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A steamy fuck session with the luscious tori black
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The week trailed on graduation was tomorrow. Will did as I asked making sure my part at graduation was done. So when they announced my name that everyone knew who were my parents. Mina stayed close to Will and Dusty when I wasn't at rehearsal. I guess David tried to get Trina to lure her away which didn't work.

Mom and Denise knew something was going to happen tomorrow night, but didn't know what precisely. The night went by with Mina laying beside me excited about tomorrowbut worried about later that evening. As we talked for awhile I asked her where she wanted to go for our honeymoon to change the subject. She said anywhere was fine two hot milf lesbians bianca breeze and april oneil are very horny her as long as I was there with here.

I just smiled at that and kissed her deeply. Just under about ten minutes she was asleep. I wasn't far behind her just letting my mind wonder of tomorrows events.

Graduation was here at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Mina, Mom, Denise, and I showed up with Mina holding my hand. Mom drove use since it would be safer then taking Mina's car. We met up with the others and walked in. My family members showed up also. Mom said she would see us after and went to take her seat with the family and friends of our family. Mina and I got in our places along with Dusty, Lina, Maxine, and Will. Even thou I was first amongst my friends Mina was standing behind.

We were told to sit in the assigned seats we had. Mina and I did along with everyone else. Things started with the principal speaking first and then the valedictorian next. She spoke of how the parents that encouraged us all these years and what each letter meant. I listened intently ever so often looking around and smiling at Mina. Then they had us said and face our parents and family behind us. They played a song by Ricky Skaggs called Thanks Again. It was heart felt and there wasn't a dry smol boy and big gil xxxxom that I could see.

I spotted mom who was crying so hard Aunt Cindy and Denise had to comfort her. Uncle Damien was smiling so proud at me as did Uncle Gus. Trace and Beth both gave me a thumbs up. After the song was done we sat down and waited. It was time to walk up to the stage.

At that moment I glanced as I waited for my turn and saw David's face. He had a look of pure hate for me. I just shrugged him off and took a step closer to the steps up to the stage.

I got up to the top of the steps when my name was called. " Alex Cartwright, son of Terra Cartwright and the late Chad Cartwright." My art teacher announced When I walked up to get my diploma I heard cheers and applauds.

I looked up to where my family was seated. Right behind my mother was a figure of a man. I looked up at his face and at that moment I had tears. Standing behind her was my dad. He just smiled as he had his hands on moms shoulders nodding he was so proud of me.

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I looked at mom and she was smiling so big. I walked off stage to get handed a rose. I walked up to where mom was and handed her the rose She told me she loved me and dad would be so proud of me.

I told her I loved her too and I knew dad was.

She gave me a hug before I returned to my seat. Mina came back also and took my hand. I kissed her hand then her lips. Everyone got seated again and the principal spoke again thanking the parents and all in attendance for showing up. We were asked again to come up to the stage and line up. Dusty, Lina, Will, and Maxine came over to Mina and I. We were announced the class of 1993. The whole class grabbed their caps and threw them into the air and cheered hugging the ones close to us.

I noticed David hugging Trina looking at me with hate again. I shrugged it off again knowing what I was going to do later if he showed up in my yard. I knew Aaron was going to the graduation party at my house so all I would be doing was legal.

The graduation party was going well. Everyone arrived they was attending. Will's parents Mike and Molly was there along with Lina's Matt and Lillian. Zan and Helen also my uncles Gus and Damien, Aunt Cindy, Trace, and Beth. Dusty, Maxine, and Sheriff Aaron. I guess word got to him to be there early. Mom and Denise decided take out would be best instead of cooking.

So we had Chinese and Pizza. Dusty and I ate mostly pizza where the others had a mix of both. The evening went ok until 7 p.m. there was a loud honk outside. Uncle Damien got up to check who would be honking since everyone that was going to be there showed. In the back of my mind I knew who it was. Once he yelled one stiff rod for two stacked stunners big tits and cumshot me I knew.

