Horny coed slut spreads her juicy cunt brunette and amateur

Horny coed slut spreads her juicy cunt brunette and amateur
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Without taking any of your time, I will start my erotic true story!!! I had to travel to Delhi for about 10 days for various meetings, and I wondered what I would do when I was not in meetings.

Damn, it would be crazy to sit around for 23 hours for just a 1 hour meeting a day. And I was so tired. I was wondering if I could do something different just for once and thought of this idea. How about if I take a escort along with me for the travel. That way I can enjoy while I am not working. So I started my search. I walked the busy streets of red light areas, and looked around and selected only those girls, who were thin, and had decent size boobs.

I also looked for height, I liked kinda short ones. As I identified them, I spoke to them about a 10 day vacation and what it would cost me. Finally I negotiated with one of them and took her phone number.

She was pleasant to look at and fit my short thin big criteria.

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I took her for lunch the next day, so that she can kinda relax. I also told her that she can have all the details like tickets, hotel information and schedule for safe keeping. Everything was based on the fact that I wanted total comfort during travel. No worries and fear. It would ruin the trip quality. So there came the travel day. I had booked a Rajdhani 1st AC, which had a private room all to our selves. When we got to the train and into the compartment, I held her hands and thanked her. I also told her that she natural tits chick get spanking hard more videos on xxxnips com tube porn leave anytime, there was no compulsion.

She said, "No its fine, its the first time I have gone out like this when someone, and since you have taken the time to get to know you, I am comfortable.". I thanked her again, with a small peck on her hands.

We settled down, I got some water, snacks and walked to the TC, requested him that we did not want to be disturbed, and gave him my tickets and ID proof. It was about afternoon time. And the train just started to move. It was a 15 hour journey, and I wanted to make the most of it. As I got into the cabin, I asked her "Can I get you something else ?, I have water and snacks, and we will have lunch a bit late". She said, "No, I am fine, I had a late breakfast, so I should be good for a while".

A small sweet smile touched her face and she seemed relaxed for the first time. The train began to start, and I closed and locked the cabin door.

I pulled my camera out and started taking a few snaps of the outside scenery. She joined me, and we spoke about the photo's and photography a bit. She was looking really nice, a kurti(top) red color, tightly on body top, and tight cotton pants.

I pulled her hair behind her ears and softly said "Your lips are pink and full". She looked at my lips, I went close to her gave her a peck on her lips. Looked at each others eyes and started to kiss. I bent to my right and was kissing her entire length of lips and she was doing the same. As we kissed, our hands went to our backs and were just wondering around. We kissed for a while, as I bent to the left and right multiple times. As we broke our kiss, I parted her lips with my fingers, she took a finger and started to suck it slowly, I slowly felt her tongue, and got my lips as her tongue came out of her pink lips, touched my tongue on to hers.

She looked at me, and we started to kiss again, this time with our mouths open. The train started to pick up speed and so did our kissing. We were sitting on the window side of our lower birth, as we broke from our kiss, I got a bit organized, and moved our bags, camera, my phone out of my pocket and my jacket, while she sat and organized her hair. I noticed as she was organizing her hair, her boobs lifted a bit. I opened a water bottle and took a sip, offered her too. She too drank a bit. Finally a bit more comfortable, I sat in the center of the lower birth, with my feet to the ground.

She was standing, I held on to her hands and guided her to sit on my lap. This was the most exciting position for me, since this would give me access to her lips, and in a while her boobs too.

But this time I started to kiss her neck, instead of her lips, along the bottom close to the chest, all the way up to her chin.

I did this for the entire neck to her ears too. She smiled all the way, and seem to enjoy it. Filthy family sex junkies home for the weekend sexjunkies visit reminded her, "I will be slow and gentle, and don't worry, I won't hurt you, I promise we will both enjoy". She smiled and kissed me, we kissed for a while, this kiss was with a lot of tongue, she seems to have understood that I liked to tongue kiss.

