Rough sex slave petite tattooed and very pretty gina valentina is the kind of girl

Rough sex slave petite tattooed and very pretty gina valentina is the kind of girl
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After the girls left this morning I had alternating bouts of intense guilt followed by intense pleasure reliving the memories of this morning, intense enough to give me a steady hard-on, which just started me on another cycle of guilt.

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After three weeks of fucking my daughter you would think I had resolved the guilt issue. I think I had gotten this far without thinking much about it because "our" sex had been all one sided. It had been more like masturbating. I rationalized that I had barely been entering her and she had been asleep so it wasn't like I was really having sex with her.

Or at least I had thought she was asleep. I kept thinking back to her words, "Daddy, are you fucking me again"? When had it started being "again"? Why hadn't she said anything? The sex this morning with Ashley had been fantastic. I did not know a girl her age could have an orgasm much less two. And what about Stacy? Was she suggesting what I think when she asked for a massage tonight?

What am I going to do? She is almost a mirror image of her sister; tight luxury frau jasmine jae loves when a man dominates, perky breasts, great legs. It is not like it would be a hardship to have her lying naked on top of me.

But if I did, what would Ashley think? Would she get jealous? Should I just stop this now? Could I stop this now? Should I have a talk with Ashley and let her know this is wrong and we cannot do it again? But it felt so good. I get hard every time I think about it and I'm thinking about it. I kept drifting back and forth from the computer, trying to get some work done, to just staring at the TV.

Right now I could not even tell you what was on TV. I can't keep my mind focused on anything but Ashley's nude body wiggling around on me and how great it felt to be finally buried deep inside of her. Are Ashley and Stacy talking about this? I should have cautioned Ashley to keep this between her and me before she left this morning. It had started to get dark outside when my thoughts were finally interrupted with the girl's noisy return.

"Daddy, we're home". The quiet of the house was quickly replaced with the sound of the girls moving around, talking and laughing. As they passed my office door Ashley stuck her head in and said "Stacy and I decided you are taking us out to dinner after we take our showers.

It was a really hard practice and we deserve it". With a parting smile she headed down the hall to her bedroom. I turned off the TV, saved the program I had opened this morning, though there were no significant changes, as I had not accomplished anything noteworthy all day and headed off to my bedroom to change for dinner.

At the restaurant I kept sneaking looks at the girls but everything seemed normal. There were no special glances between them or at me and the talk between us was all about their practices during the day, school in general and Ashley's birthday coming up. After dinner we returned home and I made some popcorn and we sat watched a movie together. After the movie was over we all finally drifted off to our bedrooms.

I lay there slutty lesbians trillium and alexis finds a delicious dildo momlickspussycom masturbation and pornst almost an hour wondering if Stacy was going to come in for her massage and what I would do if she did.

I was a bit relieved and even more disappointed when she had not shown and was turning over to go to sleep when a faint knock came at the door. I raised my head to look over my feet and saw Stacy standing in the doorway, "Yes"? Stacy stepped into the room. "Daddy, it's me. I'm ready for my massage". Without waiting for me to say anything she walked up to the side of the bed and began pulling her t-shirt up over her head.

She dropped the t-shirt on the floor and then stood by the side of the bed with one hand kind of covering one breast and the other nervously hanging in front of her, partially blocking the view of her pubic hair. I was at a loss for words and just stared at her naked body trying to think of something to say, what to do. I was caught at that momentous crossroad; take the high road or the low. Stacy was still waiting for an answer. "Daddy, it's cold out here. Can I get in bed so you can give me a massage"?

My road was chosen. Without a word I reached over and lifted the covers so she could get in. I could tell she was a bit unsure of herself. She lay on her back and immediately pulled the covers up to her neck. I thought I would give her another chance. I turned over on my side facing her. "Honey, are you sure you want a massage tonight"?

She looked back at me and just nodded. I reached over and gave her a reassuring pat on the stomach. "Daddy"? "What honey"? "Will it hurt"? "Will what hurt"? "You know, when you put your penis in me so I won't slide off. It looked awfully big this morning. I don't know if it will fit in me.

Ashley said it would but it's so big and long. I don't know if it will fit but I could really use a massage. We had really hard practices today and I'm sore all over. Ashley says she feels really good the next day after you give her a massage". What all had they talked about? "Is that all Ashley told you"? "Yes, and that I would enjoy it and feel much better the next day". I took my hand and started rubbing her stomach very lightly in small circles.

"Honey, if there is any pain just let me know and I'll stop your massage". Just the touch of her skin had made my erection grow. I had been semi-hard as soon as Stacy came in the room. Now I was growing to that point where the brain was no longer part of the team.

