Phat ass ho dayna vendetta pounded hard by throbbing cock

Phat ass ho dayna vendetta pounded hard by throbbing cock
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While everyone but us was drying off and getting dressed to go home my family pulled me to the side and said it was a family meeting. What they said next really surprised me.

"You said if we talked to anyone about our family we had to get family permission first." "Correct." "Well we want to invite Lorraine and Kathy to spend the night and maybe the weekend" "you're sure you want to do this?" "Yes." Well, all those in favor?" five hands went up.

"Approved." Alissa and CJ ran off to talk to Kathy and Lorraine. They came back with them in tow and I asked if they wanted to stay and they both were excited and jumping up and down with Alissa and CJ as they said "Yes more than anything." All of the others were leaving so we walked them to their cars made sure each of us gave everyone of them a hug and kiss and a quick feel before they left. The girl walked around to the backyard and I went thru the house to lock the front door.

I made a side trip to my bedroom and got a little blue pill. This looked like it was going to be a long night. The Girls Next Door 8 The After Party I stopped in the kitchen to get a beer as Amanda was coming in from the back. She collected two bottles of wine and some glasses and we went back out to the deck. CJ and Kathy were comparing their red asses as the other three laughed at them. I climbed onto one of the loungers and Amanda gave each of the girls a glass of wine.

When she finished she sat in my lap and cuddled into me. As we sat there watching and listening to the four girls gossiping I heard Kathy ask CJ why the four of them let me spank them. CJ and Anna looked up and saw me watching them.

After a moment's hesitation she told her "He said we could say no but if we did we had to move our stuff out after the party and we couldn't come back." Kathy said incredulously "You live here?" CJ looked at me and Amanda. When we nodded she continued "We all do, sort of. Amanda lives with Bill full time and Alissa spends weekends here. Anna and I spend any night our parents are out of town here also." Loraine said "Why." Alissa said "He cares about us as individuals and treats us like women not children." Anna giggled and said "And the sex is incredible." Kathy said "We thought Amanda was his girlfriend." "We all are." Loraine asked "Who sleeps with who?" "CJ said "Well since this is Saturday it would normally be me or Anna or both of us.

Since we invited you guys to spend the night it might be one, both or neither of you. Depends luscious hottie loves mixing sex and massage hardcore handjob how the night goes." Kathy said "Well what do we do next?" Amanda replied what do you want?" Kathy licked her lips as she turned to CJ and with a sexy growl said "Her." CJ walked over to Kathy, took her hand and led her to one of the pool loungers.

She lay down and pulled Kathy to her. As I watched them kiss and run their hands over each other's bodies I heard Amanda ask Lorraine what she wanted" "I want more orgasms like the last one.

I want a pussy to taste and a dick in me tonight. I want everything." Anna and Alissa said "We can help with that." They took Lorraine between them. Anna stood behind her as she reached around to cup her breasts while Alissa pressed against her front taking her face in her hands and kissing her. Alissa moved down and removed Anna's hand from one of her breasts and kissed the eraser sized nipple. Lorraine leaned her head back and moaned softly. Anna had been kissing her neck but when she leaned her head back, Anna turned it so she could kiss her lips and stab her tongue into her mouth.

Alissa was sucking on her breast and had moved her right hand down and was rubbing her love mound. I looked back to CJ and Kathy. Kathy was kissing her way down CJ's taught, flat stomach and I could see CJ giving small shudders as Kathy neared her mound.

When she was close Kathy inserted two fingers into CJ's pussy that was already moist. CJ jerked as she pushed them in and said "Fuck me with your fingers." Kathy started pumping her fingers into CJ's wet hole and I could hear the khloe capri and alexis fawx ffm threeway in shower room sound they made as she pulled them out.

CJ was shaking as Kathy pulled out her fingers and placed her mouth over her slit. CJ lurched and cried out "More, I need more.

Let me have your pussy." Kathy moved, placed a leg across her, and lowered her old man gay story porn slit to CJ's waiting mouth.

I turned back to Alissa, Anna and Loraine. Loraine was on her back on the deck with Anna's pussy rubbing on her mouth. Alissa was on her knees between her legs fingering her with her right hand while she rubbed her clit with the left. Loraine was shaking and arching her back off the deck as she moaned into Anna's wet slit. Amanda had moved so that she was snuggled to my side instead of sitting on my lap. As she lay there with her head on my chest, watching the two sex shows in front of us, she put her hand around my dick and began stroking slowly.

She said "Is this for me?" "Any time you want it it's yours." I'll wait until we go to bed alone later. I know you want to put it in Kathy and Loraine tonight because I want to taste them to." Getting off without my boyfriend full version masturbation and voyeur looked the girls in front of us pointed at Kathy and CJ.

I think Kathy is ready for you. Can we share?" I got up and walked over to CJ and Kathy. Kathy and CJ were both gasping and shaking from their last mutual orgasms.

CJ looked up at me with a satisfied smile on her face and I asked "Can I borrow Kathy for a while?" "Just a little while, I want more." I helped her up and walker her to where Amanda was laying. I pulled her to me, kissed her deep and said now I want to fuck you." She looked at me and said "It's about time," and smiled.

I told her to get on her knees on the longer and rest on her elbows. This put her looking directly at the moisture glistening on Amanda's slit. She raised her head and saw Amanda lick her lips. She lowered her self down until she could run her tongue thru Amanda's slit.

At the first touch Hot blonde secretary rides her boss dick took a deep breath and seemed to be unable to exhale until Kathy's tongue came to the end of her slit and she removed it.

I knelt down on the deck at the end of the lounger and was eye level with a perfectly round, crinkled asshole. Below it was a pair of lips peeking out of a bald slit that was dripping juices. I leaned forward and inhaled her fragrance. It was intoxicating and made my dick throb. I leaned forward some more and placed my mouth on her slit. I sucked on each of her lips then pulled her clit between my lips so I could nibble on it.

As I rolled it in my teeth she humped her ass to my face and tried to yell but Amanda was holding her tight to her pussy with her thighs clamped on her head. I ran my tongue thru her slit until I came to her tainer. I kissed it then ran my tongue around her puckered asshole before kissing it and driving my tongue inside as far as I could.

Kathy was surprised and drove her tongue deep into Amanda's hole as she tried to call out. Amanda had her back arched, her head thrown back and was screaming "EAT MY PUSSY" as she pulled Kathy's face curvy ebony babe fucks her bf on her moms couch into her. Kathy was swallowing Amanda's juices as fast as she could but some was leaking out around her lips and running down across Amanda's asshole.

Kathy was shaking and her pussy was flowing also. I cupped my hand to catch as much as I could then stood up and rubbed them on my dick to make it slick.

Amanda had relaxed and released her grip on Kathy's head as I started rubbing the head of my dick thru her slit. Kathy raised her head looked back at me. With Amanda's juices all over her face she smiled dreamily and said "Fuck me.

Put your big dick in me and fuck me." I put the tip at the entrance to her hole, grabbed her by the hips and rammed my dick in until I felt the head hit her cervix.

She tensed and her upper body rose to a 45 degree angle. As she tried to reach back to me warm ball cream collection for hot asian japanese and hardcore screamed "OH GOD NO MORE…PLEASE." I looked down and I still had about an inch of dick left outside of her. I pulled almost all the way back out and pushed back in hitting her cervix again.

She cried "Oh God I can't take it." I started steadily pumping into her bottoming out on each stroke. Each time I did she would grunt. I reached beneath her and roughly pinched her clit. She yelled again and was saying 'Harder' with each stroke.

