kept after her making perverse slurping noise's like a wild sexual animal and did not want to stop!

She could not continue doing so for long, as other pressing security matters needed to be attended to, and reluctantly stopped with a grudgingly sucking pop when her lips finally pulled free telling Adanna to get dressed. As Adanna and Samanya were lead back to the main terminal they were told under no uncertain terms, not to say anything to anyone about what had happened!.

If they did, were told they would be in very serious trouble. Her mother was very upset and had been complaining to anyone in authority that would listen as to her plight, but was assured that all was okay and that under the circumstances this was a normal thing.

Samanya did not seem to be bothered at all by this experience deciding it was a very enjoyable and quite amusing. Adanna on the other hand was very flush, much different than her normal wide eyed fair skinned pale demeanor, and could hardly walk or talk and had to be helped along by the two guards!. Her thighs were still trembling, she was very week and barely able to stand having endured many more orgasms especially from the oral sucking of her clit!

That had not happened to Samanya, and from the oral expertise of this older black woman that new exactly how and what to do to an innocent and naive young girl like Adanna. Had easily accomplished for her second time this so incredibly wonderful feeling. Her mother was looking at the guards questionably as they turned Adanna loose, unceremoniously into one of the many chairs at the boarding gate lounge. Adanna assured her mother in almost beautiful shemale mariana lins takes dicks in her ass whisper that she was quite alright, and not to make any trouble.

It had become a moot point anyway as there plane was now boarding and to protest any longer would have meant several more days of delay and the possibility of having to endure a similar fate all over again Once on the plane Adanna went right to sleep as she was thoroughly drained physically, emotionally and slept during most of the flight. Samanya was not at all bothered by her experience and acted as if nothing happened and continued questioning Adanna's mother on flying, and what London, New York and the USA would be like?.

Upon arriving at Heathrow airport in London, and as they exited the plane the customs security people did again exactly what those in Cameroon had done, taking both of the girls into custody for questioning.

Apparently the security people in Cameroon had tagged the girls baggage in such a way that alerted their friends in London that would and could enjoy doing the very same thing to these young girls, that had been done to them in Cameroon! This was the explanation again, due to their unusual passport documents, and because of this, the authorities could easily do whatever they wished with them, and without any repercussions. Again Adanna's mother vigorously protested, but again her protests fell on deaf ears, the only difference with this session and the one in Cameroon, was that there were many more men and women in evolved in their fondling.

Samanya enjoyed this physical attention and happily did what ever she was told. Adanna after her initial humiliation and resistance had discovered that if she protested or complained at all, she would be forcefully stripped, and several of the male security guards would hold her down, exposing her bare bottom, while one of the female guards would paddled, fondled and play with her.

This was a situation that she begun to look forward to after being passed around to each of the security guards and custom agents that had an interest in her breasts pussy or bare bottom!

She in mock protest would complain, and this would almost certainly insure the most embarrassing, forceful, abusing, and degrading sexual treatment in front of all these strangers that one could imagine!

They had originally planned on doing some shopping in London as they all needed, and could now easily afford much better clothes than what they had. The problem was that by the time the girls had been released from the customs and security people, they again barely had time to catch their plane!. Upon there arrival in the new big city of New York they were finally able to leave the airport and check into a nice upscale hotel that had been arranged for them by the trust.

Her mother had by prearrangement, money and credit cards waiting for all of them. The girls had been in their plain white cotton dresses since leaving their home, and finally had a chance to wash clean up and rest. To Adanna and to a lesser extent for Samanya the bright lights automobiles glitz and especially the people so many of them. Had been quite an experience, not to mention this beautiful old hotel and the incredible rooms they were staying in was a whole new world, at least to them!

As they left the hotel the next morning they still had only these plain bra less clothes to wear and had to again endure numerous leers looks and comments, as it was very difficult to hide their very shapely young bodies as both girls nipples were quite pronounced in these plain white dresses!. This was especially true from the attention a number of males and even a few females gave them.

Her mother had not planned on shopping in the high class very upscale shops and stores that surrounded the hotel that catered to expensive women's tastes. Adanna's mother had never been interested in any kind of fashion and had been away from any kind of modern styling for years. She of course tried to persuade the girls into buying only plain conservative clothes. But the girls after looking at all the magazines on the airplane and seeing the way women at the airport along with those on the streets of New York were dressed, had only left them wanting, to look like, and have all these beautiful things that these women were wearing.

Adanna's mother gave up on this idea after seeing them dressed in several current colors and styles. Although Samanya was almost two years older that Adanna, they both had almost identical bodies? One of the cum drinking oriental beautiful babe loves deepthroat squirting japanese girls had started calling Samanya Sam, this almost immediately resulted in Adanna's name being shortened to Addie!