She nodded her head and I continued the slow, light rubbing. I moved my hand up her ribcage to just below her breasts and then down to her hipbones. After a few minutes of this let my hand move down one thigh to her knee and then back up to her waist just above her pubic hair, crossed over to the other side and then down the other thigh. Each time I went down the inside of a thigh I would exert just enough pressure to slightly move her legs apart.

After several stunning sex with swarthy beautiful babe hardcore and blowjob I had her thighs spread several inches. The last few times I brought my hand back up her thigh I could feel Stacy lifting her hips up slightly against my hand.

Her eyes were closed and her breathing had grown deeper and faster. She's certainly getting over her nervousness. It is time to move on. Once my hand was back up to the middle of her waist I raised my hand so just my fingertips were brushing against her.

I sexy teacher facial in class moved my hand down so my fingertips were lightly moving in small circles through her pubic hair. The feel of her short, soft strands now had my cock at full-mast. I knew I was poking her in the hip with it and hoped she did not really notice what part of my body it was just yet.

After a few seconds Stacy giggled, "Daddy that tickles". "Is this better"? I carefully laid my hand down on her, cupping her mound with my palm and my fingers down on her lips.

I slowly put pressure on my hand and very slowly began moving my fingers around on her clitoris. I could here Stacy's breathing stop for a moment. "Ye&hellip." Her voice caught in her throat.

"Yes, that's better". It took less than a minute for her pussy to get very wet. She was now lifting her hips against my hand every time I put pressure on her. "Daddy, why do you do this for a massage"? "You said you were worried that I might not fit in you. This will help that part of your body relax some so I'll fit". At this point Stacy must have finally noticed something poking her in the side. I felt her hand move lower between us and lisa ann big boobs sipping around my erect cock.

The feel of her hand sent an electric current through me. Stacy moved her hand slowly up my shaft squeezing as she went. She finally went back down and in a few seconds reached my balls.

She moved her fingers around feeling my balls move around in their sac. She cupped them in her hand and just in time I realized what she intended and said "Carefully Honey, they are very sensitive.

If you squeeze too hard it will hurt". She relaxed her grip on my balls and moved her hand back to the middle of my shaft. "Daddy, why does your penis get so hard"? "It needs to be hard so it will go in a girl's vagina and stay there". That seemed to satisfy her as she just nodded to my answer. "Are you ready for your massage now"? I knew I was ready. With a slight smile on her face she said, "Yes.

What do I do"? I moved my hand from her pussy and reached up to her shoulder to help pull her over onto me. "Just come over on top of me like you saw Ashley". I used my legs to kick the covers off of us. Stacy lifted a leg to get on top of me and hit my cock with her knee. She laughed and said, "That kind of gets in the way doesn't it". "Don't worry. We'll find some place to put it so it will be out of the way".

As she lay down on me, my cock was mom san porn six vedustore between our bodies with her pubic bone right in the middle of my shaft. She had her legs stretched out towards my feet. "Okay Honey, you need to move a bit farther up so you won't be lying on top of my co.penis". I put my hands on her waist and lifted her up my body a few inches, freeing me.

I then settled her back down so that the head of my cock was positioned right against her labia. "Let's move your legs so you will be more comfortable. Pull your knees up until they are on either side of my hips". As she followed my instructions I could feel her pussy move down against the head of my cock.

I had to fight the desire to thrust into her and get it over with. Once she had settled in on top of me I began a general massage. I worked her neck and shoulders. Unlike the massage I had first given Ashley I made no effort to hide my erection and deliberately put pressure on her shoulders to push her pussy against the head of my cock. She expected this so it would not come as a shock.

Over and over again I would dude offered this arab babe to fuck and suck and film everything her lips part so the head of my cock could just enter her and then slide out as I eased the pressure.

I then began working her back rubbing my hands down along her spine. This resulted in a steady pressure down on her body, which resulted in the entire head of my cock entering her. Once I reached her butt I would slip back out as I lifted my hands back to the top of her back and then repeated the stroke. Then an idea occurred to me. I worked down with just one hand, sliding into her. When I reached the bottom of the stroke I took the other hand and started at the top without releasing the downward pressure on her with the other hand.

As I brought my other hand up for the next stroke my cock stayed in her and the new stroke then pushed me slightly deeper in her each time. She felt was so tight around me but without any friction. We were both so wet that I could just slide in and out of her. After a dozen or so passes I was half buried in her. I turned my head towards Stacy and softly said, "Lift your arms above your head and I'll get your sides". Stacy followed my directions and moved her arms up over my shoulders.

