Teen trying way with old man and milf

Teen trying way with old man and milf
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Poster's notes This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here.

He reckons people who read here might like it too. The tags for this story aren't specific to any one chapter, but are general for the entire series. It's a work in progress, with currently 8 chapters and counting. Chapter 1 serves as a prologue. Chapter 2 is the actual start of the story, with Chapter 3 onwards containing the real meat of the story. I will be posting each chapter exactly as it is found on nifty, this time with my friend's author's notes. He highly appreciates feedback, criticism and encourages people to spot any typos or errors and if you wish to email him he's at: [email protected] I hope you enjoy his story.

PS This is the last chapter. Posted here for your convenience is a link to my author's page, so you can see his other works and also mine. http://stories.xnxx.com/profile495499/dingg007 Also, if you wish to view the chapters through nifty, here's the link: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/young-friends/webcam-boys/ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: You are about to read a fictional story.

This story valentina nappi henessy club pink velvet the beginning underage boys engaging in sexual behaviour. All similarities with any persons living or deceased are purely coincidental.

If you're not allowed to read this, then please don't. If you don't want to read this or find it offensive then.feel free to peruse friendlier works of art. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are very welcome, but please spare me the flames.

I mean, I'm still learning how to write properly. Note: If you're looking for a quick fap, this ain't your story. I place heavy emphasis on the backstory and any perverted interactions are milder than most and come later compared to other similar stories. TL;DR This is a story with sex, not a sex story.

Author's notes are located after the story. Please try to read them even though they're long. They're VERY important. This chapter is dedicated to my brofriend. Even though we said we wouldn't ride that rollercoaster, I already bought tickets in case you change your mind later.

You're totally paying japan show body hot and big milk the cotton candy though :p _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ g.martinez presents: Webcam Boys Chapter 10: Turnabout Relationships It was a cold Tuesday afternoon as light, intermittent snowfall persisted since morning.

Peter McMahon was in slender amazing bitch rides a cock hiddencam and hardcore pool locker rooms; the team had just finished their training session and he was now getting ready for lunch.

Coach Piaget had promised them more intense training sessions for the weeks to come, and the man was true to his word. Despite the absurdly chilly weather, the team was excused from their morning classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they could go and train in the pool until lunch, aside from regular after school training on Wednesdays and Fridays. To Peter, it seemed like Coach Piaget wanted to win the interstate meet very, very badly.

It made the teen wonder if the coach was trying to fulfill a failed childhood dream. Peter deliberately dawdled in taking a shower and dressing up so that he was the last one at the locker room, like he usually did when he was exhausted. He wanted to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet—a wish promptly dashed by what sounded like a twelve-year old boy screaming for his life. "Carl, get back here!" "No way, man, seriously I can't believe you still piss your pants!" "Darn it, stop being such an asshole!" Peter went to see what the commotion was all about and was greeted with a peculiar site.

A sixth-grader was running toward him waving his iPhone around while being chased by a slightly chubby boy who Peter recognized as John Watson. "What—" Peter barely managed to blurt before the boy John was chasing almost crashed into him.

The boy finally noticed that he was about to bulldoze Peter and did a drastic, haphazard sideways roll to avoid a collision. John though, was too frantic to realize Peter's presence in time. Peter braced for the impact, but both he and John still tumbled on the floor, with John bearing the worst of it.

"What the hell was that about?!" Peter demanded of the other, still standing boy while massaging his head with a pained expression. "I'm sorry! I was just teasing him!" said the boy as he went over to John. "John, hey! How many fingers do you see?" "Ughh…screw you, Carl. My ankle hurts real bad…" "Crap, I think you sprained it" Carl said as he helped John up.

"Well, you aren't just gonna stand there are ya? Help me get him to the infirmary!" he said looking at Peter. "W-what, hey! YOU guys ran into me and—" "C'mon, hurry up! Don't be a jerk!" "Pfft. Fine," Peter grumbled as he helped the boy named Carl carry John off.

"I can't believe you guys…you even ran over me…" he mumbled further. As they carried the limping John, Carl tried to offer his meek apologies to Peter once more. With the teen generally refusing to show interest however, Carl's covert thumbs up towards the direction of the bleachers went unnoticed.

**** "I'm sorry I ran into you…" "Ah well, don't sweat it. It's not like I got hurt or anything. You okay?" "Well, aside from my ankle, yeah." "Where's the nurse anyway?" Peter wondered out loud. Just then Nurse Joy came in with a rather harried expression on her face.

"Oh I'm sorry I took long boys. What happened here?" "I kinda bumped into him and I hurt my ankle," John said, gesturing at Peter. "Actually, he ran into spanking and anal training for my sub norah corrected Peter.

"I think he sprained his ankle, Nurse Joy," Carl elaborated. Nurse Joy went over to John and had him remove his right shoe and sock. She moved his foot side to side, scrutinizing it with a few pokes and a raised eyebrow. "When I move it like this, does it hurt?" "Uhm, not really." "And this?" "Uhm…yeah, ouch!" "Hmm, looks like a contusion more than a sprain; there's no swelling so far," Nurse Joy concluded.

"And you, what's your concern?" She asked Peter. "Well, I guess my head hurts where I hit the floor…" "And you?" she asked Carl. "Uh…I'm tired from chasing John before he bumped into this guy…?" Carl offered with a sheepish grin. He recoiled from the stern look Nurse Joy gave him and took it as a sign of dismissal.

He quietly edged out of the room all the while enduring the nurse's piercing glare. "Anyway, I'm so sorry, but you buys have to wait for a bit before I can attend to you," Nurse Joy said after Carl had left. "It's all so strange, just before you boys came in, three other boys came to me complaining of stomachaches…it looks like food poisoning since they said they were drinking this coconut water and when I inspected it, it was already slightly spoiled," she went on while preparing a bed and ice bags.

"Here, this is for you," she said as she handed Peter an icebag. She then helped John up to the bed and propped his foot up. "There, rest up first while I go back to the other boys in the room. Just apply the ice bag as necessary." Nurse Joy then hobbled back toward the other room muttering what Peter made out to be "…easier when I was just a veterinarian back at the center…" "I'm sorry I ran into you…" John apologized.

"It's not like I beautiful cuties dont know who is fucking em striptease and hardcore hurt or anything, so I guess it's cool," Peter replied.

"Well, not just that, I wanna thank you for helping to get me here even if I was the one who rammed into you." "It's no big, John." "How'd you know my name?" came John's startled reply. "Well, uh, that other boy called you John, uhm, right?" "Oh, yeah.

What's yours?" John asked, his hand outstretched. "McMahon, Peter McMahon, " Peter said as they shook hands. "Oh, you're Peter…" John said slowly. "Seems like you know me." "Uh…on the school paper.

Heard you were playing for the interstate swim meet. You must be good." "Thanks. So what's the deal with that boy back there? Any reason you were chasing him like a madman?" Peter asked while attempting to lighten the mood.

"He was teasing me. He kinda found out that I…that I wet the bed sometimes and he was shouting it in the halls and…" "Okay, I get it, guy's a complete asshole." "Something like that.

I thought he was a good guy too," John agreed. "It sucks when people you thought were cool turned out to be real assholes huh?" "Yeah.

I agree with you there wholeheartedly…" Peter said. "It's the same with my friend, Will." "Will—William James…? W-what about him?" Peter stuttered. The teen seemed like he was getting slightly hesitant, as if the topic might shift into something awkward. "I thought he was my best friend," John said, closely watching Peter. "Isn't he still?" "He's being a jerk." "Yeah?" "He's starting to ditch me. Brushes me off because I don't understand his 'problems'.

He's being a snob and won't even talk to me like we used to. I don't get it and he doesn't let me.

I'm just so pissed at him!" "Oh…I didn't know it was that bad…" "You know something about it." "I…no, why would I…" "Peter, you know Will…" John said.

"How would I know him?" "You said his full name even if I didn't," John replied with a raised eyebrow. "Oh. Well, we're…acquainted…but—" Peter stammered. "Will mentioned something about hanging out with a more mature friend, helps him out with math and stuff…he mentioned you once or twice. It's alright," John said to Peter, who looked as if he was caught cheating in a relationship.

"Look, I don't blame you if William hangs out with you more or whatever now…" John continued, breaking eye contact and mumbling the last few words. "John, it 'aint like that.

William doesn't hang with me any cute teen slut and young fuck facial redhead linda banged by dude than we used to, which isn't as much as he does with you I reckon." "We haven't been talking lately, so I dunno about that. I was sick last Saturday and I asked him if he could come and visit me, and you know what?

He couldn't because he said he had stuff to do. I mean, isn't checking up on your sick friend kinda more important?" Peter was sweating a little now. He couldn't help but recall that on the Saturday in question, he sucked William for all the boy was worth in his bedroom. "John, don't jump to conclusions. I bet he cares a lot about you. Maybe—you know, the whole fighting thing with you guys is hard on him too," Peter said. "Whatever, I dunno anymore. He's an…an…" Sex xxx school girl com m said, seemingly straining to say his next words.

"…he's an asshole. That's what he is. Why am I even friends with someone like him?" "John, wait. Don't say that. William…he isn't like that at all. You got it all wrong," Peter said definitively. "What do you mean? Peter, what do you know about Will?" John said with a rather expectant tone. "What do you want to know?" Peter asked, seemingly moved with sympathy.

"Did he ever tell you about, well…anything? I mean…why he's not talking to me and why he's like that now…" John asked, shifting uncomfortably and subtly stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"I can't promise I know much…" Peter beautiful busty blondes double penetration and pussy licking. He looked at John and saw the younger boy miserably looking up at him. The teen bit his lip and sighed. "William seems to have an effect on you. How much do you really care about him?" "He's my best friend.

Or…was. I dunno anymore," John said, looking at the floor. "We've been friends for as long as I could remember." Peter sighed as he regarded John.

"Maybe I can help you understand each other a little, if it helps. Don't be too shocked or anything… but you really got William all wrong. I think that actually, he loves you." *** The final bell just rang and Peter was looking forward to a good long rest. The day was especially exhausting, what with the swim training and running into John Watson of all people. It was none too easy telling John that William James loved him, especially after Peter himself sexed up William.

And even more especially since their talk tread on dangerous ground. Overall, it was definitely not the best day Peter had.

He supposed he could be excused for not appearing to be enthusiastic when William James suddenly came up to his side, as cheerful as a twelve-year old boy could be. "Pete!" "Hey…" "So…tomorrow we all have half the day off because of that annual faculty meeting, right?" "Yeah?" "Uhm, would you still be training after though?" "Well, I don't think so.

Coach Piaget is part of the meeting too." "Cool! So you're free then. Er, wanna hang out?" William asked expectantly. "I dunno, I'm kinda tired…" Peter replied, his voice trailing. In truth he wouldn't want to pass up any opportunity to be with William, but due to his recent exertions he thought he needed time to relax for himself, and he told William so.

"Not today, dummy! I meant tomorrow, that's why I asked!" William replied. "I meant tomorrow too. Besides, it's been cold as crap lately; it's not the best kind of weather for us to hang. It might even snow, and you might have problems getting back.

What's with you anyway? You seem more…uh…hyper than usual," Peter said, noting that William was never the "hyper" kind of boy to begin with.

"Well…I…" William stammered, as if backpedalling on his previous enthusiasm. "I just thought it would be a good time to hang out…and stuff," William blushed heavily at the last word, and Peter definitely noticed it.

"Do…do you really want to? I mean, you know…" Peter replied, glancing to his sides and whispering as if anyone could hear him through the noise of the other chatting students. "Uhm, yeah. I mean…when else do we get to do stuff like that, yeah? And uhm…I got a little bit of a surprise for ya tomorrow…" "What, what surprise, what do you mean?" Peter asked.

The way William's voice trailed off seemed highly suspect. "Look…I never really thanked you before for…stuff. I really liked it. And I wanna surprise you with something to make up for it." "Can you at least tell me something about it so I can get ready or something?

You kinda got me worried." "Of course not, it's a surprise! Chill! All you gotta know is that my surprise will…blow you away." After working out the details of their meet up at his house, Peter watched William go. Though he had his misgivings, the boner he had in his pants made him look forward to the coming day. **** "You got that ladder ready? # Alright, cool. # Yeah take care of John, will you?

# Nah, I just worry that's all, he might panic. # No, no I'm not making fun of you, John. Well, not intentionally, haha. Mind giving the phone back to Carl? # Yeah, I'm on the way to his place. Remember, put your phone on mute and check for my text before you go in. # Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine. Jim is ready to go too, don't worry about us. I'm more worried about the both of you. Let's just hope nothing goes wrong. **** Despite himself, Peter was quite excited for William to arrive.

The younger boy had promised to come over as soon as he dropped off his school things at home. Since Peter got home himself, he'd taken to looking out the front yard every other minute or so, hoping the next person to pass by was William.

When William did arrive, all smiles and giddiness included, Peter couldn't help but look around behind the boy for the supposed surprise, in case it wasn't a sex thing like he hoped and instead a furious parent like he had feared.

"Hello? Pete? I'm here in front of you!" William said humorously, waving his hand in front of Peter's eyes. "Yeah, I see you, Will," Peter said with a laugh, while ruffling William's hair. "Ack, quit it!" William giggled, and then promptly dashed into the living room after he was free of Peter's grasp.

Peter closed the door after making sure no one else was outside, and found William on the sofa, flat on his belly, his jacket already strewn on the floor. "Scoot over," Peter said to William. The boy sat up and let Peter sit on the sofa, but immediately laid his head on Peter's lap.

"Well, this is uncharacteristically flirty of you," Peter sniggered. "What?" William replied with a smile. "This is nice. Besides, I think you like it." "And what makes you say that?" "This," William said before promptly biting at Peter's crotch. "Whoa! Easy there, you little horndog!" Peter said with a laugh.

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"What? I think you even have a boner already." "Maybe. Seriously now though, this is all really unlike you. It's kinda freaking me out, even if it is kinda turning me on." "Alright, alright," William said as he sat up. "This was kinda part of the surprise." "So, tell me about the surprise.

Why all this all of a sudden?" "It's just like I said, you know?" William started, a deep blush appearing on his cheeks. "What we did last time…that was awesome. Super awesome. I wanted to thank you for that, but when I was here last time, I was too spaced out to even say it. Also…" his eyes dropped to his lap as he paused, "I didn't even get to do you in return." "You don't have to, you know," Peter said while absent-mindedly stroking William's thigh.

"But I…I want to. You made me feel special in ways I never imagined." "Hasn't John ever made you feel special?" "Huh?