This time her hands were on the back of my head, and pressing hard to her lips. We broke off wanting to take a breath. With big smiles. "I want to kiss you here, can I ?", pointing to her breast area. She closed her eyes and nodded.

I started the kiss at the top of her chest, close to her neck. I kissed her all along the horizontal line. I stopped and she looked at me, I asked her if I could kiss her a bit more below, she again nodded and closed her eyes, I kissed her again along the horizontal, kissing a bit of her cleavage. This time I did not stop, and told her that I will be kissing her, on her entire chest, and before she could node, I started.

As I reached her nipple's, which I could not locate, from her kurti and bra, I tried to take it into my mouth. I may have missed it. Now, I looked up to her and told her that I wanted to feel her body on mine and suck her nipple's hard. I started to take off my shirt, and her kurti. She looked amazing in her bra. Cleavage was so much more nicer.

I kisser her in between and slowly went towards her right nipple. Unhooked her bra and took her left nipple into my mouth, and started to suck. She left out a sign and a small shout. I put my thumb into her mouth as she started to suck, only waiting to take air as I flicked my tongue on her nipples.

I took out her bra and pressed her boobs to my chest, as we kissed. I sucked and flicked my tongue on her nipples and continued to let her suck my thumb for about 20 mins. This gave me a crazy hard on, while kissing her, I got her to stand, as I stood with her. We were now standing together, I stared to take off her pants and mine too. I did not leave her lips at all, we just kept kissing, as I got even 1 second, my hands got busy with her boobs, honking it and tweaking her nipples.

I tore up the condom packet and put on the condom, she helped. I got her to lie down, and I got on top of her. I got a pillow under her head so that she would be comfortable. We looked into each others eyes, as I inserted her, I kept going until there was no more space left between us. We smiled at each other as we became one. Started to peck each others lips, and small kisses, this time only wet lips. I asked her if she wanted water, she nodded, I took a sip, and french kissed her.

We did this a few times, until she said that she did not want any more water. This was a interesting position, but I wanted to suck her again, and wanted her boobs right in front of my face again. So without disturbing our join, we shifted positions slowly, she was finally on top of me. I told her that I wanted her to sit on my lap, this time on the bed. As joined as we were, we managed to get to that position.

I was now still below her, as she sat on my lap. Again she started to set her hair and tie it up, as her boobs went up a bit they got the nipples to my mouth level, I took the opportunity and sucked. As I sucked this time, she started to rock a bit. I could not hold my excitement for long, instead of getting back down and turning around, I just kept pushing her down until I was on top of her, I guided her legs to entwine in my legs, WOW what a feeling. This got her thigh to completely touch mine in a very seductive way, and gave her control to match my pump, when I started.

This time, we were both in total excitement and in no mood to do anything but pump it up. So I started to rock, as I rocked so did she.

We rocked for about 5 mins, she began to shout, Ahhh!! in pleasure. It was loud, to soften the shout, I had to kiss her, and we tongued each other while she came, I followed her in a bit. Wow, I collapsed on her, went to her side, still inside her, and we started to kiss. She slowly climbed a bit higher and offered her nipples to compeers associates daughter catches mom fucking bf stepdads side of the bed, "You like milk right?, here suck".

We both had a small nap. As I began to wake up, I asked her if she was hungry, she looked into my eyes, and read my mind. Lets make love one more time, and then may be.

I smiled back and went back to her boobs. This time she was on me, hanging her boobs to my face. I was till in here, limp, and slowly getting back to my hardon again. As I did, I climbed on her again and started to pump. This time my hardon lasted longer, I knew she was doing it only for me, and she already had her orgasm once.

I got back to her lips as I pumped her, and once I was done this time again I got back to her boobs. We rested for a while, and got dressed smiling at each other as we did. I hugged her from behind as she was getting dressed and was honking her breasts. She got ready, and turned around as we kissed for a while. It was high time, we had lunch together.

While smiling at each other, we both did not eat our salad's. Instead kept it for later. —- She wanted to take a quick shower, and I had to complete a presentation, so the next few hours went by getting some serious work done. After all this was not a pure pleasure trip right ? We had dinner and spoke a bit about what we would do at Delhi, apart from the usual. I told her that I can take her around and we can see Delhi a bit, depending on how much time I can pull out between work and her .

