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Alanah rae jizz on my jugs
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Ok lets give some stats!

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Aron: 18 years old, 5"11, 170 lbs, mid length black hair skinny but somewhat athletic. Patrick: 48 years old, 6"3 225 lbs, good shape gray hair. Samantha: 43 years old, 5"6 135 lbs, b32 cup breasts and a nice round butt, little bit of a gut but not fat.

This story will tell all 3 characters point of view, their name will be listed before their point of view begins.

After a death in the family Patrick decides to move his family far away from their old home and into a new house.

Mysterious things start to happen though after moving in. Aron looks up at the 2 floored victorian styled house as his dad pull's into the driveway and park's the Jeep Grand cherokee.

His mom who is in the passenger seat looks back, "well what do you think? Pretty nice huh?" She smiles at her son. Aron look's at the big older house a little more and kinda frown's. He didn't wanna move, least of all to the other side of the country to live in Virginia.

He was use to the beaches of california. He looks at his mom and lies, "Yeah.look's great and Dad did good." He doesn't want to hurt his parents feelings.

His dad gets out of the Jeep and walks over to the passenger side letting his mom out. Aron steps out as well, grabbing his skateboard as he does. The front yard is pretty big, a lot of tree's leading up to the front of the cute kitten is gaping slim pussy in closeup and having orgasm sweeties panties. The old victorian white house did have an interesting look to it.but wasn't his style. Oh my god it's perfect!

Samantha says as she enters looking around. Wooden floors and very nice white and green wallpaper. Aron's dad steps in behind her and smiles. Putting his hand on his son's shoulder as he steps in as well. " Your room is upstairs, last door on the left". He smile's down at him, "thanks dad, I better have a look around".

Aron takes a step forward, there is a large staircase right in the middle of the room right after you enter through the front door. Guess I better see what's upstairs.he thinks to himself. The door squeaks kind of loudly as Aron opens it.

Looking around at what would be his room until he left for college.which he was looking forward to very much at this point. Just like every other room in the home it had wooden floors but it had deep purple colored wallpaper.

It must have been a girls room at one point. He is thankful that his dad made all of the moving arrangements though. All of his furniture was already in his room, as he sit's down at the edge of his bed and looks around.

Pushing his fingers through his mid length hair for a second. He turn's his head over to where there is a mirror on the wall. The fuck! There was a blonde girl staring at him from the side of the bed, in a sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story of an eye though she was gone!

Aron shoots up in front of his bed for a minute holding his head. He was tired.that's it.just tired from the long drive. He walk's out of the room, trying to convince himself that he hadn't seen anything. (Patrick) Patrick walk's downstairs and into the old basement. When he was shown the house the first time he fell in love with the spacious basement that already had a work bench in it.

He smile's as he look's around. He had a desk and a brand new leather office chair put down in his work area. The basement was pretty simple, concrete walls and floors and four or five windows.

He sits down in his chair and leans back a bit with his eyes closed. Thinking about the future in the new home. He hears footsteps appraoching him from behind. His eyes are still closed but he assumes that it is Samantha. He smiles "decide to come down and see the work station did you?" He feels hands go onto his shoulders and begin to massage them.

Oooohhh babe you haven't done this in a long time. He smiles and reaches back holding her hands. Wow.your hands are cold as ice Samantha.he looks back. No one is there.Patrick rotates the desk chair around and grabs the handles a little bit tighter as he look's around.

Standing up he gives every inch of the basement a look.he doesn't find anyone. He puts his hand on the back of his head.he can't come up with a rational explanation. He deicdes to just head back upstairs and keep what had just happened to himself. After dinner Patrick sits at the end of he and Samanthas king sized bed and pulls a couple of boxes closer, opening them to see what was in them.

The room was very big, had a large bathroom inside of it and everything. He can hear the shower water running as Samantha is inside showering. He is still trying to forget about what happened in the basement earlier, this house was a new start for him and his family.

He wanted it to work, things had been rocky the last year. His son Aron had a twin sister who had been raped and murdered a year before moving to Virginia from Cailifornia. There was nothing but heartache left for them out there so Patrick decided to take his family somewhere new for a fresh start.

Samantha seemed happy in the new home, his son Aron seemed a little sad still but he just needed time to adjust is all! The bathroom door opens and Samantha steps out in a robe with a towel wrapped around her head. Walking over to her husband she sit's in his lap and gives him a kiss.

I love this's flawless! She say's with a smile, he looks at her and returns the smile "well nothing but the best for you babe" as his hand slides up her leg and towards her pussy. She stops his hand though and look's down.

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Patrick looks away.he and his wife hadn't slept together since their daughter died. I'm.just not in the mood.i'm sorry.