Amanda had moved down where she could put her hands on Kathy's face and began a deep lust filled kiss. I was ramming into her as hard as I could without a care for whether it was causing her any pain.

Amanda took her breast in her hands and was squeezing them roughly. Suddenly Kathy grabbed Amanda head pulling her mouth into a tighter kiss as her tunnel clenched on my dick not letting me with draw. Her juices started squirting out covering my balls and thighs. It smelled of honey and girl cum.

Kathy collapsed. I was holding her up by her hips and Amanda lowered her head and shoulders to the lounger cushion. I had not cum so I pulled my dick out of her and pushed three fingers into her hole. She move slightly and moaned. I pumped my fingers into her until they were slick with her juice, pulled them out and rubbed them on her asshole.

I pressed one finger against her sphincter until it gave way and allowed me entrance. I pushed slowly until it was all the way in and she only moaned.

I stroked the finger in her ass until I felt her pushing back. I pushed a second finger in, and as I stroked, she pushed back harder. When I inserted the third finger her pushing became more frantic until she turned to me with raw lust in her eyes and said "I need your dick in my ass. Fuck my ass and make me your slut." With three fingers in her ass I put my dick in her hole one more time to coat it with her slick juices.

I pulled out of her pussy as I pulled my fingers from her ass. I put the tip of her gaping ass and pushed all the way until my balls slapped against her slit.

She rose straight up clawing at me yelling "It's too big." I held it deep in her bowels giving her a chance to adjust to having that much dick in her ass. When I felt her sphincter relax again I pulled out and naughty lesbians have some fun together homemade licking the head back in several times before stroking the full length back into her bowel.

I grabbed her hair and holding it and one hip began plunging deep into her ass with each stroke. I increased my speed and she yelled "Harder, fuck my ass harder, fuck your sluts' ass hard." I was fucking her ass like I was trying to force more of my body inside her.

With all of tonight's stimulation I was feeling like I needed to unload a bucket of cum any second. Then I heard Kathy cry "Oh crap. I'm cumming, I'm cumming." I pushed my dick as far in as it would reach and blasted her bowels with cum. I shot so many loads in to her as that as it clinched around me it was forcing cum out around my shaft. I fell to a sitting position and pulled her with me keeping my still hard dick buried in her ass.

I pulled her to me, put my hands on her breasts and massaged them as I worked my dick in her ass some more. Soon she was bouncing her ass on my shaft and moaning I'm cumming again. Her body went stiff and her ass clinched me so tight I could not have cum even if I had been ready. I held her to me until her ass stopped milking my dick then I laid her forward with her head on Amanda's stomach. I pulled my dick from her cope dancing disrobe and oozing puss striptease hardcore with a pop and saw a little of my cum leak out.

CJ came up next to me, smiled and said "Can I have her back now?" "I was going to ask her to clean my dick" I'll take care of that." She got down on her knees and sucked me into her mouth and used her tongue to make sure my dick was spic-n-span.

She raised Kathy to her knees, placed her mouth on her ass and started sucking my cum out of her. I looked to Anna, Alissa and Loraine. They were lying on their side like a triangle.

Each of them had their head on the next girl's thigh and their mouth on their pussy. They each had girl cum on their smiling faces. They each had a contented look on their face, like they had just finished an orgasm. I sat on the end of one of the other loungers enjoying the view around me. Amanda was on the lounger with Kathy's mouth again on her pussy. CJ was lapping my cum from Kathy's ass and the others were resting after coming down from their mutual orgasm. Lorraine looked up at me and I motioned her to me.

She untangled herself from the other two and walked over to me. She said "Do I get some of that gorgeous dick now." Thanks to modern pharmacology my dick was still hard and probably would be for a couple more hours. I took Lorraine's hand and pulled her to her knees then pulled her head towards my crotch. She knew what to do immediately. She took my dick in both hands and said "My god, you want to put all that in me?

It will split me in half." I told her "Kathy got it in and loved it." Not to be out done by a classmate she smiled and started stroking. All she said was "Is that so?" my dick didn't need any more stimulation. It was as hard as a fencepost. Lorraine lowered her head and took euro milf in white lingerie julia reaves head of my dick in her mouth.

As her lips closed around it I heard "MMMMM" in her throat. She stroked the bottom half with her hand as she pumped her mouth on the top going deeper as she did. When she had it about two thirds in I felt it hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little as she pulled it out. She smiled at me, put it back in and stroked back down until it hit again and she gagged.

She did this several more times until she pulled it out, placed my hands on her head and smiled as she said ""Help me." She put her hands behind me and as she stroked down she pulled on me to try and force my shaft deeper into her throat. I forced her head down and held her tight and could feel her throats gag reflex on my shaft.

I only let up when she started hitting my thighs. As soon as she took a breath she pulled herself back down and I pushed her head harder. After three or four minutes of this she pulled herself down harder than she had before and as I forced her head down I felt something in the back of her throat give way and the rest of my dick slid in. she stayed there with me all the way down her throat for 30 seconds and then pulled it out.

She looked up at me, laughed and said "I made it let's do it some more. She sucked my dick down her throat with only a small hesitation at the back of her throat with me pushing and five minutes later was deep throating me without me forcing her down.

Soon she was not even pulling on my hips and my shaft was sliding in and out like it was her pussy. When she rose off my dick to rest her jaw muscles I told her to stand up. I slid back on the lounger so the backrest was holding at about a forty-five degree angle. I had her turn around and stand a straddle the lounger with her feet on the deck where she could bend over and slide her mouth down my dick.

This put her ass and pussy at the same height as my mouth. I told her to start sucking. She bent at the waist supporting herself on her elbows on the cushions. As she continued to deep stroke my shaft I ran a finger thru her wet slit several times. She shivered as I did and I felt her throat tighten on my shaft. I found her clit and rolled it between my fingers, as I did I put my mouth on her slit and drove my tongue into one of the sweetest and tightest holes yet.

She tried to moan with my shaft all the way down her throat and the vibrations all most caused me to lose it. I continued working over her clit and hole and the vibrations were keeping me on edge. I took my tongue from her hole and tried to replace it with three fingers but was only able to get one in at first. After several minute I noticed she was not a tight on my finger and I inserted a second.

Damn she was tight this was the tightest 18 year old pussy I had had so far. Her pussy was almost as tight as Amanda's ass was when she gave it to me. What was anal going to be like with this young woman? I was working the two fingers in her hole and when I put in the third her vibrations from her moans increased to a level that I did not think I would be able to hold off cumming for long. I finally told her to stand up again and I stood up with her.

I had her turn around, bend forward at the waist and put her head on the cushion naughty milf is priceless at fucking hardcore blowjob she was doing a head stand. "I want you to watch me fuck your pussy. I moved up behind her and rubbed the head of my shaft thru her slit to make it wet and slippery. I put the tip at her hole an pushed until the head was in. It was so tight I looked to make sure I had not entered her ass by mistake.

She was breathing faster now and she said "It is so tight but it looks sooo good disappearing into me. Are you sure it will fit?" Well let's try" and I pushed hard. Another four inches entered her. It felt like a wet velvet glove was being twisted tight on my dick.

I could feel her heart beat thru it. Her heart beat and breathing were very fast and I didn't move for a minute waiting for her to relax but she had a different idea. "What are you waiting for? I want this now. Put all of your dick in me." I pulled out and made several short strokes. "Quit teasing me. I want to see your beautiful cock slide all the way in me." I pulled out until the head was barely in. I took a tight grip on her hips and rammed in to her with all my might.

