Jamie valentine and crystal rae licking and masturbate masturbation oldvsyoung

Jamie valentine and crystal rae licking and masturbate masturbation oldvsyoung
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I was on my high school swim team as a diver. When I wasn't practicing my dives at the pool. Me and a few of my friends would go to different locations to dive off bridges, buildings, trees, into any water that was available.

I was the one that developed a special dive that we aptly named a suicide dive. I is especially useful when diving into shallow water.

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The second benefit is that it creates a very high splash so it's much better than a cannon ball. I developed it on the high board at our swimming pool at school. I was a senior and just turned 18 and had the body of a diver. One day a girl in my class and on the swim team named Sue, was watching us guys and she started to attempt to do what me and my buds were doing. She got up on the high board and made several attempts that really hurt her legs because she didn't hit the water right.

I asked her if she wanted my help and she gushed Yes! I coached her on the low board for a while and she started to get the hang of it but she wasn't a diver. She was a swimmer and her specialty was the back stroke. It made sense because she had some very big tits on a nice slim body and when she did the breast stroke or the butterfly, her fabulous tits were a drag and slowed her down. I finally felt that she was ready for the next step, the high board. I would go off first and she would follow trying to mimic what I did and she soon got pretty good, better than most of my buds.

We soon left the high board and started to go to this bridge that was at least three times higher than the high board. We all took turns doing our suicide dive off the bridge and the fishermen that used that waterway for fishing and they though we were disturbing their fishing so we had to stay away from them.

This storys xxx nia as de 18 spanned across an inlet that connected the inter coastal to the Atlantic ocean and was used by the fishing fleet so we had to be careful not to disturb the fishermen or the fishing boats and none of us wanted to land on a passing boats so we had lookouts.

One day Sue showed up at the bridge and she begged me to help her be the first woman to make that dive. She promised me a blowjob and I figured, why not? All I have to do is show her and then watch her dive. She tried several times and soon I figured that I would hold her hand and dive with her holding hands until we hit the water. She agreed.

We got on the railing and stood on the outside with our butts resting on the railing I told her what we would do and we got ready. It was going to be one two three and step off. Just as I said three while looking at doxy with boobs enjoys sex to max naturaltits and hardcore as she gazed at the water, she screamed and pulled her hand from mine but I was already too far gone to stop and as I looked down I saw a very large shark feeding on a school of mullet.

I knew if I landed on him from that height we would probably both die. As luck would have it he moved just enough for me to hit the water less than a foot from him. I didn't stick around to see where he was I swam as fast as I could toward the jetty instead of treading water as we are carried to the end of the jetty to climb up the smooth rocks. I took the path of least resistance and scaled the barnacle covered rocks scraping my hands and feet cutting them in several places. I ran across the parking lot to my truck and got in.

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I grabbed a towel and started to clean the wounds on my hands and feet. My buds came up and asked if I was ok and I told them I was good and they left to dive from the bridge. Sue came up to my passenger side and got in she saw the blood on the towel and freaked out saying it was all her fault for distracting me during the attempted dive. She told me to just sit there while she used the towel to stop the bleeding first on my hands and then on my feet.

She noticed that I had some scrapes on my knees and thigh and she wiped the blood from them. She got dangerously to my crotch and leaned down to kiss my boo bo on my thigh and asked if it felt any better. I lost all sense of pain as I watched her large tits pressing against my leg as her mouth was kissing the boo bo on my upper thigh.

Even under such pain and trauma, my cock who wasn't injured in any way started to engorge itself trying to get out of my swim trunks pant leg. Without me asking her for my blowjob she started to kiss my inner thigh further up and soon she used her hand to slide up and bring my engorged cock into view.

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Within seconds her mouth was gulping down my cock and I just leaned back and reached down her back, untied her bikini top and she removed it from her tits. I reached down and began to play with her nipples and squeeze her mounds. She took straight bear cum in baitbus time knowing that my mind was off my sore hands and feet and her tits on my hands were very soothing.

I soon, too damn soon started cumming in her mouth with out letting her know I was cumming and she took it like a trooper. She came up to kiss me and I tasted my cum on her lips. It somehow tasted better than when I jerked off in bed and tasted my own cum. We became close friends and met at the beach many times and one day I was able to take her off the bridge with abby rode makes her husband watch her get fucked housewife and tits with no sharks around and she loved it.

We did it a few times until she was comfortable doing it. She was my high adventure girl but we never got more than a blow job and some tit play alto she did let me finger her pussy a couple of times but refused to go all the way. I started getting into scuba diving with a friend of my dads. I felt I was qualified after diving several reefs, one wreck and several caves.

He told me that anytime he wasn't using the gear that I could borrow it but I had to promise to have a buddy with me and to never dive alone.

One day I was headed toward the beach to find one of my buds to go diving with me. No one was there but along came Sue and I talked her into going diving with me. She, being the adventure bug that she was jumped at the chance. We went to a beach where I knew there was a cool reef close in and fairly shallow, maybe 15 ft deep. We got in and I helped her put on her tank and showed her how to use it.

She made several attempts wile laying in some shallow water and I could see she took to it just fine. We swam out to the reef and we looked all around the reef and she had a smile in her eyes. We came together on the surface and we were holding each other closely so she take off her mask and tell me how much she enjoyed the dive.

I took off my mouth piece and we kissed and our bodies were touching, My leg would go between her legs and it would rub her pussy through her bikini.

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She reached down with one hand while holding onto my shoulder and removed her bottom half of her bikini and placed it on my other shoulder. I reached down and slid down my trunks to exxxpose my hard cock. We were treading water so I put my mouth piece in and she did the same as we stopped using our flippers and sank to the bottom for some footing.

She quickly wrapped her legs busty milf businesswoman in stockings fucked doggystyle my hips and placed my cock in between her pussy lips and yes we were under water but I felt her slippery pussy lips sliding up and down her slit. I thought that was going to be the extent when she used her legs to force my cock into her pussy until I felt her hymen and then next time she squeezed me with her legs, I broke through and it was Katie bar the door as she literally fucked me as I managed to stay on my flippers.

She didn't stop until I forced her back so I did not cum in her pussy and let loose with a volley of cum shots until my gun was empty. We managed to make back to the shallows and I pulled up my trunks and held her while she put on her bottoms. We went up to our towels and removed our tanks. As I set them down I said, "why didn't you tell me you wanted to fuck?" She said she didn't know what came over her but it seemed like the thing to do.

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We went to the truck and stowed the gear and climbed in. She took off her bikini top and was drying her hair with her tits in full view."What's a fella spose to do?" We were a couple but when ever the situated warranted it was suck or fuck depending on the situation.