After dinner, we both got our bed's ready, I decided to take the upper birth, and climbed up. I lied down, and she slowly climbed into my birth, from under the sheets, from what I noticed she got lost before she reached me. Oh wow, I was about to experience a bj. I was not able to see her face, just feel her hands, and then only her mouth, she was really good.

She kept humming as she licked, I caught hold of her hair a bit and pushed her head down a few times. My knees were as just close to her breasts, and I was able to feel them through her nighty. But she was so focused on the bj, that she did not take time to take off her nighty. She sucked and licked alternately until I came. I came really hard in her mouth, So hard that i pulled her up to my lips and we stated to tongue kiss. I still had a hardon, and while she was above me, she managed to get me to enter slowly.

After we were joined she lay down on me and we continued kissing. Slowly lifted up her nighty and we hugged, kissed again. She had a soft bra, I did not remove it completely, just lifted it up, and she rubbed her breasts on my chest.

Wow what a feeling. She swayed left to right and we just loved it as her nipples got really hard. She offered her breasts to me ms fawx is thirsty for some fresh cock to fuck her horny pussy squirting pornstars. I licked her hard nipples along the length and sucked it hard.

I just hope she had some milk. Wow what a sleep I got into. Lucky for me, I woke up in the middle of the night with my dick in her ass. Hardon it was. I was feeling so good about myself.

My hands were on her breasts. I wondered if I could make love to her, without waking her up. It would be so hot to just do what I want to without her waking up. So I whispered in her ear, "I want to get inside you, and make love to you again, and this time I want to pump you while you are sleeping, so dont wake up.". She nodded, and shifted position to help me get above her.

Very lazily, she moaned as I entered her, apparently she was having a prolonged orgasm and she was still wet. I positioned myself and slowly got inside of her, got my naked chest on her breast and started to rub from one side to another.

She started to moan again, I again beautiful curly babe in white lingerie uses ohmibod my thumb in her mouth from keeping her from shouting.

Slowly entered her harder completely and started to pump. As I sucked her breasts, she sucked my thumb. I told her that I will cum inside of her. She nodded and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in closer and more inside of her.

We pumped like 2 rabbits for about 10 mins more, and I came, inside of her. —— I did not know when I fell asleep, but when I woke up, she was awake and her nipple was in my mouth. I saw her eyes and smile as I woke up, she said "You have been sucking just one breast for all morning, please love the other one too, its waiting for some attention." I smiled back and licked her cleavage and slowly licked her other breast. She was getting to a point where all she wanted was for me to suck her nipples, she pulled my hard to her nipple, I continued my circle lick.

When I got to the nipple, I just kissed the areola and licked it very slowly. She moaned and let out a loud scream of pleasure, she was about to have another orgasm, I could not wait any longer, pulled hardcore strap on fast stealing will only get you fucked nipple into my mouth and sucked it to glory, until it was pink and hard pointing out.

She came and had a orgasm. I could not hold back my hardon, and inserted her and pumped hard. This got a bit rough, as we kissed each other very hard and roughly. She pumped along with me, and our thighs touched really to the inners.

Wow, it was a great start to the travel. It was time to get ready as we had reached Delhi, and we had about 15 mins to get ready. We got ready, and walked out, the waiters were smiling, I had to tip them a bit, right ? After all, I was having all the fun, while they only had their own hands to feel them up .

We got into a cab, and I could not keep my hands off her. I wrapped my hands around her, and started to feel her breasts again. As soon as we got to the hotel room and door closed, we started to kiss, and move towards the 10 inch foam bed. While moving towards the bed, we kissed and undressed.

This time she knew and did not take of her bra. She knew I liked to take bra's off. So she kept it on. "I want to try something, something that you will just love, I hope".

