Straight bear cum in baitbus

Straight bear cum in baitbus
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Left. Right. Left. Right. Up. Down. Up.

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Slow down. Margo swayed her hips to and through, letting her long, auburn hair bounce and gather in her face. As the rap music continued to blare, her mind combed through years of her teenage memories. School dances, college parties, rap videos, anything even remotely valuable.

All those stupid, exaggerated, drunken dance moves she used to jokingly do with her girlfriends were the only thing that could save her life now. The terrified coed did not stop moving for even one second, running off nothing but adrenaline and pure fear of the five black men lounging around the apartment.

Everything was such a blur, Margo honestly had no idea how long she'd been dancing.

Her knees ached in a burning pain and sweat had begun beading down her back. The boom box had played five or six songs already, so she had been moving nonstop for fifteen minutes at the very least. Mar desperately wanted to stop for a second and catch her breath, but she wouldn't dare risk it.

The gun sitting on the table was all the motivation she needed anyway. The thugs still leered at her, but the looks had change.

When this ordeal had first started their eyes were glued on Margo. She could not escape their gaze. Now, the hardened criminals still watched her, but they also watched the basketball game on television, counted the stacks of money, and texted on their cellphones.

She was just another little distraction, a luxury. Mar was just another appliance in the apartment. The smallest thug was the most enamored with her, motioning her over to his chair with a small gesture of the pinky. Though the sight of him made her sick, Mar forced out a half smile and swayed japanese teenage minx pleasures two big cocks to the little man.

"Sweet jesus, you got black girl thighs," he proclaimed as his hands wrapped around her lower waist. He pulled her practically on top of his lap, letting her straddle his knee, as his hands slid under her g-string and rested on her ass cheeks.

"Show me how little white sluts kiss." Margo leaned forwards and their lips met. The small thug did not hesitate in shoving his tongue down her throat. It caught her off guard and for a split second she thought about pulling away before realizing what a terrible idea that would be.

"You taste great baby," he said through a toothy grin. His hands squeezed her behind before sliding back up to her hips. "I'd could drink that spit all day." "Thanks baby. You too," she lied. Margo shuddered as his hands traced her shape up and found the way to her ample breasts.

The thug continued to kiss her over and over, their lips meeting like magnets. His breath reeked of liquor and smoke, but she had no option but to french back and let him molest her bosom. "Don't forget about the rest of ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar bitch," the lanky man yelled from the edge of the couch.

The kissing had distracted her enough to ease off on the dancing, performing only an effortless little shake. His long arm reached out and struck her backside. "Shake that cute little blue tail for us." Margo jumped from the unexpected strike and then her mind filled with shame, the unnecessary reminder that she wore nothing but a blue g-string with a sewed on birthday present bow.

Choking back another sob, she started to shimmy her ass rapidly. The blue bow bouncing around sporadically, making her ass crack temporarily visibly. The short thug placed his hands around the back of her head and guided Mar down to the crotch of his blue jeans. Against her face, she could feel his member harden and twitch under the clothes.

Mar gulped, looking up with her pleading doe eyes, silently begging him to stop. "You ever suck a nigga before?" he asked through a wicked grin. Margo, bent over and still wiggling her exposed ass, timidly shook her head no. "I've sucked dicks but never guy before," she explained with carefully weighted words.

The thug could not hide his joy as he unzipped his pants. The erect shaft springing out and slapping across the side of her face, laughter breaking out from the other thugs. "Hope you don't choke to death," he mocked. Margo's eyes widened in surprise. Pressed against her face was the biggest penis she had ever seen in her life.

The criminal was significantly longer and thicker than the all the men she had been with before. As she stared in amazement, a terrible thought occurred to her. This is the smallest guy here. How big are the others? "Don't just stare at it, gurl. Suck the black off it," ordered the smallest thug as he adorable gals for one ramrod interracial hardcore his penis across her face, smearing pre-cum on her cheek.

The vulgar gesture waking Margo up. The college girl started to slowly lick around the head, more out of reluctance than actually foreplay, but the gangster didn't mind. He clearly hadn't showered yet and the scent of his body odor hovered over her nose. Mar tried to keep her lunch down. The last thing she wanted was to lick a stranger's penis, especially a sweaty one, but it honestly was her best option.

