Threesome is happening with three lesbian gals before us

Threesome is happening with three lesbian gals before us
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NOTE: This is a love story. Vote For Me Here in America Election Day is the first Tuesday in November following the first Monday in November. It's true because you can't make shit like that up. Take Easter for instance. Who to hell ever decided that Easter was to be the first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on or after the twenty-first of March?

I guess that we should be thankful that Christmas and New Year aren't Monday holidays too. Otherwise we could celebrate the first on the twenty-ninth. Ha! Ha! Well anyway about three weeks before Election Day this year I heard a soft knock on my front door.

When I opened it up a very beautiful woman was standing there with a very nice smile. She said, "Hello! My name is Trish Dish well actually Patricia Dish. I am running for Mayor and I would appreciate it if you would vote for me." She was a dish too.

I look her over and said, "I'm not sure that I'm even going to vote this year it's only local elections anyway and nothing important." Trish Dish replied, "Oh but you are mistaken. Local elections are very important. We are the ones that raise your property taxes, plow your alana rains sucks dick and dicked hardcore reality, pick up your garbage, and fill in the potholes.

If you want to put an addition on to your home you need to get a permit from us. Local elections dictate whom your Sheriff and even who your Dog Catcher is. You are in direct contact with your local politicians everyday weather you know it or not. You can't walk up to President Bush and complain but you can come erotic asian pussy shaving and ace fuck to City Hall and see me anytime, and I'll listen to you." I said, "You might be right about that." Trish Dish asked, "So what would it take to get you to vote for me?" I smiled at her and sarcastically replied, "Well politicians have always fucked with me so I would like to get even, just once." Trish Dish smiled at me, stepped inside, and closed the door behind her.

Then she said, "You are more than welcome to fuck me as long as you will vote for me afterwards." I asked, "Wouldn't that be considered prostitution?" Trish Dish smiled and said, "Well the ballot is completely secret so no one could actually prove that you did vote for me.

You could just as easily vote for my opponent. Besides I can give sex away if I want too." She looked down at my crotch and said, "And right now I really do want to give it away.

To you." I said, "Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but…why?" Trish Dish said, "How about the fact that I have been going door to door all morning, that I have a vibrating egg in my pussy, and that it has made me the horniest politician on Earth. And right now I really need a stiff cock in me. Think of it this way. You can cast your vote in my ballot box right now if you want too." I smiled and walked Trish Dish up to my bedroom. She was impressed that a devout bachelor would have such a clean and neat room.

She praised me for being such an organized person. Then Trish put her briefcase down on the floor next to my chair, stepped out of her high heels, and removed her jacket placing it on the back of my chair as if it were a coat hanger.

She was wearing a woman's business suite with a nice knee length skirt that matched her jacket, and a white button down blouse with a colorful scarf around her neck like a man might wear a tie.

I stood there and watched as Trish carefully removed her scarf, folded it very neatly, and then laid it over her jacket. When she removed her skirt her white blouse covered her body very well as she folded her skirt neatly and placed it on the seat of my chair.

Trish then smiled at me as she unbuttoned her white blouse. After a couple of buttons I saw her lacy white bra. As she finished unbuttoning and opened her blouse up for me Trish exposed her entire bra to me with her breasts filling out the cups and causing a great show of cleavage.

As I scanned down to her panties there was a bulge just inside the top with a clip of some sort hanging on the outside of her lacy white panties. The crotch had a darker wet spot that practically covered her entire crotch. She neatly hung her blouse over her jacket. Trish struck a pose and allowed my eyes to roam over her body. I went from breast to breast and cleavage to crotch. I smiled at the bulge in her panties knowing that she had told me the truth about having a vibrating egg in her pussy.

What do you know an honest politician! I watched closely as Trish reached between her breasts and started unhooking her front clasp bra. After four such hooks she carefully released the material and it stayed glued to the breasts that it cupped so well. She smiled at me and then grabbed a hold of her bra once more and peeled the cups back popping her breasts out into the air.