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Mina was in my lap and gave me a worried look. I gave her a kiss then asked her to let me up. Once she did I went to the door and looked out. As I thought it was David, Trina, Chase, Eric, Dan, Stan, and Zack. They all were standing out by the curb waiting. David told me to get outside to take my punishment. Uncle Damien placed his hand on my left shoulder to stop me. I turned and looked up at him giving him a reassuring smile that things would be alright.

I stepped out and went to the middle of the yard. Uncle Damien I guess told everyone that was in the house because I heard No's coming from inside. A few minutes later my family and close friends were outside awaiting for what was coming next. David and his buddies started walking up to me except for Zack. He seemed to be hanging by someone's car along with Trina.

I held up my hand and that was when David and them stopped walking. I shook my head at David and spoke. " David not this time my yard my terms." I stated to him " What are you talking about, I for one don't listen to you." He exclaimed to me " Yes you may notbut my terms or you get back in your car and leave as a coward you have been." I sternly stated at David " What?" He asked being shocked " You heard me, this time it's going to be one on one, none of your friends helping you." I explained loudly He looked at me and then at his friends that were standing on either side of him.

He then looked at the ones behind me. " What about them behind you?" in a real private handy story german squirting way he asked " None of them are going to jump in or interfere." I exclaimed to him " And what if I refuse and we jump you now." He proclaimed " Then everyone behind me will spread it around that you are a coward and can't fight fair one on one.

No friends jumping in and no weapons those are the terms." I exclaimed He gave me a look and then gave a look of defeat. " Fine, we do this your way. But first I want to know how you knew about Valentine's day Night, and the other small things I was going to do, and especially Prom?" He asked in a stern voice " Tell you what if you can beat me tonight I will tell you." I told him with a sly grin " Well might as tell me now for we know I'll be the winner already." he proclaimed At that moment I took my shirt off and started tightening my muscles up and stretching.

They all had wide eyes. I witnessed Aaron motioning everyone back with Uncle Damien's and Gus's help. They all did leaving David in I in the center of the yard. They searched both of us, but as Aaron searched David he found some brass knuckles. I gave David a stern look and he gave a stern look back. Aaron placed the brass knuckles in his pocket to hold on to.

Aaron said in a loud voice that anyone interferes on both sides will be sent home. All my family and friends agreed. David's buddies just groaned and agreed. They all backed up and basically made a circle around us. David looked at my family and friends and then straight at Mom, Denise, and Mina. " Sorry to say this to you all, but after tonight your son won't be able to walk or talk anymore." He was exclaiming to them as he looked straight at Mina then added " Or be able to perform in bed" They gave him shocked looks, but then gave him cold looks.

Mina yelled at him saying he wishes. She knew what I was capable of and that I was going to survive. At that moment he started at me. Running at me with his fist in mid swing as he got close. I duck and brought my fist into his gut making him bend over a bit, but I brought my right knee up into his chest making him go backward. He got his balance and held his chest, but only for a moment then he came at me again. I ducked the hits but it was his leg kick that caught me off guard.

I went sideways landing on my side. He took my left x francesca le and friends cum swapping and pulled my arm up above me. He took my fingers and was bringing them backward. I was screaming in pain as he took my arm and got down in a position. He applied so much pressure that he snapped my left arm.

I pulled away and grabbed my arm with my right hand. I just keep rolling back and forth with pain. He came and kick me in my back and my legs. He took my left leg and landed his right elbow into my knee.

I heard gasp and screams from behind me. David stood up and started laughing. As well did his buddies. He exclaimed it was over and he started to walk away. I was able to get on my knees with more weight on the right. I held my left arm to my chest with my right hand on the grass covered ground. I looked up at my family some had tears and some had upset looks. I looked up at my mom and saw her eyes.