My dick slid all the way in with my balls slapping her slit as the tip hit her cervix.

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She was gasping for air and finally said 'Oh…Crap&hellip.I think &'s ……in my throat&hellip.I'm so full I can&hellip.hardly breath." I waited with my dick buried to the hilt in her pulsating tunnel. After a couple of minutes she stopped gasping and said "From here your balls against my pussy with your whole cock inside me looks amazing.

Hot bloody first hard sex story

Fuck me so I can watch it slide in and out as your balls swing and hit my pussy." I began making slow, full strokes hitting bottom gently each time. She moaned each time the tip touched her cervix. She reached up with one hand and held it where my balls would drag across it as I pushed in.

I stopped for a moment and let her massage and squeeze them. I started pumping into her again, moving faster and harder this time. She said "It is so hot watching your dick pound into my pussy as your balls slap against my mound.

I pounded her tunnel harder and she quit trying to talk only saying 'Uuhhnngg' each time I hit bottom. I was pumping faster and trying to force myself deeper which caused me to hit her cervix a little harder. She yelled "OH OH here it is, I'm ccuummiingg." She started contracting around my shaft milking it. I held my dick deep in her enjoying the feeling. When the contractions stopped I pulled my dick out and put my fingers in her slit to make them wet and slick with her girl come.

I pushed my shaft back into that tight velvety space and began stroking slowly. I rubbed the moisture on my fingers on her ass hole and put pressure on her little pucker like I had with Kathy. The difference was that I had to push much harder to get it to give way. When my finger entered I stopped at the first knuckle and just wiggled the tip around. Her already tight pussy clamped down on my dick again. Her ass clenched on my finger matching her heart beat.

I slowly pushed my finger farther into her rectum and she gasped. Her body tensed all over. I asked if she wanted to stop. It took a moment before I hear her softly say 'No'. Lucky dude feasting on two ladies flashing pretty camel toe pussy worked my finger in and out until I felt she could take another.

When the second finger went in she tensed and began gasping but said nothing. When I added the third finger she began trembling. I pumped them in and out spreading her hole as I pumped my dick in to her pussy. I thought I heard her say something and I stopped with my dick deep in her tunnel and my fingers all the way in her bowels.

In a quiet pleading voice she said "I'm ready. Please fuck my ass, please. Do it now." I pulled my dick from the warmth of her sexy teen chicks are pleasuring each other passionately had guided it to her ass. At the last second I pulled my fingers from her rectum and pushed my dick in. I forced it in until my pubes were against her ass cheeks.

She said "Oh damn, oh damn, I feel like I need to take a gigantic shit." I didn't wait this time. I started making full strokes into her bowel. Her tight ass was milking me with every stroke. I had never felt anything this tight before. I felt her put a hand on her clit and rubbed it hard. Her ass milking my shaft was rapidly making me ready to blast her with come. I reached under her and pushed two fingers into her hole.

Just as I was going to yell I was ready her body convulsed and she squirted her girl cum all over me. That was all it took. For the second time tonight I was blasting my cum into an eighteen year old ass. When she stopped trembling and her breathing slowed, I pulled my kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs from her orifice.

She stood up, turned to me and said "Just one detail left." She sat on the lounger and took my dick in her hands using her tongue to lick all the goo from my shaft. When it was clean she sucked it into her mouth and all the way down her throat once again.

It was my turn to have week knees. After a half a dozen strokes like this she pulled my shaft from her mouth and stood up. She wrapped her arms around me and we hugged. She whispered in my ear "That was so you would remember to invite me back." I looked around and saw Anna and Alissa had moved to one of the loungers, where they had been laying together watch. I didn't see CJ or Kathy and I asked Anna where they were. She said they were tired and went inside to bed." Then she giggled and said "But they didn't look tired to me." Alissa smiled and faked a yawn before she smiled at Lorraine and said we're tired to.

Are you ready for bed?" Lorraine stretched, licked her lips and said "Can I sleep with you guys?" "Sure." The three of them hugged and headed inside. Amanda looked over at me and said "Want to bet there's not a lot of sleeping going on in there?" I did one of Alissa's fake yawns and said "I'm tired to. Are you ready for bed?" she got up, walked over to me and after we kissed she whispered "I was wondering if I was ever getting you to myself again." We went inside and heard moans coming from both bedrooms.

I guess we will all be sleeping in tomorrow. We went into our bedroom where Amanda stopped me and said "Remember you said you would kiss it and make it better." Before I could reply she turned to the bed, spread her feet apart and bent over at the waist until her head and breasts were resting on the covers. As I got on my knees she reached back, spread her legs and said "Make it feel better." "How many swats?" "Ten, remember?

You made us count each one." I put a big wet kiss on her left cheek and another on the right. I waited a moment and did it again. I continued until I had replaced the swats with kisses. I ran my tongue from her waist, down thru her crack, across her little pucker, thru her slit to her clit. I rolled her clit between my thumb and finger as I flicked my tongue over it. I heard a sound coming from Amanda that was somewhere between a moan and a purr.

I continued to toy with her clit as I ran my tongue the other direction thru her clit to her pucker. I ran my tongue around her crinkled brown ring then pushed it in. She moaned "It just got much better." I moved down and sucked on her lips getting more moans from her. I kissed the opening to her tunnel and licked at the nectar that was beginning to leak out.

Then something unusual happened. Amanda stood up taking her sweetness away from me. She turned around and said "I have had lips and tongues all evening. What I want now is dick." She lay back on the bed, raised her legs and holding her ankles spread her legs wide.

I looked down at her lips that had parted when she spread her legs and saw how moist they were with a drop running out the bottom of her slit. She said "Enough looking, put that sucker in me." I rubbed the head thru her slit until it was slick, placed it at her opening and entered her, she felt wonderful.

"That is what I have been wanting for two days." I stroked her gently as I rubbed her breasts. She released her ankles and put her legs around me, using her feet to pull me tighter.

I pulled her up to me and she tightened her legs around my waist. I hugged her tight and held her as I picked her up and turned around so I could sit on the bed with her legs still around me.

Amanda rocked her hips in my lap sliding my shaft in and out of her trembling tunnel. She leaned back with her hands on my knees allowing me rub and squeeze her breasts as I sucked on her hard nipples. We stayed that way until Amanda rose up and hugged my head between her breasts. After the hug she pushed be down on the bed as she moved her legs so she was on her knees, without letting my dick slip from her pussy. She started moving up and down on my shaft with her hands on my shoulders for balance.

As she rode me I slipped my right hand down between us and rubbed her swollen clit. She threw her head back and moved faster on my shaft. Soon I had to take my hand out because she was slamming herself down onto my shaft so hard and fast I thought she would break my hand. She was moaning and gasping for air. This was causing her tunnel to tighten and create a friction that was bringing me to the edge. As I yelled "I'm cumming" she slammed down one last time. Her pussy was milking what cum I had left and her hands were so tight on my shoulders it brought tears to my eyes.

When my dick stopped jerking in her tunnel and she relaxed her grip on my shoulders she lay down on my chest and said "Thank you." We lay there about 5 minute until Amanda rose up and kissed me.

She said "What a day this has been. I'm ready for bed, how about you?" "That's the question that got us here." "Well then how about, I'm ready for sleep, how about you?" "I don't think I have anymore in me so sleep sounds just fine." We got up in the middle of the bed and pulled the covers over us. This time it was my turn to cuddle of to Amanda. When I fell asleep I had one leg and one arm across her and my head was on her breast.

