Brazzers big wet butts ass excess scene starring madison rose and manuel ferrara

Brazzers big wet butts ass excess scene starring madison rose and manuel ferrara
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I was on my way to Lexington to meet with you and spend the night with you in a hotel room. we had been discussing meeting for a few months and I had finally decided that I really wanted to get together with you while you were home visiting.

Thinking about you the whole way there and what I want to do to you getting myself all worked up and it was hot outside, I had the windows open the music blaring and I'm getting so wet thinking about riding your hard cock. I put my hand against my pussy and rub my clit through my shorts, just enough to leave a wet spot in my panties.

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I pull into the hotel parking lot and park my car. you had already reserved the room and were there waiting with a hot bath. I went to the desk to get a key.I was still really nervous about meeting you as I came up to the door my hands shaking as I slid the key in the door and opened it I see you sitting on the end of the bed flipping through the channels on the tv.

with a cigarette in an ashtray oldnanny chubby lady and milf masturbatefuck and play with a toy to you. still smoking the aroma of the nicotine smelled so good.and it had been years since i had smoked a cigarette. "Do you want a hit?" you asked me as you stood up and came to take my bag. and closed the door behind me offering me a hit .

holding the cigarette to my lips for me as i took a long drag. all the while looking deep into your eyes. I pull your lips to mine and exhale into your mouth just the thing I needed to relax a bit, letting go of you as you exhaled your lips so inviting I lean into you as I pull you down for a kiss. as our lips meet my body presses against yours and I rub my breasts against your chest as our kiss deepens you reach around and grab my ass pulling me harder against you feeling your cock getting hard I run my fingers through your hair as you grab my thighs and pull me up into your arms.

wrapping my legs around your waist as you walk me over to the bed, pulling your lips from mine you whipser in my ear. "I want to fuck u so bad." Laying me down on the bed as you cover my body with yours I grind my hips against your and I am getting so wet, "I want to feel your cock inside of me. now!" I pull your shirt off your body and unbutton your jeans. putting my hand inside them feeling your hard cock jump at my touch, you grab my shorts and start to slide them down my hips, lifting my hips so they slide easily down my hips and thighs I pull off my shirt and bra dropping them to the floor.

my hips still in the air and my thighs spread wide for you to see my pussy you can't resist tasting my juices putting your hands under my ass and holding me up you bury your face between my lips and begin to tease my lips, biting genlty on my clit flicking it and sucking it, twirling your tongue around it as I moan and thrust against your face "Oh my god don't stop I'm going to cum!" I scream.

You look up at me as your tongue slides into my wet hole your finger rubbing my clit I explode . your tongue capturing my juices as I cum .

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my body shaking licking your lips you set me back down on the bed. I pull you down so that you are laying next to me and iI take your cock into my mouth slowly sucking you as the precum ozzes out. Wanting to feel your cock inside me I stand up with both feet on either side of your hips I lower my pussy to your waiting cock with my hands I take hold of yours and hold them above your head as I ride your rigid cock.

slow at first. revelling in the feeling of being filled by your throbbing cock "Oh my god you feel so good I purrr into your ear as I ride you.

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faster now "Oh god I'm gonna cum!" you whisper in my ear as I feel your balls tighten and your thrusting your hips up to meet my every downward thrust. With your cock buried deep inside my pussy "Cum in my pussy baby." riding you harder and faster as you explode and bury your cum deep inside me I cum all over your cock as I feel your hot cum spurting inside me.

I colapse against your chest as you wrap your arms around me slowly rubbing my back with your finger tips. Lazily I lift my head and bring my lips to yours, the bath forgotten, knowing that this won't be the end of our night in Lexington.