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Nida ch pk xxx sex
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The harvest fair was this week, and Anna was to be allowed to go for the first time. Her brother had offered to take her along with him, and her father, after deciding that showing her off to potential suitors was a good idea, had agreed. Anna was excited; she had wanted to go to the festival and see the sights for as long as she could remember.

Her brother made it clear that he was bringing her along as a reward for being good, so she tried very hard to please him in the days leading up to the fair. She even offered to go put on another show for his friends of her own free will, to prove how good she was.

So on Sunday, the one day she had a few minutes of free time, she went again with Vladimir to the distant barn. She did not wear a shift beneath her frock this time, and halfway there her brother stopped her. "Those pigs can wait," he said with a grin, pulling her into a nearby copse of trees.

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"Besides, it's only fair that I get a little more fun than they do." Without even telling her to do anything, he pulled her dress over her head. "Lie down and spread your legs Anna," he said, and she was shocked that he'd called her by her name.

She did as she was told. "Now, pull your knees to your chest," he said approvingly, looking her over with an eye that suggested he was appraising livestock rather than looking at his little sister debasing herself in front of him.

She pulled pickedup amateur fucked and jizzed for cash legs up, feeling her pussy lips spread as she did so, exposing her rear to him. "You've gotten to be such an obedient bitch, Anna," he said with a laugh as he dropped his trousers and began stroking his manhood. "I wonder if there's anything I could ask you to do that you'd hesitate." They sat like that in silence for a while, Vlad furiously jacking off, Anna feeling the hard earth press into the soft flesh of her back and the cool breeze play over her pink opening.

Then Vladimir stopped. "It's not enough," he said with a sigh.

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"You aren't exciting to me any more. Get up." He started to pull his trousers back up, but Anna, worried and disappointed, braved a response. "Please brother, I want you to be happy with me.

If what I'm doing isn't enough, surely there's something I can do that will make it better." "Such a good little girl," he smiled. "Well, I guess we could try something else. Get up and bend over with your rump to me." She did so, then felt his presence close behind her. "I've been wanting to touch you for a aussie lesbian chloe b paula time; I don't know why I waited, since I could make you do anything I wanted, little sister," he said.

Then Anna felt his rough hand on her lewd oriental toying and gangbang japanese hardcore thigh, his fingers groping up at her tender space clumsily. They were not skillful hands, she could tell, but she didn't say anything as her brother began to masturbate again while with his other hand he explored her crotch, feeling her downy hair between his fingers, toying brutally with her sensitive lips.

"Ah yes Anna, you'd do anything for me, wouldn't you?" he said with a sigh. Quite quickly he rose to climax, and he grunted, "Now lie down again; I want to make a mess of you." She did so, and he immediately began to jet hot spurts of jism all over her naked front, some splashing on her breasts, some on her stomach, a few even on her hips and pubis.

When he had finished he sighed again, with satisfaction. "Did you like that little bitch," he said. It wasn't a question. "I bet my pals will like it too." So Anna put on another show for Vlad's pals, only this time she came to them, one by one, bent at the waist in front of them, and let them gingerly fondle her and splash their sperm all over her buttocks and legs.

Vlad went last, and he gripped her crotch forcefully and squeezed it, causing her to start with the shock and pain. When he was close, he turned to his friends. "Would you like me to really make a mess of her?" he asked them, and they all snickered and agreed. "Bitch, get on your knees in front of me," he said, still stroking himself.

Anna knelt, with his engorged cock bobbing just a few inches away from her face, wondering what he was going to do. She found out quickly, as he pumped his fist one last time and began to spray all over her face, his semen more liquid than before.

She flinched but dared not do or say anything. Each splash disgusted her as it dirtied her face and lips, dripping onto her chest where it mingled with the remnants of his first orgasm.

"Such a good little sister," he whispered as he finished off and pulled his trousers up again. The days before the fair were horrible for Anna, for her brother began demanding to fondle her whenever he wanted, and she had to wear just her frock to make it easier for him.

He would come up behind her when no one else was looking, reach up under her skirts, and roughly feel her up. But horrible as it was, and the even-more-horrible orgasm on her face the inevitably followed, Anna found herself having new sensations whenever he would grasp her tiny pussy with his hard hands.

She even found that the feel and scent of his goo on her face made her have these feelings, which she found almost pleasurable.

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Her opening even began moistening slightly whenever she felt this way, and she found that, when she looked at her brother, even when he wasn't doing anything to her, and saw that his cock was stiff in his breeches, she would grow moist between her legs. The morning of the fair dawned, and Anna meekly followed her brother from the house, thinking they would go to the fair early to have more time there.

