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Sexy chick eva lovia gets demolished by lawyer pornstars hardcore
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To recap, I'm a 21 year-old guy who moved away from his family and friends for a girl, stupid, right? But at the time it seemed like the greatest plan I'd ever had, but when you move in with someone, things tend to change. Those small things that you overlooked before, they seem much bigger when you think that you'll have to deal with them every day of your life.

So my relationship with Christina didn't exactly work out the way either of us planned, and I was starting to doubt if we were ever right for each other in the first place.

Anyways, I got a package in the mail from my grandfather whom I'd only met a handful of times in my life, inside was a very expensive-looking watch.

A note enclosed said that the watch lets the wearer travel through time, but I severely doubt that. February 13, 2012: Sunshine poured into my apartment's unprotected living room, filling the area with near-blinding amounts of light. I sat on my tan sofa, brownish-blonde hair tied in a ponytail behind my head; I wore black t-shirt with a Spider-Man mask on the front, the words "The Amazing Spider-Man" written on it, and light blue jeans.

So what was I going to do with my day? This was a question I often pondered for entire days, days in which I never accomplished anything. So as usual I went with my back-up plan, asking my beloved girlfriend. I lazily pulled myself up from the couch and stepped carefully around the clutter of books and cards occupying my cute asian sits on large sex toy room floor, making my way to the spiral staircase in the center of the room.

The swat i mina xxx story was slightly loose, a side-effect of my girlfriend's humongous cousin using it once.

This caused most people to fear my stairs, but having lived here long enough, I had grown accustomed to the slight wobbliness of them. Christina was sprawled out on the bed naked, her hair splayed out around her cute bespectacled face.

Her breasts were flattened against her chest, but still protruded just enough to still be alluring; her nipples were semi-hard, whether from arousal or the cold weather I couldn't tell.

I stared at the patch of hair that covered her cameltoe pussy lips, she still hadn't shaved, but I didn't mind all that much. For an instant all I wanted to do was caress her smooth, pale skin; but that moment passed quickly, mostly because she had a tendency to hit me if she didn't feel that I was respecting her enough as a person.

She had a tendency to hit me no matter what I did, not hard mind you, but it's the thought that counts. "So what do you want to do today?" I asked, by the expression on her face she had to be as bored as I was. "I have homework to do, so that'll probably take up most of my time. Why? Was there something that you wanted to do?" She was naked, I just had to xxxxx new story 2019 xxxximages it, and so I replied "I can think of a few things." Her response was to scowl at me while simultaneously pulling the blanket over her.

"So what do you want for dinner then?" Came my new question, when Christina scowled it was best to just drop the subject. For a minute she just laid there, her face scrunched up a little bit to show that she was thinking and not blatantly ignoring me. "How about you make that thing, with the chicken and the cheese." "Chicken Parmesan," I finished for her, "sure, I'll go to the store, we're out of bread crumbs." I leaned over slowly and kissed her lips, lingering for just a second before pulling away.

Well that certainly gave me something to do for the day, even though I usually enjoyed cooking, the thought of taking an hour to prepare a meal never really appealed to me. Whatever, I thought, and so I walked over to the dresser in the corner of the room and went searching for a pair of socks.

"Looking for these?" Christina called from the bed, holding a pair of my black socks over her head like nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies. "Toss 'em dork." A grin spread across her face, "Nope, you gotta earn them back. Give me a kiss." So I went back to kiss her, with each step wondering how girls can yell at you for making a sex joke one minute, then make one of their own the next.

Yet again I bent down and brushed my lips against hers, surprisingly her hand wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer and forcing my lips tighter against hers. She pulled me onto the bed next to her without breaking the kiss, kicking the blanket onto the floor. I gently sucked her top lip, running my tongue across it.

Her body was so warm I could feel its heat through my clothes; I pulled her more tightly against me and kissed her more forcefully. Her mouth opened to me and she pushed her tongue into my mouth, which I graciously accepted and began running my own tongue across it. Our making out grew more and more intense, with my hands running up and down the smooth skin of her best indian video ever huge ass indian girl. Suddenly she broke off our kiss and grabbed my left hand with her right, leading it closer and closer alanah rae fucks bill bailey her breast.

I could feel the heat radiating from her body as she slowly pulled my hand closer and closer. Then she let go, letting my hand fall heavily on a rough piece of cloth, my socks. "I'd say you earned those, see you when you get back from the store!" She had the biggest grin I'd ever seen on her face, she knew exactly how much of a tease she was being. My preemptive erection slowly wilted as I dragged my feet down each step of the spiral staircase back to the living room, socks hanging limply in my hand.

Again I pulled on my boots and strapped my belt tightly around my waist, all the while thinking that even on my day off I couldn't avoid going to my job.

Finally I pulled my Venom hoodie, letting it hang unzipped off my shoulders. As I stepped out the door I pulled my MP3 player out of my pocket, scrolling through the list of songs until I finally reached Falling In Reverse's "The Drug In Me Is You". The walk between my apartment and the grocery store where I worked was only about 20 minutes long, just enough for me to really think about where I was going in my life. Finding the bread crumbs was simple, but I decided to search around and pick up a few more things that we were missing.

After about 10 minutes of searching I wound up in the express lane with only bread crumbs and milk, but at least I wouldn't run out of milk . Stacey, the check-out girl, rang up everything and smiled "Just can't stay away, can you?"She was kinda cute, with straight black hair reaching down to about the center of her back, D-cup breasts that stood out on her 5'8" frame, her skin was a light brown, like coffee with milk, and her skin looked so soft I had to resist reaching out to touch it.

I smiled, we had kind of become friends over the past few months, but not the kind of friends that actually hang out outside of work, I answered "Of course not, how could I leave you alone to deal with all these customers?" We both laughed at the obvious sarcasm in that sentence, not many people came here unless it was the winter (for some reason southern people are scared to death of cold weather and they all flock to the super market like it's the eve of the apocalypse).

I paid for the groceries and made my way back sexy cougar melissa lynn gets impaled and creamed the thought of Christina lying in bed naked encouraged me to walk just a little bit faster. My key turned in the door with an audible click, unlocking the door, but not letting me open it. Weird, but not impossible, the door had two locks, the once that I had locked on the way out, and another that I usually lock after I come back.

Chris must have come down and slid the bolt through, probably because she's always paranoid when she walks around the house naked; so I fiddled with my keys and finally pushed the door open.

There was an eerie silence about the place, almost like nobody was home at all, or that she was listening for me like I was for her. The silence was broken by a scurrying noise up stairs, I dropped the grocery bag and ran up the spiral staircase, calling out "Christina, are you okay?" Obviously she was, by the site I saw when I reached the top of the stairs. He was a bit shorter than me, maybe 5'8", with dyed black hair cut in a semi-bowl with a fringe around either side of his face, and his face was covered in random piercings, 3 through his left eyebrow, a ring through his right nostril, two on his lower lip.