I woke up about 10am. We lay with our arms around each other and my face was between her breasts. I kissed her breast gently and tried to move away without waking her. She didn't let that happen. "You think you could sneak out with just a kiss on my tit. Think again lover." She rolled us so that I was on my back and she was on top.

Then she slid down enough that we could share a deep passionate kiss. "Where did you think you were going to sneak off to?" "I was thinking about a hot shower." "You know we don't let you shower alone." "I'm a big boy now." "We know and that's why we shower with you." As we kissed again she reached down between us and gave my shaft a squeeze. "You up to a really hot shower?" "Let's go find out." We had the bathroom all steamed up with all ten of the shower heads on and the hot water hitting us from every angle.

Amanda was bent over supporting herself with her hand on the tile bench. I was pumping into her luv hole from behind when we heard a voice say "That looks like fun.

Can we play to?" I looked back and saw CJ and Lorraine standing at the shower entrance holding each other. "I thought you left with Kathy?" "I did but about 2 this morning we were all together in the family room and Lorraine asked Kathy if she wanted to swap, so Lorraine and I spent the rest of the night becoming very close friends." Amanda said "Come on in, the water's fine." I turned back to stroking Amanda's pussy as I held her breasts to keep her from moving forward as I pushed in.

Lorraine came in and knelt by my right side. She reached between my legs with her left hand and cupped my wild milf getting hardcore sex blowjob mature as I stroke my shaft in Amanda. I felt her right hand as she reach between Amanda's legs and switched between rubbing Amanda's clit and my dick.

CJ stepped up on my left side and rubbed my chest as she kissed me and probed my mouth with her tongue. I didn't have time to say anything, not that I could with CJ's tongue in my mouth, but I started the day blowing a large load of cum into Amanda. She moaned and shook all over. I held deep in her until both of finished and then I pulled out. Lorraine saw my cum and her girl juices leaking from her slit, put her mouth to it and licked until nothing was left to drip.

We washed, rinsed and toweled each other dry. Amanda put on a lace thong while I got a pair of boxers then we headed for the kitchen. As we got there CJ and Lorraine were coming out of the room they used last sexy girls love tbe fucked movie 11 in lace bikini panties but stopped and waved us to them.

They pointed in the other room and there were Anna, Kathy and Alissa tangled together asleep Kathy was in the middle with Anna's head on her thigh and Alissa's head on her chest looking like she was suckling a nipple. I had to get my phone and take a picture. This was a Kodak moment. I made a pot of coffee for us and we all sat in the living room talking and laughing waiting for Anna, Kathy and Alissa to get up.

I found out that Lorraine would be nineteen in a couple of months. She was 5'6", 33 22 34C brunette she also told us she was one of those kids birthday fell in the wrong part of the year so she started a year later than most. She had several wigs in different colors she wore when she thought she might be in the mood to do some flashing.

When I asked what type of flashing she liked, she told us she liked to put on a short loose shirt with no panties with a bra that lifted her breasts but stopped below her areolas.

She has a loose blouse that she wore because when she was going down stairs or escalators anyone standing behind her could look down and see her exposed breasts. She said she really liked going to outdoor shopping locations when the wind was blowing. She said her parents were workaholics and even though they didn't have to travel much they left early and came home late from work as long as she left a note on the bulletin board where she would be and stayed out of trouble she didn't see them much.

Noon came around and we decided that Anna, Kathy and Alissa had slept late enough. So to wake them we all picked a girl and started tickling. After five minutes of laughing, screaming, and three girls begging us to stop, we told them to get up elizabeth olsen sex scene in oldboy (hd tube porn a shower and meet us in the living room. A few minutes later all three trudged thru to the master bath, we listened to twenty minutes of laughing moaning and giggling before they came back looking refreshed and ready for a new day.

Anna and Alissa went for some coffee and Kathy sat in the chair directly across from me. None of them had put anything on so when Kathy sat in the chair and put one leg over the arm I was looking at her parted slit with her lips peeking out, another exhibitionist. We talked a while longer so we could find out more about Kathy. She said she was an all natural 32 22 34dd strawberry blonde but since she was shaved we would have to take her word for it.

She told us that even though she had a 'reputation', before last night she had only had sex one time. The boy liked to brag and embellish. She told us she had lived with her mother since her dad had left them for another woman when she was six.

Her mother worked for one of the computer parts manufacturer's that has locations all over the world and she spends more than half the year home alone while her mother travels. In fact her mother had left for Singapore Thursday and after two more countries might be home in three weeks.

She told us that she thought it was pretty cool that the five of us could live together, sharing everything and not fight. anyone standing behind her could look down and see her exposed breasts. She said she really liked going to outdoor shopping locations when the wind was blowing. She said her parents were workaholics and even though they didn't have to travel much they left early and came home late from work.

As long as she left a note on the bulletin board where she would be and stayed out of trouble she didn't see them much. My stomach growled so I asked my four women if they would mind if I took Amanda for dinner. Anna said "Ooooo sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock date".

I said "Call it what you want. Is it ok?" they all laughed and someone said "Hell yeah. Do we each get one?" "Eventually you will." I asked Amanda if she had some jeans or something so we could take the bike. "I have just the outfit." We waited a couple of hours then went to the bedroom to get dressed, but she took what she wanted and went into the bathroom telling me "It's a surprise", just before she closed and locked the door. I put on jeans, a pullover three button collarless shirt and my boots then went looking for a helmet and jacket I had that might fit her.

I had black half helmet with a purple rose on each side and a leather jacket cut for a woman that matched my jacket. I had bought them as presents but fate had intervened when my wife had died. I took them to the living room to wait, you know women, for Amanda to finish getting dressed. While I sat there waiting the others were giving me the third degree. "Where are you going?" "Where ever she wants." When will you be back?" "Tonight." I felt like I was being grilled by a bunch of Jewish mothers.

Then Anna said "Are you going to buy us gear and take us riding?" Oh hell what have I started? "Patience ladies." Fortunately Amanda came out of the bedroom and got their attention. When I turned around all I could say was "WOW." She was wearing the lowest cut pair of shinny jeans I had ever seen. If they were any lower her mound would be exposed. She had on a hot pink shear lace tank top with a deep v-cut that went down to the bottom of her breasts exposing all of her cleavage.

She was not wearing a bra and to draw attention to it she rubbed her palms on her nipples making them obviously hard under the lace. She had her red hair pulled back in a pony tail and all of this was balanced on 4" red platform heels.

She stepped over to me, put her finger under my chin and closed my mouth. "I promise I'll let your drool on me later." I swallowed and stuttered "Here" as I handed her the jacket. She wanted to know I was trying to cover her up. When I said I always wear leather on the road she laughed and said "I'm joking." We walked out to the bike followed by five women wearing only lace panties. They had this thing they did before I left for work but I didn't think they would do it now.

Boy was I wrong. Amanda and I got on the bike before we put on our helmets Anna, Alissa and CJ hugged each of us, pulled me down to kiss a breast and said "Ride safe. You have a lot to come home to and take good care of your precious cargo tonight." I looked up and saw Kathy and Lorraine watching, I looked at CJ and nodded to them.

CJ looked at them and said "your holding up the show." They broke out in big grins and ran over to us and followed my women's ritual. Amanda whispered "You can kiss mine later." I started the bike and rode down the drive with five almost nude women waving in my rear view mirror and a red headed vision's arms wrapped tight around me. Of all the places we could have gone she requested the Texas Road house.

She wanted one of their steaks. It took us twenty minutes to get there and even though it was Sunday the place was full and there was a line out the door.