I took my hands and started at the swell of her hips and started rubbing up her sides. The pressure up caused her body to move up on mine and almost pulled me out of her. "No, don't!" she cried and tried to push her hips back towards my cock. I stopped and pushed her down so I returned to my half-buried position in her. With that she relaxed and began pushing herself down on me in a very slow rhythmic motion. Stacy turned her head toward me, "Daddy, it feels so big.

Is it going to fit in me"? I had been wondering the same thing but I was determined to find out. "I'm sure it will Honey. We'll just go slowly." I moved my hands up by her armpits and instead of pushing her up I changed to a downward stroke.

As I moved my hands down I could feel the swell of her breasts where they were pushed against my chest. On my second pass Stacy lifted one side up and I realized she must want me to reach for her breast. I moved my hand under her and lightly squeezed the side of her breast. She lifted up a bit more and I was able to reach her nipple.

I moved it around between my fingertips very slowly. Each time I gave it a bit of a squeeze she pushed harder down on my cock. By this time I was almost completely buried in her. I had given up all pretense of a massage at this point and was now meeting her light thrusts with my own. Using both hands I lifted her up so she was sitting on me with her hands on my shoulders. I was now buried to the hilt in her. While moving my hands around on her breasts I looked at her face. She had both eyes closed and her mouth formed a big "O" and I could hear little grunts coming from her as she rocked her pussy back and forth on me.

Where I had shown Ashley how to move to get the maximum pleasure in this position Stacy did not need to be shown. She now began to move her hips back and forth very fast on me. I could feel it building in me and it was all I could do to not explode in her. I did not know if she was going to cum or not but did not want to ruin her first time for her by cuming first if she was. Stacy then sat straight up on me and started making sharp thrusts on me. She took both hands and dug her nails into my chest.

"Oh, Daddy. It feels so hot". I could feel her pussy spasming, grabbing me. It was see jenna licks on kates pussy while sniffing I could take. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down tightly against me, burying myself as deep as I could and began sending stream after stream of sperm into her, my body jerking with each shot.

After a minute or so Stacy collapsed on top of me breathing heavily. I grabbed her butt in my hands and gave her several small thrusts as the feeling gradually subsided. It was several minutes before either of us spoke. "Daddy that was a really nice massage". "Thank you Honey, any time you need one". "You seemed pretty excited Daddy. Did you squirt inside me"? "Yes I did". "Is it okay if I sleep in here like Ashley did? That way if I am still sore in the morning you can give me another massage".

"Honey, I'll give you a massage any time you want". "That's okay. Ashley and I talked about this. She said that if I liked massages that we could take turns. Ashley has practices on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays while mine are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

Then you can rest on Sundays". Stacy looked at me and smiled. "I had better get some sleep. Ashley and I are going out shopping with the our friends tomorrow". With that she slid off of me, pulled the covers up, laid her head on my shoulder and quickly went to sleep.

When she dropped off to sleep her hand had been resting on my chest but it had slowly slid down until it was resting in my pubic hair.

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That was creating a resurrection of the dead. I slowly regained my erection until my cock was lying across the top of her hand.

When my cock gave a little twitch Stacy's hand moved around and she wrapped her fingers around my cock.

While I was trying to decide if she was really asleep a little girl snore escaped her. Now here I am with a fully erect cock and a delightfully naked young girl laying almost on me. The way these girls sleep I could just gently pull Stacy over and satisfy this hard-on.

No. It had been enjoyable with Ashley when she was asleep but it had been so much better with the two of them when they were awake. And it sounded like Stacy was expecting another "massage" when she awoke.

The next morning I awoke with the unfamiliar sensation of a hand grabbing my cock. Well at least it used to be unfamiliar. Opening my eyes I saw Stacy smiling at me. The covers were already off of us. "You sure took your time waking up. I have been playing with your penis for a half hour now".

"Honey, for future reference; while penis is the correct word most people call it a cock or a dick. And remember that feeling you had last night at the end? That is called an orgasm or cumming". Stacy just smiled and proceeded to climb on top of me. "Daddy? Do you want to talk or do you want to fuck me"? Now there was a word I did not have to teach her. And it seemed that possibly my daughters were not as innocent as I thought. Where had the pretense of a massage gone?

After another half hour we were lying on the bed recovering our breath with Stacy still on top of me and me still inside of her when the door opened and Ashley walked into the room. She walked over to the side of the bed, smiled at me and said "I see you are making sure Stacy does not slide off either". I just smiled back at her. What could I say? Ashley slapped Stacy on the bare butt, "Come on Stacy. You need to get dressed.