More importantly his right hand was holding his skinny jeans up so they just barely covered his crotch. I charged forward with surprising speed and before Christina could shout "No, don't!" my left fist was colliding with the man's right cheek.

"What the fuck?" The guy yelled, letting go of his pants before tackling me to the floor. My head smacked into the fake wood floors, I could feel the back of my head throbbing where it had touched down, my eyes wouldn't focus, and for a second it looked like there were two heads of black hair buried in my chest.

I threw the scrawny little bastard off me with my right hand, stumbling to my feet and trying to focus, pulling back my left to give him another fist to the face. Chris' head was in her hands, her breasts bobbing up and down, she might have been crying.

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That didn't matter to me; I still couldn't see straight, so I closed my eyes, hoping that my groping hands could find the fucker without them. My left hand found one of his shoulders, and I slid it along his skin until I grasped his throat, I picked him up and buried my right fist into his left side, knocking the air out of him. I let him go and he fell to the ground gasping for breath. Christina was definitely crying now, covering herself hastily with the blanket but one of her breasts was still peeking out of it.

That sight took all the fight out of me, I was done here. My shoulders slumped as I hastily walked down the stairs and grabbed my cell phone off the table and threw open my DVD case.

The small boxes fell out all over the floor, but I didn't give a shit about them, what I wanted was the small zip-lock bag in the back of the case, I grabbed it roughly and shoved it into my pocket with my MP3 Player. Having tolerated all I could of being in the apartment I stormed out, slamming the door behind me and tearing my car keys from my jacket.

The car ride was short and silent as I pulled into the motel my parents stayed at whenever they came to town to visit me. Maybe if I'd listened to them more when I had the chance I wouldn't have fallen in love with a cheating bitch.

I still hadn't cooled down from before and I could barely keep my hands from shaking as I checked into the smoking section of the sexy japanese girl gives great blow jobs. Room 236, it was a fairly average-looking motel room, queen-sized bed with a heavy blanket and 4 soft-looking pillows, a small table with a chair, analog TV.

I hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door then shut it, twisting the lock to make sure I wouldn't have any visitors.

Finally far enough away from people I slumped down, back against the door, slowly descending until my ass finally touched the floor. My whole body started to shake, trembling with sadness and rage; it felt like there was a bowling ball in the center of my chest, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. With that my composure broke, tears flowed freely down each of my cheeks and I started to sob heavily.

"This is pathetic," I said to myself, forcing a bit of a smile, "just yesterday you thought you didn't give a shit about her, now look at you." This didn't help, the tears kept coming and I couldn't stop them, I slumped more and more, soon I was lying on the rough red checker-patterned carpet. Even as I forced myself to stand I couldn't stop crying, I wondered if I ever would. I reached into my left pocket and pulled out the zip-lock bag, opening it and pulling out both a pipe and another, smaller bag.

For a moment I looked at the pipe, it was a translucent blue with a green stripe twisting around it and a white gecko on the right side of the bowl, then I remembered exactly who gave it to me, and the tears came back stronger than before.

Despite them I opened the smaller bag and sloppily filled the bowl of the small blown-glass pipe. It was hard to pull through my gasping breaths, my heaving diaphragm, but I persisted, taking puff after puff of what I hoped would be my salvation. The first hit tasted nice, like an apple that had been rolling around in grass, but the flavor quickly faded and the last puffs tasted like ash.

The white smoke drifted through the room, filling is as it made its meandering way towards the ceiling. With time it worked, my mind became so affixed on smaller things that I must have stopped crying, although at the time I couldn't tell.

I stumbled over to the bed in the middle of the room and fell onto it, the blanket felt stiff and smooth, like cheap plastic, but that's what most hotel blankets feel like. Slowly I climbed up the bed, reaching the pillows and burying my face in them, the tears left on my cheeks made dark stains.

My left hand reached out to turn off the light when I noticed the expensive-looking watch around my wrist. "You can turn back time; huh? Let's see you turn this back." I mumbled out loud, setting the watch back 24 hours and pressing the nub that made it start.

February 12, 2012 One word of advice, don't time travel under the influence, it's a horrible feeling. There was no glowing vortex or blurring rewind-vision, I was instantly on the sidewalk on my way to work, completely sober and with no tears anywhere on my face. My mind reeled, just a second ago I was out of my skull on drugs, and now I was stone cold sober.

I clutched my head and my eyes caught on the watch again; apparently it was the one anomaly in my journey, I traveled along my time line, taking control of my body, but I retained the watch.

"You and I are going to be best friends." Again I flipped back the date on my watch, skipping through the entire monthly cycle 7 times. June 8th, 2011: 8:00 A.M.

Who in their right mind is awake at 8 in the fucking morning? Today, I was, because back in June, I was still going to college. So here I was at 8 sitting in the back of a full math class, wearing my usual blue jeans with my wallet chain hanging off the side of it, my steel-toe boots, and black A Perfect Circle t-shirt with small green clovers and the number 13 on it.

Of course I also had my Venom hoodie, wearing a jacket had become another of my affectations, and I always had one on whether it was summer or mother i would like to fuck gets tenacious fucking. The math class dragged on for what seemed like forever, probably because I spent almost all of the time staring at the clock. Patience had never been my strong suit, and my newfound ability to manipulate time hadn't changed that.

As soon as the class was dismissed at 9:30 I leaped from my seat and nearly ran down the staircase to my 10:00 English sensual redhead bonny bon squirts a river while being fucked balls deep gp. I hadn't chosen this day by accident, that day was a day when I had missed a rare opportunity; a mistake that I was determined to correct.

As soon as I made it to the second floor I saw her, a friend of mine that I'd had a crush on since the day I'd met her, Tina. Tina was a cute redhead that I'd met in my Intro to Computers class, although it turned out that we also shared an English class together; occasionally I would look over her papers for her.

She was about 5'6", with gorgeous auburn hair that was so dark it was almost brown, but in the light you could see the gleam of red right beneath the surface; she wore it short, reaching a little above her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep blue, like the sky right after sunset. She had a slim figure, her boobs couldn't be more than a B cup, but they definitely suited her petite frame, and her ass seemed like it was molded perfectly to the cut of her skinny jeans.

I couldn't help but want to get to know her better, and here on the second to last day of class, I had the chance to do just that. "Have you finished the final project yet?" I approached, taking my usual seat in the middle of the hallway. "Not yet, I've been trying to get some of my packing done. Have you?" Packing, what was she packing for?

I tried to remember why she was packing, but for the life of me I couldn't remember. "I haven't even started." I replied casually, I remembered not even doing that assignment, I couldn't think of a decent topic to write about, the teacher was really strict about the topics of those papers, "Are you moving?" She smiled a little and answered "Yeah, not far though, I'm actually moving closer to the school, my boyfriend and I decided to finally get a place together; didn't I tell you that?" Needless to say she had not, if I had known that she had a boyfriend I wouldn't have come back in time for her, but no harm done, I could just see where this time line would go.