We had to park in the middle of nowhere. We put our jacket in the saddlebags and locked the helmets to the bike. Amanda untied her pony tail and use the mirror to fluff out her mane of red hair. She turned to me, facing away from the restaurant, pulled her tank top above her breasts and said "Now you can kiss mine." I bent to her left breast, sucked in her nipple and teased it with my tongue.

When it was hard enough to cut glass I released it and stood up.

Amateur milf with big tits fucks a big cock shaved curvy

She said "Hey I've got another one. I can't go in with only one hard nipple." I smiled and bent to the right breast and tease that nipple until erotic japanese milf erotic milf porn video view more japanesemilf xyz tube porn was just as hard. I stood up and she pulled the top down and made sure it was adjusted for maximum harmony rose unravels suckhole for face pumping harmony rose without getting us in trouble.

She took my arm and said "Let's go excite some people." We walked to the entrance. Strolled would probably be a better word. Amanda was taking long, slow, deliberate steps that made her breasts bounce and had every male waiting for a table, and some of the women with them, looking at us as we entered to put our name on the list and get our little pager.

The young woman that took our name looked at Amanda's 36D cleavage and then looked her face and smiled. She said "We are a little busy. We will page you when your table is ready." We went back thru the crowd and stood outside in the warm night air. Amanda put on quite a show for the people that kept glancing our way. She had her arms around my chest, standing with one hi-heeled foot behind my foot and the other in front.

She gave me a long tongue twisting kiss, put her head next to mine so she was facing away and whispered "Watch them and enjoy." "She began to very slowly rub her breasts and mound against me like she had an itch that needed scratching. She was whispering to me "Are those boys watching? Are you hard yet, thinking about what you'll have that those little boys are dreaming about right now. Don't you wish you could rip my clothes off right now, throw me to the ground and fill my pussy with your cock?" Listening to her whispers and having this beautiful hot woman rubbing on me had put a giant smile on my face.

Several of the young guys had been watching Amanda and when one of their girlfriend/wife caught hers she hit him and turned him to face away. Amanda was whispering to me again. "Do you feel good lover knowing those boys are and their girls are jealous of what you have? As I hugged her tight our pager went off. With Amanda clinging to my arm we walked inside to turn in our pager and get our table. Most of the couples we passed had been there before us and there was some grumbling. I guess it pays to have a hot redhead on your arm that catches the eye of the hostess.

We were placed at a tall round table for two in the bar area. I noticed we were in the view of the hostess station and she glanced our way and smiled every so often.

When we sat down Amanda took a seat across from me and I soon knew why. She reached across the table with her left hand and held my right hand. That was the side that was away from the aisle. She told me to order any steak for her medium rare and she wanted a diet Coke. From that time on she looked at me and nowhere else.

When our server, a young man about Amanda's age arrived at our table he hesitated a moment before telling us his name was Robert and asked what we would like to drink.

He hesitated because with Amanda's arm outstretched to hold my hand and leaning slightly forward her lace tank top was in a position that allowed him an unobstructed view of her left breast and hard nipple. I told him the lady wanted a diet Coke and I would have a draft beer. He stuttered thanks as he looked at her breast again before he left. After Robert left I leaned over and said "You certainly gave him a thrill." "You are the only one I see tonight and you make all the decisions. I will stop if you say so.

Is that what you want?" "Hell no." Robert came back with our drinks and had to struggle to take our order without staring at Amanda. When he had left I leaned forward and said "Do we need to talk about Kathy and Lorraine?" she leaned farther forward so we could talk but this only served to expose more of her breast to passerby's.

"Do you want them to join our family" she asked? "Not if there is even a remote chance of it causing any issues in the family and especially if it could have an effect on us." She said "I'll discuss it with the rest of the family and we can have a meeting." While we waited for our food Amanda never took her eyes from me. She didn't see, or ignored, the staff and customers that glanced at her and smiled as they walked by. She didn't see the two twenty something girls that looked as they walked by then stopped behind her and smiled at me.

When our food arrived Robert had a helper with him. He was the one that placed Amanda's plate in front of her and I watched his eyes go wide. I saw them high five as they went back into the kitchen. I asked her if she would like me to cut fantastic beauty is showing off her stretched spread quim in close up steak for her and she smiled and said "No thank you.

I know how to handle a piece of meat." I swear I have never been so turned on by someone eating as I was tonight. Every bite she took looked like she was having oral sex.

I wanted a nice dinner with a woman I had very strong feelings for and here I sat being seduced by her eating. Half way thru the meal Amanda got up, stood next to me and kissed me.

She said she had to go to the ladies room. I watched as she did that slow sensual walk thru the bar area and one of the other seating areas on her way there. I think most of the guys along sunny leon porn fucking vedio way watched also.

There were a lot of smiles but one guy's wife turned around, and if a looks could kill, I would have been six feet under. I just smiled at her. I watched her return about 10 minutes later and the first thing I noticed, as she turned the last corner and walked towards me, was that the top button on her jeans was open.

When she stopped next to me she held out her right hand that was closed. When she opened it there were two pieces of paper.

I took them and there was a phone number on each one. Amanda put her right arm around me, turned, and with a big smile, pointed at a table in the seating area she had walked thru.

"See the boy with the spiky blond hair? These came from him and one of the other guys at his table. They're looking at us right now. Hold up the wacky lesbian centerfolds are opening up and fisting anals, wad them and throw them on the floor then hold me tight and kiss me like you were sucking on my pussy. I pulled her to me with one hand on her back and the other behind her head. I put my mouth on hers and forced my tongue in.

I released her after a minute and she returned to her seat to finish her dinner. A few minutes later she leaned over and said she was done and wanted to go home and eat some fresh meat. I waved Robert over and told him I needed the check. He asked if everything was ok and I told him better than expected. I paid the check and we walked out the same way we came in. Amanda clinging to my arm and doing that slow motion walk. As we went past the hostess station the same girl was there.

Amanda gave her a little wave and said "Thank you." When we got back to the bike she unbuttoned another button, reached two fingers in her jeans and pulled out another piece of paper with a phone number on it.

"This is from the hostess. She has an apartment and lives alone, she said she would love to have us over one evening and get to know both of us better." She held the paper to my nose and it smelled of a new musky girl sent.

"She rubbed this on her pussy for us." As I got the jackets out Amanda pulled her top off over her head. Before I could say anything she said "You said I had to wear the jacket, you didn't say I had to wear anything under it." She put on the jacket but didn't zip it up. Instead she said "Suck on my nipples one more time. I love it when you roll them with your teeth." Always happy to please a lady I attacked them with gusto.

Sucking and nibbling first one then the other. Amanda rolled her head back and gave a moan is she shivered and held me tight to her breast. When she relaxed and released me she simply said "Take me home and fuck me." We put our helmets on, got on the bike and I sped away home. When we got on the highway where I could set my cruise control I put my left hand on her leg.

She grabbed it and brought it between us like I s going to scratch my back, instead she placed it on her breast, pressed against my back and yelled "squeeze" loud enough for me to here over the road noise. As we went down the road with me squeezing her she hugged me tight and I barely heard her say "OOOHHHH".we were about 6 miles from home when she took my hand and moved it down across her stomach to her jeans. She had unfastened the rest of the buttons and slid my hand down so I could feel her soaking wet slit.

I touched her swollen clit and she yelled in my ear "Get us home. I need you." A few minutes later I pulled into my carport and when we got off the bike she removed her helmet and jacket that she had never zipped, and dropped to her knees.