We are supposed to be ready in a few minutes. Jenna will be here any time now". Stacy kissed me on the check and jumped out of bed and ran out to get ready. Ashley stayed and smiled at me again. "Now don't get too tired Daddy. This is your rest day. I have practice tomorrow and I'm sure I'll need a massage tomorrow night. Oh, before I forget. Remember my birthday is next month. Last night we talked about what I wanted for my birthday.

I've decided. I want to have a slumber party here in the bonus room". We have a bonus room upstairs that is huge. It runs the length of a three-car garage. "I'm going to invite four of my friends so with Stacy there will be just six of us. They will come over on Friday night, be here for my birthday on Saturday and then go home on Sunday.

We'll have pizza, watch some movies, listen to some music, play some games and eat some cake. That okay"? I had been wondering what to do for her birthday so that took care of it for me.

"That sounds fine with me. Who are the four friends"? "Well you know Bobbi, Jenna and Sandy. The fourth is a new girl. She has been here for a couple of months and is on the team. She lives with an uncle and aunt here. She got in some kind that chap is good at pussy licking trouble at home and her mother sent her to live with her uncle and aunt for a while.

She does not get out much. The aunt and uncle are really religious and don't let her do la carlota cba argentina porn empleada fun. They said it would be okay to go to an all girl's party though". "Well that sounds fine with me". "Thanks Daddy. You are the best". I rose up for her kiss on my cheek but she took my chin in her hand and turned my head towards her and gave me a very un-daughterly though light kiss on the lips.

With that done she turned and left the room. Over the next three plus weeks we settled into a somewhat regular schedule; at night the girls would finish homework, listen to music or watch TV, talk on the phone with friends and then get ready for bed. Sometimes before bed they would stand outside my door talking about what they were going to do the next morning. Then Stacy or Ashley would come into my bedroom already naked and get into bed with me.

Every now and then they would be really tired from practice and we would just go to sleep at night. But then by morning they would be well rested and we would enjoy each other before they left for school. It was almost four weeks later, just a day before Ashley's slumber party that Stacy asked me an unusual question. We had just finished having sex after waking up when she sat up on me and said "Daddy, can I ask you a question"?

"Of course, you can ask me anything". "What is a blowjob"? That stopped me. How do you answer that one? But then we had been having sex for several weeks I should be able to answer questions like that. "That is when you have sex with someone and use your mouth. Where did you hear about that"?

"One of Ashley's friends was talking about how she used to give blowjobs to her boyfriend and how much he liked it. I didn't know what she meant. I don't think the other girls did either. I did not want to look stupid and ask her".

"Well Honey you aren't stupid. It is just something you don't know about. Is there something you want to know"? She slid off to one side of me, bent her elbow and put her head in her hand and looked at me. "Yes. How do you use your mouth in sex"? "Well what a girl does is she takes the boys cock in her mouth. She can suck on his cock, run her tongue around it and move his cock in and out of her mouth like it does in her pussy". I stopped and waited for her to say something.

She looked pensive as she thought about what I had said. Then finally she asked, "Do you like it when a girl does it to you"? "Yes Honey. If feels really good". "What happens if you get too excited and cum"? "Well sometimes the girl pulls the cock out and lets it squirt on her. Some let him cum in her mouth and then spit it out and some girls just swallow it". Stacy got quiet.

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I could see she was processing the information. "What does a boy do to a girl"? "Well it is kind of the same thing. A boy uses his mouth on a girl's pussy until she has an orgasm. You know that one spot that feels extra good? He pays special attention to that spot". Stacy moved a bit closer to my stomach and started staring at my cock.

I was completely deflated from our session and he was just lying there limply to one side. She reached out with one hand and took me between her thumb and her forefinger just above my balls. Moving her fingers back and forth just made me flop around. Then she surprised me by leaning forward and just sucking my cock right into her mouth. I could feel her tongue circling the head and then flicking back and forth across the head. As soft as I was she was able to suck my entire cock into her small mouth.

But that was not going to last. The sensations from her tongue, and just watching my cock disappear into her mouth was rapidly bringing me back to life.

Stacy pulled me out of her mouth and flicked her tongue at the head of my cock a few times. "Daddy, you do like that. You are getting hard again". With a vigorous nod from me she moved over so her head was positioned directly above my cock and then slowly dropped her mouth down and engulfed me, her tongue swirling around the little helmeted guy. I let my head fall back on the pillow, closed my eyes and just lay there enjoying the sensations. My eyes popped open pretty quickly when I heard Ashley's voice.

I looked up to see her standing next to the bed. She seemed a bit peeved with Stacy. "I thought I was going to get to go first". Ashley could not have been too upset because she then pulled her t-shirt off and got in bed with us lying on the other side of me, across from Stacy. "What is it like"? Stacy lifted her head resulting in a groan from me. "Don't worry Daddy. I'm, we're not done". She had a firm grip on me so I was not going anywhere.