"Oh, congrats. I hope you two are happy together." The words came across as slightly awkward to me, but thankfully she didn't seem to notice. "I hope so too. If I finish the rough draft today, could you look over it for Friday?

I really can't afford to fail this class." I could see the pleading look in her eyes, and even if I didn't have a shot with her, I just couldn't bring myself to refuse. "Sure, just e-mail it to me by tomorrow and I'll see what needs to be done." With that the English professor showed up and we walked into the classroom.

This class went by much faster, but I couldn't help stealing glances at Tina whenever I thought that she wasn't looking. After that class I trekked across the parking lot to my car, the sunlight reflected off its shiny black exterior, which was sadly half of the reason that I bought it. I had been told that it was a nice car, but all that mattered to me was that it got me where I needed to be; sadly over time I had started treating it like a storage locker on wheels.

Inside across the black leather seats were my school notebooks and several empty cans of Monster energy drink along with plastic bags, cellophane wrappers, and at least a dozen pens.

As I slipped the key into the ignition I suddenly realized that I was still dating Christina. My shoulders tensed and I started grinding my teeth; fuck that bitch. The rest of school passed by normally, with me just paying lip service to the professors and copying down my homework, debating whether or not it was worth it to do homework when I could just rewind time and take care of it later. But I wasn't sure if the watch ever ran out of power, even if it didn't I was determined not to waste the gift on trivial things like missed homework.

I decided that I would try to use the watch as little as possible, not to test the limits of it beyond what I already knew. Finally the day ended and I walked to the cafeteria to meet up with my soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend Christina.

"Hey, ready to go home?" She asked, standing up as she saw me enter. "More than anything in the world." I replied, laughing when she stared at me with a puzzled expression. The walk to the car was silent as I debated just exactly how I russian mom n son rape download story best going to break up with a girl that had, as far as I knew, not done anything wrong yet.

I sat down in the car and toyed with my MP3 player a bit, programming it so when the car cut on it blasted "I Don't Love You" by My Chemical Romance. We arrived back at the apartment within the half hour and Blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock was still stumped as to exactly how I was going to break up with her.

Then she did the most amazing thing, she opened her mouth and said, "I'll suck you off if you do the dishes for me." In that moment I realized that she didn't love me, and that maybe she never actually had. Maybe from the very beginning she was been using me, and sex was the tool she implemented to manipulate me. If that was so, then I doubted that she was ever innocent of cheating on me, in fact, she could have been cheating on me from the day that we started dating for all I knew.

My muscles tensed and I could feel my anger building, like a massive dam that was waiting to break free. "No," I started, "I won't do the fucking dishes, and I won't be your fucking stooge fuckpunished for curiosity balls licking and doggystyle. Does our relationship mean so little to you that sex is just a tool to make me do whatever you want?

You know what, don't answer that, and fuck you! I'm leaving, this- whatever you want to milk kitty erin eelctra erin electra doggy style it, it's done, permanently." Her mouth fell open; clearly this wasn't the response she expected to hear.

"But, I love you, doesn't that mean anything?" I glared at her in response, "This is love to you? We hardly speak to each other; I can't stand being around you. Is that love? Every other conversation we have ends in a fight!" Tears started to form in her eyes, but I ignored them; I was seething with rage, my fists were clenched and my teeth were clenched so tightly together that my jaw was starting to hurt.

"Keep the apartment, I'll be by tomorrow to collect my shit, but make no mistake, we're done here." She was crying now, her body trembling as she screamed out, "Why? Why are you doing this to me?

What did I ever do to deserve this?" That was it, I couldn't hold onto my little secret any more, I had to tell her so that I could sever all ties between us, "I know you've been seeing someone else, and trust me, if I ever see him, I'll beat him until he's just a red stain on the sidewalk." The tears stopped and she just stood dumbstruck, "But- he- how did you…" her voice trailed off.

I stepped cautiously past her and unlocked the door to the apartment, "I'm leaving now, so you feel free to fuck whoever or whatever you want. Bye." With that I climbed back into my car and drove away, watching her stand outside the apartment we used to share until she was just a speck in my rear-view mirror; then she was nothing. June 15, 2011 Thanks to Belladonna young bella getting dp and facial I was able to find a cheap apartment that I could afford, I even managed to get the same deli job that I'd had before.

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My new apartment wasn't big by any means; actually it was just the attic of a house that had been renovated to be rented as a separate unit, thankfully nobody had bought the downstairs apartment yet. The apartment only had three rooms, a kitchen/dining room, one bedroom, and a bathroom. Nevertheless, it was cheap and I liked it, even if I did have all of xxx 2019 brazzer sex stories story full sex stories possessions crammed into the bedroom.

Unfortunately Christina had owned the bed we shared, and I had let her keep the sofa because we had split the cost between us. So instead of a bed or a sofa, I slept on the one thing that I did own, a small steel-frame futon with a thin mattress pad.

Thankfully the apartment came with a stove and a fridge, which for now was all I needed. Tina and I had stayed in touch, partly because I had asked her to help me find a new apartment, but also because I really liked spending time with her. I even offered to help her move in with her boyfriend when the time came, but that was still a few weeks away.

Even if there wasn't any hope for us romantically, it was still nice to have a friend that lived nearby; all of my other friends were in New York. It had taken no time at all to settle into my new place, such as it was; but I still hadn't adjusted to the only window being a skylight in the dining room/kitchen. My phone woke me up at 2 P.M., screeching out "Still there's one thing that comforts me since I was always caged and now I'm free!" but I couldn't find it in the pitch-blackness of the bedroom.

Flailing my arm around wildly I managed to bump it into the lamp on the nightstand next to my futon-bed, turning it on with a click. Immediately I regretted this, the lamp cute client tetti dew korti gets fucked and facialized the room with a blinding glow, mostly because I had stepped on the lampshade, causing the bare bulb to shine undiluted throughout my room.

It was very helpful in finding my phone though, which was sitting on my television, right next to the PS3. By the time I finally reached my phone, the call had been missed; the screen told me it was Tina.

I tapped the send key twice and in a matter of seconds I could hear it ringing, it was a wonder I got any signal at all in the room. "Hello?" Tina's questioning voice asked on the other end of the connection. "Hey, you called, what's up?" Tina's response came quickly, and in a much more familiar tone, "Yeah, I did, I just needed to talk to someone, do you have a minute?" Well I couldn't say no, after all, she had helped to get me this apartment, I owed her at least a conversation, "Sure, kinky ginger babe has her pussy licked cumshot and facial you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine," came the less-than convincing response from her, "I just needed someone to talk to.

about Greg." Now that was a surprise, but I had to make absolutely sure, "Anytime, but who exactly is Greg?" I could hear her trying to laugh away from the receiver, but it didn't work out the way she had hoped. "Greg is my boyfriend silly, didn't I tell you that?" For a second I wondered how many things she thought that she'd told me that she hadn't, shaking it off I responded, "Nope, of all the things you've said about your boyfriend, you never mentioned that he was named Greg.

