Hardcore strap on fast stealing will only get you fucked

Hardcore strap on fast stealing will only get you fucked
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Things between me and my sister changed after that night. For the first couple days she didnt speak to me and then afterwords wouldnt look me in the eye as she talked to me.

I was worried that she would tell our parents and I begged her not to. After a week she assured me she wouldnt say anythingand that she had enjoyed herself but knew it was wrong.

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I asked her is she wanted to do it again sometime and she said yes but not yet. But Carla and me was a different story, we would fuck nearly everytime we could, on the way to school in some local woods, on the way home (same place), weekends we would arrange to meet up at night and just fuck.

I didnt let on to my friends what I was doing. I figured the less people that knew the less chance off us getting caught. And they started getting shitty with me as I was spending less and less time with them. So one weekend I decide to spend time with my mates and skip my weekend with Carla. Saturday morning I went round to John's (my mate) house and called for him.

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I knocked group sampling of asians cunt japanese and hardcore the door and his Mum answered. Now John's Mum was a MILF, I think the same age as my Auntie Helen, about 33, she was curvy and a little bit large in some areas and she had some big tits, I couldnt even begin to guess what size they were but both my hands would barley cover one, she answered the door in a dressing gown, which she was still tieing up as she opened the door "Hi is John in?" I asked as polite as I could trying hard not to stare at her body, which before I had never noticed but since losing my virginity had become a huge attraction to me.

"No he and some friends have gone camping with his dad" She replied sweetly, John's parents had been divorced as long as I can remember and occasionally he would go spend weekends with his dad. I was stunned, I couldnt believe they went camping without me, the bastards, although deep down I knew it was my fault becuase I was spending so much time with Carla, but that meant his mUm was home alone.

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"Oh yeah I forgot, I couldnt go" I lied " John said I could borrow a game is it ok if I go to his room and get it?" "Sure" she replied and let me in.

I ran upstairs and into Johns room and grabbed a game, and stuffed it in my pocket, as I turned to leave I could feel my cock begin to harden.

I walked slowly downstairs and could hear John's mother in the kitchen, I walked in and watched her for a few seconds before she noticed I was there.

She called me in to the kitchen and offered me a drink, I accepted and I sat on a stool, letting my hard on press against my trousers creating an obvious bulge. "So I havent seen you for a while" she said "I thought you and John had a fight" "No Miss Kerman" I replied "I been busy" "Please call me Sue" she asked handing me a glass of orange juice "and busy with what have you got a girlfriend?" as she said this her voice trailed off as I noticed her eyes had spotted my bulge in my trousers, I heard a little gasp from her and she began to drink from her glass.

"No New 2019 kochi xxx story com been having sex" I said proudly and Sue nearly choked on her drink "WHAT?" she gasped "Your too young to be having sex" I laughed and got off my stool and moved towards Johns Mum, "its Ok, No one knows and I dont plan on telling anyone, anything" Sue looked shocked "who have you been having sex with?" she demanded, but I didnt answer instead I kissed her and put my hand on her large breast and squeezed, I felt her kiss me back briefly then Sue jerked away from me and slapped me across the face, I took a step back my face stung from the impact and I turned to leave upset that it hadnt gone my way.

"I'm sorry" I heard Sue say and I turned back to face her, and she put her hand to my red cheek and I leaned in to kiss her again but she turned her head away. "I think you should leave" she whispered. She stood up and turned away from me putting both her hands on the kitchen counter but instead of leaving I walked up behind and pressed my body against hers, my cock pressing against her ass with the cloth of my trousers and her dressing gown preventing contact.

She turned her head angrily but I had already begun to kiss her neck and my right hand had wrapped round her front and slipped inside the gown and was touching her surprisingly already wet pussy. I felt her hand grab my wrist and at first begin to try and pull my hand away but then she relaxed her grip and began moving my wrist to a rhythm she liked "Jay We Cant" she moaned half reluctantly As she said this I lifted up the back of her dressing gown, exposing her ass to me, my hands began to work their magic on her wet cunt.

She threw her head back and moaned out loud. Her hands were still flat on the kitchen counter as she began to gyrate her ass on the tip of my cock which was now sticking out through the flies of my trousers.

I put a hand to her shoulder and using my other hand guided my throbbing cock into her hungry pussy. As I slide my cock in Sue let out a quiet but pleasent moan and shifted her legs apart so she could lower herself more on my shaft.

She looked over her shoulder at me. "You promise you will never tell anyone?" she asked "Promise!' I replied Upon hearing my answer she turned away and began moving her hips so her pussy slid up and down my hard cock.

"Its been so long" I heard her mutter to herself I began adding my own motion to hers and our thrusting got harder and harder, her juices flowed over my shaft as her cunt eagerly accpeted each pump of my cock. She then stopped and lifted herself using a hand to pull my cock out and turned to face me. Undoing her dressing gown and letting it fall to the floor she now stood naked in front of me.

grabbing my head in her hands she pulled me into a passionate kiss her tounge exploring my mouth, her breasts squashing up against my chest, hooking a leg over one of my arms she shifted herself and slid back on my cock, with one arm round my neck and the other on the counter giving her support she began to shift her wieght up and down my shaft, I had one hand gripping a butt cheek and another grabbed at her breasts, lifting them up so I could suck on her titties.

I felt my cock swell ready to shoot my load so I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and concentrated on holding back "You going to japanese stepmother filmed by stepson blackmailed by stepsonw friends I heard Sue pant as she contiuned to work her pussy on my cock "Yes" I mananged to squeak out "Then cum baby" with that I relaxed and felt my balls tighten as my warm sticky liquid shot deep into my friends Mum's pussy.

After a couple more pumps I pulled out of her and took a step back. I could see my cum dribbling out her pussy and down her leg, Sue was rubbing her clit and biting her lip, she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and then a slow smile crept across her face "I got an idea!" she claimed before picking up the phone, I watched as she dialed my number, I was confused, I put my wet cock away and did my trousers up.

"Hi Jane, this is Sue, John's mother" She said, I was a bit scared as she was talking to my mum, was she going to tell her?

she cant be, she would be in more trouble than me, wouldnt she? "I was just wondering" Sue continued "Can Mark sleepover tonight, John is having a sleepover and they are going to watch some movies and eat pizza" she lied, there was a slight pause as Sue listened to my Mum's reply "He can excellent, Ok I will send him home to collect some clothes, ok speak soon bye" Sue put the phone down and turned to me.

"Well" She said "the quicker you get back here, the more of this amateur teen gets her sweet pussy fucked can have" she motioned to her pussy and her tits. I never ran so fast in all my life. I bolted through my front door, grabbed some clothes and stuffed them in a bag and ran back to John's house.

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I let myself in and locked the door behind me. "I am upstairs" I heard her shout, I raced upstairs and walked into the master bedroom, where Sue awaited me, her legs spread wide apart and she was stroking her clit still "come get it" she ordered (to be continued) (if you want to hear part 2 that is)