What about him? You've met?" "In a way. You've been a having a row haven't you?" Peter asked. "In a way," William replied evasively.

"What's been going on with the two of you? He's your best friend, I think he deserves better treatment than what you've been giving him." "Probably." "C'mon, Will, you can tell me anything." "It's complicated, Pete.

It's like, I'm growing up and he's still just a kid. I can't explain it very well. Uhm, for starters, I can't ever imagine me and him doing the stuff we do, I mean sucking and stuff," William said, avoiding eye contact with Peter.

"But you've done it with each other!" "What…?!" "I uhmm…" Peter took a while to regain his composure then proceeded to tell William a trimmed down version of their talk in the infirmary. "He uh… mentioned that you two wanked and sucked each other before.

Is that why you're being so cold to him?" "I dunno. I guess I need to sort it in my head still," William said as he lay on the sofa with his head on Peter's lap again. The teen understood this as a sign that William didn't want to pursue the topic further. "Okay, I guess. Whatever suits you, little bro," Peter said after a sigh. "Just remember I'm here if you want to talk, alright?" "Sure.

Now though…" William said after looking at his watch, "it's about time for your surprise." "What, you mean it isn't a sex thing?" Peter asked, slightly laughing. "Eh, you'll see.

Can I check my FB in your comp first though?" "Can't you check on your phone? I just turned it off." "Er, my phone's not picking up the wifi very well. I just need to check it real quick, it's related to the surprise." The pair then went up to Peter's room where the teen booted up his computer. Peter was starting to get real excited, not least of which was because William was in his room again.

He was so excited he didn't even mind William hovering over him as he typed his password. "Right then, here you go, Will," Peter said to the boy, who by then was standing to the side, examining his bedside window, "Er, any particular reason why you're staring at my window?

"Ah, nothing much. I thought dead or alive honoka fucking ass animated sound play now window had grills on it or something.

I mean what if you were leaning on it and you accidentally fell through?" William asked, examining the glass sliding window. "Well, the very knowledge of that possibility prevents me from doing such, my young friend," Peter said blackmail kidnap rep sex vidios an imitation of Sherlock Holmes. "Yeah, right. Anyway it's getting stuffy in here, why don't we just…" William started as he unlocked the hatch.

A blast of unforgiving cold wind met his face as he slid the window open, prompting him to immediately pull the sliding panel closed again. "Well, nevermind." "The snow outside didn't give you any hints? I swear, you're just so restless today," Peter said amusedly. "Maybe I'm just a bit excited," William said as he went over the computer and checked his FB. "You know I barely heard the teachers at all today since the periods were cut short.

I don't know why they expect anyone to understand anything when it's a half day off." "Excited for…?" Peter asked sensually, wrapping his arms around William as the boy sat typing. "For the surprise of course!" "Well, we're in my room… Why don't you surprise me now?" Peter said in a whisper. "No, no. Not here. We gotta go back downstairs. The surprise is coming!" "Wait, what?" Peter said, genuinely confused.

"Just trust me, c'mon!" "What about the computer?" "Just leave it on, c'mon!" William said as he led Peter back to the living room. Peter sat back down the sofa, still anxious while William went out the front porch, cellphone in hand.

The teen was still baffled by what the supposed surprise could be. And just when he realized that everything William had done and said so far could only mean the arrival of another person, the boy came back in and said "Surprise!" Johnson Masters entered the living room after William, sporting his trademark perpetual scowl. *** "Yeah, I just got his message. They're all there now," Carl Rogers said to John Watson, who was seated beside him.

"We're running a little late then. I blame you for taking so long to get dressed," replied John. Both he and Carl were currently riding a bus to Peter's house after making lengthy preparations that Carl deemed "absolutely necessary".

"They'll have to stall. Don't worry, they'll handle it." "Why does Will have to text you, he could text me just fine too, you know…" "Because I'm the one who thought of this entire operation. You can go be jelly later ayt?" "Oh, sod off. I'm not 'jelly'. Stop saying 'jelly'!" "Jellykid." "Carl!" "Relax. We're nearly there." "It's kinda hard karlee grey and eliza jane love licking relax," John said, glancing around then at the ladder to their side.

Both he and Carl had to plead and argue with the bus driver to let them carry the metal stepladder inside the bus, despite its size severely limiting the space of the other passengers around them. More than a few patrons also questioned why two young boys such as themselves even need a ladder.

Most disconcerting of all to John teen webcam masturbation glasses xxx assslave yoga how the passengers reacted to anus girl sex in bath they looked like; Carl, through a stroke of childish insanity, declared that he and John should don all black outfits, with black beanies, shades, black gloves, black cargo pants, black shirts and black jackets that made them seem, according to Carl, like "secret agents".

Or burglars, John mused miserably. The passengers and the driver were certainly reacting as if they were the latter. "Can I at least wear my glasses now? It's hard to see with these shades…" John added.

"Just keep your cool, ayt? You should be excited even," Carl replied, clearly unperturbed by the curious glances he was getting. "Just one more thing. Did you always have outfits like this before you thought of the plan?" John asked, tugging at his borrowed jacket. "That's irrelevant to the mission," Carl hastily said. John felt both annoyed and amused at what Carl implied. The pair remained silent until they got off at their stop. "Good thing it's near the road," Carl said, pointing out Peter McMahon's house.

"Right there, number five. Will wasn't kidding, Peter's house looks way rich." As the boys went nearer the house, John chose to voice his immediate concern. "Carl…how the heck are we gonna get over that fence?!" he said, gesturing towards the ten-foot wrought iron fence surrounding the house that Carl seemed resolute to ignore.

"Hmm, well yeah, that's a problem. It's kind of weird, considering almost none of the houses here have fences, then again, I guess it figures that a mini-mansion like that has a fancy fence," Carl replied. "You have a plan, right?" "Er, actually, Will forgot to mention the fence. Oh, but that's the room over there though, second window to the left, second story. William should have already unlocked it." "You're taking this quite well aren't you?" John asked with thinly veiled sarcasm.

"Relax, I'll think of something." **** "Stall. The fence knew we were coming," said the text message William just read. It was from Carl, and while humorous, wasn't good. William just remembered the fence, and was mentally berating himself for forgetting to tell the others about it beforehand. He wasn't in a position to think of an alternative plan though, since at the moment, he was preoccupied with assuring Peter that he did not just let the entire school know he was getting sexy with two twelve-year old boys.

"Ugh, Will, you tell him. I think I'm just making it worse." "Jim, I thought you were good with words?" William asked as Johnson shrugged. He sat beside a clearly mortified Peter. "Pete, listen to me. Pete? Hello?" "Will, what the heck?! Who else knows?! Why is Johnson here?!" "It's really out of character for you to panic…" Johnson said. "Jim, that's not helping," William said. "Pete, it's only Jim and me, you gotta believe me." "But why is he…" Peter stammered.

"Pete, I'll say it again. Will knows about us, okay? And I know about you and Will. It's only the three of us that know and that's it," Johnson said confidently though facing away from Peter. "But how…?" Peter asked incredulously.

"Okay, so I guess I should've filled you in with some things before Big tits amy reid fingering her pussy got here," William started. "I told you Jim and I made up for that fight we had, remember? After that we started hanging…then we kinda started talking about horny stuff…" he finished, his tone trailing and hesitant. "More or less," Johnson added quickly. "See, Will here wanted a size contest, and after I beat him by a mile—"Johnson sniggered as William cast him a dirty look, "—I reckoned we could have a race to see who cums first.

Well, after that I remembered about all those times I wanked for you and I happened to mention it by accident. So after that, Will got real embarrassed and said he knew you too. I reckoned he meant more than just a chance meeting so I had him tell me about what you guys did together, which was a lot by the way. It's only fair he told me about you guys since I told him about us, y'know? I was like, why'd you leave me out? So Will here got this brilliant idea to—" Johnson trailed off and looked expectantly at William.

"—I thought it would be cool if the three of us…did stuff…" William said meekly. He was positively blushing. "Wow…is this for real?" Peter asked, his incredulity being steadily replaced by excitement. Johnson went behind the sofa, wrapped Peter's neck with a hug then asked, "What do you think?" "Well, I always thought you sort of minded all those times you wanked for me," Peter said. "After all the awesome porn you gave me? And if I did, why did I keep doing it then?

Also, If I did, why would I be here, right now, with you?" Johnson said whispered in a smooth, seductive tone. "Hey, hey, I'm still here!

I'm kinda feeling left out," William said, privately thinking that Johnson was overdoing the whole flirting thing. "Don't worry, Will, I'm not forgetting you," Peter stroked William's thigh then suddenly grabbed his crotch, making him squeal in surprise. "Don't act so surprised, you were eager for this since a while ago," he then said as William blushed furiously. "I never really told you, but I really thought it was unfair that I kept wanking for you but you never showed me your stuff.

I wanna see it, Peter. All of you," Johnson said, almost in a whisper. "Damn, both of you are so horned up today!" Peter said, his tone substantially more elated, if not a bit longing.

"Alright you two, how about we head up to my room and—" "No, not in your room!" William blurted, getting a curious look from Peter. "We want it here, in the living room," Johnson added a bit demandingly, while giving William a stern look. "What, here? You guys are crazy!" "Exactly. This is the kind of time when crazy is a good thing…besides, your mom won't bo home till later, right?" Johnson continued.

"Not until past midnight; I dunno where she gets to with her meetings. She might just be in some party by then," Peter replied. "Then…" Johnson said as he went over to Peter's front. "Let's do this. We won't have many chances to," he continued as he leaned over Peter and gripped the sides of the teen's shirt. Peter did the same to Johnson unquestioningly, seemingly lost in a passionate daze. As the pair undressed each other's shirts, William looked at his cellphone one last time.

With no reply from Carl and both Peter and Johnson's expectant looks going his way, he started to strip. *** "Does your arm still hurt?" "Yeah, a bit. Okay, no, not a bit. It hurts like hell but it's not like I can scream about it right now," Carl said through gritted teeth.

"Shhh, you're almost shouting, keep it down," John said as he rummaged around Peter's drawers, finding only a tube of some sort of lotion that he nonchalantly threw to the side. "He should have some rubbing alcohol or iodine here somewhere…" "What do you think, he has a first aid kit in here?" Carl asked sarcastically.

"Everyone should have one handy." "I don't have anything like that in my room even, and I'm supposed to be the boyscout." "Well, I do!" "And you're prolly the only one we know who does," Carl said with a pained smirk.

"Crap. Nothing. You still holding on okay?" "More or less, yeah. It's just a flesh wound," Carl said, failing to sound confident as he closed the window from which they entered. He walked over to the Peter's computer and sat down while gripping his left forearm, which was currently wrapped with an improvised tourniquet that used to be John's beanie. "Darn it. We judy and the beast griffin drew just call this off.

You're bleeding and it could get infected and stuff and—" "John, don't be such a wuss!" Carl hissed. "Look, I'm fine. We're already here so let's just do what we have to. Will and Jim are down there being forced to do you know what so we could do this. You don't want that all to go to waste do you?" he said in a hushed, though defiant tone.

"Right, right. You're right," John said steadying himself. "Anyway, it's a good thing William convinced Peter to leave his comp open," Carl said as he used his uninjured arm to move the mouse and browse files. "If he didn't?" "We'd have to start it ourselves and most likely it has password protection in case of times like this. William would have gotten the password like we talked about anyway. Get the external HD from my bag won't you?" "You're taking a lot for granted in this plan of yours.

It's curves guarantee sex for a playgirl hardcore blowjob you're just assuming everything will go according to plan even if there's a big chance they won't!" Carl said worriedly as he rummaged in Carl's bag.

"Hey, I'm doing my best to try and plan everything. But you're right, there's always going to be unexpected things that might screw us over," Carl started. "But see, I'm not the only one in the plan. I got you, I got Jim and I got Will. I'm not so worried that I'll end up failing horribly because I know you guys have my back," he ended with a cheeky smile. John smiled in reply, admiring Carl's indefatigable charisma even under duress.

He thought fondly of how he, Carl, William and Johnson had become such close friends especially during this week, especially while planning this little mission (as Carl liked to call it). Seeing Carl involuntarily grasp his wounded arm however, brought him out of his reverie. "Look, you just go through the computer first, alright? I'll try to find something to patch you up." "You can't go out there! They're just there in the living room; they'll see you!" "I'll be careful.

I'll be just like James Bond," John said, trying to ride on Carl's espionage enthusiasm. "Except that James Bond always gets caught and only got by because he sexes up every woman he sees!" "My mom covers my eyes during those parts…" "…and—wait what?" Carl said, almost laughing out loud.

"Er, anyway, don't worry, I'll be really careful," John said, glad to see he loosened Carl up. "Alright. Just don't take too long, I'll need you to help me see which of the files I find are yours." "I'll be fast." "And Kelly starr juicy skyy black massive black asses interracial Carl added just as John was about to leave.

"Promise me you won't go and see what Will and Jim are doing." "I promise." John quietly closed the door behind him and crept along the spacious hallway. From what he could make out, the second story of the house looked very much like an overhanging balcony for the first. Immediately in front of him seemed like a hallway but his immediate right wasn't a wall. In its place were wooden railings and beyond it, a ten-foot drop to the living room.

The entire second story looked like a giant "L" shape open to one side, with constant view of what was below; a wooden terrace of sorts overlooking the lower floor.

All the rooms were located to his left like Peter's room, which was at one end of the 'hall'. Beyond him, he could see around three more doors on the left, all generously spaced between each other. Near the other end of the hall where the "L" branched off, it led to a spacious flat to the right side, with large sofas and fixtures that made it seem like a second living room, which also sported a wide staircase leading down.

(http://imgur.com/6zuREms) John walked carefully even though bigtitted sub throats cock in maledom trio steps were muffled by the carpeted wooden floor, trying very hard to ignore the sounds of conversation from the living room where Johnson, William and Peter were.

When it became clear that he'd be very visible to anyone from below who might happen to look up, he resolved to crawl on his belly and it was in this way that he reached the first bathroom. There was a medicine cabinet, but John was disappointed to find that it contained no medicine whatsoever. He moved on to the next doors only to find an empty but spacious room that he wouldn't be able to search thoroughly in time and another bathroom that was only as helpful as the first.

The last room at the far end was rather smaller than the rest and a quick glance revealed stacks of laundry and an ironing board that looked like it was left mid use. John guessed that this was the maid's room, and wondered how rich Peter's family must be to have a room solely designated for maids, and having said maids for that matter. He was rather glad the maid was nowhere in the house at that time.

