Nadia jay ebony teen glory hole fucking interracial

Nadia jay ebony teen glory hole fucking interracial
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This is the story of how I lost my virginity to my aunt. My sister and I had it rough as kids as our mother died when we were still very young. As you can imagine, my father wasn't really coping well as a single parent which ultimately resulted in us moving in with my Aunt (Reinette) and Uncle (Harry) when I was 10 sliping mom end son pron old. They stayed on a farm just outside Standerton when we moved in with them.

We didn't have much of a choice really as they were the only family members who didn't have children and who always wanted kids lesbian driver does pussy licking with client their own. We were all well aware that they had been trying to have kids for years, but unfortunately it never came to be (well, at least not with each other).

Staying with them on the farm wasn't easy as they weren't the wealthiest of people. We had to learn everything the hard way and we had to do our bit on the farm, like feeding the chickens (which is a story that I will come to now). I probably don't need to tell you that being a 12 year old boy is smack bang in the middle of puberty and all I had on my brain was girls and sex.

Ask any teenage boy and he'll tell you that wanking on a daily basis is no joke. I remember keeping count of how many times a day I had a wank. I think the most I clocked in one day was 7 times. Anyway, my uncle was in town the one day and it was only my aunt, my sister, my aunt's brother (Dirky), and myself on the farm. I remember my aunt going through a Playboy magazine (which belonged to her brother) on her bed and reading the "sex stories" of other people. This was actually quite interesting to me as one would expect your elders to not expose you to things like the Playboy magazine.

Anyway, we all seemed to find some of the stories quite funny and weird. One story in particular caught my attention and gave me an idea. It was about two guys who had sex with sheep. This was quite funny to all of us and especially to me as I had never heard of people having sex with animals (which I later found out is called "Beastiality").

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Maybe funny, but it also planted a seed in my mind as jerking myself off every day was becoming boring. Unfortunately we didn't have any sheep on the farm so my chances of fucking a sheep weren't likely. A couple of days later though it dawned on me when I was busy collecting all the eggs that the chickens laid.

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I looked at the size of the eggs and thought to myself that if an egg can come out of a chicken's backside, then surely my 12 year old dick will be able to go in. I was more than satisfied when I grabbed one of the hens and inserted my cock into her.

It fitted perfectly and the feeling was amazing as it was wet and warm. It was at that moment that I realized what it must feel like to put my penis into a girl's vagina. I pumped my cock into that chicken until I shot my load straight up into her. This was by far more satisfying than a good old wank. The next day, unfortunately, I went in for round two when I noticed that the hen had died.

Thankfully for me, there were other hens in the den. I grabbed hen number 2 and had my way with her. I knew that for as long as I was on that farm, that chicken fucking was the new masturbation.

Sadly though, after the 3rd chicken died I put a stop to it as I didn't want my uncle to notice that his chickens small kute sex girl sex disappearing. So back to wanking it was jerking off. The following year we moved from the farm into a house in town.

My uncle had gotten himself a full-time job and also signed up as a reservist with the police. Being a reservist was completely voluntary and demanded that my uncle work through the night helping the police fight crime. This left just my sister, my aunt, and I at home some nights. Whenever my uncle went out at night, my aunt told me that I should come and lay in bed with her.

I didn't think anything weird as I had slept in a bed with her many times before. However, I had come to learn that my aunt wasn't the most faithful wife to her husband as she had been telling my sister about all the guys she had been sleeping around with while being married to my uncle.

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I think it was due to knowing that she was a bit of a slut that had my hopes up for something to happen one night between her and I while my uncle was out. So on this one particular faithful night, I was lying next to her and I thought that I would "innocently" throw my arm around her and spoon her while we fell kelly starr juicy skyy black massive black asses interracial. Before I knew it I had a raging hard-on which was pressing against her bum.

I just kept on wondering whether she was aware of it and/or whether she felt it pressing against her. For a while she didn't do anything and I started to think that maybe she wasn't aware of it so I slowly started moving up and down in the hope that I would get some kind of reaction out of her.

I figured that if she didn't want me doing it then she would just tell me to stop. However, my endurance and bravery was soon to be rewarded when she took my hand and placed it on her firm breast and said to me that "tonight is your night, Ro. You can do anything you want as long as you don't tell your uncle". I will never forget those words. I was not going to be asked twice either. I remember that she was a C cup and had a nice set of tits on her.

I moved my hand from above her shirt and made my way under it so that I could place my hand on the first set of naked tits that I have ever felt. Now, obviously being a complete newbie to this, my foreplay ability wasn't what you can call "being an expert". I was so focused on getting into her pants that feeling her boob was about the only form of foreplay we had that night.

My hand made its way downstairs into her pants. I stuck my fingers into her and rubbed her pussy a little and at the same time she grabbed my cock and started stroking it through my pants. At that moment I couldn't wait any longer so I got on top of her, took our clothes off, and I pushed my 13 year old penis into her 31 year old pussy. Being the slutty slut that she was, I had no problems getting it into her.

Besides, my cock still had a lot of growing to do and her pussy had seen much bigger cocks going in and out of it in its lifetime. This did not stop me from enjoying myself though. As I was pushing in and out of her, she whispered into my ear "when you're ready to cum, then cum inside of me".

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I didn't think twice about it as I knew that her and my uncle had been trying to have kids and that she wasn't able to fall pregnant. Seconds later I delivered the mother-load inside her. As I got off of her, she told me that if I wanted to go at it again later on then I should just French kiss her as a sign that I am ready to go again. We fell asleep for a while and then I suddenly woke up to discover that my uncle had still not returned back home.

So I did what my aunt told me to do as I was more than willing to go for round number 2. We went at it again and then I decided that it was time for me to go to my own room before my uncle got back home.

For the next two weeks my aunt and I didn't even speak about what happened, let alone have sex again. This was torture for me because I finally got a slice of heaven and now I wanted more.

I wasn't too sure why she didn't invite me to her bed again or why she didn't ask me whether I enjoyed myself that night, but after waiting 2 weeks I decided that I would have to be the one to man up and confront her. I think it was due to the fact that she knew that she would get into a lot of trouble for having sex with an underage boy and was probably worried that I might say something, but she had nothing to worry about as my mission was to get some more where that came from.

It was a Saturday afternoon while my uncle was outside on the porch with friends of his having a braai when I spotted my aunt lying on her bed. I just knew that I had to take the opportunity and go and speak to her. My words to her were "when are we going to do what we did 2 fucking big tit allys daughter the treat trade pt ago"? She responded and asked me whether I want it to happen again. Obviously I said yes. From that point on the ice was broken and she was comfortable with the fact that I wasn't going to ruin my chances of getting laid by telling someone about it.

We took every opportunity that came our way to have sex for the weeks to come. I fucked her in her room a good couple of times, even when there were people in the house. We fucked in the lounge and in the dining room a few times as well. The best was when I fucked her doggy style in the dining room beeg balak and wghit girl sex by the entrance of the kitchen where she was keeping an eye out for my sister who was in her room.

It just seems like sex is so much better when you're doing it with someone you're not supposed to be doing it with and when the chances of being caught doing it with that person is increased.

Perhaps if some kids found themselves in the position that I college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat, they might say that they were taken advantage of, but losing my virginity to my 31 year old aunt is something that I don't regret. It was dirty, risky, wrong, kinky, and super erotic.

People might call it incest, but I enjoyed every bit of it. People who say incest is wrong shouldn't be so judgemental. If the parties involved are all into it and enjoy themselves, then let them be. It's the best sex you can find. Willing under aged incestual sex. If it ever comes your way, take it with open arms and make the best out of it.