But instead he dragged her into the barn. "I need release before we go, or else I'll be wandering around and all the pretty girls will see me with wood in my trousers, and we don't want that little Anna, do we?" he laughed. "So get naked and help out." Anna obediently stripped and began to turn around so her brother could grope her, but he shook his head. "No, I think you should show your brother just how grateful you are for the chance to go to the fair," he said.

Anna nodded, her eyes downcast, her mind racing, wondering what he could possibly want. "Get on your knees." Once she was staring at the bulge in his pants, he pulled them down and his hardness popped up, sticking out close to her face. "Now I want you to do lezzie sex kittens stretch their deep assholes and fuck long dildos hard work," he said with a nasty grin.

She gingerly put her hands on his hardened cock and was surprised to feel herself grow moist as she did so. She slowly began to stroke him, trying hard not to make him angry, hoping that he wouldn't change his mind. "No no, not with your hands, I can do that myself," he said. "Use that pretty little mouth of yours, since it isn't good for much of anything else." Anna was appalled, and she hesitated.

"So there is something you won't do," he scowled down at her. "Do I have to teach you a lesson?" She hurriedly opened her mouth and carefully put her lips around his hard cock. It tasted of sweat and was rather unpleasant, yet she felt her loins tingle as she began to slowly suck on it, growing more and more used to his presence in her mouth. "That's a good girl Anna," he said, then without warning his hands were on her head and he was pressing himself further into her mouth.

She grew accustomed to this too, in time, and was just starting to lick around the length of his shaft when he cursed softly and pulled her head harshly onto his cock, thrusting it into the back of her mouth as it began to pulse and she felt with horror the splashing of his semen down her throat.

Anna choked and gagged gorgeous chicks exquisite cock sucking hardcore and blowjob her brother held her fast and pumped what seemed like a cup of jism into her belly, then, as his cock grew still and began to soften, he finally let her escape his grasp and fall back, coughing and retching. "I think you deserve to go to the fair Anna," he said with a satisfied grin on his face.

"You really deserve it." The fair should have been a fun time for Anna, but she spent the whole day living in apprehension. Her brother would come up behind her every few minutes, reaching up under her dress and pawing at her privates and then slipping away again.

But the worst part was that, twice as the day wore on, he dragged her off to a quiet corner behind a tent. "There are so many pretty girls here," he laughed, pulling down his trousers as he did so. "They would wake the dead, and that mouth of yours is so tempting." Then Anna reluctantly let him clumsily jam his cock into her mouth and endured the pain and horror of his semen splashing into her throat, only to have him pat her on the head, pull up his pants again, and run off.

leaving her kneeling there, feeling defiled. When dusk fell, Anna was thinking longingly of home, and when her brother found her, she thought he would take her back, but instead her grinned and pulled his friend Boris up behind him.

"Boris would like a little relief too, little sister," he smiled. "He's in love with Sasha the miller's daughter, and every time he sees her he pops up. It's really very embarrassing for us all. Won't you help out?" He laughed, because they both knew it wasn't a request. So Anna, Reluctant mature wife suprise threesome, and Boris went behind a tent in the twilight and Vlad cruelly held her head in place while Boris clumsily jammed his cock, much smaller than Vladimir's, into Anna's mouth.

He didn't last long, and when he came, his cock popped out of her mouth with his thrusting and spewed jism into her face and hair. Vladimir laughed. "You're a mess, bitch," he said. "You should clean up before someone sees you and thinks you've been pleasuring a goat. He and Boris both laughed.

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Anna, with tears in her eyes, slowly wiped the sperm off her face and hair with her hand and was about to wipe her hand on the grass when her brother coldly stopped her. "What, my friend's spunk isn't good enough for you, you little harlot?" he said angrily. "You should be happy to have the chance to taste it." Anna slowly and sadly began to lick the semen from her hand. At first taste she grimaced, but found that the smell and taste weren't as unpleasant as she had thought.

But each lick filled her with dread, because she saw that her brother had also dropped his trousers and was hard. "Yes yes little Anna, seeing you eat up that spunk is the best thing I think I've seen all day," said Vladimir. After her brother had again spewed his load, this time into her open mouth and all over her cheeks, Boris wanted another go, and so his spunk, much thinner and smaller this time, jetted into her face as well.

The boys then ran off, laughing, while Anna slowly cleaned herself off, knowing better than to wipe her hands on the ground in case her brother came back lovely japanese honey takes on a hard dick was spying on her. When she finally emerged from behind the tent, she couldn't find her brother and it was getting quite late, so she set off for home in the dark by herself, too revolted to even be scared by the prospect of the long walk alone in the dark.