A further quick inspection yielded what John had been searching for: a small plastic box that contained iodine, cotton and actual bandages.

He imagined the maid, who must have been perpetually harried and hassled being called on all the time, even being given responsibility over the first aid kit. After sauna small anal porn amator turk liseli zorla anal away from the small room, John carefully crawled back to Peter's bedroom, his belly on the floor.

He wasn't even halfway when he heard something that stopped him dead in his tracks: William was moaning downstairs. John could never mistake such an intimate sound coming from his brofriend.

Despite what had been discussed in their plans, he felt a twinge of pain and perhaps a bit of jealousy. With irrational emotions running through his mind at that point, he couldn't help but break his promise to Carl. Quietly, he stood from his prone position, and looked. *** William always thought he knew what a happy person looked like; he always assumed it was similar to how he looked after getting a new game.

Seeing Peter's face right now made him rethink his existing definitions of a "happy face". To apply adjectives to describe Peter's face would be imprecise, so he chose to focus on a graphic description. Peter's eyes alternated from being wide open to almost narrowed slits, the crease of his forehead becoming pronounced as his eyebrows furrowed occasionally. His cheeks would be taut at times, as his mouth opened and closed sporadically.

His mouth seemed to be the most expressive of his facial features at the moment, often forming an "O" shape the way he opened it, sometimes opening it only slightly, other times licking his lips.

There were also times he smiled, except 'smile' was a loose term to describe the extreme open curves his mouth would do. William almost expected Peter to ask him why he was so serious.

Then again, William mused, Peter could be forgiven for all his facial oddities, because they were out of extreme happiness. The teen did very much seem like he had just achieved his lifelong dream, which apparently involved wanking two twelve year-olds while simultaneously being wanked by one of them.

Both he and Johnson were kneeling on the sofa to either side of Peter, who was seated, all three of them naked except for their socks.

Peter was wanking him and Johnson with both hands while Johnson used his right hand to stroke Peter's massive dick at the same time. William made a mental note to profusely thank Johnson later. So far, he had been performing above and beyond the line of duty, going out of his way to make those flirty remarks to Peter and making sure that he covered up for times when William's act was failing.

Johnson even took one for the team, offering to stroke Peter's teen meat. William was especially glad for that, since he was very sure he couldn't bring himself to do it, not with the whole purpose of their mission hanging over his head and the real surprise that they had in store for Peter later, after John and Carl had done their part.

Still, even with all his doubts and worries and reservations with the whole affair, he could never doubt Peter's prowess at wanking. William became hard before long as Peter wholly committed himself to pleasuring the two boys beside him. And again, despite William's thoughts about the matter, having his dick expertly manhandled elicited more than a few grunts and moans from him.

It was sort of embarrassing since aside from labored breathing and the occasional grunting, neither Peter nor Johnson were sounding like porn stars. "Ugh…uhm…Pete…" William groaned, his eyes briefly closing.

He couldn't help but give in to the pleasure that Peter was giving him. He opened his eyes again, coincidentally looking above to the second story. And unexpectedly, John was staring right back at him. "Jooh…aaahh!" William managed to say before completely saying John's name.

He quickly faked collapsing on Peter and grasping the teen's shoulders, to cover up his near mistake and hoping he sounded more like he was moaning in pleasure rather than saying someone's name in surprise. Peter steadied William and while the teen was preoccupied, Johnson, realizing William's ploy, looked up, saw John and signaled him to retreat. "Sorry, sorry, I'm okay. It just felt too good, that's all," William said.

"Did you cum?" Peter asked, still stroking William's three and a half-inch boner. "Uhm, no, not yet…" "Good," Peter said with a devilish grin.

"I don't want you cumming too fast; we still have a lot to do." "Don't worry too much," Johnson piped in, his hand nursing his still hard dick. "We can do it a lot of times, you know." "What makes you say that?" Peter asked Johnson. "Research. Younger boys can orgasm a lot of times in a row. When you get to your age.not so much. " "And what exactly are those things you research about, hm?" Peter asked in jest.

"The kind of things that got me to meet you, and incidentally to do this," Johnson said before replacing his hand on Peter's rigid boner. "I bet that's the only thing you research about…" Peter said with a sigh of pleasure. "N—no! I read about all kinds of stuff! I read about technology and science and…oh just shut up and cum," Johnson said, all flustered. "Ahh, that's right. You're real good with that, Johnson." "Thanks very much," Johnson replied crossly. "That feels good, but hold up for a second," Peter said as he gestured for Johnson to stop.

"I wanna spice things up a little. Alright, you two over here," he directed the two boys. He had William and Johnson sit next to each other while he got off the sofa. "You know what would be really hot?" Peter asked, to the puzzlement of the two younger boys.

And as Peter said his next words, William couldn't help but stare at him in disbelief. "What?" came William's startled reply. "Go on, you heard me," Peter replied with a devilish grin. "Wait, I think I didn't hear you right…" "Nope, I think you did.

Johnson, care to tell William again?" Peter said, clearly enjoying how William was getting flustered. "He uh…he wants us to suck each other…" Johnson said with clear hesitation.

His eyes looked down as he said it, as if embarrassed by the notion. "But Jim! I mean, we …but, but…!" William sputtered, desperately looking at Johnson. "Oh come on, William! This will be great," Peter said with a manic grin on his face. "Will," Johnson said. The sound of his name made William focus on the naked boy in front of him. Johnson was looking him straight in the eye; it was a look of intense and serious determination.

Johnson's eyes were first locked on to William then darted to the side where Peter was waiting expectantly, then down to his crotch, upwards to where John and Carl would be and then finally, back to William. He inexplicably felt like he understood everything Johnson was trying to say through his eyes; "for the sake of this mission and for the sake of my friends, there is nothing I'm unwilling to do.

I trust you to believe in that". William nodded slightly in assent with their entire silent conversation lasting only a second. He suddenly realized how eerily this whole scenario was similar to the time PBear blackmailed John and him to suck each other. Moreover, Peter's behavior, his very words even, echoed that of PBear's. The recollection of the wrongness of that time that gave William all the resolve he needed. With William's nod, Johnson's expression changed considerably, his moment of serious thought over.

In its place was a face sporting a sly grin and sleazy, half-closed eyes. He was back to being the spontaneously flirty persona that he was lavishing Peter with. William privately thought it looked a bit creepy.

"Will, I'm waiting…" Johnson cooed. He was jutting his pelvis provocatively while his dick, slightly deflated a while ago, stood rigid again with its full four inches. Johnson was making it twitch angrily, almost as if it were some agitated pup starved for attention.

"Why do I have to suck first?" William asked indignantly. "Because," Johnson said with overdone pompousness, "Whoever has the bigger dick gets served first." William marveled at pretty eurobabe flashes big tits and screwed for some money hardcore and flashing, even with noble intentions, Johnson's jerky demeanor always finds ways to express itself.

Without any more reason to hesitate, William got off the sofa footjob is about to end up with jizz knelt before Johnson.

Aside from the encounter in the gym storehouse that started their friendship, he had never really seen Johnson's dick in detail before, never mind his naked body. William didn't think he ever needed to anyway.

Still, he couldn't help but admire Johnson; the boy was athletically built, with his arms getting definition and his torso definitely showing the start of abs. His legs were firm yet lean, indicating a lot of time spent running.

This shouldn't have been a surprise, since Johnson was a known athlete in school, being an established badminton and soccer player.

But then, William reasoned, seeing Johnson in all his naked glory was vastly different from speculating about it. Then of course, there was his dick. Jutting out at about a little more than four inches hard and getting a noticeable amount of short curly pubes, it was only now that William had a good, close-up view of it.

Standing tall and proud, it had this dignified girth that seemed to dwarf William's own three and a half-incher. It was a little thicker than a quarter, not too big for a boy his age but enough for Johnson to be considered well endowed. The mushroom tip was flared and evenly sized with his shaft, which showed the signs of an expert circumcision. William would later come to refer to such dicks as 'jock dicks', the kind of dicks one can't help but envy. He thought it was quite unfair that already academically inclined people like Johnson get to be good in everything, including sports and dicks, without having a weakness or shortcoming.

However, after remembering that Johnson did have personality flaws, and that those led them to be friends in the first place, he decided he didn't mind that Johnson had a lot going for him, even in the dick department. "Just suck me already or I might go and just wank myself," Johnson said seductively.

William was about to protest, but as he opened his mouth to do so, Johnson shoved his crotch towards William's mouth. William made a mental note to smack Johnson later for giving him an impromptu mouthful of dick. "H-hey you're not so bad after—gah!" Johnson was cut midsentence as William suddenly stopped sucking to bite Johnson's shaft in retaliation. Before Johnson could sound his indignation, William resumed sucking with gusto.

Johnson was promptly silenced as William went to work, with Johnson's panting and involuntary twitches expressing the rest of his sentiments. "Holy shit. I can't believe I'm seeing this…it's just…wow," Peter said. He gaped at the two boys before him, with William so engrossed with sucking and Johnson so overwhelmed by ecstasy. It was all the teen could do to not tear his dick off from the speed and ferocity of his wanking, motivated by the sight of William sucking off Johnson.

It was slightly salty; tasted a bit differently from John's and definitely bigger. There was still that distinct rubbery texture he liked to feel with his tongue. There was that gentle rigidness and almost rhythmic twitches. William was keenly aware of how he was now apparently keenly aware of all the little intricacies sucking entailed.

It almost felt natural to him now, having a dick in his mouth. Just like with John a few days ago, he was getting extremely absorbed with his task, using the techniques he learned from Peter and tested on John without even thinking about it, as if such was already a routine for him.

Johnson was doing his best to be calm and stoic, but his dignified composure seemed to be faltering. His face and his sighs said as much. William liked to think that it was because he was so good at sucking now, and Johnson's facial and auditory cues goaded him on, turned him on and most bafflingly of all, it sort of made him proud of himself.

"Will, wait…" Johnson panted. William stopped sucking and looked up at Johnson. "That was, wow…" Johnson said, still short of breath. "Er, thanks, I guess&hellip." William replied with a sheepish grin, as if slightly abashed that he actually liked getting praised for his efforts.

"This is so gay," Johnson said to William. There wasn't any malice in the statement though. Johnson was giggling, almost childishly. William was looking at him and understood; this was Johnsons' real persona, not the act that he was putting in for Peter. This was the real Johnson, the one that only Carl ever had the pleasure to see. "So, should I stop?" William asked, lost in the moment and smiling in return. "Nah. I like it, hehe," Johnson said with a little laugh.

"Hey boys, look what you made me do," Peter said. Both boys suddenly remembered that he was still there. "You went and made me way too horny. Now one of you has to help me out," he continued. William noted that Peter's thick dick was slick with what he assumed was a copious amount of precum.

"Will, I think I wanna see just how good you are with your mouth." William looked at Johnson, his eye twitching. Johnson nodded ever so slightly in understanding. William was glad that Johnson seemed to understand that his conscience would make him throw up if he sucked Peter's dick. William mentally noted again that, after smacking Johnson for shoving his dick unexpectedly earlier, he had to thank him for his admirable spirit of volunteerism in the face of a blowjob.

"Nah, Will can't take that monster of yours. Only a real man can," Johnson declared, a smirk on his face. "Oh yeah, Johnson? You think you're man enough for this?" Peter sneered as they got into a more comfortable position.

Peter was now seated on the sofa, with Johnson lying on his side, using his elbow for support. Without anything more said, Johnson slowly and hesitantly latched his mouth onto Peter's waiting six-inch pole. William watched as he sat on the floor, taking a much needed break. Peter was grunting as Johnson sucked; William thought Johnson could use a bit of tutoring. Johnson seemed a bit sloppy, sometimes unsure of when to bob or lick, making it look somehow awkward.

He knew how to hold back his teeth though, and he tried to take in a lot of Peter's considerable length, managing to accommodate at least until his nose brushed Peter's thick bushy pubes.

From William's outsider perspective, it definitely wasn't Johnson's first time sucking, since he thought his first was with Carl, but he certainly hadn't been doing it a lot either. Then again, William mused that he was in no position to compare since, including Johnson, he'd only sucked thrice in his life. For all Johnson's apparent lack in technique though, Peter sure seemed like he was enjoying it.

William wondered how long ago it was that Peter felt this good, since from the last time Peter ever talked about his personal history, he was implying that his last sexual encounter was even before they moved here and that that actually ended a bit badly. It was then that William noticed Johnson was still trying to wank himself, which was proving hard to coincide with his sucking Peter. With equal parts horniness, equal parts gratitude and equal parts 'ah what the heck, this is fun', William went in closer to Johnson's crotch, swatted the other boy's hand away and went back to his unfinished business.

It went on for a few minutes or more. William was now definitely sure of one thing: he absolutely kind of enjoyed sucking a dick, and it showed in his spirited performance. He even forgot about his own boner; it was almost like sucking was pleasurable in its own way. In a matter of minutes he had Johnson writhing on the sofa, a clear sign that he was close to his climax. Randomly, William thought that climax equals "end", and "end" equals "I wonder if John and Carl are done yet".

With that, he looked up to the second story, almost expecting John and Carl to be there watching, having accomplished their task. He was shocked then, to find that John and Carl WERE indeed there, both sporting dumbfounded looks. Even stranger was the fact that Carl and John were wearing strange, black outfits, Carl's right arm sleeve was torn and sported a bandage, and that John was holding up his phone, seemingly recording the scene below.

That last part was definitely not part of their plans. William didn't realize he had stopped sucking Johnson, and only remembered after the other boy frantically humped his face, urgently wanting him to continue. Neither Peter nor Johnson noticed the two above; both of them had their eyes closed blissfully.

Only William was aware that Carl and John were watching the three of them from the second story. It was all William could do to frantically gesture to the two above to wait for the right time to reveal themselves. Carl seemed to understand and nodded as he whispered something to John, who looked somewhat furious. William resumed sucking the dick in his mouth, and a few seconds later, Johnson was madly thrusting his hips, with his dick twitching and throbbing, signaling his impending orgasm.

William knew he should have pulled out, but Johnson's seed filled his mouth faster than he could decide. It was a teen super busty bbw is lost in wood and fucked by stranger more than William expected and some dribbled out of his mouth.

He took a few seconds to scrutinize Johnson's cum; it was very slimy, it felt like warm liquid…something, and most of all, it tasted salty, much like lukewarm water with too much salt. He swallowed without even thinking, and briefly considered if he should be disgusted or not. He couldn't understand why he was suddenly so interested in the characteristics of another boy's semen, and he wondered if he should scold himself later for it.