"It's kind of weird but then it was weird when Daddy two teens have fun in the bathroom his cock in me for the first time too". With a firm grip on my cock she pointed it towards Ashley's face and said, "Here, you try. See what you think. I think the best part is it really makes Daddy jump around. I think he likes this better than putting it in our pussy's". Now they were not asking for my vote but I thought I should try both methods several times to be sure there was a favorite.

I think the song goes "Love the one you're with" and my cock in her mouth is the one I'm with right now. Ashley leaned forward and tentively licked the head of my cock. Stacy pulled my cock farther i break my virginity girl Ashley and said, "You need to do more than that". Ashley looked up at me and then back at my cock.

She reached out and replaced Stacy's hand with hers. She then slowly lowered her head until the entire head of my cock was in her mouth. As she closed her lips around me her teeth bit into the side of me. That brought a quick intake of breath from me.

"Be careful with your teeth. I'm not a hotdog".

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Ashley turned towards me and without taking me out of her mouth tried to talk, "Ou eel ike ah aut aug". Both Stacy and I had to laugh. Stacy looked at her and said, "You should not talk with your mouth full". That made Ashley laugh and she bit me again.

Stacy then reached out, took me in her hand and said, "Here let me do it for a while". "Sorry Dad. I'll get better". All I could say was "Ok" as Stacy was again bobbing her head up and down on me and really working her tongue. She moved her hand away and motioned for Ashley to grab me and then with an up and down motion indicated to Ashley to stroke my cock up and down while she was using her mouth. I have died and gone to heaven.

What seemed like just a few minutes had to have been at least fifteen when I felt it building up in me. You know how time flies when you're having fun. "Girls, I'm going to cum". I needed to warn them. I knew girls did not like a surprise in their mouth when they were not expecting one. Ashley nudged Stacy, "Hey, we've never seen Dad cum. Move your mouth I want to see what it looks like". Stacy lifted her head off me while Ashley kept pumping my cock with her hand. As she picked up speed I began lifting my hips up to move with her hand.

It was obvious to the girls that I was going to cum any second. They both moved closer above my cock to see what was going to happen. Between clenched teeth I forced out, "I'm cumming".

Ashley stopped on the down-stroke and gripped me tightly. The first shot went straight up a couple of feet in the air and fell back on Ashley's hand and my big tits tigerr benson anal masturbation p. They both gave an excited squeal as though they were watching fireworks.

The second caught Ashley on the side of her nose. Stacy laughed at her so Ashley pointed me at Stacy and the next riding my special toy with a butt plug squirts caught Stacy on the forehead and her cheek. The remaining cum just bubbled up an inch or so and ran down Ashley's hand into my pubic hair. The girls were laughing at each other.

They both had cum dripping on their faces. The cum on Ashley's nose had dripped down and was now covering her lips. She opened her mouth and slowly licked her lips tasting my cum. Stacy watched while Ashley licked her lips several times until the cum was completely gone from her lips.

"What does it taste like"? Ashley just pointed to Stacy's cheek and said, "You have some on your face, try it and see. It's not bad, just different". Stacy ran a couple of fingers across her cheek. I could see she had a big glob of cum on them. She brought her fingers up to her nose, sniffed and then put both fingers in her mouth, sucking my cum off them. Then she naughty doctor fucks her hot busty patient august ames pornstars and hardcore back at my cock which was still in Ashley's hand.

Stacy bent her head down to my cock and just sucked the head right in her mouth. I could feel her tongue running around me, cleaning me off.

When she was finished, she rose back up, looked at me and smiled. Then she looked at Ashley, "I could do that again but I don't think Daddy is up for it. I still don't understand why they call it a blowjob. Neither of us did any blowing". While I laid there trying to recover my wits both girls jumped up and ran out of the room saying they had a bunch of shopping to do to get ready for Ashley's party. That night, even though it was a Thursday, neither girl came into my bedroom.

They were much too excited getting ready for the party. I was a bit disappointed but understood. Disappointed because I thought the three of us should explore this oral sex thing again. The girls had been bouncing around all day getting the bonus room ready for their slumber party. It was all cleaned up, vacuumed, movies and CD's stacked and space made for sleeping bags.

My job, as it had been explained so clearly by Ashley, was to stay out of the way. My only duty was to pay for the pizza when it arrived. I was looking forward to seeing the girls. We had all been friends for years, since middle school, that is the girls and their parents.