Her eyes had fear in them. Like they did in the hospital. I looked at Mina's face and she had worry and fear. Then I looked at Uncle Damien's eyes and saw determination as did Aaron. Then I lowered my head and remembered all that Uncle Damien told me that day. Summon all my inner self for this one moment in time, in this one place.

I heard David telling Mina she was in for a long night with him and his friends. I heard her screaming hell no and encouraging me. David said it was over and told his buddies to finish me. That was when I spoke. " This.is.not.over.yet." I proclaimed as I got up and stood He turned around and his face was one of shock. He couldn't believe it that I was standing. He shook his head and started again at me. I ducked and moved around. I planted some hits in his face with my right fist and kicked his legs with my right foot.

I stayed on the offense. I got behind him taking my fist and planting it into his back along his kidney and down his spine. Making each hit count, keeping my kicks focused on his knees. He tried to move faster but I was quicker. I focused all i could on his knees knowing if I take them out he would be on them girl in stockings satisfies a hard dick my last idea would happen.

David was wearing out he was putting more strength into his punches then he thought he could. I had him to the point he was trying to get away from me but it didn't work. I kicked him two last times that he finally hit the ground on his knees.

I stepped up to him and with my right hand pulled busty latina on cam watch more of her at ulacamcom hair and made him look up at me. I asked him which arm was his throwing arm. He looked at me and I asked him again. He told me his left. I gave him a cold look and looked around and seen what I needed. I grabbed his left wrist and started pulling him to the spot I needed. My family moved out of my way. He tried to pull away but I had a tight grip.

Once I got us to the spot I turned and looked at his buddies and grinned.

I then looked down at David and gave him a evil grin. He saw my eyes and expression and had a shocked look in his eyes. " What are you going to do to me?" He asked me with a hint of fear " This." I exclaimed to him I brought his arm up the best I could and placed my right knee in the bend of his arm and at that moment I went down making his elbow smash into the concrete.

He let out a loud shrill of a scream. I did this 2 more times before Wwe mia khalifa fucking storys let him go. He was holding his left arm to his chest. He couldn't get up because his knees were in pain. I grabbed the hair on the back of his head and made him look up at me again. " David .from here.on out you.will never come around me.or my family and friends.

If I see any of your friends or family around me I'll do the same to your other arm you hear me." I proclaimed sternly in his face He just stared in my eyes with fear. "DO YOU HEAR ME?" I asked him loudly " Yes, yes I hear you." He said with tears " One last thing." I said letting him go I backed up and few feet. Holding my left arm to my chest I luscious girl takes meaty cock in face hole a good run and planted my right foot in his head making him go down.

Everyone just stood there in awe. Chase,Eric,Dan,and Stan started at me until Aaron stepped in between them and me. They stopped where they were. I took a few steps to David and kneeled down and spoke looking at Zack. " As for how I knew those times you spoke of well ask your dady sea mom cheating sex friend Zack.

Not everyone thinks your all that." I said in a loud enough voice then looked at Chase " Get this piece puremature candlelight anal with hot mom india summer crap out of my yard." Trina came ahead of the others and checked on David.

She tried to pull him to her, but he pushed her away. Chase, Eric, Dan, and Stan came to help him stand up. which wasn't easy but they accomplished getting him to the passenger side of his car. Zack opened it with a grin.

Chase asked him what he was grinning about and why he wasn't helping. Zack expressed he wasn't a lap dog any more and did by opening the door. After they all loaded up in their cars Trina gave me a look that I think Mina caught when she came to my side. She told Trina to not even think about getting back with me as she brought up her left hand showing the engagement ring.Trina lowered her head and got in the back seat of David's car.

Chase was in the driver side about to drive them away. David had a look of defeat in his face as Chase drove off being followed by Eric, Stan, And Dan. I slowly limped to Zack who was sitting on the hood of his car.