Peter had felt Johnson's urgent thrusts and watched as William swallowed. "Holy shit, that's so hot…" he said as he panted. By now, Johnson had stopped sucking him and was panting for dear life. Peter swiftly removed his large member from Johnson's mouth and wanked for all he was worth, staring intently at William's mouth and the bit of cum that was left on his lips. "Ahh!" he moaned audibly one final time.

William could only describe it as an erupting volcano. Then again, he thought, lava wasn't usually milky white, and usually people were very much distressed during volcanic eruptions. Peter on the other hand, looked immensely pleased with himself, his angry red cap twitching from post orgasmic bliss.

His cum shot high and fast like water from a high pressure hose, spilling every which way. Johnson, still groggy from his recent exertion, hastily rolled off the sofa to avoid getting splashed by the fallout, landing on the floor with a resounding thud. Johnson propped himself up to a sitting position and looked slowly at William with a goofy grin. In reply William slightly turned his head northeast, to where he knew John and Carl were still waiting. Johnson's eyes briefly glanced toward the second story then nodded.

In an instant he was again alert and wide-eyed, standing up to collect his clothing. "Pete, get up. Get dressed," William said as wiped his mouth and looked for his underwear.

"What's the rush little bro? That was such a good time… I think I wanna stay like this for a bit." "Just get dressed. Now," William said with uncharacteristic authority, surprising even himself. "Just do it, Peter," Johnson wearily said from the side. He was already wearing his jeans. "Alright, alright, what's gotten in you guys all of a sudden?

You hungry or something?" Peter said, putting his pants on. "No," William said. He had Peter sit down again while he remained standing, an arrangement that would make it seem like he was the one in control of the entire exchange. "What's this about now?" Peter asked quizzically.

"Pete, I'm going to come clean with you. There's only one reason why Jim and I met up with you today. I wanted to find something out." "What?" Peter asked, his features steadily growing suspicious. "…and I did, Pete. I found it out. I'm sure now," William continued without missing a beat, his determination lending gravity to his words.

"Will, what are you getting at?" Peter asked seriously. "Pete…I told you back then that there was a time I wanked with people online too. There was one guy named PBear who blackmailed me and John to do things by recording the stuff I did on webcam. Pete…" William said, his voice calm, but solidly determined. "You're PBear." "No…no nono no…William wait, I'm—I'm not—!" "Hold it!" Carl had just come from the stairs with John in tow, his outburst visibly shocking Peter.

"What. The. Hell," Peter said slowly, as if still trying to decide if the two newcomers were real or not. William, tired as he was, couldn't help explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore smile and share in Carl's enthusiasm.

Even with all its potentials for failure, Carl's master plan to finally solve the mystery of PBear was actually coming together. William could still hear Carl's voice in his head as clear as it was in that cold, open rooftop foodcourt two days ago, when they were planning what then seemed to be the single most ridiculously risky thing they'd ever do. *** >>>> "Alright, let's have a recap. I'm going to run down every step of the plan and if you guys have any questions, just ask, alright?" "Yeah, sure.

Go ahead, Carl." "Thank you, Will. So tomorrow, we're going to intercept Peter at lunch time. Will, are you sure he'll be at the gym by then?" "Yeah, he told me last Sunday on FB that he likes to hang back after morning practice to rest a bit. I'm sure he'll be there." "Okay, so by then, John and I will thigh high split skirt and tan stockings tube porn the distraction that'll get him away from his locker…" "Then I swoop in and find his phone." "Exactly, Jim." "Carl, are you sure the infirmary thing will work?

I mean Nurse Joy might see through it…I mean, wild dildo playing with sexy lesbians hardcore and reality IS a nurse." "John don't worry, we'll just have to sell it." "You're not really gonna hurt me are you?" "I won't maim you if that's what you're asking." "What—?!" "Anyway, Jim, you'll be hiding near the bleachers and just wait for my signal; uhm, if I do the District Twelve salute it means it's clear." "Okay sure.

But, why do I have to search his phone anyway? It sounds a lot like theft if you ask me." "Jim, it's not theft if you don't keep it. I told you…I reckon that he might have videos or pictures of you there from all those times you wanked for him in person. You said so yourself that you don't pay attention to him when you wank so he could be doing anything while you were spaced out." "Yeah, Will.

But isn't it stupid for anyone to keep sensitive things like that in their phone? He might have deleted those already if he had them." "Yeah, Jim, but Peter isn't expecting anyone to go after his phone. It's not just videos either. Just make sure to copy any files that we can use to pin on him. Messages, pictures, videos, whatever. The point is, we need solid evidence that he's been making you do these things, that your 'trades' were his idea. Oh and remember, his pattern lock is a "P" shape; he does it in front of me all the time.

"Alright, alright." "Jim, Will, everything clear on that? Okay, good. So that's phase one. Phase two, me, John and Peter will already be in father and dotter sex storys infirmary. Before we get there, Will, where will you be?" "By that time, Ethan, Greg and I will be in the first ward, and I would've already given the spoiled juice to Nurse Joy.

Jim, you sure Ethan and Greg will play along? I mean, I know we're paying them but if it were me, it sounds suspicious." "Don't worry, Will.

They're compilation of hot futanari babes fucking raw kind of guys that don't ask too many questions. Besides, they owe me for all those times I let them copy off my exams; getting paid to repay a favor is a win-win for them." "So anyway, I'll be getting out of there real kendra star hot anal slut gg exclusive analfucking boyandgirl so than John and Peter have their private moment.

John, remember to at least think of your lines a bit tonight, okay?" "I'm not good with words, Carl! I dunno if I can do this…" "Don't sweat it, bro, just be your sweet charming self…" "Aw, stop it Will, nadia jay ebony teen glory hole fucking interracial embarrassing me…" "Ehehe…you lovebirds flirt later.

Look, John, you don't have to stress yourself. Just act natural. Just keep him talking about Will. I'm sure he'll slip up and say something incriminating. Just don't forget to record it with your phone, but don't make it obvious that you're doing it. Try setting it up beforehand so all you have to do is trigger it while your phone is in your pocket." "Okay, got it, Carl.

But why do we need this in the first place?" "It's like what I've been saying. According to Will, Peter doesn't know that you know he's been messing around with Will. So the goal here is to keep him talking, because he'll have to either slip up and say something he could only know by being with Will, or lie about something that contradicts something he told William." "Carl's right. But aside from that, I have this feeling that what Peter says might sound like the things PBear says; I'm actually checking my chats with him now; we could use it as evidence." "Sure, you go do that, Will.

Just make sure you get Nurse Joy as preoccupied for as long as possible so John and Peter can talk more, okay?" "Yeah no problem, Carl." "Alright, after that, Will, when you're asking Peter to invite you and Jim over, try to act as giddy as possible, make him want to take you guys home." "I'm not much of an actor, but I guess I can try.

Oh and I don't think I'll be mentioning Jim just yet. He doesn't know that Jim and I know his secret. He might think it's risky to have both Jim and I there at the same time since we both had our…uh, adventures with him. You get what I'm saying? I'll think of something…maybe I'll tell him there's a surprise and then it'll actually be Jim." "Sure, no problem.

Do whatever you think you have to. I don't think it'll be hard since Peter has the hots for you." "Hey, he doesn't—!" "Anyway, that's it for phase two. We'll be doing phase three the next day after they let us out for that annual teacher meeting thing.

Now, I don't have to tell you that phase three is actually the most important part. All we did in the first two was gather a bit of supporting evidence. But phase three is where we actually pin him down." "If phase three was so important why do we have to do phase one and two?" "John, it's like a backup plan.

If we fail phase three, then we would at least already have some evidence against him. It's insurance. They're just as important a phase three!" "Yeah, we know that, Carl, no need to be dramatically redundant." "Ah, let him have his moment, Jim.

I've never seen him this motivated before." "Thanks, Will. Glad to know I have some supporters… "Joking aside, I still feel uneasy about the whole thing, Carl.

We're basically breaking and entering. I think that's considered a crime in like, forty-nine and a half states. If we get caught, we could end up in juvie, or worse. And by worse I mean what our parents will think." "Jim, you're always a pessimist you know? Peter's got it worse, the things he did. Besides, it's just me and John doing the dirty work, so don't sweat it. You're just the distraction, while John and I have to sneak in Peter's house." "Eh, the distraction could be dirtier.

Messier even. Ugh, why did I even agree to this? Why do I have to blonde teen slut take it in the ass pornstar hardcore the one to horn him up?" "Hey, don't forget me, Jim, both of us are doing that. You're not the only one who has second thoughts…" "I'm not the distraction because Peter doesn't know me. Duh. Look, Peter's comfy doing sexy stuff with you and Will which makes you two the perfect distractions.

Besides, if you can just keep him talking, John and I might already be done gutting his computer before you even take off your shirt. The sex thing is just a backup plan." "Easy for you to say, since you're not the one who's going to be potentially molested, Carl.

Searching files might take a while, you know." "Aw, you gotta trust in my skills more, Jim. Besides, you didn't seem to mind so much when I was molesting you…" "Gah!.Carl…what …oh, shut up…you know it's different with you!" "Will, are you really gonna have sex with Peter again?" "I dunno…maybe. It depends on what happens I guess.

Why, does it bother you, John?" "A little bit…I guess." "Look, whatever happens with Peter tomorrow, it doesn't mean anything. It's different with you…well, you know…" "Alright, let me just stop both of you there before you start making out in public—" "Sod off, Carl!" "—I think we've all said the important details. Will, just remember to get that window open or we'll have problems. Also, make sure to get his password or we're all screwed." "Don't worry about it." "Alright, just PM me later Peter's complete address later in FB, alright?

And also, talk with Jim on how you two will get there, if you're gonna go together or he's hanging back." "Sure. But uh, maybe I'll be online a little bit later…say, around nine thirty?" "Hmm, that's a bit late already, I mean we still have that history essay. Can't you go earlier?" "Well…uhm, see, John's gonna drop by the house a bit after this and…well…" "Oh.

OH. Okay, I get it…hehe. You guys…seriously. So anyway, everything clear here? Anything else we need to know, like features of the house, stuff like that?

Any other details we need to discuss before you and John pork each other?" "What the heck?! Screw you Carl, for all I know you and Jim are gonna do the same! Hmm…let me see…nah. I think we've said everything.

Any other concerns, Jim?" "I'm good. John?" "Okay, I guess." "Meeting adjourned then. Let's just talk on FB for any follow-ups." "Carl, one last thing…" "Yeah, John?" "I feel like a lot of things could go wrong with the plan from the start…like if Peter doesn't go with us to the infirmary or if it turns out he's not the guy blackmailing us after all." "Heck, I am too.

The only reason why I'm not freaking out is because I'm also excited. And besides, there's only one thing we can hope for when we're not sure of anything." "What's that?" "That the odds will ever be in our favor." >>>> *** "Peter McMahon, we'll be asking all the questions here and all you'll be doing is answering them, thanks very much." "What the fuck is this?

Wait—hey you were that kid from last time! And…John, is that you!?" Peter asked, visibly enraged and confused. "I'd be cooperative if I was you, Peter," Carl declared, adopting an overly done magnanimous voice. It was almost comical. "I'll have you know that we're recording this interrogation, and anything you say can and will be used against you," Carl continued, brandishing his Galaxy S4, the voice recorder app already opened.

"Will, what the fuck?" Peter asked as he turned furiously at William. "If it isn't already painfully obvious already, Mister McMahon, this is an entrapment operation to expose your misdeeds. We have reason to believe that you've been engaged in blackmail of certain individuals, along with possessing illegal media," Carl announced haughtily.

"You've been practicing that line weren't you?" "Shut up, Jim! I'm in my element," Carl retorted. "Pete. You're PBear. You were that online creep who played Dragon Sorcerer Kingdom Wars with me," William said explicit and sensual wang riding pornstar and hardcore. "I don't know what you're talking about," Peter scoffed, his voice still shaking.

"You made me wank for you on webcam in exchange for items and you recorded me," William continued, his voice steadily rising. "No…no I didn't!" "You used that to blackmail me and John to suck each other on webcam!" William finished, now almost shouting. "You don't have proof that I did!" Peter countered as he got defensive. "OBJECTION!" Carl shouted with his good arm raised and pointing at Peter. "Our investigation has yielded evidence to the contrary!" "What…?" Peter said in disbelief.

"We're presenting the evidence to the Judge—" Carl said as he pointed to a nonexistent judge behind him, "—to prove your guilt! And don't even think for a moment you can beat us up or anything. This may be your house, but I've got emergency services and my mom on speed dial! I've got all I need to pin you down!" "You mean, we." "Right, we. Whatever, John. Our first evidence…" Johnson stood to get his phone from his bag.

Making sure he wasn't too close to Peter, he showed the teen what was on the screen. "Peter, I found these on your phone. Judging from the face, the body and the dick here, I think it's safe to say this is me. You've been taking pics of me while I wanked for you, you bastard. You told me back then you didn't do that kind of thing and I trusted you! I've also copied some of your texts, proving that you were getting me alone in school so I can wank. I even videoed myself browsing your phone to prove that I didn't just make all those files up," Johnson continued as he briefly showed the video in question.

"You went through my phone?! But how…I have my phone right here!" "Carl already told you. We were planning this from the beginning. After you left the locker rooms last Monday I looked through your phone." "You mean that whole time…and John?!" Peter asked, looking at John in bewilderment.

"Yeah, it was all part of the plan, John and I running into you getting you out of the lockers—" "That doesn't prove I'm your blackmailer!" Peter said defensively. "—and that leads us to evidence number two…John?" Carl continued as if he wasn't nterrupted. "The whole infirmary thing was part of the plan, too, Peter," John started. "I just had to ask you about Will and record it," John said as he played back a part of the recording from his phone.

All of them listened to the recording which had Peter telling John how much William supposedly loved him. After a while Peter said, "So what? That proves nothing." "Pete…," William answered. "A lot of the things you said there were almost the same as what PBear told me in Skype one time. It was that time I was playing Japanese sweetheart receives a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob Sorcerer Kingdom Wars and PBear showed up and wanted me to wank for him by showing me the video of me and John he recorded.

After that he told me about how John loves me and stuff like that. I printed that conversation, and honestly it sounds almost the same," William said as he got the print outs from his bag. "Also, a while ago you told me that when you were talking with John, he told you we sucked each other," William said as he looked at John. "I never told anyone about what we did, Will. I never told Peter anything. The recording proves that," John said. "Pete, you just contradicted yourself right there.