So what did he do?" Of course if she was calling me she must be having some problem with him, after all, why not just talk to him? "Nothing, he's perfect I just-" She paused for a second, seeming to choose her words carefully, "I just don't know whether or not moving in together is the right thing to do or not." While I had jade jantzen forced blowjob sideways big boner met Greg, I knew enough about him to be jealous of him, which is to say that I knew he had Tina, but as much as I wanted to destroy their relationship I knew that he made her happy, and I didn't want to ruin that for her.

"Why wouldn't it be? You do care about him, don't you?" Her tone changed dramatically when she replied, almost like I had accused her of something, "Of course I do, he's a great guy, the best I've ever met.

It's just that moving in together is such a huge step, I don't know if we're ready for it yet." The minute she said that I knew exactly what this was, because I had done it more than once myself, " Look, you're just freaking out, everybody does it when they're making a big decision. Trust me, just relax and try not to over-think it too much, you know that you want to move in with him, it's all you've been talking about for the past week." For a long while there was silence, and then the timid voice on the other end of the conversation finally spoke.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Thanks, I think I just needed to hear someone say that, I'll gorgeous chicks exquisite cock sucking hardcore and blowjob to you later, bye." I smiled and lay back on my bed, "No problem, later." Now that I'd settled that minor crisis, I wiped the sleep for my eyes and tried to get up to start my day; my legs were stiff from how I'd slept on them, at some point I'd have to invest in a new mattress, but today I would have to zombie-walk to the shower.

As soon as I turned the nozzle, water rained down onto my curly mess of brownish-blonde hair, within seconds it was soaked and hanging down to my collarbone. I clumsily reached out for a shampoo bottle, but instead wound up knocking it to the floor, making a dull thud as it landed heavily on my foot.

Biting back an angry yell, I picked it up and lathered my hair with it. Head & Shoulders shampoo always reminded me of my dad; that was probably why it was my favorite, for a guy I seemed to have more daddy issues than most girls I knew. The warm water was very relaxing, and I took my time cleaning myself with my little green bar of soap, reveling in the feel of water running down my skin. By the time I finally emerged from the bathroom a thick fog had formed and was slowly creeping all internal eve is fucked by two dicks until she sore and worn out behind me.

A black towel was waiting for me on a towel rack that had oddly been placed outside the bathroom door instead of inside the bathroom, one of the small quirks that made my apartment unique; I wrapped it around my body and strode back into the bedroom fully awake. Since I lived on my own and there were no real windows in my apartment, I didn't feel the need to dry myself off, instead choosing to let myself dry naturally as I sat on my bed and turned on my PS3.

After Christina had claimed "her" games I found myself missing a few of my favorites, but I had still managed to keep most of my collection intact, so I turned on Dragon Age: Origins.

At about 5:00 P.M. I finally decided that I wasn't going anywhere for the day, so I pulled on a pair of striped boxers and a white Death Note T-Shirt that had a picture of L on the front of it. After a small amount of rifling through drawers I managed to find my gray sweatpants, thankfully confused male stripper tube porn material was light enough to survive North Carolina's only 2 seasons, summer and fall.

Fully clothed, I walked out to the kitchen and began the daunting quest of finding where I had stashed my collection of take-out menus. My search was disrupted by a light knock on the door, and for a second I dared to hope that I had gained telepathic powers that had projected my order to the Chinese restaurant down the street; but I decided that I wasn't that lucky, the thought still made me smile as I opened the door.

The small gold-colored knob was smooth to the touch, and hard to get a grasp on with my palms, still sweaty from the death-grip that I'd held my controller in. But I managed, opening the door brave white guy craving for black cocks the setting sun of the outside world, and the adorable redhead who was standing just outside in blue jeans and a skin-tight t-shirt.

"Hi." She greeted timidly, her face turning a bit red, "Do you have a few minutes to talk?" For a few seconds I couldn't form any words, then I managed to stutter out, "S-sure, come on in.

I was gonna order Chinese, want anything?" Tina's first steps into my apartment were tentative, like she was expecting the floor to collapse at any minute and swallow her whole. "No thanks, I'm fine." A slight frown crossed my face and I had to ask again, "Are you sure? I feel really awkward eating alone around people. I'll pay for it if that makes a difference." She seemed to find my awkwardness endearing, the corners of her mouth turned up a little bit and she returned "Fine, twist my arm why don'tcha?

I'll have sweet-and-sour chicken." It took only a few minutes to place the order, and I was back in the dining room in no time. "Why do you have two desk chairs, but no table in your dining room?" Tina questioned, looking around the room.

"I've only been here a couple of days, and it turns out that all the useful things in my old apartment like the desk, table, and bed were my girlfriends; while all I owned were video games, books, and a futon." This brought on another little smile from Tina, "Well thank god you got to keep the futon!" We both gave a slightly awkward laugh, there was something that she was avoiding, but I hoped eventually she would tell me.

My impatience quickly got the better of me, I blurted out "So, what brings you all the way to my humble abode?" Her smile faded almost instantly as she replied, "Well you were really helpful before and I wanted to thank you." I knew that couldn't be all, she looked too guilty to have been finished there. "You thanked me over the phone, did something else happen?" "Well-" She began, looking anywhere but at me, her blue eyes surveying the room, "I may have gotten into a fight with Greg." I almost laughed, but I knew I shouldn't, "You didn't listen to me at all before did you?" Now her stare was very solidly focused on her own feet, "Yes I did, at first." A sigh escaped my lips and I rolled one of my black desk chairs over to her, she sat cautiously, as though expecting the chair to collapse.

"Want to talk about it?" I asked, partially hoping that she didn't, but knowing that if she did that I should help her. For a while she didn't respond, just sitting back in the black leather chair, her right hand covering her mouth and supporting her head. Luckily, the silence was broken by the doorbell, and I hastily paid the deliveryman before walking back over to Tina with our food. "Care to eat?" I tried, hoping that this might actually illicit a response.

"Where?" She asked, looking around the room to emphasize the point, "You don't have a table in here." This time I did laugh, "Well I didn't own the table either, like you said, thank god I got to keep the futon." We both shared a little laugh at that, but she returned with "Seriously, I need to take you out furniture shopping one of these days, this place is barren." My reply was to smile, "Geez, first furniture, next you're going to want me to get groceries for my empty fridge, women are so high maintenance." Tina giggled for a second, then stopped abruptly, "Wait, you don't have groceries?" "I have milk." She shook her head "You work at a grocery store!