Mina helped me the best she could. I heard everyone behind me telling me to be careful. I noddedbut for some reason I felt something different about Zack now. Once in front of him he grinned. He nodded to Mina then me. " So it was you who has been helping Alex with David. The times he tried to do stupid shit?" In a curious voice Mina asked " Yes, Sorry I had to stay in secret, but I got tired of all of David's ego tripping shit." Zack answered to Mina " But why didn't you help him when his car got wastedwhat about then?" Will asked coming up behind us " That is because I knew it wasn't time and I knew in the back of my mind Alex needed to do this tonight.

All the past school year was a built up to this night." Zack answered being honest " I guess your right and what a fight it was, especially that last part damn that had to hurt." Will responded to what Zack said I looked at Zack and had to know something. " So what now man, you probably going to have some haters now?" I exclaimed asking " I don't know, like I said in my notes to you I been hoping to be a friend.

Alex I know at the start I really goofed up on a lot." Zack started to finish what he said until I spoke " Zack I think some of us did in the start, but it's the last several months that turned things around.

And it takes time to adjust to a new start. But if you are willing to give a new friendship a chance then so am I." I stated extending my right hand He stared at my hand and took it in his.

We shared a smile and started walking to my family and friends. I know what your thinking why am I forgiving someone that treated me like crap in the beginning. Well it's simple really forgiveness starts with a truth and Zack confessed his truth in seeing what he was doing to me. And besides he helped to save the one I loved from ending like my mother.

Zack may of been like David at the start but his heart felt ashamed at one time but now felt different. Once we got closer to Mom she came right to me and hugged me. She was crying on my shoulder thinking she was going to lose me.

I reassured her she never would of for I had a great trainer in Aaron. She let go of me and examined my arm. She pulled on it and I screamed in pain. She got serious saying she was going to take me to the hospital to get it checked and my knee.

She told everyone to stay and enjoy the rest of the party and that Her and I would be back in awhile. Mina spoke up saying she was coming with us.

Mom looked at Mina and saw she was serious. Mom nodded and said okay. Mina went inside to find a button up shirt for me while mom went to get her purse and keys. Aaron came up to me and gave me a pat on the back telling me he was proud that I didn't leave David a any worse then I did.

I just shrug my shoulders. My family and friends came up to me and said I defended my self like the young man I was and never gave up. Zack asked if he could use our phone to call his girlfriend. I gave him a curious look in which he noticed and laughed. He said his girlfriend didn't like David because she was David's older sister named Ashley. Seems Ashley moved out with her mother after the divorce.

I asked him how old Ashley was Zack responded saying she was 20 and a keeper. She also helped Zack notice what he was doing and that when he started to leave me notes in my locker. I told him he could and tell her I said thanks. Mina came out with my shirt which was red and black. Denise helped Mina to put the shirt on me the best they could, but leaving my left arm free.

Mom came out and said into her car now. She gave Denise a kiss saying we would be back soon. Everyone went back first time sister sleep brsex the house to relax and talk. It was around 9:30 p.m. graduation night that Mom, Mina, and I where down the street on our way to fix me up. The hospital was interesting if I must say. Mom went to talk to the night doctor and tell him what happened. He said he had to admit another 18 yr old male saying he would need surgery on his elbow.

Seems the young man wouldn't say what happened to him except he was wrong. I just stayed quiet while I waited to be seen to have my arm taken care of. After thirty minutes I was taken to a room and then to x-ray. They made it official by saying my arm was broke between my wrist and elbow.

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So it was in the middle which I just shrugged. The doctor told tessa lane services a big dick in an elevator a cast would be put on and for me to see the family doctor in 4 to six weeks to make sure the bones were healing right.

I gave him a look of worry and asked if this would keep me from getting married. He gave me a curious expression and asked who I was tieing the knot with. I told him the beautiful Asian out in the waiting room. He gave me a smile and said no it wouldn't, that I would just need a sling to wear.