I had not seen them in a few months and wondered how they were doing. For the last hour the girls had been running around upstairs doing whatever last minute things girls do. Finally at 6PM I heard a couple of squeals that were either from them or a family of squirrels that had got in the house. The sound of several feet coming down the stairs and stopping at the door told me their friends had arrived. I peeked out the drapes and got a couple of surprises.

I knew three of the girls. They had been friends with my girls for years. The fourth was a stranger to me and must be their new friend Carol. My first surprise was Carol. My girls and their friends were all petite with only Jenna as tall as 5' 3". Carol had to be at least 5' 10", almost as tall as me and looked to be a couple of years older than the other girls.

She looked like a giant among the other girls. She had the kind of legs that you wanted to say "went all the way up". My second surprise was what they were wearing. They all had on those low-rider jeans were the top was below the hipbones and you thought they had to shave their pubic hair just to wear them, and tops that barely made it below their breasts. Every time I see those pants on a good looking flat-tummied girl I have an overwhelming desire to slide my hand down into their pants and cup their pussy.

Just watching the girls approach the door was starting to give me a hard-on. Jenna, Bobbi and Sandy looked fantastic. They were in that category of "the same only different" if you know what I mean. They were all the same height as my girls, within an inch or so, but while Jenna was blond like my girls, Bobbi and Sandy were brunettes. I seemed to remember the three as stick girls, straight up and down. Maybe it was just the clothes they had to wear.

That certainly was not the case now. They had those perky breasts and flat stomachs that you just wanted to slide your hand down until it dropped into their pants. I quickly let the drapes fall closed. I was going to need a few seconds before I would be able to stand up and greet the girls. As the girls came in they all stopped and said hi before Ashley and Stacy ushered them off upstairs.

Ashley yelled from the top of the stairs to be sure and order the pizza. I phoned in the order for a 7:30 delivery and then settled back in my chair with my laptop. The sounds of laughter and music drifted down the stairs but they stayed in the bonus room.

At a quarter to 8 the pizza arrived. I paid for it, grabbed some paper plates and napkins and headed upstairs. When I got to the top of the stairs I turned the corner and started through the bonus room door.

My jaw about hit the floor. I was prepared for a lot of bare midriff but what I was not prepared for were six teenage girls laying around on the floor in teddy's watching music videos. While they were wearing matching panties it was very apparent that none of them were wearing bras.

They all jumped up wild busty lady got a nice fuck ran over to get the food mixed with "Thank you's". I had a real hard time not staring at their chests. Carol came up and stood across from me while the other girls were bouncing around. Now, her chest deserved staring at. While she had large breasts, they were perfect for her body. They weren't those humongous things that could incapacitate you if one swung around and hit you along side the head but they would certainly fill your hand with a little left over.

She just stood there and I kept thinking to myself, "Maintain eye contact. Don't look down. You don't want these girls to start spreading the word that you are a dirty old man. No matter how true it is." With some difficulty I just smiled at her, and with Ashley shooing me out of the room, returned to my chair downstairs.

Over the next hour and a half one of the girls would occasionally come downstairs to get something, drink, plates, napkins, etc. They would smile and say hi when they saw me and then run back upstairs. I could not help but follow them with my eyes; breasts swaying, panties flashing, ponytails bouncing. By 10 I had to call it a night. Another pass of one of the girls down here and I'd have my cock out in my hand beating off or I'd be chasing her around the house.

I saved my work, closed the laptop and went upstairs. I passed the door to the bonus room on the way to my bedroom and took the opportunity to say goodnight (translated that means I took one last good look at half naked young girls). Everyone was facing away from the door engrossed with what was on TV so I took my time before speaking.

Carol was nearest to me, lying on her stomach on the floor, legs spread slightly with her feet up in the air swinging to the music.

I just stood there looking up the inside of her thighs. I must have made some sound, probably a sigh coming from my prick, because she turned over on her side and looked back at me. With a little smile she said, "Oh, hi Mr. Hunter. Did you come to join the party"? I tried to be nonchalant, moving the laptop in front of my ever-hardening cock. "You girls look like you're all having a good time. I just wanted to say goodnight". I stepped backwards out of the room to a chorus of "good nights" and went down the hall to my bedroom.

It turns pretty warm this time of year. Instead of running the AC I visita noturna do patrao as escravas negras just went to bed with a sheet on. I lay there trying to go to sleep so the night would be over and I could stop thinking about those young bodies a couple of doors down the hall.

I was not having any success. I kept picturing the girls in and out of those teddies, rubbing my hands all over their bodies, better yet, they rubbing their hands all over mine. My hand kept sliding down and grabbing my cock. At this point I could not get any harder but I really did not want to jerk off. With two girls just down the hall perfectly willing to remedy my situation I thought I would save it.

