Wicked nympho is taken in butt hole loony bin for painful treatment

Wicked nympho is taken in butt hole loony bin for painful treatment
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Watching I'm in town for a couple of days and decide to pop over and pay you a surprise visit. I knock on the door but no answer; I'm pretty sure someone's home as I can hear music coming from the lounge room so I think to myself "I'll just check out back in case she's out in the yard".

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As I walk past your bedroom window I hear a slight gasp and when I look around I notice the curtains slightly open, I look through the window and get a pleasant surprise. Your laying on your bed in a little lacy pair of knickers and matching bra, I hear a moan and looking to the side I can see that you have the tv on and you're watching porn, it's a scene where a sexy milf is laying on her belly holding her butt cheeks apart while some young stud is furiously licking her pussy, but when the stud moves up and starts licking and probing her arse with his tongue I hear that little gasp again and now know where the first one came from.

I look back towards you and you sit up, reach around, unhook your bra, slip it off and throw it to the side before reclining back on your pillows. I'm mesmerised by the sight of your nice big titties and I'm happily staring at them, thinking "goddamn they're fucking great; I could have some fun with them". I can tell from your nipples, rock hard and pointing that your enjoying what is happening on the tv, but when I see you mouth something that I can't quite hear, but I'm pretty sure was "mmm yeah" or similar I manage to peel my eyes of your body long enough to glimpse quickly at the screen.

The guy has his tongue fully buried in the milfs arse as she wriggles and squirms around under his onslaught.

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I return my attention back to you and I'm rewarded with the sight of you lightly brushing your finger nails of one hand across the your breasts and nipples, which to my extreme pleasure and surprise seem to harden even more, but they are not the only things that are hardening and I have to adjust myself, because my cock is now pointing straight out and as i'm not wearing jocks my head is sitting uncomfortably against the zipper of my shorts.

I'm still staring at your body and let out a little gasp of my own as your other hand now reaches up and cups one of your full creamy breasts while your other hand gently rolls and pulls on the nipple before changing boobs and giving the other alana rains sucks dick and dicked hardcore reality a firm squeeze as you roll its nipple around with your fingers.

It's about now I realise I still haven't let go of my cock from when I was adjusting myself and I've been standing here in broad daylight squeezing my shaft through my shorts whilst peeking through your window.

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I have a quick look around and I'm pretty sure that no one would be able to see me so I just keep watching and squeezing. You are now using one hand to play with your lovely titties, alternating between pinching and pulling on your nipples and massaging your whole boob, while you are dragging your finger nails of your other hand up and down your belly letting them lightly brush your pubic mound through your panties every time your hand wanders down that far.

After beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams or five minutes your hand comes to rest on top of your pussy, and though I cannot see exactly what you're doing I can tell by the movement of your hand that you are rubbing your hot little pussy through your knickers, and all I can think is " fuck this is hot, I wish I could just walk in there and take care of that sweet pussy and gorgeous titties for her, I would tongue both her holes for her, better than the dude she's watching now, I bet I could make her squirm." I have another quick check to make sure none of your neighbours could see me if they ventured outside and quietly undo my zip taking my cock out so I can get to it easier, I couldn't of timed it any better because just as I wrap my hand around my shaft to start stroking, your hand slides inside your panties and you ease your legs apart and start rubbing your lips and clitty, so I time my janet mason jv mitchells young black man meat with you matching the nice slow rhythm of your hand moving up and down inside your little knickers,with my hand sliding up and down my cock.

Your still massaging your boobies with one hand and I wish I could come in there and slide my cock in between them while you squeezed them together and licked my engorged head each time that it popped out the top and try to wonder what you would look like with a big load of my cum all over your titties, neck and chin, and smile to myself as I imagine you scooping it up with your fingers before putting them in your mouth to suck them clean.

My train of thought is suddenly cut short as I watch your thumbs hook the sides of your panties, you raise your arse slightly and slide your knickers off to flick them aside with your bra. Both your hands go back to your boobs, massaging, pulling and pinching, and I stop rubbing my cock because i'm getting way to turned on and I don't wanna cum yet so I contend myself with just watching you play, while I wish I had a better angle so I could see your gorgeous little snatch as well as your luscious titties, and I don't have to wait too long before my prayers are answered.

Suddenly you roll over onto your belly and turn side on to reach over towards your bedside table and from this position I have a perfect view of your sexy arse and silky smooth pussy, almost subconsciously I undo my shorts button and let them drop to the ground around my feet as my hand goes back to slowly stroking my cock I gaze hungrily at your pussy, it's lips slightly parted allowing me to see your swollen clitty and wet opening, and all I can think is "mmmm such a sweet and tasty looking cunt" as I start to dribble a little precum.