Maybe (just maybe) if she got them all off with her mouth then they wouldn't have the energy left to rape her. It was a long shot, but just giving five blow jobs would be a victory at this point. The tip licking turned shemale fuck girl in forest a small kiss, which turned into a slow suck.

She started to work her mouth around the shaft, no easy feat given its girth. The thug let out a pleased moan as his penis gradually disappeared down the white girls throat.

Her gag reflex was going full force. Meanwhile, the lanky thug gave her a backhand slap on the inside flesh of each of her thighs, a crude gesture to get her to spread her legs more. Mar adjusted herself to be in a wider stance as she continued to work her mouth up and down the other criminal's penis, but it wasn't satisfactory enough. "Spread those ass cheeks," the tall man ordered as he painfully squeezed and dug his nails into her behind.

"I want to see what we're working with here." Margo reflexed in pain, careful to son and mom massge sex bite down on the penis. There was no need for nail digging, she was already broken and would have followed the order. It was becoming abundantly clear that the gang members enjoyed causing her physical torture as well as emotional. She quickly reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart, a gesture she had not done, not even fathomed doing, for any boyfriend before.

The young coed felt the dainty g-string being brushed to the side just before a disgusting cold glob of the thug's spit collided into her sex. Two fingers began to rub the saliva into her womanhood and Margo whimpered, part in despair and part from the sensitive area being touched. "The shit is pretty banged up," scoffed the lankiest thug in disgust as he massaged her clitoris with two long, wet fingers. "This whore's pussy is worn out. You let every little white dick you see plow you?" A small sob of protest was all that could escape Margo's filled mouth.

The words hit home hard. She wasn't a whore. Not anymore at least. In high school she had been too reckless and free, getting too enamored with any boy she crossed paths with and trusting that their intentions were true.

Now a days she was much more conservative and rational, not even being particular active outside of long relationships. Not that it was an answer the brutes would understand or were even looking for.

"Hey slut, I asked if you let this pussy get stretched out every night," the molesting thug repeated as his fingers stopped rubbing and started to plunge into her sex. Margo whole body trembled from his exploration, even her jaw vibrated pleasurably from the small thug's reactions. She removed his girth from her mouth to answer the other man.

"Yes, I'm a whore who got her pussy stretched out," Mar stated defeatedly between licks of the cock. "I'm really sorry, but I can still suck fine." She stared to comprehend the words pouring out of her mouth, the word these men have pushed her to saying, and her eyes started to really water up again. The lanky thug laughed again. "I ain't surpised that use a hoe," he belittled.

"I barely been in your pussy a fucking second and you're already dripping wet." More shame flooded over her from his words. The plunging in and out of the thug's fingers had quickly caused her sex to moisten and swell, but she couldn't control that.

Could she? Every second in this apartment filled her with not only more fear for survival, but also a deeper sense of personal disgust and worthlessness. "Fine work D'marcus.

You stick us with a stupid, honky bitch and she's already torn up. I didn't think this white cunt could be anymore useless," stated the suited thug as he shook his head from the other side of the couch as he lit another blunt. The head thug looked away from Margo long enough to flip off his suited comrade.

cartoon fuck xnxxx in marathi What did you expect nigga? All white bitches spread their for anything with a heartbeat," he rationalized, but not before an evil grin appeared. "There is something else though they keep tight and protected." Margo's eyes sprang open as her hope of escaping even remotely unscathed dissolved.

These monsters were going to get every possible use out of her. The lanky criminal grinned from his bosses idea. His elongated fingers removed from Margo sex, a slow process that agonized her with shameful pleasure, and they started to prod at her tightly, closed asshole. The coed's knees buckled from the pain that even a small exploration of the area caused. Her hands released the grip on her spread ass cheeks, making things more difficult, and she turned away foxxy teen is down to fuck doggystyle and deepthroat the small thug's crotch to look at her new assailant.

"Please. Don't do this. I'm begging you all," Mar pleaded as she looked back over her shoulder with big doe eyes. "I will suck you all off and let you all fuck my pussy for as long as you want, just please show me this shred of mercy." The lanky thug frowned, his fingers still stuck up her unspread ass, and he reached out and struck her behind with his free hand.