I thanked him as he walked out and said a nurse would be in soon to cast my arm up. The nurse came in along with Mom. While the nurse was putting the wrap around my arm before starting the cast, mom said that things will be fine now. Seeing her smile gave me a warm feeling and I told her my hopes were high. After the cast was placed and set the doctor came back in to check it then gave mom two prescriptions for me to take.

She accepted them as the nurse helped me to get my shirt around to cover my sling. Once Mom and I got out to the waiting room was when I saw a sight that I never would of seen. There was Chase, Eric, and Trina. Trina was in Mina's face saying everything was my fault. That if I just man up she wouldn't of cheated. Now I never believed in hitting a womanbut I seen that is one thing I would never have to worry about.

For at that exact moment Mina slapped Trina so hard that she went backward against Chase. He caught her from falling, but was again face to face with Mina who stepped up to her. Mina gave her a deep cold look then started in. " Listen Trina, none of this is Alex's fault. It's all yours if you didn't open your legs and cheat no one would of got hurt tonight.

So all the blame is on you." Mina stated to Trina coldly then added " But to be serious I am glad you did for I wouldn't be with the man I love. So thank you now if you excuse me I have some TLC to give MY man." Mina walked away from them and over to mom and I. She put her arm around my waist and I wrapped my right arm on her shoulders. Mom led the way being confident and proud of her son who stood up for himself and the ones around him.

I walked with confidence myself having that feeling that I finally stood up for myself in a big way. Chase, Eric, and Trina just had sad looks as they went to the elevator, I guess to hang out with David for awhile.

Back home finally Mom, Mina, and I noticed a few cars gone. The only ones there was Denise, Will, Dusty, Zack, Maxine, Lina and a brunette that I took to be Ashley. She stood 5'9168 lbs with long brunette hair. As Mina got me to my chair Zack introduced us to Ashley. we said our greetings and talked. It was about 11:20 p.m. when this was going on. Mom said her and Denise were going to bed and for us not to stay up to late for there was still a lot to do for the wedding in the next few weeks.

We said ok as she leaned down to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She also gave Mina the same. Denise followed mom with the hugs and dana dearmond and brooke scott interracial foursome on the cheeks.

Mom took her hand and led her up the stairs. Ashley said wedding and that was when Maxine and Lina jumped to explain it all to Ashley. As they talked she listened intently. Everyone else just smiled as Maxine and Lina was telling the part about when I asked on Spring Break for Mina to marry me on a cliff with the sunset on the horizon.

By the time they were done explaining Ashley had a smile on her face and looked at Zack. She asked him if he was glad he changed for the better. He came back say yes that he got to save a love that was true. It was around 1 a.m.

when Will, Maxine, Dusty, Lina, Zack, and Ashley left saying they would help with what all they could until the wedding was here. Mina and I gave them all a big smile and said our thank you's. After I locked the new door that was replaced weeks ago.

Mina and I went up to our room to get some sleep. We kissed and talked for a bit. She brought up about a bachelor/bachlorette party. I asked if she wanted to join them together. She gave me a curious look. I explained it might be safer for if anyone tried something as getting us to be jealous of the other it could hurt both of us. She exclaimed I might be right that she wouldn't want to lose me over stupidity. We finally went to sleep Mina softly place her arm over my chest with her head on my shoulder.

That next day was the start of the wedding planning, picking rings, Mina's wedding dress, and my tux. Mom said each part was being set up by a certain person. She explained she had the Church or place for wedding. Zan was on my tux, Denise on picking rings with Mina and I, and Helen had the wedding dress.

We exclaimed our notions for a bachelor/bachlorette party combined. Mom and Denise listened and thought that would be better and save on time as it would be two days before the wedding and everyone would be in same spot. It was 3 weeks until the day of the wedding from today. And they were going to be the longest three weeks of Mina's and my life.

The rest of the week went by with Zan taking me to get a tux for me. Will and Dusty came along since they needed a tux each also.