How do you not have groceries?" I held up the brown paper bag that held our food. "Ordering a combo gets you a free can of Coke." Priceless would be the word I would use to describe her face; her jaw hung open and her eyes were disbelieving, almost screaming at my stupidity.

I sat down in the second office chair and opened the coarse brown paper bag. "How are we going to eat without a table?" She asked again, I had completely forgotten that I hadn't answered that question.

"Carefully?" This earned me a disapproving look, "Is there anything in this place that would work like a table?" The question made me pause for a second and think, finally I answered "I could take my games off the nightstand and you could use that as a table." Tina let out cfnm femdom lily love fucking for a deal exaggerated sigh and shook her head slowly, "What on Earth am I going to do with you?" Without missing a beat I replied, "Whatever makes you happy." Clearly I hadn't thought that through, the ensuing silence was so awkward it almost hurt.

I sat there silently, almost afraid to move. She finally broke the tension by standing up and walking towards my bedroom door, "C'mon, the lady fyre a man has teat gonna get cold if you just sit there all night." Still not quite believing that the moment had passed, I slowly stood up and made my way to the bedroom without making a sound.

The nightstand beside my bed was small, but not so small that it couldn't support Tina's meal after I had placed all of my video games on the floor. "So, is that all you have in here?

A few chairs, a futon, and video games?" She asked, taking a few bites from her dinner. "No, I have a few movies, comic books, and half a gallon of milk." That earned me a short laugh, "Can I see what movies you have?" Without thinking that much about it I nodded, pointing her to the wooden case where I kept my DVD's. After opening the case she turned and questioned sarcastically, "Just a few movies?" before going back to rummaging through my collection, "You have more junk in here than I've ever seen in one place.

Alf, seriously?" I turned towards her, trying desperately to not stare at her ass that was hovering in the air, "I think Alf is funny, so shoot me." That caused her to turn around and make a little gun out of her thumb and index finger, "Bang!" she giggled, then went back to rummaging through movies.

After a few minutes of digging I heard her call out "What's this?" My mind had been wandering, and the curve of her ass in those jeans was a perfect place to rest my eyes, but her voice brought me right back down to Earth, "What's what?" Sopehe leone sex stories xxz story was standing now holding up a small zip lock bag with a pipe in it.

"Oh, that." I replied, trying to think of a way to talk my way out of the situation. Nothing came to me, so after a brief pause I answered, "That's where I keep my pot." For a second she just kneeled there, seeming not to have registered what I had said, but then she finally spoke again.

"Do you mind if I smoke with you?"Of all the things she could have said, this took me most by surprise, but it didn't take that long for me to process the question. "Sure, after dinner though." After a bit more searching, she decided to watch the first season of How I Met Your Mother; soon we were both sitting on the futon again, her eating the food she'd all but forgotten about, me packing the pipe with what I thought would be enough weed for both of us. Rooting through the bag I finally found the lighter that I had taken from my old apartment; even though none of the lighters had been mine, I had still managed to walk out with one of them.

I passed the pipe and the lighter to Tina, "Care to do the honors?" Her face broke into a small smile, and through it she answered, "I'd love to." Within minutes the room was full of smoke, Tina and I were both laughing at each other's failed attempts to not cough while taking a hit. "You're such a lightweight!" She chided, taking another hit for herself and nearly choking on it trying to blow it back out. "You're one to talk, you're hacking up a lung over there." After a few more puffs the bowl was finished, and both of us leaned back on the futon, staring blankly at the television that we had completely forgotten was still on.

Tina started to sway back and forth heavily, this too caused me to burst out laughing. "What? The movement feels really nice. It's like the air is breaking around my skin." My laughter continued, and I managed to sputter out, "You're s-so high!" She laughed at my stutter; we were both so far gone that the TV could have caught fire and neither of us would have noticed.

Over a short time we mellowed out a bit, the laughter dying down and eventually stopping altogether. Tina was still swaying back and forth, but now her motions were much smaller than before and not nearly as wild as when she started.

I tossed my head back and watched the last of the smoke float around the room, my mind captivated by how it rebounded off the walls. Shifting noises caught my attention and I turned to see Tina lightly dragging her hand across her tight blue jeans, seemingly lost in her own mind.

"You still with us Tina?" I asked with a grin. She jumped, looking up at me as though she forgot I was there, her beautiful blue eyes showing the tell-tale redness of someone who was truly baked. "Yeah, I'm here. Are you here? What if you aren't? Can you prove that you're here?" Even though I was coming down I still had a good long laugh at her expense, finally I grabbed her left hand, "Is this enough proof?

I'm right here." Her soft fingers caressed my own, rubbing gently and then squeezing each finger one after another. "Your skin feels really nice." This brought a smile to my face, "So does yours." I answered, my voice little more than a whisper. She brought her right hand over to where her left hand was, rubbing up and down my arm.

"I think you should stop that now." I said, leaning away from her. But her hands followed, taking the rest of her body with her. She was on top of me now, her head resting against my chest, turned so that her ear was pressed firmly against me, her hands still wandering up and down both of my arms.

I couldn't lie to myself, the feel of her hands running up and down my arms, the weight of her body up against me, it was all I'd ever wanted since I'd first laid eyes on her. But I knew that I had to stop this, I didn't know why at the time, but I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this was wrong somehow. "I can hear your heartbeat." She stated, leaning even closer to me. "Look, much as I like you-" I didn't get to finish my sentence, her lips pressed tightly into mine and all of my willpower left.

Her lips were pressed against mine, her perfectly soft lips were exactly like I imagined them, conforming to the contours of my own. Each time we pulled away I could feel the absence of her, but thankfully it never lasted long. I wrapped my arms around her lovingly, pulling her closer to me, and holding her to my chest, she was so light. Slowly she opened her mouth to me, and I to her, tentatively our tongues met, a touch at first, schlong suck and vagina fuck pornstar hardcore a gentle caress.

Her hands roamed across any exposed skin she could find, finally burrowing under my shirt and rubbing into my chest. Every nerve ending felt like it was being awakened as she touched me, and I hoped that she felt the same. We broke our kiss and she pulled my t-shirt over my head, tossing it away from us; it coincidentally landed atop the long-forgotten television on my dresser.

Nothing mattered anymore, there was only us, only my desire to keep this little nymph to myself, to hold her, to make her mine. I sat up against the back of the futon and pulled her to me once more; she straddled my hips and leaned forward to kiss me again, her upper lip resting on my lower lip, lightly tugging at it as we kissed. My arms were around her waist, and hers had made their way around my neck; I could have stay like that forever, but she had other things in mind.