Wow! Trish was something special. With her bra removed she revealed a very nice tan mark on her breasts.

It wasn't a tattoo but she had apparently places a Playboy logo on each of her nipples in the tanning booth. They were adorable and they were a good size too. They covered her areolas and were a good three inches tall. The rest of her breasts and her body were very nicely tanned. The 'fake and bake' was fine by me.

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Obviously this woman couldn't lay in the sun for hours. Her areolas were a dark pink as were her nipples. Her nipples were fairly long compared to what I have seen on other women. Then Trish gave me a really big smile and flashed her perfect white teeth at me as she lowered her panties to about her crotch level.

She removed the clip from her panties and pov glam ho cum covered interracial pornstars the small control box in her hand as she reached down between her legs with her other hand. Trish then gave a little tug on the cord where it went into her pussy. She pulled out a plastic egg that was pink in color. I could now hear the motor buzz. Her pussy had muffled it completely.

She turned off a switch on the small box and picked both items up. She held the cord and dangled the egg in front of me then she put it in the hand with the controller. Using both hands Trish pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She then wrapped the slimy egg in her wet panties and placed them on the rug near her briefcase.

As Trish stood up I noticed that her pubic hair had been trimmed short and that the bottom half had been shaved from the top of her slit down. The top half on her mound was shaped into the letter V. When I asked why the V she said that it either stood for Victory in the election or that it just pointed the way to her pleasure spot like an arrow. To tell you the truth I was more interested in her pleasure spot than the election. At that moment I think she was too.

Trish got up on my bed, laid right in the middle of it, and spread her legs out to both edges of my queen-size bed. She reached up and grabbed a hold of two of the bars on my brass bed. Hell I could hardly do that. She was unquestionably open for business. I undressed a whole lot less ceremoniously than my future Mayor had.

As I climbed on my bed with her Trish just smiled and told me that she really didn't need any foreplay unless I just wanted to molest her. I smiled and said that I just wanted to molest her.

She smiled again and told me to have at it. I reached out and traced each of the Playboy Bunny logos on her breasts and that made her smile again. I reached down and traced the outline of her V but my finger slipped into the crevice at the bottom of V and hit her clit. That gave her a thrill so I molested her clit with one hand and molested one of her nipples with my mouth at the same time. Hey I had a free hand and she had a free nipple that simply required some more molesting.

After a few minutes I decided to suck on her clit and tweak both of her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. God her pussy was totally slimed with all of the cum that had been oozing out of her all morning. It tasted wonderful so I decided to give her pussy a kitty bath.

A kitty gives itself a tongue bath and that was what I did to Trish's pussy. She really needed it too. When I couldn't stand another moment I slipped my cock into her still moist hole and lowered my chest to her breasts. When Trish realized what I was trying caught smoking! smoking stinks and cost a bunch for nothing except r tube porn do she held her breasts in both of her hands and moved them around until our nipples lined up.

I always wanted to get nipple to nipple with a woman that I was fucking and Trish fit the bill very nicely. She was cumming as soon as I had entered her and she kept it up blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock. She really did need a cock and I was very delighted that she had picked mine.

I was just so excited that I just thrust into her repeatedly until I couldn't hold out another second, then I added to the mess that was up inside of her. As I filled her up she had yet another orgasm and then kissed me. After I got off from her she asked me if I had anything that she could use to soak up the mess in her pussy. I went to my dresser drawer, took a rolled up pair of socks, and tossed them to her. As I did I said, "Put a sock in it." Trish smiled and said, "I'll do just that." Trish thought just a few seconds and asked, "Would you mind if I used that I a speech?

Put a sock in it. I like that." Then I watched as Trish separated the two socks and started poking one of them into her dripping pussy. God that woman could really spread her legs wide.

I bet she used to be a cheerleader or a gymnast.

Trish methodically inserted my sock into the hole that my cock had just filled. I thought to myself a 'cock sock.' Trish noticed the smile on my face and asked, "What are you smiling about?" I said, "Oh I was just thinking about my cock being replaced by my sock and just put the two things together to become a 'cock sock' that's all." She laughed and said, "My husband had one and left it behind when he moved out a couple of years ago.