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HelenMaxine,Mina, and Lina huge titted teen and stepmom anal some went to get dresses.

The tailor got my measurementsbut when it came to my left sleeve of my shirt and jacket I had to take the sling off and slowly straighten my left arm out. I had to grit my teeth while he took the measurements. With the tux out of the way Zan dropped me off at the local jeweler where I met Mina and Denise at.

Mina gave me a hug and kiss and announced she missed me. I asked if she found her dress and she gave me a smile and nodded. I told her cool and we walked into the jewelry store and looked around. The sales clerk came up to us and asked if she could help.

She looked to be in her early 50's6'0, 179 lbs and looked like she worked out. Denise said yes that we needed to look at wedding rings for her son and future daughter-n-law. I gave her a smile for what she said. Mina also noticed what Denise said and smiled. The sales stepsiblings brunette babe lesbian fucks tattooed blonde introduced herself as Sheila and showed us over to the counter where the wedding rings were.

She showed us regular wedding bands then rings with diamonds. Once Sheila showed us two distinctive rings Mina and I smiled. The one for Mina had gold and silver along the band with a 1 caret diamond. The one for me had the same gold and silver but with a black onyx.

Mina and I smiled and told Denise them would be good enough. Sheila asked if we needed anything else and we shook our heads no. She took our rings sizes and said the rings would be ready in a week. Denise gave her our phone number and some money down on the rings. After there we got home only to have to go back out again. Mom found a spot for us to get married at and wanted our opinion. She drove to a location that looked pretty familiar.

It was out in the country and as mom drove by a set of mail boxes I then knew where we were going. Uncle Gus and Aunt Cindy's ranch. Mom pulled up in the drive and asked us to get out and look around behind the house. We did and once behind my uncle and aunt's house there was a arch already up and being painted. Trace and Beth noticed us and stopped what they were doing and stepped over to us. " So what do you think cuz?" Beth smiled asking me " Wow is all I can say so this where the wedding going to be?" Looking at mom I asked " Yes sweetie, there is more room to park and more places to sit everyone." Mom explained to us " How many people you all counting to be here?" Mina being stunned asked " MinaAlex you only have a love that is true as both of yours.

So your parents and I want this to be special." Mom explained then added " And besides Denise and I sort of invited a few out of state to come and witness a celebration of love." " Well I have to say the way the background looks and when everything gets fixed up it's going to look beautiful." Mina explained smiling " I have to agree definitely." I proclaimed to them all The two weeks went by with the tux's for Will, Dusty, and I being done.

Zan took us to get fitted and they fitted just right. Mina, Maxine, and Lina's dresses were done and Helen took them to get fitted and just like our tux they fit well what I heard. I wasn't allowed to see Mina in her dress which I respected. Denise got a call being told the rings were ready and took us to get them. Mina and I was excited to see them. Once we arrived to pick them up Sheila was all smiles. She took us over to the counter and pulled them out of the small safe under the counter.

They were beautiful especially Mina's. I just smiled seeing Mina's beautiful face light up. Denise finished paying for them and Sheila put the rings in decorative small boxes. Once home again yep you guessed it Mom had us back in the car and out to the ranch to see the finished set up for the wedding. It was all wonderful. There was benches placed so far apart and spaced. The arch curly brunette got hard pounding in various positions done and rose bushes placed on each side of the arch.

There was a red carpet going down the aisle with white trim along each side. Mina and I just smiled big seeing a place looking so wonderful. Two nights before the wedding came and everyone was at the party we shared. Will's Parents, Lina's parents, Mina's Parents, My uncle's and aunt, Trace, Beth, Dusty, Maxine, Will, Lina, Zack, Ashley, Mom, Denise, Mina, Aaron, and I. We made plenty of room for everyone to sit and be comfy. We all talked and laughed. Zack brought up a idea saying he could be the D.J for the reception and Ashley chimed in she could take pictures.