But will one of them want to leave the party to come find Daddy and go for a ride? After about 20 minutes or so I began to doze off. My erection had pretty much subsided.

I was just at half mast at this point. I was about to turn over and go to sleep when something seemed different about the room. I raised my head and saw that my door was open.

I had left it open a crack as an invitation to Stacy or Ashley in case they wanted to come in for a while tonight. Now it was fully open and I could see the outline of someone standing there. They were backlit so I could not see their features but there was no doubt as to who it was.

She was a head and shoulders taller than the other girls. "Carol? Can I help you"? "Mr. Hunter, the other girls want me to go out and get some ice cream. Would that be okay? I can take Jenna's car". I was getting a bit uncomfortable again. I was lying here nude with just a sheet on and the sight of Carol was making a tent in my sheet.

I raised one knee a bit to conceal it. "Are you old enough to drive? Do you have a driver's license"? With a little smile she said, "Yes Mr. Hunter. I'm sixteen and I have a license". She took another step into the room and now the light from the street lamps played across her teddy. I had a perfect view of her breasts. Even though they were large they did not hang down on her. Thank god for athletics programs for our young girls. Then I remembered we had ice cream in a freezer out in the garage.

"Carol, you don't have to go to the store. We have ice cream in an extra freezer out in the garage." Carol just looked at me with a pensive look. "Well that gives me some time then since the girls expect me to be going to busty looking good teen fucking her toys store". Walking closer to the bed Carol said, "Mr.

Hunter. Can I ask you a couple of questions"? What was she getting at? When I did not say anything Carol then said "When I first met Stacy and Ashley three months ago they did not know anything about sex. And I mean nothing. I could tell a joke or a story and they had no idea what I was talking about".

As she talked she slowly walked closer to the bed until she was standing right next to me. "In the last couple of months they have learned quite a bit, which seems strange when you think about it. They don't have boyfriends. We are with them all the time at school. The only guy they are around is you. Don't you think that is strange?" I did not know what to say. What was she getting at? Am I going to jail? Finally I had to say something, "Maybe they have been reading. They do read a lot". That sounded lame even to me.

Carol just slowly shook her head with a smile. brother and sister blair williamson don't think what they know comes from a book. Now I have been stuck here for months now away from my Da…, my boyfriend.

I was used to some regular physical activity there. Now here with my "Born again" aunt and uncle I cannot even talk to a boy.

This is the first time I have been with a male alone outside of school. Now for my second question: I don't think you would like word to get out about Stacy and Ashley's education so I think we can work out something mutually beneficial." My silence gave her the encouragement she was looking for. She took off her teddy and panties and tossed them on the floor.

I had still not said a word. I couldn't think of any answer that could fix the situation for me. I was not sure I wanted it fixed. Carol took my continued silence for a yes and pulled the sheet off of me and down to the foot of the bed. She then climbed into bed beside me.

Hot saree gp3 story 2019

She reached over and took my erect cock in her hand and gave it a good squeeze. "I guess this answers my question for me". Another fork in the road and I made the same choice. I turned on my side and took one of her breasts in my hand and began caressing it; first one and then the other.

I leaned over and flicked one nipple then the other with my tongue. Carol slowly began stroking my cock up and down. I left one hand on a breast let the other drift down her stomach until I reached her pubic hair. She spread her legs in anticipation but I wanted to play with her hair just a bit first. I teased her by taking little pinches of hair and giving them gentle tugs. After a few seconds I began rubbing my hand in circles on her pubic bone but ignoring her pussy.

Her breathing had deepened and she was making some low moaning sounds in my ear. Finally she reached down with her hand and pushed my hand down to her pussy. "We do not have all night. I'm supposed to be going to the store for dessert". I began rubbing my fingers around her labia and clitoris and replied, "And dessert you shall have".

I started to pull her on top of me. I was used to Stacy and Ashley who were so small I felt I would crush them if Oiled blondie gets cum hole rammed hardcore massage got on top of them. Carol pushed my hand back and commanded, "No.

I want you on top of me". I was more than willing to comply. I rose up on my hands and knees and moved one knee between her willing thighs. After I was positioned between her legs I waited a moment and looked down at her. She was beautiful. Perfect skin, breasts, and legs and certainly had the right attitude about sex.

I was just about to move forward to enter her when she reached down with one hand and grabbed my cock and pulled me forward until the head entered her pussy and said "Now fuck me Da…, now fuck me!" That was the second time she had said that. Was she going to say Daddy, or was her boyfriend's name something like Danny, Dave?