The smack was the hardest yet and a pathetic yelp escaped the girl's lungs. "Bitch, don't act like you have any say in this" he growled at her. "Get back bent over and spread now or I'm going to stretch you out with my cock instead of my fingers." Margo plunged her head back down, bearing a tearful cry into the smaller thug's erect crotch.

Her hands quickly reached back and spread her pale ass again, the raw, pinkness of her sex and asshole inviting to the thugs in the room. The exploring fingers had been joined by a larger thumb. Each small movement sent a shockwave of pain through her body, but the hardened cock in her mouth took away the luxury of even biting down on anything. Margo had no option but to writhe around in the discomfort of two filled holes.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna bust a nut," the small thug proclaimed as Margo felt his cock twitch in her mouth. He unexpectedly grabbed the back of Margo's head and drove it down to the base of his crotch. The surprise throat invasion causing her gag reflex to go crazy as she gasped for air. The little thug groaned as she shot a steady stream of hot semen down her mouth. The sorority girl was never a swallower and even the taste appalled her.

Teen hardcore destroyed chop shop owner gets shut down was given no choice here, but to cough and gag in agony. The small thug sunk back into his chair, a pleased sigh escaping as he contently closed her eyes. Without a moments warning, Margo was yanked back by her amber hair, the lankiest thug had pulled the college student over to his lap.

The rising of his cock already visible through his black pants. Without a word said Margo knew to get back to work. Her hands fumbled with the criminal's belt and zippers, producing a much longer penis than the previous one. Her earlier predictions and fears were coming true. "This bitch is starting to get the drill," the Lanky man commented as Margo started to work a closed fist up and down his length.

"Maybe we can train her to be a proper white slut." "She ain't that well trained," remarked the overweight thug as he yanked on Margo's g-string. It didn't pull her over to him properly, but the elastic snapped back on her ass and the small girl yelped again. "She should know she has two hands for a reason." Quickly Margo reached down his sweatpants with her free hand, fishing out his hardening manhood as well.

He wasn't as long as the other, but it was much thicker. Each revelation brought more terrifying news. She started to suck slowly on the head of the longer cock, as she worked a single finger sensually up and down the fat cock's shaft. "Don't play favorites, gurl," the fat thug ordered with as he twisted one of her nipples. Mar grimaced and quickly complied. She switched to sucking him and jerking off the other. After few moments a slap hit under the other breast. " Get those dick sucking lips back over here," the lanky thug ordered.

Mar slide her mouth off the fat penis and started to suck on one of the other man's balls. However, every time she showed one attention the other responded with a smack, or grab, or pinch. Her attempts to please both of them resulted in just more physical abuse.

There was no winning and it might just drive Mar mad. "Do you expect my dick to suck itself or are you trying to offend me, She-Devil," the suited man asked from the other side of the couch. Filled with apprehension from his comments and whole demeanor, Mar instantly released the other two cocks and scurried to the suited man. Her hands eagerly reached down to his pants, but a backhand across the face knocked her away.

" I don't wont those filthy hands on me," he growled at her. "Use your mouth like a proper cave bitch." Bottling up all her feelings of anger and disgust, Mar naughty lesbians fill up their massive bums with milk and splatter it out lowered her head on to his suit pants.

Her free hands soon finding the cocks of the fat man and D'Marcus, who had just slid his chair closer. She struggled to move the zipper with her tongue, afraid to bite too hard and injury his growing penis.

The suited man watched her struggle to do the simplest task with great enjoyment. Eventually, she got the pants undone and the man wasted no time in shoving his penis down the length of her throat. His hands (the no touching rule apparently applying only to her) grabbed the back of her head and held it in place. She gagged and spit as he refused to allow her head the slightest degree of movement.

Margo was quickly running out of air to breath and began panicking. Her knees squirmed around as the hands on the other cocks flailed for help.

"This is how you make a white woman suck cock," the suited man arrogantly explained as she writhed around for her very life. After an eternity he loosened his grip and Mar throw herself backwards onto the ground. Gasping to fill her empty lungs. The perpetrator just contently glared at her behind his shades. " Crawl around the room slut," ordered D'Marcus with a toothy grin.

"Make sure ever thug gets some white dome." She somberly nodded and began to crawl on all fours, her face turning a bright red from humiliation. She sucked each man, nervous about spending too much or too little time at one location, before crawling to the next as hands perpetually reached out to slap her large behind.

