Morning coffee and sex cunnilingus and doggystyle

Morning coffee and sex cunnilingus and doggystyle
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To my hearts desire, When you walk in a room you consume my every breath as I watch your every move when you walk across the room seeking your drop dead gorgeous fianc?Now that your wedding day is near I need to let you know just how much I need to have you if there may be a small chance for us. We are only friends, very close, but I've admired you from afar for years watching you with many women and I long to have you in my arms.

Every night when I go to bed you are the last thing I think about. In my dreams your rapture eats away at my cunt spreading my growing lips apart exposing my clit and opening to my pussy. The vibrator takes form, an image of you. The sound of the vibrator on low speed is only a tease just enough to moisten the range. I slowly drizzle cold strawberry lubricant between my swollen open lips.

The coolness sparks a twitch of the clit and the hardness begins. My slightly parted fingers rub firmly along each side of my clit feeling the blood rushing through the flesh throbbing against my fingers. With a quick gruff of my fingers they are inserted steeling away slippery juices.

They then find their way to my nose taking in the sweet essence that you draw to me and suck myself off of my fingers pretending that my sweetness is your cum against my tongue. All this while your cock, my vibrator, is deep inside gyrating on high pressing and taunting pleasures open door until the vision of your face is against mine. We climb to the mountains top both reaching the heights peak simultaneously until finally I am rocked asleep holding you in my arms.

Morning is met with your embrace upon my soul. Each morning as I awake I am met with your aroma embedded in my memory from all our unspeakable closeness. Quick deep breaths savoring every taste of your fragrance in the air I begin to prepare myself for the day. I sit on the toilet groping my larger than average tits as if they were your hands that missed the deep tender flesh that they carried through the night.

When picking out my clothes I wonder what will make you take notice and want you take us to the next level. I turn on the shower warming the water to the perfect temperature and strip off my night shirt.

You know rumor has it that women think of honey-do lists and men think of sex in the shower. Well who ever is spreading this rumor has never met me.

The water is perfect like a warm body exploring another. My eyes roll to the back of my head absorbing the sensations that the water sends through my body as if it were your hands exploring new territory. I close my eyes and long to drop to my knees parting my lips and pulling your rock hard throbbing cock into my wet mouth.

The water rolls down your body meeting my face buried on your cock as water drips off my lips falling onto your cock under the shower head. You thrust in hard and withdraw slowly teasing both of us. My pussy is on fire from your endless taunts. I devour every drop of your cum mixed with the warm water.

After we are done, I turn the water off and get dressed wondering if this day will be the day that we embrace each other wholly. For the thought of you with another woman knowing that there is no chance in the future for us, I am heartbroken. So finally, at the risk of loosing our friendship, I must reveal my secret in hopes that you secretly share in my dream. My goal is not to come between you and your fianc?ut instead to build an understanding in hopes to satisfy this dad fucks duddy chums daughter during sleep over training my little teen caboose whore suppressed urge that goes unfilled, unspoken.

My lustful thoughts are for you they are emotionally deep, physically deep and rule for no one but you. If only just for one night allow me to be your one last fling before you take that dive. I will consume every ounce tentacle rape uncensored hentai brutal breath that you breathe.

My offerings are sacred and fair. I will lay you down on my bed then crawl along the length of your body. Your legs slightly spread accepting my tokens of lust intertwined with desire. I will lick both of your legs from ankle to groin. Your balls will be the only prize I seek taking them both into my mouth parting your legs wider while my hands explore the length of your ass.

Hot and tight my finger tips will slip in but barely as not to intrude or hurt but instead to excite.

Then I will release your balls from their choke hold in my mouth to explore your cock throbbing against my cheek. My drenched tongue will travel up and down each side of your cock circling around the tender flesh of its head oozing with tasty pre-cum. Every drop will find its way to my mouth, no drop will be wasted. I will take you whole deep into my watering mouth shower your cock with suction, tight eager suction that explodes against your cock with each backward motion exiting my mouth yet not to let you go.

Your body temperature rises and your cock grows even harder inside my mouth. Your closer and want to cum but I can't let you.

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My mouth embraced around your cock pops letting gushes of air in and my breath will be soothing against your hard wet cock. My cunt will be soaked, slippery and wet through and through. Next I will crawl even closer barely rubbing my tits against your cock. Teasing, making you want more.

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I will glance up in hopes that you accept my forwardness. With a smile I will lower my head to your belly licking every inch making your belly button my personal playground for a short moment sticking my tongue in and out of it. Without hesitation I continue my journey crawling over your body with my tits hanging down dragging against your body. My mouth finds your nipples one at a time.

I will drizzle them with tender kisses then suck each one hard while pushing my hips against your hard cock. Then I find your neck, as your head pushes back into the pillow, devouring your adams apple sucking and sucking leaving my mark for the world to see.

My tongue finds your ears to lick and nibble. As I'm nibbling away at your neck and ears I raise my hips above yours spread my legs and guide your cock to enter into my saturated pussy.

I squat not letting you slip out and lean back pushing your hardness against my walls and forward again. Then I begin pushing you in and out, up and down squeezing my pussy around your cock to hear you moan with pleasure and approval. I squeeze so hard I begin to dry and release you to slowly slip away out of me. Still in control and on top, I climb even further up your torso only to spread my pussy lips against your lips.

My body will shudder as your tongue explores and penetrates until dressing well with dolly leigh and riley nixon is a must pornstars and hardcore hunger to devour your cock takes over. Then I will turn leaving my open pussy to your mouth while my watering mouth finds your cock twitching.

Quickly, without giving a moments hesitation, your cock rushes in hard and fast. Sweat drips and expels from our bodies mixing aromas of pleasure. I suck hard, you suck hard. Your fingers enter and push hard forcing my pussy to grow even hotter ready to explode. I suck harder and harder each time my mouth goes down consuming every inch. My hips rock against your face and I moan against your cock.

Your hips push into my face and your hands pull my hips closer into your mouth. Together we suck so hard and eager to get each other to cum in each others mouth there is no room for words. Just moaning and sucking sounds fill the air around us until finally the moment arrives. You cum your body jerks under mine and my mouth fills with sticky white tasty cum. I choke and gag on your cock as you cum. As not to let your body stop I begin sucking again but easier as you continue to face fuck my cunt until I can no longer concentrate on your half hard cock.

My body jerks above yours and I bury my hips deeper into your face squeezing my legs tight around your head; tighter and tighter with each gush bursting into your mouth. Until finally I collapse exhausted onto your body rolling off and you turn to cuddle.

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We kiss our first kiss a loving soft deep body kiss then hold each other in amazement. I realize that timing is not of the essence with your wedding just days away but in hopes that there skinny busty hottie with glasses blowjob amp cim be a small glimmer of hope I needed to share this with you.

Now that I've given you my secret I hope that you share in my dream in that some day our friendship is strong enough to move to the next level and hope that you can find the courage to expose your buried thoughts of lust to me. Since I've put our friendship on the line sharing this deep torture that I carry, I hope that our friendship is strong enough to with stand the storm. Should you not share in my dreams, let's keep this between us as we do with the many other secrets our friendship bares.

Always and Forever, Lovingly yours