Both new nick names made the girls feel more Americanized like locals, that belonged, and that they were just like everyone else. They had bought a number of tasteful current clothes and even a few conservative ones. They also purchased several bra's but quickly discovered that because of there nice round full firm breasts they were only needed for modesty.

Adanna had deutsches teen julie skyhigh fickt mit mega schwanz typen german teen taken by high heels, and was fascinated by the women who wore them, buying several pairs and was now trying to walk slim gorgeous nymph is amazed with sexy sex the next store wearing a pair of 4" stilettos!.

Sam had been drawn towards a store that had a number of risque things in the display windows that really drew her interest. She did not know it at the time, but this store catered to hard core lesbian women!. Adanna's mother had no idea either, as they entered this store, she thinking only that some of the things on display were a little to.

revealing, and also this store had a separate hair styling salon something that they both were in this tattooed slut loves it from behind of.

The girls were encouraged by these sales gals that before they purchased any more clothes they should not only have there hair and nails done they should also have a full body wash and massage.

Adanna's mother thought nothing of this as she had a number of business things to take care of at the trust offices. Leaving the girls, and telling them to buy whatever they liked and to indulge themselves and that money at least for the time being, was no problem. She then told them that she would be back later that afternoon to pick them up!

Her mother of course did not know that she had left these two innocent and naive young women in the care of, one of the most up scale and notorious lesbian establishments in the City of New York!

Most of the women who worked in this store were very dominant and agressive lesbians and most of their customers were of course submissive bisexual females.

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The girls had no idea, being blissfully unaware of the situation although Sam had been quick to realized that this establishment had more than just sexy clothes to offer?. The older sales gals who worked there thought that the girls had been brought to them for their first sexually erotic encounter with other females, as this sort of thing was common in the city and especially at this store! At first the sales girls did not realize that they were so. young and naively innocent. Sam although with darker skin.and like Adanna had an incredible body.

The girls on the other hand would later think after what had happened to them at the airport, with the customs and security agents, and what was now about to happen to them, would seem to be a ho hum and quite ordinary experience.

Adanna was lead away in the opposite direction towards the hair salon and body massage area, by several of the older sales gals.

This along sexy teen babes get fucked together by a hard dick several others following along telling her what other wonderful things awaited, and that all she had to do was say so. Once in the salon area she was asked to take her clothes off so that when they did her hair, nothing would get on her new clothes!

To Adanna this seemed to be an innocent and logical request! Sam decided to continue shopping for clothes and was very taken by the personal interest and attention that one of the older and quite attractive dark headed sales woman had taken in her.

This incredibly attractive woman was big tall and well built, the fact that she was white and Sam not only black, but she was the only African American woman in the entire place did not seem to matter at all. This gal had taken her hand and had lead her into the back of the store, it was more discrete and had a number of high class changing booths and had all sorts of shoes clothes mirrors and other attachments, but stunning broad kristina rides a stiff cock cumshots brunette had doors?.

There were a number of other women in these booths, with sales girls attending to them. Most were either nude or semi nude and the outfits they were wearing, were like none she had ever seen? At first, do to the beauty of these women, she did not realize that most of the women in the booths were not only nude they were also blindfolded and many were tied up to ring attachments in the booths! The women were in various positions and that the sales gals were not only fitting them with erotic and revealing outfits, they had been doing other shocking and sexually stimulating things to there nakedness!.

The outfits they had on were very attractive, and looked like they were made from a very shinny leather? Most were red, black or white and fit the girls that were wearing them very tight, but left their breasts, nipples, bottoms and pubic areas bare and quite exposed.

This very sensual and erotic naked display of these beautiful women was easily making Sam wetter than she had ever been before!. This older sales gal had lead Sam into one of the empty booths and had asked her to take off her clothes.

Once this was done told her to turn around face the wall, spread her legs, and then to put her hands up high on the wall. When Sam had done this she was told to just stand there, and not to move!. The woman then said that she would personally fit her with a number of appealing and interesting outfits.

As Sam was standing there she could hear this older sales woman say to some of her sales girl friends, to please come over to her booth, and sample some incredible dark tender pussy!.

This was quickly followed by several of these sales girls crowding into her booth, the older gal introduced herself as Trina. This was followed by turning Sam's head and kissing her very deeply on the mouth, this was unexpected and had taken Sam's breath away, as the other girls started squeezing her breasts and nipples.

She was also feeling hands and fingers gently probing her cunt, asshole and pitching her now very wet and erect clit.for Sam this was again like at the airport a very enjoyable experience that she did not try to stop!.

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Thinking at first that this was just a wonderful experience and something they did to accommodate all of their new customers?. Continued in Part 4