Her eyes lit up "Whats that, tell me", I increased her curiosity, "I want to be inside of you, and want to get deeper, really hard". Her knees went weak, "Oh, more inside, ohhhh", she licked her lips, close her eyes and we kissed french, for a while. I slowly stood on the bottom edge of the bed facing the bed and asked her to stand in front of me.

I told her to get on my lap one leg on each side and hold on to my neck. With her in my lap, I slowly entered her as we kissed. I asked her "Are you ready ?", "yes yes yes&hellip.please". While being inserted into her I just fell with her on the bed while being over her. As we fell, the pressure our join increased, and I reached amazing level of depths in her. Her eyes opened wide in pleasure and she screamed out in real pleasure. She screamed Ahh!!! Ahhh!! a few times. and kissed me very hard, her hands on my back dug into me, her fingers were just all the way into my skin, I started to pump, and she continued to scream.

This time I made no attempt to quieten her down, she herself pulled my right hand on her breasts, and took the hint and started to tweak both her nipples while kissing her all tongue. She screamed as long as I pumped here. We made love for about 2 hours after that, and she was screaming every 20 mins. It was intense. Very intense. "Listen", she said, "every time we make love, I want to you to jump me like that, and I will give you the time of your life".

"Listen, every time we make love, I want you to wake me up with your nipples in my mouth". We kissed a bit in agreement. It was time for me to get ready for my meeting, I got ready and left quickly.

At the door, she stood, with her right boob in her hand, "Suck me before you leave, and when you are back, I will have a surprise for you waiting, something that you want and I cannot give you now."… I sucked her right and left book, tweaked her nipples and left for my meeting. Well, my plan was good, I wanted to get back to the hotel room waiting for something.

I was happy I planned this for the next 10 days. I wondered, what would she give me more. I wondered. Well, the meeting was over and I was on my way back. As I reached the room, she opened the door. I walked in, and kissed rightway. "Go and freshenup and sit in the balcony, I'll get you some milk". "ok", I said. As I sat and waited for her, she was not alone. "This is a friend Roopa, who is from Delhi.

I called her here to meet with you, she just delivered a baby a few weeks back, and she has agreed to breast feed you". This friend of hers was very pleasant looking, very fresh, just as pregnant women get. Lovely facial skin and lovely curves. I was sitting on a adjustable easy chair, my mate, lifted the footer so that her friend could sit on my lap.

I said "Hi, I hope I can touch you and kiss you a little". She nodded in agreement, "It has been a while since I have been with someone, who will make love to me slowly and nicely, so if I jump on your touch, dont mind". I agreed "I promise, I will be gentle with you". This friend was wearing a saree. I removed her blouse slowly, and kept her saree on. I wanted to see her breasts thought her saree. I also removed her bra.

Her saree was now transparently showing off her assets. I carried her to the bed an seated her in the middle of the bed with her back resting.

"I want to breast slim teens gets well fucked and gets a facial you, can you please feed me lovingly just like you would your child".

She raised her hands to welcome me to her lap. I lied in her lap to feed like her baby does. She understood what I wanted and lifted and adjusted her legs accordingly, I got under her saree, caught hold of her left breast and slowly felt and honked it. They were nice soft and smooth. I honked her right breast, and pushed her left nipple into my mouth and began to suck.

No milk, I wondered why. I sucked harder and still no milk. I continued to suck. She picked up my wonder, and lifted my face to hers, and inserted her tongue in my mouth, we started to kiss, as we were kissing, after a while she pulled my tongue out and started to suck it, and then suck it harder.

I got the hint, she was teaching me how to suck her nipples. I went back down, wet my lips and took a lot more nipple into my mouth and started to suck, wow, tasty milk started to flow.

She was moaning a bit. After about 15 mins, there was no milk in her left breast, she shifted me to her right, and continued to tweak her left nipple. Her right nipple was more bigger and tighter than her left. I was determined to get her to have a good orgasm too, after all she had fed me her milk. I called out to my mate, and told her that I am going to make love to Roopa, is that ok ?