Mina and I went wide eyed and accepted their offers. We all had fun at the shared party. It was around 8 p.m. when Will and Dusty both stood up and asked everyone raise there glasses. Will looked at Dusty who nodded his head. Will took a breath and spoke.

" Alex and Mina you both have had a wild of a ride the past several months. And since Dusty and I are the best men with have a toast for you both." Will smiled saying to us " Yes we do, AlexMina you are what everyone calls a perfect couple. There have been a few in history, but your love has grown so much and yet it still grows." Dusty said looking at Will " Yes, and the few of us that know and seen how you both act see that love flow from each of you." Will explained looking back at Dusty " Bro and Sis what we are saying is it's basically our honor to be here with you both and everyone else and say." Dusty exclaimed then nodded to Will Everyone kept their glasses raised and kept their eyes on Will and Dusty.

" From us to you, may your wedding Saturday be sealed with a kiss and your heart locked and guarded with love for each other. And may your children feel that love everyday of their growing lives." They both said in unison Everyone cheered and clanked glasses together. We took sips and enjoyed the toast. I noticed Maxine and Lina looked like they wanted to say something and yep they stood.

" Mina as for the guys us gals also have some words to say." Maxine said looking at Lina " Mina you have been my best friend for years. When we both transfered to this same school we wanted to stay close like we always were. Then you hung out with a great guy and you introduced me to his best friend." Lina mentioned then looked at Maxine " Alexyou have been my best friend also for years and the day you started hanging out with Mina I felt jealousbut once I saw how you both clicked that was when I knew you were perfect for each other." Maxine said then looked at Lina " Alex, Mina we want to wish you both a wonderful full life to each other.

Always know we all here are there for you in anyway we can be. And know that if you need a babysitter in the years to come we will be happy to give you a break and watch the little ones. We all love you both and may our love stand behind you both 100%." Both Maxine and Lina said in unison Everyone cheered again and clanked glasses again. Mina had tears in her eyes and smiled at the words our friends spoke.

I noticed Mom stood and sighed and looked straight at me. " Alex you are so special to me, after you were born I was told not long after I couldn't have anymore.

So your father and I made a point of nurturing you and loving you as any father and mother could with love and compassion." She paused then added " In two days you will be the son that carries on that love and compassion to your beautiful wife and one day aliyah love spreads her pussy ampampamp finger fucks herself children my grand kids.

Alex what I am saying is I love you my dearest son and always know I will always and forever be there for you and Mina for you are my handsome son and Mina you will be the beautiful daughter I always wanted." Mom sat next to Denise and smiled.

I knew she meant Denise would be there for us also. We sipped our drinks and smiled. Everyone spoke their own toast which all were wonderful. But the one that touched me was the one Uncle Damien stood to say. " AlexMina the past half year I have seen both of you blossom into a wonderful couple.

Mina it will be a honor to call you my niece. Alex even though your dad can't be here I am sure he is looking down and smiling at you both. I want to tell you both that no matter what time it is or where I am call me and I will show up and help you with anything that hurts either of you.

I love you Alex and you Mina. Mina take good care of my nephew for he is one in a million." He said smiling at us The rest of the evening was great. After everyone left to go home Mom, Denise, Mina, and I went to bed. Mina and I talked about the up coming weekend. We kissed and held each other tight. My arm was healing good the pain wasn't so bad. As we laid there discussing what we wanted to do for our honeymoon.

I suggested we take a romantic trip somewhere and enjoy our time together as husband and wife. Mina fell asleep in my arms like always and I just smiled. I gave her a kiss on her sex sania mirza xxx com and drifted of to sleep thinking Saturday is going to be wonderful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I hope this chapter had a little bit of everything you waited for.

So where should Alex and Mina go for their honeymoon. Maybe where he purposed to Mina? Or a nice romantic getaway camping? Give me a idea if you like. Thanks for readingpeace to you all. later.Hawk