Without even looking at her " it's fine, lets get some sleep". He softly pushes her off of him and goes over to the dresser and pulls out a pair of sweatpants to sleep in. Samantha tattooed babe katrina jade gets fucked by bbc interracial pornstars up and drops the towel from her head and her robe. He looks back at his wife's ass. It was perfect, tight but still round, he looks back forward and undresses, knowing there is no reason to get himself worked up.

He and his wife now bith in their pajamas lay down and shut the light off. Their fist night in the new home! Patrick's eyes open, he can hear movement down in the living room. Slowly sitting up in bed, he looks over at his wife who is knocked out. Slowly piushing the sheets and blankets off he get's out of bed and into the upstairs hallway. His son's door is cracked and he look's in to see if his son is in there.

He see's Aron laying down on his bed with his headphones on, so it wasn't him downstairs. He turns and goes to the other end of the hallway where the stairs are, he can see.a flickering light coming from downstairs.? He slowly walks down the steps, not wanting to be too loud in case there was an intruder in his house. He notices that with each step he takes down the stairs that he gets groggier, his vision becoming a bit blurred but he continues to the living room.

There is a very large fireplace in the room and two big couches. Patrick steps into the large living room and see's that a fire is lit in the fireplace. What the.he look's over at the couch and see's a woman!

A gorgeous blonde woman in a black dress with white polka dots on it, showing quite a bit of clevage, she see's him and stand's up smiling. The look on 1boy and 3 grils sex face make's him think that she has been waiting for him. She slowly approaches him, he wants to say something but can't seem to get a word out.

She stops in front of him and rubs her hands on his bare chest, her touch.he had never felt such a sensation before in his life. Her hands are freezing though.she leans up and their lips meet. He wraps his arms around the beautiful blonde and kisses back, tongues exploring one another. She breaks the kiss and sexy stockings wearing slut gives her pussy up immediately her mouth to his ear and whispers."I can be your everything Patrick." How did she know his name!?

He want's to speak but the words won't come out. She take's a step back from him and slides her dress down and kicks it off. Her body was flawless! Cute little pink nipples, probably a C cup set of breasts, flat tummy and a nice toned ass.

The erection his sweatpants is about to poke a hole through them. The bombshell walk's to him again and drops down to her knees, not taking her eyes off of him as she slides his pants down. This all felt like a dream.he still felt groggy and his vision blurred but he closes his eyes and moans as he feels her mouth practically swallow his nine inch cock, oooooooh! She strokes with one hand as she sucks his cock like a pro, her tongue was was like she had two of them.

He is getting completely lost in pleasure as the beauty sucks his cock like it has never been sucked before. Her tongue swirls around it as it is in her mouth, stroking it slowly.

His eyes are about to roll into the back of his head as he is ready to cum. She must have sensed it though. Patrick is sound when his cock meets the air again. The beautiful woman stands up and leads him over to the couch where she sit's him down and straddles him.

Her hands on the back of the couch as she positions and slides herself down his length. Fuck her pussy was sooo tight.He didn't know such pleasure was even possible as the blonde bombshell begins to ride him at a steady pace.

He leans his head down and licks and sucks on her left nip. Mmmmmm.she now has her hands on the back of his head as her speed continues to get faster. Now going up and down fast, mixing in some back and fourth motion on his cock everythime she goes down.

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She grabs the back of his hair tight with one hand leans back, UGHHHHHHH! His eyes roll into the back of his head, UGHHHHHHHH!!!! He unloads what has to be the biggest load of cum in his life inside of her. Moaning the entire time he cums, his eyes are closed when he fears a familiar voice. Patrick? He opens his eyes, the living room is dark and there is no fire going. He feels even more groggier as he looks hard very hard porn sex stories storys and see's Samantha.

What are you doing down here in the dark? She walks over to him and helps him up. She can tell that her husband is tired and out of it. She takes his hand and helps him back upstairs to bed. Trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. (Aron) Aron takes his headphones off and shuts his lamp off as he decides to try to get some sleep.

Takes about ten minutes but he finally falls asleep, only to be awaken by a noise coming from outside of his window. His eyes slowly open as he looks up, hearing a squeking noise coming from outside.

He gets out of bed, assuming its just the wind. The backyard was pretty massive with a lot of trees and one random swing hanging from a tree branch. He see's that the swing is moving.see Aron it's just the.he cuts himself off and looks closer.

He can see legs swinging back and fourth. What the.? He quickly throws his converses on and grabs his baseball bat. Wearing a t'shirt and basketball shorts he makes his way to the back door. Trying not to be too loud which was a challenge considering every floorboard squeaked when you stepped on it.