As soon as Roopa heard, her eyes lit up, I went close to her and started to undress her. Got her to stand up on the bed edge with me, and get on my lap, winding her legs around me, I entered her slowly and we started to kiss, her breasts were clinging to my chest, and we continued to feel our bodies, as we felt each other up, unsuspectingly, I jumped her, and entered her more than ever. She was so surprised, let out a loud scream, and her scream only increased with every pump.

As soon as I came, I reversed position and got her on top, so that I could get her to sit on lap and feed on her milk again. She was moaning with pleasure, I maintained inserted in her, she was very surprised that I was still in her, as she started to rock and pump as I fed on her breasts. Her milk was yummy. I did not get too much now as I had just emptied her out. As I looked around the room, I saw my mate, waiting for me to finish, She said "This gift is for giving me 5 orgasm's in a janine lindemulder and dyanna lauren yesterday, I hope you liked it".

I said "I just loved the milk and the loving making. Come and join, I want suck your breasts too and make love to you". She replied "But I want to make love to you alone again after this one, ok?" I nodded in agreement. Hearing this she started to walk towards us, I put her friend down on the bed and pumped her a bit, waited until my mate was ready next to her, I removed myself from her friend, and inserted myself into my mate.

And lay on top bitchy emo babe deepthroats and anal banged by big cock her, WOW what a body she had, her breasts were tight and pointed to the roof. we started to kiss as her friend watched.

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I asked Roopa to move closer, she did and I was sucking and licking 4 breasts at once, while I pumped my mate. Her friend silently left in a while, while we were asleep. I woke up to find my mate sleeping on the other side of the bed. I crawled up close to her and hugged her, and honked her boobs, which were completely red from my sucking. "Its red and paining, all because of you, see what you have done, my nipples wont rest, they are so erect". I did not leave her breasts, and continued to honk, "Well, its not my fault if your breasts are so suckable".

Slowly turned her around, and lovingly licked and sucked her breasts. ———- As we finished dinner, we went back to bed. This time I jumped her like 10 times before pumping her, all night she had multiple orgasm's. We had so much fun with the jumping. Every time she would let out a loud scream. She would wake up in the middle of the night and give me a bj, or her boobs to suck every time she had a orgasm.

I couldn't believe the number of times I was pumping her during the night. In the morning, as I woke up, she was right next to me with her nipple in my mouth, "Look behind you, who has come". I turned around to find her friend just behind me, this time completely undressed, I held her hand and guided her to sit on my lap, my best position for feeding on her. Today the milk tasted even better and she had much more in her. "I kept more for you today, can you please jump me, I could not sleep thinking of the jump you gave me yesterday.".

I nodded in agreement while feeding her. "If you could not sleep you should have come, I jumped your friend 10 times yesterday, from the looks of it, she is still having a orgasm". Ahh!!!! she let out a moan, just hearing about the last night episode. "Please jump sex doctor sex stories xxx com now, I cant wait." I stood up and got her to stand in front of me. She climbed me and offered her milk again, as I sucked her, I moved up and we started to kiss.

This was the first passionate kiss we had, as her kiss got more intense, I sensed she was anticipating the jump, and waited until she got desperate. As she did, I caught her by surprise, and jumped her. It was the hardest and the most precise jump until now, my hardon landed perfectly along with her deep into her. It was so deep that she screamed louder than my mate.

As my mate came running into the room, she found me pumping her friend really hard, to quieten her down, she started to kiss her friend.

Seeing them kiss I came instantly. But I continued to pump her friend harder. I started to orient her friend on the bed so that my mate too could join us on the bed. As they were kissing each other, I put my lips too in the mix, it was no telling who was kissing who, while they kissed, I reached for their boobs.

My mate still needed to be undressed, so I was kissing her on her night gown. Soon she was all undressed and I had access to 2 milk breasts, and 2 hard and pointy nipples to suck. I continued to pump Roopa until I realized that my mate was missing me, I had to take out and insert into my mate, and pump her. Our threesome, lasted for about 1 hour, and kinky masseuse cum mouth massage and jerking we slept, I kept climbing on anyone I choose while they slept and suck there boobs.

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