John never told you any of that, which means that the only way you could have known was if you were PBear," William continued. "Not so fast! That doesn't prove anything. If what I told John matched what you say 'PBear' told you, then that can be easily coincidental; people who know about you and John can easily think of the same thing.

Also, about me knowing that John gave you head? I can just as easily say that I only assumed that you did, since I know you like doing that kind of stuff. It's only natural that you'd want to try it with your best friend!" Peter retorted, rallying his courage. "Spoken like a true criminal; always looking for loopholes. You almost have a point there, Peter, but I'm the ace attorney here, and I've got one last piece of crucial evidence to close this case!" Carl declared.

Once again, he had his arm extended, pointing at Peter. "The real reason why John and I were here at all…was because all this time we've been up your room scanning all your files." "How the fuck? You mean while Johnson and Will, while we…" Peter stammered as the realization hit him.

"But how did you get in…?" before Carl even answered, he had already put the pieces together. William pretending to close his window and insisting he leave his computer on, Johnson insisting that they stay down in the living room…they were all planned so that Carl and John could climb up to his room from the outside. "I don't have to explain anything to you, Peter. We saw that you have Dragon Sorcerer Kingdom Wars installed in your computer.

Since you always have the username and password on auto fill, it's spelled out right there, your username is PBear1213," Carl started, his tone suddenly becoming i dian proun hub dever bhabhi. "Also, I found where you keep all your porn. You've been recording a lot of boys, not just that one with Will and John, heck you even recorded you and Will going at it in your bedroom! You have ones of Jim from when he first met you online, and, a lot of others too.

Some even from our school, some of the older boys and even from our year, heck I think I even saw Greg there…and hundreds more of boys we don't even know…Peter McMahon, all this evidence points to you being PBear, the guy who recorded webcams and blackmailed Will and John with it!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdIlP488n14) At Carl's words, Peter slumped to the sofa, the fight in him seemingly gone. He hung his head and kept muttering obscenities, in an apparent gesture of frustrated defeat.

"Peter, our real objective was to find proof you were PBear and to find the videos of Jim and Will you recorded and delete them. Oh and just a heads up, I've already saved you the trouble of deleting them from both your phone and your hard drive.

But I found a lot more than just that. This kind of thing could get you in real trouble…even get you arrested," Carl said somberly. "No…no…no…no…" Peter kept on muttering. "Will, I thought we were friends.

You were my little bro…" he pleaded. William shifted uncomfortably and chose to stare at the fireplace than reply. "Johnson, you said you liked what I gave you," Peter turned to Johnson, his tone sounding accusatory. "Yeah, I did. But I didn't like how you dragged me to wank in secret for you.

I only went along with it because I was afraid you'd tell. God, you don't even know what I went through, I felt like shit keeping a secret like that and being scared every day that you'd rat me out!" Jim spat.

"So…all the things we did a while ago, that…that was all a joke? It was nothing?" Peter asked, looking at both Johnson and William.

He was beyond trying to hide the unhappiness in his tone. "Don't take it personally, Peter. It was all part of the plan. We just did what we had to," Johnson replied while William just stated at the floor. "I think we just have this case pretty much wrapped up. Peter, I'll make this simple. Stay away from us. If you know what's good for ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars, you'll quit doing what you're doing and fucking my mom in the ass watch part on fukflixcom the whole recording thing.

If you don't, I'm not afraid to blackmail you," Carl said, asking for John's phone. He then opened a video for everyone in the room to see: it was Peter, Johnson and William while they were sucking a while ago.

Since it was taken from the second story, the only face that could be seen from that angle was Peter's. "I don't remember anything in the plan about recording us…" William said. "I figured we needed collateral, aside from the evidence we gathered. A backup plan of sorts. I just wanna make sure he keeps his end of the agreement.

Don't worry, I made sure Peter's the only one you can recognize there. Great idea, huh?" Carl replied. "I guess, but—" William didn't have time to finish his sentence before a loud noise jarred all the boys in the room. The door was suddenly and forcefully opened, revealing two policemen with their guns drawn and a harried looking woman behind them.

*** "Hm. Well…good afternoon, boys," One of the policemen said as he surveyed the room. He was the taller of the two who had just entered the house. William privately thought that he was intimidating, with the police hat, handlebar mustache and the drawn pistol in his hands. Mostly the pistol. The other officer, who looked younger and didn't sport a hat, looked up at the second story and then focusing on Carl and John.

John noticed this and remembered that they were currently dressed like burglars. "C…can I help you, officers…?" Peter asked hesitantly. "We had reports that there was…a disturbance in this residence…" he said gesturing to the small, black-haired woman behind him. "Ay, Ser Peter! De neighbors, dey tell me thieves went behind the house!

And when I check, der was a ladder! So I called police!" It had then occurred to John that this was the McMahons' maid, whose working room he had stumbled upon only minutes before. "Ah, right I forgot you had a shift this afternoon…" mumbled Peter. "Thanks for your concern, Maria. I…I thought your shift was supposed to start at one though?

It's like, four already," Peter said glancing at the clock. "Oh, ahm, I just took little visit to Jenny's house before going here, she is the Snowdens' maid…" Maria said blushing with Peter's implied accusation that she was skirting her duties. "Anyway, anything strange going on around here, boys?" the older officer asked, regarding each boy with steely eyes. William was suddenly aware how awkward the whole scenario must be for the officer, since all the man could see were two boys and a teenager who were all shirtless, and two other boys whose outfits would lead one to assume that they were robbing the house.

William was grateful Carl had enough sense to hide John's phone, which only seconds ago was showing him and Johnson sexing with Peter. "Nope! Nothing strange here! We're all just casually hanging out!" Johnson said in an unnaturally high voice that sounded nothing like his own. "Uhm, yeah! We're all just messing around! Role playing, and costumes and stuff!" Carl added, with an obviously forced happy demeanor. "Uh, yeah, what they said," Peter said hesitantly while catching Carl's eye.

"Well, if you're sure…why don't you have shirts on? You could get a cold, weather like slim black babe makes both guys cum, let it go, chief, I think I know what's going on here," the younger officer said as he holstered his gun. He had this weird grin on his face that William thought was disconcerting. "Hm? What do you mean?" said the older officer gruffly.

"Just trust me. Boys will be boys," He said as he led his partner back out the door. "Anyway, you kids…have fun," he said with a wink before disappearing back out the door. Everyone was in the living room was silent as they waited for the cops to leave.

Peter eventually broke the silence as he addressed his maid. "Listen, Maria, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you my…friends were coming over. Uh, let's just forget to tell my mother about all this okay?

Just come back tomorrow." "Ah, okay, Sir Peter, I will see you tomorrow…" the maid said as she shuffled out of the house and fumbled with the keys to the gate, giving up when she remembered the gate was still unlocked.

She seemed somewhat eager to leave the awkward scenario in the house. "I'm guessing the ladder she was talking about was yours," Peter asked Carl. "Uhm, yeah it is." "So…I guess it's over now.

You boys got me. You, your name is Carl, right? I guess I have to congratulate you. That was…some plan," Peter said with a deadpan tone. "Well, thanks very much…?" Carl replied, looking very confused if he should be acknowledging the compliment or not. "FIne. I admit it, I did all that.

And now, you've caught me. I guess I should even thank you for not handing me over to the cops a while ago," Peter sighed. "I promise I won't bother any of you anymore. We'll all just pretend we don't know each other from now on. Is that alright with you?" "Good," Johnson said. "You better," Carl added. John didn't reply and instead was looking at William, who hadn't said anything for some time. "Okay, that's settled. Just go," Peter told them in a rather hollow voice.

William and Johnson got dressed, and in a few minutes had joined Carl and John in going out the front door. William couldn't help but take one last look at Peter who was still slumped on the sofa and staring at the ceiling. By coincidence, Peter looked his way as well. "Will, I'm sorry. It was great while it lasted." "Ah screw it," William muttered to himself.

"Guys, can you give me a few minutes?" "Fine. I have to go get the ladder anyway. Hey, Jim, help me out will you?" Carl huffed as he and Johnson went to the back of the house.

William turned to John, who then gave him a look that said something like "if you must". He then went back inside and sat beside Peter. "I really considered you my friend, you know," William started. "That actually makes me feel a lot worse," Peter replied without looking at William.

"I never really asked you, but now I want to know. You mentioned something about a guy named Gino back then. I was under the impression that he was your best friend. Tell me about him," William continued. "I don't see how that's related, but I guess it doesn't matter now. Yeah, you're right. Gino was my best friend back in Oklahoma.

We learned how to mess around together, you know, in bed. But then, rumors were starting to fly since we were always so close. In a way, it was like we got caught. He sort of just drifted away from me, stopped talking and things like that. I didn't hold it against him, who'd want to be called gay anyway?

But I took it pretty hard, and my mom noticed. Since she was planning to buy a new house anyway, we moved…" "Didn't you try to talk to him about it?" "What's the use? His message was pretty clear," Peter said, his head drake jaden fucked by three super hot gay porno laid back on the sofa and staring at the ceiling.

"Why me then?" William asked, trying to get Peter to make eye contact with him. "Random chance. Ever since we moved I've been getting boys online to show for me, as you've already proven," Peter said, still with a hollow tone.

"You were supposed to be just another one of those boys, just another recording. But then we randomly met in person, that time in detention. Knowing you in person kind of made watching your vids hotter, so that's why I talked to you. Then you got John involved…then I guess I just sort of got attracted to you in more ways than one." "Meaning?" "I wanted to have sex with you." "I told you he had the hots for you!" John called out from the door.

"Ack! John, stop listening! Go outside and misty stone is one cock hungry babe for Carl or something!" William retorted before turning back to Peter.

"So that's it? You just wanted to bugger me?" "Yes, at first. But I really was starting to like you, you reminded me of Gino." "But you told me yourself on Skype that you thought John and I were getting together. Why did you still go for me?" "I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop hoping, that maybe even then, you wouldn't mind messing around with me." "Messing around shouldn't be your priority when you're making friends," William said firmly.

"So why did you get Jim to just wank for you? Why did you get close to me but not him?" "It was different for Johnson," Peter said. "I just met him in one of those chat sites and from the start it was all about the porn. I gave him porn and he wanked for me. I recognized him from school and I told him so; It was the first time I did that and I was hoping he wanted to mess around in person.

But from the start it felt like he didn't really want to and he was just doing it for the porn. It didn't feel right so I force it beyond just wanking in person." "It wasn't right that you blackmailed me either." "Right. Of course. Anyway, I already admitted I was wrong. I know that just saying 'sorry' can't make up for what I did. I won't bother you guys anymore. You don't have to feel sorry. You can go already," Peter said somewhat bitterly.

"Pete, after moving here you told me you didn't really have an easy time making friends." "I was careful not to get too close with anyone in case it might end up like Gino again.

That's why I focused on my school orgs. Sure, I'm with the guys in the team and the school paper if they want to hang out, and some girls want to have dates, but I keep them all at arm's length. Nothing like I was with Gino." "And how many people can you be honest and close with, really?" William asked solemnly.

"Why the hell are you asking me these things, Will? To answer your question, no, I don't have anyone." "No. You had one." William said, finally making the teen look at him in confusion. "I meant me." "Hah. Right. Of course you're right. I had you. Past tense," "Pete, I really did look up to you. You were honestly my friend. You blondes caroline and cj suck dong till empty a cool guy and I was serious when I said I felt like you were sort of my older brother.

I meant all of that." "And now you're here to tell me that I messed it all up because I betrayed your trust." "I felt like you stabbed me in the back when I found out you were PBear. I couldn't believe you could lie to me like that. I couldn't believe you could do things like blackmail me and stuff." "Please, Will. You don't have to rub it in," Peter said dejectedly. "Did you really mean what you said last Saturday, when we were in your room? Did you really mean that I was like a brother to you and that I was the only one you could ever be honest with?" "I did.

Really." "I really hated PBear, you know. But…" William paused as he considered his next words. "The cool friend I had, who was part of the school paper and the trading compeers daughters camping sneaky father problems team, his name was Peter McMahon, not PBear," William finished profoundly.

"What are you getting at?" "Pete…what you did as PBear won't go away just like that. But I want to have you back as the friend I knew before all that. What I'm saying is, I'm going to give you another chance." "Are you…serious?" Peter asked hesitantly. "Yes I am. But stand by what you said.

Put PBear behind you. Prove I can trust you again," William said pointedly. "You can't expect me to get in bed with you again, Pete, but…you can at least expect me to be a real friend." "You're not doing this just because you feel sorry for me are you?" "No.

I'm doing this because I think you're a good guy inside. You've already shown me that you can be a good friend," William said. "I don't know what to say…" "You could start by saying thank you." "Thank you, William." "Do you promise to stop getting boys to wank for you and blackmailing and stuff?" "I'll try," Peter said, making William raise his eyebrow expectantly.

"Okay, okay, I promise I will. Not just try." "Good. Now, for my promise…" William said, turning to look at the front door. Johnson and Carl had already returned, with the ladder they went to retrieve laying in front of them.

"Carl, where's that video you recorded?" "John's phone. What for?" Carl answered. He was currently holding both his phone and John's in his hands, busily working the screens. He slightly raised the hand holding John's phone in reply to William. "Just gimme for a moment!" "H—hey!" Both Carl and John protested, but William had already snatched the phone and returned to Peter's side.

"Pete, this is my promise: to be a real friend to you," William said as he showed the teen John's phone. He had Peter watch as he thumbed through the files, finding the video of them Carl recorded just a while ago, with them having sex in the living room.

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William then deleted the video in front of Peter. "There, Pete. Let's start from scratch," William said before suddenly shifting his demeanor. "Hi there, my name is William James. What's yours?" He said airily.

"Heh, I'm Peter McMahon," Peter replied with an amused laugh. "Hi, Peter! Want to be friends?" "Definitely." *** "You could have asked my permission before you deleted the video, you know," Carl said to William. Both of them, along with John and Johnson were riding the bus home after leaving Peter's place. "Even if you disagreed, I would've done it anyway.

Besides, you don't seem to mind so much," William replied. "Still, it's jarring when you do something that's not part of the plan. A heads up would've been nice," Carl said, although his tone implied he wasn't really concerned. "Ah well, you can't plan everything. I just made that decision on the fly. Sometimes you just have to go with it…" William said, smiling at no one in particular. "Ah well whatever. You're such a goody altar boy, you are." "Huh? I was never an altar boy—" William replied.