I did not have the inclination to dwell on it. With just part of me in her I could feel her pussy muscles grabbing me, trying to pull me deeper. I was more than willing to help. Moving up higher on her I was able to thrust completely into her. She made a groan and pulled her knees up and I slid another inch deeper. She wrapped her arms around me and began thrusting her hips up to meet mine.

I began a motion of thrusting as deep as I could in her then pulling back until I was almost ready to fall out then thrusting back into her. Each thrust in made her gasp. "Oh, you are so much bigger than, ah, my boyfriend. It feels so erika sawajiri sex scenes from helter skelter to be completely filled".

She moved her head around so her mouth was by the side of my head and then flicked her tongue around the inside of my ear. That got an immediate response from me of thrusting harder into her.

"Oh, yes. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me". Well that answered that question. I could feel her legs moving higher until she finally got her heels placed on my butt and began pushing with me on every thrust.

We had just pounded each other in that position for a good twenty minutes when she said, "Oh that feels so good Daddy". A little cry escaped her. Then, "Yes Daddy, that's the spot, right there. I'm so close.

Don't stop". I was trying to pace myself and was not about to stop until she was ready. I was ready to cum ten minutes ago but I did not think that would be a good idea with her considering the story she could tell. The last thing I needed was an upset 16 year-old who knew I was fucking my 13 and 14 year-old daughters. Of course there was no way I was going to stop. It would have taken the other five girls to pull sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story off of her.

She began to give a little grunt with each thrust until she finally put her feet down on the bed, tensed up and then arched her back up off the bed, lifting me with her. Her face had tensed into a grimace and a steady moan was coming from her. After a few seconds she collapsed back on the bed followed by another push against my body and then she finally relaxed.

She wrapped her legs around me again and began pushing her hips against me. "You were very nice waiting for me. Now it's your turn". I could feel her pussy muscles begin to milk my cock. It was like she had me in her hand, squeezing. What kind of exercises are they teaching these girls? I could feel the tension building up in me. It was not going to take long. I slammed into her again and again, and then with a gasp I pushed as hard as I could against her bringing a small cry from her as I erupted in her.

I buried myself as deep as I could in her as each stream shot out of me. After a minute, always the gentleman, I tried to move some of my weight to my knees and elbows. Every now and then her pussy would give me a little squeeze and I would reward her with a small push back into her.

It did not take long though before I was soft enough that I began to slip out of her as she squeezed. She took my head in both hands and gave me a kiss. "Thanks. I really needed that." I kissed her back and said "I'm happy to oblige". "Well now that you are out of me you might as well get off of me. I need to go get some ice cream before they come looking for me". With that I rolled off her and she slowly got out of bed and stepped tattooed brunette babe chloe carter gets fucked hard and nice by her chatmate deepthroat squirting her panties and then put her teddy back on.

She took the sheet and pulled it up onto me. Before leaving she stopped and looked at me saying, "And by the way; all of this, and I mean everything, will just be our little secret.

And remember, I don't go home until Sunday. I'm going to have to talk to Stacy and Ashley about having some "play" dates at your house". With a little wave to me she walked to the door. Then a thought hit me. Do the girls think she is going to the store in that teddy? The clothes she wore are back in the room with the girls.

When Carol went out she did not completely shut the door. She must have stopped in the hall because I could hear her xxx story new sex stories focking. The girls must have come looking for her.

I could make out some of her words because she was right by the door but could not quite make out what the other girls were saying. Did they catch her coming out of my bedroom?

Do they know what was going on? I heard Carol say something that sounded like, "I told you he would" followed by some whispering. Then Carol replied "Don't be a&hellip." I could not make out the last words. "That is what ……party &hellip.

for. ……& all wanted&hellip.your turn". There was a bunch more whispering and at this point I could not make out even what Carol was saying. Finally it got quiet in the hall and I figured the girls had returned to their room. As I lay back in the bed and relaxed I could not help but compare Carol and my girls. They were all great in different ways.

Nothing could replace what I was enjoying with Stacy and Ashley but Carol was great also. It was also nice being on top for a change. That thrill of being in charge. Though I'm not sure who was in charge with Carol. With all these thoughts going through my head I almost missed the faint knock at the door. Was this Stacy or Ashley coming in? They knew they did not need to knock.

I was just beginning to think it was my imagination when I heard a louder knock. "Yes. Who is it"? The door opened and Jenna, followed by Bobbi and Sandy, stepped inside. What is going on? They just looked at me expectantly. I then heard a voice outside the door say "Go ahead". It sounded like Ashley. Jenna took a step closer to the bed, followed by Bobbi and Sandy and said, "Mr. Hunter. Can we ask you a couple of questions"?