Tina grabbed my right hand in her left, guiding my hand under the bottom of her shirt. I massaged my hand along her stomach, slowly inching my way up; the fabric of her T-shirt clung to my hand as I moved it, inch by inch revealing more of her tender flesh. Her kisses became more passionate, she was practically shoving her tongue down my throat. For just a brief instant she broke our ongoing kiss, only to whisper "Take it off" into my ear.

Very willing to oblige her, I pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing the entirety of her black lacy bra. Without hesitating she moved her arms behind her back, unhooking the bra with a slight snap.

She relaxed her shoulders and let the garment slide of her silky skin, giving me a brief view of her B-cup breast before she pressed herself tightly up against me. Any thoughts I had quickly fled as I pressed my lips back against hers, gently sucking her top lip and running my tongue along the bottom.

Her hips started to gyrate in a circle against me, round and round as she hugged me as close to her as she could, as if trying to absorb me into her warm embrace. I just held her tightly, my lips kissing across her cheek and down her neck, I stopped at the base and nuzzled up against her.

She seemed that she liked that, her breathing became more ragged, so I gently bit at the nape of her neck, making her moan lightly into my ear which she then began to nibble lightly.

As I kissed my way back up her neck her hands caressed down my chest, past my stomach, then rested on the button to my jeans. She stopped there, looking up at me with the question burning inside those wonderful blue eyes of hers. "Go ahead." I said in a soft tone, trying not to sound like I was giving an order. I shouldn't have worried, she happily went right back to unbuttoning my jeans, then she slid the zipper all the way down.

She pulled my fully erect cock out of the hole in my boxers, slowly rubbing up and down its length. I leaned forward and kissed her again, trailing my left hand up her flat stomach and gently cupping her small yet firm breasts. Her nipples were two solid little buds that topped the nickel-sized areolas on her small, perfect boobs, I immediately loved them as my fingers traced small circles around them.

Slowly I turned us both to the side, softly lowering Tina down onto the mattress without breaking our kiss. I moved my hands to the button on her skin-tight jeans and quietly asked, "May I?" She smiled, and I could tell even as her lips parted that there was only one answer, "Yes." With that I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled both them and what looked like a matching black thong off of her smooth pale legs. Before I could make another move or say another word Tina pulled me on top of her, forcefully kissing me as her right hand disappeared between us, only to be felt a moment later wrapped around my throbbing cock.

She guided my erect member down between her legs, taking a second to rub it up against her clit a few times before lowering it to her opening. For an instant I regained some self control, but only enough to break away from her and ask "Are you sure?" Her answer was to grab my ass with both hands and gently pull me into her wet pussy, I only made it a few inches inside her, but I definitely knew her answer.

She held me still for just a moment before letting go, I was amazed by how tight she was; maybe it was her small frame, but Christina had never felt this tight around my cock, I could barely pull out she was gripping me so tight. After a few short strokes she seemed to adjust, and I managed to get all 5 inches out of her just to push back in slowly. She gasped as I re-entered her, twisting her hips up to meet me; as our groins met I realized for the first time that her vagina was perfectly shaven and smooth.

I smiled and leaned down to kiss her, while putting all of my weight on my arms, which were placed on either side of her slim body. We humped urgently into each other, each marveling at how good our union felt. Each time I tried to pull out I could feel her muscles clenching around me, trying to keep me inside of her, but they always failed, only for me to shove my way back in to repeat the process.

Between our kisses I could hear her moaning with pleasure as she snaked her hand down my back and rested it on my butt, guiding me into her.

We were soon going at it frantically, each trying to grasp at the orgasmic feelings that we both knew that we were building towards. Suddenly her arms wrapped around crushing my body into hers, as she gave out a very passionate moan. Her pussy was having a spasm on my dick, rapidly switching between tightly squeezing and letting go, almost as if she couldn't control it.

Then Tina pushed me off, causing my cock to slide out of her, still glistening with her juices. She shoved me onto my back, pausing a moment before following me down; she gave me the briefest of kisses before she sat back up. I couldn't help but let out a soft groan as she lowered herself onto me; I could feel each inch of me slowly make its way inside of her. Immediately she began slowly grinding her hips into me, causing my penis to rub up shiny stockings over high gloss pantyhose tease the walls of her hot little pussy.

Each time she rocked back I could feel her release my cock with her muscles, only to clamp down again when she leaned forward. I wouldn't last long like this, so I decided to try to change the pace; I bent my legs and shifted my bottom so my cock was angled below her waiting vagina, then I pushed up into her, causing her to let out a gasp. Her face came down and latched back onto mine as I slowly thrust up into her; she brought herself down to meet me.

The urgency we had before seemed to have left, and we kept a slow, gentle pace as our bodies pressed together and came apart. My hands reached up and grabbed for her breasts, rubbing across her nipples and giving them a squeeze.

Tina didn't seem to mind this; in fact, she kissed me even deeper, her tongue almost touching the back of my throat. I couldn't take this anymore, I pulled back and groaned "I'm gonna come soon." She leaned forward so that her head was beside mine, whispering in my ear "Go ahead, I wanna feel you let it all out." Those words set off an incredibly intense orgasm, my cock convulsed inside of her, and judging by the grasping motions of her pussy, she had started and orgasm of her own.

After that I was completely spent, I leaned back onto the futon, pulling Tina down with me; I managed to give her a kiss on the forehead before falling asleep.

She burrowed her face into my chest, laying flat on top of me, my penis still semi-hard inside of her. With the last of her energy, Tina reached out and turned off the lamp.

June 16, 2011 A soft moan woke me from my dreams, causing me to open my right eye a sliver; to my surprise what I saw was the half-awake face of Tina. Her auburn hair was splayed out wildly across my chest and her right cheek was pressed up against me.

At that point it was brought to attention that my morning erection was buried half way into Tina's tight vagina, I couldn't help but shift a little, enjoying the sensations of her wrapped around me. I wondered how she was going to react, maybe she didn't even remember last night. But was that really what I wanted? Before last night I would dream that she was with me instead of Greg, now that I finally had her, why did I feel so guilty? My contemplations were cut short by a slightly louder moan, Tina's eyes fluttered open, taking only a second to adjust to the lack of light before turning and looking up, directly at me.

Our eyes met for a second, and I could see the situation dawning on her as she realized where she was and what had happened. In a flash, she jumped out of bed, my penis sliding out of her as she moved; exposed to the open air it deflated very quickly, leaving us one less awkward thing in the room. For the life of me I couldn't think of a single thing to say to her, I just stared at her gorgeous body, B-cup breasts that didn't sag at all, topped with perfect little nipples that any man would give their left nut to suck on.

Her stomach was flat enough to eat off of, and she didn't appear to have a single hair anywhere on her body except her head. The silence dragged on, both of us in the dark staring at each other; maybe we were both scared of what the other would say, so for a while neither of us said anything. "So, are we gonna talk about this or are we just gonna stand here?" Of course it was Tina who broke the silence, and as content as I was to stare at her until the sun burned out, I knew that she wouldn't appreciate that as an answer.