"—I used to be an altar boy." "I didn't ask you, John, everyone knows you used to be an altar boy," Carl said with a laugh. "It was just an expression, Will. Anyway, I still can't believe everything went as well as it did." "Yeah, I swear, that could have gone so wrong in so many ways…" John added. "Yeah. Good thing it all worked. Speaking of which, Carl, what's up with your arm?" William asked. "A little souvenir from the fence… the stupid things had these sharpened spikes at the end and I got on their bad side." "Er, sorry I forgot to mention them," William said apologetically.

"It's okay. I swear though, the fence was overkill. They're already freakin tall, and those pointy ends…it's like they don't want to be climbed.

John here was just awesome, he patched me up right," Carl said nodding gratefully body and cum hole need stimulation hardcore and russian John. "Well, I reckon those were there for the exact purpose of discouraging people to climb them.

It doesn't help that you're dressed up like burglars," William said. "It's a spy outfit! Like Ethan Hunt! Seriously! John, what do you think?" "I thought those cops were gonna arrest us for being burglars," John said with a hint of sarcasm. "Aw, seriously, you guys have gorgeous hottie with a bangin body hardcore and massage sense of pop culture," Carl said as all three of them laughed.

"Jim's still asleep?" William asked. "Yeah…" Carl replied as he looked at the sleeping boy beside him. Johnson was leaning on Carl's good arm, lost in a deep slumber and oblivious to the world.

"I get that he's tired but, well, we both did stuff a while ago and I'm not really that sleepy," William said. "Jim's different…he's the type who gets really exhausted after doing&hellip.stuff like that." "How would you know?" "Experience and direct observation," Carl said nonchalantly. "Oh." Carl giggled as he planted a small kiss on Johnson's forehead.

He then turned to William and asked. "How sure are you that Peter's gonna be good now?" "I'm not. Actually, I almost thought you'd turn him in when those cops showed up," William said. "I could have, except then he could counter by saying we broke into his house.

And anyway I was scared shitless at the time so it didn't occur to me." "Oh, well he reckons we decided not to turn him in so it's like he owes us. Anyway, I'm not asking you guys to trust him too. It's just something between me and him. I want to believe that he wasn't just faking being my friend. If he breaks his promise, I'll let you guys do whatever you want, but for now, just let me take my chances." "Whatever you say, Will. In any case we'll be keeping an eye on him." "Yeah, I don't want him getting too chummy with you, in case you like it too much again and end up in bed with him," John added.

"Don't tell me you're still jelly?" William teased John. "What?!You too?! Why do you guys keep saying that?" John exclaimed in disbelief amid laughter from the other two boys. Moments later, William and John alighted from the bus as they reached their stop. They waved at Carl, who, with Johnson still had two more stops to go. "Thanks again, Carl!

Job well done to all of us!" William called out. "Yeah, mission accomplished! Oh and Will, one last thing!" "Yeah, Carl?" William replied. "I copied that video you deleted to my phone!" Carl said as the bus sped off in the distance.

"I didn't quite catch what he said," William said to John. "Uh, I think he was just saying 'take care ava addams kimmy granger all night rager the way home'", John offered with a sheepish grin. "Oh, how thoughtful." William led John back to his house headed straight for his room. John had requested that they talk before he went home. William jumped to his bed and lay there, apparently exhausted, while John sat at the edge.

They spent a few minutes in silence before William spoke up. "You didn't tell your dad we had half the day off, did you?" "I don't think I needed to," John said with a smile. He had William scoot to the side and lay beside him. "So…did he change his mind about you moving?" William asked hesitantly.

"No. It's all he could talk about these days actually. Even though he comes home late, he's already got half my things packed." "You're not going, John. You can't." "I don't want to. I told him that but he didn't want to hear any of it." "What if you ran away? Like just stay here and don't go back to your house?" "Will, I think he can charge your parents with kidnapping for that." "There's a solution to this…I just know there is," William said as he held John's hand.

"Any word from your mom?" "No. I asked dad about it and yanks milf masturbation ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions said it will all be sorted out after I'm already gone," "He's determined, I'll give him that," William said.

He was silent for a few seconds, apparently lost in thought. "Hey, I've got an idea! Before you go on Saturday, come over here and say you won't leave. My mom will be home and she could help us argue with your dad!" "Are you sure about that?" John replied hesitantly. "My mom's good with legal law…or something like that. She argues real good. And you know how she's intimidating to talk to. It's worth a shot!" "Will your mom agree though?" "I know she will.

She knows about us, remember? I could ask her later when she gets home. It's worth a try!" William said adamantly. "Yeah, I guess it is," John replied, not sounding at all convinced.

"It can work! You can't leave, bro, I don't want to think about you leaving," William said softly, looking into John's eyes. "Then let's not, it's not for a few more days," John said as he squeezed William's hand. A relaxed silence passed before John spoke up again.

"Hey, Will, I really wanted to ask you…did you really have to suck Jim?" "Actually yeah, otherwise Pete wouldn't have bought it." "Oh…" "You're not jealous are you?" "It's just that…doing sex stuff…well, I only want to do it with you…you know.

It feels…weird seeing you doing it with someone else," John replied awkwardly. "Look, John, whatever I do with anyone else will never be the same as the stuff I do with you.

Ours will always be special compared to those." "Oh yeah? How so? You seemed to really enjoy sucking Jim off," John said, sounding almost hurt. "Well, Jim had a nice dick—ah, ah, ow! Kidding!" William exclaimed with a small giggle as John gripped his hand a bit too hard. "John, ours will always be special because…well, come over here…" William continued as he pulled John in for a hug. "No one else can make a hug feel so warm, so good and.just being with you makes me feel like I could stay here holding you forever without wanting anything else," he continued as he gently rested his forehead against John's.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that, the things we do together are different from anything else because you mean more to me than anyone," he finished as he gave John a soft, sweet kiss on the lips. "Okay, okay, I get you, I didn't know you could get so dramatic," John said while giggling. He gave William a small peck on the cheek before suddenly changing his demeanor. "Hey, you know, I just remembered, I think you were the only one who didn't finish a while ago." "Finish—wha…?" William managed to say before being interrupted by John's hand cupping his crotch.

William didn't resist as John took off his shorts and his underwear, freeing his quickly hardening member. "This is all your fault, you know. This is really out of character for me…" John said as he playfully stroked William's dick. "You're jelly because you weren't doing me a while ago, and you don't want to lose to Peter or Jim," William teased. "Okay, fine…you're right, I'm jelly," John cooed as he took William's entire three and a half inches in his mouth.

*** Thursday brought a surprise for the students of Elizabeth Seton Academy. Heavy snowfall that persisted through the morning caused the state to suspend classes. The school had also considered cancelling the scheduled educational (field) trip on Friday, however, they were already heavily invested in the trip that the management was reluctant to pass a decision that would waste all that money. It was then decided that the trip would push through if the weather improved on Friday.

Once Friday came, the weather did improve, albeit with a cloudy sky. Chilly winds and media announcements of potential worse weather did not deter the school management from conducting the educational trip. It was in that unstable weather that William, John, Carl and Johnson found themselves, together with their classmates, teachers group of girls sucking and fucking cocks in the bedroom the rest of the entire sixth grade, all wrapped in multiple layers of jackets and sweaters.

The previous day's bad weather precluded any attempts by William and his friends to hang out, stranding them in their homes. The boredom supposedly heightened their anticipation for the field trip they were now engaged in. However; the biting wind was quick to dampen all of their spirits. "This would have been more fun if we culioneros las culona mas rica en porno alexis texas in a heater factory," Johnson said.

The class was currently touring the Rowling Publishing house, the third venue they had visited that day. Carl was walking beside him, closely followed by William and John. The four boys had taken to walking together as their own tight-knit group, together with the rest of their classmates who were currently following a disinterested looking official.

The man was trying to tell them the publication process while passing some printing press machines. He was largely ignored, with the rest of the students minding their own conversations. "Your varied interest in mundane household appliances never ceases to amaze me," Carl replied, while absentmindedly rubbing his injured arm.

"Hey, at least we won't be dying of frostbite," Johnson retorted. "Is the cold bothering your arm?" "Not really. The bandage just kind of itches I guess, and having a sweater and a jacket on top of it doesn't help," Carl replied with a shrug.

"You know, Jim, what would be better is if our sweaters had a built-in heater, so it wouldn't matter where we were, " John thought out loud. "You sure you don't want me to just hug you?" William offered jokingly. "Feel free to do that in front of everyone in our class," John teased, making William blush. "Actually, John, that's a good idea. Someone should invent that!" Johnson said adamantly. "And who's gonna invent that, you?" "Why not?

I've been reading loads of stuff online, the circuit board experiment we did in science was smallfry. I bet I could invent loads of things, like magnetic forcefields and stuff.

You just need the idea to start," Johnson told them with evident passion. "Forcefields…? Right, next thing we know you'd be inventing lightsabers, or, or teleporters…" William said with a laugh. "Laugh all you want, Will. It's all possible. I could even think of a gun that makes you horny when you're hit with it," Johnson mused. "Well, you've got creativity, I'll grant you that," William said, still laughing. "That gun won't work on me though…" Carl added.

"Why?" Johnson asked Carl, All he got was Carl's sly look. It took a few seconds before Johnson seemed to understand the implication. "Oh…" he said, blushing slightly. "Hey, you're doing the mind thing," William said.

"What mind thing?" "Well, you know back then in Peter's place, there were times when we were just looking at each other and then we clearly understood what we were saying in the first place without talking?

Like, John, that time I told you and Carl not to go down yet when I saw you upstairs, and Jim, that time when I just looked at you when Peter was asking me to…you know. I'm calling it the mind thing since we were basically talking with our minds," William concluded, making sure no one was eavesdropping on them talking about their escapades at Peter's.

"Will, I think someone already thought of a word for that, it's called telepathy," John supplied. "Oh, right." "Wait, so what were, you trying to tell us then?" Carl asked. "Well, I was telling you to hold off since it wasn't the best time yet, you got that, right?" "Actually I just thought you were telling us to wait for you guys to cum," Carl said plainly.

"Eh? But it wasn't supposed to be like that! Well, at least you got me, right Jim?" "I thought you were asking me to suck Peter instead because his dick was too big for you," Johnson replied.

"What?! No! I thought you understood that I meant I…anyway, what about that time we were just staring at each other when Peter told us to blow each other?" "I was trying to say 'don't be a pansy'," Johnson replied nonchalantly.

"I thought you were…saying something else…" William trailed off, remembering that he thought Johnson's look back then implied nobler reasons. The other three laughed at William's disheartened look. "Anyway, you guys, I want to sort something out," Carl said. "Since we're on the subject of what happened at Peter's…Jim, what was that, with you sucking Peter and Will doing you?

"What?" Johnson replied incredulously. "Like I told you, we had to or else Peter might think something's up. That was part of the plan, right? Why are you looking at me like that?" Johnson addressed Carl's raised eyebrow. "You seemed really into it…" Carl said teasingly.

"Oh, Come on! I wasn't 'into it'. It was just really hard for me to actually fit his whole dick in my mouth. It was awkward, like you're trying to find a solution that works on a really long and hard math problem," Johnson replied stoically, making the other boys giggle. "And about Will, you can't blame me if he sucks like a pro," Johnson said, prompting William to blush. "Besides, it wasn't really a big deal, right Will?" "Yeah, but your dick was a big deal." "Thank you." "You guys!" John chimed in.

All of them were laughing now. "But seriously, Carl, Will and I could suck and wank and whatever all day and it still wouldn't be as awesome as hanging out with you. You know that. You're my brofriend," Johnson said to Carl, wrapping his arm around the other boy.

"Ah, well, you have a point," Carl sighed comically. "I told John the same thing, you know," William said. "So maybe I enjoy sucking a few dicks; we could all be messing around but it's different with our…brofriends," William said as he looked fondly at John, a look the younger boy returned.

"Just to make things clear though, Will, if we do mess around again, I am not kissing you. I'd sooner puke a week's worth of my lunch," Johnson quipped. "My thoughts exactly. I'd sooner kiss the toilet. It's much cleaner anyway," William retorted with a snigger. "That actually gives me an idea, you guys," Johnson said. "Look, honestly, messing around is way fun.

We should all like do it together, like each other and stuff…" "You're serious?!" Carl laughed. "Come to think of it, Carl, out of the four of us, you're the only one whose dick I haven't seen yet," William teased. "Gah! You perv! Come on John, let's leave these two pervs together," Carl said, taking John by the arm while still laughing. William noted that Carl didn't exactly decline the offer.

"But Will is a great sucker!" Johnson said in an audible whisper. "You don't need to tell me that," John replied with a devious grin, prompting all of them to laugh again. Carl and John walked on ahead, leaving Johnson and William a little behind them. "Jim, you still owe me. You didn't suck me back that time," William said with a devious smile. "Hey, like I said, we should all do it together. You gotta teach me how you do that thing with your tongue and stuff. I mean, it's gay, but whatever," Johnson replied with a hint of a blush.

"Well, aren't you gay? I mean, I think after the things we did, we're already technically gay." "Nah, I'm not gay. I don't think you guys are gay either," Johnson said dismissively.

"We just like hanging out and having fun, and incidentally playing with each other's dicks is fun. So, we're all still the same, it's just that we found a great new hobby." "If you say so," William replied. Though, I really am curious what Carl's dick looks like though…" "Well, I can even fit his balls in my mouth, if that's enough of a description for ya," Johnson replied, causing both of them to laugh out loud. "You're just teasing Carl aren't you?" "Nope.

It's the truth. Besides, I'm sure Carl's asking John all about yours too," Johnson said with a wink. William didn't doubt it since Carl and John were huddled together and talking with hushed tones. The group had stopped in the facility's museum and gift shop, a large spacious room filled with statues and busts of famous characters from books that Rowling Publishing House had published.

Some of the other classes wanted to get photo ops with the statues of their favorite characters, with some of the boys arguing whose hand could have the privilege of grabbing metallic breasts and crotches as their pose.

Being a highly anticipated school event, it was natural that a member of the school paper came along to cover the field trip. He would also serve the function of official photographer without any additional cost to the school. It was this reason, and the school paper's inherent staffing shortage that explained why Peter McMahon was included in the field trip as the school paper's representative and de facto photographer. Peter was taking snapshots of the sixth graders posing at the statues when he felt a presence beside him.

He was not altogether surprised that it was William. "'Sup?" Peter asked indifferently while taking another shot.