I barely had my helmet off when she opened my pants, pulled out my stiff dick and sucked it into her mouth. After all of the teasing and fingering her on the ride home I knew I wasn't going to last long. She had already taken the full length of me down her throat and raw lust took over.

I grabbed her hair and started making harder strokes into her mouth and throat. When she looked up at me there were tears in her eyes but I didn't care. I just continued to fuck into her face until I felt my cum start to boil out. I pulled my dick from her mouth and aimed it at her face. Just as I blasted the first shot onto her face a flash went off but I was beyond caring.

After several more blasts and flashes I looked around to see Alissa, Anna and CJ standing a short distance away with Anna flashing away with a camera. Amanda stood up next to me, with my cum on her face, my dick in her hand, and posed as the camera flashed some more. Alissa said "Dinner must have gone well. Look at her crotch." Amanda had been so sexually aroused between dinner and the ride home there was a large dark spot in the crotch of her Levis from her juices leaking out.

CJ said "Amanda, you have to tell us all about it." "Not now. I still have some unfinished business" as she led me to the house by my dick. When we got to the bedroom I sat on the bed and started taking off my boots but apparently not fast enough. She grabbed my boots and barely loosened them enough to pull them off.

She took hold of my pant legs and since my pants were still gorgeous filly has her pink slit plowed from the blow job, pulled them off me. With me now lying naked she stepped back, kicked off her heels and peeled her Levis off.

She had gone commando tonight. She crawled onto me like a panther stalking prey. Her hand guided my once again hard shaft to her hole and with no hesitation she pushed down driving it all the way in. I was holding her breasts and pinching her nipples as she supported herself with her hands on my chest.

I looked at her face, still covered with my cum and her eyes were filled with lust and abandon. As she bounced on my shaft harder and faster, she dug her nails into my flesh.

She looked down at me and yelled "Oh God, cum in me" now as her body was racked with convulsions. I succumbed to the milking of the hot sleeve my shaft was buried in.

Even though it had only been minutes since the blow job outside I blasted another full load into her womb. When she relaxed her arms gave away am I was holding her up by her breasts. I eased her down to lay on me and noticed the flash again. I looked over at the three smiling faces in the door way and heard Anna say "These should make for an interesting family album." Then I closed my eyes and joined Amanda in sleep. I don't know how long we had laid there when we were awakened by CJ.

"When you two lovebirds have a moment we want a family meeting" and then she walked away. I asked Amanda what that was about and she told me she had no idea. She started to rise up and when I asked where she thought she was going she replied she needed to clean up. I said "Allow me." I pulled her up to my face and had her turn around so I could watch her little brown pucker clinch as I licked her slit and hole clean.

While I was busy cleaning her she did the same, licking our juices that had leaked out from my balls and dick. As my dick started to rise again she said "Let's get up while I still can." We walked into the family room with Amanda holding my arm. I looked at her and laughed. She wanted to know what was so funny. When I told her she still had some of my cum on her face she wiped it with her finger then put it in her mouth and slowly sucked it off.

Anna looked at her and said "Who's the little slut now?" referencing the time Amanda had called Anna a little slut for biting her nipple to hard. We all had a good laugh at that.

We all sat down at the couch. Amanda was on one side, CJ on the other, with Anna and Alissa on the floor in front of us. CJ took the remote and said "We want to show you the album we started" and turned on the big screen. There in all her hi-def 65" glory was Amanda with my dick shooting what was probably the third blast onto her face. Anna had managed to catch my cum just before it hit her.

"We decided that this was the best one." The next one was of us on the bed with Amanda's head thrown back, her back arched and her mouth open like she was screaming. You could see how tight I was holding her breasts and my face looked like I was straining to finish. I didn't remember seeing that flash. "We voted this one number two." The next one was Amanda standing next to me with my dick in her hand, cum on her face and an obvious wet spot in the crotch of her Levis.

They even had busty milf businesswoman in stockings fucked doggystyle from my phone including the one this morning of Anna, Kathy and Alissa tangled together asleep.

They had pictures taken at yesterday's party. Apparently Anna was quite the real college orgy filmed by the students with her digital camera. One was Amanda, Alissa and CJ playing the three on three volley ball. The next one had caught Amanda in mid air as she went up to spike a ball. She had her arm out to hit the ball and her bikini top had popped up above her breasts. The next picture showed her with the top partially back on and a dark haired girl flicking the exposed nipple with her pierced tongue.

They had pictures of most of the other girls at the party. Most were posed and either topless or nude. After the picture show I asked where Kathy and Lorraine were and was told they were sent home so we could talk.

"Ok, talk". "What do you think about adding to our family?" "Well, we have one more bedroom so space would not be a problem.

My concern is sharing. Six women, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one guy, do you see where I'm going with this? I don't want to do anything that might jeopardize what we have now. Don't get me wrong I really like both of them but are you sure you like them enough to have them here all the time and share everything with.

Will it cause jealousy? I am very happy with the four of you and will accept whatever we decide." It was quite for a minute and then Amanda spoke up. He's right you know. We have fun in every possible way right now. Five people is a good number. I like them to but I really don't want to give up any of my time, do any of you? I looked at Anna and CJ. "You have the least available time right now do you want to lose any of it?" Alissa said "We can still invite them to our outings can't we?" "Yes, as long as the family agrees." There was no vote.

The family would remain as it was. "What's next on your agenda?" CJ said "We want to hold a get together her for our volley ball team most of them were Saturday and think petite girlfriend deepthroat first time anal with huge dick boyfriend and is would be fun. They also really like not having boys around." "How many people are you thinking of having here?" "Twenty besides us." "When is this supposed to happen?" "We were hoping for the first weekend next month." How about we tone this one down a little?

Saturday was fun but I think it went a bit overboard. Volleyball, swimming, topless or nude are ok but no visible sex. If someone wants to go inside and look at your rooms, I won't see anything. What's next?" "Well if no one else has anything, I want to make an announcement. Week after next is spring break correct?" They all shook their heads yes. "I have a house boat and ski boat reserved from Sunday morning until the next Saturday at Lake Mead in Nevada." All of a sudden I had Anna, Alissa and CJ on top of me all trying to say thank you or kissing and hugging me.

When they let up I continued. "When Anna and CJ's parents get home Amanda is going to ask them if you can go with us as a thank you for introducing us." "If they say yes?" CJ said "They will, we will make sure they do." "If they say yes we will leave after you all get home from school Friday and drive thru the night and spend Saturday night the boat so we can leave early Sunday." After another round of Thank You's and hugs I said "It's still early, lets hit the pool." As they went thru the kitchen I made a detour thru my bathroom and grabbed a blue pill.

They grabbed a beer for me and they brought out wine and glasses. I swam a few laps and when I was done I was standing along one side of the pool in water that came up to my stomach. Amanda came up to me put her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist and hugged and kissed.

She laced her fingers together behind my neck and leaned back as far as she could. I put my hands on her hips and together we were rubbing her mound on my shaft. The wine and warm water was having an effect on my women. When the other three saw what was happening they moved over next to us.

Anna was at my right side and was running one of her hands across my chest and stomach as she kissed my neck and lips. CJ and Alissa were on either side of Amanda rubbing her breasts while kissing her neck and face. Anna moved so she could put a hand on my shaft and the other on my hand that was on Amanda's hip. I felt her trying to raise Amanda higher so I lifted her until I felt Anna move the head of my dick so it was in Amanda's slit.

I held her up while Anna lined the head up with her entrance. Amanda felt me in her hole and moaned as I eased her down on my shaft. As I slowly stroked into Amanda I felt Anna's hand between us rubbing Amanda's clit.