"What do you want to talk about?" Her face took on an angry expression, believing me to be playing dumb "About last night, that's what!" Without pause, I explained "I know that, I mean what aspect of last night do you want to talk about?

Do you want to know what happened last night, or how, or do you just want to know what happens from here?" That question had her stumped, and quite frankly, it had me pretty confused as well. After a few seconds she answered, "I know what happened last night, but I guess I want to know why it happened, and what does that mean for the two of us?" Damn she was good, and of course I had no idea how to answer that.

"Well-" I began, "I think that it happened because I have feelings for you, and how could I not? You're gorgeous, funny, and the most independent women I've ever met." A smile crept across her face, "So you actually like me?

This didn't just happen because you were high; you wanted me before that, didn't you?" I looked her straight in the eye, "Yes, Ebony latina gives head and rides long white boner did." With a sigh, Tina sat down next to me, still naked, "Well what if you could have me?

Not like you had me last night, well, that too. But I mean what if I was yours, as of right now, what would you say?" Was she serious? I wanted to jump for joy, to explode in pure, unbridled happiness. "I'd say-" I stopped, this wasn't how it should have been, I knew it, "I'd say that you should go back to Greg. I know you think that this means something, and it does, I mean, it did. What I'm trying to say is, you had a freak out, that's all this was, a huge mistake brought on because you're afraid of committing.

And I'm really, really mad at myself for saying that, but it's true, you need to go back to him, for your sake, and forget that last night ever happened." So there I was on the sofa; Tina had left, I hoped having taken my words of self-hating wisdom to heart, otherwise I had just chased off the girl that I'd traveled through time to be with.

"Why do I hate myself so?" I lay back on the futon, not sure whether to get up and take on the day, or roll over and cry myself back to sleep.

Pulling the blanket over myself, I rolled onto my side and stared at the television; if I had just watched the movie last night, maybe none of this would have happened. I eventually pulled myself out of bed, turning on the television and putting a movie into the PS3; Moulin Rouge!, a favorite of mine.

As the movie started, I wondered why I was torturing myself with this movie. Clearly I was sad over the loss of my theoretical relationship with Tina, but why was I watching a sappy love movie? It's like I was conspiring against myself to make myself feel as bad as I possibly can, probably to punish myself for having pushed her away in the first place. "FUCK!" I shouted, not at anything, just for my own benefit. Minutes dragged on like hours, but I managed to waste them away, watching sad movie after sad movie, until I finally fell asleep.

June 17, 2011 My cell phone woke me up, not with a call, or a text, just an alarm. Today I had to go to work, so I pulled myself out of bed and sluggishly made my way to the shower. The hot water woke me up immediately, like it always does, and I washed myself off thoroughly; my cock rose hopefully, expecting some attention, but I ignored it, washing it off but not playing with it.

I slung a towel around myself and dried my hair, which was still long enough to fall back just below my shoulder line. Due to the nature of my job, handling food, I had to tie my hair back; finally I pulled on a green t-shirt with a green lantern symbol on it, and a pair of loose-fitting jeans.

My steel-toe boots were waiting at the door where I'd left them, and soon I was out the door. Because of where I had moved, I wasn't all that close to my job, so instead of walking I hopped in my car, programming the GPs to my job, and turning on my MP3 player. Instantly my speakers came to life, blaring out the words "There's a shadow just behind me, shrouding every step I take, making every promise empty, pointing every finger at me." "Fitting," I thought, while shifting into drive "that even my MP3 player refuses to lighten my mood." The drive wasn't very long, or very eventful, but it gave me a few minutes to consider why I was still there.

With the watch I could easily go back in time, to a different point in my life, or maybe just back to the day before yesterday, to stop me from sleeping with Tina.

By the time I arrived at work I decided that it was because I still wanted to see how my life would work out, and that maybe there was hope for Tina and me yet. "Hi new guy, what's up?" I looked up from my contemplation to big ass milf oiled the suspect told us it aint my fault that she loves the gigantic a very cute girl standing on the other end of the deli counter.

She had very light brown skin, the color of peanut butter, which stood out compared to her raven black hair; her lips were full and juicy, and her eyes were a slightly darker shade of brown than her skin was. The tag on her very prominent chest read "Stacy", and I suddenly remembered that I had been friends with her before I had gone back in time. "Hi, um-" I paused, pretending to read her name tag, "Stacy, I'm not horrible. How about you?" Stacy smiled at me, "Pretty good. I see you're very busy, so I'll talk to you another time." She emphasized the word "very" sarcastically, because it appeared that there was one customer approaching the deli counter.

Mom and san xxx vdo rest of my shift went bye quietly; it's good to see that some things never change, no matter how much I play with time.

It was 8 o'clock before I finally got back to my apartment, kicking off my boots in random directions; meeting Stacy again had boosted my spirits a little, but now that I had gotten back, my depression came rushing back.

I slumped into one of my random desk chairs, maybe I did need to buy a table for this room. Sitting naked and stranded teen is given a lift and sucks a dick as payment, I wondered what I was going to do, maybe eating was a good first step; after all, I hadn't eaten anything since 2, before I had started work. Mustering up my strength, I was about to stand up when there was a knock at the door. Changing my direction I went to the door instead, opening it to find none other than Tina standing nervously outside.

She had been staring at her shoes, though I was much more distracted by the amount of skin showing from her incredibly skimpy shorts; I hardly even noticed the button-up plaid shirt that she was wearing. "Do you just open your door whenever someone knocks? In this neighborhood that's going to get you killed." I nervously chuckled at her obvious joke, but it was strained and it showed.

"What do you need, Tina?" She looked down, avoiding my gaze, "I wanted to talk some more, about- well, you know." Resignedly I waved her into the room, closing the door softly behind her without locking it. Tina looked around the room again, as if she'd never seen it before, when in fact it had only been a day since she was last here.

"I see you didn't take me up on that table idea, it's a shame, I think it'd really bring the whole dining room together." This time I didn't laugh, instead I walked over to the fridge and pulled out a box of leftover pizza.

"Want a slice? I normally wouldn't eat in front of guests, but I'm kinda starving." She turned, replying, "Just one, thanks. Look, I really came here to thank you for yesterday.

I know that I stormed off, but afterwards I realized that you were just doing what you thought was best for me. So, thank you." I looked up from the oven as I slid the cookie tray with the pizza slices in, "It is best for you.

But you're welcome. Did you tell Greg about what happened, or is it just our little secret?" Again she tried to avoid my eyes, looking away even as she spoke to me in a much more quiet tone. "I told him about what happened, and then I left him." At first I had only been passively listening, more intent on setting the kitchen timer for the pizza, but her last words caused me to spin so fast it's a surprise my neck didn't snap.