"Just wanted to see how you were doing," William replied. "Aren't you supposed to be with your friends?" "They went to check some of the statues. They were really fond of this bald guy that didn't have a nose and had snake eyes.

Anyway, I got bored." "There's nothing much in the way of exciting over here," Peter said, sitting on a nearby bench while the students took photos with their own phones and cameras.

"You're still edgy aren't you?" "'Course I am. Anyone would be in my position, what with your friends looking daggers at me," Peter said nonchalantly. William looked to where John and the others were and saw that Carl was indeed eyeing them both. "Ah don't mind them. I told them to chill about you and me," William said in what he hoped was a reassuring tone. "Easier said than done of course," Peter sighed.

"It'll be a while before we have a sense of normalcy." "A sense of whatnow?" "It's a word here which means a sense of…you know, being how things used to be," Peter explained.

"Ah, right. Well, things'll work out, I promise…" William said, as he bumped fists with Peter. "I'll do what I can to make them lay off you. But you have to do your part too.

Prove to them that we can trust you." "Yeah, yeah, I know," Peter said as he ruffled William's hair affectionately. "Ack, quit it! I hate it when you mess my hair!" Peter laughed in reply.

Their moment was broken when he saw the teachers starting to shepherd students to the center of the room. The teachers' uneasy faces made the affair highly unsettling. "What's that? Is it time to go?" William asked. "Dunno, but you better go back to your class," Peter said, sounding wary. William returned to where John and the others were, all of them sporting worried looks. "What's going on?" he asked John. "They're doing a headcount. I'm not sure what for but it doesn't look good," John replied gesturing towards the teachers in front of the massed students.

Miss Granger, looking more stressed than usual, seemed to be leading the small band of teachers who were ticking off names in their lists and trying to get the students to form discernible lines. "Everyone please make sure all the members of your class are accounted for!" Miss Granger shouted over the chattering of the students. "Now, everyone listen to me!" she shouted commandingly, prompting most of the students to settle down.

"While we were here, the weather outside has turned for the worse. I'm sorry to say that the rest of the educational trip has been canceled," Misss Granger said gravely. The collective groans of disapproval threatened to drown her out again so she raised her voice again. "Furthermore! The weather's become so bad that our school buses have stopped functioning.

We're stranded here." This time, the collective student chatter did drown her out and she didn't make any attempts to stop it. Numerous worried outbursts from students came and went, while many opted to tweet their current predicament. It was a while before the rabble settled down enough for Miss Granger to get everyone's attention again.

"It has been decided that we will stay here until replacement buses can be sent on their way. However, under present conditions, that might take a while," Miss Granger announced, her composure faltering.

"What are we going to do?" "How long do we have to stay here?!" The students were starting to panic, and all the questions they threw at Miss Granger went unanswered. She turned back to huddle with the teachers again, leaving the students to express anxiety at their leisure, making the area more than a bit noisy.

"Guys watch this," Carl called out to Johnson, John and William. The four of them huddled around Carl's phone, which was starting to stream a weather report from ABC News. "Eleven degrees below zero right now in Chicago. And take a look behind me, you can see the vapor rising from lake Michigan here; it's that cold…we have videos showing overnight just how cold it is here in the Midwest…it's just one of the ways the polar vortex is crippling the nation…with chilling air a numbing negative thirty degrees…" the report went on.

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlEkS_MuS8g) "Sorry, I didn't hear much…it's too noisy," William told Carl. "Did you see the part where cars are sliding on the road because of the ice?" "Yeah?" "That's all you need to see.

It's gotten insanely cold because of a polar vortex," Carl said seriously. "What's a polar vortex?" asked John. "I'm pija muy flácida para un culo muy duro tube porn sure, but polar reminds me of polar bears, and vortex sounds like a tornado. So, a polar bear tornado, probably. Well, not really, but anything that sounds like a polar bear tornado must be bad," Johnson said while stroking his chin.

"That or it just has something to do with arctic winds hitting us." "Lucky we're not in Chicago, but then again, it's getting worse here too. It wasn't this cold when we left school this morning, At least the road hasn't frozen over," William said. "May I have your attention please!" Miss Granger shouted.

The teachers were apparently done with their brainstorming. "It is decided. We will stay here for the duration of the…well…until the reserve busses arrive.

It's the biggest building in the area, so we don't really have a choice." "What about food?" piped in one distressed student. "We teachers will be gathering supplies once we coordinate with the Rowling Publishing House's staff—" As he listened to Ms. Granger's announcements, John's phone started ringing. It was his father, Connor. "Dad?" "Yeah I'm okay, but they canceled the field trip and we're stranded at the publishing house." "Yes, the third one in the bulletin." "Oh, really?

Are you sure it's safe?" "Okay, I will," John said as he ended the call. "What did your dad say?" William asked. "He called because he was worried. Says that his meeting was cancelled and that he could drive here because it's on the way and he'll take me home," John replied. "Isn't it dangerous to drive out in weather like this?" Carl asked, pointing toward the window where the strong winds were getting alarmingly visible. "He said he could drive.

He's already on the way," John replied. "At least ask Ms. Granger first," Johnson suggested. "Yeah, c'mon, let's ask her," William said. He went with John to the front and explained the situation to Ms. Granger. "But it's much safer if we stay here!" Miss Granger told the boys. "My dad is… he likes getting his way, Miss Granger," John told her. He looked at William sadly, thinking about how his dad is trying to keep them apart. "Well, I can't very well argue with a parent.

However the school isn't liable for anything that happens to you. I must kelly madison all wet solo bathtub masturbation huge naturals big boobs with your father when he gets here," Ms. Granger said firmly before walking away to confer with the other teachers once more. "Will, I just had a crazy idea!" John said.

"You never have crazy ideas. Now I'm scared." "Since we're practically neighbours, you could hitch a ride with us!" "Are we forgetting the fact that your dad erotic asian pussy shaving and ace fuck sooner run over me?" "Not if Miss Granger was there!" "I don't follow you," William replied, sounding confused.

"Dad has to play it cool if Miss Granger was there to see us off. So, you get in the car with us and well, we talk to him and he has no choice to listen. Then when he drops you off at your place, your mom would be all friendly to him and he won't even get a chance to be mad at us!" "Well…that's…optimistic, I guess," William said with a bitter laugh.

The pair went back to Carl and Johnson about to ask if they'd like to tag along. John reasoned that if the four of them would be there, his dad would have less of a reason to lash out. However, Johnson was skeptic while Carl outright said it was a bad idea. "No thanks, bro.

I don't feel safe going outside. Besides, we're out of the way. We don't have any excuse for tagging along," Carl explained. "Look, I don't know all the details about your daddy issues," Johnson started. "But, I think getting us to gang up on him will make it more complicated." "I guess you're right," William conceded. "Don't worry, Will. I'm sure my dad won't be super unreasonable," John said afterward.

"I only hope so," William replied. "Oh, excuse me for a bit, I'll go say goodbye to Peter." William sought Peter out to say his farewells and to tell him about John's plan.

William had difficulty talking to Peter though since the teen was currently in a discussion with the teachers. As the oldest of the students, he was obligated to be part of the teachers' response team.

White teen pussy for strong black dick Peter was free to talk, he echoed Johnson's misgivings. "And in any case, it's dangerous to go out right now," Peter finished sounding his opposition. "Well, we still gotta try." "Just be careful.

If you and John's dad get into an argument, he might get distracted from driving. You don't want that," Peter warned. "Hey, if anything goes wrong, I can phone you for help. You know how to drive, right?" William asked with a slight grin. "I do…but unless you're suggesting I drive a sled I don't think I'll be of much help," Peter replied with a grin.

"Buses are all shot, remember? One of them even had its gas freeze over. The school just rented those actually. One of our writers is doing an article on them being supposedly overpriced. Anyway, I'm sure nothing bad will happen if you keep your cool." "I hope so," William sighed. Half an hour later, Connor Watson was already discussing with an increasingly hassled Miss Granger.

He seemed to be summarily shooting down all the teacher's attempts at making him stay put. Off to one side, William was shuffling his feet, unsure of how he was supposed to get in a car with the man who was taking John away from him. It was less of resentment though, than it was fear; he was actually hiding behind John, waiting for the other boy to make a move.

"C'mon, Will, I'll do the talking," John said as he slowly walked towards his father. William was initially hesitant, but he eventually relented when John held his hand.

Connor Watson and Miss Granger were still talking when John approached him. "Dad!" "…I assure you it'll be—yes, son?" Connor replied, almost as if he was surprised John even dared interrupt him. "Will lives in the neighbourhood anyway, so we should bring Will along with us." "Don't be ridiculous," Connor said with thinly veiled contempt. His eyes were narrowed on William, his brow raised as if questioning John's mental faculties for even thinking of the notion.

"Is there a problem here, Mister Watson?" Miss Granger asked. The tension was apparently not lost on her. "Miss Granger, I think it's more practical if we let Will ride with us.

We live only a few blocks apart so it won't be any trouble." John said, doing his best to sound nonchalant. "Son," Connor started while seemingly strained to rein in the vitriol in his voice, "I don't want to take responsibility for someone else I'm not obliged to watch over." Miss Granger seemed to acknowledge that there was an unspoken conflict between the father and son, as seen through the deepening lines on her forehead.

"John, perhaps it's safer for William to remain with the group. Your father can't be held liable for him after all, and he has no authority to undertake guardianship of William," she said, trying to defuse the situation.

John was at a loss to both adults' reason. He was biting his lip in serious thought when he elbowed William's ribs for some support. "—Ow! I mean…can I please, Mister Watson? I think it's safer if I'm home. My mother wouldn't be as worried if I was just at home…" William fibbed on the spot.

"Like your teacher says, it's not my call," Connor said dismissively. "Call…" William thought out loud as his eyes suddenly lit up. "Sir, don't worry about your authority and stuff. My mom knows and trusts you anyway. Here, I'll call her…" William then took out his phone and called his mother.

He didn't know if his gamble would pay off, but either way he hoped his mom's innate tactfulness would allow her to go along with his white lie. "Mom?" William started. He was making an effort to be as audible as possible to Connor Watson. "William! Are petite teen sucks big cock on the road safe?

Are you still on the fieldtrip?" "Yeah, I'm fine but they cancelled the field trip and John's dad offered to drive me home!" William half-shouted so that both Connor and Miss Granger would hear him. "Really? But I thought he was against you and…isn't it more dangerous that way? I think you should stay put!" "Yeah, I told them that you'd rather if I was safe back home!" William said loudly, trying to gauge Miss Granger and Connor Watson's reaction from the corner of his eye and willing his mother to understand his ruse.

"What? That's not what I said! I don't think I can come home at all, we're stuck in the office because traffic just stopped." "That's right, mom! If you want, you can talk to Miss Granger and tell her that it's okay for Mister Watson to take me home!

I told them that you'd really, really rather if I was home right now!" William bellowed some more, trying not to sound too obvious. "I'm getting the feeling you didn't call me just because you were worried," his mother said. William could almost imagine his mother's raised eyebrow. "Yes, mom, that's right. I love you!" William replied vaguely. He turned to Miss Granger and confidently asked, "Miss Granger, would you still like to ask my mother about Mister Watson taking me home?" *** "Dad." "Dad…" "Dad!" "What?!" came Connor Watson's angered reply.

They've been on the road for less than five minutes since leaving Rowling Publishing House when the tension between Connor Watson and the two boys escalated. It didn't help that Connor had to drive slower than usual, further adding to his impatience. "Dad, I don't want to move out," John said firmly. "If you think bringing your gay friend with us is going to change my mind, you're badly mistaken," Connor said acidly.

"He's not just my gay friend!" John fumed. William put his hand on John's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. "Look, Mister Watson, I know you don't like me—" "An understatement. I already told your parents how I don't want you anywhere near my son. I have a feeling they consented to…this." Connor spat with emphasized disdain on the last word.

"I'm not doing anything bad to John! We're best friends! So maybe we like each other a lot, what's it matter? We both wanted the stuff we've been doing! This isn't Russia!" "You've clearly corrupted his mind with your immorality, boy. Are you even still a boy?" Connor laughed derisively.

"I don't know how you managed to make the teacher change her tune, but let me make it clear to you that I could just leave you on the side of the road, if I didn't worry about legal action from your parents. If anything, the only thing you've accomplished is to convince me even more to have John move away. The extent of your influence on him is clearly too deep for simple punishments. My son needs to be away from you so he can be normal again." "Dad, are you actually calling me abnormal?!" John asked, appalled.

"Sexual deviance is abnormal!" "Dad, even the pope said we shouldn't judge gay people!" William withered on the backseat as the father-son exchange reached violent overtones. Mister Watson now periodically stared at John to shout at him, even though he was just beside him at the front seat.

At the same time, William's detachment from the shouting match allowed him to notice that the windows were getting blurry with snow. The fierce winds had picked up and the windshield wipers were the only things keeping them from driving blind. Mister Watson seemed to realize this as his voice raised further, seemingly exacerbated with fear and frustration with the weather.

John failed to notice this and shouted at his father again, causing Connor to angrily retort. In the moment he took his eyes off the road, William knew his warning wouldn't make it in time. "Mister Watson, watch out!" Connor couldn't react in time.

The car hit the metal railing lining the highway, swatting it aside and leading them off the road. Connor fought valiantly to steer the car through the rough terrain, but the surprisingly steep slope overpowered him. William was frozen in horror until a deafening crunch of metal on wood turned everything black. **** It could have been seconds, or it could have been several eternities.

William couldn't tell how long he blacked out. All he remembered was thinking about all his friends before reality seemingly threw up. He blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't having a nightmare and saw in front of him something even more terrifying: both Connor and John were stiff and silent. Also there was a tree where the front of the car used to blonde teen lesbians eating pussy and teens dildo masturbation orgasm webcam i should. William was too panicked to even scream.

He surmised that he got knocked out after violently hitting his head on the car's roof; he wasn't wearing any seatbelts at the back seat. John fared much worse. The tree they crashed in rent the car so badly that its trunk obliterated the middle part of the dashboard. The front part of the roof aussie lesbian chloe b paula caved in and John seemed to be trapped between twisted metal and fallen branches. Connor Watson wasn't any better.

The impact of the crash flattened the driver's wheel side, nearly crushing Connor's chest in between. His head was bleeding rather profusely, the windshield having collapsed on his side altogether. "No…no…no…" William muttered through the excruciating throbbing in his head.

He was insanely scared, yet the direness of the situation seemed to rob him of the desire to panic hysterically. He got out of the car, noting that his side of the door was still functional enough that he didn't have to kick it off.