I'd be happy to bring it over this evening before my press conference if you would like it. May I leave my vibrating egg and my wet panties here? If you didn't mind that is. I could retrieve them later. It wouldn't be proper to open up my briefcase and have a prospective voter see them. Now would it?" I said, "Sure you can leave them and I'd love to see what a 'cock sock' looks like too." Trish smiled and said, "You know that you'll have to model it for me." I looked down at my almost fully recovered cock, took the extra sock from the bed, and slipped it over my cock.

Half of the sock was hung down and she laughed. Trish had gotten most of my sock in her pussy and had left just enough hanging out so that se could remove it when necessary. Then I watched just as intently as Trish dressed herself. I was sure looking forward to her coming back later. I did not bother to get dressed myself but walked her to the door.

As sweet chick vanessa cage fucking hard for pleasure was dressing we had discussed me. I told her some of my past experiences of being a mechanical designer, a technical writer, a quality controller for a construction company, and a computer technical.

Then I told her that I was not employed at the moment and that I was looking around. Trish seemed quite interested in my background. I got a very nice hug and a kiss from her as she left. I watched her walk away through the window in my door until she was out of sight. She was quite a woman! Trish returned that evening about six o'clock. She told me that she only had about an hour and a half to spare and that her press conference was to be held at eight o'clock at City Hall.

This time Trish took me up to my bedroom.

She had me undress first and then produced the 'cock sock.' It was cute. It was a knitted tube with a bag for my balls and a bell on the end.

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Trish slipped it over the head of my cock and down my shaft. She tucked my balls into the bag and pulled the drawstring a little before she tied a bow tie knot in it. Then she wiggled my covered cock around causing the bell to tinkle.

We both laughed. Then I watched as Trish undressed. Like that morning she was meticulous about taking her clothes off, folding them titjob before long sex by ariella ferrera neatly, and placing them on my chair.

When she was only wearing her bra and panties she faced me and opened up her bra. Trish had a tassel attached to each of her nipples like an older stripped might wear. There were bells on the ends of the tassels too.

Trish shook her shoulders and made them tinkle. Then all of a sudden Hubby bounces his wifersquos big ass off his thighs closed her eyes and started to gyrate without any music.

She swished and thrust her hips toward me. She was like an airplane building up speed on the runway before a takeoff. When she was ready Trish started shaking her shoulders and twirling those tassels clockwise.

They looked like propellers on two very attractive engines. After a minute she changed directions and twirled them counter clockwise for another minute. Then she raised her right arm and her left tassel continued to twirl. She lowered her right arm and they both twirled again.

Then she raised her left arm and the right tassel continued to twirl. She was one very talented lady. I couldn't imagine why her husband had ever left her. Trish got in the center of my bed. She still had her panties on and those fantastic tassels.

As I got between her legs I saw that Trish was wearing crotchless panties and that my sock was still in her pussy. Trish smiled and said, "I though that you might appreciate a dry hole after this morning." I started to pull the sock out and saw a tiny whistle on a ribbon attached to her panties and the message, "Whistle while you work" embroidered on them.

Not being one to resist I leaned down and blew into it. It gave off a soft shrill. Then I started to remove the sock from her pussy with my teeth. I assumed that she really did want me to dry fuck her. I also still had on my 'cock sock' so as I pulled one out I shoved the other one in cock and all. Trish smiled and said, "I was hoping that you would do that." I asked, "So why did your husband leave you?" Trish said, "Would you believe I was too much for him?" I smiled and said, "Too much.

I would give anything to have a woman like you." Trish smiled again and said, "Well he traded me in on an older model. His new wife is old enough to be his mother." As I fucked into her she drifted off into her own thoughts.

Then all of a sudden she said, "You'd give anything to have me?" I said, "Yes! I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since this morning." Trish said, "Well you can have me if you want me.

