Naughty doctor fucks her hot busty patient august ames pornstars and hardcore

Naughty doctor fucks her hot busty patient august ames pornstars and hardcore
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Willie, the dog Hi, my name is Willie, I'm a dog. I'm a medium size terrier, black and white. My owner, 'Lady', I call her, feeds me, pets me, scratches behind my ears, buys me toys, Frisbees, and plays with me.

I'm full grown now, but when I was a puppy, lady let me sleep in her bed with her. At night is when I really have fun, I'm a male, un-fixed. It started one day when 'Lady', and I were taking a nap on the couch.

I was having a dream, and my long pink dick came out, as I dreamed I was fucking some female beauty. My one hind leg started jumping and woke up lady. She smiled as I woke up and she started petting me&hellip.ahhhh…but this time was different.

She started rubbing my tummy…(I love that) .and soon she was letting her fingers brush against my dick, which was still fully out. I didn't move at all. She had me in my pleasure zone. I closed my eyes, but peeked out just a little. She kept rubbing me, closer and closer to my dick. Then she touched it. I held real still. Soon her fingers were stroking my dick. I pushed my dick out to it's max, and held it there for her.

She looked all around as she continued. She stopped and got up and made sure all the blinds were closed tight and the door was locked.

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She lived alone. She was about 24 human years, big soft tits, I know, she has let me lick the before, and she was real sexy even to a dog. I waited, pretending to be asleep.

She was wearing a long nightgown, no bra, and she took off her panties, and put them in her little pocket. She came back and started in stroking my extended dick again. All this had never happened before, and I was liking it. She slowly laid down, putting her head next to my dick, which now pointed towards her face.

I could feel her warm breath on my tummy. She was now inches from the tip of my dick, and breathing harder. She now put her hand between her legs and started doing something with her pussy. The pussy aroma came to my nose and started driving me crazy. I wanted to lick and fuck real bad, but I was getting a hand job, it was really hard for me. She had me by the dick, so I stayed where I was.

She smelled good, like pussy and perfume combined…I was in dog heaven. I licked her fingers on the hand by my mouth. Wow&hellip.she tasted like pussy! I lick and licked her fingers. When I licked the center of the palm of her hand, she shivered and moaned&hellip.She must have liked it, because she switched hands with the one down by her pussy. Oh Gezzzz!!!…I smelled fresh pussy!, I licked and licked till my tongue was almost dry. My licking of her fingers was making her moan now, as she young jerks old tube porn my dick a little faster.

Her very hot breath on my dick was keeping it out and hard. As I enjoyed my first hand job. This was sure better than humping that little tree in the yard……then&hellip. I felt something I had never ever felt before.

I couldn't see, but I liked it a lot. It was warm, kind of like a females pussy, but something inside 'it' was moving. 'IT' moved around pussy juice drips out of hot blonde dick and I felt a vacuum. "IT' was licking on my dick and "IT" was wet. My doggy knot was coming up fast as this all was feeling good. I wanted to lick my balls, so bad, but…to late, here came the knot fast, like a one of those imported motorcycles I like to chase.

I started shooting doggy cum like a fire hose! Lady gagged, and tried to get my knot of her mouth. POP was the sound I heard, as my cum painted her face like a white fence. She moaned and shivered and shook. I guess she liked it, as she hugged me called me "OH WILLIE! BABY!!!"&hellip.

I pulled away, I had to lick my self, and my doggy balls were sore now. Lady, still trying to hug me, rubbing me all over. I growled…I don't like to be disturbed when I'm licking my dick. She laid back and moaned some more. Then&hellip.I smelled pussy! Lady's legs were wide open as she lay there. I jumped up and started licking her pussy.

Now she really moaned. "OH Willie!!, your to much!"… she was weak, and my long tongue pushed in so far, her eyes started to cross! I guess my cold nose was right on her clit. She yelped and held my head. I growled&hellip.I don't like to be disturbed when I'm licking pussy. Her pussy started moving up and down with my licks. She said: "Oh my god Willie&hellip.oh baby&hellip.mama's gonna cum so good, baby&hellip.I was done licking, and now I had to fuck.

I crawled up on her and started humping, trying to find her hole. I think I must have humped her clit while I was trying. She yelled something about Jesus and God, and then reached down and helped me get my dick in her. In I went, my automatic fucking went into high gear. I closed my eyes and saw stars and beautiful female dogs.

Lady began to yodel. I felt like I was riding a piston from a 10,000 rpm engine. I licked my lips as I tasted pussy. Then I stopped. I panted and panted as my automatic cummer went on and moom and son xxx move. Now I had a real big knot in her, and I wanted to lick my dick again.

I pulled, she moaned and said …"OH God No Willie…wait!!! Please wait! We laid there, panting. It was hot. I was bored. She looked like a runaway milk pump got her. What a mess. POP, and I was gone to lick my dick again. She moaned and ask me If I loved her. I just wagged my tail…sure, sure, now lets eat!

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She gave me so much steak that night I fell asleep with my nose in my doggy dish. The next day she said she bought me a Christmas present! I was hoping for a new Frisbee. In stead she got me some padded doggy socks. I hated them&hellip.I couldn't feel the floor right, and I slipped and slid around.

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She said they were for Willie's fun time, and would keep my paws from scratching her. I still hated them. I fuck her a lot now, but I have to wear those stupid socks, and we fuck on a plastic sheet&hellip.ukkkk'. Now her girlfriends all come over and her two sisters too. I fuck'em all, except when the mailman comes, I bark like hell! I'm gonna get the son of bitch some day and bite him in the ass!