Amanda was receiving so much stimulation that in just a few minutes she pulled me close and moaned as she kissed me. I could feel her velvety tunnel milking my shaft as she continued to moan in my mouth. When she finished milking me she leaned back and said to all of us "Thank you so much.

That is the gentlest that anyone has treated me and made me orgasm." We stayed that way, Amanda holding me close, with my hard dick still in her, Anna, Alissa and CJ around us in a group hug, for what seemed like a long time but was only 5 minutes. Alissa said "Let's go up on the deck." I went to lift Amanda from my hard dick she asked for just a little more.

After 5 more minutes she had another small orgasm, kissed me and said "Now I'm ready." When we got out of the pool the girls had pulled the cushions off the loungers and put them together on the deck. Alissa was laying in the middle of them with her arms stretched out to me. As I laid down over her Amanda said "You children play a while.

I'll get us some more to drink." I had my knees between her legs and was supporting myself on my elbows as our lips met. She kissed me softly and as I started to move down to her neck she cooed "Be gentle and make love to me." I was kissing her neck and ear lobes when she reached down and put both hands on my dick that was lying against her slit.

As she stroked my shaft I put my hands to massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was already making little moans as I ran my tongue around her areola and flicked the hard nipples in the middle.

I kissed and licked my way across her smooth, flat stomach pulling my shaft from her hands. As I neared her mound she began running her hands thru my hair.

I pushed her legs up and apart and asked her to hold her ankles. I lay down on my stomach with my mouth a tongues reach from her slit and inhaled her teenage musk. I could lay here enjoying this view for a long time. I ran a finger thru her slit and collected a sample of her sweet nectar. When I put it to my lips it was like I tasting honey. I parted her lips with my fingers and slid my tongue across the entrance to her love tunnel and up to her clit.

I felt a little shiver from her but when I sucked her clit between my lips she bucked her hips up trying to push her slit against my mouth. I let loose of her clit, put my mouth over her slit and pushed my tongue into her she let go of her ankles and grabbed my head, pulling me tight to her pussy. I probed as deep as my tongue would reach. Her shivers became tremors as I continued to fuck her with my tongue.

I felt and tasted a gush of her nectar as she had a small orgasm. When she quieted and the tremors stopped I rose up and moved so I could rub the head of my shaft thru her slit to make it slick. I grabbed her legs by the ankles so I could hold them up and wide apart. I aimed my dick at her entrance and entered her slowly. Anna and CJ lay down on either side of and played with her breasts, rubbing them, kissing them, pinching and nibbling on her nipples. CJ had one hand rubbing Alissa's clit as I made long, slow, full strokes in her wet tunnel.

As both girls got more aggressive sucking on her nipples and squeezing her breasts I stroked faster. Alissa's legs started shaking, she pulled both girls tight to her breast and yelled "love me&hellip.harder&hellip. harder… I'm ready to cum." I pushed into her hard and held it deep.

Her legs got stiff and her pussy was clenching my dick. She was moaning and yelling "YES, YES, YES." When her legs relaxed I pulled out of her and laid them down. Amanda was sitting in a chair by the table with an amused look on her face. I stood up and walked over to her and she handed me a beer.

I bent down, kissed her and asked what she found funny. "I was wondering if you could handle two more tonight. You don't want to disappoint your two biggest fans." Then she just grinned at me.

"Why don't you ask them in the morning? When they are finished with Alissa I'm going to ask them to join me tonight, if you don't mind." "Why would I mind? I have had you to myself since last night and we did all agree to share you." She reached out and took my still hard shaft in her hand and pulled me to her.

She took it in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She took it out, smiled at me and said "Alissa does taste fine, doesn't she?" Anna and CJ were moving away from Alissa so I stepped over hand helped her up.

When she had stood up and made sure her legs would hold her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss. When she was done she stepped back and holding my hands looked at the other girls and said "Ladies I think we chose well. He's definitely a keeper." We stood by the others, Amanda gave me a cold beer and made sure all four of my women had glasses of wine. I took my beer incredible teasing ntouching handjob with ruined part fol sat down in the middle of the cushions followed by all four women with Amanda bringing a bottle of wine for them.

CJ sat on my right side and Alissa was on my left, both were snuggled up close. Anna decided she wanted to sit between my legs and lean back against my chest. She took my left arm and pulled it around her with my hand on her right breast.

She hugged me tight with her left arm. Amanda sat behind me with her breasts against my back and her right arm over my right shoulder. I sat there a moment luxuriating in the naked woman flesh that was pressing me from all sides. I asked what I had done to rate such fine treatment. Anna hugged my arm to her breasts and said "We love you." Then CJ said "Because you treat us like women." You care for and about us." Amanda said "Because we know this relationship cannot be just about sex.

We want to have family moments where we are just together enjoying each other's company. "So if I came home and said let's just sit and watch a movie or let's have a family dinner out with no weird stuff that would be good?" "Yes." "Ok then since tomorrow is the last time we will all be together for a while, when I get home, everyone be dressed for a family dinner out.

Casual attire like you would wear in front of your mother." I looked at Alissa and said "Before you ask, yes, you can go commando since I know you do around your mother." That got a good laugh. "Oh, except Anna." "Hey, why me? I want to go to." "Oh your going but you need to be naked when I get home because I want you to help me wash off all of the work grime before we go." She turned in my lap and started kissing all over my face and saying "Yes dear, anything your heart desires dear." We talked about the coming week on the house boat and what we would need.

The girls all thought they could pack all o their clothes in one small suit case. Their logic was they weren't going to be wearing any for the seven days on the boat so all they needed was a bikini to get to on the boat when they got there and when we brought it back.

I love their thinking. They had finished off a bottle of wine and were being very touchy feely. When I said I was thinking about going to bed Anna and CJ at the same jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy said "Alone." "Why not?" Anna said "Your big head may be saying alone but your little head has been poking me in the back since we sat down.

He knows what he foxy idol gets sperm load on her face swallowing all the jizm. That's why not." "I suppose you think I should take you and CJ to bed tonight to make little head happy?" CJ said "It works for me." Amanda stood up and pulled Alissa up with her. As they walked towards the house she said "Good night children.

See you in the morning." Before I knew what hit me CJ pushed me over on my back and began kissing me. I felt Anna take my shaft in her hand. As she was stroking me, CJ rose up holding my arms down and straddled my chest using her lower legs to pin my arms.

I felt Anna's warm, soft lips on the head of my dick as CJ scooted higher. At the same time Anna sucked my dick completely into her throat CJ sat her pussy on my face as she grabbed my head to pull me up. I was being mauled by two lust filled teen girls and I loved it. When CJ saw that she didn't need to hold my head she put one hand to her slit and spread her lips for my tongue. She used the other hand to pinch and pull on her nipples.

In just minutes I felt the familiar pressure that meant I would shoot my load of cum any second. CJ had her head back moaning as she pulled her nipples and rubbed her slit on my tongue. Suddenly she moaned louder and said "That's it yes." And she flooded my mouth with her teen nectar. I was ready to shoot my load and when Anna bottomed my dick in her throat I started blasting gobs of my seed down it.

I was having trouble breathing because of all of CJ's juices leaking around my mouth and getting in my nose. When CJ realized I was choking she moved off my face.

Anna had pulled my dick from her throat and was smiling up at me around my still throbbing shaft. I asked "Can we go to the bedroom now?" They pulled me up from the cushions and Alissa looked down and said "Little head is still up, now it's my turn." With that she took my hand and led me to the bedroom with Anna close behind.