I haven't been able to get you out of my mind either. As you saw I couldn't take your sock out of my pussy either. That was the best sex that I have had in years. Not that I sleep around all that much." I kissed her and I thrust into her extra hard. I jammed that damn bell on the end against her cervix with the head of my cock and it hurt.

I pulled out of her in a hurry, pulled off that damn cock sock and rammed myself back into her. She was right, a dry fuck was just what I needed. The friction was absolutely incredible. The feeling and sensation that I was receiving was simply amazing. When I erupted it was powerful.

I shot jets of cum into her again and again. When I was done she wasn't a dry fuck anymore. My cock was slipping and sliding around inside her like the last man in a gangbang. I couldn't stand to remove it. I cuddled into her until it shriveled up and fell out on its own. I followed Trish into the bathroom. She took her pocketbook in with her.

She sat on the toilet, spread her knees wide for me, and peed into the bowl with a force that I haven't seen from a woman before. She ava addams perfect milf tits big boobs pornstar even bother to wipe.

She placed a shower cap on her head to keep her hair dry and then took me into the shower. That was a lot of fun. I got to wash her body and she got to wash mine. Then I watched her dry off, apply her makeup, and comb her hair. She asked me to put on a suit and accompany her to the press conference. I did! I kept a close eye on her as she dressed too.

She took a clean pair of panties out of her purse and put them on. Then a quick squirt of perfume on her pussy and in her cleavage and we were off. As I drove she said, "You know the press is going to be very interested in who you are.

You can choose to say nothing. However you can also tell them that we are seeing each other if you wish. I'll leave that up to you." I smiled and repeated, "Seeing each other. For a whole ten hours?' Then I laughed. Trish said, "Well it is more dignified than telling them that that we are fuck buddies." Then she laughed.

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I asked, "What if I told them that we have been secretly in love for months and are engaged to be married?" Trish said, "Then shouldn't I be wearing a ring or something?" I took off my college ring and handed it to her.

She tried it on her ring finger and then on her thumb. It was way too big for her. Then she took off her necklace, slipped the thin chain through my ring, and fastened it to her neck again. It hung down into her cleavage and she played with it. As I parked the car Trish asked, "Should we set a date to be married?" Then she giggled.

I replied, "How about Saint Valentine's Day?" Trish said, "You mean in four months?" Then she smiled very sweetly. I said, "Why not. After all we have been secretly in love for months." Then I laughed. Trish leaned over and kissed me before she said, "Okay! Saint Valentine's Day it is then." I proudly walked Trish into City Hall on my arm.

As she had predicted the reporters took our pictures and inquired as to who I was and why she was with me. Trish politely said that I was her Fiancée and then she gave me a kiss on the cheek as they took our pictures. The press was more interested in me than what Trish had to say so I told them that I would answer all of their questions afterwards. Her press conference went well and she was able to get most of her ideas for reform across. Then I held a press conference of my own with Trish standing by my side and saying very little.

I knew that I was falling in mom fucking step son while dad is out full movies with Trish so I genuinely said that we had been secretly in love for months, that we had become engaged on the way to that press meeting, and that we had set a date to be married. When I told them that it was Saint Valentine's Day they thought that that was very romantic. So did I.

That's why I had suggested it to Trish in the first place. Trish slept with me that night in my bed after we had another wonderful round of sex. After that night I accompanied Trish as she went door to door soliciting votes. We attended two and sometimes three luncheons a day. Then there were the evening parties, dinners, and social clubs in addition to more meetings with the press. The local newspapers, radio stations, and even the television stations seemed to favor Trish over her running mate.

They made us out to be lovebirds, which we really were. Come Election Day the press even took our pictures fantastic beauty is showing off her stretched spread quim in close up we enter the poling places.

I stood by as Trish went in to vote at the school in her ward and she stood by as I voted at my fire station in my ward. Then we attended the election party for her until the results were in. With only a little more than half of the election returns in her opponent forfeited and congratulated Trish on her win. After the celebration died down we went to my house to do a little celebrating of our own. The End Vote For Me 126