Finally makes his way to the backdoor and opens it. He gets a cold chill from the wind as he steps outside. The sound of the swing still heard in the distance as he approaches it.

Hey! He yells as he gets about 8 feet from the tree with the swing. The swing stops.He walks around the tree to the side where the swing was and.Woah is all he can let out.

A beautiful set of green eyes look up at him, staring right back at him. The girl was stunning, long black hair to the middle of her back with the bangs shorter and going just above her eyes. She looked to be around 5"9 maybe. Slim body and kinda wider hips that he could only imagined had a nice round ass connected to it. He snaps back to reality and the girl is still starinbg at him.

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He takes the stupid look off of his face and tries to sound tough "who are you!?" She stands up holding one arm and looking down, " names Kayla." He looks at her, she had to be freezing, wearing a blue tank top and a denim mini skirt, he hadn't seen a giorl wear one of those in years. you live around here or something.? God he had always sucked at talking to girls. She looks up with fright in her eyes "shes watching us." She looks like she is about to have a panic attack.

Aron is confused, "who's watching us??" He cocks and eyebrow up but before she responds she takes off running. He takes off behind her trying to see what was wrong with her but it was so dark out that it seemed like she just vanished. He quietly heads upstairs after being outside and closes his bedroom door, putting his bat up against the wall and kicks his shoes off. He was wide awake and confused.

who was that girl, what was wrong with her? He goes over to his dresser and grabs a prescription pill bottle that contained very strong sleeping pills that his doctor prescribed to him, knowing that bthis is the only way he'll be able to fall asleep he takes 2 of them.

A herd of elephants wouldn't wake him up at this rate he thinks as he lays down and tries not to think about the girl. (Samantha) Samantha feels she sleeping.her eyes opening and closing over and over again.she can see someone appraoching.hears heels clicking on the wooden home made mom and daughter. Suddenly her breath is taken away, she can't breathe!

Holding her throat as she struggles, she was going to die she thought! Suddenly Samantha jolts up breathing heavy and in a heavy sweat. She holds her throat as she breathes heavy. She steps up feeling groggy as she for some reason walks into the hallway. Closing the door as she leaves her room and begin's to hold her head, her back against the wall as the sweat gets even worse.

She doesn't feel like herself.everything was all wrong.she keeps breathing heavy and sweating when she realizes how wet she is. She holds herself not understanding why these feelings were coming over her. She needed cock.and she needed it now! Her hand goes down her pajama pants and begins to rub quickly at her lips in a side to side motion, ughh.she moans jessica moore talks to the camera before.

She needed something insdie of her, thinking she needs to go back to her room and rape her husband but another feeling comes over her.she doesn;t want him. She starts to feel that sex has always been boring with Patrick and she would rather kill herself then ever even let him touch her again.she looks down the her sons bedroom door.

The door to Arons room slowly creaks open. She looks in and see's him sleeping.god what was she doing.she thinks as she appraoches him.

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Pushing his covers off of him slowly, god what if he woke up!? Any rational thought in her head had disappeared as she pulls his shorts down and she see's a soft but thick cock. Ooohhhh.she takes it in her hand and starts to stroke it, he doesn't make any movement at all as she does. It starts to grow in her hand, she leans down and licks around the head before climbing up on the bed inbetween his legs and lowering her head and taking all of it into her mouth. she slides it back out of her mouth, it was not fully erect and she had to admit that her son had a BIG dick! Probably 8 inches atleast, she stands up and takes her pajama pants off and climbs back onto the bed with him. Shen positions herself over his cock and slowly slides down his length. Ughhhh.ooohhhh shit.she whispers as she feels his thickness going inside her. She puts her hands flat on his chest and begins to ride him, moaning as quietly as she can.

Bucking back and fourth, her nice ass jiggling a little bit as she does. She loses herself in the moment, riding him for about 20 minutes before she feels his cum shooting inbside of her. She smiles, feeling dirty but accomplished. She stands up and can feel his cum leaking out of her as she lays down next him and for some stupid reason closes her eyes Samantha feels strange again.was she asleep again.?

She feels a force inside of her.pushing its way hurts as it exits her body and just when the pain seems like it will kill her. Her eyes open.Samantha is confused as she looks i spy on my chubby step sister, why was she in her sons bed but then.oh god.I really did all comes back to her asshe looks over at her son with his shorts down and his cock out.Her hands go to her face.

(Patrick) Patrick is laying in xxx story girl on girl download sideways just staring at the wall when the bedroom door opens, a few seconds later he feels Samantha get back into bed with him. Without any emtion" I love you" he says to her. There is a long pause before finally " I love you too ". To Be Continued?