The crawl to the suited thug was always the worst part, knowing the abuse awaiting her, but she serviced him in turn as well. Some time after Margo lost count of full trips around the room, the lanky thug's cock began to twitch.

She braced herself for another mouthful of seed, but the gang member quickly pulled out. His stream sprayed shot directly into her right eye. The sticky substance burned and temporarily blinded her, but judging by the man's laughing she know not to wipe it away. Before she even had time to crawl on the fat man had yanked her by an arm and shot off. Mom and son real funking semen sticking to her auburn hair and left ear. Mar wanted to break down brazar com big ass xxx vi a blubbering ball of emotion.

This was so foreign and removed from any other sexual instances she had experienced. Everything else had been two individuals joining in a moment of mutual pleasure. In this den she might have well as been a box of tissues. She crawled to the suited man, being sure to swallow in a deep breath of air, when she felt her g-string be yanked down and something brush up against her butt.

She looked over her shoulder, lips quivering as she saw D'Marcus standing with his rock hard cock against her plush behind. "Finders keepers. I caught the little slut so I get first ride," the ringleader explained leered down at the frightened girl and slowly began to hotdog her ass crack with his large shaft. Her heart began to pump pregnant milf vs bbc continue on mypornox com than at any point before.

This was it. The moment they'd really ruin her.

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These monsters were about to dirty her in a way she could never wash away. Mar never it was pointless to try and stop them. She could only fight for the smallest of victories. "Please. Fuck my pussy. I swear it will feel great," she pleaded. "Don't fuck my ass.

I want your black dick in my pussy." "A couple hours in here and she's begging for black cock," D'Marcus snickered before shoving his cock full length up her pussy. The startled girl lurched forward from the pain, but her scream was swallowed whole by the suited mans cock invading her mouth. The thugs began to thrust back and forth, rocking the white girl back and forth like a two man saw. The suited fellow was just as rough with her mouth, giving no consideration to the fact she was also trying to take a full penis in her womb.

Margo bucked up and down as D'marcus rode her from behind. "Who's my snooty, pudgy, pale assed, nigga cumdump?" he mocked. "Me! I am," the co-ed shrieked as she writhed around in pain, the thug letting her, removing his penis from her mouth only long enough to answer her tormentors.

"You're my what?" inquired D'Marcus as he tugged back on her red hair with one hand and continually struck her ass with the other. Each blow ringing out the sound of flesh colliding with flesh and eliciting a high pitched whimpers from the co-ed.

"I'm your snooty, pudgy, pale assed, black cum dump," the girl answered through a mouthful of cock. D'Marcus quickly connected with a donkey punch to the back of her head, causing the young girl to lurch further forward on the cock in her mouth.

"That ain't what I said," D'Marcus corrected. "I'm your snooty, pudgy, pale assed, nigga cum dump," she shrieked at the exact same moment, the stern man getting the blow job leaned forward to spit down in her face.

"Watch your mouth cracker," he scowled. It was too much going on at once for Margo to handle. She broke down into a sobbing mess, but even those were muffled by the cock jammed down her throat. The bastard still denied and controlled her breathing. The breath she needed so badly from the rough railing she was receiving from D'Marcus. Her ass, now bright red from slaps, jiggled with each thrust and out of the corner of her eye she could see a blinking red light on a cellphone.

Another thug had started recording this nightmare. Worst of all, her stomach did absolute circles. The physical and emotional torment began to weigh too heavily on her, not to mention she hadn't even eaten since last night. Each shove in either direction sent her insides flipping and spilling.

She could feel the sickness in her stomach slowly rise, but the seated man wasn't even giving her long enough breaths to deal with it. D'Marcus continued to beat her ass like bongos as his thrust increased in speed. He suddenly growled and shoved the cock into the hilt as his black seed pumped in her belly. The tremble of Margo's body was enough to send the other thug over the edge. His penis too explored in sunny leone xxx hot phode movie mouth as his cohorts cheered and hollered.

Margo coughed and sputtered for air. She caught her breath just in time to notice that the cheering had ceased. Replaced by a thick silence. Looking down the exhausted, raped girl saw a terrifying sight. She had coughed up more than just semen and spit. The contents of her stomach had found a new home. On the man's dress shoes.

Margo choked in a sob, knowing things were about to get much worse.