You roll back onto your back and I give a silent woohoo as your feet stay pointed in my direction, which means I can still see your moist little snatch.

You lift your knees and spread your legs wide apart and I can now definitely see your pussy in all its glory as its spread wet and wide just a meter or so from my face. I'm so content staring at your muqheeth fb indian tube porn sex that I don't even notice you have one of your vibrators in your hand until you actually put it between your legs and slowly start sliding it's length up and down your clitty allowing just the tip to dip ever so slightly into your opening on each down stroke.

You seem to be teasing both yourself and me by just buzzing your clit and and all around your lips over and past your hole and even your puckered little arse, without actually inserting your toy for a good 10 minutes, and I have to let go of my cock again as I have precum oozing everywhere and my shaft is starting to twitch, but I don't want to cum yet, I want to watch the rest of the show and hopefully time my orgasm with yours.

Damn your pussy getting wet, I can actually see your juices glistening on your toy and when you lift it up to vibe your swollen clitty I can see your cunny dribbling its sweet nectar down your butt crack as it runs over your tight little starfish leaving a small wet spot against your arse.

You slowly let your toy sink back down your pussy and let it rest against your arse shortly before rising it slightly and plunging the whole length deep into your glorious wet orifice as your other hand finds your clitty and you give it a couple of quick rubs you start to fuck yourself hard and fast with your plastic dick. You throw your head back and let out a "oooohhhh fuck yeah" I realise you are just about to cum so I start furiously pulling on my cock trying to catch up, but when I see your back arch and your whole body tense and start twitching followed by a father and dotter sex storys wad of your sweet pussy juices squirting out around your dildo I know I have missed cumming with you this time so I slow my stroking thinking "if she goes again i'll be ready for her".

You've remove your toy and are laying back with your legs still spread and I can see your pussy still spasming and seeping liquid gold in the aftermath of your orgasm. You roll over and hop of your bed disappearing from my site and I hope you are only going to get a drink before going another round so I remain at your window with a tight grip on my hard cock slowly stroking back and forth waiting for your return.

You've been gone about five minutes and i'm starting to think I should put my cock away when I hear movement to my left, I look up and there you are, still naked staring at me. You've come out side and caught me masturbating at your window but instead of saying anything you have kept silent and have been watching me as I stroke my cock back and forth, our eyes meet and you just smile at me and say " I'm pretty sure you just seen me cum, now its my turn to watch you" I kick my shorts out from around my feet, remove my shirt and move closer, pulling out a couple of chairs and tell you to sit, as I take my chair and place it right in front of you.

I sit down and use my index finger filipina amateur has kinky sex with a tourist rub my precum all around my head and down the underside of my cock, I slide my butt forward to the edge of the seat so my balls are hanging free and wrap one hand back around my shaft and start stroking while my other hand reaches under my butt and squeezes my balls, your eyes are glued to my cock and what I'm doing to it and my eyes are glued to your tits as you start pinching your nipples again.

You notice my gaze drop lower towards your pussy so you open your legs slightly allowing me a better view of your hot creamy sex, which only makes me start stroking faster.

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You break the silence by asking "how long were you watching" to which I reply " since just before you freed your magnificent titties". "Did you like what you saw" you ask "I loved every minute of it, It was so fucking hot I don't know how I didn't cum everywhere about three or four times". You smile and say "you must be close" "oooh fuck yeah" is all you get out of me.

My hand is like a blur now, furiously jacking my cock up an down and stretching my balls out and down, precum is flowing freely and I can feel my cock start to twitch again, so I stop and take my hand away and your eyes widen as you stare at my cock while it pulses and jumps pumping even more precum onto my belly.

"Where do you want me to cum" I ask, "Where ever you want as long as you clean it up" you reply.

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I take my still twitching cock back in my hand and start wanking for you with a good steady rhythm, slowly getting faster and faster until i'm absolutely pounding my cock in a frenzy. I know there's no stopping me this time and I can feel my orgasm approaching pretty quickly. I jump to my feet and say "sorry but I've always fantasised about doing this" and just as I finish speaking the first big jet of my cum splashes across your big titties followed closely by the second and third, I aim a little higher and the next glob lands on your neck and higher still, the next chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs onto your chin, I let go of my cock and let it splatter you wherever it wants, and you end up with a couple more big splashes across your chest and some on your belly.

Even I can't believe the size of my load, your absolutely covered in cum from your chin, all across your boobs and dribbling down your belly towards your splayed open vagina, and both of us are just staring at the amount and smiling. "I suppose I should clean that up for you" I say and I &hellip.to be continued