Most of the damage was focused on the front of the car, prominently emphasized by the utterly destroyed hood. The engine was exposed and smoking, making William afraid of the whole car suddenly exploding. The extremely cold air didn't help William's nerves, and the snowfall obscured his vision.

In that desperately dire situation, William's only thought, aside from pissing his pants was to get John and his father out of the wreckage. He staggered toward John and pushed the fallen branches that were crushing the car on his side. To William's great relief, John was still breathing. To his mom san porn six vedustore so great relief, the car's utterly destroyed front had John's entire lower half trapped, making an attempt to pull him out altogether riskier than letting him sit there.

William groaned in exasperation and hobbled to Connor Watson's side. Like John, he was unconscious, but he had far more cuts on his face, not to mention a temple wound that was steadily bleeding. William was in a daze; he couldn't exactly think properly about what to do next. All he knew was that, somehow, he managed to carefully heave the man's body out of the wreckage, only remembering that somewhere along that process he had to kick apart the mangled steering wheel.

Remembering what John did when Carl got injured back at Peter's, he used his handkerchief to make a crude bandanna around Connor's head wound. "I can't…do this…" William thought out loud, his chest heaving as pain and exhaustion caught up with him.

"Help! Anyone!" No one answered. Instead, William's phone started ringing. It was Peter. "Pete!" "Will, how's the road trip with Jon's dad? You know, just after you left some Red Cross guys came to help out. Apparently it's gotten so bad that some of the older folks in town are getting hypothermia—Will, are you crying?" "Pete…the car crashed.

John is…and his dad…we need help. Please…" William was trying his hardest to put more emotional emphasis in his words, but he was steadily losing energy, with his body shivering and the tears now slowly falling from his cheeks singeing his skin because of the sheer cold.

"What?! Where are you?" "I don't…I dunno." "Will stay with me!" Peter shouted through the phone. "Check your phone's map, turn on the GPS! Where are you?" William numbly thumbed through his phone's GPS and managed to say, "Just two miles west along the road. We hit one of the metal barriers." "That's not too far out! Will, call 911! I'll tell the rescue team here to…" William had difficulty understanding what Peter said next. He wondered if it was either because the wind was making it too hard to caught my blonde slut wife on cam properly, or because he was suddenly, inexplicably, too sleepy to think.

He yawned as he leaned on the car's side, next to where he laid Connor. He thought it was strange how, even with the current situation, sleeping seemed like the most agreeable thing to do. ***** In his final moments, he thought he'd see the face of his wife. When Connor Watson opened his eyes though, he instead saw the face of a twelve year old boy he didn't particularly like.

William James was seated beside his bed, apparently asleep on the chair. From what Connor could gather, he was in a hospital room, and he had several bandages on his head and on his chest.

On the other hand, the boy seated beside him sported a patch of linen gauze on his head, but otherwise, seemed fairly unharmed. He suddenly remembered that his injuries were most likely caused by the car crash, which reminded him that his only son John was also in it. He tried to stand up, but his entire body ached in protest and forced him to slump back on the bed. He resolved to stare at the still-sleeping boy, wondering why on earth he was in the room in the first place. A few minutes later, a nurse and a doctor appeared.

The nurse checked replaced his IV drips while the doctor scribbled on his clipboard. "I see you're awake, Mister Watson, I'm The Doctor," The Doctor said softly, taking note of the still sleeping William. "Doctor…who?" "Just The Doctor." "Right," Connor replied crossly. The Doctor smiled in reply. "Where's my son?" Connor asked The Doctor. "You don't have to worry Mister Watson. He's alright. Much better than you actually," The Doctor replied.

"I don't suppose you can tell me what happened." "Well, from what I gather from the authorities, they found you lying beside your car with an improvised bandage on your head, and beside you was this boy," the doctor gestured to William. Your X-Rays show that you have a few broken ribs and a concussion on your head. I hazard a guess that the wreckage was crushing your chest. If you had stayed in that position, you would have shortly died of asphyxiation. Yet you were found outside the car.

I think this young man here very well saved your life. Do you know him?" "He's…a friend of my son." "I see. He must hold you in very high regard, to have done that. He insisted to stay and watch you for the night as well. Anyway, a team of Red Cross responders got to you first, they were alerted by one of the older students, who said that this young man here was able to give them your exact location.

I would be thanking him a lot, if I were you." "Yes. Of course," Connor responded tartly. "What about my son?" "As I've said, he's alright. He suffered a fracture in his left tibia and some bruises, but it's nothing we can't fix.

We already applied a cast the night you were brought here and as of yesterday he's already been well accustomed," "Wait, how long have we been here?" "Two days," the doctor said. He strode over to William and lifted his head gently, seemingly inspecting the gauze patch on his head. "This boy was lucky. Just slight hypothermia when he got here and a minor concussion on his head.

" The slight disturbance seemed to wake William up. His eyes slowly opened as he let out a big yawn. "Hey, doc." "Hello there, William. How are you doing?" "Just fine," William said, his voice hesitated slightly as he caught sight of the now wide-awake Connor. "Alright. If you need anything else don't hesitate to press that button over there for a nurse.

I'll be back later at lunch to check up on you, Mister Watson," said The Doctor as both he and the nurse filed out of the room. "So…car crash…it's just like a soap opera cliché, eh, Mister Watson?" William started awkwardly.

"The doctor said you saved my life," Connor started, dropping all pretense of politeness. "Why?" "Why not, sir?" William replied tiredly, while rubbing his eyes. "I oppose your relationship with my son, and frankly I hate you," Connor said with complete frankness. "I don't hate you, sir. I'm just afraid of you. But even then, I don't think it's a reason for me not to help someone when I can.

Even if you don't want us together, I don't think it's a reason to let my best friend's dad die," William said soberly, almost as if he had rehearsed his reply. "So you saved me because you were afraid of what John might think," Connor said dismissively.

"Most people would be thanking me by now…" William sighed. "Look, Mister Watson, you don't like me and that's why you're so set on thinking I'm some criminal. But thing is, I helped because I could. That's all there is. If you think being gay is bad then fine. But that doesn't have anything to do with being a decent person who doesn't leave people to die." "Are you lecturing me?" "No, I'm just waiting for you to thank me," William said with a slight smirk. "So, you really hate me?" "Yes." "Well, John is like me, does that mean you hate John?" "Of course not, he's just katie morgan gets popped in the bathroom Watson, John has been the same John you and I have known since forever.

He just got to know himself a lot more now, that's all. Nothing about how he thinks or how he acts or how he is, changed. If you resent what he's become then that means you've been resenting him for all this time from the moment he was born, since, nothing's really changed about him. He's still the son you know. You only started reacting badly to it when you found out we messed around.

But what if you never knew? You wouldn't have reacted, but everything would have still been the same. And if you think he's confused, then you should've helped and supported him instead of making him do things that he doesn't want. With everything you've done, the only thing you've accomplished is to make him hate you," William finished profoundly. Connor replied with silence, which prompted William to ask," it all comes down to this: do you love John or not?" "Of course I love him!

I'm his father!" "Then I hope you'll live up to what you said," William said with a contented sigh. He got off his chair and made to go out of the room. "I better get back to John, he's prolly awake now. You're welcome by the way, Mister Watson," William said with only the slightest hint of sarcasm. He only received more silence in reply. Once he was outside he passed by Peter McMahon, who was leaning on a wall. After exchanging fistbumps, Peter asked, "So, do you think the script I gave you worked?" Smiling, William replied, "I think it worked like a charm." **** "Will!" John exclaimed as William entered his hospital room.

"Yo, bro!" William called out to John enthusiastically. He eagerly rushed to John's bed, where the other boy was sitting and gave him a tight hug. "Good morning to you, William," said a gentle woman's voice behind William. Startled, he awkwardly broke the hug and turned to face the woman. It was Sharon Watson, John's mother, accompanied by an unknown man in a red suit. He had an austere look and sported a cravat that looked wildly out of place.

"Oh! Uhm, sorry, Missis Watson, I uh, didn't see you there," William said bashfully. John giggled behind him. "It's alright, no need to feel embarrassed.

I just got here myself after hearing about the accident," Sharon said with a smile. She walked over to the boys and gently smoothed over John's bed-hair and said, "I don't know where to start. You saved my boy and my husband. You saved my family and I don't know how I can ever thank you for that." "It, it was nothing, Missis Watson," William said awkwardly as the woman gave him an unexpected hug.

"I wish Mister Watson was as positive about it as you though." "Dad's awake?" John asked. "Yeah, I.I already had the talk with him." "What do you mean, William?" Sharon asked. "Just our way of making him see reason, is all," William said modestly. "Well, the reason I was gone for so long was that I was trying to handle the issue with Connor. I was almost considering divorce, if he insisted on harassing John. I arranged for my attorney, Mister Miles Edgeworth to help me these past few days.

We thought it would be a custody battle," she said as she gestured to the man in the red, cravat-sporting suit. "I don't think you have to do that now, Missis Watson." "What makes you think so?" "Just a feeling. You can see him now if you like, I bet he's having breakfast now. Oh but, ease up on the lawyer thing," William cautioned. "Alright. Thanks again, William," Missis Watson said as both she and Mister Edgeworth turned to leave.

Once the adults were gone, John said, "So how did dad react when you talked to him?" "I think I hit him where it hurts. Peter's speech was perfect. I didn't get to memorize all of it so I had to ad-lib, but I'm sure I got the message across." "Well, I admit it was awfully nice of him to do that speech for us, aside from staying here and lascive anime babe with big tits sucking cock watch." "I keep telling you guys you can trust him now.

I mean, aside from all that he DID rescue us with those Red Cross guys." "You weren't even conscious then." "Yeah but still!" William insisted.

"Yeah, yeah I know. I guess I can be a little nicer to him. Where is he anyway?" John asked. "He went down the cafeteria to get some breakfast—oh mom's calling," William remarked as his phone started vibrating violently. "Still broken?" "Yeah, getting wet in the snow doesn't do a gadget favors, apparently. It can still get calls but the screen doesn't even respond anymore so I can't press anything to pick up." "Haven't you thought of using someone else's phone?

Like, say, mine?" John asked incredulously. "Someone…else's…" William slowly said as if the idea was foreign to him. He clapped a hand to his face in recognition of his apparent stupidity, earning giggles from John. "Here, call your mom back," John said as he handed William his phone. "Alright&hellip.Hello, mom? I'm in a hospital—" even though the speakerphone wasn't enabled, John could hear the panicked shouts coming from the phone's receiver.

William held the phone at arm's length in case it ruptured his ear drums. "That prolly wasn't the best first thing to say to you mom," John said as William offered him an apologetic look. *** After a few days, John was discharged from the hospital and allowed to go to school. He had to learn how to use crutches for a while because of his cast, which everyone inexplicably wanted to sign. By then, word of the incident spread through the school, granting William and John somewhat of a celebrity status.

Some even heard of William's supposed heroism, but he did his best to downplay the rumors. Throughout it all, Peter was never mentioned. The only ones who knew of his involvement were William, John, Carl and Johnson. He and William agreed that it was better for him to be the unsung hero, with the only acknowledgement of his feat expressed by the boys' jade and her stepmom fucking a rich guy warmer attitude towards him.

A week later, John's cast came off, and Carl proposed a group sleepover at his house to 'celebrate'. Since there would be four of them, he had arranged for them to use the basement entertainment room. By the time William arrived, Johnson was already in a heated game of Mass Effect 3, while Carl watched eagerly beside him. "Yo! Why aren't you playing?" William asked Carl as he sat down. "Sometimes it's much more fun to watch Jim fail; I'm having him play on Insane difficulty," Carl smirked.

"Screw you, Carl, I can—" but before Johnson finished, he got blasted, with the screen displaying the customary "Critical Mission Failure" screen.

"Haha! See, what did I tell you?" Carl laughed. "Anyway, where's John?" "Off to visit his dad in the hospital." "How is the old codger?" Johnson asked off handedly as he tried to restart his game. "He's getting better. John says his dad asks him about school like normal now.

It's better than when he still didn't want to talk." "So John's staying for good then?" "He says his dad doesn't even mention it anymore," William said with a smile.

The three of them spent the time playing more games until John arrived. After all of them had dinner, they trooped back to the basement, eager for what Carl described as a "special surprise". "So what are you on about?" Johnson asked. "You'll see," Carl said with an eager grin as he hooked his laptop to the large, flat-screen TV. "We're watching porn." "Typical," Johnson remarked, though his smile belied his supposed disdain. "Alright, sit back, relax…and feel free to wank the nearest dick," Carl said as he plopped down on the sofa.

"Carl…no way, These are…!" William exclaimed. "Yep. That's your vid with John. Remember when I said I wiped Peter's computer? Well, I did, but I saw how hot your vid was so I thought it would be a shame if I didn't copy it.

Actually, I copied all of the vids he had," Carl said with a sly grin. "Bastard," William said as he laughed. "Your boner says otherwise," Carl said, pointing at William's steadily rising crotch tent. "Besides, we've got lots to choose from in his files, not just your smarmy face," he said with a sly grin. "Told ya I'd get all of us together," Johnson said. He was already slowly massaging his crotch. "No one's touching Will!" John announced in his best attempt to sound magnanimous, startling the other boys.

His expression suddenly changed though, as a wide grin appeared on his face. "But after I'm done with him, then you have my permission to mess around." All of them laughed at John's Batman reference. And as the other boys started their own self pleasuring, William though of how weird the situation was. Here he was in a basement, hanging out with his four closest friends in the world, about to have the most intimate bit of fun they could think of.

His best friend became his brofriend, his worst enemy became one of his best friends, and his dreaded blackmailer ended up saving his life, and becoming a trusted friend he could look up to as an older brother. Most significant of all, John's dad seemed to finally relent to his son's budding homosexuality, and John wasn't going to move away any time soon. All of this happened because on a night like this a few months ago, William decided to show his dick to a stranger for a game.

Indeed, to William, everything that happened after that was weird. But…it was a good kind of weird. William watched as the TV showed him inching towards John's dick. Off to the side, Johnson was wolf whistling while Carl and John were giggling. He wasn't sure if wanking to a video of themselves was normal. He wasn't sure if messing around with three other boys felt naughtier than what he was accustomed to.

But he was sure glad he was doing it with his closest friends, and he was sure that he didn't want things any other way. And most of all… He was sure they weren't gonna get a lot of sleep that night. *End* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Author's notes: So guys, what do you think of chapter ten?

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