Riding my special toy with a butt plug

Riding my special toy with a butt plug
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My wife and best friend My best friend Chris invited Paulene and me up to his apartment for one of our frequent get-away trips with him. We had done this many times before. This time would be different however. As usual in the evenings we were sitting around his fireplace on duvets and blankets the floor.

It was a little cold so we all got under a blanket and got comfortable with Paulene between us.

We had been drinking which wasn't unusual but what was unusual was that we had also tried some pot for the first time.

I wound up being so relaxed I went to sleep. A little later I awoke by a gentle nudging against my leg. I thought it was Paulene waking me to go to bed. I could feel her leg brushing up against mine in a constant, rhythmic and smooth motion. I glanced over with slitted eyes and right next to me I saw Chris lying on top of my wife rocking his hips smoothly forward and backward. I had to blink several times to clear my head and an effort make sense as to what I was seeing.

The blanket was barley covering his back and as the motion continued in a slow steady manner the blanket began to slip down more and more, slipping towards his ass, finally slipping entirely off. My bleary eyes got wide at what was actually happening. Paulene's naked legs were stretched out alongside Chris's ones and her spread knees were slightly bent.

His legs were tight together and firmly teen trying way with old man and milf between hers. His pants were bunched up around his ankles where they had obviously been pushed.

He still had his shirt on but my wife's jeans were completely off her legs and lying at her feet in a jumble. Her plain, white bikini panties were all scrunched up around one ankle. Her flannel shirt was opened and her breasts (still in her bra) were being squashed down by his chest. Her hands and arms were lying by her side with her palms facing up. Chris had his face buried in the crook of her neck and my wife had her eyes closed and it she actually looked so relaxed that I thought she was passed out.

The nudging against my leg was caused by her left knee, which had been forced up against my leg, no doubt when Chris had moved her legs apart and hunkered down between them. As his hips came down and forward with his inward thrust they forced her legs apart even further and her knee pushed into mine.

She looked like she was in a trance. Neither one was moving except for Chris's ass and hips, which he was slowly thrusting in long slow strokes forward and back into her crotch. Her ass flattened out each time his weight was put on her, their hips meeting perfectly. Every three or four thrusts he would raise his hips up high move forward and force his cock almost straight down.

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I raised my head slightly. Yes that was his cock all right, hard as a rock, very wet and shiny and doing a disappearing and reappearing act in her pussy. The smell of sex wafted towards me each time he withdraw himself.

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I raised my head more. This gave me a perfect view of his cock gliding in and out of her wet tunnel. Chris had always expressed a desire for Paulene and I knew she liked him too, so I guess when you're stoned, horny and you have an attractive woman beside you, it's what can happen. I feigned sleep and continued to watch this amazing sight. He continued raising and lowering his ass as his cock easily slid in and out of my wife's shaved pussy.

It was so hypnotic, and I almost dosed off as Paulene lay there quietly moaning and pushing up into him. It was obvious that he was trying to cum and began to speed up, and Paulene sensing the change, whispered to him not to cum inside her. He ignored her and kept fucking her and I also noticed that she didn't move to stop him either.

Chris suddenly raised his ass up high exposing his entire wet shining cock and sunk swiftly into her pussy for wild blonde amateur on her knees sucking at glory hole final thrust burying it to the hilt and causing a squishing sound. Paulene grunted softly and the fingers of both her hands closed in a fist as she raised them both to her forehead.

He lay there very still with only his ass twitching, a soft moan escaping from his mouth. My wife began to flinch with each pulse of his cock as he spurted his cum into her.

He lay there not moving as his cock delivered the last of his semen into her. Paulene lay there, tummy heaving as his seed was calmly, easily and without any resistance, delivered into the deepest part of her vagina.

He lay there for a minute then as he withdrew drew from her there was an obvious overflow as it oozed from her pussy. He then rolled off her, his cock plopping out with a quiet sucking sound. The action of pulling his cock out caused more semen to dribble out of my wife's vagina. He was already softening after being completely emptied. He whispered quietly to her saying something like thank you I really needed that, then kissed her on the lips.

I guess, not knowing what to say, she just said you're welcome and he was soon asleep. Paulene slowly raised her head looking down at his cum oozing from her. She reached down and coated her fingers with the mixed juices. She looked at it gleaming in the firelight and then looked over to Chris's sleeping form.

She seemed a bit puzzled, but tired, she rolled over to me and snuggled up and went to sleep. The next morning I awoke first. They still had some their clothes off and what remained was in dishevelled state. Paulene's jeans were not immediately visible but her knickers were still hanging off her left ankle. I waited until they awoke, stretched and began to wake up.

I was looking at them in a strange way and then they both turned red. They looked at each other's semi naked bodies. Chris's red pubic hair was matted with dried cum and my wife's pussy juice and Paulene's pussy was encrusted with the same, it was obvious that she had been fucked last night and I wasn't the one who did it.

I looked at Chris and then Paulene, then I simply said you guys must have had a bit of a party last night. I gave my wife a skinny teen slut busted at the border then gets fucked raw by the authorities kiss and grinned cheekily at both of them before going to the bathroom.