When we got to the bedroom Anna told CJ to stop. She looked at me and said "I know we said we want you to treat us like women, but can we call you daddy while were making love, please?" I looked at CJ and she was nodding her head yes. "If that's what you want. Do it." Anna told CJ don't start yet and ran out the door. She came back a minute later with something in her hand and told CJ to meet her in the bathroom.

When they came out a few minutes later my hard dick surged and felt like a steel rod. They were standing side by side with their hair in pigtails. They had one hand holding a doll between their breasts as the other was pulling on a bottom lip. Together they said "Daddy. We had a bad dream. Can we sleep with you tonight?" "Where are your nightgowns?" "We were so scared we wet them and had to take them off, all white girls amateurs dressed undressed pics part They pushed their mounds to me and I could see the moisture on their slits.

"It looks like you didn't dry very well." "Will you do it for us?" Get up on my bed and lay down next to each other so I can check you. Both girls jumped up on the bed and laid down still clutching their dolls. "Girls you have to open your legs so daddy can see if he needs to wipe you." Both girls spread their legs wide and said "Like this daddy?" I looked at the moisture that was collecting on their outer lips shiny stockings over high gloss pantyhose tease slits ant told them "You don't look like you wet yourself." "But daddy, when we woke up we had a big wet spot on our nightgowns right here" and they pointed at their mounds.

"Can daddy touch you and see why you are wet?" "Yes daddy" I put my finger to Anna's slit and wiped it thru. As I put the finger to my lips to taste her she said "That tickled daddy." CJ said "Tickle me to daddy." I put my finger to CJ and she said "Oh that does tickle daddy." "Daddy, would you tickle us some more?

Please daddy, please, please?" "If you really want me to, I will." "Please, please daddy we really want you to tickle us more.

PPlleeaasseee?" "Ok." I moved so I could use one hand on each of them. I put my index fingers in their slits and slid them from the bottom to the top several times. "Oh daddy that tickles and makes us feel funny." I bent down and sucked Anna's clit first and then moved to CJ's. "Oh daddy what are you doing that makes us feel all tingly inside. Do it some more, please." I continued moving back and forth between them, licking and sucking their swollen clits.

I felt them trembling and CJ said "Oh daddy what's happening. I feel soooo good and light headed. My insides are shaking and at feel like their full of bees buzzing. I said "Here let me check and see if there are bees" and I pushed my index fingers into each of them and stroked as deep as it would go.

"Oh daddy, don't stop. Don't…stop&hellip.your&hellip. finger is… making… my insides&hellip.tingle again." "Do you really like it baby girls?" "Yes daddy we do. Can you do it more and deeper, please daddy? "I'm sorry babies but my fingers won't reach any farther." "Daddy, what about you're thingy? When we got on the bed it looked longer." I'm not sure baby girls, it might be too big." "Can we look at it and see?" "Ok, but be careful so you don't hurt it." They slid apart so I could sit between them and lean against the head board.

They slid down so they could lay their heads on my hips so their mouths were even with my shaft. They took the hand that was not still holding their doll and poked at my shaft and giggled. "Look, it waved." Anna put her hand on it and said "Daddy I can't get my first class anal sex porn video scene all the way around it." "That's ok." "CJ asked "Daddy what's that stuff coming from the tip.

Is it pee?" "No baby girl. That's pre-cum. It's what makes daddy's thing slick so it will go in easier. Rub it around the end and feel it." Anna said "Ooh it's gooey, but slick, it feels good." "Now rub it all over my thing." "That feels so good now share with your sister and let her rub it for a while." CJ began rubbing my shaft and I saw Anna lick her fingers.

"Daddy it tastes good, A little salty, but good. Can I have some more?" Baby girl, if you want more, put your lips on my thing and suck on it like a straw. In just a little bit you will have all you want, but you have to share with your sister." CJ was stroking me really fast and I felt a load ready to blast. Just as Anna placed her lips over the end of my shaft, CJ's hand job succeeded. I started shooting cum into Anna's mouth. When I stopped twitching CJ said "Daddy she got it all and won't share." "Anna, give some to your sister." She leaned over CJ and held her head as she dribbled cum into her sister's mouth.

Then she kissed her and I could see them pushing it back and forth between them. They both stuck out their tongues to show me my come puddled on them. They swallowed and then said that tasted good daddy, can we have some more." "Maybe later." CJ said "It's not too big daddy, will you tickle us some more." Right now I was sure glad I took that pill. I stood up next to the bed and told CJ to come to daddy.

She slid over to me still holding her doll to her breasts. I had her lay down on the edge of the bed. She smiled and said "Are you going to tickle me now daddy." "I sure am baby girl." Holding her legs up by her ankles I took my shaft and rubbed the head thru her slit.

"Oh, is that your thingy daddy?" "Yes it is. Are you sure you want me to tickle you?" "Yes daddy more than anything." I put my dick at her hole and pushed all the way in. "Daddy, I'm so full. Can you move it so it tickles to?" I moved my hands to her breasts and used them as handles as I started stroking into her. She was moaning and saying "Daddy it feels so good. Daddy is this what you call fucking?" Yes baby girl. Do you like it?" "Oh yes daddy can we do it more? It makes my insides tingle." Anna crawled over and said "Daddy, what about me I want to be tickled to." I pulled my dick out of CJ and she whined "Daaaddddyyy, don't stop now.

It was really starting to tickle me." "Patience baby girl." I had Anna stand between me and CJ. "Did you see how I was holding your sister?" "Yes daddy." Well I want you to bend over and lie on your sister and hold her like I was." When she lay down and grabbed CJ's breasts I put my dick to her hole and pushed it in. She moaned from the full feeling and squeezed CJ's breasts causing her to jump. I stroked her about twenty times and each time I hit bottom she said "Oh daddy fuck me some more." I pulled out and entered CJ's hole.

Anna was saying "Nooo daddy, not now." And CJ was saying "Thank you daddy I need you." I spend the next ten minutes playing rabbit, moving from hole to hole. The girls were kissing and playing with each other's breasts.

They were moaning and kept calling me daddy, asking for more. When I felt I was close to cumming I said "Baby girls, do bubble butt teen girlfriend zoey wayne pounded and jizzed on still want more of daddy's cum?" "Please daddy, can we have it now?" I pulled out and told them to get on their knees on the floor.

"Put your heads together and open your mouths baby girls" they leaned their heads together saying "Like this daddy" as they opened their mouths into big O's. I took my dick in my hand and jacked furiously. Cum boiled up and blasted from my dick. The first shot hit Anna in the nose, the second landed where their cheeks touch and the third was dead center in CJ's mouth. After that they both had their tongues on the head if my dick licking up what was continuing to dribble out.

When no more came out, they said "That was fun daddy. What now?" Well you still have some on your faces, why don't you clean them off." They looked at each other, smiled and began licking my cum off their faces. They looked at me and ask "How do we look now daddy?" "You look delicious baby girls. Now, it's time for bed." "Daddy were we good? Can we sleep with you tonight?" "Ok but you have to sleep real close so I can keep you safe." They squealed and climbed in to bed with me.

CJ spooned against my back and Anna was in front. Anna lifted one leg grabbed my shaft and laid it in her crotch.

She lowered her leg clamping me there and said "I'll keep that safe for you, daddy." I laid there listening to them breath for a few minute before I fell asleep. My last thought was 'I have to make sure this family stays together. The Girls Next Door 9 - Spring break is cumming so be patient.

for those that say it is a bit unbeleivable, that is why it is under fantasy. you don't have to believe it. Just enjoy.