"You did what?" She stared me straight in the face, her expression shifted from timid to determined "I broke up with him. I know you thought that you were doing right by me, but I can make my own decisions. And from now on, I am making my own decisions." Words escaped me, I kept trying to say something, but I just moved my mouth stupidly.

Even as she started bearing down on me, I couldn't manage to move or say anything new xxx sexi hot movie sex stories protest. Just inches from my face Tina stared me right in the eye, and I looked directly into she royal blue orbs that were her eyes, her next words sent a chill down my spine "So what next?" Without waiting for a response she pounced, lustfully kissing me; pulling me closer to her as our tongues became entangled in the motions that they knew so well.

Everything about her felt so familiar, from the way that she moved her lips to the way her right hand cradled the back of my head. My mind was reeling and all I could do was to follow her lead, wrapping my arms around her and letting her push me into to the kitchen wall, our faces not separating for an instant.

Her left hand, which had been massaging my chest, slowly traveled down my stomach, and came to rest on my crotch. Our kissing became more passionate as she started rubbing her hand up and down, tracing the outline of my inflating cock. Just then we were brought out of our trance-like passion by a shrill beeping; I had completely forgotten about the pizza. "Maybe you should get that." She smiled, while she teasingly squeezed my cock through my coarse jeans.

"No, I don't want to leave this moment, if I do I might do something stupid again." That earned me a slight giggle, "I think the dumber thing would be to ignore it and let the house burn down." I couldn't argue with that logic; we broke apart, I didn't remember the apartment being as cold as it seemed at that moment. Even as I pulled the pizza out of the oven I wondered what magic she had worked on me to make it seem so cold without her. I put the tray on top of the oven and turned the knob for the oven off.

She was right behind me when I turned around, her cute little cupids bow lips grinning like a child with a secret. "Now where were we?" Again our lips clashed together, my tongue hungrily seeking out her own as I pulled her closer. With her body up against mine I could feel her little nipples pressed up against my stomach, even through the thick fabric of her button-up shirt. Without hesitation, I felt Tina's hands rush down to the buckle of my belt, she fiddled with it for a second before it unclasped, falling to the floor and taking my jeans with it.

Stepping out of them I reached up and started to unbutton Tina's shirt, longing to once again feel her cute breasts pushed against me. She didn't resist, leaning forward to make the job easier; once I had opened her shirt she broke our kiss only to say the words, "The clasp is in the front" before re-joining us at the mouth.

The clasp snapped open and Tina shrugged her shoulders to let her bra so that it fell below the bottom ridge of her breasts. Her right hand was rapidly stroking my cock through my boxers now, it was fully erect and eager to play.

"Take off my pants, I want you now." How could I resist? My fingers fumbled with the button of her jeans for a few seconds before I finally managed to undo the button, her zipper was much easier to remove, but her short were too snug against her thighs. Suddenly an idea struck me, "Put your hands around my neck and hold on tight." As she complied I picked her up, my right arm around her tiny waist, my left hand pawing at the edge of her jean shorts, pulling them slowly down her thin, perfectly shaven legs.

Finally her pants hit the ground, her shoes falling with them; her legs wrapped around me, pulling me into her so I could feel the warmth between her legs against my groin.

"Should we take this to the bedroom?" I asked between kisses, my words barely more than a whisper. "No, I want you right here; I like being picked up by you." Tina tightened her grip around my neck, pulling herself closer, her head was right alongside mine.

"Can you keep me up on your own for a second?" Was her question, but she didn't wait for me to answer, letting go with her right hand and reaching down to the point where both of our groins met. My cock twitched when she reached inside my boxers, squeezing it tightly. Then she aligned my dick with the hole in the front of my boxers, pushing it through. With a quick movement of her little finger, she pulled her red thong aside, threading my cock slowly into her wet hole.

Slowly, I pushed into her, my cock slipped in easily; I could feel her hot breath on my neck, and I wanted nothing more than to shove into her as hard as I could. But I resisted, instead slowly pushing forward inch by inch, until my balls finally touched the bottom curve of her firm ass. I rested there for a few seconds, covering her neck in little kisses while she lightly moaned her approval into my ear. Suddenly she hot asian girl hardcore sex xjappehu japanese and big butt my face away from her neck, forcing me to look right into her eyes, "Now fuck me like you mean it." Without another word I pulled almost all the way out of her, resting the tip of my penis at her entrance; then I slammed it forward, pushing as far as I could into her tight pussy.

She moaned so loud I could feel the vibrations in her chest; but I didn't pause, instead I pushed forward in short hard strokes. Each time I shoved in I could feel her muscles clamp down around me, begging me not to leave, but I did, only to stab right back into her, causing her to grasp me again.

"Fuck," Tina groaned into my ear between gasping breaths, "you're good at this." I couldn't help but remember that this was how Christina loved it; hard and fast, without any real emotion or passion. That wasn't how this was going to happen, I furiously thrust into her while grabbing her face and turning it towards me. I crushed her lips to mine, angling my head so I could see into her eyes as I humped savagely into and out of her.

She kissed me back with equal desire, our tongues wildly dueling for each other's affection. Now my cock was sliding in and out of her smoothly; our nether regions slapped together noisily. The smell of sex filled the room, driving us forward with mounting enthusiasm; Tina's breasts bounced frantically in time with each thrust.

I couldn't resist craning my neck down sexy milf loves her stepson watch part on hdmilfcamcom take one of the pink little nubs between my lips. I traced along the edge of her nipple with my tongue, occasionally flicking it up and down; her breathing grew more labored and her legs pulled my hips closer to her.

In the diminished space I had to slow my pace, focusing more on pushing deeper into her each time; by the moans she was letting out I could tell that she was loving it. I moved my head back up to hers, gently biting the base of her neck while pounding into her as hard as I could.

She let out a soft scream as her whole body tightened up around me, her vocal chords seemed to spasm as much as the rest of her. I took this as a sign to pull myself out completely and barrel back into her as fast as I could, repeating the action over and over as I felt her orgasm peaking. Finally spent her body went limp, as if all the strength beauty blonde babe hot ass and pussy play she had simply left her.

Without pulling my cock from her I carried her across the threshold into my room. Gently I pulled out of her, quickly moving my hands to grab her legs I lifted her up like a moist euro lovely bitches play with hard weenie hardcore and groupsex would his blushing bride. Although instead of a blushing bride, what I held was the most gorgeous woman I'd ever met in my life, flushed red from exhaustion with her eyes closed; she must have passed out.

Smiling I laid her down in the center of the futon, wishing that I had a better bed to offer the girl that I just might love. I tried to be as careful as I could as I shifted the makeshift couch into a position that I could extend it into a bed. While not easy, I managed to pull it together without throwing Tina around too much. Finally I lay down beside her in a spooning position and pulled the blanket over us both. Kissing her cheek I gave a slight laugh as my still engorged cock nestled between the perfectly round cheeks.